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Unwanted Thread 2 Manveer FF LAST PART PG123 (Page 27)

Supernatural_10 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 05 August 2012 at 5:31pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by adventure_gurl

awesome job!
Thanks ShonaliBig smile

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Posted: 05 August 2012 at 5:32pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by AKlover101

Fabulous update as always Anam!! Plzzz do continue soon n thanks for the pm:D
ThanksBig smile I will do later onSmile
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Posted: 05 August 2012 at 5:34pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Niha-

nyc update jay Wink ... only joking
loved da update anam
yay u included da olympics and da cinema that i asked about b4
cinema scene is gonna be so cute three couples and one bacha
i can already imagine it
i wonder wat rajbir will say wen he finds out about jay
thx 4 pm
update soon
Thanks Niha Bacha Big smileoh please dont call me that
I'm glad you enjoyed it
yh see i included it in... it will be in the next part... he will find out soon not yet though
its okSmile I will do late ron
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Originally posted by mahara23

Loved it continue soon as possible
ThanksBig smile I will do later onSmile
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Posted: 05 August 2012 at 5:36pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by annysyed

Anam: awesum,beautiful update ,awww manveer love tiff was so cute
Thanks Anny BachaBig smile I'm glad you enjoyed it
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Originally posted by allseasonrain

good to see manveer and rajbir...cute pair...preview is interesting.hope to see a lot of manveer romance...
ThanksBig smile yh i know they are so rajbir is no villan in hereLOL keep reading to find outSmile I iwll update later on
Supernatural_10 IF-Addictz

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Supernatural_10 IF-Addictz

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Part 45

Manyata got ready and came downstairs

Manyata- Krish bacha where is everyone?

Krish- I will go and call them

Just then the doorbell rang Manyata went to open the door

It was Rajbir

Rajbir- everyone ready Manya

Manyata- well I'm ready the others should be coming come inside

Rajbir- is Jiju back

Manyata- no Bhai isn't back yet

Jhanvi came inside

Jhanvi- Raj Krish ka kyaal raknah ok he's gone very spoilt again cinemas he went last week to watch Spiderman

Rajbir- Di don't worry Krish is going to be with me and J as you know the rest are couple so Krish will be with his Mamu

Manyata- excuse me no Mamu ok with Bua only

Rajbir- no Bua only Mamu

Manyata- no Mamu Bua now shut up

Just then Viraj came back

Jhanvi- your jiju has come now

Viraj- kahaan janeh ki tyaari ho rahiye everyone is ready Manya.. Rajbir

Manyata- cinemas and long drive

Rajbir- don't worry Jiju we will back early as you know me I'm always on time

Viraj- acha that's fine as long as ur back before 9 araam seh joa ok here's my card sab enjoy karna treat from me

Manyata hugged Viraj

Manyata- Thanks Bhai

Krish came down with J, Uday, Vijay, and Unnanti

Krish- Daddy we are going to watch Batman can't wait

Viraj- Batman that's great make sure you behave ok

Krish- I will Daddy can we go now Mamu!!!!

Rajbir- Yes bacha lets go

Manyata- I'm taking my car Krish is coming with me

Rajbir- Nope my bacha is coming with me ok me, J, Krish, Vijay and Unnati are going together you lovebirds go alone

Manyata- Rajbir don't act smart ok Krish is coming with Bua

Uday- yes Krish you can't betray Prince Udayveer and Bua

Rajbir- Uday tum bhi shuru hogaye come on I'm giving you guys privacy so appreciate it and go enjoy karo we will meet in cinema then you can meet with Krish

J- stop arguing let's ask Krish who he wants to go with

Vijay- good idea J bhai so Krish who do you want to go with? hamare saat ya phir Bua aur Uday bana keh saat

Krish- Let me think ermmm MAMU!!!!!!

Rajbir was very happy

Rajbir- Yes!!!!! Come on bacha you guys go in your car

Uday and Manyata weren't very happy

Manyata- Rajbir I won't leave you hamare Krish ko apni party mein lehliya Krishy bacha how could you choose Mamu over Bua

Krish hugged Manyata

Krish- Bua you guys go together ok I will meet you there now can we go pleaseee movie will be missed

Manyata- ok bacha chaloh Rajbir who you waiting for now?

Rajbir- No one now come on

Uday- Rajbir don't drive too fast J leh liye acha nahiye ok

Rajbir- don't worry I won't I will take good care of your both sisters, Krish and Vijay don't worry tum araam seh joa Manya keh saat chaloh joa ab come on Uday don't waste time

Manyata gave a dirty look to Rajbir

Rajbir laughed

Everyone goes to their cars

Now we see everyone in Vue Star City (guys I don't know any cinema in London this is the one I go to in Birmingham)

Rajbir- I got tickets movie starts in 5 minutes lets go we're in screen 7

Everyone goes inside

Rajbir- Krishy bacha you sit with me and J ok

Krish- but Bua will be upset

Rajbir-  no she won't ok come on bacha J araam seh ok let them go first ok

J- Ok nice plan Rajbir

Rajbir- I know I am the best

J- don't get too chuffed ab chaloh

Uday- Princess we will sit over there

Manyata- No Uday at the top ok

Uday- ok chaloh I was saying it will be difficult for J so much stairs

Manyata- that's true as well where is J

Manyata looked behind she couldn't see them she was about to fall and Uday catched her

Uday- Princess be careful

Manyata- Uday where are they?

Vijay- Uday bana hum idhar betenghe ok

Unnanti- see you after the movie Dada

Uday- Vijay bana Unnanti aap sab hamare saat betenghe ok chaliye

Unnati- No Dada I can see better from here

Manyata- Uday let them sit together ok kyun inki love story mein villan banrehay ho, I will be right back tum joa udhar betho I will find that Rajbir patha nahiye kahaan chalah gaya mere Krish keh saat

Uday- No Princess you sit I will find them

Rajbir- Uday, Manya I'm here at 3rd row you guys sit at the top these seats are reserved

Manyata- Rajbir we will be sit together tum aur J, Krishy upar ajoa so many seats here

Rajbir- Manya don't worry I reserved the whole row for you guys enjoy the movie (he laughed)

Uday- Rajbir what was the need of that at least Krish ko hamare paas behaj do

Rajbir- you guys are really dumb sorry Krish hamare pass hai joa enjoy movie will start soon

Manyata- Rajbir watch what happens to you when the movie finishes.. chaloh Uday we will just have to sit alone

Rajbir- Yes Manya ab joa finally you got the point (he laughed)

Rajbir,J and Krish couldn't stop laughing

J- Rajbir what a plan but Jiji is very angry

Rajbir- don't worry she will be fine... Uday and Manyata are couple so they should sit on their own same Vijay and Unnanti... so all good Krish hamaare paas hai

Krish- Mamu movie coming on be quiet now

Rajbir- Ok ok bacha now we will be quiet

Manyata- Uday stop looking over movie ause taraf hai I'm very angry now... leave my brother and Unnanti alone

Uday- Ok hum movie dhekteh hai stop being angry ok

Manyata- Iss Rajbir neh poorah mood karab kardiyah

Uday- Princess forget him movie dekho

After 1 hour the movie screen went off

The message came sorry for the inconvenience we will be back in 20 minutes please help yourself to free popcorn and nachos

Manyata- what idiots now they closed the movie for 20 minutes aur itnah anderah hai

Uday- Princess hum hai don't be scared (he hugged her)

Manyata hugged him back

Back to Krish, J, and Rajbir

Krish- Mamu, Princess J I want Popcorn

Rajbir- Ok bacha I will go get it

Krish- No I want to come too

Rajbir- Ok we will all go come on J

J- ok lets go

Rajbir- give me your hand araam seh ok it too dark (he picked Krish up and holded J's hand)

They went out of screen 7

Rajbir- here you go bacha your popcorn J what do you want?

J- I will have some water

Rajbir- Ok

Just then Sheena came Rajbir ex girlfriend

Sheena- Rajbir

He turned around

Rajbir- (whispers) oh no Sheena J please help me ok so whatever I say just say yes yes ok please warnah yeh Sheena won't leave me alone please help and Krish bacha ok ab tum mere bte ho nephew nahiye ok

Krish- ok Daddy

Rajbir- thats like it

Sheena- Rajbir what a pleasant surprise how are you?

Rajbir- I'm very happy Sheena meet my wife Jainandani and my son Krish

Sheena was about to faint

Sheena- when did you get married?

Rajbir- couple of years ago

Krish- Daddy, Mummy shall we leave

J- I think we should chaleh Raj

Rajbir- haan chaloh darling lets go bye Sheena

They went back to screen 7 on the way J couldn't stop laughing

Rajbir- J not funny thanks guys you saved me that Sheena is a nightmare

J- we do good acting right Krish

Krish- Yes Princess J we do

They came back to their seats

Finally the movie started

Krish was clapping he was very happy

Krish- Yay!!! Movie started

Vijay and Unnanti were hugging each other and watching the movie same as Manveer

After a while the movie we see everyone outside the cinemas

Krish- the movie was awesome I loved it... me, Mamu and Princess J had so much fun

Rajbir- Had fun guys

Manyata started hitting Rajbir

Rajbir- Manya leave me Uday bachoa take your fianc jab dekho she starts hitting me I know I'm amazing but like you have fianc Uday ka moro mujhe nahiye

Manyata- Rajbir you (she kicked him)

Uday- Princess please chaliye no fighting

Manyata- I won't leave this Rajbir

Manyata and Uday leave

Now we see everyone at Manyata house it was sharp 9pm Viraj was watching the news and waiting for everyone.

Viraj- its 9pm I will ring Rajbir

Jhanvi- Viraj they should be coming don't worry

Just then Manyata opened the door

Manyata- We are back!!! See Bhai right on time

Viraj- Yes I know it's good for a change Manya Krish bacha did you have fun

Krish- Yes I had loads of fun

Jhanvi- Bacha it's bedtime now come on to your room

Krish- but Mama I'm not tired

Manya- Bhabhi let him play for a while

Rajbir- Bye bacha Mamu going home now

Krish hugged him

Krish- Bye Mamu

Jhanvi- Rajbir make sure you go straight home Mama intezaar kar rahiye hoghi

Rajbir- Yes Di mein seedha ghar joagha don't worry

Rajbir leaves

Unnanti, Vijay and J go upstairs

Uday phone rang he went to the second lounge and Manyata went to the kitchen. Jhanvi was preparing kheer

Manyata- Uday phone is ringing quite a lot these days

Jhanvi- Manya jealously health keh liye achi nahiye hai

Manyata- jealous oh come on Bhabhi mein kyun jealous hoghi araam seh baatien kareh phone par mujhe kya

Jhanvi- acha chaloh don't be upset abhi Uday ko aneh do hum khabar lethe hai auseki, tum kheer koa kaisi hai

Manyata had kheer

Manyata- It's so yummy I love it lekin Bhabhi no pistachios only almonds

Jhanvi- Manya you are allergic to pistachios so no pistachios ok you know how Mama and Viraj are like.. meri jaan leh lethe dono so no pistachios now eat up I will go and give everyone kheer

Jhanvi went out the kitchen

Manyata- Bhabhi is gone it's been ages since I had pistachios nuts today I'm going to eat it, Bhabhi must of hided it in top drawer (she climbed the chair then table she finally found them)

Manyata put loads of pistachios nuts in her kheer and ate it

Manyata- so yummy (she had another plate she put more pistachios nuts in)

Just then someone was coming towards the kitchen

Manyata quickly climbed the chair then table put the nuts back she was about to come down and she lost balance and fell right into Uday arms

Uday- Princess what is this why are you climbing chair and tables

Manyata- nothing Uday put me down now

Uday- what if I don't?

Manyata- Uday right now put me down

Just then Viraj came in the kitchen Uday quickly put Manyata down

Viraj- Yeh sab kya ho raha hai

Uday- Nothing Viraj Bhai Manyata was about to fall so I caught her that's it she was climbing chairs and tables (he laughed)

Krish and Jhanvi came in the kitchen

Krish- Mama kheer

Jhanvi- I will get it you go in the dining room

Viraj- Manya what is Uday saying? You're climbing tables and chairs

Krish- Bua are you trying to be cat woman

Everyone laughed

Uday- I think so bacha (he laughed)

Manyata- shut up Uday no I was just getting something now excuse me

Manyata goes upstairs

Viraj- Manya ghuseh mein hai

Uday- I will go and see

Jhanvi- pehele kheer ok

Uday- baad mein Bhabhi

Viraj- Uday first kheer sit down in the dining room Krishy tum bhi joa

Uday got upset he had to listen to Viraj

Uday and Krish went to the dining room quietly

Krish- Prince Udayveer don't worry you can eat then go to Bua.. you know Bua writes in her diary then bbm her friends then sleeps

Uday- Yeah but I think you hitler Daddy is going to make me sit here for a long time to watch Olympics and News

Krish- that's true as well Daddy loves Olympics and News

Uday- I know but I don't want to watch it I want to go to my Princess

Krish- Prince Udayveer idea

Uday- what Bacha?

Krish- BBM bua

Uday- good idea why didn't I think of that

Krish- because I'm more clever than you (he laughed)

Uday was took his phone out

Viraj came inside

Viraj- Uday no phone allowed you can put that away time to eat when it time to eat no one is allowed to use their phone

Uday put his phone away

Viraj put on repeat telecast of Olympics

Viraj- Uday this is too good

Uday wasn't interested Viraj carried on talking about the Olympics

Uday- Yes Bhai it's good

Jhanvi and Krish laughed

Krish- Mama, Daddy is boring all of us and poor Prince Udayveer

Jhanvi- I know bacha

Uday- I'm done excuse me

Viraj- Uday sit down the Olympics are on

Uday- Bhai I'm very tired I'm going to sleep will watch the rest tomorrow with you goodnight

Jhanvi- Goodnight Uday tum joa sojoa

Uday- Goodnight Bhabhi, Bhai, Krishy

Krish- Goodnight Prince Udayveer

Uday ran upstairs before Viraj can say anything

He went to Manyata's room he knocked the door no reply so he opened the door, Manyata was asleep.

Uday- Princess has gone to sleep sorry Princess I was coming to talk to you but you know your Hitler brother he stopped and I can't disobey him... awww Princess you're in deep sleep (he kissed her forehead) goodnight I love you

Uday went to his room

Manyata- I love you too














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