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Unwanted Thread 2 Manveer FF LAST PART PG123 (Page 43)

Supernatural_10 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 14 August 2012 at 9:18pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by smiley12

 awesome update anamClapprecap is very scarydo continue soonThumbs Up
Thanks Ria BachaBig smile yh it is I will do in 5minz

Supernatural_10 IF-Addictz

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Originally posted by udaymanyata07

ThanksBig smile
Supernatural_10 IF-Addictz

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Originally posted by -Niha-

wow rajbir accepted jay wiv her child im glad he did
hmm next chappy is on da kidnapping for da third time she rly is popular
poor krish
cant believe its cornflakes fault shame on daddy lolz
update soon!
Yeah he loves her too muchLOL yes bacha 3rd time you counted right yh she isLOL yh lil bacha... no bacha its all Manyata fault she loves cornflakes not his fault so stop blaming daddyLOL I iwll do
Supernatural_10 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 14 August 2012 at 9:24pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by adventure_gurl

awesome  update! oh gosh hope they can find Manyata soon!
Thanks ShonaliBig smile keep reading to find out
Supernatural_10 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 14 August 2012 at 9:26pm | IP Logged

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ThanksBig smile

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Supernatural_10 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 14 August 2012 at 9:30pm | IP Logged

Part 49


The next day we see everyone on the breakfast table


Manayta comes downstairs


Manyata- bye everyone


Everyone was shocked


Uday- Princess no cornflakes today aise kaise you can't go without breakfast


Jhanvi- Manya seedhe seedhe beth jo warnah acha nahiye hogha eat your breakfast then go to work


Viraj- nahiye no nashtha chaloh Manya


Jhanvi- Viraj yeh aap kya kehrehay hai breakfast is the most important meal of the day


Uday- haan Princess you never leave cornflakes for anyone nashtha karkeh joa kya jaldi hai it's enough time


Manyata- No nashtha today Uday aaj Viraj Bhai humhe nashteh keh liye bahaar lekeh ja rehay we are going Subway ok so I will see you in the evening bye


Uday- lekin (interrupted)


Viraj- Uday hum haamari behen ka ache seh kyaal rakenghe don't worry


Manyata and Viraj leave


Jhanvi- aaj Viraj ko kya hogaye hai bina coffee piyeh chaleh gaye aur Manya ko nashtha bhi nahiye karneh diya


Uday- Princess didn't have cornflakes kuch baat to hai


Jhanvi- I don't know Uday aneh do Viraj aur Manya ko phir dono ki khabar lethi hoon… tum nashtha karo


It was 4pm


Shaina- Jhanvi hum abhi Birmingham ja rehay hai Viraj keh dost keh ghar mein function hai….  Raat ko ajayghe ab chaloh Krishy bacha jaldi she tyaar hojo


Krishy- I don't want to go Dadi I want to stay here with Bua and Prince Udayveer please I will be good


Jhanvi- bacha Papa bahuth daanthe ok so u have to come


Krishy- No I am not going Prince Udayveer tell them I want to stay home me and you can watch Batman and Robin


Uday- Bhabhi Krish ko ghar reheneh dijiye aur waise function mein bore hojaygha hum isska ache seh kyaal rakenghe promise


Jhanvi- ok fine Krishy be good bacha ok


Krishy- I will Mama


Shaina- Viraj will directly meet us there…. Aur haan Uday Manya ka phone aiya tha she's gone with Remisha and Rajbir to the jewellers… Rajbir auseh ghar chordehgha tum chintha maat karnah ok… aur haan Vijay, Unnanti and J bhi hamare saat ja rehay hai


Uday- tike hai Aunty


Everyone leaves only Uday and Krishy are at home


After a while Manyata also comes home


Manyata was shouting


Manyata- where is everyone? I'm hungry no food


Krish- Bua there all gone to Birmingham Daddys friend's house party function, Daddy, Mummy, Dadu, Dadi, princess J, Princess Unnu and Prince Vijay also gone... I'm hungry too but don't want this sabzi


Manyata- Where's Uday?


Uday- I'm here Princess kya baat hai bahuth ghuseh mein ho


Manyata- Its 7pm everyone's gone without telling me


Uday- Princess it was a function and you weren't home they told me to inform you when you come back... right so Krish shall we watch Batman and Robin I made pasta also


Krish- yes Prince Udayveer


Manyata- I will make chocolate cornflakes


Krish- Yes Bua yummy


(She went to the kitchen opened the drawer no cornflake left)


Manyata started screaming


Uday and Krish ran to the kitchen


Uday- What happened Princess?


Krish- Bua what happened?


Manyata- Uday, Krishy no cornflake left


Uday laughed


Uday- Princess just because of cornflakes you started shouting omg now please don't start crying


Manyata- shut up Uday I want cornflakes now


Krish- me 2 Prince Udayveer


Uday- ok ok I will go get it from the shops Princess agar cornflakes insaan hotha you will surely marry him


Manyata- how I wish he was anyways abhi lekeh aao ok agar nahiye mileh go to other shops don't come back till you buy cornflakes


Uday- ja rehay Princess tum araam seh betho hum abhi lekeh athe hai cornflakes yeh sach mein hamara sabseh barah dushman hai cornflakes agar insaan hotha toh hum iseh chorteh nahiye


Manyata- joa abhi don't call my Mr Cornflake dushman he's my everything


Uday- toh phir hum kaun ha I thought I was your everything


Manyata- tum bhi ho lekin pehele cornflakes ok you are last ab joa now!!!


Uday- ab nahiye jayghe hum last aur yeh cornflake first ab toh kabhi nahiye jaighe


Manyata- Uday abhi joa now warnah hum tumseh baat nahiye kareghe


Krish- Bua, Prince Udayveer please stop arguing can you go buy cornflakes I will wait for you then we can watch Batman and Robin hurry up... Bua don't be mean to Prince Udayveer say please he will go then


Manyata- fine sorry Uday can you please please buy me cornflakes pretty please (she made a cute face)


Uday- Princess ab tumneh please kehdiyah hai hum abhi jakeh athe hai ok


Uday leaves


Krish and Manyata were watching TV together just then someone started banging the garden door... Krish got scared and went running to Manyata


Krish- Bua someone in the house


Manyata- Krish you sit here I will go and check


Krishy was hugging Manyata tightly


Krish- Bua don't leave me alone we will go together


Manyata- fine chaloh bacha


Manyata and Krishy went to the kitchen the garden door was open


Just then someone came from behind and got Manyata


Manayta- LEAVE ME!!!!


Krish- LEAVE MY BUA!!!!!!!


Krish got the kitchen brush hit the person on the head he let go of Manyata...both Manyata and Krish ran in the lounge.. he ran after Manyata caught her again and put chloroform on her mouth Manyata passed out..this time he pushed Krish on the floor and picked Manyata up and took her outside.


Krish hurt his head


Krish- LEAVE MY BUA!!!! (He ran outside after them but it was too late the car was gone and the house door was shut and Krish couldn't go inside the house)


He started crying


Krish- BUA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Meanwhile we see Uday with cornflakes walking it home


Uday- finally milgaya yeh cornflakes went 3 shops


He saw Krish crying he went running to him


Uday- Krish Bacha what happened?


Krish- (Cryingly) Prince Udayveer he took my Bua someone tried to rob our house then he took Bua (he was crying and crying)


Uday picked him up


Uday- ssshhh Bacha I will find your Bua I promise stop crying


Uday didn't know what to do he couldn't ring Viraj or go home coz the door was locked he had no key, so he decided to go to Rajbir house.


Rajbir- Uday tum isse waqt Manya kahaan hai aur J… Krishy why are you crying bacha what happened? Andar aao


Uday told him what happened


Rajbir- Remisha Krishy ko upar lejoa


Krish wasn't letting go of Uday


Krish- I want to stay with Price Udayveer I'm scared he wore black mask he took my Bua (he started crying)


Uday- ssh bacha you're my brave bacha and strong so no crying ok here have some water… that's like my bacha get some sleep ok I promise I will find Bua


Krish went to Remisha she took him upstairs


Uday- Rajbir I need to find my Princess I'm sure that Arjun done all this aur ab hum auseh choreghe nahiye


He was about to go out


Rajbir- Uday we should inform the police you can't take matters in your own hand… if it's a kidnapping case they will surely ask for Ransom they should ring anytime soon


Uday- Rajbir this isn't a ransom case


Just the Uday phone rang


It was Viraj

Viraj- Uday its me Bhai we wont back till 2mrw evening I hope that's ok Manya aur Krish ka kyaal raknah


Uday- ok Bhai I will do bye


Viraj- acha zara Manya she baat karanah


Uday- she's in the shower I will tell her you phone bye


Uday disconnected the phone


Uday- I had to lie to Viraj Bhai just because of this Arjun


Rajbir- Who is this Arjun why would he kidnap Manya


Uday- it's a long story for now I need to look for my Princess


Rajbir- mein bhi chaltha hoon saat lets go raaste mein police complaint bhi kardenghe


Now we see Manyata locked in a garage


Just then Uday phone rang


Uday- Hello


Guy- mein bhole raha hoon now listen to me carefully agar Manyataaa zinda chahiye hai toh mujhe meri Jainandani do kal isse pathe peh ajanah warnah mein Manyataa ki lash tumhare paas poachdoongha…. This time I am very serious Udayveer Singh tumhaari aur iss Manyataa ki wajah seh meri bahuth bezaathi hui hai ab bas mujhe sirf J aur mere bacha chahiye agar police ko bataneh ki koshish ki anjaam bahuth borah hogha




We see Manyata and Arjun in a garage


He pulled her hair




Manyata- Udaayy!!!


Uday- Princess aap tike toh hainah I will find you I promise


Manyata- Uday kabhi bhi iski baat na manah aur hamaari behen ko idhar maat lanah hum tike hai humhe kuch nahiye hogha


Arjun slapped Manyata acrossed the face




Arjun- agar Princess zindah chahiye hai toh kal he J ko hamareh paas lekeh aao samje


Manyata in the backgroud




Arjun slapped her across the face again


Arjun- kyun nahiye maneh J is mines agar nahiye manegha I will kill you!!!  RAGHUBEER ISKA MOO BAAND KARO... YOU HAVE TILL 2MRW 


He disconnected the phone


Precap- Uday was in dilemma


Manyata or J

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-SilverAngel- IF-Stunnerz

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Hey Anam, though I haven't tried your FF till now... but will do so soon!!
Will love to read your work too!...
Just wanted to say your work is gonna come under my scrutiny too lol
so bachna aye writer!

Mariam12 Senior Member

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Posted: 14 August 2012 at 11:40pm | IP Logged
mind blowing update anam Big smile i just hate that  arjun  plz do cont soon  nw suspence is killing me that what will uday do nw

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