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Unwanted Thread 2 Manveer FF LAST PART PG123 (Page 63)

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Originally posted by vampire12345678

amazing i loved it anam loved the reply uday gave to amrit and manveer in the plane manyata wanting cornflakes againLOL and manyata remebering her past means arjun called her in that hotel and poor manyata she had to bear all that please update soon anam and manveer in the hospital sounds interesting please manyata should be fine please and thanks for the pmBig smile
Thanks SairaBig smile yh it was needed... yh cornflakes plays a big part in this ffLOL yeah good guess Saira keep reading to find out...I will do later on insh allah... its okSmile

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Originally posted by udaymanyata07

ThanksBig smile
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Originally posted by ashukapoor007

Hey Anam! Wonderful Updates! Could'nt Read Ur Updates As I Was Busy... Coming To The Updates They Were Great! I Think In Hotel Morino Arjun Raped Manyata? Umm Just A Guess! Hope Everything Goes Well In The Hospital! Ty 4 d PMS Update Soonn 
Thanks ZainabBig smile its alright dont worry... I'm glad you enjoyed it... good guess keep reading to find out... its okSmile.. will do later on insh allah
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Originally posted by afreshbegin

Hi dear,

luv ur FF dear..

n i hate Amrit...

Pls use Manveer ke beech aane mat dena
ThanksBig smile I do 2 but for now shes needed...
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Originally posted by Gowri05

Awesome part mummy!!
Loved it!!
Thanks Gowri BachaBig smile I'm glad you enjoyed it
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ThanksBig smile

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Part 56

After a few hours Manyata gained conscious she quickly went to Udays room... she knocked the door

Uday looked at the clock it was 2am

Uday- isse waqt kaun hai  (he got up and opened the door)

It was Manyata she was scared and crying

Uday- Princess aap kya hua

Manyata-(cryingly) Uday I want to go home (she hugged him) humhe bahuth daar lag raha hai (she was crying continuously)

Uday hugged her

Uday- Princess andar aiyi yeh lijiye have some water please calm down

Uday was scared seeing Manyata like this

Manyata-(cryingly) woh phir ajayehgha I want to go home now abhi ghar janah please

Uday- Princess humhe kuch samaj mein nahiye araha hai kaun ajaygha... what's wrong with you? aapne koi burah sapna dekha hai aiyi hum aapko kamreh mein chordethe hai Princess aise darthe nahiye hai sapna toh sapna hotha it's not true

Manyata- Uday hum nahiye jayenghe humhe koi burah sapna nahiye aiya hai please humhe wahaan maat bhehjo isse bar hum marjayghe

Uday- Princess hum nahiye bhejenghe promise please stop crying aur humhe batiyeh akhir baat kya hai

Manyata hugged Uday tightly she closed her eyes

Manyata- Arjun... raped me in this hotel aur ausi kamreh mein jise mein hum abi hai (she was crying badly) Uday humhe ghar janah please humhe (she fainted)

Uday- Princesss

He called the doctor

Doctor- she's under a lot of stress so she fainted don't worry she will be fine in a few hours

Uday- Thank you Doctor

The doctor left

Uday sat by Manyata he holded her hand

Uday- I'm sorry Princess humhe nahiye patha tha keh yahaan aapke saat yeh sab hua warnah hum aapko yahaan kabhi nahiye lathe I'm really sorry humhe maaf kardijiye

Uday was really upset

Manyata was talking in her sleep and trembling

We see flashback scene


6 Years ago

We see Manyata age 17 reading a book at home Shaina was in the kitchen cooking... just then the phone rang

Shaina- Manya anwser the phone beta my hands are with flour

Manya- Yes Mama I got it (she answered the phone) Hello

Viraj- bacha how are you? It's Bhai how were exams?

Manya- BHAI!!!! How are you? I'm fine AS exams are finished got half term A2 starts after 2 weeks... how's Uni? When are you coming back? I'm missing you so much

Viraj- Bacha I miss you loads too I have 2 exams left and then I will be booking the first flight back to London... I hate it here in U.S without u guys how's Mama, Papa?

Manya- there fine Bhai you just come back quickly ok and don't forget my gifts I will email you my list

Viraj- of course I will bring all your gifts infact I have brought you some already

Manya- (excitedly) Bhai what you brought tell me please tell me please please Bhai

Viraj- No!!! You have to wait ok bacha give the phone to Mama

Manya- ok Bhai MAMA!!!!! BHAI ON THE PHONE!!!

Shaina came in the living room

Manya- Mama talk quickly ok I got loads to tell Bhai

Shaina- ok meri maa honestly Manya how much do you talk now give me the phone... Hello Viraj beta how are you?

Viraj- I'm fine Mama... how are you and dad

Shaina- we are fine beta we have seen a really nice girl for you her name is Jhanvi... when you come back we will be doing the wedding


Viraj- Mama I told you I'm not getting married yet please no shaadi ok

Shaina- you will have to get married after exams straight away shaadi just back quickly beta(Manya snatched the phone before Viraj can say anything)

Manya- Bhai I'm not taking no for a answer you're getting married ok I have to do shopping and all... yes I can finally buy that pink lengha I saw it's amazing so so beautiful

Viraj- Manya I'm not getting married don't get too excited ok now I have to go please take care of yourself ok good luck with your A2 study beforehand I will ring you again tomorrow bye bacha I love you

Manya- I love you to Bhai come home soon byeee

She disconnected the phone

Shaina- Manya beta go do some studying

Manya- fine Mama going but I'm hungry can you make pasta please with cheese and tomoto

Shaina- sure beta I will make it now

Manya went to study

After a while she received a phone call it was Arjun her boyfriend

Manya- Hello Arjun how are you?

Arjun- I'm not fine missing you so I want you to meet me tonight at 7.30pm in Hotel Morino

Manya- Arjun I can't it's too late plus I'm studying

Arjun- Manya this isn't fair please you have to come ok you love me right so you better come I will be in room 28 on 3rd floor ok bye baby see you later don't be late if you don't come I will know you don't love me at all  (he disconnected the phone before Manya can say anything)

Manya- Arjun honestly he's impossible but I love him I will have to go now otherwise he will be upset

After 1 hour or Manya got ready and came downstairs

Manya- Mama I'm going out will be back later

Shaina- first food here you beta eat

Manya- ok Mama I'm done now bye I will be bck in 1 hour promise ok

Shaina- ok beta

Now we see Manya entering Hotel Morino she goes to 3rd floor reaches room 28 and knocks the door

Arjun opened the door

Manya- see I'm here Arjun why don't we go out what are you doing here? where's everyone else?

Arjun- Manya I thought we could spend some time together

Manya- yeah lets go cinemas or shopping

Arjun- there is no need of that we always do that

He hugged her tightly Manya also hugged him back his intentions weren't right

Manya- Arjun what are you doing? You know I don't like this I'm going home move (she tried to open the door but it was locked)

Arjun- Manya what is wrong with you?

Manya- I want to go home open the door now please Arjun

Arjun- you're not going home yet

Manya cried for help but no one helped her

Manya- leave me... leave me... leave me

4 hours later

Shaina was really worried Manya wasn't home yet Rohan was away on a business trip in Canada and Viraj was studying in U.S... she contacted all Manyas friend but no one knew where she was

Just then the doorbell rang

Shaina quickly opened the door she was shocked to see Manya's condition

Shaina- Manya beta what happened to you? (she hugged her)

She brought he inside the house

Shaina- beta please say something

Manya wasn't saying anything she was quiet her eyes were red because of all the crying

Shaina took her to the hospital after examining Manya the Doctor told Shaina she had been raped.

The doctors kept Manya in hospital for a couple of days

Shaina- beta please say something I beg you look at me all this isn't your fault please beta speak to me

After a while Manya did react she was crying badly

Manya-(cryingly) MAMA!!!!! I trusted him so much he said loved me he lied Mama he just wanted to (interrupted)

Shaina- beta no crying now I promise you will get justice I phoned you Dad he coming tonights flight everything will be ok

Manya- it won't Mama my whole life has been ruined

Shaina- no beta don't say that (she hugged her)

Rohan had come from tonights flight a police case was made and Rohan got the best lawyers... but it was no point Arjun ran away... the police couldn't find him.

2 months later Manya found out she was Pregnant one of her friends told her Arjun was back hiding in his Uncle place...

Shaina- beta what do you want to do you have your whole life ahead of you... have a abortion beta your only 17 how will you look after a kid beta tum khud bachi ho

Rohan- Shaina it's completely Manya decision beta think about it I'm with you in whatever you decide ok

Manya- Mama, Papa I'm going I need some fresh air

Shaina- we will come too

Manya- No I will go on my own please I promise I won't do anything stupid I'm your strong daughter

Manya went to Arjun Uncles flat

Arjun opened the door

Arjun- Manya what you doing here?

Manya- Arjun I know I should of brought the police got you arrested and punished for what you did to me... but right now I have come here to tell you I'm pregnant I want to keep the baby I want you to marry me

He started laughing

Arjun- Manya look just abort it ok you live your life and I live mines I don't want nothing to do with you or the baby... NOW GET OUT!!!!

Manya- please Arjun (she was crying badly) don't do this please it's your baby as well it's not his fault please I beg you accept it I don't want my baby to come in this world without a father's name please I promise I won't ever ask anything from you please Arjun I beg you please

Arjun started laughing more

Arjun- Manya no point begging here I'm not changing my decision I don't want you or this baby GET OUT!!!!!!! DONT EVER SHOW ME YOUR FACE AGAIN!!!!!! (He banged the door on her face)

Now Manya was crying even more she was in tears

She went down the steps it said the wet floor but she was too busy crying to notice she tripped and fell down the stairs

Just then Raz saw all this and helped Manya and took her to the hospital

Doctor- patient is 2 months pregnant she's lost the baby.. we need your signatures we need to operate on her who are you to her?

Raz- I'm her brother please save my sister

The doctor went Raz waited patiently

After 3 hours the doctor came

Doctor- Operation was successful you can meet your sister she will be awake in a while

After 2 hours Manya was awake

Raz- how are you feeling now?

Manya got scared

Raz- please don't be scared I'm Razham Raz for short I saw you unconscious so brought you to the hospital... you lost your baby

Manya- what

Manya started crying

Raz and Manya talked for a while she told him what had happened

Raz- Manya don't worry I promise you I won't spare that Arjun I always wanted a sister so from today you are my sister and he ruined your life I will kill him (he got up)

Manya- no Bro god will punish him you don't need to get your hands dirty

Raz- god will punish him also but I'm not going to spare him

Raz informed Manyas parents and left to find Arjun

He finally found him he battered him black and blue

Raz- If I ever see you in this city again I will murder you... take him before I kill him

The police took Arjun

The hospital has told Manya she could never have a baby again... Manya had changed she was gone very quiet didn't talk much 1 years went by

Rohan- Raz beta Manya ko aapne saat lehjoa to university sab saat mein rehenghe she will like it

Raz- sure Uncle

Manya went to univeristy out of London

End of Flashback


Manyata- leave me... leave me... leave me

Uday- Princess I promise no one is here calm down

Uday- Princess it's ok no one is here (he caressed her hair massaged her forehead) no one will ever hurt my Princess I promise

Back in India Viraj wasn't very happy

Viraj- Mama hum Manya keh saat khod jathe aapneh humhe janeh kyun nahiye diya humhe bahuth chintha ho rahiye auseki

Shaina- Beta Uday hai auseke saat aur ab wakhi ki zindagi auseh ausi keh saat bithani... Uday Manya ka bahuth ache seh kyaal rakegha tum chintha maat karo beta

Jhanvi- Mama maine bhi ineh yeh samjaya but yeh hai keh maneh ko tyaar he nahiye hai keh rehay abhi London phone karnah hai abhi wahaan raat hai

Viraj- Jhanvi tum chup karo patha nahiye mere dill nahiye maan raha hai I'm feeling very restless patha nahiye bacha neh kuch kaya hogha ya nahiye aur (interupted)

Shaina- Viraj tum bewajah chintha kar rehay ho hum thodi dher mein phone karteh hai tike hai phir araam seh Manya seh baat karnah humseh zydah chintha ho rahiye Viraj ko

Komal- Viraj beta chintha maat karoh Uday hai unkeh saat aur wakhi sab bhi hai Manyata wahaan bahuth khush hoghi appointment keh baad sab shopping karkeh first flight seh ajayghe tum khode airport janah tike hai aur haan tum hamaare bareh beta ho toh yahaan ki tyaariyan bhi tumhe he dhekni hai tike hai ab chintha maat karoh

Shaina- hum bhi yahin samjah rehey teh aaj patha iseh kya hua hai

Viraj- Ma... Mama I know but humhe Manya seh jaldi seh baat karni hai phir hum chain milegha

Komal- beta thodi dher mein baat karnah tike hai ab hum tum dono ko bathaneh aiye teh keh Sangeet ki tyaariyan tum dono ko dhekni aur Jhanvi beta jo bhi shopping karni tum dono karoh

Krishy- Mama, Papa, Dadimas I'm very bored mujhe bhi shopping janah hai

Komal/Shaina- ofcourse Krish tum bhi janah

After a few hours Viraj rang Manyata in india no anwser now he started panicking

Viraj- Manya isnt answering her phone

Jhanvi- Uday ko phone karo Viraj Manya phone might not be charged

Viraj rang Uday 

Uday fell asleep on the floor holding Manyata's hand

He heard his phone ringing he quickly answered it

Uday- Hello

Vijay- Uday Manya kahaan kabseh auseh phone kar raha hoon I'm so worried

Uday- Sorry Viraj Bhai she's asleep aap kahen toh hum auseh jagha dethe hai

Vijay- nahiye let her sleep woh tike to haina

Uday- yeah she's fine don't worry

Viraj- you sure

Uday- Yes I'm sure Bhai

Viraj- ok mein baad mein phone kartha hoon Manya ka kyaal raknah

Uday- I will bye Viraj Bhai

Viraj- Bye

Uday quickly got ready and came back

Manyata was awake she was in Uday room she quickly got out of bed

Uday- Princess aap tike toh haina

Manyata- I'm fine sorry kal raat hum yahaan agaye

Uday- koi baat nahiye Princess I have brought your luggage here you get ready hum abhi athe hai

Manyata- Uday woh hospital janah hai in 2 hours

Uday- I know Princess hospital paas mein hai we can walk it there don't worry… Princess humhe maaf kardijiye I brought you here humhe nahiye patha tha

Manyata- No Uday it's not your fault humneh kabhi tumhe bataya nahiye so how would you know

Uday- Princess ab hum isse bareh mein koi baat nahiye kareghe ok I will just order your special breakfast you get ready ok

Manyata- hum abhi tyaar hokeh athe hai

Manyata went to the bathroom

Uday went downstairs to order breakfast

Rajbir, Vijay, Unnanti and J were already there having breakfast together

J- Jiju sa ab agaye we waited ages for you guys Jiji kahaan hai hum unkeh kamreh mein ghe teh but no one was there

Rajbir- Uday Bhai yeh sab kya ho raha hai Manya kahaan hai

Vijay- Uday bana aap kuch bholiye kya hua hai

Unnanti- Dada sab kuch tike toh haina

Uday- Princess hamare kamreh mein hai woh dharsal humhe hospital janah hai aur ab hum saat mein breakfast karkeh seedha hospital jayghe she has an appointment we were discussing the case file

Rajbir- Uday Bhai this is unfair aap loge hospital jayghe saat mein hum kya kareghe

J/U- SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!

Vijay- Shopping Unnanti nahiye please no shopping

Rajbir- J kitni shopping ki already ab please no shopping

Unnanti- Vijay humhe shopping karni hai ok… Dada dekhiye na he's not taking me shopping

J- Jiju sa tell Rajbir he knows every shopping place in London he isn't taking me either can you please beat him up

Rajbir- J apneh honeh waleh pati ko marwonghi

J- haan kyun nahiye yeh hamare jiju sa hamari side mein hai

Unnanti- Dada beat Vijay up as well

Everyone was arguing

Uday was getting her headache

Uday- enough!!!!! Unnanti, J don't worry aap loge araam seh shopping jayee Vijay bana, Rajbir ineh lekeh joa warnah hum aap dono ka aise haal karenghe you will remember your lifetime ab jayeeh

V/R- Ja rehay Uday bhai aap sach mein Hitler ho chaliye chalteh shopping

Uday- Remishaa kahaan hai

Rajbir- She's gone to meet her friend she will meet us here at 6pm..

Uday- ok flight is at 10pm so by 6pm you should be here ok

Rajbir- Ok Uday Bhai

Both Unnanti and J hugged Uday

Uday- guys enjoy yourselves ok jaldi anah ok

Everyone leaves

Uday got breakfast

Just then Manyata came down with her case file

Uday- Princess hum upar arahaye teh

Manyata- nahiye Uday humarah maan nahiye breakfast karneh ka I want to go to the hospital now

Uday- Princess I know you want to get out of her as soon as possible but breakfast is the most important meal of the day… your favourite cornflakes you can't leave him like that becharah naraaz hojaygha (Manyata smiled) aur haan tumhare Hitler bhai ka phone aiyah tha keh raha tha Manya kaisi hai I want to talk to her he will phone later ab bas jaldi seh breakfast karoh phir hum india phone karteh hai

Manyata had her breakfast

Manyata- Uday have breakfast

Uday- I had breakfast went to gym in the morning so wahaan peh breakfast karliyah tha

Manyata- you didn't wake me up even

Uday- Princess humneh soacha hum aapko disturb kyun kareh you were sleeping so peacefully just like sleeping beauty

Manyata-Uday tum humhe disturb karsakteh ok ab chaloh lets go to hospital

Uday- chaloh Princess

After a few minutes we see Manveer in hospital

The doctor done the check up

Doctor- Manyata you're doing well after 5 months we will do a final test then I will be able to tell you more about your condition… just keep taking your tablets

Uday- Doctor she needs more tablets

Doctor- yes I can see that on the file here's the prescription you can collect it from the pharmacy… your next appointment is for next month… its good improvement so instead of calling you every 2 weeks we will call you every 4 weeks

Manveer- Thank You Doctor

Now we see Manveer in pharmacy collecting medicine

Manyata- Uday I told everyone to meet us in hotel I need to get my bag then we can go the airport

Uday- Princess let them do shopping warnah baad mein complain karenghe humneh shopping nahiye karneh di

Manyata- ok fine (just then her mobile rang) Hello

Viraj- Manya bacha how are you? Tumhaari tabiyaat toh tike haina did you go to hospital?

Manyata- Bhai I'm fine hamaari tabiyaat tike hai aap please chintha maat kijiye

Viraj- Thank god bacha tum tike ho ab apna kyaal raknah ok aur haan when's the flight?

Manyata- flight is at 10pm Bhai can I speak to Krishy

Viraj- Krishy bua is on the phone

Krish- BUA!!!!!! HOW ARE YOU?

Manyata- I'm fine bacha how are you? Missing u loads bacha

Krish- me 2 Bua it's so boring here all day Daddy was so worried about you he didn't even take me to the toy shop Bua come back quickly Daddy is annoying all of us so much, he's such a cry baby

Manyata- (laughed)  Bacha don't worry Bua will be back tomorrow I will bring you loads of toys ok

Krish- Yay!!!!!!!

Uday- Princess humhe bhi Krishy seh baat karni hai phone doh (Manyata gave him the phone) Krishy Bacha

Krish- Prince Udayveer

Uday- how are you Krishy

Krish- I'm very bored all of you have left me here come back quickly Prince Udayveer

Uday- We will be back tomorrow I have a surprise for you

Krish- Surprise tell me tell me what is it Prince Udayveer?

Uday- Will show you tomorrow when we come back ok bacha

Krish- not fair Prince Udayveer now I have to wait

Uday- Bacha we will be home soon ok

Viraj- Uday Manya ka kyaal raknah ok aur haan hum kal airport ajayaghe

Uday- Don't worry Viraj Bhai (Manyata took the phone)

Manyata- Bhai please don't worry ok

Viraj- ok bacha have a safe flight I love you

Manyata- love you loads Bhai bye

Viraj- Bye Bacha

He disconnected the phone

Manyata and Uday go shopping and buy loads of gifts for everyone and toys for Krishy

Uday- Manyata I'm buying these games for Krishy and the spiderman collection of dvds

Manyata- He will love that

After a while Uday phone rang it was Amrit

Uday- Hello

Amrit- Uday where are you guys? Hum kabseh intezaar kar rehay hai

Uday- hum shopping kar rehay thodi dher mein atheh hai phir Airport chalenghe

Amrit- tike hai jaldi aiyi

She disconnected the phone

Manyata- Uday kiska phone tha

Uday- Amrit ka she's waiting for us

Manyata- toh karneh do wait humhe kya abhi bahuth time hai I haven't even completed my shopping yet

Uday- Princess itni saari shopping to ki hai humneh

Manyata- no I want to buy some dresses

Uday- tike hai chaliyeh

Manveer carried on shopping

Back in the hotel Amrit wasn't very happy she was waiting

After 2 hours Manveer came back to hotel

Amrit- how was your shopping?

Manyata- (proudly) It was great I have brought loads of nice dresses and for the sangeet jewellery and accessories aur haan Uday neh humhe yeh pink anarkali suit gift kiya hai better than the one you took that day remember

Amrit- itnah pyaara suit hai Uday ki pasand toh bahuth achi hai

Manyata- I know right Amrit akhir hum bhi Uday ki he pasand hai (she smirked)

Amrit- haan woh toh hai Uday hai kahaan

Manyata- he's gone to get the luggage

Amrit wasn't very happy

Amrit- (to herself) Manyata khush ho loh jitnah honah hai tum sirf Uday ki pasand he roghi Jaigar ki Maharani hum baneghe sirf aur sirf hum (she smiled evilly)

Uday came back

Uday- Princess sab agaye I got the luggage

Manyata- yeah everyone's back they done so much shopping

Rajbir and Vijay were holding all the bags

Uday- how was your shopping trip Choti and J

U/J- Great we loved it brought so many things

R/V- Hamara toh burah haal hai itni shopping ki hum toh paagal hogaye that's it after today no shopping

U/J- Kya kahaan Dada!!!!!!!...Jiju sa!!!!!

R/V- Hum toh mazaak kar rehay teh ofcourse shopping karwanghe whenever you want ab toh khush

U/J- Bahuth khush

Remisha was back also

Remisha- sorry woh mujhe thodi dher hogayi chaleh

Uday- yeah chaliye


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afreshbegin Groupbie

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Thanx for the fab update dear...Smile

Manyatha's past made me cry...Cry

us Arjun ko tho impotent bana dena chahiye tha...Dead

Aur us Amrit ke saare khwab tod dena kk

Sirf Manyatha hi Banegi uski Prince Charming Ki Queen or Princess...

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