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Unwanted Thread 2 Manveer FF LAST PART PG123 (Page 99)

Supernatural_10 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 25 October 2012 at 9:23am | IP Logged
Originally posted by adventure_gurl

poor Krish! glad papers are burned, this Amrit needs to get some slaps and get arrested!Angry
Thanks ShonaliBig smile
Agreed i hate Amrit too will see what i canLOL

Supernatural_10 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 25 October 2012 at 9:31am | IP Logged
Originally posted by adorable_rana

Superb and cute update twiniThumbs Up

just loved Krishi bacha and the all fun land scene...EmbarrassedTongue

and everyone fighting for feeding him first ...too cuteLOL

finally manveer are together and everything sorted out...and finally Uday destroyed the paper...yayyyBig smile

but oh no that Amrit kidnapped krishi what??Ouch

why she always has a backup plan???Angry

no twini this time she should not win...Pinch

update soon twini...I can't wait any longerDay Dreaming...nahi toh lil sa sneak peek hi day do...lolllzzzEmbarrassedLOL

thanx for the pm yaHugHug

Thanks Twin SisBig smile
I'm glad you enjoyed it
Amrits evil so she always has a back up plan
I will do soon
its ok luv ya 2Hug
Supernatural_10 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 25 October 2012 at 9:44am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Vasishtha

Awesome, Amazing, wonderful, great, beautiful,fantabulous update Jiji.Clap Clap Clap Clap Fully Krishy update.Wink My Spiderman baccha.Hug He too likes spiderman jus like me.LOL Krishy scenes with everyone specially Manyata n Uday was great.Tongue  Monkey Icon
Thank God all misunderstandings are cleared between Manveer.Tongue
Funland Park scene also nice n whe got scared n Uday n Krishy laughing .LOL Uhhh Churail Amrit also came.Angry I hate this despo Amrit-the Poison.Dead
ROFL ROFL ROFL OMG, OMG, Breaking news Akash-the SkyROFL is a goody good baccha in this FF.ROFL Major twist in the story.ROFL 
What jiji I wanted some punches on Akash's face  from Uday.ROFL well it's  good if he's a good person.Wink
 ShockedOMG Amrit kidnapped Krishy.Cry Churail kahin ki Krishy ko kidnap kiya.Angry Monkey Icon
Now Amrit's bad day's countdown started.Wink Monkey Emoticons
Great update jiji, Very well written.Thumbs Up
Thanks for the fantastic update n PM.Smile
Do update ASAP Jiji, waiting for the next chappy.Tongue
Sorry for the late comment.Embarrassed
Monkey Icon Monkey Icon  Monkey Icon Monkey Icon  Monkey Icon Monkey Icon Monkey Icon Monkey Icon Monkey Icon

Thanks Sona BachaBig smile
Yeah fully update on Krish Bacha yeah i love spiderman too Krishy bacha is just too cute
Manveer scenes with Krishy bacha were cute
I'm glad you enjoyed it
Yeah Amrit despo poison has to follow Manveer everywhere
omg Sona Bacha you have faith in Ladoo finally are sure about that?LOLROFL come hes majnu end of the day so how can he be good... but I'm glad you have faith in Ladoo I will reveal it soon... you never know Sona Bacha Uday might still punch himLOL
Yeah the witch Amrit took Krish Bacha yeah her bad days have started dont worry I will do something about her in coming parts
I will update soon
Bacha it wasnt that good honestly u liked it so me happyHug

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Supernatural_10 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 25 October 2012 at 9:48am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Vasishtha

Please tell me Akash is a negative character or positive.LOL I want to read a scene when Uday'll beat him so badly.LOL Jus like in the show.LOL Akash-the laddu kahin ka.LOL
Sona Bacha you should know that hes your Ladoo end of the dayROFL keep reading to find out you never know he might get beaten tooLOL

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Supernatural_10 IF-Addictz

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Supernatural_10 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 03 November 2012 at 8:38pm | IP Logged

Part 65

Manyata- Uday hamara Krishy humhe abhi chahiye please kuch karoh we need to find him

Uday- Princess please don't cry I will find Krishy

Amrit- hum abhi Viraj ko phone karteh hai

Manyata- no Amrit please Bhai aur Bhabhi will breakdown Uday please we can't tell them

Uday- hum abhi police ko phone karteh hai

Rajbir- haan yeh tike rehaga aur hum jakar bahar dhekteh hai nearby roads

Remisha- hum bhi saat chalenghe Bhai

Akash- Remisha hum bhi chalteh hai chaloh

They left

Amrit brought water for Manyata

Hearing all the noise Giriraj came down

Amrit- Manyata have some water please yeh loh (Manyata threw the glass on the floor)

Manyata- (Angrily) I don't want water I want my Krishy NOW!!!!!

Giriraj- yeh sab kya ho raha hai

Uday explains what happened

Giriraj- Manyata beta don't worry hum abhi commissioner ko phone karteh hai hamara dost hai

Meanwhile we see Krishy he was awake now he was struggling and started screaming

Guy- be quiet you little kid

Rajbir, Remisha and Akash searched everywhere but couldn't find Krishy anywhere.

Akash- (to himself) Jiji neh patha nahiye kaha chupayeh hai Krishy Bacha ko I will surely find out

Remisha- Bhai jaldi ghari chiloh

Rajbir- I'm Remisha don't cry I will find him I promise agar Di aur Jiju ko patha chal gaya patha nahiye kya hogha

Remsiha- I know Bhai please kuch kijiye

Amrit very cleverly told the news channels

After few minutes the news was everywhere

Viraj and Jhanvi came to Jaigar both were very upset

Manyata-(cryingly) I'm really sorry Bhai..Bhabhi humhe maag kardijiye

Viraj- Bacha no crying ok please hum Krish ko dhoond lenghe I promise

Amrit- Viraj humneh toh kaha tha Manyata keh Krish ko akeleh na jaaneh deh garden mein patha nahiye bechareh ka kya haal hogha

Jhanvi was crying more now

Jhanvi- Viraj aap kuch kijiye mujhe mera bacha chahiye hai

Uday- Amrit please be quiet hum sab pareshaan hai pehele sahiye so do us a favour and shut your mouth

Security- Yuvraj sa sab reporter agaye hai aur police bhi

Uday- tike hai reporters hum baad mein dheklenghe police ko andar bhejdijiye

Police came inside took details from the family

Police- hum bahuth jald Krish ko dhoondlenghe auseka photo hum every police station mein bhej rehey hai (interrupted)

Manyata-(Angrily) Inspector I want Krishy home today do you understand today why am I even trying to explain to you guys as usual police are always late and useless I will go myself and find Krishy Bacha

Uday- Princess Wait hum bhi chalteh hai saat

Viraj- Inspector you guys continue your search we will to chaloh Jhanvi hum bhi chalteh

Jhanvi- (Cryingly) jaldi chaliyeh

Amrit was smiling evilly

Giriraj noticed this

Giriraj- Amrit beta why are you smiling yahaan hum sab kitneh pareshaan hai

Amrit- Woh...wo..h Uncle Giri hum sabka pyaar dhekar muskareh teh everyone loves Krish very much ab bas yeh dua hai woh jaldi ghar ajayeh

Giriraj- haan beta woh jald he ajaygha

Amrit-(to herself) kabhi nahiye aiygha kyunki woh hamareh paas hai

Akash- (to himself) Jiji neh patha nahiye kaha chupayah hogha Krishy ko

Remisha-Akash kya hua

Akash- mere saar mein dard ho raha hai Rajbir we looked everywhere humhe ghar chalnah chaiye maybe the police have found out something maybe this is a ransom case kisi neh Krishy ko paiso keh liye kidnap kiya ho anything is possible

Rajbir- Akash hum aise kaise ghar ja sakteh

Remisha- I know Bhai I'm missing Krishy a lot (she started crying)

Back to Manveer they were looking for Krishy everywhere

Manyata- I'm not going to cry I need to find my Krishy Bacha

Krishy face kept coming in her mind

Flashback (Earlier on that day)

Krish-  Bua its unfair you promised Ice Cream Sundai why can't we go now?

Manyata- Bacha we will go soon promise just waiting for Uday to come

Krish- Prince Udayveer always goes out on the wrong times very bad let him come home I will sort him out

Manyata- ok ache marnah ause Uday keh bache ko hum bhi help kareghe I will get your spiderman boxing gloves

Krish- Bua hum kuch samaye nahiye hum Prince Udayveer keh bache ko kaise mareghe woh toh yahaan nahiye hai I mean that would be my little sister or brother so hum nahiye mareghe I will only hit Prince Udayveer I will love my little sister and brother loads

Manyata- Bacha hamara woh matlab nahiye tha you're so cute (she hugged him)

Krish- ofcouse I am akhir nephew hoon apni Bua ka (he hugged her) Bua can I go in the garden please

Manyata- yeah sure Bacha joah

Krish- Thank you I love you Bua you're the best

Manyata- I love you too Bacha

Uday- Princess I will find Krishy promise don't worry

Manyata- Uday I know we will find him

Just then Manyata phone rang it was Rajbir

Manyata- Rajbir Krishy ka kuch patha chalah

Rajbir- No we searched everywhere did you guys find him?

Manyata- No we didn't either

Rajbir- ok

He disconnected the phone

Viraj and Jhanvi had no luck finding Krishy either

Now it was 11pm

We see everyone back in Jaigar Kingdom

Manyata was feeling very dizzy she didn't eat anything or had her medicines

Uday- Princess what happened?

Manyata fainted in Uday arms

Unnanti- Dada hum abhi Doctor Uncle ko phone karteh hai

Uday- haan choti jaldi phone karo

Uday carried Manyata to their bedroom

Akash came running

Akash- kya hua Manyata ko

Akash was very worried

Uday- (Angrily) she fainted can't you see now move

Amrit came running with water

Amrit- Uday here

Uday- Amrit its no need of this the doctor is on it's way

Unnanti- Doctor Uncle agaye

Doctor Uncle done the check up he told everyone that she fainted because of weakness he prescribed some medicines and left

Rajbir- Uday Bhai I will get the Medicines you stay here with Manyata

Uday- Here's the prescription

Viraj- Manya didn't eat all day she's ill already and on top of that Krishy ka kuch patha nahiye chal raha hai.. yeh police waleh bhinah kuch nahiye kar rehey hai agar ransom chaiye hotha abhi thak toh ek call ajathi

Jhanvi- Viraj aap ek baar phir phone toh kijiye nah

Viraj- haan I will ring again this time I want answers

Manyata was talking in sleep

Manyata- Krishy...Krishy...

Uday- shhh Princess... he will come I promise

Giriraj- Uday beta aapseh koi zaroori baat karni hai study mein chaliyeh aur haan aap sab bhi apneh kamreh mein jaiyeee Manyata ko araam ki zaroorth hai

Uday went with Giriraj and everyone else went to their rooms

Now  we see Akash and Amrit talking

Akash- Jiji akhir hai kahaan woh bataameez bacha auseki wajah seh hamaari Manyata bahuth upset hai inti roh rahiye thi hum auseh isee haal mein nahiye dhek sakteh aap please kuch kijyeh

Amrit- thode din aur Akash humhe toh bahuth maaza araha hai aus Manyata aur ausekeh poreh parivaar ko pareshaan dekhkar don't worry bahuth jald woh bacha ajaygha

Akash- Jiji woh hai kahaan humhe toh batiyeh please

Amrit- humneh bahuth achi jagha rakha hai ab hum chalteh hai study mein Uday seh kuch baat karni hai

Akash- Jiji  yeh Alchol ki bottle?

Amrit- yeh hamare aur Uday keh liye becharah bahuth pareshaan ek woh Krish gayab hai doosrah auseki pyaari Manyata bemaar hai humhe toh janah chahiye naha auseka sahaara baneh keh liye akhir itnah pyaar jo karteh hai Uday seh

Akash- good idea Jiji aur hum jathe hai Manyata keh paas

Amrit- haan joa Akash

Akash- waise Jiji woh bacha tike toh hainah mere matlab agar auseh kuch hoagaya toh

Amrit- He's fine royalty treatment auseh dher rehey hai

Akash- matlab Jiji

Amrit- Akash hes fine ab joa yahaan seh

Amrit goes to the study and Akash to Manveer Bedroom

Manyata was asleep

Akash- Manyata I promise hum Krishy Bacha ko lekeh aiyghe get well soon I can't see you ill

He goes back to Amrit room to look for some sort of clues of where she could of hidden Krish  just then he saw Amrit mobile phone

Akash- isse phone mein zaroor kuch hogha Jiji neh isse mein Password dhalah hua hai

Akash tried to hack the password he 9 attempts now it was last if it was wrong whole phone will get wiped out

Akash- what could be Jiji's password maybe Udayveer (he typed it) yes accept hogaya

Akash looked through all the phone found a few numbers he rang Jignesh Bhai

Jignesh- Kaun bewaqoof hai inti raat ko haamri neend kharab kardi (he saw the number) Amrit Madam Hello jee Madam kahiye hai

Akash- Hum Prince Akash bhole rehey Amrit Jiji keh Bhai jaldi seh phone doh ause batameez bache ko

Jignesh- Jee abhi detha hoon uthe yeh leh phone

Krish took the phone

Krish- hello

Akash- Krishy Bacha hum aapko bahuth he jald leneh arahey hai I promise bacha aap tike toh hainah hum sab kal he aiyghe aapko leneh ok now speak  rudely to me ok

Krish- I'm fine yeh loge mere kuch nahiye bigaar sakteh hamare Prince Udayveer aur Bua aiyghe humhe leneh yeh loh baldy uncle

Jignesh- baldy kisko bhola (he slapped him across the face)

Akash-Bache ko maat maroh samjeh agar isseh kuch hogaya nah tumhe Jiji mardhaleghi samjeh ab kahaan legeh ho aiseh Jiji batha rahiye thi keh (interrupted)

Jignesh- hum toh shaamalghar mein hai purani haweli mein

Akash- ok udhar he rehenah samjeh aur isse bacha ka ache seh kyaal raknah khaanah kayah isneh

Jignesh- Nahiye kaya

Akash- jaldi seh iseh khaana do samjeh pizza burger aur dher sareh chocolates agar behush hogaya na Jiji tumhe mardhaleghe ab joah jaldi seh sab kuch mangwoh bache keh liye

Jignesh- Jee

Akash disconnected the phone he went to his bedroom to sleep

Amrit and Uday come inside Amrits bedroom

Amrit- Uday tum jaanteh honah hum tumseh kitnah pyaar karthe hai


Manyata woke up Uday wasn't in his room

Manyata- Uday kahaan chalah gaya subha subha

She got ready and went downstairs

Akash- Manyata humhe Krishy bacha ka patha chalgaya hai yeh loh baat karoh auseh

Manyata- Krishy bacha

Krishy- BUA!!!! I'm missing u all very much I'm fine ok don't worry u guys don't come so soon I'm getting royal breakfast hai having so much fun games as well got the new WI... X BOX 360 so nice

Manyata- bacha how did you get all this?

Krish- Akash Uncle he's awesome bye Bua my breakfast is here see you soon lunch I will have with u

Manyata- bye bacha I love u

Krish- love u too

The phone got disconnected

Manyata hugged Akash she was very happy

Uday saw all this he wasn't very happy he came and punched Akash












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Archi02 IF-Rockerz

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Asweme update jiji. Loved it. But please find krish soon and do something about this amrit. Update soon.

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Fantasyangel Senior Member

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Posted: 03 November 2012 at 9:53pm | IP Logged
nice update..krishy ka dialogue bada awsm tha ye lo phn baldy uncle..lols

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