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Unwanted Thread 2 Manveer FF LAST PART PG123

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Hi everyone I finally updated I'm really sorry for the delay It's my first roza today and I was awake till sehri was so sleepy so I had to be occupied so wrote the next part it's a really long part I hope you all enjoy it.. I haven't proofread so it migth be typo errors... sorry Laiba I couldn't include your suggestion insh allah in the next update... just finished with my sehri food will update then go get ready gna have a shower and read namaz...

Do read and comment/criticise/suggest Hug

I would also like to say to all my readers who live in India please watch DEK at its original telecast time on sony tv we might be able to save the show if the TRPS rise... so keep watching thank youHug 

Part 38

The next day we see everyone at the Breakfast table

Shaina- Manayta beta it's no hurry eat slowly

Manyata- Mama I'm going to be late otherwise

Viraj- Manya eat slowly otherwise you will be sick

Uday- Good morning Princess

Manyata- Good Morning Uday why are you awake so early

Uday- Princess I always get up early

Shaina- Uday beta sit down have breakfast

Uday- Aunty I just have fruits for breakfast

Manyata- ok Uday you enjoy your boring breakfast I'm going to work I have meeting byeee everyoneee

Krish- BUA!!!!!!!

Manyata- what happened Krish?

Krish- (he kissed her cheek) bye bua

Manyata- bye bacha (she kissed his cheeh) have fun in school

Jhanvi-  Manya don't forget your lunch

Manyata- yeah Bhabhi its potato salad

Jhanvi- yh Potato salad and some pasta

Manyata- ok Bhabhi thanks byee I really have to go now byeee

Manyata left

Jhanvi came with fresh tea and coffee

JhanvI- Viraj you're coffee, Mama your tea, Uday what do you want tea or coffee

Uday- nothing Bhabhi I only have fruits in the morning

Jhanvi- Ok have orange juice then

Uday- ok Bhabhi

Viraj- I'm going work come on Krish school time

Uday- I want to drop Krish to school today if you don't mind

Jhanvi- Uday it's alright Viraj will drop him tum kyun takleef karoghe

Krish got really excited

Krish- Please Mama I want to go with Prince Udayveer please please... Daddy please pleaseee (he made a cute face)

Viraj- Ok Ok Krish bacha you can go with Uday ok

Krish- YES!!!!! Thank you Daddy!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU YOUR THE BEST!!!!  Can we go now Prince Udayveer

Uday- yeah lets go

Viraj- Uday, Krish school is on the next road very near just 10 minutes walk (he gives full directions) is that ok

Uday- Yeah its fine shall we leave Krish bacha

Krish- Yes Prince Udayveer

Jhanvi- Krishy your lunch box don't forget it you and your Bua are exactly the same always forget

Krish- Thanks Mama (he kissed her on the cheek) bye Mama!!!

Jhanvi- Bye Krishy make sure you eat your lunch and look after yourself

Krish- I will do Mama byeee

He holded Uday hand and went to school

Krish- Prince Udayveer I'm so happy you're taking me to school I'm going to tell everyone you're a Prince, they're going to be so jealous

Uday- Krish Bacha you can't tell everyone I am Prince because if you them then the media you know the news people will find out and I have to go back to my kingdom

Krish- I don't want you to go back to your kingdom I won't tell no one only my best friends they won't tell anyone

Uday- ok Krish Bacha

Krish- My schools come

Uday- that was quick it's very near to your house

Krish- Yeah I know it is

Uday- I will drop you to your class

Krish- Okay

Uday drops Krish inside class and then goes home

Jhanvi- Uday Krishy neh raateh mein taang toh nahiye kiya

Uday- No Bhabhi he didn't he was very good all the way

J, Vijay, Unnanti were having breakfast and were laughing

Vijay- lagtha hai Uday bana Papa baneh ki practice kar rehay isliye Krish ko school chorneh gaye.. he got up so early too

Unnati- Haan Dada toh hamesha 9 clock uthathe aaj itni subha kaise uthe gaye

J- I told you guys Jiju sa is trying to get into a different routine leave him alone Jiju sa I'm very happy with you

Uday- J ab hum kya kareh aaj hum early uthe gaye aur humneh soacha hum Krish ko school choredeh, he's so cute

Jhanvi- Krishy bhi zide kar raha tha Prince Udayveer keh saat janah hai, tumseh kuch zydah he gul mile gaya hai waise hamara Krishy kisi keh saat aise nahiye kartha

Uday- haan Bhabhi woh kya hai jab bhi hum Princess ko phone karteh hum hamesha Krish keh saat bhi baat karteh teh so he's quite attached to me aur hum bhi, bahuth he pyaara he bacha hai he's so well behaved

Jhanvi- Ab mein samji isliye woh tumahre saat zydah attached hogaya itni jaldi

J/U/V- Haan hamare paas to Krish athe he nahiye

Jhanvi- aap loge abhi aiye ho isliye bahuth he jald aap logo keh saat bhi gul miljaygha

Shaina- Jhanvi beta maine sabzi rakhi hue dheklenha tike hai beta hum abhi athe hai ek appointment hai

Jhanvi- Jee Ma aap jayee hai mein dekhloonghi

Shaina- acha beta

Jhanvi goes in the kitchen and Uday follows her there

Uday- Bhabhi hum kuch madat kardeh

Jhanvi laughed

Jhanvi- Uday tum kya madat karoghe tum reheneh doh yeh tumhara kaam nahiye tum andar jo TV dekho agar kisi bhi cheese ki zaroorth pari humhe batayiegha

Uday- Bhabhi hum andar bahuth bore horehay hai toh soacha hum aapki madat kardeh aur hum ek Prince zaroror hai lekin humbhi khannah paka sakteh hai you know hum bahuth acha cheese aur tomoto ka pasta banateh hai

Jhanvi- acha yeh toh Manya aur Krish ka favourite hai aur hum ab sabzi keh baad yeh bananehwaleh teh

Uday- kya hum banah sakteh hai please Bhabhi

Jhanvi- nahiye Uday agar tumseh kaam karvayah humhe bhauth daant pareghi Ma seh, tum humhe bathana tumhari recipe mein waise banah doonghi tike hai

Uday- Nahiye Bhabhi hum khod banayghe Krish keh liye aur hamaari Princess keh liye please I promise Aunty won't say anything to you please Bhabhi

Jhanvi- acha tike banoh yeh loh Apron

Uday- (happily) Thank You Bhabhi

Jhanvi made sabzi, rice, salad, chicken curry and Uday made Chesse and Tomoto pasta.

J, Unnanti and Vijay bhai were laughing

Unnanti- lagta Dada pasta banah rehay hai

J took some pictures of Uday in apron and hat

J- I will send Jiji a picture of Jiju sa in apron and hat she will be very happy

Vijay- haan Manyata will go mad laughing akhir Uday bana aaj Prince seh zydah chef lag rehay hai (he laughed)

Unnati- at least Dada Manyata keh liye kuch banah rehay hai tumneh aaj tak hamareh liye kuch nahiye banayah so stop laughing at my Dada aur jakeh unseh kuch sikoh

Unnati goes to her room

Vijay- Unnanti hamaari baat toh sono

He went after her too

J sends pictures to Manyata

Now we see Manyata having salad in the lunch room and talking to her co workers

Manyata saw her bbm message she opened it was from J a picture of Uday, she couldn't stop laughing.

J phoned Manyata

Manyata- (laughing) hello J omg what a picture

J- I know Jiji Jiju sa bahuth he handsome lage rehay (she laughed)

Manyata- handsome ka patha nahiye lekin haan iss hat aur apron mein Uday is looking amazingly cute (she laughed) agar yeh phone media ko milgayi auseki so called Yuvraj image will go down the drain kya photo liya J very epic

J- I know Jiji akhir hum aap peh gaye hai when are you coming home?

Manyata- 5 bajhe thak ajonghi tum apna kyaal raknah make sure u have lunch on time aur haan don't forget the vitamin tablets

J- Ok Jiji don't worry I won't forget agar bhool bhi gaye toh aapko patha haina Jiju sa will remind me

Manyata- haan humhe patha hai acha J ab hum rakthe hai you take care cya later

J- Bye Jiji

Back to Jhanvi and Uday in the kitchen

Uday- Bhabhi kaise banah hai

Jhanvi- bahuth he acha banah hai  ab shaam ko oven mein dhalnah jab Manya agayi tike hai ab hogaya tum joa andar mein saafia karekeh athi hoom

Uday- No Bhabhi hum sab saaf karkeh jayenghe ok I made mess so I will clean it ok

Jhanvi- Uday (interrupted)

Uday- No Bhabhi I will clean up then go ok

Jhanvi- ok karo Manya never helps out in cleaning she will make food that she likes that it, but cleaning up she's like Mama, Bhabhi I'm tired now you guys clean it... you're perfect for Manya khaana bhi paka sakteh ho aur saafai bhi hamaari Naand tumhare saat bahuth khush rehaghi

Uday- Bhabhi I will try my best to give Manyata all the happiness she deserves... ab humhe sirf ek he baat ki chintha hai aaj hospital mein kya hogha I mean consultation keh baad patha nahiye Manyata kaise react kareghi

Jhanvi- Uday chintha karneh ki zaroorth nahiye hai Doctor Ma ki dost hai she's very good she will definitely suggest something, you know Manya is very scared of all this hospital stuff you have to be there and support her ok... so she doesn't get scared or nervous

Uday- I know I will support her but I don't myself what's going to happen?

Jhanvi- don't worry ok jo hogha acha hogha nowdays there are so many treatments tum bas wahaan jakar be strong ok and don't lose hope please stop thinking negative

Uday- Thanks Bhabhi you're right hum thodi dher keh liye daargeh teh hum hamesha kehteh hai Manyata ko be positive aaj hum khud he negative soch rehay teh

Now it's 3pm

We see Uday going to school to pick Krish up

Krish sees Uday and comes running and hugs him

Krish- Prince Udayveer

Uday- how are you bacha? How was school?

Krish- I'm fine Prince Udayveer... it was great but I'm very tired

Just then a little girl comes running and hugs Uday

Girl- PAPA!!!!!!!

Uday- what's your name?

She realised that he wasn't her Dad

Girl- (she started crying) Papa where are you?

Uday picked her up

Uday- don't we will find your Papa ssh don't cry

Uday searched all the playground but they couldn't find the dad, just then someone came running

Guy- where are you taking my daughter?

Girl- PAPA!!!!!

Uday gives the girl to her Dad

Uday- I'm not taking her no where... she was crying in the middle of the playground how can you be so irresponsible she's only little you should been here earlier

Guy- I had to go somewhere anyways sorry thank you for taking care of my daughter

Uday- It's alright there is nothing more important than your kids so please next time keep that in mind get here earlier you're lucky you have her... bye beta

The girl waved back at Uday

Now we see Krish and Uday on the way home

Uday- Krish bacha do you want ice cream

Krish- No Prince Udayveer I had ice cream sundi yesterday Mama will shout at me

Uday- ok bacha how about chocolates

Krish- (happily) yes I want chocolates

Uday took Krish shops and brought him chocolates

Meanwhile we see Manyata on her break

Manyata- what is wrong with this Uday I sent him like 4 messages still no reply

Now we see Krish and Uday at home

Krish- Mama!!!!!

Jhanvi came and hugged Krish

Jhanvi- Krishy bacha how was your day? Did u be good on the way where did all these chocolates come from

Krish- my day was really good I had so much fun in school... yes I was good and Prince Udayveer buyed me chocolates

Jhanvi- you know too much chocolate snot good for your teeth no more now... go and get changed ok I will warm your food

Uday- Bhabhi you sit down I will get the pasta for Krish

Uday goes to the kitchen

He brings food for Krish

Uday- Krish how's the pasta?

Krish- It's yummy I love it Prince Udayveer I want more after

Uday- Ok there's loads I'm glad you like it

It was 5pm Manyata was back from work

Uday- Princess kya hua you in bad mood

Manyata- yeah because of you I sent you so many messages no reply

Uday- sorry Princess I was busy

Manyata- doing what Uday you have nothing to do here no meetings still busy

Uday- Princess I was making pasta for you, helped Bhabhi went to pick Krish I was so bored wanted to spend time with Krish my phone was on charger sorry I totally forgot to take it off... I'm really sorry now eat some pasta

Jhanvi came with the rest of the food

Jhanvi- Manya Uday has been in the kitchen since morning he helped loads... he cleaned up after cooking unlike you so stop shouting at him be quiet and eat your food

Jhanvi went in the lounge

Krish- Bua don't shout at Prince Udayveer he's really nice he dropped me school and picked me up too and brought me loads of chocolates

Manyata- ok ok I won't be angry sorry Uday now I will eat quietly

Uday- how's the Pasta?

Manyata- its yummy I love it

Krish- (laughed) that's what I said

Uday was happy

Uday- I'm glad you both likes it... where is J?

J- hum yahaan hai Jiju sa I ate food and had my tablets don't worry

Shaina- beta we should be going now to hospital

Manyata was dreading it she hated hospitals

It was 7pm now we see everyone in Hospital

All the couple were sitting down and some of the ladies there were heavily pregnant, their feet were swollen and their stomach was huge... Manyata got really freaked out.

Uday- Princess kya hua

Manyata- Uday omg this is too much if I ever be like that hum toh marjayghe

Uday- Princess hum tumhe mareneh nahiye denghe ok relax

Manyata- I am not even pregnant and I'm so freaked out.. look at J she isn't freaking out or anything she's very happy

Uday- yeah because J isn't scared she wants the baby to come in this world no matter what happens to her weight or feet where as my princess here is scared

Manyata- Uday I am not brave as J ok

Nurse- Doctor will call you lot in a few minutes

Shaina- J beta are you ok

J- I'm fine Aunty

Nurse- Miss Jainandani

Shaina- chaloh J beta

Uday and Manyata also went inside

Doctor- ok so this you first scan you must be very excited

J- (Happily) yeah I am

Doctor- where's your husband? Normally we have couple come together this is the first time we have family come in

Before Shaina can say anything

J- I'm not married

Doctor- oh k I will put some gel on you and in that small screen you will be able to see the baby

J saw the baby in the camera

J was really happy

Manyata was amazed

Manyata- Uday did you see omg little baby it's so so little I can't see its face properly

Uday- yeah I did Princess it's only little yet that's why

Manyata- Doctor is it 1 or twins

Doctor- it's just 1 baby

Manyata- when do we find out if I will have a niece or nephew?

Doctor- You seem very excited not yet it's too early... well Miss Jainandani Baby is perfectly healthy and fine I will see you again in 4 weeks time

Jainandai- Thank you doctor

Manyata- can we have photo of the baby

Doctor- yeah sure

Manyata- J did you see baby was so tiny

J- yes Jiji I did

Doctor- Dr Nanda will call you in Miss Manyata in a few minutes

Shaina- Manyata beta darneh ki zaroorth nahiye tike hai sirf check up karenghe ok

Uday- Princess just a check up ok it will be fine

Manyata nodded her head but really she was scared

J- Jiji it will be fine ok

Dr Nanda- Miss Manyata

Shaina- chaloh beta

Uday- chaleh Princess

Manyata wasn't getting up from her seat

Uday- Princess chaleh don't be in deep thought get up

Manyata- Sorry Uday woh hum kuch soch(interrupted)

Uday- Princess kuch maat socho ok chaloh everything will be fine

J- haan Jiji chaliyeh

Now we see everyone in the check room

Doctor Nanda- Manyata come with me please and can you wear this gown please

Manyata was scared

Uday- Princess come on go

Manyata went got changed in the gown the doctor done the check up... Manyata was holding Uday hand

Manyata- Uday why are they using this machine

Uday- Princess they will use it to check you ok

Manyata was scared but she was trying to be brave

Manyata- ok Doctor am I ok

Doctor- I have done the check up you can get changed now

Everyone went outside to the Doctors cabin

Shaina- Namrata did you see anything is it any hope of Manyata having a baby again

Doctor- Shaina her reports both say its impossible... in her first pregnancy she was really weak and she fell and had a miscarriage at such a young age so it's very difficult for her to conceive again... but I have done some tests the results will be here by tomorrow then I will be able to talk to you about in detail but to be honest I can't give you any false hope chances are very less

Manyata came and sat down

Manyata- (scaredly) Doctor how's my report can I have a baby again? Please tell me the truth why isn't anyone saying anything Uday say something... Mama... J...

Doctor- Manyata beta we have done some tests the results will come tomorrow and I would like to (interrupted)

Uday- Princess we will find out properly tomorrow ok please don't worry ok

Doctor- Ok I will see you tomorrow evening I have booked you in for 6pm

Uday- ok thank you Doctor

Uday, Manyata, J  went outside

Shaina- Namrata there must be a solution please kuch to batoa

Doctor- The results will be back tomorrow kal results dek kar batoonghi please don't worry ok

Shaina- ok will see you tmorrow

Manyata wasn't very happy all the way she was really quiet

PREVIEW- Manyata and Uday go wedding shopping

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Congratz Anam on 2nd thread. Ramzaan Mubarak.
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Congos on the second threadDancing...Ramzan mubarakHug...n brilliant update dii...!!!!Clap

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