NL#30: HEART BEATS (Celebrating 700 Episodes)

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#30th Edition ::Celebrating 700 Episodes Of MKAP
      H.E.A.R.T B.E.A.T.S      

 Story so far - starlight123  
  Summary of the week - ...Poojie... 
  Dialogue of the week - Kabe
OS/FF/SS of the week - Veena.S  
 Best dress/costume of the week - Kriya_Sruthi 
  VM of the week - piyarapiyari 
  Best siggy of the week - babithaj, Deepali88   
  Best Icon of the week - -Devu- 
  Best AVI of the Week- -aHnAf- 
  Best Picture of the week - Anondo.R  
  Active Member/Member of the week - -aHnAf- 
  Most active thread - -aHnAf- 
  Blooper of the week - amrapali_Dubey, babithaj 
  Filler of the week - telstra 
  Best scenes of the week (Hilarious, Shocking, Sad) - 
-aHnAf- , Snigdhakhanam, Veena.S 
  Characters of the week (Best, Irritating, Under used) - 
Anondo.R, Singdhakhanam, Veena.S 
  Best behuda comment of the week/ One liners - -aHnAf-
Sher o shayari of the week - Snigdhakhanam 

  Happy and sad news of the week (related to articles, interviews 
and crush of expectations by cv's, Spoilers, actors whoever) - Kabe 
  Best episode of the week - -aHnAf- 
  Worst episode of the week - Anondo.R 
  Best speculation of the week - Starlight123 
  Background score/Song of the week - Anondo.R 
 Most magical moment (KriYa) - Eden_LuvsKriya, RoKaPraNeev, telstra 

 Winning Siggies : -AmyHeatzNoah-,Sehreen ,Dhakarn, Babithaj Anondo.R 
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Congratulations to the entire team of MKAP on successful completion of 700 episodes!! Wish and pray it achieves many more milestones. Long Live MKAP!!
Congrats, Thanks, and Hats off to all members of MKAP News LetterTeam  and all MKAPn's  for  their support and encouragement!!

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 A Walk to Remember - Journey of Krishna and Pratigya 

  "Yehi hain humari love story, yehi hain humari life story"  

After two and a half years in real, six years in reel and 700 episodes next week, its time to take a walk through the journey of our beloved couple Kriya. They have been through ups and downs, happiness and sadness, love and small tiffs even hatred but our love for them still continues.  They are each other's strength, each other's weakness and each other's life. One without the other is incomplete. Their glimpse gives us happiness, their rifts and tiffs makes us sad, anybody or anything between them make us angry or depressed that's how close to our heart they have become.

Love stories happen when two people have the same feeling towards each other of liking, desire and passion. But this is a love story of two people who are together for all the wrong reasons. A boy who doesn't understand the meaning of love but desires to acquire whatever he sets a liking for and a girl who is helpless and can save herself and her family by giving into his demands.

Through this post I am going to take you guys back on an emotional ride through the journey of our beloved Kriya, highlighting each aspect that was an important part of Kriya's life.

So fasten your seat belts, put your imagination in gear and race backwards with me.

On the streets of Allahabad, with the poise of a Takur he awaits on his bike ready to fulfil the challenge of a street goon; to boost his ego and his superiority. As he waits, there comes on a rickshaw the most beautiful sight he has ever laid his eyes upon. His destiny barely stopped by a street puppy. The challenge put forth by a street goon becomes a reason for his very existence.

His heart races, his eyes continue to stare as she tenderly places her feet on the ground. She looks on at the stranded puppy, her kind heart goes to its aid, and she picks it up stroking it lovingly places it ever so tenderly on the rag that was its home. All this time a pair of curious eyes continues to watch her, wondering all this time "why can't I take my eyes off her? What is it about her that draws me to her " , at the same time her eyes caught the eyes that was watching her making her conscious but at the same time striking in her something that she never understood or perhaps she never wanted to or would never want to.

The first moment in their lives, their first eye-lock, the unknown moments of unknown feelings as she goes past him, and all he knows is that "she has to and will be his."

His life changed like he never knew it would, probably the most important moment in their lives where their paths crossed and their destinies were destined to cross.

As time goes Krishna becomes obsessed with Pratigya. She is all he thinks and dreams about and as people say under any circumstance I will get what I want, and that is exactly what happened. Krishna's mother, a typical Takur wife, tries to knock some sense into Krishna, advising him that his father will never accept his alliance with a girl outside their caste. She says that he can have all the fun he wants with her just like all the other Takur men but nothing more. Krishna stops her in her tracks and corrects her making it extremely clear that Pratigya is not just a fling that he is interested in but he actually loves her and wants to marry her and be with her and he will make sure it will happen no matter what. And exactly that's what happened; he went through extreme lengths to get her even though she took it all in the wrong sense.

Battling every circumstance Krishna and Pratigya got married but for all the wrong reasons. For Krishna it was the victory of his ego that he married whom he loved after all once a takur always a takur. This was what he wanted and he misunderstood this is what Pratigya wanted as well. Pratigya had other plans. Cursing her destiny for what it was she became a bride that day but promising herself that she will never be his wife that she will never give up what she is for him that she will never give up herself to him. 

Some things in life unfold at the right time and many things that happen prior to it are signs that lead to it. Their first meeting, and their marriage was two such instances. Even though Pratigya took the 7 pheras never considering this marriage to be a marriage Krishna took those 7 pheras in its pure sense making it the rock solid foundation of their relationship.

The period between the 100th and the 200th episodes was the testing times for Krishna and Pratigya. The Takur household is nothing short of a zoo where instead of humans there were more of animals in the form of humans; men who berate and their woman with the support of cultural traditions and God given right and women who live through that as they believe it is their duty to.

Living in such a household for a sasuraal Pratigya knows that her only support is Krishna. Even though she knows that she never admitted it because of the blinding hatred and anger towards him. Krishna boldly stood up to his brother from hitting her, loudly proclaiming to the world that she is his wife and anybody who hurt whether by mistake or deliberately will have to endure his wrath; the naam karan ceremony where he stood with Pratigya against changing her name, going against all that he has grown up with and has been accustomed to. He said she will not change her name no matter what because that is the name he carries in his heart, the name he has tattooed on his hand and that is the name he fell in love with. Even after all this Pratigya's feelings didn't mellow down even though she started to become diplomatic trying accepting the fact that she has to live this life now.

One of the main moments in Kriya's relationship is the almost marital rape during their honeymoon. Forgetting all that she said during their first suhaag raat, he tries again to get close to her, innocently thinking that things would be different now. This time she really tests his patience and the takur in him awakens. He tries to force himself on her even after hearing the worst things from his beloved's mouth. The love in him, the respect for her in him stops him from what he tries to do and he walks out and vents in the rain. Disregarding everything that he feels for her and not giving up the little of his takur pride that he has left he vows never to touch her again and that it will not be him but will be her that will want him and that day he will not give a hoot to what she wants.

The fake pregnancy track brought down everything that Pratigya believed upon. Krishna didn't like the fact that Pratigya had to work in the household and that everybody was using her. He went along with the lies so that his household will accept her and also prove that he can father a child. Pratigya not knowing his intentions came out of it on the day of the pooja. All hell broke loose and he slapped her, realising what he did after it all happened and she walked out, but he could not live one minute without her. Every corner, every way he turns she is there, her presence is felt. He tries to convince her to come home first in a proper manner and when that didn't work by force. They were not allowed back in the haveli and so they make Krishna's adda their home. The first trust speech in adda, where Krishna genuinely reveals why he married her and what she is to him showed her what he really is but was still scared to accept. She knew in her heart or more so a realisation hit her that he is not as bad as she thought he is and somewhere there is a genuine honesty in his love and it's all not a show.

The crucial point during this time in their journey is that rainy night where she learns that Krishna is not the cause of her misery, that he was just a pawn used for revenge that his takur status was taken advantage of. She goes back to him with a heavy guilt trodden heart yet not accepting anything to him. She tries to rid some of her guilt by extending a friendly hand of friendship to him, convincing him that it is the first step to any relationship. Krishna ecstatic about this new development misunderstands for love but only to be dejected again yet accepts it all with love promising himself that it is only a matter of time till she accepts his love unaware of the storm brewing would hit and break all bonds of their relationship.

Finally the truth that questioned their very relationship, which questioned Krishna's undying love for Pratigya is revealed. Pratigya has fallen from the high pedestal that Krishna has put her upon and comes to a point where he doubts her integrity. Even though he walks out of the court room with a heavy heart mixed with emotions of sadness, shock, hatred, anger and even love, he decides that the most just punishment is to kill her or rather kill himself. He returns to the haveli only to be seen his most purest form of love blackened, yet he does not give up on her. He stands up for her in front of all his family and without looking into her eyes wipes the black off her face knowing in his heart she can never do what he thinks she could have done.  He proclaims that she is his wife and he knows what needs to be done only to mentally breakdown infront of her, shutting away from her and walking away out from her life.

Pratigya finally concerns herself about him and goes in search of him; finding him completely shattered. Even then he proves that he cannot see her suffer, unconsciously runs to her as if his own life is in danger and saves her from getting killed by a snake bite on the contrary getting poisoned himself. At this point Pratigya becomes Krishna's wife, saving him from the mouth of dead and bringing him back to. The point in their journey where Pratigya's destiny depended on Krishna's, where she willingly accepted the fact that she is in love with him and cannot live without him. After returning from the dead the only person his eyes searches for is HER. She is the only person he wants next to her and he holds onto her as if his whole life depends on her being there.

Pratigya has fallen in love with him and completely accepts his cold behaviour to her. He hurts her in various ways but never let gave any chance for the outside world to see her in any wrong way. He gives it straight to his family that not for one minute he doubts her or her integrity and to her she is the as pure as Ganga and he trusts her just like he trusts his own mother, but back in their world his attitude is cold and shrewd only to be questioned by Pratigya of why he is looking out for her and if he doesn't believe her then who will. She knows that the only way he will believe she is still pure in all forms is to give herself up to him and this time she is doing it with a full heart that loves him. She adorns herself for him and gives herself up for him only to be mistaken that she is doing all this to hide her grave mistake. Having had enough of the hurt she decides that it is best for both of them to walk out of this relationship that there is nothing left of their marriage.

In all the anger all he knew was she is there. Krishna needs her presence around him in all circumstance. He knows that once she crosses the threshold of the haveli she is gone forever and he will not be able to live with that. He stops her and warns her never to even think of walking out from the haveli and from his life.

Back in their room Krishna reveals to her why he has been what he has been all through those days. He admits to her that those days were some of the darkest days of his life where he suffered more than anybody ever had to yearning for her love and her love only in his life and nothing else. This is the crucial turning point of their journey Pratigya finally admits to him that she loves him, loves him more than anything and together they decide to embark on their life together, rather than Krishna and Pratigya with different meanings to their marriage.

Finally after months of hatred and revenge Krishna and Pratigya become Kriya. As the night engulf them and the stars in the sky look down on them they become one. Admitting all their feelings for each other, they readily give up each other to each other accepting the fact that they belong to each other.

Kriya have become one now and face all challenges together and one such incident was where Pratigya went against her mother in law and brother in law. Even though Krishna bailed his mother and brother from jail, he showed the world that he will not accept anything against Pratigya proving by drinking the water in which his mother's feet was washed when she challenged Pratigya to drink it.

During this time Pratigya had to go through one of the worst times of her life when her own sister went against her and married her brother in law and walked into the haveli. With the help of Krishna she saved her sister out of that wed-lock and safely sent her back home

Pratigya slowly brings realisation into Krishna that she wants him to work and provide for her himself.

As their relationship matures expectations increase. The ever so practical Pratigya doesn't want her husband just loitering around but to do something worthwhile. She slowly starts pestering him to look for some kind of job. His takur shaan doesn't let him and initially he brushes it off, then he fights it off with more force but when he sees tears in her eyes he agrees and tries to look for a job. Being uneducated and the fact he could not be bothered made him revert to lies thus questioning the trust in their relationship.

Pratigya eventually comes to know the truth which strains their relationship. An unexpected twist in the tale, where Pratigya gets shot snaps Krishna back to reality. All he wants is her and her lying her on the hospital bed with no life in her, scares him. He promises her that he will do anything for her and all he wants is her. His love brings her back into life and he decides to start his own business with Pratigya being his strength with another storm brewing on the horizon.

 When a child detaches from the mother and shows more love to something else or someone else her maternal being is hurt. Her very existence can be questioned and a blinding jealousy fills her. Krishna's mother, who has been jealous of Pratigya from the day she entered the haveli finally manages to bring separation between the inseparable Kriya. Krishna who never doubted Pratigya, starts to doubt her and finally splits. She leaves the haveli unable to tolerate the fact that Krishna does not trust her. Krishna and Pratigya cannot handle the pain of separation and they both endure and suffer in different ways, finally as always truth winning. He tries to bring back Pratigya but she does not easily forgive him for what he did to her. Even though she held her ground, his bitter tears melted her. He brought her back home with full respect as Takur Krishna Singh's wife and as the Takur family's daughter in law.

Kriya's reunion shows that no matter what ever happens they will face it together. They are meant to be one in all and nothing can stir their relationship.

Kriya's Mumbai trip changed the whole perspective of their relationship. Through Pratigya's friends Krishna was gravely faced with some of the harsh truths of their marriage. Although this time, many things were different. They both loved each other more than anything. Krishna felt sad that he spoiled her life and was mentally disturbed only to be reminded by Pratigya that he is the most important person in her life and despite who he is and what he is she has not loved anybody more.

During the time of Pratigya's mother's death Krishna was truly her pillar of strength and finally when she decides to take upon the responsibility of her brother in law's child, Krishna stands by her, even though he knew he was giving up his hopes on a future of his own with their baby.

5 years on'

Krishna is the successful owner of a restaurant and Pratigya his ever supporting wife and loving mother to his brother's child.

Kriya decides to have a family of their own but fate was against them. Although it was Krishna with the problem Pratigya takes it all on herself because she doesn't want his status to be questioned and ridiculed. Krishna stands with her through all the pain she endures, trying to make her happy, all the while not knowing the truth. He keeps on assuring her that they both are only needed for each other.  Eventually Krishna comes to know of the truth, and emotionally blackmails her into accepting that he is the one with the problem. He admires her for what she did for him and assures her that until he breathes his last there is only one girl in his life, and that is Pratigya. They renew their vows this time whole heartedly taking all the 7 pheras in its purest form.

Together they drive Menaka and her evil mother out and get back their haveli, bring back Kesar with all respect, Krishna supports Pratigya in completing her law degree and Pratigya stands for him throughout the murder of her brother and the story of their journey goes on.

As 700 episodes draws upon us the journey of Kriya has been one of many ups and downs but truly a couple that still mesmerises us. We extend heartfelt thanks to Arhaan and Pooja for giving us Kriya and for letting us be part of their journey.

  And the story goes on'...  


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CONGRATULATIONS Team MKAP on completing 700 Glorious Episodes.
A big THANK YOU to each and every member for entertaining us since 10th 
December 2009. May you go beyond 10000 episodesWink
MKAP Rocks!!

Very lucky to have an unique and well-scripted show like MKAP...
Kriya (Arja), other actors have put in their lot effort and the result we could see..
700 Episodes ...
Proud to be a MKAPian, Kriyan (Arjan). Want this unique show to go for years!!!

Congratulations to the entire team of MKAP on successful completion of 700 episodes!! i hope and pray it achieves many more milestones. Keep entertaining us. Its a pleasure watching you people on our television everyday!!

I wish all the mkap cast wealth and happiness and glorious future.
Mkap is the best show ever.Not only Arja deserve the applause but all the cast deserve appreciation.All the best to everyone for future plans. 

Congratulations mkap cast n crew for completing 700 Successful n Rocking episodes... hope our fav show reaches more heights...all the best... special congo to our KST (ARHAAN), PRATS (POOJA), SS (ANUPAM JI), KN (JASWANT), KESARIA(AALIKA), GHANTI DADI, KOMALIYA (PARVATI) ...ETC Smile
 Aanchal Arora 

My First&May Be Last Hindi TV Show...Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya.The Magical Chemistry Of Leads Made Me Crazy.Only Because Of This Heavenly Couple...I Started Watching It.This Show's Concept&Talented Actors Made It Perfect.Perfect No.1.
700 Episode Is A Huge Milestone.Congratulations The Whole Cast&Crew Of MKAP.Wishing Them All The Very Best To Complete 1000 Episodes.
Long Live MKAP.Long Live KriYa.
ArJa Rocks.

I like to wish the cast and crew heart worthy congratulations for completing 700 episodes. Its a milestone and looking forward to celebrate 1000 episode with them. Its their dedication and some sterling performance which has. Kept the audience entertained and I wish them more success with each passing milestone. Once again congratulations on the achievement...

Big Congrats to all MKAP team especialy Kriya...Tongue
Its Great moment for all of us...
I wish we 'ill see 1000 successful episodes...Long live MKAP!! 

Congratulations to MKAP on completing 700 successful episodes! All the best for the future and hope there's many more to come! Keep rocking the screens and charts! Thumbs Up




Wishes to CV's

Wish #1 - KRIYA Niwas, Wish #2 - KRIYA Baby TongueEmbarrassedLOL


Congrats to the cast and crew of MKAP for completing 700 episodes. ClapStarParty
Appreciate all the time and work you all do to bring us such an amazing show, thank you so much. Tongue

Congratulations to all the Cast and crews for touching the land mark of 700 episodes. 
Special wishes to Arhaan, Pooja a, Anupam Shyamji.Thank you so much for entertaining us for past two and half years with brilliant performances.
Long Live MKAP.Long Live KriYa.
 RoKa PraNeev 


Here's wishing many more epis to comeBig smile...KriYa rock!!! ArJa rock!!!Embarrassed
Big smile


Wishing all the cast and crews for successfully completing 700 Episodes !!
Such a great achievement. Thanks everyone for giving us such a great show. Thanks to Arhaan Behll and Pooja Gor  for portraying Krishna and Pratigya so nicely. Wishing you all the best. Just keep entertaining us. Long Live MKAP Big smile 


Congratz MKAP and MKAPIANS on completing 700 successful epis0desClapaa
GOD bless all team and MKAP rockxxPartyDancingParty
WISH TO C MKAP rules and complete more episodes and cross 1000 episodesDay DreamingPartyDancing


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P continues to nurse K to full health but K becomes the most difficult patient and refuses to listen to P. He tells his frustration that P is unable to understand his feelings and the pain and hurt he is going thru. P just listens to him in helplessness. Meanwhile, KN tries to flirt with Arushi. Arushi tries to escape KN clutches. 

Aman arrives at GH to get their verdict on his marriage proposal to Arushi and GH agree to the marriage. They tell Aman that Arushi is at TN helping P as K is unwell and SS and amma are away. Too. He calls and speaks with Arushi which KN overhears their romantic chat.

P decides to fast for K long life and tells K that he has to join her at the temple for puja. K is not interested and tells P that since we are not husband and wife, these type of drama's won't work and tells P to stop her nautaki. P insists that she is not doing nautaki but K refuses to believe her. She gets ready and again requests K to be ready. K says he will come only after meeting with Chandu n Tunna. 

P tells Arushi that she will be alone with Kesar as both she and K are out. KN too is out. Arushi seems relieved. KN overhears the conversation and changes his plan to go out much to Kesar's suspicion. KN tries the get up close and personal with Arushi. She locks herself in her room in fear of something bad will happen

Will Arushi escape? Will KP do puja together? Will KP comes to know of KN intentions? Find out in next edition of the NL... 



Aarushi argues with an officer from electricity board for the use of electricity in her street for her neighbour's wedding. Pratigya overhears Shakti plotting against Abhimanyu. She asks Sajjan to stop the wrestling match between Krishna and Abhimanyu. Shakti plans to drug Abhimanyu before the match. Pratigya tells Krishna to be honest in his fight. Abhimanyu and Krishna seek blessings from Sajjan. People gather around to witness the wrestling match between the two.


Aarushi informs her family about Krishna and Abhimanyu's wrestling match. She and Komal plan the party decoration for their neighbour's wedding. Abhimanyu becomes unconscious while wrestling with Krishna. Sajjan panics and reveals to everyone that Abhimanyu is his son. He takes him to the hospital. Shakti and Krishna are outraged by the revelation. They burn Abhimanyu and Shakuntala's clothes. Komal is shocked to learn that Abhimanyu is her step brother. She confronts Shakuntala at the hospital.


Komal beats Shakuntala and insults her in front of everyone at the hospital. Pratigya stops her and defends Shakuntala. Krishna condemns Sajjan for having an extramarital affair with a maid and fathering an illegitimate son. The doctor informs Sajjan that Abhimanyu is in need of blood. Krishna agrees to donate his blood on the condition that Shakuntala and Abhimanyu leave the town after recovery. Pratigya tells Sajjan that Shakti had poisoned Abhimanyu. Shakti gets rid of the evidence.


Shakti goes to the hospital to kill Abhimanyu. Krishna tries to stop him whereas Komal supports him. The doctor lodges a complaint against Shakti for harming Abhimanyu and destroying hospital property. Sajjan's family is outraged when Sajjan does not do anything to prevent Shakti's arrest. Shyam and Aarushi blame Sajjan for the family's humiliation and Abhimanyu's struggle. Pratigya refuses to help Krishna bail Shakti out of jail. Kesar fights with Pratigya for not helping Shakti.


Krishna fights with Pratigya for not helping him bail Shakti out of jail. Kesar keeps Samar away from her. Shyam reads about Abhimanyu's illegitimacy in the newspaper and calls Pratigya to inquire about his health. Komal refuses to accept Abhimanyu as a part of her family. She condemns Sajjan for the public humiliation of their family. Shakti returns from jail and fights for the property. Krishna decides to leave the house with Pratigya. Shakuntala vows to go back to the village with Abhimanyu.


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 Best Scene 

Whole week KST rocked... Clap Krishna well potrayed that pain, anger and frustation, what goes through children, when they came to knew that thier Father having an Illegal wife and Son suddenly...All KST scenes are Best...Clap whether its Confronting SS in Hospital, Stops Komal from beating Shakunthala, later stops KN when He tries to kill ASY in Hospital, and shuts up KN when He keep on blaming SS, that KN is not even an inch less than SS, no wonder If after 10 years back anyone will comes as KN's son...LOLClap All and all Krishna Scenes are Best... Arhaan just Brilliant...Clap...Star 

 Shocking Scene 

Kesar giving super shocks to Pratigya and to all of Us...Confused All Kesar scenes are shocking.., doing Thakurain noutanki...Ermm Blames Pratigya for not helping KN's bail, says She helps all except for family...Ouch., says Pratigya is thinking too much Law, then How could she helped Krishna when He was arrested...Shocked, when did Krishna tried to kill anyone..??..Confused, She is the one who put murder attempt case on Her Hubby for trying to kill Her , but now..?? also blames Krishna for not caring for his Bro...Ouch 
Also stops Pratigya from feeding samar, even samar wanna eat it, She says what Pratigya wants, to spoil Samar's health by forcing him to eat more..??..ShockedOuch, too much...Ouch, now Partigya become her enemy who helped and faught for Her in TN all the way...Ouch what's Keasr trying to be...? an Ideal wife to KN... or Exact Thakur's Bahu...??..Confused

 Sad Scene 
KriYa Scene... Where Pratigya worried about Krishna, Krishna says Why She saying so, As She really cares for Him ...She didn't supported him, when He needed Her help about KN's bail...Ouch She says that We can't ignore what Shakthi tried to do with ASY, Krishna says, He knows that KN is wrong, whatever KN is his Bro, wanna help him... asks Pratigya doesn't She know why He did that, asks Her Will She accepts If oneday Proffessor brings anyone and says He/She is thier Illegimate Bro or Sis...? Pratigya says watever Its SS fault, not ASY's... More frustated Krishna says He doesn't wanna blame anyone, If She Doesn't wanna Help him Ok, He is alone Ok..Ouch, and says Leave Him alone...Ouch Among all TNs Krishna is the one who is more influenced and hurted with the truth... Ouch 

 Hiarious Scene 
Scene where Krishna shuts up KN, while KN keep on blaming SS...
K to KN : No need to blame Bouji much, You are no where less than Bouji, What will you do, if after 10 years someone will come saying He is Your Son asking rights and property...ROFL wah! Krishna rocked... Clap yes SS and KN, wat a jodi... They both can compete with other about thier sins and crimes...ROFL Superb punch to KN.., otherwise KN talking like He is a saint...ShockedLOL 

    -aHnAf-, Snigdhakhanam, Veena.S   

 Best Character 
Who else Our Hero KST...ClapClapClap...StarStarStar 
except Krishna, no one reacting genunly for things at this complicated situation... and balancing things...Tongue He did saved ASY by giving blood to him, and controled Komal who is crossing limits, even beating shakunthala... and stopped Shakthi who is keep on trying to kill ASY...and helped KN who is arrested for murder attempts on ASY again amd again..., even Krishna knows KN is wrong, but He just did it for family sake and as a Brother...Tongue Krishna... the real Hero...Star, saved a man who wanted and tried hard for Krishna to be hanged or life prisoned...ClapClapClap 

 Irritating character 

It's Kesar.Her behaviour is completely changed now.She was talking rudely to prats.Her complaints-Pratigya didn't say anything when police arrested Kn.She should have defend Shakti.But everyone know that shakti tried to kill ASY.It's a big crime! Seems like Kesar is trying to play SDS role in MKAP nowadays, "Kesar irritated Us alot this week with Thankurain attitude"  

 Underused Character 

Chandu. He didn't show up even when the big match (wrestling) was going on. Last week he was no where to be found.

     Snigdhakhanam, Veena.S, Anondo.R    

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This week we got a short but good KriYa sceneTongue...
Krishna was agitated as his brother was in jail n Pratz wasn't helping him but at the same time he knew why his wife was behaving he very well knows that Pratigya will never support anything wrong...Krishna din't have anyone 2 shout at so he kinda shouted at Pratz as shez the onli one on whom he can get angry,share his joys n sorrowsBig smile...Pratz who cudnt see her Bhoothnath upset tried 2 talk to him but he got angry n told her he'll handle matters on his own...Even though KriYa had a lil misunderstanding but they both could read each others mind n understood each other well... This shows how KriYa have matured as a couple n how well they understand each other Big smile
KriYa Rock!!! ArJa too Rock!!! Big smileBig smileBig smile

   Edenluvs_kriya, RoKa PraNeev, Telsetra  

This week, Bro-Sis week, both rocked with the dialogues, short but full of sarcasm !

  Komal to SS 
   "We never knew that you have a son other than me, Baba and Sakthi bhaiya. You never told us that we have a chutki Amma" 

  KST to KN 
   "No need to show off that you are better than SS. Who knows, after 10 years, some can tell that they are your children"

 KST to SS 
"What you did, we are very happy coz of it"


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This weeks best costume goes to our CHUTKE TAKUR a.k.a Samar Pratap Singh. He looked absolutely adorable in his costume with the red jacket and ruffled hair. Must say the kid has a style of his own even though its all simple but keeping in with the latest fashion, so this week's best costume title definitely goes to him. 


Abida made a post on blooper..So using the same post for NL.

Originally posted by TheAAcreations

hhahha wen the doctor was talking to SS that i didnt tell the cops that ASY's been poisoned...wen KN threatened him, the doctors glasses werent thereLOL

     Babithaj, Amrapali_Dubey    

As usual this weeks filler scene too is/are Green House scenes...One thing cumes out n  Green House  ppl need 2 hav a round table conference in their houseSleepy (dumbheads that they are)no matter wateva rubbish is being talked or however useless the scene is... Green House  logon ko toh dikhana hi chahiye...
Green House Peoples Discussion Over ASY Matter. They have wasted lotsof time,with their stupidity.AngrySleepySleepy


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 Episode #695   
  Friday 20th July 2012   

 Written/Video Update&Viewer's Review   

WU ** Friday 20th June 2012 
20th July Pratigya Eng Subs Video+Precap WO/Dl/Pic 
MKAPians' Mann Ki Awaaz-20-7-12 



 Episode #694   
  Friday 19th July 2012   
Hyper and Mad episode !!

 Written/Video Update&Viewer's Review 



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