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Unwanted Thread 2 Manveer FF LAST PART PG123 (Page 20)

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Originally posted by ashukapoor007

Super Cute Update anam! The Beach Scene Was Shooo Cute! And Again Suspense? Hope They Return Soon& All Problems will Be solved! Ty 4 d pm & Update soonBig smile
ThanksBig smile I'm glad you enjoyed it... yh suspense has to be there too I'm nearly done with the part just need to try and fit the precap in and will update later onSmile

Supernatural_10 IF-Addictz

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Originally posted by mahara23

loved it continue soon
ThanksBig smile I will do later onSmile
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Posted: 02 August 2012 at 12:49pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sonam2801

Sorry for the late comment Anam.Embarrassed I'm busy in Rakhi's preprations & so many guests in my home, So didn't get the time to read  & comment  on the update.Embarrassed
Awesome update.Clap Clap Clap
I love the bonding of UV-Krishy-M.Wink
But I think in next chapter UV-M Fight will happened because Manyata don't want to go back to India.Disapprove
Now, I can't wait for the next update.Tongue Please update fast-fast.Smile
Thanks for the fab. update  & PM.Hug
Please Anam continue your FF  after DEK ending also. Thumbs UpI love this Fanfic.Heart
Love you.Hug Hug
Thanks SonamBig smile its ok no worried at least u commented... enjoy Rakhi... awww I'm glad you do... keep reading to find out I'm nearlt done with the update gna try and fit the precap in and then will post it soon... I will continue the ff still Hug
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Originally posted by famin

hi anam i loved it. Awesome update..
ThanksBig smile I'm glad you enjoyed itSmile

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Originally posted by -Laiba-

OMG sista u can't do this to me O__________o you're SOOO mean CryCryCry again a manyata lover and again the end with ton of suspense Cry u knew i was going pak today Cry stilll u made it this way Cryu shld have found a vilain from udhay side this time LOL would have been better Wink but i like this track also Tongue and aww the way Manyata is reacting to Krish going to his MAssi was soo cute Embarrassed she surely is soo close to her " bacha " as u say LOL defo u made their bond really beautiful  Heart Wonder whats happening in rajmata head now Ouch I hope its nothing big even though i'm sure its gonna be big otherwise u wouldn't have made it this way LOLLOL
Keep it up and do continue soon,
Desperate to read more but going today Cry so Praying that i get net in pak so I can be tunned to my love, your FF xD LOL
Love ya loads,

im sOOO gonna misss you CryHug
Thanks LaibaBig smile... yh suspense is very necessary... i will do dwLOL awww yh I'm glad you're enjoying their bond... you will find out soonLOL well in ur case when you come from pak... lol u know me so well Laiba.. Insh allah u will do dw I'm gna miss you loadsHug I wont have no1 to annoy on watsappCry
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Part 43

Rajbir wasn't very happy hearing that Manya will be married soon.

This is Rajbir
Rajbir- What's the hurry of marriage you're only 22

Uday- we love each other so we are getting married soon

Manyata-  Yeah so probz end of this year you talk about  yourself you're like 26 not married so embarrassing na Rajbir (she laughed)

Rajbir- I'm not going to give up my bachelor title yet age doesn't matter, plus I haven't found the right person

Manyata-  ok so in your case age don't matter and in my case age matters not good Rajbir you're a hypocrite... well I need to speak to aunty about you

Rajbir- No ways Manya don't start this topic with Mom

Just then Jhanvi came

Jhanvi- Raj there you are I was finding you

Rajbir- Di I'm here what happened?

Jhanvi- we need to talk to you come inside... Manya, Uday tum bhi chaloh

Rajbir- Oh no Di please

Jhanvi- No please ab chaloh

Manyata couldn't stop laughing

Manyata- Uday ab aiygha maza iss Rajbir ko Aunty aur Bhabhi bahuth thang karneh waleh  hai how dare he comment on us ab iski wari hai hum iseh choreneh waleh nahiye

Uday- Princess let him be now not everyone can be like me not many people want to lose their bachelorhood

Manyata- ok so if you didn't find me you would also still be bachelor and mess around like Rajbir let me remind you Prince Udayveer Singh your bachelor days are over!!

Uday- No I would have found you somehow because god had made our Jodi so no one can separate us...  I know Princess my bachelor days are over I'm engaged to my Princess once Rajbir find his match he will understand

Manyata- ok well don't ever forget that ab chaloh this is going to be funny

Rajbir- No Mama hum shaadi nahiye kareghe ok humhe inn sab mein koi pasand nahiye hai

Jhanvi Mom- Aise kaise beta there all so beautiful

Jhanvi- Raj iss baar hum tumhaari shaadi karvakeh rehenghe no running away seedhe seedhe inmein kisi ko pasand karoh warnah hum pasand karlenghe

Rajbir looked at Viraj for help

Rajbir- Jiju please help me yeh loge mujhe torture karneh waleh hai

Viraj- Sorry Rajbir I can't help you yeh loge tike keh rehay ok ab jaldi seh shaadi karloh warnah koi acha rishtha nahiye milenghe

Manyata- exactly jaldi seh pasand karoh inn sab photos mein koi ek

Remisha- haan hamaari Bhabhi lauka mein ek hauni chahiye hai

Krish- Prince Udayveer what's going on? I'm confused

Krish was lost everyone was too busy talking about the rishtha

Uday picked him up

Uday- Krish everyone talking about your Mamu wedding

Krish- Mamu wedding

Uday- yeah Mamu wedding

Krish- Mamu getting married yay!!!!!!!!

Just then Uday phone rang

He gave Krish to Viraj and went to answer his phone

Uday- Hello

It was Rajmata

Rajmata- Uday beta hum bhole rehay Dadisab india seh kaise ho beta

Uday- Ghama khani Dadisab hum tike hai aap sab kaise hai

Rajmata- hum sab tike hai beta hum chahate aap sab jaldi seh waapis aojoa

Uday- Dadisab hum, J, Unnati, Vijay bana toh ajayeghe Raz aur Nishimah ki shaadi keh baad... lekin Manyata nahiye aiyghee abhi toh auseka treatment shuru hua hai aur auseki law ki internship

Rajmata- beta yeh Manyata keh bhaleh keh liye hai jab tum aao auseh saat lekeh aao tike hai yeh hamara akhri faisla hai hum tumhe baad mein phone karteh hai yeh sab soneh keh baad aap bhi hmaari baat maneghe

Rajmata disconnected the phone

Uday went back to the lounge he wasn't very happy he didn't know how to explain to Manyata to go back to India

Manyata- Uday kya hua kiska phone tha

Uday- Dadisab ka phone tha

Manyata- Dadisab neh humseh baat nahiye ki

Uday- woh baad mein phir phone kareghi

Manyata- ok

Rajbir- Mama, Di hum vaada kareteh hai hum shaadi kareghe lekin abhi nahiye jab humhe hamari type ki ladki milenghe ok

Jhanvi- Raj tum humhe batoa kaisi ladki chahiye hum khud tumhare liye rishtha doondhe ghe

Manyata- no Bhabhi let just put him on wahaan likha hotha haina kaisi ladki chahiye so he can fill out his profile and his partner profile kaise raha idea

Everyone started laughing Rajbir wasn't very happy

Rajbir- hamaare itneh bhi bureh dine nahiye aiye hai keh humhe join karnah pareh ok

Manyata- ok ok fine ghusah kyun ho rehey ho toh batoa kaisi ladki chahiye

Rajbir- humhe Manya jaisi ladki he chahiye hai ok

Manyata couldn't stop laughing Uday wasn't very happy

Manyata- Sorry Rajbir ab tum hamesha bachelor reheneh waleh ho... hum sirf ek hai hamare jaisa yahaan koi nahiye hai ok aur iss janam mein aur waki saat jaanmo mein hum Uday keh liye booked hai so sorry (she laughed)

Jhanvi Mom- Beta pehele bathateh nah hum Manya ko he iss ghar ki bahu banah lethe lekin ab iski shaadi toh pakhi ho chuki hai

Manyata- don't worry Rajbir I will find you a nice girl

Rajbir- No please spare me the torture if you find a girl it will probz be your bimbo friend Shanaya no thank you I am not interested

Manyata- come on Rajbir Shanaya is already taken ab woh khab thak tumhareh liye wait kareh  haan anyways I will look around for you ok

J- Jiji

Manyata- Kya hua J

J- hum ghar chalnah chahateh hai I'm very tired

Manyata- ok hum chalteh hai ab hum ghar ja rehay hai

Krish- Bua you going?

Manyata- Yes bacha its late you should sleep now goodnight Krish bacha

Uday hugged him

Uday- Goodnight bacha

Krish- I am not going sleep Mamu promised to play the x box and the wi with me so we are staying up right Mamu

Rajbir- Right Krish these lot are boring me and you are going to have so much fun... bye Manya now go home and sleep like a good girl (he laughed)

Manyata hit Rajbir

Rajbir- stop hitting me Manya Uday please control her take her home

Manyata- I'm going ab tumseh koi baat nahiye kareghe chaloh Uday chalteh hai yahaan seh

Now we see everyone back at Manyata house she was still awake in her bedroom writing her diary.

Just then Shanaya sent her a BBM message

Shanaya: Manya don't forget tomorrow evening its Nishimah Bhabhi bachelorette party ok starts at 7pm till midnight we will be staying Nishimah Bhabhi house having sleepover after ok

Manyata: I remember Shanaya don't worry I will be there at 6pm need to see arrangements

Shanaya: yh don't tell Uday where the party is... I heard the boys are also taking Raz Bro for a Bachelor party

Manyata: I won't don't worry I gta go now byeee

Shanaya: ok byeee

Manyata decided to go downstairs to her surprise Uday was in the kitchen talking on the phone to Rajmata

Uday- Dadisab yeh sab kaise hogaya hum agleh hafteh ajayghe aap chintha maat kijiye.. hum Manyata ko saat lekar aiyghe jee hum ajayghe hum abhi rakthe hai

Uday disconnected the phone

Uday- Princess what are doing awake so late

Manyata- Uday who are you talking to this time in the night

Uday- hum mahal phone kar rehay teh its morning there now

Manyata- oh k I came to get some water

Uday- ok Princess woh hum

Manyata- kya hua Uday kuch baat karni hai

Uday-  No Princess hum keh rehey teh go to sleep goodnight

Manyata- ok goodnight

Uday went upstairs to his room

Uday- ab Princess seh kaise baat kareh I know she won't listen hum aisa karteh tickets pehele book kardethe hai aur phir baad mein Princess ko batha denghe

The next day it's evening we see Manyata getting ready for the bachelorette party.

She is wearing

Jhanvi- Manya come down dinner is ready

Viraj- where is she? Shaam ko dekha nahiye Manya ko MANYA COME DOWN!!!!!

Manyata- COMING BHAI!!!!!

Manyata came down holding her heels in her hand

Manyata- I'm here Bhai

Viraj- Manya where are you going? Aur woh bhi aise

Manyata- Bhai its Nishimah Bhabhi's bachelorette party so I'm going there won't be back till tomorrow staying at Nishimah Bhabhi house we are having a sleepover party after

Viraj- Ok fine don't forget your tablets

Manyata- there in my bag

Jhanvi- make sure you eat properly ok

Manyata- I will don't worry ab hum late ho rehay hai Shanaya must be coming... Where's Uday?

Viraj- he's gone out woh Viks aiya tha auseh leneh

Manyata- (Angrily) he's probz gone to Raz Bro Bachelor Party he didn't even tell me he's going that's it I am not talking to Uday now

Just then the doorbell rang

Manyata- That must be Shanaya bye Bhai Bhabhi

Manyata leaves

Now we see Shanaya and Manyata at the Bachelorette Party


Manyata- Nishimah Bhabhi (she hugged her)

Nishimah- Manya finally you're here I don't like all this you guys no right

Manyata- yeah we know but it's important ok

Shanaya- Yeah Bhabhi you know the boys they are also having Bachelor party

 Manyata- Yeah Bhai was saying Vikz came to collect Uday you guys he didn't even bother telling me he's going now watch I won't talk to him

Nishimah- it's obvious Manya if we have come they will go to na its simple

Shanaya- let them we will enjoy too right

Manyata- yep so true right

Just then group of guys came

Shanaya- hi guys welcome to the bachelorette party everyone started dancing

Manyata- Bhabhi get up let's all dance

They had music on everyone was dancing with the guys.

Same was going on in the Bachelor party loads of girls were there everyone was dancing

Vikz- one more glass to our Raz Bro after today freedom days r over 2mrw is shaadi which means barbaadi for lifetime (he laughed)

He gave everyone drink

Uday- no more had too much

Vikz- it's only 1 more have it dw Manya ko nahiye bateyghe if you're scared of her phir that's a different thing

Uday took the glass

Uday- I'm not scared of any1

Vikz- that's like it

Meanwhile at the bachelorette party same was going every1 was drunk and dancing

Manyata took her sandals off was dancing like mad

Manyata- 1 more drink Shanaya

Guy- here you go beautiful

Manyata- thank you handsome

She drank the drink

The guy was dancing very closely with Manyata

Manyata- excuse me leave me (she pushed him)

Guy- we just started dancing

Nishimah didn't drink much so she was in her senses.. She decided to end the party

Nishimah- Manya sit down no more dancing you guys can leave now thanks for coming party is over

Manyata- bhabhi not yet please I was having so much fun

Shanaya- yh not yet

Nishimah- no we can party but the guys need to leave byeee

The guys left

Manyata- bhabhi unfair now can we dance

Manyata switched the music on loud and they all started dancing

Raz- guys finish now ok that it no more now we're all drunk who's gna drive us home

Vikz- bro 1 more hour please


Back to girls

Shanaya- let's go to the bathroom  I need to fix my make up

Manyata- yh me 2

Nishimah- u guys are drunk I will come with u

They all leave their suite and go to the bathroom

Nishimah- guys u are drunk and still make up

M/S- come on Bhabhi for make up we aint drunk ok we're done now let's go

Nishimah- I'm sure our suite is this way girls

As usual Manyata and Shanaya too drunk to pay attention ended up going to the boys bachelor suite

They were shocked to see the boys dancing with the girls.. Even Raz now Nishimah wasn't very happy

She got really angry switched the music off...

Nishimah- THE PARTY IS OVER GET OUT GIRLS NOW!!!!! You get off him he's my to be husbands how dare you

Manyata rubbed her eyes she saw Uday with a girl now she was fuming in anger


Manyata- You witch how dare now get out of here before I through my sandals on you... he's mine ok only mine now get out

All the girls left

Vikz- poor Raz bro he's in trouble luckily no1 will saying anything to me

Uday- Princess (interrupted)


Manyata- don't princess me flirting with girls here haan I saw everything ab hum tumseh koi baat nahiye karenghe... now get out of our suite

Viks- manya darling this is our suite you need to leave

Manyata- this is our suite you get out (she kicked vikz)

Uday- Princess sit down I will explain ( he went towards her)

Manyata was about to fall Uday catched her.. she fell asleep in his arms

Vikz- Uday you got saved

Raz- Nishimah

Nishimah- be quiet Raz I don't want to talk to you

Shanaya- bhabhi I think we should stay here today.. Vikz.. Manveer have all gone sleep

Shanaya passed out too

Raz- I think we should stay here too I'm sorry you know I love you

Nishimah- yh I saw how much u love me dancing with them bimbos now don't talk to me

After a while raz and nishimah fell asleep too

The next day Manyata woke up she saw Uday next to her

Manyata- omg what is Uday doing here? My head hurts.. UDAY!!! GET UP!!!

Uday got up

Uday- Princess what are you doing here

Manyata- I duno how did I come here I don't remember anything... Kahiye tumneh toh nahiye humhe uthe keh yahaan liaya

Uday- what no Princess I didn't



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it was awesome i loved it 
ahhh manyata  way too possessive loved it cont soon :) 

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