Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

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Still waiting..!!

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Maan and geet reached geet's favourite resturant and she understood that maan was up to something for sure and this was no business dinner...

Geet, be alert...she looked at maan...this devil's intentions are surely not good...!!

She gulped realizing he had trapped her, but then put up a brave face and thought...what the hell...!!...why am I scared...??...if he is Devil khurana then I am also Geet handa and Geet handa is not afraid of anyone...!!...her face set with determination.

Maan saw all her facial expressions and knew what was going on in her mind. He smirked thinking his plan has already started working. Geet handa can never escape MSK's charm...he thought with his devilish smirk intact on his face.

Shall we...??...he asked bringing geet out of her thought process. She nodded an both moved inside. The ambiance of this resturant always plays magic on geet and tonight was no difference. And maan was totally aware of it...!!

They took their seats and geet looked around to notice that it was quite empty. Actually only the two of them were the customer and rest constituted the waiters and other staff, and they too disappeared somewhere leaving the two of them alone. She looked back at maan with suspicious eyes to which he raised his brows questioningly...

Have you again booked the whole resturant...??...she asked in a serious voice.

You have a problem with that...??...he counter attack.

Well, I hope you remember this is a professional dinner...she answered in a total professional tone.

Maan got up from his chair all of a udden an moved to her side as they were sitting opposite to each other. Geet's heart was going into loud Dhak dhak like always as he neared her, while she looked at him with anticipation. He leaned forward almost intruding her personal space and asked in his deep husky voice...

Did I tried to come close to you like this, huh...??

Geet gawked at him with her wide doe eyes and shook her head in negative. Maan remained in the same position and asked again...

Did I tried to touch you like this, huh...??...all the while caressing her arm from her wrist to her shoulders with the back of his hand. Geet felt a strong volt of electricity run through her whole spine and a loud gasp escaped her lips.

Maan had an impish smile on his lips seeing geet react this way and still nodding her head in negative. He came too close to her lips and whispered on her lips...and did I tried to kiss you like this...he placed a quick peck on her lips and backed away...if not then it has to be a professional trip, isn't it...??...he added and moved back to his place.

Geet was dumb struck at his sudden movements and gaped at him with her jaws touching the ground.

Geet don't look at me like this or I may convert this professional dinner into a VERY PERSONAL DATE...he winked at her chuckling at her condition, which brought her out of the enchantment maan had casted on her.

Her mouth formed a perfect 'O' as realization sunk in of what transpired between the them. She turned her attention to maan, who now was sitting on his chair going through the menu as if all what happened a minute ago was some kind of dream.

She placed her hand on her chest and felt her heart pounding wildly inside...hey babaji, what is happening...??...please save me from this devil...she made a baby face looking upwards, but next minute got startled at maan's sudden voice...

Miss handa, if you are done with your alienatic habit of talking to the ceiling...mind placing you order...she looked at him with full irritation at his words and saw him gesturing towards the waiter standing beside their table...

Oh babaji, when did he arrived...??...she murmured looking at the waiter and then gave a nervous smile to maan picking up the menu card.

They placed their order and the waiter left. Geet waited for sometime looking at the entrance, but no one came. Finally losing her patience, she asked maan...

Sir, can you please tell me for whom we are waiting here...??

Maan shifted the file he was peeping into and looked at geet...I don't remember mentioning about any client...he replied in his usual calm voice.

Geet at once made her eyes wide and asked gain...are we going to have dinner alone...??

Maan rolled his eyes at her stupid questions and expressions...geet, relax, we are here for dinner and I assure you I am not going to eat you...he then gave her a piercing look and added with a smirk...unless you want me to...!!

Geet moved her eyes nervously and said in a meek voice...but this was suppose to be a professional dinner and if there is no client...

You want me to explain to you again that how it is a professional dinner...maan asked with that mischievious smile in his eyes, but with a stern face.

Geet at once shook her head in denial thinking...hey babaji, ek toh professional bol bolkar sab kuch kar rahe hain aur upar se aise ghoor ghoor kar dekhte hain ki mano yeh kapron ke aar paar dekh rahe hon...she gulped nervously at his gaze...geet abhi chup chap khana khale, ise baad mein dekh lena...she consoled herself and looked around for the waiter as she was very hungry.

Their dinner arrived shortly and they both ate in silence, with maan keeping his gaze fixed on geet and geet kept her gaze fixed on her plate.

Maan paid the bill and they moved to maan's car. The drive to home was again in full silence. Maan stopped the car infront of HM and geet turned to open the door. But before she could touch the handle, maan grabbed her wrist and pulled her to him...

Maan, what are you doing...??...geet asked at his sudden movement.

Maan looked into her eyes and replied in his enchanting voice...geet, there is still one thing left to complete our 'professional dinner'...geet saw the same naughty glint in his eyes and asked rolling her eyes...oh really, now what is left in your so called professional dinner...??...she was irritated at him for taking her on a date in the name of professional dinner...professional my foot...she thought glaring at him.

Maan gave her the most deadliest evil smirk and came closer to her, while geet made a futile attempt to move back...well, you forget to give your boss a good night kiss, sweet heart...he eyed her lips licking his own lips.

Ex...excuse me sir, what the...

Oh, you are wasting a lot of time miss handa...he made a pitying face and then added quickly...let me do the honours...with that he smacked his lips on her and gave a soundable kiss to dream about whole night. He left her the next moment and may leave now miss handa and be in office tomorrow on time...!!

Geet was super duper angry at maan due to his behaviour during this whole time and said in loud and clear voice...look Mr. khurana, what the hell do you think of your self...??...I am not saying anything that doesn't mean you'll doand say whatever you want...!!...don't you dare touch or kiss me again and NO USE OF ENDEARMENTS...!!

Maan looked at her calmly without a flinch and asked when she was done...fine...good night...!!

Geet was shocked at this man's weird changes in behaviour and quickly go down from the car and ran inside her house. Maan saw her running away and said to himself...shout or run as much as you can mishty, but aana toh tumhe mere pas hi hai...he smiled and drove towards KM.


Next morning...

Geet was lying on her bed on her stomach, thinking about all the happenings of the previous night...their so called 'professional date', which was anything but professional. She shook her head recalling how maan tried all possible ways to come close to her. A blush crept up her cheeks making it red hot.

She knew very well that however much she try, she can't remain angry on him for long. And she also knew that he was well aware of this fact and has taken full advantage of it...she pouted thinking and complained to her babaji...

Babaji, aap aisa kaise kar sakte ho...??...I am your favourite child na then why you always favour that devil...she made a grumpy face.

The next few days went in the final preparation for vicky's concert. All the friends were helping in making the show successful. The tickets had already been sold and show was houseful.But maan on the other hand was trying his best woo his mishty back. As she had warned him to stay away, so now he was trying different ways to touch her heart. Now a days geet's room usually remain full of flowers send by maan with different note and love messages.

Everyday geet would receive new bouquets and beautiful gifts from maan with a note tagged to it. And she was actually loving this as maan had never one something like this for her coz it was totally opposite maan's way. He used to consider all this filmy and c***ch, but he was doing this for his mishty and it truly touched geet's heart. But she was still showing him attitude just to tease him and giving him a hard time.

Sneha was thrilled on getting the project and she shared the news with her friends...specially geet and then her father. Geet as ususal jumped on her giving her a bear hug for her achievement and promised to help her if she faced any problem. Meera was busy in her own profession and got very less time to spend with dev or geet. But she had promised vicky to attend his concert.

Maan and geet's new wedding date was fixed, which was after two months thus giving maan enough time to woo his love back. So, all in all everything was back on track.

It was a week before vicky's concert, when he thought to visit sneha and her father at their orphanage. It has been a very long time he went there, so he took an invite and reached the orphanage...

Ok dude, you look good...he said to himself setting his hair in the mirror and got down.

Sneha's father was standing at a distance instructing some children, when he called from behind...good morning, uncle...!!

Arey vicky beta, please come...he gestured vicky to take a seat.

Uncle, I came to invite you for my first live concert...he forwarded the invitation...please do come and bring the children also...!!

Beta, mera aana toh mushkil...he paused and added...I have to go to shimla for some work...!!

Shimla...??...vicky asked confused.

He cleared his throat and he replied a bit hesitatingly...woh, I have some formalities to complete in my previous office...vciky saw him looking around and answering. But, he didn't asked anything further...

Oh okay...but please send the children along with sneha...he said looking at the kids playing in the field.

Okay beta, I'll ask neha to take them...he then came forward and took vicky's hand in his...I wanted to thank you vicky for taking care of my daughter...!!

Vicky was baffled at his sudden words, while he continued...neha has started to enjoy life like before, meeting people and smiling...his eyes became misty as he added...I had lost all hope to see my child live freely again like this...!!

Now, vicky was sure something is terribly wrong...uncle, what are you saying...??...kya baat hai...??...aur sneha, use kya hua...??

Hearing vicky's words, sneha's father immediaely controlled himself...uh, nahi woh its a new place for her she had some problems in adjusting here...!!

But aap log toh yahan teen salon se reh rahe hain na...??...phir adjustment problems...??...vicky was totally confused at his irrelevant reasonings and knew he was hiding something.

Yeah was fumbling to form a proper reason and before vicky could enquire anything his cell rang. Vicky excused himself and attended the call which was from his band mate for ome urgent work.

Sneha's father sigh in relief as vicky left immediately and thought...aaj toh sach bahar aane se bach gaya, lekin agar in logon ko neha ke bare mein sab pata chal gaya tab kya yeh log use aise hi accept karenge...??   


Finally the day of vicky's first grand concert came and all were super excited about it. Vicky was busy with his band members in the final preparations for costumes to music co-ordination and other important works. So, he left early in the morning to the venue. Others went back to their respective works. Dev had decided to continue his last year of MBA in Delhi itself and so, he joined a reputed college in delhi while started attending KC to help maan.

Thus, maan and dev went to KC along with raj. Meera left to her hospital, while geet took a half day leave somehow as maan was strictly against granting her any more half days. She worked till 1, that was lunch and then left the office.

Maan was busy in his work, when the shrill ring of his mobile disturbed him. He looked at the number with a frowned face...why is he calling me...??...past week was quiet hectic for him so he totally forgot about the detectives he hired regarding sneha.


Hello sir, this is roy...!!

Yes roy...??

Sir, you have asked to find out about that girl sneha.

oh haan...maan replied recalling the purpose he hired him...kya pata kiya tumne...??

Sir, she was a student of B. Arch in St. Louis college, shimla. She was a very bright student, but was expelled from the college on the grounds of . It is said that she had tried to trap the son of her college's trustee, who visited their college fest once. The guy left for US after complaining about her to the college board and principal. The news spread outside college and as shimla is a small town, the whole locality in which she use to stay came to know about this. She and her father had to face a lot of humiliation bcoz of this and thus they left shimla and shifted to delhi...he completed.

Maan kept listening with a shock written all over his face. For sometime he didn't speak anything just kept hearing the man on the other side. Finally taking a deep breath he asked...

Are you sure about it...??...have you cross checked...??

Yes sir, the information is 100% correct.

Alright and what about the guy...??...anything about him...??...he asked again.

No sir, we were focusing on the girl, so couldn't find out much about the guy ...!!

What...?? guys are useless, I don't pay you to give me incomplete information...he spat angrily.

Sorry sir...roy replied with a meek voice.

Do one thing, find out about that guy as well and I want to know whose fault it was in actual. I mean the truth behind this whole thing and what actually happened...maan ordered with his jaws set.

Okay sir, as soon as we get some information, I'll inform you...!!

And make sure this time you come up with complete info or I'll make sure to wipe out your agency completely...he threatened in a serious voice.

Ye...yes sir...!!

With that maan disconnected the call and thought...there must be more to this...she isn't that type of girl...but the other part of his brain opposed him reminding about alisha's fiasco. Maan rubbed his face with his hands, composed himself and got down to his work again.


Geet was busy in selecting her dress, when meera entered her room. She glanced at the entire room and rolled her eyes seeing the mess...geet, how many more dresses are you going to try...??...its vicky's concert not yours...she added exasparated.

Uff meera, stop irritating and help me. You know, I am so confused...she pouted cutely and meera smiled seeing her adorable face.

Okay, let me see what you got...meera started picking up dresses helping geet, but both were unable to select anything courtesy geet's nakhras.

They were busy in checking dresses when a voice interrupted them...

Thats why I say, you people should consult a specialist when it comes to fashion and who else can be better than me...!!

Both geet and meera turned to find pari near the door checking her nail polish...pari, duffer...tu pehle nahi aa sakti thi, yahan main bechari meera ko pareshan kar rahi thi...geet shouted seeing pari.

Oh my god geet, have you lost it...??...pari gave her typical surprised were consulting meera for your dresses...??...seriously...she grabbed meera and brought her before geet...look at her geet, iska bas chale toh yeh apni white lab coat mein hi concert pahunch jaaye...!!

Meera and geet both rolled their eyes at pari's fashion lecture...I know you both would be in a mess thats why I brought your clothes myself...she showed the packets she was carrying.

Par pari, iski kya zaroorat...

Oye, tu toh chup hi reh...pari chided meera...I have designed them specially for my friends and I won't hear anything. So, just take them an get ready...she added handling them their dresses.

What do you mean get ready...?? it time already...??...meera asked checking the clock and then said again...but its only 5, we still have 2 hours...whats the hurry...??...she was confused at pari's words.

WHAT...??...just two hours left...OMG...!!...pari shrieked on top of her will I complete my make up in just two damn hours...??

Geet and meera looked at each other and sighed...this girl is one piece...!!

Geet suddenly looked back at the clock and said aloud...hey, I haven't checked on sneha...let me just find out where she is...!!

She picked up the cell and called her...sneha, where are you girl...?? are coming here, right...??

I'll be there in an hour geet, saare bachche bahut excited hain for the concert...she added with a smile.

Thats great dear, but you stay there itself...we will pick you up from there as it'll be difficult for you to come along with the kids...geet replied.

No geet, its okay...I'll manage...!!

I won't hear anything, so shut up and wait for me...geet said in her usual style and added...waise bhi, vicky has asked me to pick you don't argue...!!

Alright fine...sneha finally surrendered as winning an argument against geet was almost impossible.

Great, see you in an hour...geet chirped happily and disconnected the call.


It was nearly time and maan was still in his office contemplating on the news he got from his detective. He knew that vicky has feelings for sneha and now this. He can't let his brother get trapped into anything, which he heard from the detective, but then can sneha really be such a treacherous girl...??

He had thought of alisha to be a decent girl...modern, but decent enough to not set up something, which she did with him...he sighed...but then sneha seem so naive and his mishty, but she is not one can be geet...he was getting all the more confused. He wanted some relief from this restless feeling he was having right now and what better way than talking to his mishty.

So, he picked up his cell and dialed her number...

Geet saw his name flashing on her mobile screen, well exactly name...but...

Devil khurana...she smiled, but then remembering his being kharoos and not giving her half day easily changed her mood. She twisted her lips and picked up...

What do you want...?...she asked with a bit fake irritation and attitude.

You, just need to hear you jaan...he replied closing his eyes as he heard her melodic voice. Her voice always had this soothing effect on him as if some magic is casted on his agitated senses.

Geet wanted to retort against his use of endearment for her, but then sensing his tension laced voice knew something was troubling him...maan, are you okay...??...she asked in a soft voice not wanting to add to his touble.

Maan smiled at his sometime jhalli somtime mature mishty and replied lovingly...yes sweet heart, now I am...!!...he loved the fact that she knew him so well.

By now geet knew his mood was alright, so she came back to her angry sherni mode and said...Mr. khurana don't take advantage of the fact that I am lenient on you...No.Usage.Of.Endearments...remember...!!

Maan chuckled at her words shaking his head...oh, he loves this girl so damn much...!!

Well, too bad love, I am having this uncontrollable urge to use endearments...he said and then added mischieviously...but, if you are not comfortable, I'll have to find someone else to try them out...and I don't think that'll be a problem to you, isn't it...??...he smirked knowing she must have started cursing him mentally.

Haww, dekha babaji how shameless this guy is...agar fiance naraz hai toh use mana nahi sakta, par kisi aur chudail se meethi meethi baatein karne ke liye bechain hai...hmph...devil...!!

Fiance huh...??...maan interrupted her loud thoughts with a killing smirk on his face...jab main kehta hoon toh attitude dikhati ho aur abhi doosri ladkiyon ki baat par jalan ho rahi hai...!!

Jalan...oh please...she cursed herself for being so loud and tried to cover up...jale meri jooti, go to hell and use those stupid endearments on those witches residing there...!!

Maan laughed at her cute gussa while geet fumed even more. But before they could talk more, meera interrupted from behind...arey geet, kisse baat kar rahi ho...??...its already time, sneha must be waiting...!!

Uh, oh yes meera...I am coming...geet was about to disconnect, when maan asked...sneha...??...geet, aren't you going to the venue...??...he heard sneha's name and got curious.

Woh, actually the kids of orphanage are coming with sneha, so I am going to pick them up from the orphanage itself...geet replied and then added...okay, ab main rakhti hoon...bye...!!

Hmm...they disconnected the call and maan too decided to leave the office.


The girls reached downstairs and rano informed them that dev was waiting for them inside the car. Dev and jiya were waiting in the car, while yash along with nt and sam were in another SUV behind them. Finally the girls arrived at the gate...

Gosh, you girls take so much time to get ready...he commented as soon the the three made their way inside the SUV of dev.

Meera and pari didn't said anything as they knew someone was there to answer him back and soon came geet's voice...well, no body asked for your useless opinion, so shut up and drive. We are getting late...!!

Dev shook his head and cursed himself to even open his mouth in front of geet, while the girls giggled.

Soon they reached sneha's orphanage. Sneha hopped in dev's suv while the kids went in yash's car. It took them half an hour to reach the venue and once they were there, all were astonished to see the huge canopy covering the large stadium and the deluge of fans gathered around for the concert.

All went inside through a different door coz of their special passes, but geet was all the while waiting for maan. Vicky came to them dressed in a silver chest hugging vest and similar coloured jeans. A chain was hanging around his neck giving him a total rockstar look and fo a moment sneha found herself lost in him. He was looking irresistibly handsome. A similar trait in all khurana men indeed...!!

Dev came forward and gave him a tight hug...

All the best dude, just rock the show...he wished vicky luck with a smile.


okay frnds...this some 4000 words...hope its enough for will be the concert and some new twist coming up...I just hope u'll like itSmile

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Wonderful update...!!

Loved the way Maan is trying to woo back his lady love...geet is really giving him a hard time ehh..!!

Hope Maan does not misunderstand Sneha here..after finding out the little information..hope he does not end up with a conclusion that she is trapping Vicky..

Sneha drooling over's in the air..!!

Waiting for him to rock the concert...

Loved it..!!

Cont soon..!

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loved it especially their not so proffesional dinnerLOL
and teasing maan wasBlushing
mujhe aisa kyo lag raha hai ki ye sneha k  tang krne wala banda sandy haiConfused
waiting for nxt to see vicky performing and snehas reaction along wid many more maaneet scene and to knw more abt dat guySmile

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loved it..
thanks for the pm...

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Originally posted by _mahi.ve_


have updated dear...see the post above uSmile

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maanlovesgeet17 5 3073 09 July 2011 at 2:57am by x-affy-x
new enry in geet link-IF ARTICLE n link on STARONE

Author: vinsh   Replies: 1   Views: 1478

vinsh 1 1478 07 September 2010 at 7:20am by Tomiko

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