Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

N coldwater was poured onthe trailof redroses 20/7

Fazila~ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 10:26pm | IP Logged
N cold water was poured on the trail of cosy red roses ...Ouch

HI friends...good epi...but spoiled by u know who????
Khushi is all alone in the house and then she hears the thunder n noises  is scared... N Screams who is it? No reply... More noises... She's really scared now and the lights go but only in khushis area n she thinks out loud... U can fix it khushi ... 

The RH family is stuck in the traffic and they decide to return home..Ouch

Khushi walks out by rhe pool n is chanting... Everything is fine... Khushi... Don't worry... 

Poor girl is so scared... Picks a pot and screams who's there n is so scared... Then runs back to her room n out... N down the stairs... N is half way down the stairs sees someone and screams... What the?? Horror movies on or what? Khushi how come u went in the kidnappers den n freed Arnav but ur so scared now??? Oh ya that was matter of the hearts... U were on a mission to save ur love n here it's u... Ok got it..., lol...

khushi screams again who is it... Lightening strikes illuminating the room n she sees haiii... Her knight in the shining armor...he says khushi... She drops the poor pot and runs... Runs n just jumps in Arnav's arms... Hugging him tight... N saying Arnav ji... Song in the background ... Iss pyar ko kiya naam doon...khushi...I'm do glad ur home I was so scared... Arnav u haven't win ok... She was scared... That's y she ran into ur arms... U haven't won it yet... Don't cheat... Lol... Khushi bends to pick something n it's a rose petal...n the lights are also turned on...Then she looks behind... A beautiful trail of rose petals runs from the stairs to where they stood... Then she looked at Arnav n he said... What happened... Where u scared?

It took khushi a min to figure it all out... All this was planned by Mr. ASR...n she asks him... Did u do all this... Did u plan all scaring me... She started beating him and says how could u... Ur smiling ... I was so scared... She started pushing him.., like she always does... He grabs her hands cause it must be hurting him... N pulls her in his arms in a tight hug...n she also ends up hugging him...

ASR why do u have to speak...the min u do u spoil it all... Its matters of hearts... Not ur office biz deal... Grrr... Hugging her Arnav whispers... U said that the day u will come running in my arms u will accept me as ur husband...

Did u have to rub it in???? 

Arnav... n u just did that KKGSR... She moves back n he contis...
I don't mind if u accept me as ur husband... N tries to kiss her... Tries... God... U 2 move in OPs room... U will get more privacy I tell u... The door opens n the whole family comes crashing on them...grrr... Khushi moves back n is embarrassed... Nanji says chotey... All are looking at the rose petals n them... I swear I'm tired of this typical desi mentality... They both were not doing anything wrong... both are legally married... Why were they all looking at them as if they were caught committing a crime???

Poor khushi tried to move the petals with her feet as if she wanted to hide them all... Arnav looks n says relax... He doesn't know how she is being treated in that house... now he will find out... I am waiting for the day Arnav gets caught in this line of fire... 

Anjali in an accusing tone...says Chotey... Where u not suppose to go to Agrah? Arnav Di was in my way when the phone came... Mami ji didn't let him complete n said ... He didn't tell u about this close door meeting... Nani scolds Mami ji.. But she continued..these 2 girls have ruined our sons so much ... now they r lying to us... N this phati sari... She has Arnav round her little finger... Lol Mami ji if only y knew... Sigh...

How come mani ji didn't object when La was living in with Arnav n objects to this??? Cause she hate the 2 girls and now she has one more reason to hate them...

Arnav starts to clarify why he was home... But nani ji scolds Mami ji n says stop it now... Mami walks away n her baby son following.. Including Payal... Anjali comes n sees the roses... I can see she's sooo jealous... How dare Arnav did something like this for his wife? Did he ask me?? No... He's not allowed to woo or live happily... Only I should be happy... Hate Anjali ... 

Arnav tries to tell her that his meeting was cancelled but she moved back m walked up... Demented woman... A true shyam-li...

Khushi is observing what's happening... yes... it's all your fault... you were responsible for all the wars that happen in the world... Arnav runs after his sister... Blood is thicker than water... N he can always pacify khushi... A deal or blackmailing will do.. Di is more imp... She will start crying Shyam Shyam... Which he can't afford...

Anjali reaches her room n fb... Arnav getting a phone call for the meeting... N u heard he refused... U told him to go... So what's the fuss now??? Chill woman... HATING her every sec... I think I liked Shyam better...grrr...

Arnav comes to the door n explains... Meeting was cancelled... I was trying to call u guys do I can be with u but non of u answered the phone... So I came home...

Anjali has tears in her eyes... Now I'm shocked... WhAt the... U wanted him to get married n now u acting like this??? Why don't u lock him in thelocker and keep the key with you and take it out when ever you need a loving brother and locking back again in...

Anjali says leave me alone n shuts the door on him... Spoilt brat... Poor arnav...

Arnav is standing by the door n calling for her... But she didn't reply... Anjali why n for what r u punishing him??

Arnav pushes the door n it opens... He walks in n says I wanted to come with u... She says why r u lying? You wanted to spend time with your wife so that's why you didn't come with us... Arnav tries to explain but she is adamant.. You came home because you thought we all will come home late... Ok Great how does it feel to be at the receiving end Mr.ASR???

She says I have started to understand everything... U should have told me the truth... Arnav lost for words picks the meds n gives her she refuses to take it and then and same old blackmailing... Leave me alone ...

Arnav leaves n she shuts the door... Arnav is sad ... Asks Akash to give meds to Di.. Akash tries the door and Payal comes with milk n asks should I try... Jerk says I'll manage... She leaves... Payal leave for good...

Akash n Mami ji try to give Anjali meds n milk.. She refused... Just being a stubborn fool... She's an adult who only wants attention n don't care who she hurts... Her baby or her bro... One word for her... Selfish... I'm sorry Anjali fans... Admit it... Why shes not taking her meds???

They leave n Arnav asks them about Di... Mami ji. ... Blah blah I don't know what is happening? N someone has cast an evil eye on Anjali ... I don't know what to do... Arnav makes a move to do to her room but mummy's baby stops him saying its better to leave her alone for a while...Arnav looks so upset...

Payal has got food for the jerk... His favorite veggie Ladyfinger, near refuses to eat it... Payal gets angry... What have I done!

See the jerks face... Feels like slapping this jerk n his Di... Says she's trying to help those who r helping Di...he removes her hand and Payal says I'm just tired of being accused repeatedly without any reason... U still think we r responsible for all this? He n his mummy of course ... 

Payal today I'm so proud of u... She says ur doing this cause u think we hid the facts from h n as I'm khushi sister.. I should be punished.. N u still think khushi is wrong... But u r not accepting this had cause of khushi, shyams truth was disclosed... Darling u should have added ur bro is alive cause of khushi... 

And this is the truth..give me one chance... He's standing there like the dummy of his mummy he is... Mummy to the rescue ... Comes n says enough... Don't yell at my son and it's it's n ur sistes fault n it will never be forgiven... Ok Payal u got ur answers... Pack ur bags plz... N leave with what ever dignity is left...

Mummy makes faces at Payal n says I'll feed u my baby... Let me heat. Milk bottle for u... N he follows... 

Anjali is sulking on the bed... Plz sink in the bed n disappear.,, her cell rings she ans... It's a dumb call... Guess who??? Shyam wa to Shyam li... Lol...Of course...he has to dial his ATM soon...he must be homeless and penniless... 

Arnav comes with the tablet.. N says take it for my sake... She didn't .. Then says don't care for me? Don't you want to see me alive... This melted her... Arnav good job.. She says never say that and takes the pill... N says never say that... N Arnav says never think I lied to u... Times have have change you r in love...he did not deny it... Everything changed the day you got married... The day u stopped answering my questions... Everything has changed... U have changed...Since ur shyam has gone...u have changed...cause u cant accept the him back n then i wish he hurts u n then u will know what he is...Hate both of u...

Arnav I'm warning u... After this injection of poison in ur veins ... Don't u dare go n lash it out on khushi...

My precap... Arnav might yell on khushi... He has noone to lash out on but her... N Payal will hear about the contract and all... N thats it... should hold her sistes hand n walk out... Nani ji u be at the temple plz... So they can walk out easily...

My Writing IndexEnjoy...Plz like n to hear ur views ..Silent like n comment plz...thanks...Add me as buddy me if you like to get Pm for my further work...


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ASADsweetZOYA IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 10:27pm | IP Logged
Smilenice post dear
loved reading it...Clap

but let me ask...wat the hell is going on actually...?Angry
yesterday Anjali was saying u changed chotte ...!!!wat does tat mean..?Angry

but actually Anjali is the one who changed...not Arnav...Thumbs Up
Anajli is the one who was the one who tried 2 make them together, Embarrassedshe was the one who made baali honeymoon & told them 2 enjoy their honeymoon at its peak, Embarrassedshe was the one who said khushi 2 repair ASR's button & left them alone Embarrassed, she was the one who said arnav 2 care 4 khushiji Embarrassed& make him realised tat how much he cares 4 khushiji in front of the mirror, Thumbs Up
is tat the same Anjali..???????Confused
if she was fine & didnt hav any problem tat time then y should now????????Angry

yesterday she said 2 him tat u wanted 2 spent time with khushiji...Dead
if he wants 2 spent some time with his wife wats the problem..?and obviously he has 2 change after marriage...he cant sit with anjali 24*7 time near 2 her bed & make her sleep by singing ballads...Ouch
she was saying "u r in love now" wat??????? cant he?????Dead
anajli was in love with her spouse ...and ASR too...wats the big deal|???Angry
so she dont want her chotte in love ?she wants 2 make him angry ASR & only sweet with Di???Shocked
just pissed off man...seriously just pissed off with this whole RM family except nanijji...
its better 2 bear the snakewaa i think.Angryomg..he was far better i think!!!!.AngryCry

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lazylad8-FauZi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 10:27pm | IP Logged
Tongue What a start to this romantic n the stupid family comes home sooner than expected...Arnav ji, remember the meeting in London u missed becoz u got kidnapped... Take ur beloved khushi and say I have to attend this meeting...take her away from it all plz...u both need to be alone to get to know each other from the start... Without a misunderstanding!!!!!

I did not like Anjali or Akash at all...mami words to describe ur evils son u forgot what Khushi went thru to get Arnav back.

LOL Good post fazi as usual!!!! I don't think Arnav will get mad at Khushi but will truly regret lying to his sis and may stay away from Khushi.

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vkp1989 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 10:36pm | IP Logged
Hey fuzzy dear, your post are much enjoyable than ep. Wink
Now i am fed up of Pujali. Angry
Only 5-6 min. were i saw, rest was fastforwarded.
Now Sanaya has take the 4 days leave means more Anji drama ahead... Cry
Thanks 4 pm.

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Deedeepa1 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 10:38pm | IP Logged
Nice written
Argghhh Anjali Akash and mami

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priyalovebarun Goldie

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 10:39pm | IP Logged

i lowwweedd the begining. 

the best part was when arnav forcefully hugged kushi and kushi was pushing him away and suddenly she couldnt stop hersefl and hugged him tight!!

something which made me lol is when she ran to arnav there were no roses and when she hugged him suddenly roses appeared LOL

arshi's love is always magical 

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Bewakoof IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 10:42pm | IP Logged

great post!! aww...i loved arshi scenes!!
watching it again and again!
Arghh...I hate anjiAngry

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gowri1712 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 10:42pm | IP Logged
i loved the first 10 mins- the road scene...!!!
waiting for lovey dovey ARSHI scenes

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