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Unwanted Thread 2 Manveer FF LAST PART PG123 (Page 95)

Supernatural_10 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 05 October 2012 at 6:35pm | IP Logged

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Supernatural_10 IF-Addictz

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Part 63

Uday- (Angrily) Where do you think you're going (he threw the luggage bag) contract sign kiya tha without thinking ab you can't leave till 5 months are over samji warnah (interrupted)

Now Manyata was really angry




Now Uday was very angry so he grabbed arm and shut the door he threw her on the floor and a table was there she hurt her head it started bleeding

Manyata was in pain

Uday ran to Manyata

Uday- I'm sorry Princess I didn't see the table there hum abhi first aid box lekeh athe hai (he quickly ran to get the box)

Manyata- hum khude dawa lagha lenghe koi zaroorth nahiye hai apni jhooti humdardi  dakeneh ki... tumhaari wajah seh hum ghireh

Uday- Princess humneh sach mein nahiye dheka humhe doh I will put it on you (he put the medicine on her forehead and done bandage) I will go get water and give you tablet you will feel better

Manyata- thank you hum tike hai (she got up) ab tum joa late ho rah hogha club mein sab wait kar rehey hoghe... hum aaj he apneh ghar jaiyghe ab humhe tumhara koi bharosah nahiye hai hum sojayghe kya patha tum hamara galah na dabbah doh

Uday- WHAT?? Princess hum aapko mareghe how could you even think that... yeh toh glathi seh hogayah humneh jaan bhoje kar nahiye kiya... aap araam kijiye hum abhi aapke liye tablet lekeh athe hai... now don't move from there aapko hamaari kasam

Manyata- what you can't blackmail me?

Uday- I just did now stay there or else

He went out the room

Akash was going towards his bedroom when he saw Manveer bedroom door open

Akash- Manyata yeh sab kya hua

Manyata- nothing girgeh teh don't worry Akash hum tike hai

Akash- aise kaise girghe are you sure koi aur baat nahiye hai kahiye Uday neh toh (interrupted)

Manyata- no Akash aisa kuch nahiye hai tum batoa kuch patha chalah papers keh bareh mein

Akash- Manyata yeh luggage bag bhi hai yahaan ab hum samaj geh tum ghar chorekeh ja rahiye thi sach bolo humseh we are friends kya baat hai mujhe patha there's something wrong

Manyata- haan hum ghar chorkeh ja rehey teh lekin Uday neh humhe roke liya because of contract.. Akash humhe woh papers jald seh jald chahiye hai

Akash- haan Manyata... Jiji neh tumhareh aur Uday keh signs divorce papers peh liye dhokeh seh you guys didn't even read the papers... hum poori koshish kar rehay hai to find the papers... tike paanch mahineh baad they will be submitted in court... ause seh pehele I will find it aur yeh hamara vaada hai hum apni dost ka ghar kabhi barbaad nahiye honeh denghe... so you can't leave this house yahaan rehenah tumhara haq hai kyunki tum Uday ki patni ho ok.. if you leave Jiji ko mauka miljaygha Uday ko tumhare khilaaf karnah ok so you will not leave the house

Manyata smiled happily

Manyata- Thank you so much Akash tum sach mere bahuth ache dost ho meri liye apni Jiji keh khilaaf joaghe.. I'm very lucky to have a friend like you (she hugs him) hum ghar chorekeh nahiye jaighe ause ghamandi Yuvrani Amrit ko jeetneh nahiye denghe Uday bhi hamara hai aur yeh mahal bhi

Akash hugs her back

Akash- hum saachai keh saat hai... tum chintha maat karoh isse problem seh tumhe jaldi chutkarah miljaygha I promise you

Uday came and he only heard the bit when Akash said 'iss problem seh tumhe jaldi chutkarah miljaygha I promise you'


Akash- Hum Manyata seh kuch baat karneh aiye teh aur inko itni chote aiyi hai toh humneh soacha hum akeh poche how she is.. ab hum chalteh hai Manyata apna kyaal raknah

Manyata- I will Akash Goodnight

Akash- Goodnight Manyata

Akash went to his bedroom

Uday wasn't very happy

Uday- (Angrily) here's your medicines I mixed it in water

Manyata- are u sure it's only medicines in this not poison

Uday- just shut up and have your medicines

Manyata- what if I don't?

Uday-  I have my ways so I suggest you have your medicine peacefully and go to sleep

Manyata had her medicines

Manyata- ab khush  ab tum joa

Uday-  kahaan joa this is my room so I'm not going anywhere

Manyata- correction this is our room... so you're not going

Uday- No not going

Manyata- so Uday ab tum humseh ache seh baat karoghe ya phir sirf ache seh baat kar rehey kyunki humhe chote aiyi hai

Uday- Manyata zydah baat karneh ki zaroorth nahiye hai you need to rest

Just then Manyata phone rang it was Krish

Manyata- Hello Krishy Bacha

Krishy- Bua I'm missing you loads Mummy seh chupkar phone kar raha hoon... aapneh aur Prince Udayveer neh hamara gift dekha

Manyata- Bacha hum dhekneh waleh teh I will see it right now promise..aur aap abhi thak soye kyun nahiye

Krishy- Bua after you went home Mami, Mamu, Raz Uncle Nishimah Aunty, Vikz, Shanaya all took me out for ice cream we had so much fun we went to adventure park also... when we came back Daddy the hitler neh bahuth shout kiya aur Barhi Dadisab neh bhi so Daddy has said I'm grounded... hum bahuth sad hai Mummy neh bhi help nahiye ki

Manyata- Mera Krishy Bacha don't be upset aap yahaan ajoah hum kal aapko leneh aiyghe ok phir hum saat mein rehenghe

Krishy- I wish Bua lekin Daddy nahiye maneh waleh

Uday took the phone of Manyata

Uday- Krishy Bacha you don't worry hum aapke Daddy ko dheklenghe he won't say no to me aap apna spiderman luggage bag tyaar raknah kal subha he hum aapko leneh aiyghe

Krishy- (happily) yay!!!!!! Hum jaigar mahal mein rehenghe with my Bua and Prince Udayveer... lekin aap Daddy ko kaise manoghe

Uday- hum Yuvraaj Udayveer Singh hai hum baat karlenghe aur dheknah Viraj Bhai manah bhi nahiye kareghe

Manyata- Uday humhe bhi Krishy seh baat karni hai put it loudspeaker

Uday put the phone on loudspeaker

Manyata- Krishy Bacha Bua is desperately waiting for tomorrow can't wait to see you

Krishy- me to Bua

Uday- Krishy be ready for sharp 11am ok

Krishy- I will Prince Udayveer I hope you guys like my gift I done all the decorations myself

Manveer- Bacha it will be perfect hum abhi dhekenghe

Krishy- ok Bua, Prince Udayveer I'm going to go now sleepy time hogaya hai aur agar Mummy agayi toh I will be in trouble byeee I love u both very much

Manveer- we love you to bacha byeee

They disconnected the phone

Manyata got the gift both opened it

It was a picture album of Manveer, Krishy and family

Manyata- this is Krishy when he was 1 years old I was so so happy when Krishy came...  

Uday- he resemble you a lot

Manyata- I know everyone said that when he was little akhir mera nephew hai toh mere par he jaigha.. this is me when I was in school

Uday started laughing

Uday- you look so funny braces and glasses

Manyata- Uday don't laugh ok I had to wear it ok all thanks to Mama... school mein bhi sab haastey teh humhe aur phir hum une sab ko ache seh marteh teh I miss school use to have so much fun.. aur yeh walah photo college open day par liya tha I was so excited for college aur yeh walah awards evening mein liya tha...

Manyata remembered Arjun and the incident she got upset... had a few tears  in her eyes

Uday- No ronoah donah now ok please I dont want you to be upset or cry bureh dino ko yaad nahiye karnah chahiye hai (he hugged her)   ab bahuth hogaya hum kahaan hai.. here I'm remember here we all went cinemas together and Krishy sat by J and Rajbir and you were very angry

Manyata- yeah aur Uday this one is just epic when you made cheese and tomoto pasta you look so cute in the hat and apron when J sent me this picture I couldn't stop laughing I was in office

Uday- I know baad mein humneh bhi J ko bahuth daantha she took the pic when I wasn't looking she should of told me hum ache seh pose karthe hai... I always want my princess to smile agar humhe aiseh dhekar tumhe haasi aiyi that's great... this is our engagement picture

Manyata touched Uday's head

Manyata- Uday tumhe fever toh nahiye hai

Uday- no why?

Manyata- first you shout at me then you speak to me nicely I'm confused Uday humhe kuch samaj mein nahiye araha hai... tumhe humpeh abhi bhi ghusah ho yah nahiye

Uday- kyun aapko acha laghtha hai jab hum aap peh ghusa ho

Manyata- nahiye I hate it mujhe mera pehele walah Uday pasand hai yeh angry young man walah nahiye jab bhi dheko ghusah karteh ho humhe yahaan aiyi hue sirf doh dine hua hai aur aaj tumneh kuch baat toh ki aur woh bhi ache seh although I'm confused

Uday- Manyata lets clear the confusion then hum Krishy keh liye ache seh baat kar rehey teh hum abhi bhi ghussah hai... aur haan ause Akash ser dur raha karoh I don't like him coming to our room...

Manyata- Akash mere dost hai so he can come anytime to this room... I thought so tum kaise badal gaye so quick... hum soneh ja rehey goodnight

Uday- anytime I don't think so aindha isse kamreh mein humhe dikayi diya auseka aiseh haal kareghe he will remember his life time

Uday was still angry but he still loves his Princess loads

Manyata was fast asleep... Uday was still awake thinking about what Akash had said...

Uday- Akash seh isse bareh mein baat karni pareghi akhir aisa kyun kaha auseneh... Hum aaj bhi apni Princess seh utnah he pyaar karteh hai jitnah pehele (he kissed her forehead) I'm sorry Princess humhe aap par ghusah nahiye karnah chahiye tha aapneh jo kuch bhi kiya hamare liye kiya ab hum vaada karthe hai aapko bahuth khush rakenghe aur ab hum khode woh contract ko finish karenghe I promise humhe aur hamaari princess ko koi alaag nahiye karsaktha ause Amrit aur Akash ko hum dheklenghe

The next day we see Akash and Amrit discussing about the contract

Amrit- yeh hai woh contract Akash

Akash- wah Jiji great aapneh sab papers peh sign karwahliyah

Amrit- I know akhir hum Yuvrani Amrit hai of Amritghar yeh sab humhe karnah parha ab Uday ko nahiye khonah chahateh isliye isee Manyata ko raasteh seh hathanah paregha

Akash- Jiji humnen apna kaam shuru bhi kardiya hai kal raat hum Manyata keh kamreh mein ghe teh aur humneh auseh ache seh samjayah (he laughed) woh bewaqoof sochthi hai hum auseki side peh hai lekin hum toh hamaari Jiji keh saat hai hamaari Jiji jaise koi nahiye hai yahaan you're really an evil mind aapka naam Amirt nahiye kuch aur honah chahiye tha

Amrit- Shut up Akash yeh tum hamaari tariff kar rehey ho ya insult

Akash- tariff Jiji  aapki jitni tariff ki jaye kaam hai...akhir aap hamaari Jiji hai hum aapkeh saat hai ab yeh papers aap sambhal kar rakhiyegha

Amrit- hum inne papers ko (interrupted)

Uday- Akash humhe tumseh kuch baat karni hai

Akash- humseh hum abhi athe hai excuse me Jiji

Uday goes with Akash to the study

Uday questions Akash about last night conversation between Manyata and Akash

Akash- Uday aap galath samaj rehey ho hum Manyata ko sif support kar rehey teh she was very upset keh rahiye thi ghar chorekeh ja rahiye hoon humneh barhi mushqil seh uneh rokah... aap hamaari poori baat toh suniye baat yeh hai keh hum Manyata keh saat hai auseki ka saat deh rehey hai aur bahuth jald papers hamare paas hoghe aur phir hum uneh aapko aur Manyata ko denghe then you can destroy them... hamare liye Manyata ki khushi seh bharkar kuch nahiye hai... so let me give you some advise hamaari Jiji seh dur raho aur Manyata ko khush rakho she deserves every happiness she loves you a lot in the last 2 days aapneh ausekeh saat bahuth burah behave kiya so aap Manyata ka kyaal rakhiye papers aur Jiji ko hum sambhalenghe

Uday- Akash humhe patha nahiye kyun tumpar yakeen nahiye hai akhir tum Amrit keh Bhai ho... agar tum sach mein hamaari aur Manyata ki side peh ho humhe woh papers doh

Akash- hum bahauth jald woh papers lekeh aiyghe

Uday- tike hai ab hum chalteh hai

Uday goes to Devgar to collect Krishy

Manyata was in the lounge waiting for Krishy to come

Akash- Manyata aaj sab bahaar gaye hue hai for shopping you didn't go

Manyata- (Happily) Akash Krishy Bacha is coming hum toh aaj gharpeh he rehenghe no shopping aur Krishy bacha keh saat khoob masti kareghe... Uday is gone to collect him

Uday reaches Devgar

Uday- Krishy kaha ho bacha Prince Udayveer has come to collect you

Krishy came downstairs with his spiderman bag and hugged Uday

Krishy- Prince Udayveer I'm ready chaleh

Viraj- kahaan janeh ki tyaari ho rahiye hai

Uday- Viraj Bhai I'm taking Krishy to Jaigar for 2 days ok please manah maat karnah Manyata is waiting for him aur wakhi sab bhi sirf doh dine keh liye

J-Viraj Bhai maat janeh deneh Krishy ko hum bahuth bore honghe iskeh binah

Vijay- Krishy can't leave us no he won't go to Jaigar Uday Bana this is unfair aapneh hamaari M bhai ko bhi Jaigar lenghe hai ab hamare Krishy ko nahiye leh ja sakteh hai

Shanaya/Vikz- agreed hum kya kareghe we will be so bored

Raz/Nishimah- yeah Krishy is the life of the house iskeh binah ghar kitnah suna suna laghe gha Bhabhi aap kuch boliyeh nah

Jhanvi- Krishy bacha can't go Uday hes grounded

Krishy- please Mummy, Daddy janeh donah humhe Bua keh paas reheneh hai only 2 days phir hum ajayghe waapis promise

Uday- please Viraj Bhai Bhabhi maanjayi nah sirf doh dine ki baat hai

Somehow Uday convinced them they agreed

Krishy- yay!!!! Bye everyone I will miss you all

He hugged everyone

Viraj/Jhanvi- be good bacha aur wahaan kisi ko bhi pareshaan maat karnah ok

Krishy- I won't mummy, daddy I will be a good bacha

J/Vijay- (whispers) Krishy hamaare message denah ok

Krish-(whispers) ok Mami, Mamu dehdenghe don't worry love you both

J/Vijay- we love you too

Now we see Krishy in Jaigar

Manyata hugged him

Manyata- mera Krishy bacha agaya hai I missed you bacha

Krishy- me too Bua

Uday- me 3 bacha ab Krish doh dine keh liye yahin hai

Krish- Mami, Mamu, Maasi kahaan hai

Manyata- Bacha they went wedding shopping early morning

Akash comes down

Akash- Krishy (he hugs him)

Krishy- Akash Uncle kaise hai aap

Akash- I'm fine bacha how are you?

Krishy- I'm very happy to be here

Akash- I'm glad you're happy Krishy Bacha you will never forget this trip staying in Jaigar for sure

Precap- Uday- Princess aaj seh yeh contract finish humneh papers destroy kardiye ab humhe koi alaag nahiye karsaktha

Manyata hugs Uday

Manyata- kabseh wait kar rehey teh tum humhe Princess kahoghe Manyata nahiye I'm very happy Uday

Akash- Rajbir Krishy kahaan hai he was with you

Rajbir- Krishy toh yahin tha Krishy bacha where are you???

Remisha- Bhai Krishy isn't in the garden either

Amrit- Remisha kya hua why are you crying?

Remisha- Amrit woh Krish patha nahiye kahaan hai

Akash- Remisha tum chintha maat karoh we will find him(he hugs her)

Manveer come down

Manyata- (happily) Krishy kahaan ho bacha your Prince Udayveer is taking us to cafe to eat your favourite ice cream sundai jaldi aao no more hide and seek

Uday- I will find him

Unnanti- (cryingly) Dada... Krishy ka spiderman toy milah it has blood on it (she hugs him)

Manyata runs outside

Manayta- KRISHY BACHA!!!!!!! KRISHY!!!!!!!!!

Uday goes after her

Manyata-(cryingly) Uday mere Krishy bacha kahaan hai agar auseh kuch hogaya toh hum marjayghe please find him please Uday

Uday hugged Manyata

Uday- we will find Krishy I promise





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..IshqShava.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 October 2012 at 8:06pm | IP Logged
that was a fabulous update di:)can't wait to read more..thanx for d PM..
Fantasyangel Senior Member

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Posted: 05 October 2012 at 9:46pm | IP Logged
grt update..thank god ismeh tumne aus amrit ki bakbak include nhi ki she is so irritating
Sunshinegirll Goldie

Joined: 05 June 2012
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Posted: 05 October 2012 at 10:23pm | IP Logged
hey loved the updateSmile
finally uday n manyata are solving their differences n are coming closerEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
i thought akash was in manyata's sideAngry
so d precap saying he destroyed the papers - means they destroyed fake papers
n are thinking that now there is no contract..
n they will get the shock of their lives when amrit shows them the originalAngry

krishy is cute n adorable kid.. wat happened to my krishyCry
Asmimelody IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 October 2012 at 11:49pm | IP Logged
superb update di:)pls continue soon..:)
adventure_gurl IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 October 2012 at 1:28am | IP Logged
loved the update!
sweet_gargi IF-Dazzler

Joined: 20 March 2012
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Posted: 06 October 2012 at 1:30am | IP Logged
It was a great update..Read both part 62 and 63 together...But didn't understand ki how did Uday come to know that Amrit is behind their seperation...Confused..Plz tell me

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