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Unwanted Thread 2 Manveer FF LAST PART PG123 (Page 16)

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Originally posted by -Laiba-

Awsome part sista!!!!!! must say but AGAIN, you left us with suspense LOL who the hell screamed and that to so late raat ko ErmmOuch grrr u wont change xD I'm dead sure even tonight when u'll update at the end u'll finish it with another twist or something unrevealed LOL ( does this word even exist LOL ) anyways love udhays reaction to unnati-vijay relation Tongue must say he is a lovely bro Embarrassed but sista u're being unfair to udhay now xD when ever udhay makes manyata jealous she start behaving weird nd all but when she makes him jealous he is still all happy!! LOL my poor udhay bacha LOLLOLLOL and awww krishhh he is such a sweetheart Embarrassed how come u didn't post the clothes pics? Confused u said u would Tongue and for the song, very well chosen Wink the perfect song to match a sangeet Embarrassed
Keep it up and do continue sooon,
Again i'm despo to read more LOL
Love, Laiba
Thanks LaibaBig smile Yeah I know suspense is goodLOL I know well if that was you would be still sleeping while hearing the screams you have deep sleepLOL you know me so well Laiba youu never know I will be posting the part soon,,,,,,, lol yh i know he got angry but should of made him more angry well he knew she was joking coz she made it clear she was he knows she luvs him so all goodLOL yh i know he is... sorry couldnt post them I couldnt find any nice ones then I got lazy... I'm glad you enjoyed it.. I will do next part will try and post after sehri.. lol I know thanks againHug

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Originally posted by -Niha-

nyc update
lol anam im concerned about u and conflakes
uve even mentioned cornflakes here LOL
thx 4 pm
update soon
Thanks Niha BachaBig smile Yeah I know cm on Cornflakes has to be everywhereLOL its ok.. I will do later onSmile
Supernatural_10 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 31 July 2012 at 7:16pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sonam2801



Its ok Sonam dont worry about itHug
ThanksBig smile good guess you will find out inabit I will be updating later on.. its okSmile

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Supernatural_10 IF-Addictz

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Shazzie IF-Dazzler

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Awesome updates. Loved it
Supernatural_10 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 31 July 2012 at 8:13pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Shals9

Awesome updates. Loved it
ThanksBig smile 
Supernatural_10 IF-Addictz

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Part 42

Hearing the screaming Manyata started screaming too

Manyata- AHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

Uday- Princess why are you screaming for

The screams got louder

Manyata- I don't know someone screamed so I screamed as well I was sleeping so peacefully

Uday- yeh to J ki awaaz hai

Uday and Manyata ran upstairs

U/M- Kya hua J

J- (cryingly) I'm feeling cramps Jiji bahuth dard ho raha hai

Manyata didn't know what to do nor did Uday

Uday- J relax ok please ronah band karoh have some water it will be ok

Manyata- I will call Mama and Bhabhi

Manyata went to Jhanvi room

Viraj- Kya hua Manya

Manyata- Bhai woh J ki tabiyaat kharaab ho rahiye I don't know what to do Bhabhi kahaan hai

Jhanvi- I'm here chaloh J keh paas chalteh hai

Manyata- Bhabhi you go to Js room I'm going to call Mama

Krish got up as well and went crying to Viraj

Viraj- Krish bacha don't cry it's ok

He picked him up

Manyata- MAMA!!!!!! J ki tabiyaat kharaab ho rahiye hai

Shaina telephoned the ambulance the paremedics came

Manyata was scared seeing J in pain

Uday- Princess don't worry J will be fine

Manyata- you normally have cramps when you are losing the baby I read it in the article (started crying) oh no please god don't let anything happen to the baby

Uday- Princess not in all cases in some cases its normal don't cry

Manyata- Uday it doesn't look normal J is in so much pain

Paramedics checked J

Paramedics gave her an injection

Paramedic- nothing to worry about it happens sometimes you need to take full rest

J- I'm feeling much better now

Manyata- thank god J I was so scared

The paramedics left

Shaina- beta J try to sleep you will feel better it happens sometimes

J- Jee Aunty I'm trying

Manyata- I'm fully awake now hum aaj J keh paas so jathe hai

Shaina- lekin beta you need rest too

Manyata- I'm fine Mama I am J's big sister hum idhar he hai

Unnanti- I will stay here you guys go to sleep

Vijay- me 2 we will stay

Shaina- Beta tum sab sojoa hum hai J keh paas ab saab jayee

Viraj- Yeah Mama is right chalo Manya jaldi seh sojo aur Uday, Unnati, Vijay aap sab bhi jayee

Krish was crying

Viraj- ssh bacha we are going now ssshh

Everyone left Shaina stayed with J

The next day we see everyone having breakfast together

Manyata-  J how are you feeling now?

J- I'm much better Jiji

Manyata- that's good

Just then there was knock on the door

Uday- I will open it

Uday opened the door it was Remisha Jhanvi sister

Remisha- Hi you must be Krishys Prince Udayveer I'm Remisha Krishys Maasi

Uday- Hi yeah I'm Prince Udayveer come in

Remisha went inside

Krish went running to her

Krish- Maasi!!!!!!!!!!

Remisha- Krishy (she hugged him) how are you?

Krish- I'm very happy Maasi can't wait to go

Viraj-Remisha have some breakfast

Remisha- No Thanks Jiju I had breakfast already I came to collect Krish, he's going to stay at our house for the weekend I hope you guys don't mind but we made plans before hand right Krishy

M/U- WHAT!!!! NO!!!!!!! KRISH CAN'T GO

Manyata- we mind Remisha what will we do without Krish bacha

Remisha- Manya he be's here all the time ok so now he's coming with Maasi

Manyata- I know but come on Remisha house is so quiet without Krish, I don't like it Bhai Bhabhi please don't let Krish go.. Krish bacha don't leave Bua

Krish hugged Manyata

Krish- Bua I promised Maasi and my Mamu is coming back today too... But I promise I will ring you ok I will be back in 2 days (he kissed her on the cheek) I will go and get my bag

Krish ran upstairs

Jhanvi- Krishy bacha be careful

Krish- I'm fine Mama

Jhanvi- Remisha you spoil him too much when he's at your house... and when he is here Manya runs after him she spoils him too... now that Uday has come he also spoils him

Uday- he's too cute Bhabhi what am I going to do 2 days without him

Uday and Manyata were both upset

Viraj- Remisha he can go with you but don't spoil him too much and now that Rajbir is coming he's going to spoil him like mad Krish bilkul bigaar jaygha atleast here he's scared of us he listens in your house everyone just gives into him

Remisha- come on Jiju he's my 1 and only nephew so we will pamper him loads not spoil him... I love Krishy... yeah Bro will be back in the evening... Di, Jiju, aap sab shaam ko arahye hai Bro keh aneh mein small family get together

Jhanvi- Yeah hum sab aiyghe

Remisha- Prince Udayveer, Unnanti, J, Vijay aap sab bhi anah

Manyata- Remisha it's not fair Bhai and Bhabhi always listen to you, now my Krish is going

Krish came with his spiderman trolley

Krish- I'm ready Maasi

Remisha- welldone bacha my baby is ready Nani, Nanu all are waiting for you

Manyata- Krish you're leaving Bua for Maasi not good

Krish- Bua I love u and Maasi (he hugged her)

Remisha- hamesha ki tarah Manya shuru hogai you love Maasi more not Bua (she laughed)

Manyata- you be quiet Remisha... bye bacha I will miss you loads hum shaam ko aiyeghe ok (she hugged him)

Krish- Bye Bua

Uday- Krish your forgot me

Krish- Sorry Prince Udayveer I'm so excited to go bye (he hugged him)

Uday- bye bacha I will miss you

Krish- I will miss you too

Remisha- chaloh Krish say bye to Mama and Papa

Krish- byeee (he hugged them)

V/J- Be good ok bacha

Krish- Yes I will be

Remisha and Krish left

Everyone was doing their own stuff Manyata was really bored

Shaina- Manya beta come in the kitchen I'm teaching Unnati how to make Aloo Palak you can see too

Manyata- No thank you Mama I am not interested in learning to make Aloo Palak I'm so bored

Uday was watching football

Manyata switched the TV

Uday- Princess I was watching that

Manyata- I am so bored and you want to watch football

Uday- Princess what shall I do? The match was getting so interesting (he switched it back on)

Uday was enjoying the match

Now Manyata got really angry she took the sky card out and switched the main plugs off

Uday- Princess what did you do that for

Manyata- Uday you can't watch the match ok I'm bored I want to go out let's go... Mama hum aur Uday bahaar jahrehay hai byeee

Shaina- Manya beta jaldi ana ok shaam ko Jhanvi keh ghar janah hai

Manyata- ok Mama byeee

Uday- Princess where are we going?

Manyata- I want to go the beach my favourite place you want to watch you're boring match agar chalnah hai chaloh nahiye chalnah hai tum idhar he raho lekin no TV because I have the sky card aur iske binah match nahiye aneh walah... so you coming or not

Uday- I'm coming chaloh aur haan Princess yeh card idhar he rehene do Viraj Bhai is going to be very angry when he comes back

Manyata- haan yeh baat toh tum tike keh rehay ho (she put the card back in the sky hd box) now we can go

Finally they reached the beach

Manyata- Yes we are here I wanted to come to beach since morning, it's so nice here so peaceful and quiet

Uday- Princess if you wanted to come since morning why didn't you say in the morning then

Manyata- how could I because J wasn't well and I was with her in the morning, then Remisha came she took my Krish, my day can't get any worse and then you Uday omg watching Football for ages I was sitting there you were too busy watching dumb TV

Uday- sorry Princess I'm here now I will spend whole afternoon with you

Manyata- I know now that I'm here I'm not going home till late, I want to build sandcastles lets go over there

Manyata brought spade and bucket

Manyata- now I will make my house

Uday- Princess you mean kingdom now you're not just a ordinary girl you're a Princess

Manyata- Yeah I know but when I come here I want to be normal ok

Manyata was really happy both Uday and Manyata built the sandcastle.. seeing Manyata so happy Uday was happy

Manyata took picture of the sandcastle and then took pictures of her and Uday

Manyata went by the water and wrote




She took a picture of it

Manyata went near the water and put her feet in there.

Uday- Princess don't go to near the water please

Manyata- Uday you be quiet you come too I always come here ok nothing ever happens you won't come like that (she threw water on him)

Uday- Princess!!! (He threw water on her)

Manyata ran from there and Uday ran after her

Uday- Princess

Manyata- Uday you can't catch me

Uday- Princess I will catch you wait there

Uday catched Manyata he swinged her around

Both were so happy

Meanwhile we see India Maharaj Brijraj was pacing back and forth he wasn't very happy

Komal- Maharaj kya baat hai

Brijraj- Komal hum kya kareh kuch samaj mein nahiye araha hai... humhe jald seh jald Manyata aur Uday ko wapis bhulanah paregha Maasab ka hokum hai

Komal- Lekin abhi treatment shuru hua hai Shaina keh rahiye thi Manyata London mein bahuth khush hai aur treatment chal raha hai aur auseka kaam bhi hum Maasab seh baat karteh hai

Brijraj-  Komal koi faida nahiye hai

Rajmata- Hamara akhri faisala hai hum aaj he Shaina ko phone kareghe aur kehenghe Manyata, Uday aur sabko peheli flight seh wapis bheja yeh hum Manyata keh bhaleh keh liye keh rehay aur aap dono hamare saat chaliye study mein hum samjateh hai

They go to the study

Now we see Manyata and Uday in the cafe

Manyata- this is my favourite ice cream you remembered

Uday- yes Princess of course I did how can I forget I know everything that my Princess likes

Manyata- (smiled) I'm very lucky then Uday tum hamare Prince ho

Uday- aur aap hamaari Princess

Just then Uday phone rang it was Viraj

Uday- Hello Viraj Bhai

Viraj- Uday kahaan ho tum aur Manya hum sab intezaar kar rehay hai Jhanvi keh ghar janah hai aur Manya neh apna mobile bhi ghar mein chordiya jaldi ghar aao

Uday- Jee Bhai hum arahey hai

Manyata- oh no I'm in trouble Viraj Bhai is going to shout at me

Uday- He won't Princess humneh kaha hum ghar arahey hai

Manyata- Haan I know but I left my phone at home accidently ab bahuth daanth pareghi chaloh chalteh hai

Uday- don't worry Princess as long as we go home he won't say anything, we will be going to Bhabhis house

Manyata- let's go I was so enjoying the beach ab ghar janah paregha

Uday- Princess we will come again tomorrow promise lets go now

Manyata- (happily) you sure pakka wala promise

Uday- yeah now let's go

Now we see Manyata and Uday home

Viraj- Finally you guys are home now go and get ready

Manyata- will be done in 20minutes

Manyata ran upstairs

After 1 hour we see everyone in Jhanvis house the house was full of guests

Krish went running to Manyata and Uday

Krish- Bua... Prince Udayveer

M/U- Krishy bacha  

Remisha- finally you guys made it I rang Jiju he was like you guys were out... Manya you took your time as usual

Manyata- I'm always on time we went to the beach didn't realise the time

Remisha- well you're here now enjoy the party I will be right back chaloh Krish

Manyata wasn't very happy

Uday- Kya hua Princess why the sad face

Manyata- Did you see Uday Remisha so horrible to me hamare Krish ko legayi.. she purposely is doing this

Uday- Princess I will get Krish ok don't worry

Manyata- I will get him I think their gone over their

Uday and Manyata go towards the second lounge lights go off, Manyata was about to fall Uday catched her... 

The lights came on

Uday and Manyata were looking in each other eyes just then Krish came

Krish- Bua, Prince Udayveer

Finally they came back to reality

Uday- Krish bacha

Manyata- bacha where were you?

Krish- with Maasi and Mamu look Mamu has come he's finding you

Just then Rajbir came

Rajbir- Manya there you are I was finding you how are you? It's been ages since I last saw you

Manyata- I'm fine and very happy meet my fiance Prince Udayveer

Rajbir wasn't very happy hearing this

Rajbir- fiance when did you get engaged

Uday- 2 years ago we will be married soon


Manyata- (Angrily) I will not go to India I don't care what you say I am not going

Uday- Princess you have to come back with me I have done our tickets

Manyata- I WILL NOT GO!!!!!!!






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