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OS: stains part 4 pg10...last part (Page 10)

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Posted: 02 August 2012 at 9:56am | IP Logged continue:-)

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Khushi was waiting for him.

She waited as she sat before the blazing fire praying for the peace of her dead in-laws, she waited as they chanted the mantras, she waited as the Prasad was distributed, she waited as they sat around the dinner table, while the rest o them bade goodnights and left to sleep, and now late into the night she was still waiting, for her Arnav may be a man of few words but he always kept his promises.


The clock struck midnight and she felt the first taste of panic, she feared his well being, given his tendency to torture himself, his safety, her mind conjuring up wild possibilities of his absence.

Finally deciding she had given him enough downtime she started dialing up random numbers on her phone to get hold of him. And of course as expected no one knew where he was. Now panicking she ran to Anjali's room, banging the door open

'DIII'''.' An extremely scared Anjali sprung up from the bed peering questioningly at Khushi

'Arnav isn't home yet, and no one knows where he has gone off to, I am afraid he has-'

Khushi said all in one single breathe only to stop at the horrified look on Anjali's face

'What do you mean he isn't home yet? And you tell me this now Khushi? What if-'

'Di I am so sorry, I thought he'd be back by now and'' Khushi said tears streaming down her face

Anjali got up from the bed and hurried out of the room Khushi at her heels

'Khushi don't cry now, he will be fine, I'll wake Aakash and NK and then we will go look for him'

Said a very calm Anjali, unlike her usual self.

She knew her sister in law would indeed lose her sanity if she saw her panicked as well; Anjali much like her brother hid her fears and took the matter into her own hands, but her consciousness was already imagining her little brother, her Chottey who had forgotten to live.

Pushing such images away she hurried down the stairs and to the hall while Khushi went to get Aakash and NK, and by the time her shivering form managed to tell them what was wrong, the entire Raizada clan had woken up and assembled in the living room.


While everyone discussed Arnav's location Khushi stood in a far corner, silent tears making their way down her face. Payal, finding the need to assure her little sister, hurried towards her,

'Jiji'..' Khushi cried hugging her tightly 'I need to see him'just to make sure he is all right' she gasped between sobs and the rest of the family shared her concern and pitied the young girl who clung to her sister, inconsolable.


In the next hour, more phone calls were made, followed by Aakash and NK leaving to search for Arnav disregarding Khushi's pleas to be taken along. Now Khushi, Anjali, Mami and Nani, sat at one of the plenty plush Sofa's at the RM patiently waiting for them to return while Payal moved to the kitchen to make some coffee for them.

 No one spoke. Khushi sat very silent, with the watchful eyes of a hawk, he promised she kept repeating, he promised to come back in time, and her Arnav was a man of his words, and that worried her the most. And then quite suddenly startling the rest of the ladies she jumped to her feet and ran to the door, throwing it open.


Anjali followed her to see her Chottey, dripping wet stumble into the house all the while supported by his right hand man, Aman. Arnav's arm flailed limply at his side, all of his weight resting on Aman who slowly guided him in. She stood struck as she saw his half closed lids and bluish lips.

'Oh god, Amanji what happened?' Khushi asked, while moving forward to help him carry her husband inside as fresh tears sprung he eyes. Aman knew she didn't need an answer, and wordlessly walked in helping Arnav into his room. Anjali ran ahead and held the door open as Khushi and Aman bought Arnav in. He stumbled a couple of times but Khushi stayed as his anchor.


'Khushi'' Arnav sighed her name as he leaned against the headboard, in a weak, barely audible voice and Khushi crouched next to him and held his hand.

'I'm cold' he shuddered once more, staying huddled up

Khushi was shocked beyond words, she had too many questions to ask, answers to seek, but not right now she decided, and then helped him pull off his shoes.

'Its alight Arnav you'll be fine, just fine'.' She kept repeating as Anjali came with a towel and dried Arnav's hair.

Nani, looked searchingly at her grandson, and send Aman off to get the doctor, the lateness of the hour not bothering her.

Aman left. And Mami and Nani followed wordlessly, leaving the two women Arnav loved more than his own life to tend to him, limp and frail.

Arnav rested himself against Khushi and she hugged him moving her hands along his sides, trying to warm him up with friction. And Anjali walked around the room, turning the heater up, gathering duets and other necessities to keep him warm.



A couple of hours later Khushi Singh Raizada nee Gupta was left alone with her husband. The doctor came and left, expressing worries about his health, as if she needed him to say all those. She had persuaded Anjali to go to bed saying she'd take care of him and tell her if something went wrong.

And now she sat watching him while he lay in an uneasy slumber. Occasionally he would mumble something incoherent and she would sooth him with a kiss or a caress, and all would be fine. No nothing was fine, for she knew something must have happened for him to react this way, and she vowed to find out no matter what.

She wasn't surprised; in a way she had expected an outfall of emotions from his part, but not something this harsh and definitely not something that would hurt him.


Hypothermia.  Stress. Hypoglycemic Coma. Beeline with Death'death'death'death


The doctor's words rang in her ears as she rubbed his hands together for warmth. Everything around her escaping notice, all she saw was him, beneath a heap of duets snuggled in sweaters, asleep.

Despite their efforts to warm him, his lips still quivered, faint noise of chattering teeth, and Khushi buried him further under the blankets, tucking him in some more.

Even though she wanted to question Aman on where Arnav had been, she pushed it away for later, for now she had more pressing matters to attend to. Her husband was waking up.


'Khushi'' he whispered slowly as he stirred and Khushi was immediately alert. She moved closer to him and brushed some of his still wet hair out of his face

He opened his eyes to look at her tear stained face.

'Oh Arnav' she cried hugging him to her, more tears falling now

'Don't go,' he said some strange emotion clipping his voice; as he hugged her back, almost crushing her

'Don't leave me, please''

'I'll never leave you, I'm not going anywhere' she stated with conviction.

'No, you're lying, I know you'll leave me'' he let out a strangled sob that broke Khushi,

'You hate me, you can't stand my presence, and I know I should let you go' but I can't I can't ever let you go'


And then he suddenly he broke the hug and sat up. The sudden change in position making him dizzy, but he ignored that.


'Arnav, Lie back down, you need to rest, the doc-' Khushi started pushing him back to the bed, already afraid for his health because the way he still shivered.

'No I need to say this'you need to know' he took a deep breath and started talking.

'I know our contract marriage is over buy I can't let you go. I won't let you go. You need to stay Khushi, because I won't live a second without you'

'Arnav, I am n-' she tried only to be cut short by him


'There never really was a contract Khushi, you are mine for ever, I'm sorry for whatever I have done, for hurting you, for not being by you side, for blaming you for mistakes that weren't yours I am sorry for everything. Punish me Khushi, slap me kill me anything, anything but don't leave me don't ever leave me' he held their clasped hands to his lips and placed a soft kiss her soft warm fingers.

'I'd lose myself without you, you are everything to me now, I love you Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada' he said looking up to meet her gaze

She was silenced, for the first time in her life; Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada was at loss o words. She didn't know what to say, but she knew mere words weren't enough for expressing her love for him.

Arnav, as usual misinterpreted he silence for denial. Disheartened he sought to set her free, even if it killed him, he thought,

'Khushi 'I will let you go, I know I haven't given any reason to stay, and if you want to leave it alright, but remember I will always love you, forever'

He said, his heart breaking, he let go of her hands and leaned back against the headrest, closing his eyes.

No' Khushi wanted to scream at him, NO NO NO'..but no words would come out.

She didn't know what to do, she pulled him harshly to her and hugged him with all she had while 'of course-yelling at him

'You...Arnav Singh Raizada, how can you be so stupid? How dare you even think about letting me go?? Why do have to be so damn selfless'why? I love you, you pompous idiot, and you are stuck with me forever you like it or not' she said fiercely as she broke the hug and rubbed her eyes.

'Khushi I'' he started only to be cut short by her

'How could you think I will ever leave you? And you thought I had no reason to stay, you with your ego the size of Mount Everest, isn't that enough reason for me to stay? I love you and I know that you love me'' she cupped his face in her hands

'And that love it's enough for me, nothing else matters'

'But I''

He was cut off again but this time it was not by her words but by her lips against his. She kissed him hard pulling him to her embrace, her hands clutching his hair, his hot breath fanning her face.

Their first proper kiss.

Khushi'' he tried again as they stopped for breathe

'Just shut up and kiss me Arnav, I never knew you could talk so much'and yes you heard right, I love you and only you' and proceeded to kiss him, to which he obliged wholeheartedly.

They had their first night of love, all pain forgotten all miseries left behind, they vowed to walk past their difference, their hurt, and the rising sun witnessed the union of two hearts who belonged in one soul.


 What happened next is another story, but for a happy reader we shall say they lived happily ever after, with occasional rifts and tiffs of course, for there is no perfect story without imperfections, they lived their perfectly imperfect life cradled in love.




yep so its done...hope you all liked it...leave a like and a comment!!!!!

Note...thsi was my first os on IF...thank u all for encouraging me to continue it and liking my work...Embarrassed

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Posted: 13 September 2012 at 9:46am | IP Logged place...

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wow m first...nice...*happy dance*

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kriti_atharv IF-Rockerz

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be back after reading...

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I loved it! 

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kriti_atharv IF-Rockerz

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omg it was he was actually more scared of losing his brilliantly written could sense that arnav was in sooo much have rendered me speechless dear,...simply beautiful n thnx 4da pm...

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Wow you updated!!!!!
I huge hug for you and a happy dance to express my happiness.

As usual you made me feel every emotion in a perfect way with your awesome writing skill.

I never expected you to come up with such a lovely yet emotional ending.

Thanks for taking my suggestions. Thanks for your pm.

Will be waiting to read more from you.

By the way how was your exams?

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