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Unwanted Thread 2 Manveer FF LAST PART PG123 (Page 24)

Supernatural_10 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 03 August 2012 at 6:54pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ARDMG

Oops I mean the party fun and falling asleep. that was superb
ThanksBig smile

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Posted: 03 August 2012 at 6:56pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by swetsurati

OMG...not again one more problem rajbir in manveer's love story...but awsome...update plzzz...cont. Soon...thanx for PM.
ThanksBig smile keep reading to find out if he really is villan or cupidLOL... I will do its ok Smile
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Originally posted by sonam2801


Thanks Sonam Big smile yh who wouldn't beLOL you have to keep reading to find out.. your welcomeSmile I will do
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Originally posted by -Niha-

amazing update anam
lol their all gonna be upset with each other
thanks for pm
update soon
Thanks Niha BachaBig smile lol yh good guess... its okSmile I will do
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Originally posted by gargib

loved the update and the bachelor party...poor uday...achi dat pari Manya se
Thanks GargiBig smile I'm glad you enjoyed it
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Originally posted by udaymanyata07

ThanksBig smile
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Part 44

Uday-(Angrily) Princess you came to this suite yourself you should be saying thank you to me I saved you from falling... what is this you were so drunk I should be shouting at you and you're shouting at me... why did you drink so much?

Manyata- I can do whatever I want ok you were drunk too ok so don't shout at me ok.. I don't need to justify myself to you (she got up) my head hurts

Uday- I wasn't as drunk as you how could you Princess

Manayta- Uday I don't have to justify myself to you ok now move out the way

Uday- (Angrily) Yes you do ok you're my Fianc ok so I have full right to know everything ok.. you listening or not Princess I'm talking to you not to the dumb wall

Manyata- Uday how dare you shout at me ab hum tumseh kabhi bhi baat nahiye kareghe... you can't talk look at youself flirting with other girls I would of killed that witch bach gayi mujseh ab tum humhe bahuth irritate kar rehay humpar chilah rehay ho aur ause churail ko ghode mein batha rehay teh tumhe sharaam nahiye aiyi haan thab kahaan gaya tha my Fiance etc... huh bolah na bulathi band hogayi i thought so no answer na now move

Uday was looking at the door

Viraj had come and he was very angry

Viraj- (Angrily) WHAT IS ALL THIS? Mein kaal raat seh sabko phone kar raha hoon koi utha nahiye raha hai wahaan Aunty ka burah haal ho raha utha sab I said GET UP NOW!!!!

Everyone got up quickly

Raz- Sorry Bro we fell asleep

Viraj- Drunkards sabke sab drunkards chaloh ghar now all of you jaldi get in the car now all of you... Manya tum ghar chaloh phir tumhe tike kartha hoon.. Uday tum toh hamesha phone uthathe ho kaal raat ko kya hua

Uday- Sorry Viraj Bhai I (interrupted)

Viraj- rehene do ab ghar chaloh now Manya lets go

Manyata- I'm coming so not in the mood everyone is shouting at me

Now we see Manyata house

Shaina- Manya beta yeh sab kya hai

Manyata- Sorry Mama hum Nishimah Bhabhi keh ghar janeh waleh teh lekin hum sogaya wahiye sorry

Shaina- beta joh go and freshen up Jhanvi breakfast banoa donah keh liye

Jhanvi- Jee Ma

Manyata and Uday went upstairs

Viraj- This is the limit Mama Manya ko samjana paregha

Shaina- beta hum baat karteh tum ghusah maat ho

Jhanvi layed the table with breakfast

Jhanvi- Viraj please ghusah maat ho it was a party Manya bachi hai it's ok please you need to calm down

Viraj- I am but come on party hai iska yeh matlab nahiye sharaabi banjoa

Manyata and Uday came down

Uday- I'm sorry Aunty, Viraj Bhai, Bhabhi I should of been more alert and answered my phone I'm really sorry it won't ever happen again

Manyata- I'm sorry too Mama, Sorry Bhai I'm only little I make mistakes sorry bhai aren't you going to forgive your little sister (she made a cute face) I said na sorry now please look at me

Viraj- Manya you always do this ok no aaj mein maaf nahiye karneh walah

Manyata- Please Bhai I said sorry na please please forgive me

Viraj- Ok fine only on one condition from now on no stay out late and no drinking ever again promise then I will forgive you

Manyata- (Happily) Promise Bhai (she hugged him)

Viraj- That's like my baby sister now come on eat your breakfast cornflakes is waiting

Manyata laughed

Manyata- yes I know Bhai I missed cornflakes so much (she ate breakfast)

Shaina- ab ache seh nashtha karo hum abhi athe hai

Jhanvi- Viraj do you want coffee

Viraj- No Jhanvi I'm fine you sit down now haan I forgot to tell you Rajbir is coming with Krish he phoned before

Uday choked on his drink

He started coughing

Jhanvi- Uday araam seh here have pani

Uday- I'm ok Bhabhi

Just then the doorbell rang J was in the second lounge

J- Viraj Bhai I will get the door

Viraj- ok araam seh J

J opened the door it was Rajbir and Krish

J- Hi Krish is back how r u bacha (she hugged him)

Krish- I'm fine Princess J

Rajbir- No Hi for me Hi I am Rajbir Krishs Mamu

J- Hi Rajbir come in

Rajbir- Finally you noticed me andar chalteh hai come on bacha I got your trolley

Everyone went to the first lounge

Jhanvi- Raj  finally you're here sit down... my bacha Krishy is back (she hugged him) Mama missed you so so much

Krish- Mama I missed you too... I had so much fun Mamu, Maasi are the best brought me so many presents played games all night on weekend...Bua... Prince Udayveer I'm back what's wrong you guys don't look very happy did you guys fight again oh no what will you two do without me

Manyata- I'm fine bacha very happy to have you back

Rajbir- doesn't look like it Manya

Manyata- Rajbir please you don't start now ok

Rajbir- I didn't even say anything ok relax I will be quite

Viraj- You guys talk I need to go now have some lunch meeting bye guys Krishy bacha ache seh lunch karnah ok love you bacha Papa will be back later

Krish- Bye Papa I will don't worry

Viraj left

Jhanvi- Raj why didn't Remisha come

Rajbir- Di as usual she's gone out with her friends

Jhanvi- nothing new I will make some snacks

Jhanvi went to kitchen and Krishy went after her

Krishy- Mama Mama

Back to the lounge

It was very awkward Manyata and Uday weren't talking to each other

 Rajbir- J what happened to these two? Becharoh ka burah haal hai

J- Patha nahiye lagtha hai inseh hi poachnah paregha... Jiji.. Jiju sa akhir baat kya hai you both are so quiet

Uday- nothing J

Manyata- I'm done now excuse me

J- Jiji please sit down aur batiye akhir baat kya hai

Rajbir- Manya ghusah maat ho doesn't suit you aur batoa kya baat hai.. Uday tum batoa akhir baat kya hai did you 2 have a fight

J- Jiju sa what is it? Ab humhe chintha ho rahiye hai aur hamara BP high hojaygha so will you 2 please talk

M/U- J relax hum baat karteh hai tum araam seh baith jo please

Rajbir- J what affect you have on these 2 I was saying for ages baat karoh they were standing like statues.. anyways batoa kya baat hai

Manyata and Uday explained the situation

Manyata- this Uday he shouted at me galthi iski thi ok see aur phir humpeh chilatha hai how dare he scream at Manya

Uday- correction Manyata Princess ok it was your fault you couldn't even stand properly you were so drunk I helped you and you started shouting at me

Manyata- what were you doing with that girl?

Rajbir couldn't stop laughing

Rajbir- guys please stop shouting like a married couple calm down we will sort the problem... now I'm convinced you guys are made for each other

Manyata- it's his fault

Uday- I was drunk too it was a bachelor party and I was telling that girl to go away, you didn't hear our convo, I also heard from Vikz that in your suite you all had guys there too what were you doing?

Manyata- accusing me omg Uday this is the limit that it I'm going (she stepped on his feet and went to the garden)

Uday- Ouch my feet

Rajbir was laughing like mad

Rajbir- Manya is epic

J- Rajbir stop laughing we need to sort their problem don't laugh ok

Rajbir- ok ok sorry right Uday it's very simple go and say sorry to Manya ok come on we guys are good with words and here you're a Prince come on... go and say sorry say it was your fault

Uday- but it wasn't my fault

Rajbir- come on Uday even if it isn't just say it is watch Manya will melt and forgive you trust me I'm expert in all this joa jaldi

J- Mr expert dont give my jiju sa wrong advice

Rajbir- come on J best option at the moment Manya bahuth ghuseh mein hai.. if it doesn't work you all can shout at me ab joa jaldi

Uday- fine hum jateh hai

Uday went to the garden

Rajbir put the TV on the Olympics were on

J- Change this Viraj Bhai was watching this all day yesterday and today also

Rajbir- come on J it's the Olympics let me watch half of it then you cna watch your programme ok

J- Alright fine

Rajbir and J were watching Olympics together and enjoying each others company

Shaina and Jhanvi saw all this from the kitchen

Shaina- Jhanvi dono saat mein bahuth ache lagteh hai

Jhanvi- I know Mama

Shaina- Lekin J ki jo haalat hai auseh dhekteh hue koi acha rishtha nahiye milegha

Jhanvi- Mama agar Rajbir ko J pasand hai I'm sure he won't have a problem woh aisah nahiye hai he's my brother but I'm going to leave them to it agar ek doosreh ko pasand kiya toh tike hai baat chaleghe agar nahiye toh phir hum reheneh denghe

Shaina- Haan bta your right

Krish- Mama I'm hungry can I have ice cream please please

Jhanvi- Beta I'm cooking so is Dadi go and ask J or Mamu

Krish went inside

Krish- Princess J, Mamu I want ice cream can you get it for me

J got up

J- I will get it

Rajbir- No J you sit hum lathe hai chaloh Krish bacha

Rajbir went to the kitchen and made Ice Cream Sundai for Krish, J and himself.

Rajbir- here you go Krish, J

Krish- Thank you Mamu

J- Thanks Rajbir

Rajbir- you both are welcome now eat up

Now we see Uday and Manyata in the garden

Uday- Princess I'm sorry humhe maaf kardo aindha seh aiseh nahiye hogha I promise aaj keh baad hum kabhi bhi drink nahiye kareghe tumhaari kasam please now look at me I'm sorry (he made a cute face)

Manyata- Uday don't make that face it isn't working ok hum tumhe maaf nahiye karneh waleh

Uday- please Princess I said I'm sorry what shall I do so you forgive me ab itni baar maafi maag chuke hai ab kya kareh I'm really sorry agar tum humhe maaf nahiye korghi tumhaari marzi hum aaj he wapis ja rehay hai india

Uday was about to go

Manyata went and hugged him from behind

Manyata- Uday I'm sorry humhe chorkeh maat joa please

Uday started smiling

Uday- Princess hum toh maazak kar rehay teh I'm not going no where.. only way for you to forgive me

Manyata- Uday phir kabhi aisa maazak maar karnah ok I got scared

Uday- Sorry Princess (he hugged her) aindah seh nahiye kareghe ok I love you

Manyata- I love you too

J, Rajbir and Krish were looking from the window all were so happy

Rajbir- See my idea worked

J- don't get to chuffed Rajbir I'm sure Jiju sa neh Jiji ko manah liye hogha she loves him end of the day

Rajbir- come on hamara idea tha

Krish- ok ok Mamu now be quiet Prince Udayveer and Bua are coming

Uday and Manyata came inside  happily

Krish hugged them both

Krish- Finally you guys are happy

Manyata/Uday- Yes bacha we are happy

Rajbir- Thats good ab sab khush hai guys I was thinking we should go out in the evening what say? J where do you want to go

J- Rajbir hum bahaar nahiye ja sakteh na

Rajbir- Kyun nahiye ja sakteh you have to come ok we will go for a long drive.. Uday tell your sister she has to come with me and you guys have to come we will have a blast and I'm taking Krish bacha with me in my car... Krish gna come with Mamu

Krish- YAY!!!!! I want to go with Mamu can we go now can we please go to watch batman please Mamu

Rajbir- Anything for my bacha sure ab hum ghar chalteh hai I will be back in an hour... you 2 lovebirds get ready and you J better be ready I will be back in a hour

J- Rajbir hum sach mein nahiye chalsakthe sorry

Rajbir- J hum utha keh lejayghe agar nahiye chal sakteh (he laughed) I'm not taking a no for answer now get ready all of you

Krish- Mamu come quick ok

Rajbir- I will byee

Rajbir left

Krish- Prince Udayveer I have batman t-shirt I'm going to wear that... I can't wait to go

Uday- Bacha we have to ask your Mama and Papa first

Krish- they won't mind

Manyata- Yeah I will go and get ready come on J

J- lekin Jiji hum kaise  Unnanti aur Vijay Bhai ghar mein nahiye

Just then Unnanti and Vijay came back with shopping

U/V- Hum shopping karneh ghe teh we are back

Manyata- there you go they're back now we are all going cinemas and long drive so you guys get ready ok ab come on J utho

Uday- J it will be ok don't worry chaloh hum sab saat hoghe so it's fine

Manyata- haan otherwise I will have to call Rajbir remember what he said utha keh lekeh jaygha agar chal nahiye sakthe

J- Shut up Jiji hum athe hai

Manyata- haan ab Rajbir ka naam liya toh athe hai ooo someone is in love yay!!!!!!!

J throwed cushion at Manyata

Everyone laughed

U/V- Did we miss something

J- no nothing

J got up

Manyata- I will explain what happen (interrupted)

J- No Jiji chaliye now

J dragged Manyata out the room

Vijay- Uday bana yeh sab kya ho raha hai

Uday explained what had happened

Unnanti- that's cute

Uday- yeah I know  I will go and get ready warnah Manyata will start screaming you 2 get ready too












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