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AbhIya FF - Yellow Peonies - Chapter V Page 13 (Page 4)

dreamyjennice IF-Sizzlerz

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So no hide and seek here...vampires live openly with general humans...yr 3000...abhay saved piya...she is hos soulmate...does piya know abhay gave her blood being a vampire himself...and waiting for attraction part to come me...I am loving ur very different concept all together...

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You guys are amazing, you know that? Hug First chapter and already this thread is bustling with comments, likes and joy and it is all because of all of you so THANK YOU! Mwah! Blushing I've added everyone into the PM list and hopefully *fingers crossed* I have not missed anyone. If any of you have commented or messaged me regarding the PM list and have NOT received a PM then spam this thread with hate mails all you want! Joke, I would appreciate it if you would simply complain to me through inbox and then I will immediately do something about it. Truce called, yes?

WARNING: Contains traces of coarse language. Definitely not suitable for young readers.

DISCLAIMER: Quotation is owned by Nicholas Sparks from A Walk To Remember. Characters all belong to the producers of this drama > Ekta or whoever...

Chapter II
3012, Dehradun

Mount College stood in all it's glory even if it was bustling with different creatures: vampires, grim reapers, ghosts, witches, humans and one or two vampire hybrids. Of course, vampires were awarded the highest rank and everything would first be offered to them before it moved down the rank. At the lowest place were the humans who had a fixed curfew and could only be bonded with the vampires as per Rule 254. Many had gone to disobey by bonding with werewolves across the river but most ended up being brutally murdered by the wolves themselves. Guess, the werewolves were only lusty bas***ds, thought Tanushree 'T' Ambolkar absentmindedly ignoring half of the lecture ongoing.

Recently, 'T' had gone to the Vampire Institute for a transformation. Her choices were limited around the lowest ranks of remaining human or becoming a witch through an extremely painful process. The disadvantage of both were that they were completely useless. You could never be a powerful witch until your 40's or 50's and in the end were mortal like humans. And 'T' had a strong desire to spend an eternity with her true love which of course, she chuckled was Abhay Raichand. Unfortunately, she could never be up to his standards until she climbed the 'creature's ladder' which meant she could undergo a transformation every time the full moon was out. 

Currently, she held her position as a witch but had felt no difference apart from stupid hallucinations and a big fat book being given to read. Of course, she hadn't read it but carried it round her all the time as a trophy show to gain respect in the society. Otherwise, people like Misha Dobriyal were hard to convince that she 'T' stood at a higher position than her; a measly little human who knew how to go round bickering. But she'd show her...

"Tanushree Ambolkar!" roared the human teacher racing towards her perfect, little gang that sat perched at the back. She rolled her eyes and with an attitude pulled the witch magic book out. And instantly, the whole attention was diverted from her to another human. Such 'creaturism'...


A sense of relief and a massive smile spread across his handsome features when the man in front nodded after tucking the stack of notes in his pocket. Money always did the job, Abhay thought jumping into his expensive black Porsche before glancing at the now glued notice stuck to the trunk of a tree. 

Attention all humans, it read.

As per rule No. 254, the agreement and the truce between humans and the vampire has ended after a vampire was mercilessly murdered. The authority's are without no doubt blaming the humans for this savage act but also that some are and have been previously involved with the wolf pact across the Treaty which may have helped them carry this murderous act out.

The rule clearly states that no human from our land must bond to a werewolf from another as to keep these three species separate. Some have even mated and produced werewolf hybrids which mean a massive threat to the vampires. So the rule is now being broken which results in the use of peonies being eradicated.

From this day on, our land will also produce vampire hybrids which can defeat and protect it from the greedy hunters across who clearly have no problem in producing a massive amount using our humans. As you may all know, vampire hybrids can only be produced through the bonding of soul mates between a vampire and human and we have kept this attraction between them separated by the use of yellow peony. Unfortunately for werewolves, bonding of soul mates is not necessary to produce hybrids which gives them an advantage against us. 

Now, the use of yellow peony will be seen as an act of great crime and could result the deaths of the user's family. Therefore, we expect all humans to act sensibly and remove these hideous flowers which have separated the soul mates for so long.

We hope you find your love soon and mate quick enough to protect our land. The future lies in your hands.

Thank you,
Vampire Pact Authority

He waited for her outside the blood donor institute after her ridiculously, ravaging and attracting smell had drove him here. He still felt no love towards her which meant that she probably hadn't discarded the f**king flower. For a second, he was so angry and disbelieved that she would try to defy him, Abhay Raichand whose family owned 50% of India's industries and controlled oversees too. But then he realized it was only seconds since the new rule had gone around and she probably wouldn't have read it. 

Piya Dobriyal yawned tiredly at the quiet, humble afternoon where no birds chirped but the sun still rose in the east and set in the west. That was all she needed to go back in time when she was 7 and everything was in order until Chand Raichand had rose to power. "Hitler," she rudely remarked out loud kicking a few pebbles here and there. But before she had even said it out loud, she heard a velvety, appealing chuckle of no other than Abhay Raichand. 

Of course, she thought glaring daggers into his pitch black eyes. Mr. Mind Reader who has nothing better to do than to pry on other people's business, she deliberately thought stomping her feet on emphasis. He rolled his eyes at her childish behavior and then approached her to remove the yellow peony. 

Wha...? Is he peeved or has his blood lust begun again? Jeez, your time is near, Piya but who had ever thought you would die on a beautiful, sunny afternoon. Oh.. oh, crap! He can hear this. Bull... shut up!

He wanted to smile at her brewing thoughts and emotions but the disgust only increased as he neared her. Freaking yellow peony, he snapped internally piercing daggers into it as it hung comfortably on her ever so revolting shoulder. Roaring violently, he reached forward and ripped it into shreds with his bare hands feeling pain every time it pierced his skin. Yet, the little flower was so weak that it could not break down a centuries old vampire.

And like the floating wind, he felt the gush of love pouring from the heavens and his hatred dissolving down into the ground. The girl in front of him, Piya Dobriyal felt the same overpowering emotions but she was too scared to react. Too startled. She was melting with heat of love and their close proximity. Her whole outlook of the world changed in mere seconds and now she had the desire to live longer with him for eternity. 

Then suddenly, her thoughts came back as quickly when she had visited the witches for the yellow peony. They had warned her that the love could be so overpowering that it could even compel you to spend a lifetime with the enemy if he/she was your soul mate. And this was exactly what was happening to her - she wanted nothing more than to let herself bond with the vampire but how could she ever love a monster?

You can. "Love is always patient and kind. It is never jealous. Love is never boastful or conceited. It is never rude or selfish. It does not take offense and is not resentful. Love takes no pleasure in others people's sins, but delights in the truth. It is always ready to excuse, to trust, to hope, and to endure whatever comes." 

She gasped at the perfect quotation and his ability to allow her to read his thoughts. She gazed at him, gingerly but with a tinge of amazement. No boy had ever said something so beautiful to her and she had least expected it from a beast. But as she gawked into his raven black eyes, she saw no evil or blood lust. Only purity filled with deep depths of love and his fluorescent eyes almost looked like a rainbow. Inviting and rare.

He hugged her lightly barely bending her over his wishes even when he clearly could. For a second, she thought she felt his fangs on the back of her neck but he breathed and stood upright again. Her racing heart calmed only for a second but went crazy after he planted a kiss on her forehead. 

"No rush," he finally whispered moving away letting the gush of wind blow past her. His scent floated under her nose and she instinctively took a step close to him. He chuckled at this and shook his head, laughing silently. 

Realizing what she had done, she took two steps back just to show him who was the boss here. He only rose an eyebrow at that and then squished the petals of the peony with his feet.

I am the 'boss' here, sweetheart. Just because you are my soul mate, don't think for a second that you can control me. I'm Abhay Raichand, still ruthless and still merciless. Never forget that.

He breathed in her scent for the last time and left her with her breath hitched in her throat. bas***d!, she thought for the last time hoping he would hear and then set off home on the rocky path with a completely different attitude. And although she didn't think this internally, she knew she would have to do this or things would get very nasty...


Mr. Dobriyal glanced at the ominous plaster mark on his daughter's wrist while she sat eating the meat the chef had so kindly cooked for her. It was very obvious that she had lost a massive amount of weight over the years and had never recovered to regaining that. In fact, she had not recovered from anything; not from Misha's taunts, his own cold behavior and her being repulsed in the society wherever she went. She had underwent everything a teenager shouldn't have to and he being her father had done nothing to prevent it.

Instead, Mr. Dobriyal had struck a deal with the leech which would secure his family's life but was slowly killing his other half. The effects of the blood retrieving were so great that Piya was no longer the attractive female she was. Although the yellow peony helped scare off any attraction from human and vampires, Piya Dobriyal's own physique and face had permanently developed into a crestfallen moon. 

"Oh my god!" said Mr. Dobriyal's older daughter, Misha after she had sauntered into the living room. Behind her stood Ruhi Juneja and Malika Juneja both aghast at what they saw before them. Piya Dobriyal sat there eating dinner at the table. 

"Just what do you think you're doing?" Malika asked in authority even though she was a mere guest for dinner today. Their host, Misha only glared daggers at the girl's curly bush of hair. "You cannot eat here. Go back to your cellar and practice being a nun or something!"

Misha agreed while Ruhi stood there quietly feeling immensely sorry for the young girl who was once their friend. Just after finding that Piya was the illegitimate child of Mr. Dobriyal, Misha had suffered from immense depression. After recovering, she went berserk whenever Piya was around and had refused to accept her as her half sister. If only she knew what Piya had done for her, Misha would probably end up dying from regret. 

The girl in return didn't raise any claim. She got up, glanced at her father who had witnessed the event for the umpteenth time and with a small flicker of disappointment shining in her brown spirals, she disappeared from the room leaving a loud clatter of plates and the sounds of tired sighs.


Maithili floated into the Raichand's mansion like a fog on a chilly, winter's day. She had come in the hope to see Abhay but meeting Chand or Haseena would not be such a problem. The house held such shine and intricate furniture that she simply wanted to sit and experience being the woman of the Raichands. Of course that would only happen if Abhay were to bend on her wishes which seemed very unlikely from where she stood.

"Maithili! What the hell?" he roared slamming the door shut and bolting the windows down. Today, she would not escape his wrath, today he would cage her in the cellar and then unveil her in the sun letting the bitch die. Oh how he would love it when she would turn into ash. "Do you know what this means?" he gestured to the locks on the window and the door. 

She smiled and shook her head clearly taking the wrong message of the situation. She knew Abhay Raichand and his lust for her but she had always concluded that it would take a lot of pressurizing and seductiveness to finally make him snap. Internally, she patted herself on the back.

He roared in laughter at the brewing emotions in her plain, ugly eyes. Even after looking identical to Piya, the bitch couldn't stand up to her goodness and beauty by not even 1%. She was ugly inside out and he was glad that he had defamed her in society and gave her a good kicking before setting her free. Not today, though, he thought checking the time. A few hours till morning and she'd be out of his life forever.

Maithili smiled that he found her amusing. Was he hitting on her or was this the start of a foreplay? She didn't care for if it meant being in the Raichands' mansion. 

He finally quietened and grabbed her pale ghostly figure. "Bitch, this means you're it."


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amazing finally abhay got rid f d flower & they bth can feel sumthn 4 each other.arnab is so spineless.hate her family 4 treating pia lyk this. Is abhay gonna kill maithili?

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Wow. That was just... Spectacular.uff it gave me shivers at the end. What are you going to make abhay do to maithali?
Please do continue soon.
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That was freaking awesome. Absolutely loved your writing. I must say the idea is bloody brilliant Clap Clap
Happy that Abhay and Pia can finally feel the love for eachother. hated Misha but Arnab even more for being such a coward. cant he just raise his voice and protect his own daughter Dead
And shoot, what Abhay would do to Maithili now? Is Maithili kind of mission to seduce Abhay or something LOL just asking.. thanks for the Pm..continue soon Embarrassed
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You write brilliantly..!! too good..!!
i just loved the chapter..! it was written amazingly well..!!

thank u for the PM.. :) :) :)
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so finally pia abhay did it..LOLLOL i really want to see now how pia control herself..Wink hope she dont try to put another peony...LOL and methli is also here..Shocked so show is now on..LOL

continue soon and thanks for pm...Embarrassed

ps:dont give us this type instruction..bez if we started spamming your FF is like chatting thread...ROFL here all r big time spammer...
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what the ... arnab and his family is so rude and cruel yikes  i hate them everyone blame piya for no mistake of her own thats not fair and whoaa what will abhay do to maithili will he kill her or what ? btw very nice update one suggestion try to write a lil bit big letter hope u won't mind :) 

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