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Unwanted Thread 2 Manveer FF LAST PART PG123 (Page 120)

-TeriMalang- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 January 2013 at 4:30pm | IP Logged
finally done reading all the updates ..phewww!!

Nice updates anam

Ufff amrit ...why cant she leave manveer in peace wats her problem desperate lady

And wats up with aksh he is being indifferent

Manveer happines knocked their door soon came musibat wat a life

Cont soon

Supernatural_10 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 25 January 2013 at 3:14pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Jarin04

Mumma i just finished reading your ff it was just amazing. U r a fabulous writer. Loved manyatas character here. She was quite diff here.manveer is so cute here. Loved it to the core. Luv u hugs
Thanks Jarin BachaHug
I'm glad you enjoyed it
luv ya 2 hugzzz
Supernatural_10 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 25 January 2013 at 3:20pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sweetshab

finally done reading all the updates ..phewww!!

Nice updates anam

Ufff amrit ...why cant she leave manveer in peace wats her problem desperate lady

And wats up with aksh he is being indifferent

Manveer happines knocked their door soon came musibat wat a life

Cont soon
Thanks ShabHug
I'm glad  you enjoyed it
You will find out eventually... yeah LOL keep reading to find out what happens next
I will update soon
Supernatural_10 IF-Addictz

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Supernatural_10 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 30 January 2013 at 1:08pm | IP Logged

Part 72

Uday- Princess we will get the police to trace the number

Manyata- No use its Unknown number

Uday- Then I will ring Orange and block the Unknown numbers let's go home now

Manveer on the way home

Uday- Princess I done our tickets we are leaving in 2 days

Manyata- we are going so soon

Uday- Why Princess you want to stay a few more days? It's just I have some meeting to attend Dad is alone at Jaigar

Manyata- No Uday its fine we will go back

Meanwhile we see Amrit on the phone

Amrit- Book my tickets on the same day Manyata and Uday flight.. ok great thank you (Just then Amrit answered her other call that was on hold) Hello I told you don't ring me I pay you for your work you have similar voice to that Arjun you're not even scaring that Manyata enough keep ringing her

Guy-  I tried to contact her no unknown numbers are going through her phone I reckon she has blocked Unknown calls.. I don't think I can help you any further I can't let my number go through or have different sims if I get caught will be jailed sorry (the guy disconnected the phone)

Now Amrit was very angry

Amrit- Humhe khode he sab kuch karnah paregha India jakeh isse Manyata ko jaldi he raaste seh hatha denghe (she smiled evilly) I have a plan

Manyata and Uday had decided to do some shopping for the family

Manyata- Uday this sari for Ma and Dadisab, Anarkali suit for Unnanti, this suit for Vijay Bhai and this grey one for Papaji acha hai right they will like it

Uday-  Princess they won't like it

Manyata- huh but I thought (Manyata made a sad face)

Uday- Princess they will love it I was just joking (he started laughing)

Manyata- Not funny Uday

Uday- Yes it is Princess you get upset so quickly

Manyata- now I will not talk to you

She went outside to the car park Uday got the shopping bags and went after Manyata

Uday- Princess Princess listen to me I'm sorry

Manyata- No sorry Uday you're not forgiven now let's go home

Uday- Princess I said sorry right so if someone apologises for their mistake the other person should forgive

Manyata- forgive nope I don't want instead punishment milegha

Uday- punishment (to himself) probz want an ice cream treat or cornflakes (he started laughing) sure Princess anything kya chahiye hai ice cream yah mere dushman cornflake

Manyata- ghar jakeh batenghe

Manveer reach home

Shaina- tum dono agaye  Krishy kabseh wait kar raha tha he's gone with J and Rajbir now

Manyata- we went shopping mein abhi J ko phone karthi hoon

Shaina- No phone maat karnah they will come in the evening

Manyata- but Krishy keh binah acha nahiye lag raha hai

Jhanvi came from the kitchen she was in a bad mood

Manyata- Bhabhi what's wrong bad mood?

Jhanvi- Nothing shall I serve lunch?

Manyata- No bhabhi aaj hum kuch nahiye kaighe

Jhanvi- Why Manya?

Shaina- all your favourite dishes are made

Jhanvi- lagtha pizza magnah paregha I will order it in the evening

Manyata- Nope

Jhanvi- fine I will make u whatever you want kya khaanah hai

Manyata- No Bhabhi aaj aapki  choothi hai aur Mama ki bhi kyunki aaj Uday hamareh liye hamaari pasand ka khaanah banegha right Uday

Uday- Hum

Manyata- haan kyun koi problem hai

Uday- Princess no problem hum banahdenghe nah pasta aur cake

Manyata- woh humhe nahiye chahiye hai I want all this (she gave him a list)

Shaina- Manya yeh sab kya hai hum bandenghe hum Jamaisa seh kaam nahiye karwayenghe

Manyata- Mama I don't care Uday this your punishment chaloh ab joa kitchen mein

Uday- Princess jathe hai don't worry banah denghe

Shaina- lekin beta aise kaise

Uday- Koi baat nahiye Mama hum banahdenghe anything for my Princess

Jhanvi- Manya bahuth ziddi ho

Manyata- woh toh hum hai haan nahi toh

Uday was trying to follow recipes and make dinner for Manyata

Jhanvi came in the kitchen when Manyata wasn't looking

Jhanvi- Uday hum banahdenghe tum andhar joah humne Manya ko Rajbir keh ghar bhejdiya hai to get Krishy

Uday- Bhabhi hum karlenghe

Jhanvi- Uday hum madat kardethe

Uday- No Bhabhi hum karlenghe Manyata will know you helped

After a lot of convincing Jhanvi went inside

Shaina wasn't happy at all

Shaina- Manya ko patha nahiye kya hogayah agar mahal mein kisi ko patha chalgaya toh patha nahiye kya hogha

Jhanvi- Mama dono ziddi hai Uday neh humhe madat nahiye karneh di

After a while Uday had sent the dining table

Jhanvi- Manya patha nahiye khab aiyghi phone bhi nahiye uhtha rahiye hai

Uday- Bhabhi hum auseh phone karteh hai

Uday went to phone Manyata

Shaina- Jhanvi beta upar anah

Jhanvi- Jee Mama abhi athi hoon

It was the perfect opportunity for Amrit to put her plan in action no one was in the dining room she mixed some tablets in Manyata's food.

We see Manveer talking on phone

Manyata- Uday I'm coming home in a few minutes was watching movie with Krishy

Uday- hurry up and come home Krishy ko bhi saat lanah khaanah is ready humneh bahuth mehnat ki hai ab jaldi seh aao warnah hum ajayenghe leneh

Manyata- ok I'm coming in 5 bye Uday

She disconnected the phone

Uday came inside the dining room Amrit brought the water jug

Amrit- Uday kahaan teh aap hum kabseh aapko dhoond rehey teh

Uday- hum yahin teh aapki business meeting hogayi aap khab waapis ja rahiye hai

Amirt- meeting ache seh hoghi ab hum doh dine baad ja rehey hai

Just then Manyata came inside with Krishy

Krishy- Prince Udayveer (he hugged him)

Uday hugged him too

Uday- how are you Krishy bacha?

Krishy- I'm fine very hungry

Uday- chaloh dinning table is ready

Manyata- great you served food to very good let's eat Krishy

Shaina-Uday Beta you sit down as well aaj apneh bahuth kaam kiya

Amrit- haan hum aapko khaana serve karteh hai

Manyata stopped eating

Manyata- Kyun Amrit tum kyun serve karonghi tum toh hamaari mehmaan ho aur hamaari Mama kehthi hai hum mehmaano seh kaam nahiye karwathe, tum araam seh koah hum apneh Uday khude serve karenghe

Manyata served Uday food

Manyata- Thank you Uday for making me food now you also eat next time I will make food for you

Uday- you're most welcome Princess anything for you

Amrit was burning in jealousy

Manyata gave her evil look

Krishy-  food is so yummy this pasta is my favourite

Manyata- mines too Krishy

Shaina- ab araam seh khaana koa Jhanvi beta Viraj kahan hai

Jhanvi- Mama patha nahiye athe honghe

Krishy- Daddy never misses dinner Mummy phone him

Jhanvi- No Bacha he will come don't worry he will be busy in work

Manyata started laughing

Manyata- Bhai is late remember the last time this happened Krishy

Krishy- Yes Bua (he started laughing)

Shaina- Manya Krishy eat no laughing

Amrit- I'm done excuse me hum apneh kamreh mein ja rehey

Shaina- Amrit beta apneh halwa toh kaya he nahiye

Amrit- jee humhe halwa acha nahiye lagtha ab hum chalthe hai goodnight

Shaina- acha beta goodnight

Krishy and Manyata both started laughing

Krishy- Bua witch aunty gayi yes (he hifived her)

Manyata- Yes bacha (she hifived him back)

Uday- Princess you have to eat halwa

Manyata- yeah I will do (just then she started feeling a little drowsy)

Uday- here you go Princess

Manyata had halwa

Everyone had finished eating dinner now we see everyone in the lounge

Manyata- I will be right back then we will watch Spiderman

Krishy- Ok Bua come quick I will go and get Prince Udayveer he's in the conservatory on the phone

Manyata- yeah get him Krishy make sure you hide his phone ok

Krishy- don't worry Bua I will get the phone Prince Udayveer won't even find out (he went running to the garden conservatory)

Manyata went to her room she felt really drowsy and fainted on the bed

Downstairs everyone was waiting for Manyata

Krishy- where is Bua?

Uday- I will go and see

Jhanvi- No Uday you sit I'm going upstairs I will send her down

Uday- Ok Bhabhi

Jhanvi went upstairs to Manyata room she saw her fainted started panicking

Jhanvi quickly rang the ambulance then she went downstairs

Jhanvi- Manya has fainted I have called the ambulance don't know what happened to her she was fine a while ago

Uday ran upstairs he was very worried


The paramedics had arrived

Shaina and Jhanvi came upstairs too

Krishy started crying

Krishy- Mummy what happened to Bua?

Jhanvi- Sssh Krishy ur Bua will be fine don't worry they are doing check up

Hearing all the talking Amrit came from her room she was very happy to see Manyata in this state

Amrit (to herself) Plan Successful

Paramedics- I don't understand why she fainted her heart rate BP everything seems fine just to be on the safe side we will take her to the hospital to do further tests. One Person can come with us to the hospital (they got stretcher and took Manyata to the Ambulance)

Shaina- Uday beta hospital seh phone karnah hum bhi arahey hai baad mein

Uday- Jee Mama

Uday went with Manyata to the hospital

They arrived at the hospital they done all blood tests the results all came clear

Doctor- Everyone is fine we will discharge Manyata tomorrow

Uday- Thank you Doctor

Doctor- you're most welcome you can go home now we don't allow anyone to stay in hospital

Uday- Doctor I will wait here please

After a lot of convincing the doctor allowed Uday to stay in hospital he rang home and informed Shaina that Manyata is fine.

The next day Manyata woke up and realized she was in hospital Uday was sleeping on the chair

Manyata- What am I doing in hospital? Uday get up!!!

Uday woke up

Uday- Princess thank god you're awake how you feeling now?

Manyata- I'm fine absolutely fine why you brought me hospital?

Uday- you fainted last night

Manyata-  what? Why? How?

Uday- I don't know Princess they done the tests everything is normal they will do your check up again then discharge you, I will phone home

Uday went outside to phone home

After a while Shaina and Rohan had come

Shaina hugged Manyata

Shaina- how are you bacha?

Rohan- Uday where is the doctor? He should make discharge papers

Uday- I will go and see Papa

Uday went to the reception desk

Manyata- I'm fine Mama honestly now will you stop crying Papa tell Mama

Rohan- Shaina no crying see Manya is fine we will be going home soon Manya bacha we left Krishy crying home he wanted to come as well

Manyata- Mama you should of brought him doesn't matter I will see him at home

The doctor came and done Manyata's check up again

Doctor- everything is normal I have signed your discharge papers here's your letter give this to your GP

Manyata- Thanks Doctor

The Doctor left

Uday- Thank god you're fine Princess I was so worried

Manyata- for no reason nothing happened to me you didn't even go home

Shaina- Beta humneh kaha tha phone peh hum ghaari bhej rehey hai ghar ajaoh but he wasn't listening tum dono ziddi ho so he stayed

Rohan- tum sab ajanah entrance keh paas hum ghaari nikalteh hai

Shaina- jee hum athe hai

Now we see everyone at home

Amrit- How are you now Manyata?

Manyata- I'm fine Amrit

Krishy- BUA!!!! (He hugged her) how are you?

Manyata- Krishy bacha I'm fine don't worry why were you crying?

Krishy-  Daddy and Mummy didn't let me go hospital I'm not talking to them

Manyata- Aww don't be angry now I'm home now

Amrit- Krishy we will all be leaving tomorrow evening it's our flight to India

Krishy- I know witch aunty in holidays I will visit my Bua and Prince Udayveer

Uday- yes it's your turn Krishy

Krishy- I know if these 2 don't take me I will come with my Mamu and Mami

Everyone talked for ages it was 11pm now

Manveer were busy packing their luggage

Manyata- Uday you got tickets

Uday- yeah I got the tickets Princess we can't change our flight this time Amrit is going with us too

Manyata- what cant you change the time of our flight?

Uday-because snow is expected in the UK if I change our flight time we might not be able to travel so this time you have to manage

Manyata- ok as long as I don't sit near the chudail I will be fine.. I will wrap all the gifts and put them in the black suitcase (Manyata started coughing)

Uday- Princess I will get you some water

Manyata- no it's fine

Uday- no its not (he took water jug and went downstairs)

He switched the living room light on

Viraj- (Angrily) which idiot switched the light on?

Uday- Bhai what are you doing here?

Viraj- watching TV I fell asleep

Uday- but the TV is switched off

Viraj- no no it's on standby

Just then Manyata came downstairs saw all this started laughing

Viraj- Manya stop laughing

Manyata-  Uday you know Viraj Bhai has been kicked out of his bedroom that's why he is sleeping here (she started laughing more)

Now Viraj was even angry

Viraj- Manya bacha this isn't done ok this time it wasn't even my fault and still I got kicked out of my room

Uday- Bhai I have an idea why don't you apologise to Bhabhi

Viraj- I tried but as usual no one understands my point of view the other day I came late had work then went to friend get together party came late dono ma beta shuru hogaye you came late blah blah now punishment you will sleep downstairs 2 days

Manyata- aww Bhai don't worry Bhabhi and Krishy will forgive you hum baat karenghe goodnight Bhai aap sojoa I'm going kitchen to make cornflakes

Uday- I'm coming to sorry for disturbance Bhai aap sojayi goodnight

Manveer went to the kitchen

Manyata made cornflakes went to the table sat down started eating

Uday- Princess this isn't done poor Viraj Bhai it goes on your family everyone gives punishments

Manyata- it's his fault so punishment milenghe but come on I didn't give severe punishment like this

Uday- yeah that's true

Manyata- yeah but keep in mind you never if you upset me again you might get the same punishment

Uday- don't worry Princess I won't make you upset by the way I have a surprise for you

Manyata- surprise? What is it?

Uday- I will show you it tomorrow

Manyata- unfair I have to wait till tomorrow

Uday- yes Princess you have to

The next day we see Manyata and Uday in a huge mansion it had Manveer photograpgh in the middle and all family photo's the living room was white

Uday- this is our house next time we come to London we will be staying here I had to wait for the paperwork to come through that's why I couldn't show you before. You love London a lot so we will be coming here often to spend holidays so I brought this house.

Manyata loved the house

Manyata- this is so beautiful I love it not fair I didn't get the chance to stay here we are going back in evening

Uday- I know Princess I'm sorry about the official documents didn't come in time without them I couldn't get the keys I was meant to collect them few days ago then I found out that some paperwork was missing so it got delayed

Manyata- its ok Uday next time we will come doesn't matter let's go now we have to leave to airport soon and I want to spend some time with Krishy

Uday- yeah let's go

We see everyone in airport

Manyata- Bhabhi, Krishy take care of my Bhai no more punishments for him now

Jhanvi- Manya then you should tell your Bhai to come home on time right Krishy

Krishy- Yes Bua

Viraj- ok fine I will come home on time promise... I will miss you Manya look after yourself (he hugs her)

Manyata- yes Bhai I will do if I don't Uday is here he takes good care of me

Krishy- yeah Prince Udayveer I'm glad you haven't forgotten my threat

Uday- Krishy I still remember how can I forget? Right Krishy remember what I told you ok

Krishy- yes Prince Udayveer I remember

J- Jiji Jiji thank god you're still here sorry hum late hogeh dumb Rajbir drives so slow

Rajbir- don't blame me it was so much traffic

Manyata- koi baat nahiye J we are still here yet flight is in 1 hour (she hugged her) I will miss you J take care of yourself

J- I will miss you too Jiji

Amrit- It's time to check in the luggage

Manveer said goodbye to everyone

Manveer- bye Krishy bacha take care of yourself

Krishy- Bye Bua, Prince Udayveer

Shaina- beta have a safe flight look after yourself

Rohan- once you're in Mahal make sure u ring us ok

Manveer- we will do

Manveer left and so did Amrit

The next day Manveer reached Jaigar palace 

Giriraj-  Welcome Back beta humneh aap dono ko bahuth miss kiya

Amrit- aur humhe Uncle Giri

Giriraj- Aapko bhi kaise rahiye sab meetings

Amrit- bahuth achi rahiye hai

Manyata- humhe ghar phone karneh Mama Papa ko

Uday- hum phone karteh hai

Giriraj- acha beta phone karloh London aur haan Manyata beta Maasab aur Komal, Brijraj, Vijay aur Unnanti arahaye hai humneh uneh batha diya tha aap anehwaleh hai aaj

Manyata- (Happily) that's great 

After a while the Devgar family came all were very happy to see Manyata

The story goes 1 week forward it was 1 day left till Manyata 23rd birthday everyone had arrived from London were staying at Devgar palace. Manyata had no idea what was going on Uday was planning surprise party for Manyata he was very busy with arrangements.

Manyata was talking with Uday on the phone

Manyata- Uday where are you? This isn't done you said you will be back by 1 have you seen the time its 3 now

Uday- Princess I'm busy in meeting can't talk baad mein baat karteh hai bye

He disconnected the phone before Manyata can say anything

Manyata was very angry

Manyata- (Angrily) Uday you disconnected the phone this isn't done you come home see what happens to you I will not talk to you, tomorrow is my birthday you didn't even mention anything about it I know I didn't remind you but come on you should remember my first birthday here after marriage

Just then Amrit came inside Manveer bedroom laughing

Amrit- come on Manyata Uday is Yuvraj of Jaigar he has better things to do then plan your birthday aww so sad na you were expecting Uday to run after you and do your birthday so sad I have some advice for you I suggest you grow up stop acting like a child

Manyata- Look Amrit I'm not in the mood to fight with you let me tell you I'm not a child I'm already mature enough. I have a question for you why are you still here you should be going back to your Mahal this isn't your right place, so before you start giving me advice sort yourself out.

Manyata went downstairs

Amrit wasn't very happy

Amrit- you will leave this palace forever not me (she started smiling evilly)

Uday was in Devgar discussing Manyata birthday arrangements

Uday- So everything should be done by plan so Choti tomorrow you will come to Jaigar and take Manyata with you for shopping until then the palace will be decorated and everyone will come Jairgar don't bring her back till 6pm

Unnanti- Done Dada don't worry I will take Bhabhi sa shopping

Krishy- Prince Udayveer don't worry we will be there but if I don't ring Bua to wish her happy birthday she will be so upset I always wish her first

Uday- She won't Krishy when she sees you she will be so so happy

Krishy- ok Prince Udayveer I won't wish Bua till evening

Uday- that's great ok now I'm going home will see you guys tomorrow

Uday left

Now we see Uday in Jaigar

Now we see Manyata talking to Akash on the phone

Akash- Manyata dont worry hum Jiji ko leneh jald arahey hai to Jaigar ok you take of yourself

Manyata- jaldi anah Akash (Uday had entered the room and had heard the last line only) so Akash how's everything else?

Akash- it's good Manyata hum bahuth he khush hai only 1 more thing I want Jiji home soon as possible so you can be happy I know she must be causing trouble for you

Manyata- humhe bhi tumhaari bahuth yaad arahiye hai

Uday wasn't very happy

Manyata carried on talking now Uday was losing his patience (so he snatched the phone from Manyata and disconnected it)

Manyata- (Angrily) Uday what the hell is this? Why did you disconnect the phone? Kya baatameezi hai

Uday- Princess I been waiting to talk to u for ages patiently you know I was here you still didn't disconnect the phone

Manyata- Uday I was talking to Akash hum itni important baatein kar rehey teh

Uday started laughing

Uday- kya important baatein kar rehey teh aise idhaar udhaar ki baatein come on Princess I'm not stupid yeh sab humhe jealous karaneh key liye right

Manyata- you're not that special Yuvraj Udayveer so don't get to happy

Manyata went downstairs

Uday- Princess is very angry sorry Princess but I was planning your surprise party that's why I had to disconnect your call. That dumb Akash why does he have to phone my Princess

The next day everything was done according to plan Unnanti had took Manyata for shopping and Uday carried on with arrangements in Jaigar, everyone had arrived from Devgar.

Krish- When is Bua going to come?

Uday- Soon bacha I told your Mami to bring her home now

Unnanti- kya hua Bhabhi Sa ab hum ghar agaye hai

Manyata- nothing

Manyata was very angry

Manyata- (Angrily) no one remembered my birthday not even Krishy Bacha he didn't even call me and that Dumb Uday he's too busy with his dumb meeting didn't even wish me in the morning

They entered Jaigar the lights were all off

Manyata- great my day can't get any worse there no lights here corrupt government hai light chaligayi it's my bad luck day today

Just then the video played everyone's birthday messages were on their lastly Krishy b'dy message came

Krishy Message

Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Happy Birthday to my Bua I love you very much

Manyata- I love you to bacha I wish you were here

Just then Krishy hugged Manyata

Manyata- Bua I'm here

The lights came on

Manyata was very surprised to see everyone she hugged everyone

Manyata- Thank you so much everyone I loved all the messages

Krishy- Bua Prince Udayveer planned all this

Manyata- now I understand isliyeh he was ignoring all these day none of you were answering your telephones

Uday- Sorry Princess it had to be done I wanted to give you a surprise

Manyata- it's alright I loved the surprise (she hugged him)

Everyone gave gifts to Manyata

1 year later Manyata was 7 months Pregnant

Manyata- Uday what is all this? You have brought all the store yeh kya hai only pink clothes all these dresses, all these are girls clothes

Uday- yeah so hum yeh sab apni baby Princess keh liye lekeh aiye hai I'm sure it will be a girl

Manyata- Uday it might not be you never know you should of only brought white clothes both girls and boys can wear that

Uday- Princess I know it will be a girl that's why I didn't bring any white clothes only nice colourful clothes and pastel colours... you should be resting lie down I will get your medicines

Manyata- I'm so bored of resting since 7 months rest he toh kar rahiye hoon no one lets me go anywhere

Uday- Princess you have to rest the doctor said ok 2 more months to go till our baby princess comes in this world

Manyata- Uday Princess nahiye Prince hogha

Uday- No Princess he aiyghi

Manyata- No Prince

Just then the baby kicked

Manyata- Ouch! Baby kicked me

Uday was laughing

Uday- See baby agrees with its dad it's definitely a Princess

Manyata- now even I think so too probably is a Princess

Uday- Yes it is I'm always right here's your medicine

Manyata had her medicine

Uday- get some sleep now

Manyata-  I don't want to Uday I'm not sleepy

Uday- Princess you might not be sleepy but my baby princess needs her sleep so you need to sleep soon ok

Manyata- ok fine I will try and sleep

Uday kissed her forehead

Uday- Goodnight Princess

After a while Uday fell asleep Manyata was awake she started writing her diary

Dear Diary,

                    One more day has went just 2 more months to go till the baby comes I won't even get to see it (a few tears fell out of her eyes) no I will not cry (she wiped her tears) it's not good for the baby. All these months I have been very strong I didn't even let Uday find out the truth I know he will be an amazing dad he will love the baby more than I ever could. I know you won't ever forgive me Uday when you find out the truth but I made this decision for us.

Precap-  We see Amrit in her Mahal she was very very happy

I will update the final part tomorrow Big smile

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Ooosme update anam Smile, and hope u remember my threat Wink

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awesome update

Hee finally all the bad omens along with amrit passed by

Aww complications in manyats pregnancy?? Life threat??

Cont soon

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OMG...last part was scary...
Plz...update soon thanx for PM.

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