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Unwanted Thread 2 Manveer FF LAST PART PG123 (Page 111)

Supernatural_10 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 23 December 2012 at 6:12pm | IP Logged
Hi everyone here's the next 2 parts of the fanfic I'm updating after ages so its a double update and from now on will try to update regularly.
Part 68

The day of the sangeet had arrived arrangements were going on in Jaigar

Both Uday and Manyata were busy greeting the guests

Finally the Devgar family had arrived

Manyata- welcome to the sangeet ceremony of Unnanti and Vijay I'm very happy for my Vijay Bhai and my Nanad Unnanti both of you make a great pair I wish you blessed and prosperous married life. I love you both very much.

Akash was very worried he was going outside again and again

Akash- abhi thak woh aiyah kyun nahiye sangeet shuru bhi hogayah hai

Remisha- Akash Sangeet andar chaloh

Akash- haan chaloh woh hum ek important call attend karneh aiye teh

Both go inside

Manyata and J both done performance for Vijay Bhai and Unnanti Sangeet.

In the end both Manyata and J hugged Vijay Bhai

Vijay- Thank you I love you both

M/J- I love you too Vijay Bhai

Uday- Choti no tears ok (he hugged her)

Unnanti- Dada (she hugged him)

Manyata- OMG the great Yuvraaj Udayveer Singh is about to cry camera kahaan hai photo lenah hai

Uday- Princess no photo ok what's wrong you? hum yahaan itneh upset aur aapko photo ki parhi hai

Manyata- Uday upset ho aur jhab humhe lekeh aiye teh hamare ghar seh thab mere Vijay Bhai, Viraj Bhai hamaari family bhi upset thi nah phirbhi humneh tumseh shaadi ki right so ab tumhe bhi thodi sacrafices karneh pareghe... Unnanti aiseh nahiye rothe (she wiped her tears) hamare Vijay Bhai tumhe bahuth bahuth khush rakenghe I can bet my life on it (She hugged her)

Unnanti- I know Bhabhi sa lekin (interupted)

Manyata- lekin wekin kuch nahiye now no crying warnah hum tum dono seh baat nahiye karenghe ab dono smile kardo

Both Unnanti and Uday smile

Manyata- that's like it ab photos lethe hai

Everyone took photo together

Krishy was running around the house with ice cream he bumped into Amrit and all the ice cream fell on her Sari

Amrit- (Angrily) YEH KYA KIYA YOU RUINED MY DESIGNER SARI (she raised her hand to slap him)

Just then Manyata stopped her

Manyata- Dont even think about it Amrit.. Krishy tum joa bacha you're Mummy is calling you

Krishy went to find Jhanvi

Amrit- Dont be to happy Manyata you're happiness wont be forever all this is mine another 3 months to go phir ausekeh baad yeh sab hamaara... Jaigar ka mahal aur Uday bhi

Manayta was really angry she slapped Amrit

Manyata- not even in you're dreams Uday bhi hamara hai aur yeh Jaigar ka mahal bhi samji stay in you're limits dont take my Udays name out you're dirty mouth

Amrit was really angry

Just then Viraj came

Viraj- Manya bacha hum ja rehey hai ab aao sabseh milraho

Manyata- Jee Bhai

Manyata met all the family

Amrit wasn't very happy she went to her room angrily

Amrit- iss thappad ka badla hum zaroor lenghe I promise you Manyata tumhe khoon keh ansoo rolaenghe

The sangeet was over the Devgar family left

Rajbir- Manya Viraj Bhai ka kuch karnah paregha humhe J seh tike seh baat bhi nahiye karneh di

Uday- Acha kiya Viraj Bhai neh ab tum jakeh sojoa

Rajbir- Uday Bhai aap bhi hitler he hai same as Viraj Bhai

Manyata- Rajbir dont worry abhi shaadi bakhi hai you can meet J dont worry hum tumhare saat hai

Rajbir- I knew you would help you're the best Thanks Manya and No thanks to you Uday Bhai

Rajbir went to his room

Manyata- Uday kya hua you're still upset

Uday- hum Choti ko bahuth miss karenghe shaadi is in 2days she's never been away from me or Jaigar

Manyata- Uday she's only going to Devgar it's not far tumhe khush honah chahiye she's still in India... don't worry I told you before also Vijay Bhai will keep Unnanti very happy.. now you dont be upset I have a idea I will make you're favourite Hot Chocolate be right back

Uday- Princess it's fine leave it

Manyata- it wont take long

Manyata went to the kitchen

Just then Amrit came

Amrit- Manyata is absolutely right Uday dont be upset hum tumhe pareshaan nahiye dheksakteh hai how about a drink tumhara favourite bahuth dine hogaya humneh saat drink nahiye kiya what say?

Uday- No thanks Amrit I dont drink anymore you carry on hum apneh kamreh mein ja rehey hai excuse me

Amrit- Uday hamaari baat toh suno

Uday went to his room

Amrit was very angry

Manyata saw all this was laughing

Manyata- Amrit I suggest you look elsewhere you're wasting you're time Uday isn't interested (she goes upstairs)

Amrit- I will make sure you leave this palace very soon

Amrit went to her room angrily

Manyata goes upstairs

Uday was looking through old photo albums

Manyata- Uday I'm here hot chocolate... photo album I want to see also

Uday- Thanks.. yeah sure sit down

Manyata- who's this cute baby?

Uday- that's Unnanti when she was 1 years old... thats me, that's dad and this is my mom

Manyata- omg baldy sasurji has hair in this picture (she laughed)

Uday- (Angrily) Princess I told you dont call my dad baldy

Manyata- Uday dont be angry but come on it's truth right

Uday- Princess (Interupted)

Manyata- ok ok sorry I wont say it

They carried on looking through the photo album

Manyata- Uday who is this girl with you?

Uday- Princess guess?

Manyata looked at the photo closely

Manyata- who is this dumb girl?

Uday started laughing

Manyata- Uday dont laugh kaun hai yeh chudail

Uday- Princess yeh chudail nahiye hai hamaari Princess hai

Manyata- (Angrily) kya kaha tumhaari Princess toh phir hum kaun hai haan agar iseh Princess keh rehey toh iseh shaadi karni thi

Uday- Humneh issi Princess seh shaadi ki thats you (he laughed)

Manyata- What? that's me I have never seen this picture before

Uday- yeah becuase I had this picture we took it in Jaigar

They carried on looking through the photo album

Uday- this is me and my mom this photo was the last photo we took together before she left us

Manyata- Uday dont be upset she is in a better place if you be upset she wont be happy with you so no being upset ok (she hugged him)

After 2 days it was the day of Unnanti and Vijay wedding

Giriraj- Ramesh kahaan ho gifts gari mein daleh

Amrit- Uncle Giri aap chintha maat kijiye humneh sab gifts already gari mein daldi hai aur Akash aur Rajbir hall mein chaleh gaye to see arrangements, hum abhi Unnanti ko lekeh athe hai

Giriraj- acha kiya beta thank you aapneh sab arrangement dhekliye

Now we see Unnanti room Manyata was getting her ready

Manyata- there you go all done Unnanti you look so beauitful kisi ka nazar na lageh (she put kala tika on her) ab kisi ki nazar nahiye lagehghi

Uday came inside the room

Manyata- Uday where were you?

Uday- I went to the jewellers to collect these kagaan these are for my Choti (he put them on)

Unnanti- Dada these are Moms kagaan

Uday- yes Choti they are Mom ka necklace humneh Manyata ko diya tha aur Mom keh kaagan par tumhara haq hai.. humneh polish karneh keh liye diye teh

Unnanti got upset some tears fell from her eyes she hugged Uday

Unnanti- Dada hum Mom ko bahuth miss kar rehey hai

Uday- me 2 Choti

Manyata- Unnanti dont cry please look Mummyji is looking at you she wont be very happy with, save the tears for the bidaai.. Uday I told you yesterday no being upset see Unnanti ko rulah diya now move of the way let me fix her make up

Unnanti- No Bhabhi sa it's fine

Manyata- Unnanti bas hogaya hai

Just then Amrit came inside

Amrit- Uday Uncle Giri is calling you downstairs

Uday- I'm coming

Uday went downstairs and so did Amrit

Manyata- Unnanti we should go to

Remisha came inside

Remisha- everyone calling us downstairs lets go

Unnanti looked at her room one last time

Manyata- Unnanti come on dont worry room hamesha tumhara he hai no will take it...

Unnanti- I know Bhabhi Sa

They all go downstairs

Now we see everyone in the wedding hall the Devgar family was already there.

Akash was on the phone again talking secretly to someone

Akash- what is this you said you're coming for sangeet yahaan shaadi bhi hogayi where r u?

Someone- I'm in London I will be there soon dont worry

He disconnected the phone before Akash can say anything

Unnanti and Vijay wedding pheras had started

Finally the wedding was complete

Now we see Unnanti in Devgar

Back to Jaigar

Akash- Jiji hum kal he apneh mahal chalenghe humneh apna saaman bhi baandliya hai

Amrit- tum joa hum nahiye jayghe hum thode mahino keh liye yahin rehenghe... Uncle Giri neh kaha hai I should stay here

Akash- when was this Jiji? It's about time we go home we have been here since ages now

Amrit- Akash you wont understand its a personal matter now excuse me

1 week later Rajbir and J's wedding took place

The next day we see everyone in Airport Shaina, Rohan Manyata foster parents, Viraj, Jhanvi, Krish, Rajbir, J, Remisha were all going back to London.

Krishy- Bua I'm going back now school will be starting next week too, I will miss you loads but you promised next week you're coming back I will be waiting (he hugged her)

Manyata- Yes bacha I will be there remember what you promised you will take good care of you're J Mami... look after Dadi, Dadu, Mama and Papa

Krishy- Yes Bua I will do.. Prince Udayveer look after Bua okay I expect you both to be in London next week or else

Uday- Dont worry Bacha I will take good care of Bua and yes we will surely come London (he hugged him)

J- Jiji I will miss you

Manyata- me too J dont worry you will love London the minute you get there you will get use to it... Krishy will be there you wont get bored ever... yeah make sure you visit Mama and Papa they dont live far.. Rajbir take good care of J she hasnt been away from us before for so long

Viraj- Manya bacha look after yourself ok (he hugged her) dont worry I will explain to Krishy no need to come London ok hes a bacha he doesnt understand hum iseh samadenghe ok

Manyata- Bhai I know I will miss u all (she hugged him)

Viraj- me too bacha dont know how everything will be once we get home without you house will be empty

Manyata- I will come back home when I can dont worry Bhai then I will annoy you all

Jhanvi- you never annoy us ok will miss you (she hugged her)

Shaina/Rohan- Uday hamaari Manya ka kyaal raknah ab patha nahiye hum khab aiyghe India

Uday- Hum Manyata ka ache seh kyaal rakenghe aap loge chintha maat kijiye.. haan aap sab ko anah paregha.. hum Manyata ko auseki agli appointment mein London zaroor lekeh aiyghe aap sab auseh milenah.. lekin jab bhi holidays you guys have to come back

Rohan- Sure beta jab bhi London aoghe inform us ok

Manyata- Mama, Papa I will you both so much

Shaina/Rohan- we will to beta

Viraj- Papa flight announce hogayi chaliye

Krishy hugged Manyata again

Krishy- Bye Bua (he was crying)

Manyata- dont cry bacha (she hugged him) Bua will be home soon

Uday- Krishy bacha these are you you're favourite chocolates dont cry bacha otherwise we wont come London ever ok.. so no crying

Krishy wiped his tears

Krishy- I wont cry Prince Udayveer make sure you both come.. thank you for chocolates I will eat them on the plane

Uday- yeah thats like my Krishy

Manyata- not yours my Spiderman Krishy (she hugged him)

Rajbir- Krishy will sit next to Mamu

J- No Mami

Krishy- I will not sit by any of you I will sit with my Maasi

Remisha- shame on you both chaloh Krishy bacha

Krishy waved at Manyata and Uday

They waved back

Now we see Manveer in Jaigar

Uday- Princess what's wrong you're very quite

Manyata- I'm ok everyones gone home Krishy was crying

Uday- Princess no being upset

Manyata hugged Uday

Uday- Princess well I have some good news for you we are going London in 2 weeks time for you're appointment

Manyata-(Happily) really thats great I can see my Krishy Bacha why didn't you tell me before

Uday- It was a surprise thats why now cheer we will be there soon

Manyata- Yeah

Just then there was knock on the door

Manyata- come in

It was Akash

Manyata- Akash where were you? you didn't even come airport

Akash- Sorry Manya I was busy packing I'm going back to my Mahal me, Mom and Dad are going back

Uday- Akash the driver will drop you guys

Akash- No our driver has come from Mahal

Manyata- is Amrit going with you?

Akash- No Jiji isn't going dont know why but dont worry I will think of something I will get her to come home

Uday- Akash dont worry Amrit can stay here as long as she wants becuase in 2 weeks time me and Manyata are going to London so then she will have to go home

Akash- you guys are going London?

Manyata- Yeah can't wait will see my Krishy Bacha

Akash- hopefully Jiji will come home ok I have to go now bye

Akash left

Manyata- this dumb witch Amrit why can't she go home

Uday- Princess she will dont worry

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Supernatural_10 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 23 December 2012 at 6:13pm | IP Logged

Part 69

2 weeks later it was time to go London Manyata was very excited she was packing her luggage

Manyata- Uday how long are we going for?

Uday- Around 1 week I have a surprise for you also

Manyata- surprise what is it?

Uday- you have to wait and see now hurry up we need to go airport

Manyata- I'm done lets go

Manveer go downstairs

Uday- Ramesh saaman ghari mein dhaldoh humhe abhi Airport jhanah hai

Ramesh- Jee Yuvraaj

Amrit- ek minute Ramesha yeh loh hamara saaman bhi lehjoah hum bhi saat ja rehey hai

Manyata- (Angrily) Why are you going with us? There is no need

Giriraj- Manyata beta Amrit ko kuch kaam hai London mein ek business deal finalize karni hai isliye she is going to go with you both

Amrit- yes Uncle Giri yeh deal hamare Mahal ko bahuth faidemaand hoghi shall we leave

Uday- let's go

Manyata wasn't very happy at all

Amrit- hum apna handbag lekeh athe hai

Manyata- Uday does she have to go with us she could of took the next flight

Uday- Princess dont worry she will come back after meeting we will stay so no worries now forget about Amrit, dont spoil you're mood

Now we see eveyrone in the car

Manyata- (to herself) This Amrit will not go London with us I hate her... I have a plan (she smiled to herself)

Uday- Princess kya baat hai you're smiling to yourself

Manyata- nothing Uday aise he hai (she hugged him) hum bahuth khush hai I'm going to London

Uday- I'm glad you're happy Princess (he kissed her forehead)

Amrit was burning jealously she wasn't very happy

Amrit- (to herself) be happy as much as you want very soon you will cry

They reached the airport

It was time for the flight

Manyata was buying herself chocolates

Uday- Princess it's time for flight

Manyata- Uday 4 hours are left

Uday- what? no Princess its in 20 minutes

Manyata- No I changed our flight tickets

Uday- what? why? Princess I told everyone we will (interupted)

Manyata- I told them we changed our flight time dont worry Uday we will go next flight until then we can stay here... that dumb Amrit witch can go alone on the flight I cant tolerate her

Uday laughed

Uday- Princess so you done all this so we dont be on same flight as Amrit

Manyata- Yes why Uday do you have any problem with it?

Uday- No Princess I have no problems great idea even I dont want Amrit to go with us

Manyata smiled

Amrit was waiting for Uday

Amrit- Where is Uday?

Announcement- All passengers have boarded the flight Miss Amrit Sodhi please come to the check in desk

Amrit went to the chek in desk and boarded the flight

Uday and Manyata were both in the waiting area

Manyata- Uday see the flight is gone and so is the witch Amrit

Uday- yes Princess she has gone

Manyata- yeah jaan choothi I hate her I dont like her at all always trying to take my place

Uday- Princess no one can ever take you're place no matter how much they try because I love my Princess very much

Manyata- I love my Prince very very much (she hugged him)

4 hours later Manveer boarded their flight to London

The next day we see Manveer in London Airport

Viraj, Jhanvi, and Krishy had come to collect Manveer

Krishy- BUA!!!!! PRINCE UDAYVEER!!!!!

He hugged them both

Manveer- we missed you loads Krishy Bacha how are you?

Krishy- I'm fine Bua, Prince Udayveer

Viraj- how was your flight?

Manveer- It was good

Jhanvi- tum dono flight kyun change ki

Uday- Bhabhi there was some problem

Viraj- doesn't you guys are here that's the main thing now lets go ghar par sab wait kar rehey hai

Now we see everyone at home

Everyone had dinner now we see everyone talking in the lounge Krishy and Manyata playing Mario on the WI

Shaina- Manya beta whens your appointment?

Manyata- I think it's tomorrow

Uday- yeah it's tomorrow 2pm

Shaina- isse baar sab acha ho

Manyata- yay I won

Krishy- Bua I let you win thats why

Manyata- No I won fair and square

Krishy- rematch Bua

Manyata- ok fine lets start the game

Viraj- Krishy bedtime in half an hour ok

Krishy- yes Daddy

Manyata- oh no Krishy I lost

Krishy- see Bua I won..Prince Udayveer you're turn now

Uday- ok Krishy I will win

Manyata- Nope my Krishy Bacha will win hes champion in this game

Krishy- yes Bua

Uday and Krishy were playing Mario

Manyata went to the kitchen

Jhanvi was washing dishes

Jhanvi- What happened Manya? Do you want something?

Manyata- Cornflakes

Jhanvi started laughing

Jhanvi- I will make it give me 5 minutes nearly done with the dishes

Manyata- No I will make it myself dont worry Bhabhi I know where everything is

Jhanvi- ok make it

Manyata made cornflakes and went inside

Uday and Krishy were both playing Mario still

Manyata sat down ate her cornflakes

Jhanvi came inside

Jhanvi- Krishy Bacha bedtime now you have school tomorrow come on now otherwise you're Daddy will come shouting

Krishy- Bua you play for me now ok make sure you win goodnight Bua, goodnight Prince Udayveer

Manveer- Goodnight Krishy Bacha

Jhanvi took Krishy upstairs

Manyata- Uday I will surely win you

Uday- Princess I dont think so I will win

Manyata- we will see

Manyata had won the game

Uday- Princess you are cheater

Manyata- Nope I'm not a cheater no one can beat me in this game better luck next time Loser (she threw cushion at him)

Uday- Princess I'm not a loser (he threw cushion at her)

Viraj came downstairs to get water the cushion hit him on the face Manyata was standing by the staircase

Viraj wasnt very happy

Viraj- you guys still awake its 2am go and sleep

Manveer- Sorry Bhai

Manyata quickly switched the tv off and went upstairs

Meanwhile we see India Akash was talking on the phone with Amrit

Akash- Jiji what are you doing in London I told you to come back to Mahal and you went London

Amrit- Akash I'm here on a business deal I came with Uday and Manyata dont know where they went

Akash- Jiji I want to come back home leave Manyata and Uday alone you're wasting you're time Jiji

Amrit- I'm not wasting my time you dont worry Akash I know what I'm doing I'm expecting a call I have to go now bye

Amrit anwsered her other call that was on hold

Amrit- Sorry I was on a another call sure we will meet tommorow got lot to tell you if this plan suceeds I will be the happiest person in this whole wide world

She laughed evily

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andy.a IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 December 2012 at 6:49pm | IP Logged
Great update dear
hate that amrit
happy manyata slapped her

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DaddyzPwincess Senior Member

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Posted: 23 December 2012 at 9:36pm | IP Logged
Nice update thank u so much
Hate that amrit

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princessSonia IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 December 2012 at 12:58am | IP Logged
yay double update

Double Dhamaka
Loved manyata-unnati bonding and scens...Big smileBig smile
Awww Krishy bacha is so sweet n cute...Smile
Tht bitch Amrit wat is she planning now..?????????AngryAngry
dare if she does anythng wrong wid manyataAngry

Lolzzz Amrit ka popat hua Dead
manyata is so intelligentLOLLOL

We want more Manveer scenes 

shortly the updates wer 

do cont soon 
n do pm me...

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TuTeradekh IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 24 December 2012 at 1:40am | IP Logged
both the updates were awsomee...di
love it...
Awww...uday and unnati scene was very emotionle
urghhh...this churail amrit toh jaigadh palce me deradal ke baith gayi hai hate her...
OMG...amrit ka toh poapat ho gaya...bichari...
Manveer scene was awsomeee...pillow fight scene love it... what is this bitch amrit up to
plzzz...update soon
thanx for PM.

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MAHI1198 Goldie

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Posted: 24 December 2012 at 2:53am | IP Logged

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anushruthi Goldie

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Posted: 24 December 2012 at 6:23am | IP Logged
 ohh double update 
so nice loved it 
yaay M slapped Amrit  
hmm now wat is this Amrit upto ?
is she planning to interfere in M's treatment ??
i wonder ...

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