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Unwanted Thread 2 Manveer FF LAST PART PG123 (Page 116)

Supernatural_10 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 10 January 2013 at 5:24pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Archi02

Sorry for doing comment after a long time. Awesome update. And who was on the phone? Arjun?
Thanks ArchiBig smile
I''m glad you enjoyed it

Supernatural_10 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 10 January 2013 at 5:25pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Roze12

hi mummy...aj say mission shru ap kay FF ka... ROFL
ok bachaLOL

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Supernatural_10 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 11 January 2013 at 1:56pm | IP Logged

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Thanks Big smile
I'm glad you all enjoyed it
_Grey_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 January 2013 at 3:46pm | IP Logged
Yippie humne padh li FF Party will edit my cmnt later[=))
_Grey_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 January 2013 at 4:10pm | IP Logged
Wth di Arjun can't be backShocked
Supernatural_10 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 11 January 2013 at 5:29pm | IP Logged

Part 71

Manveer reached home

Amrit opened the door and welcomed them

Manyata was very angry

Amrit- Manyata Uday acha hua aap dono agaye aiyi hai

Manveer went inside

Shaina- beta what happened in hospital?

Manyata- Mama I will explain after what is that Amrit doing here?

Shaina- beta I said she could stay just for another 3-4 days then shes going back to India acha nahiye lagtha na hamare hothe hue hotel mein rehey

Manyata- Mama there is no need to do social service for that witch just great now I have to tolerate her here as well... wheres Bhai, Bhabhi and Krishy?

Shaina- dont be angry beta just relax... Viraj and Jhanvi have gone to Jhanvi friends anniversary party in Bradford they will come back tonight... Krishy is gone to his Nani house Rajbir and J came to see you guys you weren't home they took Krishy

Manyata- I will not leave them two should of waited for me

Shaina- beta they will come back later relax

Uday- Princess sit down relax

Shaina- now tell me what happened in hospital

Amrit- Aunty lagtha hai bad news hai it's ok Manyata don't worry ab bhi 3 months hai (interupted)

Manyata- Actually Amrit its a good news hum tike hogaye hai... Mama I'm fine my trearment was sucessful

Shaina was really happy

Shaina- congratulations beta I'm very happy (she hugged her)

Manyata- Thanks Mama I'm very happy too I dont have to eat ugly tablets anymore and no more blood tests..Uday phone kiya Ma ko in Devgar

Uday- Yeah it's connecting Princess here you go

Amrit wasn't very happy

Manyata- Ghama Khani Ma kaisi hai aap

Komal- Ghama Khani Beta hum tike hai aap kaisi hai

Manyata- hum bahuth khush hai Mama hum tike hogaye hamaari treatment was sucessful

Komal was very happy

Komal- beta yeh toh bahuth khushi ki baat hai hum abhi maasab ko phone dethe hai

Manyata- ok Ma aur Papa kahaan hai

Komal- Maharaj abhi ghar mein nahiye hai yeh loh Maasab seh beaat kareh (she gave phone to Dadisab) Unnanti beta Vijay jaldi aiyi Manyata ka phone aiyah hai

Unnanti and Vijay came down

Unnanti/Vijay- Manyata ka phone aiyah humhe baat karni hai

Manyata- Ghama Khani Dadisab

Dadisab- Ghama Khani beta hum bahuth bahuth khush hai aap tike hogayi hai

Manyata- hum bhi Dadisab

Dadisab- beta aap waapis khab arahiye hai

Manyata- bahuth jald ajayghe Dadisab humhe Unnanti aur Vijay Bhai seh baat karni hai

Dadisab- haan beta abhi phone dethe hai

Vijay put the phone on loudspeaker

Unnanti/Vijay- Congratulation hum bahuth bahuth khush hai

Manyata- thanks Unnati, Vijay Bhai hum bhi

Vijay- Manyata when are you coming back?

Manyata- Very soon jab flight book hojayghi I will inform you

Meanwhile we see Amirt who wasn't happy at all

Amrit- (to herself) lagtha hai hamara plan jaldi he karnah paregha warnah bahuth dher hojayghi

Just then doorbell rang Shaina went to open the door it was Rajbir, J and Krishy

Krishy- Dadima is Bua and Prince Udayveer home

Shaina- yes they're home

J- Jiji agayi Mom aap bahuth khush hai good news hai right (Shaina nodded) omg I'm so happy (she hugged Shaina)

Shaina- beta andar aao Rajbir Remisha kahaan hai

Rajbir- gharpeh nahiye hai Mama, Papa keh saat Bradford gayi hui hai

They go inside

J hugs Manyata

J- Congrats Jiji hum bahuth bahuth khush hai ab humhe jaldi seh ek aur good news chahiye hai keh hum Maasi baneh waleh hai chota sa nephew chahiye hai

Krishy- No Mami no nephew humhe behen chahiye baby sister ok Bua only baby sister

Uday-Yes Baby Princess he aiyghee

J- lekin Jijusa humhe baby nephew chahiye hai

Rajbir- Idea how about twins 1 boy and 1 girl

J- Yeah twins is better what do you think Jiji?

Manyata- J ki bachi no twins is too much I just want 1 ok aur woh bhi baby Prince aur auseka naam hum Armaan rakenghe

Uday- No baby Princess will come

Manyata- Uday Prince

Uday- Princess

Both Manveer were arguing

Krishy- Bua Prince Udayveer, Mamu, Mami no fighting ok I have a idea if its prince I will give u all my batman superman toys to you all and I will not annoy any of you but if its a girl you will have to buy me lots of toys and games done deal

All- done deal Krishy

Krish- great so now no fighting

Amrit was very very angry

Just then her phone rang she went to anwser it

Amrit- kab arahey ho

Person - Soon

She disconnected the phone

Shaina- I have made dinner everyone come to the dinner table

Krishy- Mumny, Daddy coming home or not?

Shaina- they will come tonight Krishy

Krishy- oh k I can eat loads of ice cream today yay!!!

Shaina- no Krishy not allowed

Manyata- Krishy Bua will give you ok

Krishy- yay Bua you're the best

Shaina- Krishy when you're Mama finds out you will be in trouble

Krishy- Dadima no one wil tell Mama

Rajbir- Di can be hitler sometimes dont worry she wont say anything to you right aunty thank for the dinner ab hum ghar chalteh hai

J- Bye Jiji (she hugged her)

Shaina- acha beta

Manyata- Bye J, Rajbir

Uday- aur haan athe rehenah we are here for few days more then we are going back

J- Jiji sa dont worry hum kal phir ajayghe

Rajbir- yeah we need to discuss something with you

Manyata- what do you need to discuss?

Rajbir- secret cant tell you

Manyata- that's unfair

J- Raj stop it now bye Jiji yeh toh baqwaas kar raha hai there is no secret

Uday- yeah Princess you know how Rajbir aise he keh raha hai

Krishy- Yes Bua dont worry bye Mamu (he hugged him) bye Mami (he hugged her)

Rajbir and J left

Manyata went to the kitchen to make Ice Cream Sundai Uday quickly closed the kitchen door

Uday- Mama, Papa, Krishy it's Manyata 23rd Birthday coming next week hum Jaigar mein bahuth barhi party denghe.. I have planned everything... aap sabko bhi anah hai

Shaina/Rohan- Beta yeh toh achi baat hai hum zaroor aiyghe

Krishy- yay we are going to India again

Uday- Yes Bacha but it's secret ok dont tell Manyata hum kal he flight book karenghe hum peheleh jaighe aur phir aapsab next flight par aiyghe no one tell Manyata ok

Krishy- Yes Prince Udayveer no one will tel Bua anything

Just then Manyata came inside

Manyata- tell me what Bacha

Krishy- Bua we were just talking I want Prince Udayveer to play MARIO with me he said no so I'm upset so I said I will tell Bua of you

Manyata- Krishy Bacha I will play with you forget Prince Udayveer me and you will play

Shaina/Rohan- acha beta we are going to sleep now Krishy when you're done playing hamare room mein ajanah

Krishy- Jee Dadima, Dadu

Shaina and Rohan go upstairs

Manyata, Uday and Krishy played Mario on the WI for ages

Manyata- see I beat you both I'm amazing at this game (she started yawning)

Krishy- Bua 1 more game me and Prince Udayveer will win

Manyata- ok bacha we will see

Uday- Princess you sure you ok?

Manyata- Yes Uday I'm fine mujhe kya hogha just tired one more game then I will sleep dont worry

Uday- No more games now you will sleep come on Princess get up

Manyata- No Uday one more game please (she made a cute face)

Uday- Princess stop making that face it's not working

Manyata- Please Uday 1 game then I will go

Uday- Fine 1 game that's it

Manyata- I knew you would listen it works all the time right Krishy (she hifived him)

Krishy- Yes Bua I do the same with Mummy and Daddy they always listen

Uday- now play Krishy bacha we need to win you're Bua

Manyata- yeah right I will win

Meanwhile we see Amrit she wasn't very happy

Amrit- I will never let this Manyata be happy Uday is mines only

Downstairs Manyata had fell asleep playing Mario

Krishy- Bua it's you're turn, Bua get up Prince Udayveer Bua has gone to sleep

Uday- we won the game Krishy Bacha you're Bua fell asleep time for bed now bacha come on get up

Krishy- Yes Prince Udayveer Goodnight (he hugged him and kissed him on the cheek)

Uday done the same

Uday- goodnight bacha

Krishy then kissed Manyata on the cheek

Krishy- (whispered) goodnight Bua

Krishy went upstairs

Uday picked Manyata up and went upstairs

He put her on the bed put the duvet on her

Uday- goodnight Princess (he kissed her forehead)

He went sleep as well

It was 4am Uday got up he wanted water the jug was empty so he went downstairs to get some water.

Just then Manyata's mobile started ringing she disconnected it

It kept ringing so she finally anwsered it

Manyata- Hello (no one spoke she disconnected the phone) dumb idiot ruined my sleep

Just then the phone rang again

Manyata- Hello!!!! who the hell is it? if you dont want to talk why are you ringing for?

Someone- MANYAAA

Manyata got scared the phone fell out of hands

Uday came inside with water jug... he put the jug on the table

Uday- Princess what happened?

Manyata just stood there numb

Uday nudged her

Uday- Princess what happened? who phoned you? (he picked the phone up) Hello (the phone had already been disconnected)

Manyata hugged Uday

Manyata- Uday it's Arjun it's his voice I'm sure woh phirseh agayah hai

Uday- Impossible Princess he's in jail that too in England Jail here it's impossible for him to contact you

Manyata- no one calls me Manyaaa besides him in that accent Uday whenever I be happy someone always want to ruin it.. but this time I wont let anyone come between us

Uday- Princess I promise no one will come between us I will go to Police Station myself tomorow... I will take you also for you're satisfaction Arjun is in jail

Manyata- I hope so Uday

Precap- Manveer go to police station Arjun in locked up in the cell

Manyata is shocked

Uday- see Princess he's in jail no way he can ring you

Manyata- who was ringing me then?

Next Part will update later on it was supposed to double update but been busy will update the next part soon... sorry for the delaySmile

Edited by Anam Ali - 11 January 2013 at 5:26pm

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chitra_rao IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 January 2013 at 6:55pm | IP Logged
nice update anam Clap, really loved teh cute manveer nok-jhok on baby prince and baby  princess lol.
OK now who this last minute villian is Shocked, I guess it is Arjun Confused. U better make me happy till the very end or else u r so so dead Angry

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andy.a IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 January 2013 at 7:35pm | IP Logged
Wow anam! It was a super duper update
seriously amrit is getting on my nerves.
Manveer fighing over prince- princess was nice
i would like them to have a baby girl
now is arjun the person whom manya called earlier?
Awsome update
thnks for the pm and continue really soon

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