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Avita SS-*~~*Chaahat*~~* (Page 2)

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Hey Everyone...
here is another update of

(all at one go...for your convenience have divided it in parts as III, IV n V)

At a hut in jungle…

Avdhesh-"Chalo re…dekhen kaun hai jo Avdhesh Singh Thakur ke rahte firoti ka dhandha karne ki soch raha hai. Aur batayen uuko ke hiyan Baap kaun hai."

His mans get down from jeeps and start to search whole place around the hut as there was no one, while Avdhesh stepped down and broke the door of hut in one kick to found no one inside , there was only darkness and silence. He just stepped in when Chulbul came to him-

"Bhaiya ji… hum sab jagah dekh liye…kauno nahi naa…lagta hai sasura bazaar ma maar kha ke jaan bacha ke bhaag gawa."

Avdhesh-"Hunn…uke liye ei hai behtar raha..aur uu bandi? Kisko bandi banaya tha usne ..kachu kabar hai?"

Chulbul-"Haan Bhaiya ji sune rahe ke kauno larki ka uthaye raha! Uu sahar se aai rahi…aur to aur uu nahi uke kauno aadmi uthaye rahe uuka…jab aapse jaan bacha ke bhaaga to sab chod chaad ke bhaag gaya…lagta hai uu ke aadmi bhi jab pata chala hoga to bhaag gaye..pata nahi uu larko ka kaa kiye?"

Avdhesh-"Chalo…dekhte hain… hoi sakat hai chod diya ho…ab hiyan kaa karma hai..chalo re raat bahut hoi gai hai."

Avdhesh was about to leave when suddenly a sound grabbed his attention and locked his feets. It was a sound of someone's anklet, he felt as his heart beat natched with that sound, but he tried to avoid it and stepped again, again some sound locked his feet, this time it was someone's restless breaths those were really very faint that any normal ear can't hear them but Avdhesh don't knows why find himself able to hear it, not only hear it but he felt it and the restlessness in it, the pain in it, the urge in it. He can avoid his mind but how can he restrain himself from listening his heart's command…


Avdhesh stepped back and enter that dark hut again.

Chulbul-"Bhaiya ji…huan kahan jaye rahe hain…kachu nahi hain huan…bas andhera hai…"

He tried to stop him but it all goes vain as Avdhesh himself was not in his own senses. He walked through whole dark hut and reached a corner. He felt as something was moveing restlessly and so was his heart. He pulled out the match box from his jeans pocket and lit a stick to loose his remaining senses…


The same Girl, who stole his senses at market place, was in front of him.

The yellow light of match stick supposed to light the dark corner but the moment it fell on her milk white skin, it was her glow which enlighten the whole universe of Avdhesh. She was blind folded, her hands and feet were tightly tied at her back and there was a clothe piece tightly tied on her mouth.

He came to his knees to observe his beautiful angel's beauty. But at the same moment Avdhesh felt a pain and left the stick as it was burnt and its last flame burnt his finger too.




The girl had already sensed someone's presence around herself and Avdhesh's voice confirmed it. She tried to crawl back restlessly but find herself unable as she was already next to the earthen wall. Without loosing another second Avdhesh lit another stick, and this time He noticed her pain, she was badly terrified, shaking, sweating, drops of sweat were visible at her face, and few drops of blood were at the corner of her lips which was enough to boil his blood, he quickly removed her eye fold, She opened her eyes and looks up at Avdhesh in terror.

Avdhesh looks at her hand and feet, there were red and blue marks because of tight ropes. He looked up in her eyes and felt her pain, he released her mouth cloth first and then starts to untie the ropes, and untie the rope which was binding her feet and hands cuffs together but she withdraw her hands back to get away from him.

Avdhesh looked at him in bit anger at her gesture as no one dared to stop Avdhesh from doing anything.

He moved bit more close to her and took her in his arms…actually he was untying her handcuff at her back.

She was badly terrified, to find herself in the arms of a Goon whom she has seen killing human like insects, for her he was verse then a beast. And at that moment she was in embrace of a beast. But she felt bit relief when she felt his hand on her hands at her back. He was untying her hands.

Girl-"Kaun ho tum…jaane do humen…chod do humen…"

Her lips were next to his ears and when she murmured it in her soft gentle voice, again Avdhesh loose his senses and his hands moved up at her back, and he hugged her close to his heart.

He hugged her close to his heart and her presence, essence, aroma, was magical for Avdhesh Singh Thakur. He felt as he was in some heaven, he felt her breath on his rock solid chest and took a deep breath of relief as he was breathing for the first time in life and unknowingly his face bloomed with happiness and he tighten his hold around her as he felt her slipping out of his arms (actually she was trying her best to get out of his clutches) while Avdhesh lost in his own world hold her hard and hugged  her more tightly so tight that now he can feel her heart beats and the rhythmic sound of them made him realize the he too had the thing called Heart and it beats too as her beats gave him beats, She was in his strong hold and the world , that dark hut of his enemy  which supposed to be an arena was no less then a bliss to him. 

  While she was trying hard to get out of his hold and finally some how , she managed to get free her hands as Avdhesh had already loosened it. She pushed Avdhesh back with all her strength and in reaction of it she banged her self against the wall at her back as she got out of His hold. For a second Avdhesh felt as someone had snatched his soul out of his body when she get apart to him, but next second he find his angel in front of him, on ground, faint,

She had lost her senses when her head banged with the wall and a piece of stone in it made her to loose her senses.

Her faint condition made Avdhesh anxious; he quickly took her in his arms

"Aye…Aye….Ka kua tumko…utho…ankhi kholo…kachu bolti kahe nahi…" he took her face in his palm and shakes her up to make her conscious but when he saw a line of blood flowing down from her temple to chin it was like a bolt from blue for him…Avdhesh quickly took her up and rushed out of the hut.

"Aye Chulbul..zaldi chal re…Sharvan Doctor to phone kar..bol hamre se pahile Haveli pahuche nahi to apne liye Shashan me zigha dekh le." And sat in the back seat placing her in his lap, while his gang followed his instruction speechlessly…they were unable to get what was happening at the time but all they could understand was that It was not intelligence to ask even a single word to Avdhesh...his anxiety had no limits…but why was he so anxieties…for that unknown girl…or he knows her.

Chulbul drove the SUV as fast as he could but Avdhesh was continuously shouting at him to drive fast as she was still faint and Avdhesh's hands were quenched in the blood oozing out from the wound of her head. His whole gang was tensed to see their Bahubali like that for an unknown girl. As they reached Thakur Haveli, the vehical stopped Avdhesh flung out of it , doc was already waiting for their arrival in Haveli, Bhauji was stunned to see a girl in Avdhesh's arms..and the way Avdhesh was behaving shouting on everyone was making her more tense, she had never seen Him the way he was today… and for a Girl,

Bahu ji-"Babua ji ka hua? Aise kahan bhage jaa rahe hain, aur ei Ladki kaun hai…are kachu to bataiye…" for the first time Avdhesh gave her no attention, crossed her by pushing her aside as she was not there at all, He rushed to his room and put the girl on his bed, this gesture of Avdhesh made Bhauji more worried as he put her and sit beside her holding her hand, while shouting at doc to check her and make her conscious as fast as he can.

Avdhesh-"Docter…ka hua eise…hosh kahe nahi aa raha ise…Hospital le chale ka?"

Docter looked up at Avdhesh, seeing the enthroned king, who considered to be a heartless person in such miserable state was a thing to watch for anyone,

Docter-"Ye theek hain bas kuch der me hosh aa jayega."

Avdhesh-"Theek hai, abe kaise theek hai, sar se khoon baha hai aur tum kahat ho theek hai.!" Avdhesh roared at him and whole haveli echoed by his roar.

Docter hardly dared to speak up in front of him-"Sar ki patti kar di hai, injection bhi de diya hai, kuch der me hosh aa jayega, lekin agar aap kahen to neend ka injection de dun, inko dekh ke lag raha hai ki bahut thaki hain , ya dar ki wajha se ya kisi ne maara peeta hai, injection se raat bhar aaram se so jayengi to subah tak bilkul theek ho jayengi."

Avdhesh anger knows no limit when he heard that may be she got beaten, threaten. How dare they touched her, but when he looked up at her face he felt a bit calm…

Avdhesh-"Injection se aaram milega?"

Docter-"Ji Bhaiya Ji"

Avdhesh-"theek hai, de do injection (doc stepped toward her bed but Avdhesh held his arm) ruko..humre kamre se jaane ke baad dena…" and he left the room as he find himself unable to see anyone hurting her by anyhow.




He came down to the hall where Bahuji was waiting for him with whole gang.

Avdhesh sat without a word still lost in his own thoughts as he was alone in hall,

Bahu ji-"Babua ji ei sab ka hai? Kaun hai uu ladki, aur aap itne pareshaan kahe hain?"

Avdhesh-"Kaun hai wo?" he repeated her words and turned to Chulbul "Ae Chulbul pura lalanpur chaan maro aur 1 ghante ke andar andar hamko inke bare me saar khabar chaiye."

Bahu ji-"Khabar Chaiye ka ka matlab hai Babua ji? Kachu pooch rahe hain hum?"

Avdhesh had no answer for any of her question "Babua ji…ka kar kaa rahe hain aap… Ka firauti ke liye agwa kare hain ka Ladki ko? Agar aisi baat hai to uuki itni seva satkaar ki ka zaroorat hai, apne kamra ma le gaye…ei kauno baat hoti hai kaa! Abe Piyasiya se keh ke uko duse karmra me pahunchate hain."

And Bahu ji stepped toward stairs,

Avdhesh-"Nahi Bhauji, uuko Agwa nahi kiye hain, uu… ko bacha ke laye hain, Mehmaan hai Humri…(Bahu ji raised her brow at his word "Humri") humra matlab ei Haveli ki… aap so jaiye , pareshaan hone ki zaroorat nahi hai, hum dekh bhaal kar lenge." And he stood up to attend the girl…

Bahu ji-"Ek minute Babua ji, Haveli ki mehmaan hai to humri bhi mehmaan hui naa…aap ko itni raat gaye ek ladki ke kamra me jaane ki zaroorat nahi hai , thak gaye honge, aaram kariye, hum dekh lenge."

Avdhesh-"Nahi bhauji, hum nahi thake …waise bhi vo hosh me nahi hai, jab tak theek nahi ho jaati humko bhi…"

Bahu ji-"Humko bhi kaa Babua ji…Docter kahe hai naa u raat bhar soyegi, aur hum aapki mehmaan ko maar nahi denge raat bhar me…(and she took few steps of stairs)Mehmaan hai ee to samajh gaye…par aapko yaad dila den ki uu eko ladki hain aur uke ghar wale bhi honge…behtar hoga ki agar uu subha tak aake apni ladki ko le jayee…nahi to aap jante hain, ladki ki izaat kanch jaisi hoti hai…

Choor hote der nahi lagti."

Avdhesh looked at her in bit surprised manner as he had completely forgot the fact that he don't had very good reputation in society and she was a girl…all he knew was to save her at any cost.

    Bahu ji had already left , now he was alone to think about the sudden change in his own behaviour…why he find himself unable to see her in pain, why her sight compels him to forget the world…but he merely had few minutes as Chulbul entered with his mans…


Chulbul-"Bhaiya ji pata lag gaya…uu Naye wale Master ji aaye hain naa lalanpur me..unhi ki Bhanji hai Arpita Rai, aaj hi aai thi sehar se…suna hai Sehar ke bade Engineer ki ladki hai."

Avdhesh murmured to himself "Arpita…"


Sharwan-"Haan Bhaiya ji aur pata laga hai ki Uu sasura Natte ee ladki ko agwa kiye raha firooti khatir…lekin uu kachu kar pata uuse pahile bazaar me aapse maar kha ke jaan bacha ke bhaag gawa…"


Bhayankar-"Bhaiya ji hum aur Pehalwaan uu jangal me chaan been kiye to Naate ka ek aadmi pakde…puuchne par uu kaha ke Naate abhi Lalanpur me yaa aas paas me hi kahin hai…(Avdhesh glared at him in anger) aap chinta mat kariye hum log uuko zaldi pakad lenge."


Avdhesh-"Nahi..uuko to hum dekhenge..uuki himmat kaise hui Uspar haath dalne ki…haalat dekho ladki ki…" and his eyes turn soft with pity everyone was shocked to see the tender side of Avdhesh Singh Thakur.

Avdhesh continued –"Chulbul, Bhayankar…tum log jaao aur uu master sahib ke yahan khabar kar unki ladki…kaa naam bataye the..haan ARPITA… sahi salamat haveli me hai…milna chahen to aake dekh jaayen…uko bhi accha lagega." And he left the hall to see Arpita at her/his own room, leaving everyone to wonder, why he said "Dekh jaayen" what he meant by that?...




As soon as Master Krantilal get news about his niece Arpita he arrived at Thakur Haveli with his wife…

While Bahuji was waiting for them in the same hall…


Bahuji-"Aaiye Master Sahab…aaiye…ka baat hai…sukun se jeena raas nahi aa raha tha ka jo ee jawan jaheen ladki ko saath rehne ko bula liye…ab bula liye to bula liye par ee kaa…tanik samhal ke bhi nahi rakh paaye…aate hi gundon se uthwa diye…parai chokri amanat hoti hai Krantilal ji…" and she gave him a cold look mixed with frustration.

Krantilal-"Ji Bahuji theek kaha aapne…par vo to bas aai hi thi…ghar bhi nahi pahunchi thi ki bazaar me…"

Bahuji-"Bazar me ka??"

Krantilal-"vo bazaar me kuch danga ho gaya aur humse bichad gai…hum log usse dhundh hi rahe the ki kisi Naate thakur ke aadmi ka phone aaya ki Arpita unke kabze me hai… aur firoti ke liye dubaara phone karenge…hum to jo mangte dene ko taiyaar the par dobara phone hi nahi aaya…"


Bahuji-"Chaliye saste me nipat gaye master ji…phone aata kaise..uu bazaar me hi to humre Babua ji uu Naate ko maar ke lalabpur se khader diye…phone kahan se karta uu…jiye…uupar aapki Bhanji humre Babua ji ki mehmaan banker seva karwa rahi hai…ab rajkumari ko apne raajmehal le jaiye…" they stepped toward stairs with folded hands "aur sunye…aage se tanik samhaal ke rakhiyega…baar baar nahi aayenge Humre Babua ji uuko Bachane ke liye…samajh rahe hain naa…"


Krantilal-"Ji…" he stepped toward stairs quickly to reach his niece and leave the haveli as soon as possible. The reasons behind his hurry were many but the greatest was that it was matter of his Niece Arpita who's not with him from almost 24 hours now and he don't want others (society) to know about it, he wanted to bring her home before dawn at any cost.

They reached Avdhesh's room he was sitting on chair just in front of Arpita's bed and continuously staring at her. 

Though his presence was so strong and dictating, Krantilal tried to avoid Him and reached Arpita-"Arpita…Arpitaaa..Utho beta kya hua tumhe?...(to Avdhesh, almost shouting) kya hua isse…ye behosh kyun hai?"

His mans didn't liked his way of inquiring to Avdhesh but Avdhesh stopped them with a cold look, though he himself didn't liked it much.

 He replied coldly…

"Naate kauno uuki aarti utare khatir to le nahi ga raha... agar ladki jaat samhrti nahi to late kahe ho Lalanpur jaise jigah par"

Krantilal had no reply of his words he just hugged his sleeping niece and murmured –"ab Humari Arpita yahan ek pal ke liye bhi nahi rukegi…hum abhi ise wapas iske ghar bhej rahe hain."

For a second Avdhesh felt as someone snatched ground below his feet and next second he reached Krantilal, held his arm tightly and dragged him out of room.

"Mil liye naa apni Bhanji se…ab nikaliye yahan se…"

Krantilal was shocked to hear his words. what did he meant by that?

Krantilal-"Aree aise kaise chale jaayen…Arpita ko liye bina..bhanji hai humari…"

Avdhesh-"Uu waqat Bhanji ka prem kahan gawa raha, jab uu Naate ke aadmi uuki iee halat kar rahe the!...humne kaha naa nikaliye ihan se…aapko dikhane ke liye bulaya tha ki uu sahi salamat hai, aur ab humari hifaazat me hai."

Krantilal get that Avdhesh had no intentions to return Arpita to him, his heart starts to sank in pool of darkness and he start crying and complaining loudly…

"Aise kaise nahi le jaa sakte…humari bhanji hai vo…beti se badh kar hai…dekhiye hum jaante hain ki aap bahubali hain yahan ke…log aapse darte bhi hain aur gareeb aur majboor log aapko pujte bhi hain…humare saath aise naa kijiye…aapko jo chaiye…jitni rakam chaiye hum dene ko taiyaar hain…bas Arpita ko le jaane dijiye…Haath jodte hain hum."


At the same time Bahu ji came there as his cry was echoing in whole Haveli.

 Bahu ji-"Kaa baat hai Master Ji aap abhi tak gaye nahi Aapn Bhanji ko leke?"

Krantilal rushed to her and start begging in front of her for his niece with folded hands-

"Bahu ji Hum haath jodte hain aapke aage…inhe kuch kahiye…ye hume arpita ko nahi le jaane de rahe…hum aapko jo kahe vo dene ko taiyaar hain..bas humari bitiya hume lauta dijiye…"

Bahuji was shocked to hear that Avdhesh was denying them to return the girl but she took his side first as she was confident that He will not overhear her words.

"Bakwaas band kijiye apni…keh diye naa ek baar ke le jaiye apni ladki ko…agar firoti hi mangni hoti to uuko Babuaji ke kamra me aise aaram se naa rakhe hote…kauno andheri kothri me fenk diye hote…samjh rahe hain naa…aaiye humre saath aur le ke jaiye Aapn Arpita ka."

And she stepped toward Avdhesh's room but before she can reach its door Avdhesh stepped between her and room.

Avdhesh-"Bhauji…ee sahi keh rahen hain…Arpita kahun nai jaa rahi..ab uu yahin rahegi. Chulbul Maste Sahab ko izzat ke saath unke ghar tak chod ke aa. "

Chulbul and Pehalwaan dragged Krantilal out and forced him and his wife to sit in SUV and left the Haveli to drop them at their place.


This was all for now...

to find out how far Avdhesh will go in his Chahat...

don't forget to check further Updates...

Thanks for reading Embarrassed

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Oh My God!!!!

When there is no madness.. there is No LOVE!!

Avdhesh is gone crazy for her!! wooowww.. Love it!!

But question... How will Arpita deal with this!!

Loved the looongest update till date.. Baap re!! U rock!

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