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Maan personally called sneha's father to take permission for sneha. He was apprehensive about sending his daughter in such crucial time but maan assured him of sneha's protection. He convinced him saying it would be the much needed change for sneha...






But Mr. khurana, why are you doing so much for my daughter...??...after all she is just an employee...sneha's father asked after seeing his generous behaviour for sneha. He wanted to confirm before handling over his daughter's responsibility to someone.







Maan looked at him with a straight face and answered...I understand your suspicion sir, but sneha is not just an employee...he paused for a moment before adding...she is my fiance's and my brother's very close friend. So, she is like a family...!!







Sneha's father was touched at his response as even after knowing sneha's past, maan showed no aversion or dislike for his daughter. Instead he was treating her like a family, which itself was a great honour for anyone. And for him after facing betrayal and humiliation from his own people after the incident, khurana's overwhelming love and compassion was something beyond imagination.







Bless you son...he bestowed him with best wishes and finally agreed to send sneha with them.














Geet alongwith meera, sam, pari and sneha ( after much insistance ) shopped like crazy and would have bought the whole mall, if her extra large appetite didn't interfered. Sneha and meera were not much into shopping though, so they settled with just few necessary things. Jiya though was in foul mood couldn't deny to accompany them when geet insisted. After having their lunch in the late afternoon, girls went back home to finish their packing.







Here boys were no less excited, specially our lover boy vicky, who was bursting with happiness at the thought of having a full week to spend with sneha in the beautiful nature of goa. He had already thanked maan zillions of times to the extent of earnng a warning glare for the latter. But vicky was no where near stopping, instead he was time and again giving maan stupid grin which finally forced maan to voice out his irritation...







Vicky, if you don't stop your rant of thank you and wipe of that idiotic grin off yours, I'll do the honours myself...maan flexed his biceps showing vicky how dangerous it would be to avoid his warning this time.







Vicky immediately nodded like an obedient kid and didn't dared to get on maan's nerves again. But that didn't lessen his zeal by even the tiniest fraction. Yash too sought out his work, which he hardly do anyway. Dev finished his pending works and cleared some more to alleviate future load. Adi arranged for the hotels, travelling and ofcourse security. He specially appointed the best trained bodyguards for geet and sneha, who would follow them like shadows without making it obvious to anyone.














Maan was in his office winding up his remaining work, when adi entered...














Um, not much...almost done...maan replied still typing furiously in his laptop.







Adi waited for him to finish his work and after about 15 minutes maan raised his head from the laptop and looked at adi...







So, tell me...!!







Maan, I have made all the arrangements. Tickets mere paas hain aur as you wanted we will be staying in Khurana Villa. KM and HM's security has been doubled and I have informed about this to Mr. khurana and Mr. handa also...adi informed and then added...the bodyguards have already started their work and are now with the girls in the mall...!!







Maan sighed in relief after hearing this as he was sure sandy will not stay quiet for long.







Good adi...I hope this tip goes well...!!







Don't worry man, everything will be fine. My men are working on this sandy's profile...digging in his past as well as present records. Kuch na kuch toh zaroor milega...!!



















Next day everyone reached the airport and boarded the private plane. All were thrilled and super excited about this holiday, specially the couples. But to the very annoyance of the guys, girls totally ignored them and sat together. They were enjoying their girl talks...gossips and what not. Sneha was a bit reluctant initially, but geet being the sweet heart never let her felt left out and dragged her in every conversation making her completely at ease with others.







Vicky though was irritated at not being able to sit beside sneha, but seeing his doll taking care of his love brought a smile on his face. But maan was anything but happy as he had plans of spending a nice time with geet while travelling. He shot an ngry glare to adi, who was sitting beside him...






What...??...why are you glaring at me...??...adi retorted seeing his glare.







Its all your fault adi. Can't you handle you girl friend for once...maan spat frustratingly.







So, even you could have stopped geet...adi spat back only to get another hard glare from maan...oh really. It was your girl friend's stupid idea...why didn't you said something then...??







And you think she would have agreed. Instead I might had to spend the whole holiday pacifying her...adi replied in a low voice fearing sam's anger.







You are hopeless...maan concluded and put on his head phone looking at a laughing geet sitting two seats ahead of him.







As soon as maan closed his eyes, geet turned and looked at him. She knew he was upset, but she love to annoy him. And moreover, she had yet not come to terms with everything that had happened in the past and needed time to forget everything.


They landed in goa and adi had already arranged a luxury bus to travel till the villa. It took them an hour to reach the villa from airport. It was a huge and lavish place with all amenties. Everyone was spell bound with the grandeur and class of the villa. The khuranas knew the place from before, but others were here for the first time and the girls were literally jumping with sheer excitement.







Oh my god...!!...this is so gorgeous...pari screamed seeing the reception, which itself was way too attracting with a beautiful small waterfall behind the sitting area. The whole villa was decorated very tastefully keeping nature in mind. A broad garden in front and the most beautiful beach behind made the whole villa exquisite...!!






Maan handed over the keys to everyone and told them to relax and freshen up first. They went to their respective rooms. Pari, sam, and adi were given rooms on the third floor, dev, jiya and meera on the fourth floor, yash, vicky and sneha on the fifth floor and maan and geet on the sixth floor. Each room was spacious and cozy with attached big balcony, which opens in the backyard giving the view of the beautiful beach.







Geet explored her room with utmost zeal and finally came to her balcony. Seeing the vast expanse of the enchanting bluish green sea, geet felt she had landed in heaven. It was out of the world. She was busy exploring the view, when maan's voice startled her...







Liked the view...??







She turned to her right and saw him standing casually in the other balcony...







Thats your room...??...she asked instead.







He grinned in reply and could I miss the chance to be by your side...and winked naughtily.







You purposely made our rooms arrangement like this, isn't it...??...she glared.







Glad you are not as dumb as I thought...he mocked feeling the urge to irritate her.







Geet shot him an annoying glare with a mock smile...I am in no mood for your pj, okay...with that she stomped inside her room, while maan chuckled and went inside to prepare for the day.






As they had landed near afternoon, so lunch was their first on to do list. Everyone gathered in the resturant at the ground floor and had a good time laughing, joking, pulling each other's leg, while enjoying their meal.






Okay, now listen guys...maan started gaining everyone's today we are tired due to the journey, we'll just stroll around the nearby place tonight...!!






What...??...geet as usual retorted...excuse me khurana, talk for yourself as I am not at all tired. And I want to visit the night club...!!







Shut up geet...!!...maan shot night clubs, you girls are my responsibility here and I don't want to take any chance with your security...!!







Yeah thats awesome...geet replied know what you are borest person in the world and when we aren't going to any night clubs, whats the use of coming to goa...she screamed childishly hmphing and turned her face away in anger.







Maan got angry at her calling him bore and turned her towards him forcefully...what did you said about me...??...he gritted his teeth and geet knew she is in trouble...







Uh, woh...I...was just...he shot her an angry glare making her nervous and simply lowered her gaze pouting cutely.







Maan sighed seeing her sad face and signalled adi regarding the securities. He blinked his eyes in affirmation and assurance.







Okay fine, there is no need to get all grumpy...he lifted her chin and added about we go to the club tomorrow as I have a better plan for today...!!







Geet's spirit lifted up the second he agreed for the club, but she twisted her lips hearing his last words and murmured...yeah right, better plan as in watching coconut trees in the moonlight near the villa...!!







Everyone snickered hearing her words, but didn't dared to be loud seeing maan's angry gaze. Maan then turned his attention to his cute mishty and replied with a smirk as a thought occured in his mind...all right geet, if you think that I can't plan something good and enjoyable, then lets have a deal...!!







Geet suddenly turned her attention to maan hearing him like all others.














Yup, deal...maan replied sitting calmly on his chair enjoying the sudden frown that came over her face...we'll go to a place of my choice and if you like it, you'll have to do whatever I say...he finished with a killer smirk as if knowing that he'll hit a jackpot.






Somehow geet felt she is getting herself into a trap, but when maan gave her that teasing smile and provoked her saying...the handa girl got scared of a mere deal...her sherni mode instantly kicked in making her jump into maan's trap.







Fine, we'll go, but if I felt even slight bored then you have to fulfill all my demands...she replied haughtily.







When have I denied you princess, always at your service...maan flirted in reply making geet blush as they were sitting with their friends, who suddenly started hooting and teasing the love birds.







Maan was glad to see some reaction from geet as from the time they came here she had been avoiding him. He was now sure that things would turn out in his...correction their favour eventually in this beautiful city.








Alright guys, all of you get some rest and we'll meet here at sharp 7...maan informed everyone after finishing their lunch and was about to move when vicky asked...







But bhai, where are we going...??...I mean we have to dress up accordingly, you know...!!







Well thats a surprise vicky and as for dressing goes...he paused and looked at geet while adding...wear something comfortable...with that he left for his room.





Stupid, moron...geet muttered feeling annoyed at getting herself into this stupid bet as she knew maan was not someone to lose a deal. But then she is geet handa too and she can tackle anything...she convinced herself, but then added in a low voice...anything but devil khurana...!!






Later in the evening everyone got ready and came down in the lobby. Excitement was clearly visible on everyone's face, while geet was busy in contemplating where maan was taking them. Soon, maan joined them. Everyone saw him in a loose white shirt and cotton pants giving him a very sexy look. Geet was gawking at him like a fool as she always do, but instantly corrected her expression, when he gave her the knowing smirk.







She twisted her lips and averted her gaze to hide her embarrasment at being caught. But what she missed in noticing was maan's expression, which were no less than geet. He felt a wild urge to cancel every plan and spent the entire evening praising her beauty in his own way. She was looking no less than an innocent angel, wearing a white churidar.







Vicky, and yash were wearing body fitting t- shirt and lose jeans, while dev and adi were in shirt and jeans. Sneha and meera too had worn salwar suit looking pretty and very adorable. They were waiting for pari, jiya and sam.






Seriously yaar, these girls are hopeless when it comes to dress up for an outing...yash started complaining, without noticing the one glaring and two not too pleased girls...I mean its already 7.15 and they are yet getting decked up god knows for what...he raised his hands in the air dramatically, but soon his hands clutched his stomach getting a strong punch from geet...







Ouch...!!...geet, why the hell did you hit me...he groan in pain, while the other guys snickered at his plight and maan shook his head seeing everyone behaving so childishly.

Well, isn't it obvious yash...she replied sarcastically.







But I didn't meant you...he argued back only to get an icy glare and super icy comment back from geet...oh really, then be more specific next time...!!







Hey doll, leave him yaar...vicky intervened before geet gets too know yash is stupid, don't spoil your mood sweet heart...he tried to calm her.







Then tell him to shut up...!!







Of course...vicky signalled yash to zip his mouth on which yash scowled I have an option...!!







Soon the girls joined them and they left for their destination.






Here in Delhi, sandy was going mad after getting the news that geet was not in delhi and so were the knuranas and all their friends.




What do you mean she is not here...??...he spat furiously in his cell phone.







Sir, today morning I was waiting for miss handa's car to leave HM, I waited for an hour or so, but she didn't came out. So, I enquired and got to know that she has went for a holiday along with her friends...the man replied from the other side nervously knowing well his master's next question.







Then why the hell I didn't got the news before and where has she gone...??...he asked clutching the phone tightly. The thought of missing this vital information from long time was infuriating him to no extent.







I am sorry sir, but I don't know where she has gone...the man broke the news to his boss.







What do you mean you don't know...??







Sir, no one knows about her where about apart from her parents and khuranas, so we were not able to get the information about the place...he said in a low voice fearing the worse consequences.







But sandy spoke in a very calm voice...alright then, if don't know I think you are of no use to me...saying so he disconnected the call before the man could say anything. The man thought he has lost his job. He pushed his cell inside his pocket and moved towards the main road. He was about to sit in his car, when a speeding truck hit him. He was flung in the air and then dropped on the ground in a pool of blood.





A man was watching this from the other side of the road. As a crowd gathered around the man's body, he fished out his cell and dialed a number. The call was answered in the third ring...







Sir, the work is done...he spoke curtly.







Good make sure there is no connection left between him and me...!!






Right sir...he was about to cut the call when the other person spoke again...and appoint another man for this job...!!







Yes sir...!!







The person disconnected the call and turned towards his reflection in the mirror. He was sandy...I'll find you soon geet and then I won't let anyone come in between us even I have to erase that person from the earth...his eyes turned red with anger and sinisteral...even if I have to kill that Maan singh khurana...!!




Here two SUV's stopped and all the friends came out. It was dark outside now and none was able to see anything. Geet was curiously looking around to guess the place. They could feel very soft and cool air touching their body somewhere giving hints about the place.






Maan told the drivers to park and led everyone towards the entrance. He was noticing geet's eagerness to know the surprise and smiled softly at his cutie-pie. She looked so adorable with this baby faces she was making on not able to guess the place. He went forward and grabbed her. She looked up and then before she could say something the land beneath feet immersed below making her lose her balance. But maan had his hold tight on her not letting her fall.







She felt the sand below her feet and a sudden spark and excitemetn shone in her eyes as the realization of the place sink in. Maan gave her his charming smile raising his brows as geet's lips streched on their own accord forming a dazzling smile on her face. And maan felt blissful. This was what he wanted...her beautiful smile.







Other too understood that they are on a beach and the sound of waves too hit their ears. They cautiously moved forward and vicky instantly came forward to help sneha.







Uh, remove your sandel then it will be easier to walk...he suggested showing his shoes which were now in his hands. She smiled and took out her sandel. Sneha of feeling a new sensation of fun inside her as it was her first time on a beach. Vicky held out his hand for sneha, who gladly took it as they had reached that comfort level, and moved forward.







Others too removed their shoes and sandels and ran towards the beach. Meera carried her sandels in her hand and moved forward pushing her glasses back to their place, which had slided down due to her bending, when dev came near her and held her hand...hey chasmish...!!






Dev...she was surprised to find him near her and looked around. Dev frowned at her reaction and asked...







What are you searching...??...don't tell me that you can't see me even with your four eyes...he made a stupid goofy face seeing her confused expression.







Glasses dumbo...he pointed out explaining.







Meera made an annoyed face and asked...shut up dev, I can see you alright. I was just searchoing for jiya...!!







Oh, she is there...he pointed towards the water where jiya, yash, sam, pari and adi were already present feeling the cold water and spectacular atmosphere.







So, what are you doing here...?? should also be there with her...she said.







Why...??...I want to be with said not getting her point.







Tch, uff dev...I mean she is your girl friend and would want to enjoy with you...meera reasoned, which dev found utterly stupid.





Seriously meera, I know she is my gf, but that doesn't mean I have to stick to her every second. Come on yaar, I though you like my company...he pouted fakingly to which meera smiled and shook her head.







You are such a kid...she exclaimed to which he instantly retorted...and you are such a bore...saying so dev grabbed her hand tightly and dragged her towards the beach despite her protest.







When they reached the shore, they instantly fell in love with it. Such beautiful surrounding and bonfires at different places were glowing the whole beach.






Geet was still behind standing beside maan gaping at the mesmerizing scene ahead, while maan gaping at her. He brought his lips close to her ears and whispered miss geet handa, am I still the most boring person in the world...??






He nuzzled behind her earlobes sensually making her feel butterflies inside her tummy. She closed her eyes in sheer pleasure as he grabbed the softest and extreme part of her ear, her lobe between his lips and sucked it thoroughly...



 involuntary moan escaped her lips and her knees were all ready to give completion to jellies, when maan drew back and said controlling his own marathonic heart...



 touching, I forgot...saying so he left her and move forward with a deadly victory smirk knowing full well that geet's jaws must have dropped to the deepest layer of sand till now.





so here is the update...hope u like it

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