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Unwanted Thread 2 Manveer FF LAST PART PG123 (Page 108)

DaddyzPwincess Senior Member

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Posted: 25 November 2012 at 2:08pm | IP Logged
Hey please update the next part as soon as possible

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Supernatural_10 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 01 December 2012 at 8:21am | IP Logged
Originally posted by zil1111

Hey please update the next part as soon as possible
I will update later on Insh AllahSmile
.maleficent. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 December 2012 at 8:37am | IP Logged
nani sa u have wrriten a ff i cant belive i have to read it from beganing and had to comment long

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Supernatural_10 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 03 December 2012 at 6:41pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by aliya666

nani sa u have wrriten a ff i cant belive i have to read it from beganing and had to comment long
Yes Naatin I haveSmile 
Sure Naatin do read it
Supernatural_10 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 03 December 2012 at 6:42pm | IP Logged

Part 67

2 days later

Manyata and Krishy were running around the house

Krishy- come on Bua I think you're losing you're charm in tig tag I will surely win

Manyata- Krishy you wait there I will win

Manyata ran faster

Shaina/Komal- bas karoh dono kabseh khel rehey ho girjoaghe

Rohan- yeh dono nahiye maneh waleh wahaan London mein bhi aise karteh teh purah garden sarpeh utha lethe teh bechareh neighbours complain karteh teh

Brijraj- Manayta beta idhar aao dekho hum tumhare liye yeh sab gifts lekeh aiye hai

Manyata- baad mein Papa pehele I need to get this Krishy

J- Dad, Mama ab yeh dono nahiye aneh waleh hum thak gaye

Vijay- haan Krishy neh humhe bahuth dhurayah I tell you Mama sa

Shaina- Aneh doh Viraj ko ab woh he ineh samjaygha

Komal- Viraj aur Jhanvi toh shopping karneh geh hue hai subha seh

Shaina- haan athe honghe humneh dono J aur Manyata keh liye ek he set liya hai aur Unnanti keh liye bhi aur Jhanvi keh liye bhi

Komal- humneh bhi ab charoh mein koi farak nahiye karnah chahateh same same lehliya

J- I love it Mom Jiji look its so pretty

Manyata- baad mein J

Krishy- come on Bua

Back to Jaigar

Akash was talking to someone on the phone secretly

Akash- yeah the sangeet is in 2 days

Soneone- I will be there

Akash- ok thats great

Remisha saw all this she was very annoyed she went upstairs and bumped into Rajbir

Rajbir- Remisha look where you're going?

Remisha- sorry Bro right now I'm very angry so excuse me

Rajbir- why the bad mood? where's Akash?

Remisha- I don't know and I don't care

Remisha goes to her room

Rajbir goes downstairs

Akash- Rajbir do you know when Manya's coming?

Rajbir- Uday Bhai is gone to get her she should be coming

Akash- that's great news (Akash was very happy)

Meanwhile in Devgar Manyata had caught Krishy she was very happy

Manyata- Yay!!!! I won!!!!! I won!!!!!

Krishy- Bua dont get too happy I let you win ok

Manyata- No I won fair and square

Viraj- Krishy Bacha, Manya Bacha

Krishy- Daddy!!!!!

Manyata- Bhai Bhabhi I won tig tag me and Krishy were playing for ages

Krishy- I let Bua win see how nice I am

Manyata- No I won fair and square

Viraj- no fighting bachas we brought so many things for you guys

Jhanvi- All these are for you Manya and J here you're matching bangles and earring

J- wow Bhabhi so pretty thank you (she hugged her)

Jhanvi- you're welcome

Manyata- Bhabhi all these gifts very nice i have so much suits and sets already

Jhanvi- so these are from us

Viraj- all you're favourite colours too

Krishy- Daddy no games for me these are only clothes

Viraj- Bacha you have so many games already no more game till we get back to London

Krishy- the new Mario game will be out then me and Bua can play right Bua

Manyata- yeah Krish as usual I will Win

Krishy- No I will win

Viraj- ok ok you both will win ab chaloh lunch karteh hai

Jhanvi- I made all you're favourite foods Manya

Manyata had lunch with everyone

Manyata- Bhabhi what was the need too make so much

Jhanvi- Manya it was need ok now stop complaining and eat baad mein nahiye mileghe Bhabhi keh haatoh ka khaana we will be leaving to London soon

Viraj- haan Jhanvi is right araam seh koah we will be leaving as soon as J's wedding is done

Krishy- Daddy I dont understand when we go Bua will also come with us right so she can always eat Mummys food why are you saying that (Krishy got upset)

Jhanvi- Krishy ofcourse Bua will come but her flight will be the week after ours ok by then you can buy Mario.. Bacha, J Mami is going with you Rajbir Mamu is also going with you

Krishy- But I want my Bua only (he hugged Manyata)

Manyata- Krishy dont worry I will be there I promise Bacha (she kissed his cheek) after so long J is going backe to London so you have to take good care of you're Mami right Krishy Bacha will be there with Mami right

J- Krishy Bacha Mami keh saat he rehaghe right we will have loads of fun you have to teach me how to play mario

Manyata- yeah on you're DSi you will teach Mami then play the Wi after when you get London right Krishy you're my good bacha

Krishy nodded his head

Krishy- Yes Bua I will take good care of Mami and play Mario with her but you have to promsie to come soon

Manyata- Yes Bacha I promise (she hugged him)

Everyone finished having lunch now we see everyone in lounge discussing the sangeet arrangements.

After a few minutes Uday had come

Komal- Uday beta aiyi hai Ghama Ghani

Uday- Ghama Ghani

Uday took blessing from everyone went to the lounge

Krishy- Prince Udayveer (he hugged him)

Uday- Krishy bacha how are you?

Krishy- I'm fine Prince Udayveer me and Bua had loads of fun right Bua

Manyata- yes we did

Uday- that's great

Uday talked to the rest of the family members Manyata went to get her luggage bag

Manyata came downstairs

Jhanvi- Manya dont forget the gifts here's the bag make sure you wear it ok (she hugged her)

Manyata- Thanks Bhabhi I will

Viraj hugged her

Viraj- Ok bacha take care of yourself

Manyata- I will Bhai

J- my turn now (she hugged Manyata) Jiji I will miss you

Manyata- I will miss you too J sangeet mein milenghe ok

Krishy- Bua I will miss you too (he hugged her)

Manyata- me too Bacha remember what I told you ok J Mami ko haranah hai in Mario ok only Krishy and Bua are winners we have high score lets see if you're J Mami can beat us

Krishy- dont worry Bua I will win

J- we will see how about you go and get your Nitendo DSi now then we can play

Vijay- good idea jaldi joa Krishy hum bhi khlenghe

Krishy- sure Mamu you can play too I will go get ny DSI

Krishy ran upstairs

DS- Krish beta araam seh

Krishy- Sorry Barhi Dadisa I will be careful

DS- Manyata beta

Manyata- Dadisab (she hugged her)

DS- hum study mein teh ek important phone call agayi thi aap jah rahiye hai

Manyata- Jee Dadisab hum ja rehey ab ghar jakeh humhe Unnanti keh sangeet ki tyaariyan karni hai only 2 days left

Uday- Jee Dadisab isliye hum Manyata ko leneh agaye

DS- Acha kiya beta hum bahuth khush hai ab Manyata bhi apni zimandarhi nibayanghi humhe poorah bharosa hai aap sab kuch ache seh kareghi

Uday- ofocurse Dadisab there is no doubt it that

Manyata- yeah hum sab kuch ache seh karenghe

Manyata met her both parents and left

Uday- Princess I thought you would be upset but you're very happy

Manyata- Uday ofcourse I am happy I have such a nice family everyone loves me in Devgar and now even in Jaigar I know my resposibilities I have to be there for Unnati I will arrnage for the best sangeet for her she will love it

Uday- So Princess did you miss me?

Manyata- Nope I didn't

Uday- what (he made a sad face)

Manyata- Uday you're in my heart so I dont need to miss you ok

Uday- so sweet Princess

Manyata- now you tell me what did Zarelli Amrit do

Uday- Princess why are you ruining my mood forget Amrit she was out of the house most of the time so it was all good

Manyata- thats great Akash neh apna kaam tike seh kiya

Uday- Princess what work are you talking about?

Manyata- nothing ghar agayah ab chaloh I got so much arrangements to do

Uday- Princess meri baat toh suno

Manyata- baad mein Uday

Manyata went inside the mahal so did Uday

Manyata- I'm home

Rajbir- Welcome home Manyata (he hugged her)

Manyata- Thank you Thank You I'm glad to be home

Akash- Manya finally you came I was waiting for ages (he hugged her) welcome home

Manyata- Thanks Akash hum ghar agaye hai aab where's Unnanti and Remisha

Rajbir- Remisha apne kamreh mein hai Unnati has gone out shopping

Remisha came down and hugged Manyata

Remisha- finally you're hum bahuth bore ho rehey teh

Akash- Remisha I just asked you if you wanted to go out you said you're busy now you're saying your bored

Manyata- why didn't you go Remisha?

Remisha- I dont go with losers

Akash- who you calling loser? i'm not a loser

Remisha- shut up Akash Amrit ki pooche

Rajbir- enough both of you mere saar mein dard ho raha hai Uday Bhai aap ineh sambhaliye humhe Manya seh kuch zaroori baat karni hai so excuse us

Uday- what you guys are leaving me with these 2?

Rajbir- yes ab aap Yuvraj hainah ab inki problem solve kijiye

Rajbir and Manyata went to the lounge

Rajbir- How's my J?

Manyata- J is fine bahuth khush hai infact why you asking me auseh phone kardoh she said she misses you aur haan aaj shaam ko Viraaj Bhai is going out with Dadisab and both parents araam seh baatien karlenah

Rajbir- thats great news Manya

Manyata- I know right you will see her at sangeet will be here in Jaigar I will be doing arrangements you all will help

Rajbir- thats great sure I will help

Manyata- ab chaloh lets sort them 2 out

Uday- ok ok now please stop fighting

Remisha- no Uday Bhai you punch him

Just the Unnanti came back

Unnanti- Bhabhi Sa I'm so happy you're home (she hugged her) ab chaliye mere saat I brought so many things need to show you my shopping, tum bhi chaloh Remisha

Unnanti dragged Manyata and Remisha all 3 went upstairs to Unnanti room

Akash- Uday it wasn't my fault it was her fault

Uday- Akash we will all sort it after dont worry

Rajbir- what's going on between you and my sister?

Akash- Nothing Rajbir

Uday- Rajbir you know it has they argue all the time not new thing

Just the Giriraj and Amrit were back

Giriraj- Uday beta come to the study aapseh kuch baat karni hai

Uday- Jee Dad chaliyeh

Amrit was very angry

Amrit- thats Manyata is back

Akash- Yes Jiji she's back yeh ausika mahal hai so obvious she will be back waise Jiji how was meeting with the minister

Amrit- It was good Uday kahaan hai

Akash- he's gone out

Amrit- out where

Akash- Polo match meeting Jiji I thought you knew about it

Amrit- I thought it was next week

Akash- No Jiji it's today you still have time yet you should go

Amrit- ok I'm going

Upstairs we see everyone talking in Unnati room

Unnati- Bhabhi I brought all these things ache hainah

Manyata- very beauitful dresses and jewellery

Remisha- this one is my favourite so cute

Manyata- yeah it.. Unnanti we will do the rest fo the shopping tomorrow hum agaye hainah ab so we will buy the rest together

Unnanti- that will be great Bhabhisa so kal hum, aap, Dada, Remisha, Rajbir aur Akash chaleghe

Remisha- Unnati that Akash Amrit ki pooche isnt going anywhere with me if he goes I'm not going

Unnanti- why Remisha? kya kiya Akash neh?

Manyata- humhe batoah hum auseh set kardenghe

Remsiha- jab dekho phone peh yah apni Jiji keh peeche hamara to kyaal he nahiye hai

Manyata- Remisha that my fault dharsal humneh kaha tha Akash ko ause zarelli Amrit ko mere Uday seh dure rakhe so he was just doing what I said.. so sorry ab hum agaye hai tumhaari bhi love story set kardenghe

Remisha- No Manya auseki koi zaroorth nahiye hai I am not talking to that Akash

Unnanti- awww Remsiha naraaz maat ho you guys make a cute couple Rajbir aur J keh saat tumhaari aur Akash ki bhi shaadi kardethe hai what say?

Remsiha- No Unnanti I'm too young for marriage I dont know Akash that much yet

Manyata- ok Remisha dont worry jab bhi shaadi ki baat hui Akash is our number 1 choice

Unnati- agreed Bhabhi Sa

Manyata- tum duno baatien karoh humhe sangeet ki tyaarian karni hai

Manyata goes to her room

She made a list fo all the things needed for the sangeet she called the decorators, catering, sorted evverything for the Sangeet

Manyata- the colour scheme will be red and gold yes thast right ok I will see you in 2 days thank you so much

Just then Uday came in the room

Uday- Princess abhi seh kaam shuru kardiya

Manyata- yes Uday its 2 days left I have organised everything it will go according to plan I'm sure Unnanti and Vijay Bhai will love their sangeet

Uday- ofcourse Princess they will aapneh sab kuch itneh pyaar seh jo arrange kiya hai... you didn't take your medication so I brought it for you

Manayta- thanks Uday (she had her medicine) ab hum jakeh designer ko phone karteh hai

Uday- no Princess have some rest you just had medicine

Manyata- But I need (interupted)

Uday- sshhh you're health comes first you need full rest ok

Manyata- ok fine I will rest ab khush

Uday- very happy I don't want my Princess getting ill

Downstairs Amrit was angry she had went all the way to the polo match meeting and Uday wasn't even there

Akash- kya hua Jiji bahuth guseh mein hai aap

Amrit- Akash Uday wasn't even there tumneh humhe bewajah wahaan bhejah

Giriraj- Amrit beta

Amrit- Jee Giri Uncle

Giriraj- hum kabseh aap ko dhoond rehey teh dharsal beta aap apneh Mom, Dad ko bhulah lijiyeh sangeet is 2 days dharsal humneh invitation cards bhejdiya tha aur phone bhi kiya tha but there was no anwser beta aap uneh phone kardeneh

Amrit- sure Uncle kardenghe phone dont worry aapneh Uday ko dekha hai

Giriraj- he's in his room

Back to Manveer room

Manyata had fallen asleep

Uday- Princess aap toh sogayi (he kissed her forehead)

Uday decided to look through Manyata's case file

Uday- I need to ring to arrange the next appointment (he rang London hospital) Hi I would like to make an appointment for my wife Manyata Udayveer Singh... yes after 4 weeks thats fine thank you so much for you're help

Uday went downstairs

After a while Manyata woke up

Manyata-UDAY!!!!!! UDAY!!!!!!!

Uday ran upstairs

Uday- Princess what happened?

Manyata was crying

Uday- Princess have some water why you crying?

She hugged him

Manyata- Uday I saw really bad dream tum humhe chorkeh chalehgeh

Uday started laughing

Manyata- Uday tum haase rehey ho it's not funny the dream was so real

Uday- Princess it's only a drean aise kuch nahiye hogha becuase I am never ever going to leave my Princess even if she wishes (he hugged her) I promise Princess hum kahin nahiye janeh waleh aapko chorkar I love you too much

Manyata- I love you too but if you ever leave me na I will get Viraj Bhai to beat you up

Uday- Princess it wont get to that stage I have no intention of leaving you


The day of the sangeet had arrived arrangements were going on in Jaigar

Both Uday and Manyata were busy greeting the guests

Finally the Devgar family had arrived

Manyata- welcome to the sangeet ceremony of Unnani and Vijay I'm very happy for my Vijay Bhai and my Nanad Unnani both of you make a great pair I wish you blessed and prosperous married life. I love you both very much.

Akash was very worried he was going outside again and again

Akash- abhi thak woh aiyah kyun nahiye sangeet shuru bhi hogayah hai

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adventure_gurl IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 December 2012 at 7:24pm | IP Logged
loved the update, very well done!

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Archi02 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 December 2012 at 7:29pm | IP Logged
Doing comment after a long time. Just loved it.

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Fantasyangel Senior Member

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Posted: 03 December 2012 at 7:52pm | IP Logged
nice update..nd is amrit ko aise hi tadpati rho maza ata hai is kamini ko gusse mein dekh kr..nd our manveer was too cute..

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