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Unwanted Thread 2 Manveer FF LAST PART PG123 (Page 119)

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Originally posted by Jarin04

Awesum update mumma but u better give us happy ending. Otherwise it won't be gd 4 u
Thanks Jarin BachaBig smile
I'm glad you enjoyed it
Keep reading to find outLOL

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Originally posted by PrincessZaneb

Awesome update ,but can u please give us a happy ending
Please ,please,please,

Thanks ZanebBig smile
I'm glad you enjoyed it
Keep reading to find outLOL
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Part 73 (Last Part)

The next day we see Amrit in her Mahal

Akash- Jiji aapko koi milneh aiyah hai

Amrit- kaun hai

Akash- AGAM!!!

Amrit turned around

Amrit- Tum yahaan kya kar rehey ho GUARDS!!!! SECURITY!!!!!

Akash-Jiji please ek baar iski baat toh sune lijiyeh please hamaari khatir

After a lot of convincing she agreed

Agam explained his side of story

Agam- hum aaj bhi sirf apseh he pyaar karteh hai humneh toh aapka saat sirf isliye chorah tha kyunki aapke Mama Papa chahteh teh.

Amrit parents- beta yeh sach keh raha hai humneh kaha tha aur ab hum tumhare pyaar keh beech mein nahiye aiyghe hum bahuth jald aap dono ki shaadi kardenghe

Amrit was very happy after so many years she was finally going to marry someone she loves. Her love for Uday was just obsession she wanted the kingdom so she could be the most powerful queen.

Amrit- Agam hum hamesha keh liye saat rehenghe

Agam- haan Amrit (he hugged her)

Both were very happy

After a few hours Amrit went to visit Manyata

Amrit- Manyata how come you called me

Manyata- I called you to remind you about the promise you made to me just 2 months left hamare janeh keh baad hamare Uday aur hamare bache ka kyaal tumhe raknah hai you will marry Uday you always wanted that so ab tumhara sapna porah hojaygha

Amrit was very upset

Amrit- No Manyata yeh hamara sapnah nahiye tha sirf zide thi I don't love Uday hum sirf hamare Agam seh pyaar karteh hai aur (she explained what happned in Mahal) he came back wants to marry me humhe hamara pehele pyaar waapis milgayah aur ab humhe kuch samaj nahiye araha hai hum kya karein  apna waada purah kareh yah apneh pyaar ka saat deh. Manyata aapko ko kuch nahiye hogha its only a possibility I promise you everything will be fine hum Uday seh baat karenghe to take you to a better doctor

Manyata- No Amrit Uday can never find out about this tumhe hamaari kasam jo honah hai woh hokeh rehaghe  we can challenge destiny and god decision

Amrit was in dilemma

Amrit- if god forbid anything happens to you hum apna vaada nibayenghe hum tumhare bache ka ache sa kyaal rakenghe aur Uday seh shaadi karlenghe. Humhe yakeen hai nothing will happen to you come on tumneh kabhi kisi ka burah nahiye chaha your a good person bureh toh hum hai humhe aisi sazaa milnee chahiye thi (she started crying) humneh bahuth saazishe ki hai tumhare khilaaf I'm sorry for that I only wanted money and power lekin ab humhe kuch nahiye chahiye hai don't worry hum tumhare saat hai

After a while Akash and Uday both came inside

Akash- Uday Bhai aapneh toh puri dukaan karidlee

Uday- Akash I want everything best for my baby princess

Manyata started smiling

Manyata- Uday you went for a meeting or shopping

Uday-  I went meeting then on the way I decided to buy a few things for my baby Princess

Manyata- a few things doesn't look like it so many bags

Amrit- aww so sweet Uday

Akash- so Manyata kya naam rakenghe Baby ka

Amrit- haan batoa what names have you guys decided?

Uday- baby princess name will be either be Jasmine, Amolika, Esha, Anhaitha, or Shreeya I have to choose from these

Akash- waise Uday Bhai naam rakneh ka haq toh Bua ka hotha hai

Uday- Koi baat nahiye Choti doesn't mind she will like the name I choose I already told her I'm choosing the name we will change the tradition this time

Amrit- yeh sareh naam ache hai I like Shreeya what do you think Manyata?

Manyata- We don't know yet if it's a girl or boy so if it's a girl Uday can choose any name he likes if it's a boy I will keep the name Armaan

Akash- yeh naam acha hai

Uday- I will choose from the following I have 2 months yet

It was time for Manyata last scan we see both Manveer in hospital

Doctor- the baby is very healthy

Manyata- baby is so big now

Uday- yeah it is I'm waiting for it very desperately my baby Princess will come soon

Manyata- yeah 1 and half month left

Doctor- Yes that's right 1 and half month left

Uday- Doctor how's Manyata's health she's been taking her all her Vitamins tablets on time and eating healthy foods

Doctor- General Health is good

Manyata- It doesn't matter about me as long as the baby is fine

Uday- Princess ofcourse it matters I want both of you to be healthy and in good health

Doctor- that's very true both Mom and baby have to be healthy otherwise it could be delivery complications but it your case it's all good continue your tablets

Manyata- I will do Doctor thank you

Just then Uday went outside to answer a phone call

Manyata- Thank you Doctor for not telling the truth

Doctor- Manyata I could be in big trouble for this but I'm taking risk

2 months went by it was finally time for Manyata's delivery we see all the family in hospital

Uday- humhe andar janah hai

Doctor- Sorry aap andar nahiye asakteh it's an operation theatre

 We see Manyata in the operation theatre

Doctor- We will have to do caesarean right away we don't have much time nurse I will give the patient anaesthetics

Manyata was in a lot of pain

Manyata- No I don't want anaesthetics please humhe hamaare Uday seh baat karni hai

Doctor- dekhiye please relax hamare paas time bahuth kaam hai jaldi he operation karnah paregha

Manyata- nahiye pehele humhe hamare Uday seh baat karni hai

Doctor- Nurse inkeh husband ko lekeh aiyi

Nurse- Jee

The nurse went outside to get Uday

Nurse- aap sab mein Uday kaun hai

Uday- hum Uday hai nurse sab theek to hai

Nurse- aapko hamare saat anah paregha

Uday went with the nurse

Doctor- Aap please ineh samjayi hamara paas waqt bahuth kaam hai I need to give her anaesthetics immediately humeh operation jald seh jald karnah hai warnah bache ki jaan ko katra ho saktha hai

Uday was very worried he holded her hand

Uday- Princess you have to take anaesthetics already bahuth dher ho chuki hai hum baad mein bhi baat karsakteh everything will be fine

Manyata-  I'm really sorry Uday please forgive me hum tumhaara saat nahiye deh paighe.. Doctor jab haamra bacha ho pehele hamare Uday ko dikayi tike hai and (Interrupted)

Uday- Princess hamaari kuch samaj mein nahiye araha hai everything will be fine soon we will be with our baby don't worry Princess you will be fine Doctor aap ineh anaesthetic dijiyeh

Manyata smiled faintly kept looking at Uday

The doctor gave anaesthetic Manyata was unconscious in seconds

Doctor- Ab aap jayeeh we need to start the operation  

Uday kissed Manyata hand left the operation theatre

Shaina- Uday beta sab tike toh haina

Komal- Kaisi hai Manyata koi katreh walhi baat toh nahiye hai

Uday- Doctor Operation kar rehey hai

Everyone went to pray in the hospital mandir

Krishy- please bhagwanji hamaari Bua aur hamaari Behen dono theek ho unki raksha karnah

Uday- hamaari Princess aur baby dono theek ho

J- Mama aap dono fikar maat kijiye sab acha hogha Jiji aur hamaare niece ya nephew ko kuch nahiye hogha ache logoh keh saat hamesha acha hotha hai

Brij- J tike keh rahiye hai Komal

Rohan- hamara Manya bacha is very strong she's a fighter sab tike hogha

Viraj- Jhanvi Krishy sogayah hai humhe dehdoh

Viraj picked Krishy up

Jhanvi- Viraj humhe bahuth chintha ho rahiye its been 4 hours itnah lamba operation nahiye hotha

Viraj- sab acha hogha don't worry the doctors know what they are doing

Rajbir- Uday Bhai yeh lijiye coffee

Uday- humhe nahiye chahiye hai

Vijay- Uday Baana dekhiye sab kuch tike hojaygha  

After a few minutes the doctor came out Uday ran to the doctor so did the rest of the family members.

Uday- Doctor how's my Manyata and baby?

Doctor- Manyata is in a very critical condition agar uneh kuchi ghantoh mein hosh nahiye aiyah hum kuch nahiye karpaiyghe aap sab dua kijiyeh

Uday- Doctor Rehaja neh toh kaha tha everything is normal so yeh sab kaise (he had tears in his eyes)

Doctor- aap please apneh aapko sambhaliyeh yeh case bahuth he difficult tha humneh poori koshish ki hai (interrupted)


Jhanvi-Viraj please aap shaant hojayghi please aap chaliye hamare saat

Jhanvi somehow took Viraj waiting room

Shaina- sorry Doctor

Doctor- nahiye its ok koi baat nahiye I understand

Komal- hamaari beti tike toh hojayghinah

Doctor- jaise maine kaha we will keep her under observation agar kuchi ghantoh mein hosh agayah she will be fine agar nahiye then (interrupted)

Just then the nurse came with the baby girl

Nurse- Doctor Baby is in good health we bathed it and done check up she is absolutely fine

Doctor took the baby and gave it to Uday

Doctor- yeh lijiye aapki bachi

Uday holded the baby kissed her forehead


Krishy had woken up

Krishy- hamaari behen agayi shes so so cute Prince Udayveer we were right  it was a baby girl.. lets go to Bua Prince Udayveer lets go... Mamus, Mamis lets go please I need to congratulate my Bua and tell her shame we won chaliyeh na.. Dadi, Dadu lets go! Aap loge nahiye chaloghe hum jakeh Daddy ko lekeh athe hai

Shaina/Rohan- nahiye Krishy bacha please be quiet Bua is in special ward we aren't allowed to meet her yet

J- Krishy chaloh hamare saat aao hum tum aur tumhare Mamu we will go the gift shop buy some gifts for the baby and bua

Krishy got really happy

Krishy- yay lets go Mami Mamu

Rajbir and J took Krishy to the gift shop

Unnanti- Dada don't worry Bhahbi Sa ko kuch nahiye hogha agar aap he aise himmat harjaygha toh sabka kya hogha, aapki baby princess kya socheghi unkeh Dad Yuvraj Udayveer Singh is crying Dada everything will be fine

 Uday- your right Choti humhe ronah nahiye  chahiye hai I have faith in god my Princess will be fine

The nurse took the baby back

Brijraj- Komal sab tike hojaygha

Shaina- haan Bhabhi sab tike hojaygha

Rohan- we should pray for her chaliyeh mandir chalteh hai Uday beta chaliyeh aap bhi himmat rakhiye sab tike hojaygha

Everyone goes to the hospital mandir including Viraj and Jhanvi

After a while Amrit and Akash come to hospital

J- What the hell are you doing here?

Amrit- I have come to meet Manyata

J- My Jiji is critical are you happy now yahaan hasneh aiyi ho get out of here we don't need you here hum sab bahuth pareshaan hai

Amrit started crying

Amrit- what Manyata is critical? (She was about to fall)

Akash- Jiji  aapne aapko sambhaliye dekho J we haven't come here to cause trouble we just came to see Manyata please humhe milnehdoh

J- No Akash I won't let this witch see my Jiji

Rajbir- J please leave it

Amrit- you don't own the hospital hum Manyata seh zaroor mileghe

Both Akash and Amrit went to see Manyata

Everyone was praying for Manyata health and wellbeing including Amrit and Akash

The next day the doctor done Manyata check up it was Miracle she was recovering well all the results were positive.

 After a few minutes she opened her eyes and touched her stomach

Manyata- Doctor my baby I'm alive so that means my baby (she was about to cry)

Doctor- No Manyata you're baby is absolutely fine you had a baby girl she's very beautiful

Manyata tried to get up but she was in a lot of pain

Doctor- please relax there's no need to get up your operation is fresh you need complete rest for 4 days so relax, you are absolutely fine now there are no complications I will go inform your family nurse get the baby and show it to her

The nurse left to get the baby

The Doctor told the family the good news

Doctor- Manyata is out of danger now she needs 4 days complete rest then we will discharge her she's very weak at the moment but she will be fine soon

Uday and the rest of the family were really happy

Uday- Doctor Can I see Manyata?

Doctor- Yes you can go inside (Uday went running inside the ward) aur aap sab bhi jasakteh lekin one at a time it's a special ward

Everyone thanked the doctor

The Doctor left

Viraj- Thank God my Manya bacha is fine

Parents- Bhagwaan ka lahk lahk shukar hai hamaari beti tike hai

Amrit was very happy too

Krishy- Mamu humhe bhi janah hai to see Bua

Vijay- hum bhi jaighe hai Krishy later ok

Rajbir- yeah u didn't wrap the presents yet

J- yeah come with Mami we will wrap the presents then come back

Unnanti- yeah hum bhi chalteh hai saat chaloh Vijay

Rajbir- hum bhi athe hai J

Now we see Manveer

Uday was very happy to see Manyata well

Uday- Princess I'm so happy you're fine (some tears fell out of his eyes)

Manyata- Uday I'm fine no more tears now

Uday- Princess I was so scared I thought I was going to lose you

Manyata- You didn't though see I'm here now no more tears or else I will have to call the press and inform them the great Yuvraj Udayveer is crying like a baby

Uday- no more tears now only happiness Princess

Manyata- yes Uday

Just then the nurse came with the baby

Nurse- yeh lijiyeh aapki baby girl

Manyata holded the baby

The nurse left

Manyata kissed the baby forehead

Manyata- she's so cute

Uday- obviously Princess she's gone on me end of the day

Manyata- what no she looks like me

Uday- she's got my eyes come on Princess ache seh dekho

Manyata- alright fine eyes tumhaari hai you were right baby princess came

Uday- I know Princess I knew it Yuvraj Udayveer is never wrong

Manyata- Uday don't get too chuffed phir shuru hogaye ho your favourite speech Yuvraj Udayveer is never wrong

Uday- it true though

Manyata- No it's not

Uday- ok fine Princess I'm not always right but in this case I am see my baby Princess is smiling also

Manyata- I can see that she's too cute

Uday- just like you

Both Manveer talked for ages

Manyata- Uday where's everyone?

Uday- they are outside its special ward not everyone is allowed hum jayghe  toh then they will come

Just then Krishy, Viraj, Jhanvi, Parents all came inside

Krishy- (Happily) CONGRATUALTIONS BUA!!!!

Manyata- Thank you Krishy Bacha

Krishy- Bua I'm so so happy my baby sister has come she's too cute I'm very very happy me and Prince Udayveer were right

Uday- Yes we were

Both parents met Manyata

Parents-  Congratulation beta hum bahuth bahuth khush hai

Manyata- hum bhi

Jhanvi/Viraj- Congrats

Manyata- Thanks Bhai, Bhabhi

Viraj- I want you to be well very soon and come home these 4 days are too long thank god you're ok warnah hum ine doctors ko churteh nahiye

Jhanvi- Viraj ab bas kijiye Manyata you should of seen he was shouting so badly before everything is fine.. everything is ok you're not in pain right

Manyata- Bhabhi when I move it hurts the operation stitches

Jhanvi- It will be healed in a few days you have to be very careful

Shaina- Beta you will be fine soon

Komal- hum aapke liye acha soup banakeh leke aiyghe

Manyata- Mama I hate soup yuck

Komal- beta khaana toh paregha

Uday- yes Princess you will have to have soup you can't eat anything else

Manyata- unfair total unfair humhe ache ache dishes doh khaaneh keh liye you're giving me ugly soup.. see how weak I have gone instead of giving me my favourite dishes you're giving me ugly soup see Bhai this Uday

Uday- Princess complain kar rahiye ho no use because Viraj Bhai is on my side

Manyata- no he's not mere Bhai hai my side you know when I use to be ill he use to give me my favourite foods when Mama wasn't looking

Viraj- Manya Bacha this time I can't take your side because you're really weak you need soup it will help you

Uday started laughing

Uday- see Princess even your Bhai isn't on your side

Manyata- so unfair

Uday- its ok Princess don't worry its only for few days then you can eat all your favourite dishes

Komal and Shaina both were holding the baby and adoring it

Brijraj/Rohan-  Komal, Shaina ab humhe bhi hamaari naatin ko dheknah hai humhe dijiyeh

Komal/Shaina- pehele humhe toh dhekneh dijiye

Krishy- Bua see both Dadi's and Dadu's are fighting over my baby sister

Manyata- I know Krishy

Uday- Krishy did the doctor, nurse see you guys come in

Krishy- No Prince Udayveer we sneaked in when they weren't looking we couldn't wait to see Bua and my baby sister

Manyata- aww you're too cute Krishy Bacha

Krishy- ofcourse I am Bua I'm your nephew end of the day

Manyata- that's true Bacha

Just then J, Rajbir, Vijay and Unnati came they congratulated Manyata and gave her flowers, balloons and gifts

Krishy- Bua this is from me flowers, card and this big teddy bear is for my baby sister

It was a big Winnie the Pooh teddy bear

Manyata- it's too cute Krishy you guys brought so many things

J- Jiji come on Maasi hoon baby ki haq bantha hai

Unnanti- aur hum Bua hai

Vijay/Rajbir- aur hum Mamu

J/U/V/R- ab humhe baby ko dheknah hai

Krishy- good luck Mami Mamu long line hai to see my baby sister

J/U/V/R- koi baat nahiye we will wait

Everyone saw the baby

Unnanti- J ab humhe doh my turn

Vijay- No Unnanti pehele hum Mamu hai baby keh

Rajbir- No J my turn next

Everyone had turn picking the baby

Viraj- you guys are done now ab humhe doh

Rajbir gave the baby to Viraj

Unnanti- So Bhabhi, Dada kya naam rakenghe hamaari niece ka she's absolutely beautiful just like a flower

Manyata- Unnanti naam toh Uday he choose karegha so Uday bathadoh kya naam rakonghe hamaari baby Princess ka

Uday- Jasmine

Unnanti- meaning flower beautiful name Dada

Manyata- Yeah very beautiful name

Doctor- aap sab yahaan kya kar rehey hai I said one at a time ab aap please jayeeh I need to do patients check up

Komal/Shaina/Rohan/Brij- Beta ab hum chalteh hai afternoon mein ajayghee apna kyaal raknah

Manyata- Jee Mama, Ma, Papa

Viraj- Take care of yourself Bacha

Manyata- I will Bhai don't worry

Jhanvi- Chaloh Krishy bacha aur aap sab bhi

Krishy kissed the baby Jasmine

Krishy- Bye Jasmine I will come again to see you later

Everyone left besides Uday

Manyata- Uday tum bhi ghar joah araam karoh I'm fine now baad mein ajanah you need to rest

Uday- I'm fine Princess I'm not tired at all Doctor how's the temperature and blood pressure

Doctor- It's good everything is normal but she needs another bottle of Glucose she's still weak nurse attach another bottle of Glucose I will be back in a few hours

Nurse- ok Doctor

The nurse attached another bottle of Glucose and left

Just then Amrit and Akash came inside both congratulated Manveer

Amrit/Akash- Manyata how are you now?

Manyata- I'm fine Amrit, Akash

Amrit- I'm glad you're fine the baby is so cute (she picked her up)

Akash- yeah very beautiful so what you guys named her

Manyata- Uday named her Jasmine

Uday- yeah she's just like a flower

After a while Amrit and Akash left

Manyata- Uday go home please and rest come in the afternoon

Uday- Princess I don't want to go home I'm fine

Manyata- Uday you have been here since yesterday now give me Jasmine go home or else I wont talk to you

Uday- ok fine I'm going (he kissed Jasmine forhead) bye baby Princess I will see you later (he gave the baby to Manyata)

Princess Jasmine started crying

Uday- see Princess even Jasmine doesn't want me to go

Manyata- Uday don't look for excuses ghar joa ok Jasmine is hungry can you pass me the milk bottle?

Uday- here you go

Manyata fed the baby

Manyata- see she's quiet now she was hungry now you go home don't worry your baby Princess is fine she's in good hands

Uday kissed Manyata forehead

Uday- I know Princess take care of yourself I will come back in the afternoon

Uday left

6 months later

Giriraj decided to make Udayveer the new Maharaj of Jaigar and Manyata the Maharani. It was a small family get together in the Jaigar palace everyone had come from Devgar to attend it.

Giriraj- so beta humneh ab retirement ka faislah lehliyah hai ab bas hum araam karenghe aur apni Jasmine keh saat khelenghe tum dono ab Jaigar ki zimaandariyaan sambhalo

Uday- Jaise aap tike samjeh Dad

Dadisab- humhe bhi yahin lagtha hai Giriraj Uday bahuth ache Maharaj sabit honghe Congrats beta

Uday- Thank you Dadisab hum poori koshish karenghe

The day of the coronation arrived both Manveer had been crowned King and Queen

Manyata- Uday hum Maharani toh ban rehey hai but you can't call me Maharani it doesn't sound very nice

Uday- Ok Princess as you wish I won't call you Maharani happy

Manyata- very happy

Uday-  see my baby Princess is also smiling    
Manyata- you mean our baby Princess

Uday- yes our baby princess

After a while the Press came to take photographs Jasmine didn't like it so started making faces at them.

The Coronation finished Manyata and Uday were both King and Queen now.

THE END!!!!!

A big thank you to DZHug for making a sig for the final part of the fanfic although she was busy with studies.

Finally the fanfic is finished I didn't follow my title I was supposed to give it a sad ending where Manyata dies and leaves the baby to Uday to look after on his own that would of been the ending... due to threats I changed my mind gave it a happy ending I can't disappoint readers now especially when this is my last fanfic I won't be writing anything after this.

Thank you so much to all the readers for the appreciation big hugHug to all of you  the fanfic completed 2 thread and 73 parts it wouldn't have been possible without you all.





































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RESERVEDDD yayy will edit later on ^^


OMG you almost killed me lady xD i thought i would have a panic attackLOLi was expecting the end u were pllanning to mke but thk god u didnt otherwise it would ne too sad and i would end up crying as u know im a big rotlu LOL!!!
The part was awsome, i totaly loved the way u added so much suspense on the fact tht it was either baby or manya who wuld be alive. i wuldnt have guessed LOL You made Amrit positiv tht was cherry on the cake LOL i wasnt expecting this witch to turn positiv LOL but thk god u sent Agam for her haha!!
Udhay omg wht to say abt it... he is just FAB i wish every girl culd get a hubby like him xD the way he cares like when he say tht it matters when baby is healthy and mom has to be healthy as well...
Im so glad that baldy didntLOL turn out negative LOL otherwise he wuld be dead haha LOL after a lot of tears the ending on a happy note was the best u culd give EmbarrassedBig smile Big smile Thank you and seriously im gonna miss ur FF a lot Cry you know that i4ve always been a fan of ur writting skills and i just LOVE each and everything u write!! this one was a hatrick Wink
Im not expecting this to be ur last FF xD im hoping for u to come bck after a lot of rest with something else and different as u always do Embarrassed
I LOVE YOU fr everything LOL i still remember hw i stayed awake till 6 in morning to read the whole ff xD and how i was despo in pk for nt being able to read ur ff LOL
again AWSOME AWSOME AWSOME !!! Super Duper HIT!!!!
rated 10/5 LOLLOLStarStarStarStar

Love you and im gonna miss u alot Cry

PS: see u on whats ap right after the comment haha LOL

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Awesome ending
Thank u so much for a happy ending :)
Hey have a question did uay find out that manyata had complications

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Awesome,superb,amazing,fantabulous,Mind blowing,astonishing,fantastically beautiful FF ClapClapClap
How cna u end this di Cry Kisi na kisi din end hona tha bt still Cry
Awes the baby ws so cute Smile Uday ws right Wink Thank god manyata is fym Big smile Or baby bhi theek hai Smile
Shukr hai apko chitty di ne draya or end chnge kra aapne LOL Bt loved the end HeartAwesome siggy Star
Amrit ko agam mil gya Smile
Awe uday ws crying dat scene ws emo
Krishy bought a teddy bear so sweet of him he is a darling
Ya ALLAH last mai bhi effect chod diya na baby ka naam Jasminie rkhaROFLbt the name is very nyc hope usse uska aladdin kuch years mai mil jayeROFL
would miss uday k dushman CORNFLAKESROFL
This ws truly a happy end Star
Ye aap ki last FF nhi hai u have to write more ff's fr us plzz *puppy face*
Love uh diHug]

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loved this chapter
Amazing ending
Reading this FF has been awesome 
 Jasmine... what a lovely name 

hoping to read more manveer work by You 
thanks 4 de PM

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My Animated Reaction to new ManVeer Promo

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Author: ibelieveinpink   Replies: 16   Views: 4734

ibelieveinpink 16 4734 08 May 2012 at 9:12am by adventure_gurl
OneShot: Manveer (Inspired by the New Promo)

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Author: Angelskiss   Replies: 37   Views: 17609

Angelskiss 37 17609 18 April 2012 at 6:37am by RadhapriyaG_01

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