Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

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update soon

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chapter-64 (pmz l8r)

All went inside through a different door coz of their special passes, but geet was all the while waiting for maan. Vicky came to them dressed in a silver chest hugging vest and similar colored jeans. A chain was hanging around his neck giving him a total rock star look and for a moment sneha found herself lost in him. He was looking irresistibly handsome. A similar trait in all khurana men indeed...!!

Dev came forward and gave him a tight hug...

All the best dude, just rock the show...he wished vicky luck with a smile.

Vicky was really excited and happy to see all his friends...thank god, you people came on time...I thought you forgot...he exclaimed looking at everyone, but then he noticed geet missing...

Hey guys, where is doll...??

Everyone looked around, but couldn't locate geet anywhere. They had thought she was behind and thus didn't looked back and now she was missing.

Oh god...!!...did she lost her way...??...pari shrieked frightening everyone.

Are you mad pari...??...she was with us retorted and added...let me check, she must somewhere here only...!!

Dev fished out his cell and dialed geet's number, but it was coming switched off. Finally they decided to search for her and dev and yash left to search for geet while the girls stay behind with vicky as he couldn't come out in public. All were worried as a huge crowd had gathered and it was very difficult to search someone outside. Dev and yash search near the special entrance from where they had entered, but geet was nowhere to be seen. They also started to get worried now.

Let me call meera, if geet has reached there behind us or said dialing meera's number.

Meera saw dev's name flashing on her mobile and picked it up, what happened...??...geet mil gaye...??...she asked even before he could say hello.

Nahi meera, we thought she might have reached there behind replied pressing his forehead.

What...??...oh god...geet hai kahan...??...meera was all teary now.

Meera, relax...don't panic said hearing her extremely worried voice...we are searching for her. Don't worry, we'll find her soon...saying so he disconnected the phone.

Yeh geet pata nahi kahan murmured and added with fright...agar bro ko pata chala that geet is missing toh god knows woh kya karenge...yash looked at him with big eyes hearing maan's name.

Oh no, please dev, maan ko mat batana...he was already sweating in fear...geet ka toh pata nahi, but he'll surely kill us agar geet nahi mili...he added biting nails.

Shut up yash, even I am worried, but we have to infom bro. I just hope geet is said and they both started searching her again. Yash was also getting very much worried seeing the crowd. He finally agreed to dev and asked him to inform maan...

Dev, I think you are right. We should inform maan...!!

Dev nodded and fished out his cell dialing maan's number. He picked up after three rings...

Yes dev, I have almost reached the venue. Don't worry...will be there in few minutes...maan said from the other side without letting dev speak. Dev didn't know what to say. Hearing silence on the other side maan, are you there...??...what happened...??

Bro woh started gulping his nervousness.

Dev, whats the matter...??...tum sab thik se pahunch gaye na...??...he paused for a second and added...geet, she is alright...??...maan somehow sensed that something was wrong.

Bro, woh geet...

Dev, where is geet...??...let me talk to her...he said in a stern voice. A restlessness grew in him and now it could only be controlled after hearing geet...why the hell are you silent, dammit...??...his anger grew...just give her the damn phone...!!

Bro, actually, geet is missing...he instantly replied closing his eyes.

WHAT...??...what do you mean she is missing...??...maan was now furious as well as worried...she was with you guys, right...??...then where is she...?? now, maan had reached the main gates and parked his car. As he came out, he saw adi coming out from the car parked on his left.

Dev then explained him the whole situation how they later find out she was not with them in the dressing room. Maan entered the ground with adi and scanned the entire area. It was huge and geet could be anywhere in the crowd...

Dev, do one people keep on searching in the left part of the ground, while adi and I will search her in the right wing...he took a deep breath and added...don't worry, we'll find her...!!

They disconnected the call and started their search. Maan informed adi about geet and they went to the right side...

Adi, you look near gate number 2,3 and 4...I am going to check on other gates this side...maan said looking around.

Okay, if you find call me...adi said and maan nodded in affirmation and moved ahead.


Some 20 minutes before...

Geet was busy looking back at the entrance in search of maan and didn't noticed others taking a different route...

Oh babaji, where is this moron...??...she cribbed lost in her world...why is he such a bore...??...she made a face and added...ek din office jaldi khatam nahi kar sakte after all its his brother's first live consert on such big platform...she thought and then thought of asking others if there is any news of him. She turned towards her friends, but accidentally bumped into someone. She looked around and realized she has lost her way. It was a huge ground and with so many people, it was almost impossible to go back. So, she decided to call others. She fished out her cell to call meera, when she noticed that the battery of her cell has died.

Damn...!!...bas isi ki kami thi...she cursed her inattentiveness and mostly maan bcoz of whom she was so lost...babaji, ab kya karun...??...this is all bcoz of that devil...but plzz help me out now...she made a baby face.

The number of people was increasing and now, geet was feeling scared. She could neither move in nor move out or inform anyone. Suddenly a creepy feeling rise in her veins as if someone was staring at her. She turned around and checked in all directions, but couldn't find anyone. But she knew she was being watched. There were hundreds of people around, all unknown faces. She thought of moving towards the next end where security personals were standing, in order to ask them about the way to the entrace, but they were all busy in handling the unruly mob. She couldn't even reach them.

Her eyes became teary as she felt trapped and alone despite being in the open ground with lots of people. To top it all that uncanny feeling of being watched was still there and geet was extremely scared. Suddenly gates for entrance were open and people rushed to get inside. Geet who was standing in the mid was pushed hard by the masses and was about to fall when her slender arm was caught in an iron grip and she was pulled back.

For a second geet got scared and closed her eyes, but then as soon as she hit the hard chest of her saviour a sense of relief came to her. She at recognized the touch and clutched to him with both her hands.

Maan enclosed her petite form in his warm embrace and felt her shiver. He caressed her back in order to sooth her nerves...

Relax love, you are safe...he whispered soothingly trying to calm her...I won't let anything happen to you...he added and rubbed her face in his chest seeking more warmth. He realized they were in the mid of the rushing crowd and thus took geet towards a less populated area.

Geet, jaan...are you feeling fine, now...??...he asked feeling her normal breathing. Geet simply shook her head, but didn't let him go. She actually got very scared and now, it was impossible for her to let go of this safest heaven.

They stood there for quite sometime, while maan informed dev and adi about geet, geet stood there clinging to him. After the calls maan somehow coaxed her to move and they went towards the special entrance door. As they reached the door, maan stopped geet and asked cupping her face lovingly...

Geet, just forget what happened and relax now...he looked at her and added...this is your best friend's live consert, you must enjoy the most, isn't it...??

Geet looked at him with a big smile on her face and nodded.

Great then, lets go inside...sab pareshan ho rahe honge...geet nodded understandingly and they went inside.


Here all were worried after dev's call. Vicky at once decided he can wait there uselessly...

Girls you stay here, I am going to search geet...!!

Vicky, even I am worried about her, but you can't just go outside now...sam stopped is gonna start soon and the people will not let you move outside...!!

But how can I sit here, when my doll is missing...??...vicky was determined to go out and was about to walk towards the entrace when geet entered along with maan.


All rushed to her, while vicky embraced her in a tight hug...doll, are you okay...??...where were you...?? did you lost your way...??...he kept speaking crushing geet in his hug.

I am fine, vicky...relax...geet replied coming out of the hug...moron, kitni tight pakra tha, meri saans atak jati toh...she chided him in her own style.

What relax geet, do you know how worried we were...??...tum saans rukne ki baat kar rahi ho jabki hum sabki ruk gayi thi when you went missing...sam said coming in front. Geet looked at all of them and held her ears...

I am really sorry guys, I lost my way...she made a cute baby face melting everyone in an instant...I didn't realize when I took the wrong turn...!!

Its okay, dear...we are glad that you are safe and in front of us...meera said embracing, forget all that...she smiled and geet reciprocated.

Okay, so now that geet is here, I think vicky you should get going...this time maan said and came to vicky...

Its your night vicky, just make it the best night of your life...with that he hugged him and wished him luck. At that time dev, adi and yash too came in. Yash saw geet standing behind and didn't noticed maan there as he and vicky were hidden by others, and said...

Oh thank god tu mil gaye geet otherwise that hitler would have eaten us alive...he let out a deep sigh and then noticed all looking at him with a weird expression. He gave them a stupid smile and asked...why are you all staring at me like this...??

As he said that meera and sam moved from his view and then he saw the very HITLER standing right infront of him, staring at him with his dangerous expression...

Looks like you are talking about me...??...maan asked in his strict tone literally scring the wits out of yash, while others were sniggering silently. Yash gulped cursing and kicking himself mentally and replied fumbling... gave a nervous smile looking like a total fool and added...when did didn't of the words got vanished as maan stepped towards him and he step back in fear...

Oh god, is he going to punch me...??...yash thought getting panicky and simply shouted raising his hands covering his face...


Maan raised his brows smirking at him and said...No...??...but I thought you wanted to help your friend in last minute preparation...!!

Yash looked so much confused and scared that for once maan too control his urge to laugh at his face, but he maintian a straight face.

Last minute preparation...??...yash murmured a bit loud.

Yeah, remember vicky's consert's last minute preparation...??...maan said with an innocent face.

Yash realized what he was talking about and immediately nodded, while others couldn't control themselves and burst into laughter. Maan too had a smirk-cum-smile on his face at yash's stupidity and shook his head...

Anyways vicky, I think you should get going now...maan said moving to vicky. Geet too came forward and hugged vicky...

All the best viks...aur mera fav gana zaroor gana and do wave at me in the crowd...or else...before she could continue to threaten him more, maan held her from behind and said...

Haan haan...jhansi ki rani, uski shamat nahi aayi that he'll ignore let him go...he signalled vicky to leave and he nodded and left with yash rolling his eyes at princess handa's demands.

Vicky reached the entrance and found sneha there. Yash went ahead while vicky stood before sneha. She came forward and extended her hand...All the best, vicky. I'll pray to god to give you success...!!

Vicky shook hands with her and his spirit took a sharp rise with her touch and wishes...thanks...!!

She simply smiled and then went inside, while vicky kept looking at her retreating back and, I don't have any doubt that this show is gonna be a blast...he smiled and left to his room.


Here all the friends went down towards the front row in the audience and took the place right in front of the massive stage. The whole ground was decorated with sparkling lights and the stage was in the center. At every corner LCDs were placed for proper view to the audience. Banners and posters were spread throughout the boundries. The stage was decked with required lights and equipments for the show. Media was covering it live and tight security was arranged.

Raj, naina and rano and mohinder were watching it on the tv as it was not possible for them to stand in the audience. Though raj was cribbing about vicky's stupid interest, yet the pride for his son was quite prominent in his eyes. He was really very happy that vicky has such a huge fan following that his show has become housefull.

Soon the lights on the stage dimmed and the whole crowd went silent for a moment. All looked towards the stage with bated breath, when suddenly a bright light flashed from the back ground illuminating the whole stage and vicky entered the stage from below.

The crowd burst into cheers and whistles seeing the dramatic entrance and the band members came and took their position. Music echoed in the whole area as vicky struck the strings of his guitar

plz click the link for the song...

And vicky started the show with a light hearted jovial song to set the stage...

Meri laundry ka ek bill
Ek aadhi padhi novel (Tara ta ta ta Tara ta ta ta)

Ek ladki ka phone number
Mere kaam ka ek paper (Tara ta ta ta Tara ta ta ta)

The crowd whistled at his song and the naughty lyrics...

Mere.. taash se heart ka king
Mera.. ek chaandi ka ring
Pichle saat dinon mein maine khoya
Kabhi khud pe hansa main
Aur kabhi khud pe roya (Tara ta ta ta Tara ta ta ta)

Dev was standing with jiya on his left and meera on his right. Beside meera, there were some group of boys eyeing her and trying to get close to her at every opportunity. And whenever the crowd was waving alongwith vicky, the boy right beside meera bumped to her sideways annoying her. She knew they were doing that on purpose and tried to move as much away from them as possible, but they were now crossing their limits.

Meera was on the verge of tears feeling helpless, but before her pearls could cross their margin, dev grabbed her hand and made her stand between him and jiya and gave a heated gaze to the boys scaring them away. He turned to meera and gave her his most charming smile to make her feel better and it did the work making her smile back.

Jiya saw all that and realized how close these two are. Though dev was involved in talking to her, his attention never faltered from meera and at once reacted at her discomfort. She felt a strange pang, when she recalled that he has never behaved like this for her. Though he has always been the perfect boyfriend and a sweet gentle guy, but was never attached to her like he was to meera.

On the other hand maan smiled as he saw geet waved her hand at vicky signalling him to wave back...she is such a kid at times...he shook his head and stood there watching everyone.

Present mili ek ghadi
Pyari thi mujhe badi (Tara ta ta ta Tara ta ta ta)

Meri jeb ka ek packet
Meri denim ki jacket (Tara ta ta ta Tara ta ta ta)

Vicky sang showing off his watch and shiny jeans, vicky moved ahead and finally waved at a very eager, over-excited and ready to kill him the next second if he not wave at her. All the friends giggled at vicky's state, while sneha smiled softly liking the atmosphere.

Do one day match ke passes
Mere naye naye sunglasses
Pichle saat dinon mein maine khoya
Kabhi khud pe hansa main
Aur kabhi khud pe roya

Suddenly vicky's eyes fell on sneha, who was standing quietly...smiling a very soft smile. His heart's struck at her smile and the next set of words automatically came out from his mouth...

Kaise, bhulu, saatva jo din aaya
Kisi ne, tumse, ek party mein milvaaya

Girls, who were already swooning in his magical voice and charming looks started fainting as he approached the crowd and sang, his eyes all the while on sneha...

Kaisa, pal tha, jis pal maine tumko pehali baar dekha tha

Hum jo mile pehli baar
Maine jaana kya hai pyar
Maine hosh bhi khoya
Dil bhi khoya
Kabhi khud pe hansa main
Aur kabhi khud pe roya yeah yeah' (Tara ta ta ta Tara ta ta ta)

Maine pichhale saat dino mein
Ye sab hai khoya

As the song ended, the whole ground erupted with loud roar of applause...shaking the entire atmosphere and enthralling each and everyone present there. Maan all the while was watching vicky and sneha's interaction. He can clearly see the blossoming love in vicky's eyes for sneha, and he also noticed that sneha too had developed something for vicky. Though it was not as prominent as vicky's, but he can recognize that look anywhere. Maan was observing sneha very closely to catch anything that'll give the hint of her intention, but there was nothing other than innocence...!!

Geet was so lost in the song till now that she didn't gave any notice to maan and though maan was concentrating on sneha, he was also watching geet from the corner of his eyes. After the song ended she finally turned to him and saw him looking around. Maan had noticed her looking at him, but chose to ignore. Geet kept looking at him for sometime remembering how sometime back he came just in the nick of time to save her. And with that she also remembered the creepy feeling of being followed...

Should I tell maan about this...??...she thought and then argued with her ownself...but it can be a figmant of my imagination, after all I was scared...!!...Maan was watching the frown on her head and knew she was worried regarding something. He thought to confront her, but then waited for sometime. Geet kept pondering over it for sometime and then finally decided to inform maan. She went near him and was about to say something, when they all heard vicky's voice once again.

Vicky hold on to mike and spoke in deep loud voice gaining everyone's attention...

Hey all...

Everyone greeted him back in unison. Vicky gave his charming smile to his audience and spoke again...I hope you all are enjoying...!!

All cheered again giving a loud YES...!!

Guys, my next song is dedicated to everyone, who has fallen in love and is trying desperately to convey...he paused and glanced at express his love to the special someone...!!

The crowd clapped and whistled urging him to start and vicky took the guitar once again...

click here for the song

Hey kash..
Kash yun hota..
Har shaam..
Sath tu hota..
Chup chap..
Dil na yun rota..
Har shaam..
Sath tu hota..

Vicky sang beautifully making glued to the stage...

Guzara ho tere, bin guzara
Ab muskil hai lagta
Nazara ho tera, hi nazara
Ab har din hai lagta'.

There was a long silence...all looked towards the stage with bated breath waiting him to cast the spell of his magical voice once again and he did...

Haal e dil tujhko sunata
Dil agar yeh bol pata
Bakhuda tujhko hai jata jaan..

Aaha tere sang jo pal bitata
Waqt se main woh mang lata
Yaad karke muskurata haan'

Maan stared at geet and at the same time she too looked at him...both shared a passionate eye lock, while vicky's soulful melody echoed in the back ground...


Maan conveyed vicky's words through his eyes making geet melt in his enormous love. He knew she has already forgiven him and is just playing, but he loved to be played...only by his mishty...!!

Tu meri rah ka sitara'
Tere bina hoon main awara'
Jab bhi tanhai ne sataya'
Tujhko besakhta pukara'
Aa..chahte meri la fana
Par meri jaan
Dil mein hoon rakhta han..haan..

Vicky grooved through the music all around the stage creating a perfect atmosphere and everyone hummed and grooved alongwith him...

Haal e dil tujhko sunata
Dil agar yeh bol pata
Bakhuda tujhko.. hai jata jaan..

Tere sang jo pal bitata
Waqt se main woh mang lata
Yaad karke muskurata haan'


The female singer of his band sang...and meera felt like singing it to dev and for once letting him know what she feels for him...!!...But she knew by that she'll just come in between dev and jiya like she was now standing in between them.

You're love to me
I know love whats meant to be
I know you feel it too
E.. come I love get you

Vicky closed his eyes and imagined all the time he was close to sneha and sang in his deep voice...

Khwabon ka kab tak loon sahara'
Ab toh tu aa bhi ja khudara'

Sneha felt something stop within her heart as her eyes met was as if calling to her and for the first time in her life, she missed a beat of her heart.

Vicky's eyes pleaded to her to understand his condition...his feelings as he sang...

Meri ye dono pagal aankhen'.
Har pal maange tera nazara'..
Aa..samjhao inko kis tarah..
Inpe mera (mera)
Bas nahi chalta han.. haan'

Maan came closer to geet and held her hand in his firm grip looking at her lovingly...both looked into each other's eyes and smiled...

Haal e dil tujhko sunata
Dil agar yeh bol pata
Bakhuda tujhko.. hai jata jaan..

All friends were enjoying...dancing...singing alongwith vicky, but maan was constantly staring at geet. She was a sight to watch. Initially when he had seen her in a total panicky state, he felt the life driven out of him. Her scared teary eyes felt like thousands of stings in his heart. And when she was there in his arms, safe, the life came back to him.

She is the center of his existance and he would not let anything or anyone harm her...he thought with steely determination.

Aaha tere sang jo pal bitata
Waqt se main woh mang lata
Yaad karke muskurata haan'

The whole crowd sang along with vicky and held their beloved's hands raising it in the air...waving with the music...cheering and clapping...



He was standing two rows behind them, at the extreme corner...watching his prey enjoying with her friends. His gaze travelled from her head to toe and marvelled at her perfection...

Geet handa was an epitome of beauty and sensuality...attracting him like anything. His mind went to the incident which took place some time ago...


Sandy was busy in torturing his mind in order to frame a perfect plan to make geet his, when he received the news of vikrant singh khurana's live show. He at once knew she would be there as this guy was the younger brother of that Maan singh khurana...he snarled mentally at the thought.

He remembered the two times he met that vicky and realized that he despise this guy as much as he despise his brother. But geet was very much attached to all the khuranas, specially vicky, as he read in the report he got from his detectives. He got a detailed information about the likes-dislikes, friends-foes of geet and figured out that geet was the center of both the families...handas and khuranas...!!

He felt like killing each and every khurana for being a barrier between him and geet...

I know geet, those khuranas are the major hurdle in my way, but don't worry geet, soon I will remove every hurdle of my way and claim you as mine...he smiled evilly and got ready for the show. He had already asked his man to keep an eye on geet and inform him, when she reached. Thus, he reached at exactly same time when geet reached. From the parking itself he was following geet, who was oblivious to all this lost in her own thoughts.

Then his eyes fell on others, who took a different route, while geet went ahead without noticing them. He smirked at getting this golden chance and quietly followed her. He was there some feet behind her, but didn't got closer. Then he noticed her turning around...checking as if she knew she was being watched. He instantly hide behind some group of boys standing beside him.

When he saw her moving towards the security, he thought of getting closer to her this time as seeing her right in front of him and not getting to touch her was making him insane. He moved forward and was about to hold her when a huge amount of crowd came in between them and pushed them both in different direction.

Sandy somehow balanced himself and turned to see her, but what he saw burned his eyes and rage filled his entire being. She was there clinging to maan as if her life depends on him. Sandy clenched his fist seeing them so close. As maan and geet moved ahead, he followed them hoping to get sometime with geet alone, but maan never let her away from him till they reached the main entrance.

He cursed maan and left from there silently.


He wanted to hold her, feel her and do a lot more, which he thought only he had the right...Damn these people...!!...he cursed all her friends, who were standing around her...protecting her, specially maan. He knew he wouldn't be able to do anything in their presence, so he quietly left from there.

Here maan was busy admiring geet for sometime and then shifted his eyes on others. Everyone was having a nice time, when he felt his cell vibrating in his pocket. He fished it out and read the was from his detective. So, he thought of taking the call...

Uh, geet...he spoke in her ears as volume of the music was very loud...I'll be back in a minute...stay with everyone, okay...she nodded at him and shifted her attention to the stage once again. Maan told sam and adi to keep an eye on geet and left to take the call.

He came to the back side, where washrooms were situated and took the call...

Yes roy...??

Sir, we have got the full information regarding the girl and also about the guy involved in her case...the man replied from the other side. Maan was about to say something when he saw sneha coming out from the gallery leading to the washroom and entering one of the ladies washroom. He was standing behind a pillar, so she couldn't see him. He narrowed his eyes and asked the person...

Thats good, roy. So, what news have you got...??...roy hesitated a bit and then replied in a low voice...sir, we have got a complete file on her and if you would like, I can send it to you...!!

Maan thought for a moment and answered...hmm...that'll be fine...!!

Meanwhile, sneha was lost in her own thoughts and this time regarding vicky. What she felt for vicky today was a complete different and new for her. After that terrible incident in her life, she had never been close to any male...she closed her eyes remembering it and regaining her control...until vicky came in her life. Though she knew he was flirt and a kind of casanova from the tales geet has recited to her, but she never felt insecure in his presence. It was surprisingly the other way round. And today, when she felt her heart miss a beat during that song...she sighed deeply...what is happening to her...???...she splashed some water on her face from the wash basin.


Maan was about to disconnect the call, when he saw sneha coming out of the washroom wiping her face. A sudden thought came to his mind and he the way, you said you know the guy, right...??

Sneha was walking forward still lost in her thoughts, when she bumped into someone. The bump was enough to get sneha out of her thoughts and she looked up to see the person, while he barked angrily...

Watch where you are going...!!

A thunderbolt, that very moment, lighted the dim area where both of them were standing and sneha flinched and then her expression turned horror striken. It was neither the thunderbolt nor his acrid words that made sneha pale with was the face of the very devil, which filled every cell and fiber of her body with fear.

Maan was listening to roy, who told him that he'll tell him the name in few seconds checking the file, when he saw sneha's petrified expression. A deep frown appeared on his face as he tried to check whats the matter. He came closer to them, still hidding behind the pillars and then saw the duo. First he was confused, then realization hit him about sneha's acquaintance with the man from her reaction and finally extreme and anger covered his entire being as he heard the detective speak...




Sneha, maan and the detective roy uttered the same name in different forms, with different feelings. Sneha with fear of facing her past once again, the detective with triumphance of finding the guy's name and maan with disgust and rage as he realized that the man whom he loath with every ounce of his strength, who was responsible for creating such upheavels in his and geet's lives was also responsible for destroying sneha as now, he had no doubts in his mind regarding sneha being the victim and sandy the CULPRIT...!!



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samirah_amjad Senior Member

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Posted: 04 August 2012 at 3:23am | IP Logged

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sdlife19 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 August 2012 at 3:38am | IP Logged
awesome update..
so finallt all dots are joint..
maan will not leave this sandy but hope tat he does not do anything to geet

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HansaN IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 August 2012 at 3:39am | IP Logged

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-bansi- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 August 2012 at 3:43am | IP Logged
Wonderful update anu..!!

Loving the way romance is in the air for all..

Grr.. Sandy is the cause of sneha fearing all the while..

Maan is definitely not going to spare him now..

Loved the songs..nice..

Loved the update too..

Cont soon..

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randhir_ki_doll IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 August 2012 at 3:48am | IP Logged
superb update.
now that b****** sandy is gone for sure.

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Shruthe IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 August 2012 at 3:49am | IP Logged
That was an awesome update...

Thank god maan came at right time to Geet... warna that sandy is leaving no chance... and now above all maan knows that sandy is the reason behind sneha's bad reputation...

the concert song selection was awesome... i loved it...

hopefully geet tells about the gut feeling she has about some one watching to maan...

thanks for the update...

eagerly waiting for the next

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