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Unwanted Thread 2 Manveer FF LAST PART PG123 (Page 7)

Supernatural_10 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 24 July 2012 at 8:36pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by MAHI1198

awesum luved it...Clap
ThanksBig smile  I'm glad you enjoyed it

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Supernatural_10 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 24 July 2012 at 8:38pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by gargib

great update dear n continue soon n thanks for the PM...n ya Ramdan Mubarak!
ThanksBig smile Hug its ok,... will do 2mrw insh allah
Supernatural_10 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 24 July 2012 at 8:38pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by smiley12

when u will update ur next part?
Insh allah 2mrw with double update for you guysSmile

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Supernatural_10 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 25 July 2012 at 3:54pm | IP Logged

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ThanksBig smile I will double update in a few hours after I'm free

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Supernatural_10 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 26 July 2012 at 10:10pm | IP Logged

Hi everyone here's the double update that I promised I'm sorry it could've been better but I'm not too well  I was awake till sehri and wrote all this. I haven't proofread it properly so it might have some mistakes in it. Do read and comment/criticise and all suggestions are welcome. I'm looking forward to seeing your comments.

Part 39

We see Manyata in her bedroom she was still awake in thinking mode, she was really upset

Manyata- it's my fault should have been more careful today all this wouldn't have happened... I will try my best from now on I won't be scared I'm going to be brave for Uday's happiness... don't know what the doctor will say (she started crying) please god my reports come ok please god

In Udays room

Uday- I can't be so selfish I'm going to put my princess so much pain just so I could be a father to my little princess...all these tests machines my princess was so scared and in so much pain

Just then Uday's phone vibrated it was Manyata

Manyata- Uday u awake?

Uday- yh I'm awake Princess what happened? Why aren't you sleep you have work tomorrow

Manyata- I can't sleep I have no sleeping tablets left either I take them when I can't sleep

Uday- Princess try and sleep ok

Manyata- I'm trying but I keep getting bad thought in my head

Uday- Princess think good things ok not bad things that's why you're really stressed out I know after today the machines and all you got really scared

Manyata- no Uday I will be fine I'm worried about my results so worried like I can't sleep maybe that's why your awake too

Uday- Princess don't be worried we will find out tomorrow what it is don't worry ok until you sleep I will stay on the phone

Manyata- No Uday its fine you go to sleep I will try and sleep and if I still can't I will ring you ok... nyte

Uday- goodnight Princess I love you

Manyata- I love you too

The next day we see everyone downstairs Shanaya is back from Paris and Nishimah, Vikz, Raz have come to visit.

Shanaya- OMG UV how are you? When did you come?

Uday- Hi Shanaya I am fine we came 2 days ago

Shanaya- that's great finally Manya realised her true feelings for you... great now I came to tell you guys we are all going shopping and you guys need to come too

Uday- Shanaya I won't be able to come.. Princess has gone to work won't be back till 5

Shanaya- oh Manya has started her internship she didn't even tell me... ok well we will be shopping like all day so come later, J, Unnanti, Vijay Bhai you guys can come with us

Uday-  yeah we will come later you guys carry on.. J be very careful ok

Unnanti- Dada don't worry I'm with her I will make sure

Now we see Manyata and Uday wedding shopping

Manyata- Uday I have half day today so I told the others I'm coming now where is everyone?

Uday- I don't know Princess where they are no one is answering their phone I'm waiting here since ages

Manyata- ok Uday until then we can do some shopping together let's go there

Uday- ok Princess lets go

Meanwhile we see Nishimah, Raz,Shanaya, Viks, J, Unnanti and Vijay shopping

Vikz- J what a plan? Manyaa and Uday are finding us

J- yeah don't worry they will do their shopping I will bbm them later saying we have gone home...

Nishimah- so make sure they don't see us

Raz- they won't don't worry Nishimah

Manyata chose a nice lengha for herself I want this for the wedding

Uday- Princess that's beautiful aur sangeet keh kiye yeh walah how is it

Manyata- it's nice aur yeh dono tumhare liye  

Uday- Princess hum toh suit peheneghe

Manyata- No tum shervani pehenoghe ok

Uday- lekin princess

Manyata- no lekin wekin humneh kehdiya toh kehdiya

Uday- Ok Princess jaise tum kaho as long as you're happy I'm happy Princess for reception you should wear a sari that pink one is beautiful

Manyata- no Uday no sari not again I wore it once that's it I don't feel comfortable in sari and I can't handle it, choose me something else

Uday- ok Princess as you wish I will choose something else

Uday was looking around just then he saw Unnati and Vijay holding hands shopping together..

Uday- Choti aur Vijay bana yahaan peh

Vijay saw Uday

Vijay- Unnati Uday bana bhi idhar he hai chaloh yahaan seh

They quickly hided themselves

Uday went to the place where they were standing but he didn't see them

Uday- CHOTI!!!! VIJAY BANA!!!!! I'm sure I just saw them here kahaan gaye

Manyata-  Uday what happened?

Uday- Princess I just saw Choti and Vijay bana standing here

Manyata- no one here Uday stop imagining thing... I'm going to try these on now

Just then Manyata saw someone familiar walking around the shop she quickly rang Uday

Uday- Princess are you ok what happened


Uday- lekin Princess you said you didn't want the sari

Manyata- I changed my mind abhi lekeh aao hamara liye I want to try it on

Uday- ok Princess I will get it

Uday went to sari section

He got the pink sari and came back he went to the changing rooms

Uday- here you go Princess

Manyata- Thanks Uday

Uday- I will wait outside

Meanwhile we see the other shopping in the same shop

J- Jiju sa is over there guys hide

Vijay- J we will go to the shop next door I told you guys they were still in this shop

Shanaya- yeah but I wanted to buy this blue sari I saw it's from this shop can we quickly buy it, Manyaa has gone to the changing room she takes years trying clothes on so by then we will be done

Nishimah- Shanaya hurry up then no way we want Manya to see us

Raz- she won't Nishimah you buying the sangeet lengha from here

Nishimah- I don't know I will see

J- Nishimah you can buy your sangeet lengha I'm going to bbm jiji and jiju sa that we have gone home

Unnanti/Vijay- that's good J do that

Back to Manyata and Uday

Manayta- Uday stay here ok

Uday- Princess I'm waiting hurry up

Manyata- I'm coming

Manyata comes out

Uday- Princess you didn't even show me how the suit looks

Manyata- Sorry Uday I was in a hurry you can see at the function plus its bad luck ok

Uday- bad luck princess how is that possible

Manyata- I will explain after now lets go and pay for these

Uday- ok

Manyata- Uday I think I saw J over there

Uday- Princess no one there J told me everyone has gone home    

Manyata- I'm sure I heard Vikz and J talking only Viks has that annoying voice

Uday- Princess you are mistaken no one there J told me they are at home on bbm

Just then Manyata saw someone coming

Manyata- Uday lets go now I want to buy that black dress

Uday- Princess

Manyata- come on Uday let's go

Uday- Princess what's wrong is someone following us

Manyata- No lets go I need my dress now chalo

Now we see Uday and Manyata shopping

Manyata put loads of dresses in the basket

Uday- Princess so many dresses

Manyata- yeah you see Uday we are all throwing Nishimah Bhabhi a Bachelorette party.. so I can't wear a anarkali suit there so I'm buying loads of dresses some for work and some for the party this black dress is beautiful what do you think

Uday- Princess where will this bachelorette party be... this dress isn't that nice I like this one

Manyata- Sorry Uday I can't tell you where it is... no that dress is too simple I might get it for work as you chose it but for party this black one is very elegant I will try it on

Uday- Princess now this isn't fair where is this party

Manyata- its girls only Uday so tum nahiye asakteh ok to be honest even I don't know where it is Shanaya is organising it

Uday- (Angrily) great now that Shanaya is organising it's bound to be (interrupted)

Manyata- Amazing now no need to be jealous Uday I will be right back

Just then we see Uday waiting for Manyata

Uday- Princess I'm very tired now hurry up you're taking years

Manyata- Uday I'm coming ok I need to try all the dresses on

Just the someone walks in the changing rooms

Girl- Yuvraj Udayveer ghama khani kaise hai aap

Uday- Yuvrani Amrit aap yahaan ghama khani hum tike hai aap kaisi hai aur aap London mein hai what a pleasant surprise

Amrit- Haan hum ek business deal keh liye aiye teh deal is finalized now so humneh soacha thodi shopping karleh.. humhe aapko dhekar bahuth khushi hui

Uday- humhe bhi Yuvrani Amrit I must say you look very beautiful

Amrit- Thank You woh toh hum hamesha he lagthe hai aur aap bhi hamesha ki tarah bahuth hi handsome lag rehay hai

Manyata heard their conversation and she wasn't very happy

Manyata- (to herself Angrily) khushi hui dhekar Uday hum abhi tumhe tike karteh hai aur ause Yuvrani Amrit ko.. (she came out the changing room) UDAY CHALEH!!!!

Uday- kyun Princess you're not done yet so many dresses left yet

Manyata-(Angrily) I'm done let's go!!!!

Amrit- Ghama khani Yuvrani Manyataa

Manyata gave her a dirty look

Manyata- Ghama khani ab hum chalteh hai excuse me chaloh Uday

Amrit- Bye Uday ab hum yahin hai kuch dino keh liye humneh tumhara number lehliyah hum bahuth he jald aapseh milenghe

Uday- of course Yuvrani Amrit hum zaroor milenghe

Now Manyata was fuming in anger

 Amrit was really happy

Uday and Manyata went outside the changing rooms, she brought the dresses and now we see Uday and Manyata in the car she wasn't speaking to Uday

Uday- Princess kya hua itni jealousy achi nahiye hai

Manyata ignored him

Just then they bumped into Vijay and Unnati and all the shopping bags fell

Vijay- I'm sorry we didn't see you guys (he looked up and saw Uday)

Uday wasn't very happy

Vijay- (scaredly) Uday bana (interrupted)

Uday- aap dono yahaan kya kar rehay hai I thought J said you guys are at home

Vijay- Uday bana we had a few things to buy so humneh soacha hum yahin roke jaye

Unnati- haan Dada woh hum shopping kar rehay teh isliye

Uday- I can see your shopping holding hands and all humhe yeh sab bilkul pasand nahiye hai

Manyata- Vijay Bhai, Unnanti you guys carry on hum ghar chalteh hai have fun shopping

Uday- I will speak to you when you come home aur haan jaldi ghar anah

Now we see Manyata and Uday at home

Manyata went straight to her room

J- Jiju sa what happened to Jiji she is in a very bad mood

Krish- Bua is very angry Prince Udayveer what happened?

Jhanvi came with Krish food

Jhanvi- Krishy here's your cheese toasty

Krish- Thank You Mama

Jhanvi- Uday how was shopping?

Uday- it was good Bhabhi

Krish- Then why is my Bua in a bad mood

Jhanvi- kya hua Manya ko

Uday- nothing Bhabhi... Princess will be ok in a while Krish bacha how was school?

Krish- it was good Prince Udayveer  I have sports day next week I'm very excited and you have to come ok

Uday- I will come I'm sure my Krish bacha will win

Krish- yeah I always win Prince Udayveer

Just then Shaina came fromt he kitchen

Shaina- Uday beta adhe ghanteh mein hospital janah hai Manyata kahaan hai

Uday- she's upstairs hum abhi athe hai

Uday went upstairs to Manyatas room but her bedroom was locked

Uday knocked the door


No Anwser


No Anwser

Just then Krish came upstairs

Krish- Prince Udayveer!!!!

Uday- Krish bacha look you Bua isn't opening the door she's very angry with me

Krish- Prince Udayveer let me talk to Bua she's never angry for long (he knocked the door) BUA!!!! ITS KRISH PLEASE OPEN THE DOOR!!! PRINCE UDAYVEER HAS GONE DOWNSTAIRS (Whispered to Uday) prince Udayveer you hide over there ok let Bua open the door then you can come ok

Uday- ok Bacha

Manyata opened the door

Manyata- what happened Krish?

Krish- Bua let's go inside first

Just then Uday came inside too

Krish- Bua please don't be angry with Prince Udayveer ok

Manyata- Krish tell your Prince Udayveer I don't want to speak to him  

Uday- I said I'm sorry Princess it's not my fault you get jealous quickly

Manyata- Krish tell him jealous I don't think so he was the one who was flirting with that arrogant Yuvrani Amrit I so hate her... I was telling him let's go he was too busy flirting now I won't ever speak to him get out of my room Uday now!!!!

Uday- Princess you just spoke to me you know I was only trying to make you jealous it worked I'm sorry ab kaan pakreh look I'm sorry

Krish- Bua see Prince Udayveer is saying sorry na he's even holding his ear now listen to me clearly Prince Udayveer if you ever make my Bua jealous again or upset I won't ever speak to you again and if you two fight again I won't speak to both of you. Bua Maasi wants me to come to stay I will go to my Nani house so if you two don't say sorry to each other I will go Nani house for weekend I don't like it when you 2 fight (he made a sad face)

U/M- No you can't go to your Nani house

Krish- say sorry to each other and be friends again

Uday- Sorry Princess

Manyata- Sorry Uday

Krish- yay Bua and Prince Udayveer friends again (he hugged them both)

Viraj- KRISH BACHA!!!!!!!!

Krish- PAPA IS HOME!!!!!!!

Krish went running downstairs

Manyata- Krish be careful bacha on the stairs

Krish- I'm fine Bua don't worry

Manyata- Ok

Uday- Princess I'm really sorry (interrupted)

Manyata- it's ok Uday let's not talk about it we should be going now to hospital

Uday- yeah let's go

Now we see Manyata and Uday in hospital

Manyata closed her eyes and prayed

Manyata- please god the results be good please god

Doctor came with the results

Uday holded Manyatas hand

Uday- Princess it will be ok... Doctors come

She still didn't open her eyes

Doctor- Uday beta where's Shaina?

Uday-  Aunty couldn't make it how's the results

Doctor- beta relax I will tell you both I think Manyata is really nervous beta please relax ok now listen to me clearly 4 tests have come negative but the 2 main tests have come back positive so after some treatment there is a 50% chance you will be able to conceive

Uday- Doctor what kind of treatment?

Doctor- The treatment is going to take time but I can't guarantee the result

 Uday- I don't want Princess to have (interrupted)

Manyata- Doctor I want to do the treatment if there is a chance I will take at least I tried my best from my side either it works or not

Uday- Princess it's no guarantee and you have to go through so much pain, I don't want you to go ahead with this treatment I can't see you in pain, because in the end it will be nothing we rather cry now then later let's go home

Manyata- Uday how can you say all this you always said that I should think positive now that I am you should support me, look I am willing to do everything do you not want our little princess to come it is a chance of her coming and I won't leave it Doctor I want to sign up for treatment either you take my side or not Uday I will go ahead with this treatment

Uday- No Princess you will not

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Supernatural_10 IF-Addictz

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Part 40

Manyata- Uday what is wrong with you why are you being like this

Uday- Princess I can't see you go through so much pain when in the end we might not even get (interrupted)

Manyata- at least I tried my best otherwise if I don't do this treatment I will feel guilty for the rest of my life, I was getting a chance to have treatment and I refused what if the treatment is successful

Uday- Princess it's a 50% chance ok it's not 100%

Manyata- Uday right now the way I am its not even 1% chance at least with the treatment it will be 50%.. sometimes we have to take a risk in life and I am willing to I have no problems Doctor I want to do the treatment

Doctor- Are you sure Manya beta

Manyata- yes Doctor

Uday- Princess please you don't have to do all this

Manyata- Uday I want to please

Manyata was determined to go ahead she signed all the document herself

Doctor- I will see you in 2 weeks for the 1st dose of treatment

Manyata- (Happily) Thank you Doctor

Doctor- Uday beta it's no need to be scared the treatment is safe

Uday- Thanks Doctor

Now we see Manyata and Uday back home

Shaina was awake waiting for them so was Jhanvi Unnanti and Vijay

Manyata hugged Shaina

Shaina- beta you are very happy tests tike aiye hai

Manyata- Mama I had 6 tests 4 came negative and 2 came positive there is 50% chance of me conceiving if I go ahead with the treatment

Shaina- beta lekin its not 100% after

Uday- exactly my point Aunty and I told her I am not happy with her doing this treatment she isn't listening to me at all, at the end we will be the ones in pain after Princess goes through all the pain in the treatment and still it's not successful what is the point its just 50% chance

Manyata- Uday look right now it's not even 1% chance I rather have 50% chance do all the treatment for my satisfaction at least I tried and the rest is up to god

Jhanvi hugged Manyata

Jhanvi- I'm proud of you Manya it's the right decision now get some sleep

Manyata- thanks Bhabhi

Manyata went to her bedroom

Shaina- Uday beta its Manyata decision and she has already made her mind up she's very stubborn... beta let her try if she wants too it's no harm in trying right now beta tum auseka saat na dekhar bahuth bari galthi kar rehay ho beta you should support her decision ab hum chalteh hai subha jaldi utnah hai

Shaina went upstairs

Jhanvi- Uday don't think too much you should support her decision

Krish- MAMA!!!!!!! MAMA!!!!!

Jhanvi- coming Krishy

Jhanvi went running upstairs

Unnanti- Dada aap please pareshaan maat hui hai ok Manyata neh soch samaj keh decision liya hogha... we should support her decision

Vijay- Uday bana akhir woh aapki khushi keh liye yeh sab kar rehayi hai aur aapko Manyata ka saat deneh chahiye she was very happy today aur aapko bhi khush honah chahiye hai

Unnati- Dada here everything is advance so treatment will be good you should have faith in god it will be all good

Uday- yeah I know I will go talk to her

Uday goes upstairs

Vijay- lagtha hai Uday bana hamare saat baat karnah bhool gaye

Uday- I heard that no I haven't forgotten I will talk to you guys after first I need to speak to my Princess

Vijay- Unnanti ab hamara kya hogha

Now we see Uday talking to Manyata

Uday- I'm sorry Princess I just can't see you in pain

Manyata- I know you can't Uday don't worry about me I will be fine I have faith in god..everyone is with me sabki dua mere saat hai aur ab tum bhi my biggest strength now I am more confident that this treatment will be successful now stop being upset ok look at your face looks like you're going to cry any minute

Uday- Princess I don't ever want to lose you (he hugged her)

Manyata hugged him back

Manyata- You won't ever lose me ok I promise



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glad there is hope for them, keep up the great updates thanks for pm!

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