Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

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A bonfire was lit and maan, adi dev and meera were sitting around it. Sam, pari, yash and jiya were still in the water...enjoying to the fullest as if they had seen a beach for the first time in their life. Vicky and sneha too joined maan and others. But geet was still standing like a statue where maan had left her few minutes before.



Maan and others saw geet frozen at her place, but when others were contemplating the reason for her oblivion, maan smirked evilly with a smug look pasted on his face.



Sam and pari saw geet and screamed...GEET...come here...the water is awesome...come babes...!!



Their loud voices were enough to break geet's reverie. She blinked couple of times and noticed where she was. And then her eyes fell on maan at some distance. Though his face was not that visible, she knew he must be enjoying her stupidity. At once cursing herself in her mind, she went towards sam ignoring maan or rather to hide her own embarassment.



But as soon as geet enterd the water, she forgot everything and began jumping and playing with her friends. She saw others sitting around the bonefire and ran in their direction.



She reached there panting heavily due to her activities and thumped before sneha and meera...what the hell are you doing here...??...she grabbed their hands and tried to drag them with her...the water is so cool, you'll love it...!!



But geet, sun toh...meera tried to resist , when she cut her off and turned to the boys...and you all...seriously, I know you all are bore, but atleast try to make it look like we are really here for enjoying holidays...she made an annoyed face glaring at vicky, dev and adi particularly...completely avoiding maan.

They shook their heads at her childish demands, but nonetheless decided to join mostly for their lady love. They headed towards the water while the girls were ahead, but geet stayed back rather was forced to stay back with a well known strong grip on her arms. Others saw maan holding geet back and girls tried to stop, but dev, vicky and adi knew it was not good for them to be around these two. So, they stopped meera and sneha and led them towards the sea.




Geet felt her breath struck in her throat as she felt maan right behind her...his breath falling on her neck making her breathing uneven. Though he didn't touch her, his mere presence was enough to heighten her senses.



She closed her eyes as his breath was now felt on the most sensitive part of her body, right behind her earlobe.  He purposely blew some air on her ear to make her case even more worse, if that was possible. He smirked seeing her totally under his control and whispered still daring to use the word bore for me, huh geet...??



She opened her eyes at his words realizing what he was saying. Her resolve to avoid him went to drain as he roughly turned her towards him, boring his eyes into hers...going by the excitement in your eyes and voice, I take it that you liked the place, hmm...??...he said still not touching her, which was no less than a torture for geet.



Uh,...woh...I...I like...this place...its nice...she completed fumbling and lowering her gaze.



Her words brought a wide grin on his face and maan said raising her chin with his finger...I am glad my princess is happy...!!


She too reciprocated the smile and suddenly the enthusiasm returned in her eyes as she chirped know the water is so lovely, a bit cold, but still wonderful to be in...and the whether is beautiful, so very romantic. I just love it...she smiled as her eyes shone with a new sparkle that was missing from so many days. Maan saw it all and he was not going to ruin this moment of hers by stating any demand or condition. So, he simply nodded at her affectionately.



Geet looked at others enjoying in the sea and instantly turned to maan...lets go there, see they are enjoying so much...and like always maan couldn't refuse her for this and went with her.




Meera and sneha entered the sea with hesitating steps as it was their first time and it was quite dark though the water was gloowing faintly at some places due to the bonfires.



Once vicky and dev entered the water, their devil side surfaced and they started dipping everyone inside to get them drenched fully.  Dev even pulled jiya into the sea making her laugh merrily at finally getting his attention. Meera saw them playing in the water and thougth to leave quietly.



She moved towards the shore, but before she could put her feet out on the warm wet sand, she was suddenly pulled back by a force landing her directly on the smooth chiseled chest of dev and ultimately into the sea as he too lost his balance. He was only in his vest and she was now completely glued to his body. Meera felt the same sensation coming back with a great force causing her to turn cherry red as well as breathless. She could feel goose bumps all over her body as this sinful contact of his body and she felt herself drowning in his heat.



But the more surprising thing was dev's reaction to their current position. When he saw meera leaving he immediately went to her not wanting to miss any opportunity to have fun with her, after all she is his best friend. But as soon as she landed on him due to the sudden pull, he lost all his senses.  For the first time in his life, he had held meera this close to him and moreover when both were totally wet from head to toe. Her dress was clinging to her body like a second skin and it had unexpectedly aroused him to no extent. Never has he felt like this for any other girl, even his girl friend let alone meera. Their faces were so close that if they moved even an inch towards each other, the gap between their lips could be sealed.



They were totally oblivious to the surrounding lost in each other, but two pairs of eyes saw this very clearly and both were totally enraged. One of them being jiya. She couldn't digest the scene infront of her. She had her doubts already and this just confirmed it more. She was very disappointed and angry and immediately left from there.



Dev and meera would have continued their eyelock, if they were not brought back to earth by their friends, who suddenly splashed water at them. Meera saw how close she was to dev and immediately stepped back and dev too noticed his weird actions and saw the uneasiness of meera. He cursed himself mentally for behaving like a jerk to meera.



Damn, what the hell was I doing...??...and that too to meera...?? are such a big jerk dev, pata nahi meera kya sonch rahi hogi...he let out a frustrated sigh not wanting to jeopardise his beautiful friendship with meera due to his stupidity.



I'll apolozise to meera...he made up his mind and turned to see her going towards the other side where geet and maan has joined them.



Geet smiled at meera and took her to where sneha was sitting with her legs in the water.  She was staring at Vicky continuously, seeing him enjoying thoroughly and then her gaze shifted to others, who were looking so carefree as if there was no trouble in their life.



Suddenly she felt a strange jealousy seeing everyone having a gala time. She thought about how her life is tainted with a black spot, not letting her be like them. She felt a sudden suffocation in this merry atmosphere. But then her gaze shifted back to Vicky and all the negativity left her mind bringing a smile on her face. He was a fresh breath of air in the suffocating surrounding.  She knew her feelings for Vicky was getting stronger day by day, but with that the fear and helplessness too came along. She knew this thought, this feeling was a mere fantasy, a mirage, which will vanish in air as soon as the darkness in her life will surface. And she hated life for being so unfair to her, especially now.



Before she could think further, geet and meera came to her and sat beside her. The three of them sat there watching everyone .  Vicky and yash splashing water at everyone, while maan, adi looking at them amused and the girls trying to fight back hopelessly. Dev had already left from there and went to the bonfire where jiya was sitting.



Geet looked at her two friends sitting silently and decided to break the ice...nice place, isn't it...??



Sneha and meera turned to her and smiled...yes, its beautiful...sneha replied, while meera added...and being my first time at any beach, I feel outstanding being here...!!



Its my first time too...sneha spoke touching the water gently .



But I have visited beaches in Mumbai and Mauritius before. Though Mauritius has more clean and blue sea, but Goa is just wonderful...she gave her opinion, while the other two smiled again.



So, what did maan asked you to do for winning the bet...??...meera asked mischieviously.


Geet gasped at her meek friend's sudden boldness  and more on remembering the fact that she has actually lost the bet to maan and now she would have to do anything he ask for. Thinking about it her heart beat excelled.



She calmed herself and replied...he hasn't asked for anything yet...and with that a slight blush automatically crept up her cheeks. Both meera and sneha noticed the red hue even in the dim light and laughed...



Gosh, geet you are blushing...sneha said a bit surprised as she has seen geet's loving side, but never noticed a blushy geet. It was a pleasant surprise to see this side of her friend after witnessing her action film.



Oh sneha, you don't know how much geet blushes. Just the mention of maan jiju is enough to get her all coloured...meera teased geet winking at sneha, while geet gave a live demonstration to prove meera.



Both of them teased geet like hell spending a lovely time, when maan called everyone back for they might catch cold and the whole week was left to explore other beaches.



So, everyone came back and sat around the bonfire. Dev was sitting beside jiya and jiya was still pissed at him . Though she didn't said anything to him, while dev was trying to figure out the reason for his weird action and ways to say sorry to meera. Vicky sat next to sneha, who was sitting beside geet and meera. Maan, adi, sam and pari were sitting together, while yash beside Vicky. They formed a full circle.



Guys, lets play something...pari suddenly said grabbing everyone's attention.


But maan instantly cut her going back to the water...its enough...!!



Pari gave her typical dreamy expression to maan getting excited as he responded to her words, while maan rolled his eyes. But pari instantly corrected her expression seeing the deadly icy glare geet was bestowing on her and she replied with a nervous smile and spoke again...



I was talking about dumb charade...!!



Oh yes, yeh toh tum girls hi achche se khel sakti...yash intervened...after all you girls are so good in nautanki...and laughed at his own joke along with the other boys. Vicky and yash high-fiving at his jest, while maan again rolled his eyes are no less yash...!!



Now it was the time for the girls to laugh, while poor yash getting red at not being able to retort maan. How could he, he loves his life.


Okay then, lets play something else...this time sam spoke.



Like...vicky asked to which geet replied...Truth and Dare...!!



Hmm, not bad...adi commented and others nodded their heads in agreement.



Seriously, I think its childish and stupid...maan made a face saying guys carry on if you want...!!



But maan...adi tried to coax him, when geet interrupted...let it be adi, truth and dare are for courageous people, who can dare to take up a dare...she smirked knowing the effect her words will cause on maan.



Maan knew well why geet said what she said, but he was no less and instantly spat back...says the one, who has recently lost a bet against me...and raised his brows at geet mockingly.



Moron singh khurana...she muttered under her breath. Sam saw how another one on one was on its way and instantly changed the topic...


Okay guys, as we are on holiday so everyone will play. No backing out...she said sternly and got an empty bottle from the beach store...I hope everyone knows the rule...!!



So, here it goes...she spinned the bottle and everyone sat watching where it will stop. It finally stopped on yash, while pari was on his opposite...



So, truth or dare...she asked yash gleefully.



Yash being yash tried to show himself the rough and tough guy instantly replied...dare ofcourse...!!



Fine, so what you have to do is...pari glanced around the shore and spotted a girl walking alone on the see that girl...she pointed out and everyone saw the girl...yash, you have to go there and ask her for a date...she finished with a devilish smirk on her face.



But yash got up in full style and walked towards the girl with attitude. Geet looked at pari asking her the reason for giving him such a task, when pari pointed towards a man nearby and said...he is her boy friend and I heard them talking that he is a state level boxing champ...she giggled and so did the other girls imagining the plight of poor yash. While the boys too seemed immensely interested.



 Nearing her he asked...excuse me beautiful...!!



The girl turned and gave him a weird look.



Well, hi I am Yash malhotra...naam toh suna hi hoga...he added in typical SRK style. The girl smiled at him and he thought he got her, when she replied in a sweet voice...suna hai na...!!



Now, this took yash by surprise and he asked...achcha, from whom...??



From him...she pointed behind him and yash turned to see a man...correction a hulk like man standing infront of him.



Woah...!!...yash stepped back getting startled...who are you man...??...he asked to which the guy replied...I am her boy friend and the next moment a hard punch blackened yash's right eye.



Yash had ran back after getting a dose and gave an accusing look to pari with one eye, while everyone laughed at his expense. The bottle was spun again and it now stopped at meera, with jiya on the other side...



So meera, truth or dare...??...she asked.



Truth...meera replied in a low voice.



Are you sure...??...she asked with a bit sarcasm, which didn't go unnoticed by dev and geet and both frowned at this.



Yes...meera spoke again.



Okay, so tell you have a special someone in your life...??...she asked straight forwardly taking meera and dev by surprise. Dev felt a sudden uneasiness at the mention of someone more special in meera's life than him. But he shrugged it off.



Woh...I...I fumbled not knowing how to lie as she has a special someone, but he doesn't consider her special enough.



Oh come on jiya, meera's life is an open book...and don't get jealous, but there is no one more special in her life than dev...pari replied instead with a wink at jiya.



Of course not pari, after all dev is mine...she replied looking at meera, as if telling her to back off.



Meera kept silent at her words, but geet couldn't...don't worry jiya, my meera is way too special to involve dev...and gave an angry glare to dev, who himself was not liking where all this was going. Maan took sensed the tension and thus decided to divert everyone by spinning the bottle himself and where did it stopped ( no prize for guessing ).



Geet was too pissed at dev and jiya to notice that suddenly everyone's attention was on her. She raised her head and gave a 'what' look, when her gaze feel on the bottle...



Hell NO...she shouted making others jump beside her, while maan smirked and replied delightfully...



Oh HELL YES...!!



His words brought her attention to the other side of the bottle which pointed towards maan and she knew, she is doomed...kyun babaji...??...she made a baby crying face looking upwards, while maan knew exactly what was going on in her mind.



So, miss handa...truth or DARE...intentionally emphasizing on the last word.



Jerk...geet cursed him under her breath and then giving a fake smile replied with as much confidence as she could...dare...!!



Hmm, now thats interesting...he said what task should be given to you...??...he pretended to think for a moment. Geet silently prayed to her babaji to be on her side atleast to complete her dare as she was sure the devil infront of her was planning something big. She already felt her heart beat in a marathon at his steaming gaze, as if it was seeing more than it can.



Then he said...okay, I have decided, but...



But what...??...she asked getting impatient as well as irritated.



But, its a more private sort of dare...maan completed making geet go completely red, while others giggled at his shameless remark.



Pp...prrivate...geet stammered and maan thoroughly enjoyed her stammering...yes sweet heart private...and winked at her before anyone could notice. Geet's expression were worth watching at his comments and actions and she went into the ultimate red section.



But, it is not fair...geet tried to retort not wanting to give in so easily.



Really, says who...??...maan raised his brow...sam, is there anything like this written in the rule book...he asked keeping his eyes fixed at geet.



Nope, it just says that the person on whom the bottle stops would have to do anything the other person wishes him/her to do...sam completed naughtily not helping geet at all.



Geet made a baby face at sam, but she only gave a helpless look back.



You know what geet, let it be...I think you are scared...maan the devil spoke again to trap his butterfly and as expected she walked in the trap herself.



Oh hello, don't speak anything okay. I was just confirming that you aren't cheating and I am ready to complete my dare...she shot back.



Great, it makes two now...maan said nonchalantly.






I mean now, you have to do two things, mishty...maan explained seeing her confused this dare and the other, about the this place...!!



Geet gave an annoyed look to maan and turned her head away muttering her favourite ' whatever'.


The bottle was spun again and this time, it landed at Vicky while sam on the other side. And sam was more than happy at this chance. She looked at Vicky and then at sneha and Vicky, truth or dare...??



Dare...came the prompt reply coz he knew being truthful in front of sneha could really harm his love story, which has yet not began properly.



Great then, propose the girl you love...!!



As this statement came out of sam's mouth a sudden silence filled the entire place and the next second everyone burst into laughter, except maan, adi, sneha and geet.



Seriously sam, Vicky and love...??...yash spoke with great difficulty in between his laughter...if his flings can be called love, then surely he needs to prepare a list of ways to propose according to the girls he dated...and he burst into laughter once again. Vicky cursed yash for opening his big mouth and prayed to god that sneha doesn't get a negative view about his character. But geet was not at all laughing. She knew sam would never say this if she is not sure.


Maan gave adi a piercing look to which he nervously replied in a hushed voice...vicky's love thing just slipped out of my mouth, when sam commented on Vicky and sneha looking good together while we were in water. Maan shot him an angry glare and turned to sam to control the situation...



Uh sam, I think you are mistaken...!!



No maan, I...but she got a look from him and she knew not to press it further. So, she ameded her sentence...I mean, if Vicky ever fall in love with someone, how will he propose...??



Maan and adi sighed in relief, but sneha got very curious as well as nervous and may be a bit jealous too thinking about him proposing to some other girl. Geet also somehow got convinced and became normal.



Vicky too thanked his stars for saving him, but then an idea popped up in his mind...why not he actually express his feelings for sneha here only. The location, whether and timing everything is perfect. So, he picked up his guitar.


vicky strung the guitar to a beautiful tune and hummed the lines...



Plz click for the song...its one of my fav

Mm hm hm, mm hm hm hm hm
Mm hm hm hm hm, mm mm mm mm mm mm mm


Dil ko tumse pyaar hua, pehli baar hua
Tumse pyaar hua


Main bhi aashiq yaar hua, pehli baar hua
Tumse pyaar hua


Everyone could feel the heavenly ambiance of the soulful music mixed with extremely romantic and cool weather and felt an attachment to the song. The bonfire and the beach giving a totally out of the world feeling to all of them.




Chhaayi hai betaabi
Meri jaan, kaho main kya karoon


Chhaayi hai betaabi
Meri jaan, kaho main kya karoon





 The couples like adi-sam cherising the lovely moment while jiya and meera feeling a longing towards dev's love and dev having this undeniable pull towards meera in a totally different way.





Dil ko tumse pyaar hua, pehli baar hua
Tumse pyaar hua

Main bhi aashiq yaar hua, pehli baar hua
Tumse pyaar hua





Dev glanced at meera, who was trying to avoid meeting his eyes and felt a prick in his heart at her avoidance. He was use to her attention and now, her ignorance was not acceptable to him. But then he felt jiya holding his hand and a sudden torn feeling crept up his heart.



Vicky came towards sneha and sang beautifully trying his best to infuse all his feelings in the the musical lyrics....!!


Oh, kho gaya main khayaalon mein
Ab neend bhi nahin aankhon mein

Karvatein bas badalta hoon
Ab jaagta hoon main raaton mein





He looked directly into her eyes conveying his inner most feelings to her. Hoping her to reciprocate and if not then atleast understand him...!!





Ab doori na sehni, har lamha kehta hai
Na jaane haal mera aisa kyoon rehta hai

Main deewana tera ban gaya jaane jaana
Main fasaana tera ban gaya jaane jaana

Haseena gori gori, churaaya chori chori
Churaaya dil chori chori chori chori chori


Dil ko tumse pyaar hua, pehli baar hua
Tumse pyaar hua

Main bhi aashiq yaar hua, pehli baar hua
Tumse pyaar hua





Yash and pari dancing around the bonfire, while sneha kept looking at vicky as if understanding that he is singing only for her and somehow she was both loving as well hating this feeling and a strange fear growing inside her.





Adi too offered his hand to sam and they danced on the rhythm creating sound on the sand floor. Maan smiled at his friends and others, seeing them enjoying to the fullest. But then his eyes travelled to the face for whom he has especially planned everything. And he got the most angelic sight to watch. Geet was laughing and smiling at others, while a faint glow of the bonfire making her face sparkle vibrantly. He felt an instant reaction at the sight.





As if sensing his gaze on her, geet shifted her eyes on him and saw him staring at her without blinking and soon his deep dark eyes hypnotized hers as well.




Aarzoo hai mere sapnon ki
Baitha rahoon teri baahon mein

Sirf tu mujhe chaahe ab
Itna asar ho meri aahon mein




Others too were lost in the mystical music and were laughing and dancing...enjoying the moment to the fullest. Pari and sam had pulled meera, jiya and sneha too, while the boys were dancing to their own rhythm.




However, apart from all of them, there was a couple totally detached to their surrounding. Maan and geet, who were sitting opposite to each other kept boring into other's soul with their eyes. Maan was giving her his most intense and passionate gaze that she had ever witnessed and this erected the hairs on her body in such a posture as if bones had suddenly developed in the hairs.





She tried with all her might, but failed to tear away her gaze encouraging maan to no end. Both were aware of the passion roaring inside them with exponential power and with the way things were going, geet had an inkling that they may end up doing something, which has been pending since the time when they themselves were unaware of it...!!



Tu keh de haske to tod doon main rasmon ko

Marke bhi na bhooloon main teri kasmon ko



Maan apolozised as well as promised to never commit such a mistake that will take his mishty away from him. He promised to be by her side forever and love to no extent. He promised everything through his enchanting eyes and geet had no option, but to trust him.


Main to aaya hoon yahan pe bas tere liye

Tera tan mann sab hai mere liye

Hai kya haseen nazaara, sama hai pyaara pyaara

Gale laga le yaara yaara yaara yaara yaara



And as if the lyrics were meant for them, both of them stood up and moved towards each other in a trance like mode, totally unaware of what was going on around them.



Main bhi aashiq yaar hua, pehli baar hua

Tumse pyaar hua



Vicky came right in front of sneha not realizing what he was doing and bend before her.  Seeing this others stopped dancing  and turned their attention to sneha and Vicky, except for maan and geet, who were now standing way too close to each other. Everyone was perplexed at what Vicky was doing apart from adi and sam.


Chhaayi hai betaabi

Meri jaan, kaho main kya karoon



Maan wrapped his arm around geet's delicate waist and pulled her closer such that only an inch gap remained between them. The passion between them was escalating to the top most level leaving them with the beastly craving for the other.


Geet and maan leaned forward to join their soul with a soul searing kiss, while Vicky opened his arms while sneha stood horrified at what was going on in front of her. She couldn't believe her dream was turning into reality like this, but her fear was increasing with much greater speed.


Chhaayi hai betaabi

Meri jaan, kaho main kya karoon

Kya karoon, kya karoon, kya karoon...



He finished singing and finally let out the words that were dying to come out of his mouth since the time he started singing...I love you, sneha...!!




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it was so much fun
poor yash
hayyee maaneet lost in eachother
nd vicky proposed sneha
hope she will say yes
when dev will understand his love for meera

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