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Unwanted Thread 2 Manveer FF LAST PART PG123 (Page 33)

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 5:08pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by famin

so scary promo anam..i m excited to knw...update soon
Yh it is... promo part will happen in 2-3 parts i will do

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 5:21pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ashukapoor007

Scary & Suspensful Promo  Anam! Who Is Dis New  Idoit Now? Ty. 4 d Pm & Update sooon 
keep reading to find out LOL its okSmile
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Originally posted by -Niha-

OMG first i read that cornflakes bit and i was thinking, 'hmm... i shud hav known. anam is actually manya' lol u mentioned daddys name yaay
but then manyata gets kidnapped for da third time. poor girl, she is so popular that everyone wants her and she only wants uday and mr cornflakes ROFL
seriously, london is so unsafe. they shud have locked da door at least. now they need to replace da fence
poor krish
stupid cornflakes
uday cud have saved her
thx 4 pm
update soon
Lol NihaLOL come on you know I have cornflake obsession he has to be in the ff as I have mentioned him earlier to so thought it will be good to mention him againLOL... yh true 3rd time what can i doLOL the door was locked kidnappers are clever Niha... yep i know poor krishy... Uday had to go out otherwise how would of the kidnapping happened ... its ok bacha keep reading will update the promo part in 2-3- parts
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Originally posted by vampire12345678

oh this promo manveer nok-jhok at the begining and then a scary twist please update soon anam this promo was dam interesting who was that person???
Thanks SairaBig smile keep reading to find out...
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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 5:39pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by chitra_rao

WOW that was one heck of a promo, very scary and interesting Clap
ThanksBig smile I'm glad you enjoyed it promo will tke place 2- 3 parts
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Originally posted by mahara23

wow loved it continue sooon plzzz
ThanksBig smile
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Part 46

The next day everyone was getting ready for the wedding

Manyata was screaming in her room she was wearing her leggings and the sari matching blouse... she couldn't do the sari plates

Manyata- BHABHI!!!!!!!!!! MAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UNNANTI!!!!!!!! Koi nahiye hai meri madat kareneh keh liyeh yeh dumb sari humseh nahiye banthi (she tied it anyhow)  still not done this dumb sari who invented these dumb plates

Uday came inside without knocking 

Uday- Princess woh Raz ka phone aiyah tha I'm going to his house baraat keh saat aiyghe

Manyata- ahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TURN AROUND UDAY NOW!!!!

Uday turned around

Manyata quickly got her hoodie

Uday- Sorry Princess woh I was in a hurry came to tell you I was going to Raz house

Manyata- Uday you should of knocked the door first

Uday- I told you I didn't realize aur waise bhi yeh hamaari honeh waleh biwi ka kamarah hai so yeh kamara bhi hamara hua so knock karneh ki zaroorth nahiye hai

Manyata- Uday yeh sirf hamara kamrah hai ok no biwi abhi thak hamaari shaadi nahiye hui hai... right now hum bahuth ghuseh mein hai... iss sari neh hamara borah haal kiya hua pichleh 2 ghantoh seh pehene ki koshish kar rehay hai... can you call Mama, Bhabhi or Unnanti akeh hamaari madat kareh

Uday- sorry Princess Aunty Shaina toh Nishimah bhabhi keh ghar gayi hui hai aur Jhanvi bhabhi Krishy ko tyaar kar rahiye hai and then she's going to iron Viraj Bhai and Vijay Bana clothes and Choti is helping J so they can't help you hum haina I can help

Manyata started laughing

Manyata- Uday I'm not stupid tum hamara mazaak banah rehay ho ok ab jaldi seh joa aur Unnati ko lekeh aao

Uday- Princess I told you she is getting J ready then herself... ok Princess hum chalteh hai tum aise he bethi raho when they will be free they will come

Uday was about to go

Manyata- Uday

Uday- Yes Princess

Manyata- fine I don't think I have a choice if I wait for Bhabhi and Unnati it will be too late... I need to get to the hall asap

Uday - ok Princess as you wish shall I turn around

Manyata- yes you can turn around... here's the instructions I found this on google

Uday- Princess why do you think google has answers for everything? (he laughed)

Manyata- it does ok it has solutions for most of my problems, so ab please don't laugh it can't get any embarrassing then this... now look at this see

Uday- ok fine I will read it

Manyata was shocked Uday had done the plates of the sari

Uday- there you go all done

Manyata-  Uday kya tum pichleh janam mein ladki teh you done this in 10 minutes

Uday- what no Princess... yeh sab google ka kamaal hai all the instruction on here

Manyata- yeah thanks ab tum joa hum chalteh hai I'm going to the hall first

Uday- Princess  saat mein chalteh hai

Manyata- ok chaloh I will drop you on the way

Uday- ok lets go

Manyata- one minute (Manyata opened the drawer and took whole load of pins dumped them in her bag)

Uday- Princess what is the need for these pins so many

Manyata- Uday the sari I'm paranoid I got 2 pins so I will take more in case and yeah the jewellery

Just then Uday saw Manyata's engagement ring on the dressing table

Uday- Princess engagement ring why did you take it off

Manyata- Uday I went to the shower so took it off... see I'm so forgetful sorry now don't get upset I didn't purposely take it off

Uday puts the ring on Manyata

Uday- Princess I never ever want you take this off ok I don't care if you go in the shower with it

Manyata- ok Uday but agar ring shower mein chali gayi toh don't shout at me

Uday- Princess it won't you're so paranoid ab chaleh

Manyata- yes (she picked her sandals up) wore her flats Uday don't laugh now ok I can't drive in heels so that's why 2 pair of shoes ab chaloh

Manyata and Uday were going downstairs just then Unnanti came

Unnanti- Bhabhi sa hum aapke paas aneh waleh teh sorry I was helping J get ready aur her lengha didn't fit her so I had to do alterations and then I curled her hair... I'm ready now aapki help kardeh.. aapneh sari pehen bhi li

Manyata- haan no thanks to you Unnanti yeh toh Uday neh hamaari madat kardi with the guidance of google

Unnanti- Dada aapne sari pehnaiye (she laughed)

Uday- ab hum kya kareh apni princess keh liye yeh bhi karnah partha hai

Manyata- Uday you just done the plates ok I done rest myself now shut up let's go.. Vijay Bhai kahaan hai aap please apni Unnanti ko samjayee she's laughing at me

Vijay- Unnanti can you come here please

Manyata- ab jayee na Bhabhi Vijay Bhai is calling you (she laughed)

Unnanti- Ja rehay hai

Unnanti went to Vijays room

Viraj- Manya Mama ka phone aiya tha jaldi joa in the hall sab intezaar kar rehay hum baad mein ajayghe

Manyata- Ok Bhai where's Krishy?

Viraj- He's in the shower woh baad mein hamare saat aiygha

Manyata- ok Bhai i'm going

Now we see Manyata and Uday outside Raz Bro house

Uday- Princess araam seh janah ok

Manyata- haan hum araam seh chalehjayenghe will BBM you when I'm there ab joa ok

Uday- Ja rehay hai Princess

Manyata- Bye joa

Uday- Princess sari sambhalekeh ok (he laughed)

Manyata- Uday ab joa warna hum tumhe sandal seh mareghe.. I'm paranoid already joa

Uday- ok sorry bye

Manyata- (angrily) Bye

After half an hour we see Manyata in the hall

Nishimah- I'm so so sorry Bhabhi I'm late (she hugged her) you look so beautiful omg aaj to Raz Bro mar he jayghe aap par (she laughed)

Nishimah started blushing

Shanaya- Manya tumneh sari pehni what about the sari lengha

Manyata- I will wear that 2mrw for reception

Nishimah Mom was crying

Manyata- Aunty don't cry please abhi bidaai nahiye hui hai ok.. aur if your cry Bhabhi will strat crying also not good

Shanaya- aur haan sara make up will go ruined so aunty no tears please

Manyata and Shanaya both hugged Nishimah Mom

Shaina- Manya beta yeh sari tumneh bahuth ache seh pehni hai.. Jhanvi neh maadat ki hoghi sorry beta I was in a hurry

Manyata- No Mama everyone was so busy yeh toh Uday aur google neh madat ki varnah mein abhi thak ghar mein wait kar rahiye hothi Bhabhi ya Unnanti hamaari madat kareh so my last option was Uday and my google aur sab ache seh hogaya

Everyone couldn't stop laughing

Manyata- guys please not funny ok ab bas kijiye

Shanaya- UV is indeed clever

Manyata- yh with the guidance of google

Girl- Baraat agayi hai

Nishimah's mom- Manya, Shanaya jo beta baraat agayi hai tum dono behene jaldi joa

The rest of Manyatas family was here so were Jhanvi parents and Rajbir

Everyone through roses on the baraat, Nishimah mom done pooja and tilak

Shanaya- right no one can pass this line pehele hamare paise

Manyata- Haan Raz Bro hum andar nahiye aneh denghe pehele paise

Raz gave them 100 each

Manyata- Bro thats not enough 100 more

Shanaya- haan abhi 100 more warnah aap andar nahiye jasakteh

Uday- no Bro no more money for you guys that's enough

Manyata- Uday you be quiet ok I'm talking to my Raz Bro

Shanaya- come on Bro paise

Vikz- No Bro don't give them anymore money

Manyata- haan aapki shaadi hai aaj aur hum aapki eklauti beheneh hai so itni asani seh aapko chorneh walhi nahiye

Raz- ok ok detha hoon relax

He gave them more money

Now everyone came inside

The song was playing saajan ji ghar aiye hai

Manyata and Shanaya both were dancing with Uday and Vikz.

Rajbir- J do you want to dance

J- Sorry Rajbir I can't I'm not feeling very well

Rajbir- what happened?

J didn't know how to explain

J- I have headache sorry tum joa enjoy karo

Rajbir sat down with J

Rajbir- I will sit down with you and give you company

J- No Rajbir I'm fine tum please joa

Rajbir- No I'm sitting here with you

J started coughing badly Rajbir went to get her water

Rajbir- Here have some water you will feel better

Jhanvi was looking at all this Rajbir was taking good care of J

Meanwhile the dance had finished Manyata was very tired her alarm beeped

Uday- Princess why the alarm?

Manyata- Uday it's time for my medicines ok I knew I would forget so I put alarm and reminder here, I will be right back hum medicine lekeh athe hai

Uday- It's still 15minz left till the next dose of your medicine.. I will come too

Manyata- No Uday hum akeleh ja sakteh hai medicine in my bag... 10minz left now just want to get it out the way

Uday- No Princess I will come also

Manyata- fine chaloh Uday tum harbar hamare saat nahiye jasakteh na come one when you will go back to India thab hamara kya hogha so isliye I have my medicine myself on time before you can remind me

Uday- Princess hum idhar he hai for now so until then I will come with you... here your water shall I crush the tablets

Manyata- No I will do it myself

Manyata crushed the tablet and drank water

Manyata- all done

Uday- Princess you didn't even say yuck today to the medicine

Manyata- yeah I'm use to it now not long left now till the dosage is complete

Uday- yeah hopefully this time the results will come better

Manyata- yeah

Just the Uday phone rang

Uday- hum abhi athe hai

Manyata- ok I will go and see J

Uday went to answer the phone call and Manyata went to J and Rajbir.. Unnati and Vijay were already there

Manyata- J ab kaisi tabiyaat hai

J- I'm fine Jiji

Rajbir- Manya ab tumhe time milah J seh pochneh keh woh kaisi hai

Manyata- I was doing my performance ok

J- I loved your performance Jiji

Manyata- Thank you J

J- Jiju sa kahaan hai

Manyata- phone par hamesha ki tarah idiot

Rajbir- come on Manya why are you so jealous now he can't run after you 24/7

Manyata kicked Rajbir

Manyata- just shut up Rajbir

Rajbir- see J she always hits me jakeh Uday ko moro mujhe nahiye

Manyata- tum baat he aisi karteh hai waise Rajbir idhar itni saari ladiyaan hai jo jakeh dance karoh yahaan kyun betho hue ho

Rajbir- I am not interested in them girls

Manyata- omg what did you say you're not interested in girls omg Rajbir yeh sab kaise hogaya when did you turn gay omg  Vijay Bhai Rajbir seh dur rahiye hai

Just then Uday came back

Uday- Princess woh (interrupted)

Manyata- Uday please save yourself guess what Rajbir is gay (she laughed)

Rajbir- Shut up Manya I am not gay it's just I had enough of all these dumb chipko type girls.. I  have decided it's time to settle down aur mein bahuth jald shaadi karneh walah hoon aaj he Mama seh baat karoogha I have someone special in mind

Manyata- what did you just say shaadi omg omg really I thought you want to be bachelor forever... chaloh jaldi seh batoa who is this someone special

Unnanti/Vijay- haan batoa na Rajbir

Uday- jaldi seh batoa kaun hai

J- who is the lucky girl?

Rajbir looked at J

Rajbir-  she is right here with me in this hall that's about it you will all find out soon

Manyata- omg kaun hai yahaan toh itni saari girls hai BHABHI!!!!!  KRISHY!!!! COME HERE!!!!

Jhanvi and Krishy came

Jhanvi- Kya hua Manya you know I have a lot of work to do

Krish- Bua what happened?

Manyata- Bacha your Mamu has finally chosen you're to be Mami... Bhabhi ab Rajbir ki shaadi ki tyaariyaan kijiye he's finally agreed and also found the special girl

Jhanvi- what really kaun hai kahiye sapna toh nahiye aunty sejal ki beti hai

Rajbir- No Di please not her right now I can't tell you baad mein baat kareghe ok now end of topic

Krish- Mamu who is my Mami tell me na please

Rajbir- Bacha I haven't even told her yet when she says yes then will tell you promise ok

Krish- Mamu she will say yes for sure who can say no to my Mamu he is the best (he hugged him)

Jhanvi- Rajbir jaldi seh baat karo ok phir batnah.. Manya chaloh bidaai ka sameh hogaya hai

Everyone was crying badly

Uday- Princess it's ok don't cry (he hugged her)

Manyata- Uday this is really sad why can't the boys do bidaai makes life easy... or become ghar jamai

Uday-  Princess it's tradition ok which has been going on for 100 thousand years

Manyata- so Uday it's 2012 it shouldn't be like this in the future jab hum apni little Princess ki shaadi kareghe thab kya hogha thab tumhara kya hogha I think you will cry so much and faint itni besabri seh auseka intezaar karehay aur jab auseki shaadi hoghi aur woh tumseh bahuth dur chalijayghi thab kya hogha

Now Uday was in deep thought

Uday- No Princess hum apni little Princess ko hamesha apneh paas rakenghe

Manyata- But Uday the tradition

Uday- hum iss tradition ko nahiye maante I will find a perfect boy for my little princess aur woh bhi hamare saat rehagha Jaigar mein

Manyata- Uday you're such a hypocrite jab apni beti ki baat aiyi toh poori tradition badal di haan not good ab hum bhi tradition badalenghe tum hamare saat hamare ghar mein rahoghe ok hum tumhaari bidaai kareghe hamare sasurji baldy will surely won't mind if he does I will say Uday wants to change tradition for his little princess in the future so ab hum bhi badalenghe na akhir hum kise seh kum nahiye hai ok

Uday- Princess aise kaise ho saktha hai it's not possible

Manyata- yes everything is possible I will talk to Mama about this watch


Manyata went to open the door

Manyata- yes can I help you

guy- can you sign this please these are flight tickets for Mr Udayveer Singh

Manyata signed it and took the tickets inside

Manyata- Uday is leaving and didn't tell me there should be 4 tickets but there is 5 (she read the tickets) why is my ticket done I'm not leaving London... UDAY!!!!!!!!





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