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Unwanted Thread 2 Manveer FF LAST PART PG123 (Page 106)

Supernatural_10 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 06 November 2012 at 1:56pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by MAHI1198

oh freak ye akash bura hai ya acha i'm so confused...
nice and luved the update...
Thanks Mahi
You need to figure that out yourselfLOL

Supernatural_10 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 06 November 2012 at 1:58pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by adorable_rana

nice and awesome update twiniThumbs Up

but good that krish will safe and will come backSmile

and you made akash a good boy still he is gonna have a punch from uv...poor akash stuck from every sideLOL

thanx for the pm twini and update fast...HugHug

PS fast means fastCool

Thanks Rubaaa TwinyBig smile
Yeah he will do or he might not u never knowLOL
Twiny u have faith in Akash yeah obviously he will get a punch its UV end of they day he hates AkashLOL
I will do twinnySmile
Supernatural_10 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 12 November 2012 at 7:18am | IP Logged

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Thanks :D Next Part in the evening

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Supernatural_10 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 12 November 2012 at 12:04pm | IP Logged

Part 66

Uday- Amrit I haven't come here to listen to your rubbish you said you wanted to discuss something important

Amrit- It is important you do know how much I love you I'm only here for you

Uday- Amrit I'm married I love my Manyata very much more than my life no matter what the situation no one will ever take her place so don't even try I suggest you leave Jaigar as soon as possible I don't want to see your face have some respect for yourself stop stooping so low

Uday left

Amrit was very angry

Uday went to check on Manyata she was fast asleep

Uday- Get well soon Princess I can't see you in this state (he kissed her forehead)

Uday then went to the study he was very disturbed regarding Krishy kidnapping fiasco and Manyatas health

The next day Manyata woke up Uday wasn't in his room

Manyata- Uday kahaan chalah gaya subha subha

She got ready and went downstairs

Manyata- Akash what happened? Why did you call me in the garden?

Akash- Manyata humhe Krishy bacha ka patha chalgaya hai yeh loh baat karoh auseh

Manyata- WHAT!!!!  Krishy bacha

Krishy- BUA!!!! I'm missing you all very much I'm fine ok don't worry u guys don't come so soon I'm getting royal breakfast here having so much fun games as well got the new WI... X BOX 360 so nice

Manyata- bacha how did you get all this?

Krish- Akash Uncle he's awesome bye Bua my breakfast is here see you soon lunch I will have with u

Manyata- bye bacha I love u

Krish- love u too

The phone got disconnected

Manyata hugged Akash she was very happy

Uday saw all this he wasn't very happy he came and punched Akash

Uday- Akash what do you think you're doing? (He kept punching him)

Manyata- Uday leave him

Akash- what did I do wrong?

Uday- I'm not deaf and blind since you have been here you're always after my wife stay away from Manyata or else the consequences will be very bad

Manyata was angry now

Manayta- Uday what the hell are you talking about me and Akash  are only friends

Akash- yeah we are old friends there is no need to be insecure we can fight about this matter after as well it's not important  I will explain all this is all Jiji  (interrupted)

Amrit- Akash, Uday, Manyata look who's back

Krishy- BUA!!!!!!!!! PRINCE UDAYVEER!!!!!!!! AKASH UNCLE!!!!!!! I'M BACK

Manyata- mera Krishy Bacha thank god you're ok how did you come?

Amrit- We received ransom call this morning  aur hum Krish  ko leh aiye right Krish  ab chaloh andar

Krish- No I want to stay with Bua

Amrit- Krish zide nahiye karethe beta you need to have complete rest chaloh

Krish- I said NO!!!!!

Viraj- Krish don't you dare raise your voice say sorry now

Jhanvi- Krishy bacha jaldi seh apna saaman loh we are going home ok everyone is waiting for you in Devgar

Krish- I will not say sorry to this witch Aunty I hate her Daddy

Viraj was getting angry now

Uday- Krishy bacha lets go inside

Everyone went inside

Viraj- sorry Amrit Krish is just a kid he doesn't understand thank you so much aaj tumhaari wajah seh humhe Krish milah

Jhanvi- haan tumneh humpar bahuth barah ehsaan kardiya hai

Amrit- Please aise maat kahiye I love Krish very much isliye i saved him

Viraaj and Jhanvi went inside

Akash- Jiji yeh sab aapneh

Amrit- (Angrily) just shut up Akash don't speak to me again you tried to double cross me all along you were on Manyata side hum sab kuch jaanghe teh aur isliye humneh apna plan change kardiya ab hum jo kareghe all of you will see (she smiled evily)

Akash- sorry to say Jiji but ab aap kuch nahiye kareghi we are going to our mahal after Unnanti wedding

Amrit- you mean you're going home Akash not me hum yahin hai hamare Uday keh paas

Akash- Jiji why don't u understand Uday is married he won't ever leave Manyata

Amrit-  He will you just wait and watch

Amrit went inside

Akash- Jiji I won't ever let that happen

Giriraj- Amrit beta yeh toh aapneh bahuth acha kiya Krish ko dhoond liya

Amrit- Giri Uncle sab police neh kiya hai right commissioner

Police commissioner- not without your help Amrit beta kya soch aapki sab plan patha karliya aur humneh paise bhi waapis lehliye aur kidnappers ko bhi jail mein dhaldiya

Uday was very happy seeing Krish Manyata was smiling again


Uday- Thanks Amrit but why didn't you tell me  or anyone else


Amrit- It's ok Uday I informed the police that was more important plus you were so stressed since last night so I thought I shouldn't disturb you...Jhanvi Bhabhi humneh Krish keh leh lunch banaya hai so Krish beta make sure you eat before you go home


Krish- I want to go home to my both Dadimas and Dadu's and my Mamu and Mami


Rajbir- Krishy bacha Mamu yahaan bhi hai roke joa nah for lunch please


Unnanti- haan Krishy stay


Remisha- Krishy unfair tumhaari eklauti Massi hoon so humneh kehdiye toh kehdiya ur staying for lunch


Krishy- Fine hum roke jathe hai aap loge bhi kya yaad rakoghe now stop sulking so no roi roi now ok

Prince Udayveer humhe pizza khaanah hai yeh walah khaanah nahiye yeh isse witch aunty neh banaya hai.. Bua my favourite wala pizza maangvaai hai from pizza hut jaldi seh


Viraj and Jhanvi started laughing


Virjha- Bacha yahaan pizza hut nahiye hai


Krish- what? Prince Udayveer how can you not have Pizza hut here


Uday- Bacha yahaan nahiye haina its in the other city... we also have a pizza shop here also hum abhi phone karteh hai they will deliver it ok


Krish- ok Prince Udayveer I will have that Pizza Daddy when we go back to London you have treat me pizza hut me and Bua will have exactly the same as usual right bua hamara


Manyata/Krishy- cheese pizza


Both Manyata and Krishy hugged each other


Now Viraj and Jhanvi were in deep thought


Viraj- bacha ab no talking sit down and have some snacks till your pizza comes


Akash- Krishy yeh loh loads of chocolates hum abhi yeh sab tumahre liye lekeh aiye hai


Remisha- Akash unfair humhe bhi chahiye hai


Akash- Sorry Remisha yeh sab Krishy keh hai


Manyata- kya kaha Akash aise kaise humhe bhi chahiye hai


Akash- none for you both yeh sab only for my Krishy bacha (he hugged him)


Krish- yay you're the best Akash Uncle


Rajbir- Uday Bhai yeh Akash kuch zydah he Krishy keh close ho raha hai hamra toh numher he cut jaygha


Uday- I know isse Akash ka kuch karnah paregha


Manyata- Akash humhe bhi do chocolates warnah hum tumseh baat nahiye karenghe


Remisha- humhe bhi chahiye hai


Akash- ok ok ab bas tum loge itnah keh rehey hai tum logo keh liye kal subha leongha ok


M/R- Kya subha no now


Krish- Bua, Maasi stop sulking like little kids yeh loh one for u Bua and one for you Maasi


M/R- Thanks You Krishy Bacha (both kissed Krishy on his cheek)


Uday- Krishy Bacha Pizza agayah come on eat now


Manyata- I will serve everyone


Uday-  Ok Princess you do the honours


Manyata served everyone food


Everyone had lunch together


Uday- Princess medicine time


Manyata- no Uday baad mein please  ab hum Krisy keh saat khelenghe


Uday- No medicine time now


Amrit- hum abhi tablets lekeh athe hai


Akash- Jiji Jiji aap kyun pareshaan ho rahiye hai Uday hainah Manyata ka kyaal rakneh keh liye aap hamare saat chaliyeh kuch baat karni hai


Uday- haan Amrit aap jayee Akash keh saat


Viraj- Uday Manya ab hum chalteh hai sab Devgar mein intezaar kar rehey Dadisab ka phone aiyah tha


Krishy- Daddy, Mama can we take Bua home please please


Jhanvi- Bacha... Bua ki tabiyaat tike nahiye hai ineh araam ki zaroorth hai  ok kal aiyghi Bua aapse milneh ok


Viraj- haan bacha aur gharpeh aapke Vijay mamu, aur J Mami aapke liye uneh ek bahuth barah surprise rakha hai


Krishy- Surprise mere liye yay!!!! Lekin Daddy why can't Bua come home hum Bua ka ache seh kyaal rakenghe na Prince Udayveer can I take Bua home please pretty please


Uday- ofcourse Bacha Bua ko ghar lejoah I don't mind anything for my Krishy Bacha


Manyata- Uday hum ghar ja sakteh yay!!!!! Hum abhi apna saaman pack karteh hai


Manyata ran upstairs




Viraj- Uday are you sure


Uday- yes Bhai hum apneh Krishy bacha ko kabhi manah nahiye kareteh hai hum abhi athe hai Manyata ko medicine deni hai


Viraj-  tike hai


Giriraj- Krish beta aap ja rehey hai aaj hamara ghar toh sunah hojaygha


Krish- Sorry hum phir ajayghe promise (he hugged him)


Giriraj was very happy


Jhanvi- Uncle thank you very much aap sabneh Krish ka bahuth kyaal rakha aur I'm very sorry agar Krishy neh kisi ko pareshaan kiya ho


Giriraj- no Jhanvi beta Krishy neh kisi ko pareshaan nahiye kiya jabseh Krishy aiya hai hum bahuth bahuth khush hai aur Uday woh bhi bahuth khush hai itnah khush humneh uneh kabhi nahiye dekha Krish sach mein yahaan akeh isneh toh sabko bahuth khushi di hai hum sab iseh bahuth miss kareghe

Bas yahi umeed hai hamara poatha/poathi jald seh jald aiye aur woh bhi hamare Krish jaise ho


Jhanvi- Uncle woh dine jald aiygha aap bhagwanji seh dua kijiye hum har roze yahin dua karteh hai


Giriraj- Haan beta hum sirf dua he karsakteh hai sab kuch bhagwanji keh haat mein


Rajbir- Krish humneh sareh chocolates aur cakes pack kardiye hai aur haan J Mami ko hamara message denah ok patha nahiye kyun auseka phone baand hai


Krish- message dehdenghe don't worry Mamu


Unnanti- Krishy yahaan aao aur Vijay Mamu seh kehnah hamara phone nahiye utayah toh hum shaadi cancel kardenghe


Rajbir started laughing


Rajbir- Bechara Vijay


Unnanti- Shut up Rajbir warnah J seh kehenghe aur tumhaari shaadi bhi cancel


Rajbir- ok ok sorry hum kuch nahiye kehenghe


Viraj- Krishy yeh sab kya ho raha hai


Krishy- Daddy Mamu Mami are giving me (interrupted)


Viraj- giving you what


Rajbir/Unnanti-  Chocolates/sweets to take home Akash brought so many hum kya kareghe itneh chocolates aur sweet ka so all for Krishy bacha


Krishy- but daddy


Rajbir picked Krishy up


Rajbir- chaloh Krishy bacha hum Akash Uncle ko thank you karkeh athe hai (whispers) kyun humhe marvanah chahteh ho haan you know how Viraj Jiju is like


Unnanti- haan Krishy yeh hamara secret hai samjeh


Krish-ok ok fine nahiye bateghe ab khush


Akash- Krish bacha aap ja rehey hai ghar


Krish- yes Akash Uncle aur Bua is going also


Akash- what why is Manyata going?


Krish- Because I said Akash Uncle I miss my Bua


Remisha- Krishy Bacha I got all your luggage going to miss you loads


Krish- Me 2


Back to Manveer


Uday- Princess Princess enough now how much packing are you going to do pureh mahinah janeh ka iraadha hai kya


Manyata- haan nahi toh soch rahiye ho pureh mahineh keh liye joaan


Uday- WHAT????? NO!!!!


Manyata started laughing


Manyata- I'm only joking Uday  I will be back in 2 days akhir Unnanti ki shaadi ki tyaariyan bhi karni hai  so don't worry hum jaldi seh ajayghe aur haan ause Amrit churail seh dur rehnah samjeh  auseka bharosa nahiye hai humhe


Uday- Princess these 2 days will be like 2 years I will miss you loads


Manyata- is that so idea why don't you come with me?


Uday- Princess idea is great but I can't you enjoy yourself because after all the weddings are done Viraj Bhai, Jhanvi Bhabhi, Krishy and J are all going back to London.. I'm here not going know where and you are here with me forever so you should spend time with all of them


Manyata got upset


Manyata- everyone going to go back


Uday- Princess no getting  upset spend lots of time with all of them ok aur haan where's your medicines?


Manyata- I had it already and I put the medicine bag in my handbag


Uday- you sure


Manyata- yeah don't worry Uday hum apna ache seh kyaal raksakteh hai I'm not a baby


She hugged him


Uday- I have to make sure na end of the day you are my baby (he kissed her forehead)


There was a knock on the door


Krish- BUA!!!!!! BUA!!!!!! WE ARE GETTING LATE!!!!!


Manyata- coming bacha right Uday I have to go now hum apneh ghar ja rehey hai aur haan stay away from the(interrupted)


Uday- churail Amrit humhe patha hai don't worry.. I only love my Princess


Manyata- I love my Prince too loads ab hum chalteh hai


Uday- I will get the bags


Now we see everyone downstairs


Akash- Manyata make sure you look after yourself have loads of fun


Manyata- I will do Akash aur haan jo humneh samjaya tha make sure you remember


Akash- Yes I will don't worry hum Jiji ko Uday seh bahuth dur rakenghe ok you can trust me on that


Manyata- I know akhir tum mere dost ho so obvious aur haan baad mein hum tumhaari love story bhi set kardenghe ok


Akash- Manyata dheereh bholo koi sunelegha


Uday- kya baatein ho rahiye hai


Manyata- I will explain (interrupted)


Akash- Manyata no thats our secret


Manyata- Sorry Akash I don't hide anything from Uday end of the day hubby and wifey shouldn't hide anything from each other it's not good... I tell Uday everything right Uday


Uday- Yeah if you hide things in relationship not good so Princess jaldi seh batoah kya secret hai


Akash- no Manyata tumhare pait mein koi baat nahiye rehtehi honestly you're the same as before  hum jah rehey hai batoh dah patidev ko


Manyata- awww sharamagaye Akash stay kahaan ja rehey ho it's only Uday not your to be wifey (she laughed)


Uday- Princess akhir baat kya hai


Manyata- you see Akash ko Remisha pasand hai aur he told me this aur Remsiha also likes Akash too so jab hum aiyghe waapis inki love story set karenghe haan nahi toh


Uday- Princess ab lawyer seh love guru bankeh ka iraadha hai kya (he laughed)


Manyata- No hum lawyer he tike hai hum yeh sab Akash keh liye kar rehey hai he's a good friend  aur hum chahteh hai woh bahuth khush rehey hai ok subha you punched him for no reason auseki koi galathi bhi nahiye thi make sure you apologise ok


Uday- Princess don't worry hum Akash seh baat karlenghe ok


Krish- Bua lets go now bye Prince Udayveer (he hugged him)


Uday- bye bacha


Amrit- bye Krish bye Manyata have a nice time in your maikka


Manyata- Amrit your zeherili churail mere Uday seh dur rehnah samji


Amrit- Manyata Manyata hum toh Uday keh paas he rehenghe forever you don't worry about it ab joah


Manyata gave Amrit a dirty look


Manyata- tumhara sach mein kuch nahiye ho saktha you're truly disgusting


Viraj- Manya chaloh we're getting late


Manyata met everyone and left


Now we see Akash and Uday talking


Uday- Im sorry Akash humneh tumhe galath samjha


Akash- Yeah  you should be sorry.. but I will forgive you  


Uday- so friends  Akash


Akash- forever Uday I need to tell you something (he told him about Krishy kidnapping fiasco and how Amrit is after Uday and all) so please Jiji seh dur rehnah ok auseka koi bharosah nahiye hai


Uday- humhe patha hai thanks Akash


Akash- no thanks in friendship ok ab hum chalteh hai ok goodnight


Uday- Goodnight


Akash went to his room

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adventure_gurl IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 November 2012 at 12:36pm | IP Logged
loved the update! Glad Krish is safe!

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Posted: 12 November 2012 at 12:50pm | IP Logged
Awsomeee...very nice update aksh uncle toh bada goody goody nikala...
Urghhh...that amrit is too much...always after uday...krishy is right she is a witch aunty...last manveer scene was superb...
Lolzzz...manyata-amrit u zeharili chudail mere udau se dur rehna...hahaha...was damn funny...update soon thanx for PM.

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sweet_gargi IF-Dazzler

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Great episode Anam.Clap.thank god Krishy is back..and misunderstanding between Aksh and UV is cleared...Amrit should be punished wellAngry

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pari.prisha Senior Member

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read all the updates in one go
its great
do pm me if possible

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