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AbhIya FF - Yellow Peonies - Chapter V Page 13

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Where to even start? I'm a new member to this forum but I have been following 'The Vampire Diaries' and since it's off air for a while, I stumbled upon this show. It was really amazing to watch this show and see a different version of Elena Gilbert for once since the one in the books and the show were a little too clingy to Stefan. It kind of peeved me off a bit but it was very refreshing to see a different Elena Gilbert in this show. Smile But all good things come to an end just like this show. And, this fanfiction has been running in my mind so I simply have to put it down and share it. And I'm sorry for the crazy idea of this entire story and for it's similarities to every other fantasy books out there. 

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In a world where humans are given no importance and are expected to be solely dependent on their vampire 'soul mates', Piya Dobriyal is set to rise to power and gain her rights back. While having a negative mindset about vampires, she meets her ruthless yet equally handsome vampire soul mate and begins to see that things aren't always the way they seem. 

But things begin to take a wrong turn when Piya realizes that she is fighting for the destruction of her own soul mate's existence. Could he be strong enough to standby her or will his ruthless vampire instincts will take over? 

Chapter I
3012, Dehradun 
The blood donor institute was closed after many months of providing an endless mass of blood to the hungry vampires. For the ancestors, it would be a pathetic joke which they would all laugh about and most likely label the announcer crazy but unfortunately they did not see the horrors that Piya Dobriyal had seen since she was 7. 

A rather normal and average girl with satisfactory listed intelligence and beauty, Piya Dobriyal held something that other teenage girls didn't hold. She had the label of the most juiciest human ever known to the vampires if someone was to ask her and unfortunately for her there were not many competitors. No one wanted to be a vampire's meal and poor little ugly damsel as they called her was someone they wouldn't mind giving up.

Yet, Piya Dobriyal had no problem being the representative of her family. She was willing to go to any length to provide her half-sister Misha Dobriyal with the best she could. Not that Misha was any appreciative, in fact she seemed to have a deep hatred for the girl as she felt herself been betrayed by her one best friend and her very own father. Piya didn't blame her and kept herself secluded from the Dobriyal family. She only adapted the name when Mr. Dobriyal had commanded her to do so. 

And today, she had arrived to provide her weekly donor to the institute when she noticed that it was under maintenance and should be back up in about 12 hours. A smile had spread across her face but it was short lived when she read another notice. 

"Representatives who are due to provide blood should report back according to their time calculated from 12 hours onward. Those who fail to do so will face a heavy penalty including their relatives."


Ruhi Juneja gasped at the unfamiliar figure that sat at the front of the class. Abhay Raichand, the boy who had recently drained half of the class had been sent to vampire rehab where he underwent extensive training to control his blood thirst. Although, he didn't attend their college until now, Ruhi had kept a track on him too but she never knew that it would be so easy for her to do that in the future. 

Her hands shook with anticipation at the outcomes if Piya had been here. He would've definitely drained her by now-

"Excuse me, ma'am?" Piya's horrifyingly familiar meek voice whispered from the doorway. Despite sitting at the back, Ruhi heard her loud and clear almost like the sound of thunder before an arrival of storm. Oh god, this was going to end so badly. Piya...

"What are you doing here?" the old woman asked, peering over her glasses. She seemed to put two and two together and her eyes had grown wide. Before anything else could happen, the old woman was going hysterical and so was the entire class. A group of students had formed at the back of the room far away from Abhay Raichand, whose fangs were yet to appear.

"You girl, get out of here! Don't you see what mess you have created?" screeched the woman, waving her arms in a gesture to Piya to leave. She stood there as confused, glancing from one face to another. Her eyes had finally met her worried friend's one and she stepped forward towards her direction.

Abhay Raichand stiffened further and rose angrily, knocking the wooden chair backwards. First he glared and then his eyes had softened in recognition. They were filled with a simple gesture of curiosity but with a mixture of disgust.

"Such heavenly blood but an equally ugly face," he remarked simply, his nose scrunched up in disgust but the venom from his mouth pouring out from the sides. "Extraordinary and a good way to put a vampire off his diet."

Piya Dobriyal had gasped in shock. He was one of the vampires who would buy her blood. The price for her blood had been the highest so that would mean this man was rich and not one of the bummer vamps that hid in the forest looking for a prey to hunt in a much more uglier and nastier way. That's why she had been forbade to ever go near the 10 mile radius around the forest but she hardly obliged. 

"What's all the commotion about, anyway?" he continued, raising his arms in a common gesture. He seemed hardly bothered now and students around him were beginning to relax. Abhay Raichand was not thirsty. 

"Right, well, thank you, Abhay..." said the woman, leaning back in her chair relaxed. "...for controlling your thirst. Settle down, everyone! And Piya..." The woman looked mad, almost on the stage of becoming violent. Her gray eyes were narrowed and she no longer seemed like the sweet, old teacher everyone was so attached to.

"Next time, you decide to pay us a visit, please report to the office first! You know that you have no work here..." she paused and gasped at her bare shoulder. "Holy Neptune! Where on earth is your badge, girl?" 

"I-I... don't,"

"Well, then you must! Go away and get yourself a badge. Now!"

She left quickly shutting the door lightly. Abhay Raichand only smelt her passing fragrance but felt no attraction to her face or figure. No, she was not someone of interest to him in that manner.


Misha Dobriyal stared at her father with the most frightened expression she could muster. "Malika said that Piya simply walked inside. She didn't knock or report at the office. Today, your loving daughter nearly put another 40 students at risk. Has she got no brain?"  

Mr. Dobriyal sighed tiredly sitting down on his plush couch staring down at the polished tiles. "No point in yelling at Piya now, Misha. She already does so much for you and I've met Abhay. He's no longer the same crazy vampire he once was."

"But he still is one, Papa!" Misha retorted, kicking the chair leg angrily with her sneaker. "And why would you go round intervening a vampire for? No wonder Piya -"

"Misha. Just stop."

She stopped immediately, biting her tongue at the sudden seriousness of her father. She was no longer the dominant figure in this conversation so it would be better to leave than to get yelled at. But this didn't mean, Piya would be spared. No frikkin' way would she let her get away this time.


Chand Raichand was confused. For the first time today, the blood bottle that sat on the counter was full and untouched even though Abhay was sitting right in front of it. It had never been this way, in fact, him and Hasina would have to pry him away from the house to the yard to let his thirst die out but today was a different story. What was going on?

"Don't stress your mind too much," he spoke, rubbing his black raven eyes roughly. Ah, he had forgotten what abilities Abhay possessed: telepathy, compulsion and an ability to love immensely and unconditionally if he tried. When Chand Raichand had discovered that he possessed such power, it almost made him curious as to why Abhay was so rude and cold if he was to be what they called the 'holder of silver bond'. Silver bond was a strange bond which connected a vampire to human. They were to be soul mates and inseparable but it was very rare that such bonding happened. For instance, him and Hasina were not soul mates but they chose to live together having given up on their soul mates.

"You're not drinking today?" Chand asked, pouring himself a small amount. It was safer to not take too much of the expensive yet erotic blood for it was enough to drive any vampire crazy, even as old as himself. "Perhaps you fed from somewhere else today..."

Abhay shook his head. "If that was the case, then I would be crazy by now."

"Then what is the case, Abhay?" Chand asked, angrily at the sarcasm in his tone. How he hated when Abhay made him look stupid. "This is expensive shit, okay? I paid a fortune for this and you refuse it! It's absurd!"

"So is her face!" he yelled, slamming his fist down on the glass counter letting it shatter under his iron hand. He felt no pain but simple pokes with the tip of a knife end. But what he had said sent his cold, dead heart beating into many rounds. Her face was just as innocent as he had seen 10 years ago, when he had found her cold and almost dead.

3002, Dehradun
The blood rolled down in torrents from Abhay Raichand's fangs making him even more thirstier. Despite him feeding on a stray gazelle, he found himself entranced by the beautiful eyes these meek animals possessed. It was almost enjoyable to watch their frightened eyes turn cold, distant and finally die down when he would drain them altogether.

But today was different. Dehradun's forest always had a musky yet woody type smell to it with a hint of pure blood unless animals were mating or giving birth but today this was not the case. The smell of blood was pure but it came with a freshness and heavy attraction, enough to make his own fangs sharp against his own lips. 

He harshly wiped at the venom that escaped through the corners and set out to search for the owner of this musky fragrance. Whatever animal it was going to be, Abhay Raichand knew that it was possibly endangered now unless he was to control which was also very unlikely. A vampire's thirst and his ability to love can go so extreme, Chand had warned before showing him the direction to the forest. 

And just like that, he stumbled across the most innocent creature he had ever seen. She lay bathed in her purity protected by leaves and flowers fallen over her and if he hadn't heard the sound of her weak heartbeat, he would've probably considered her dead. Her hair obscured her face but his advanced vision allowed him to see her peaceful, cold features. She was losing blood, yes, he thought finding the wound on her left leg most probably a cut from one of the sharp branches. He would need to give her his blood to save her or she will die. 

Put her out of her misery, cried the angelic side of him almost in a pleading tone. Don't be a beast, Abhay, she's just a kid...

Kid or no kid, you like her smell, reminded the monster inside him. Besides, you know that you won't be able to resist her as time goes by. Why not end this now and forever?

He nodded at both of them but chose the former immediately when her heartbeat grew worriedly faint. Abhay didn't understand why he chose to do that but he immediately provided her with his blood and licked her wounds clean healing them.

Where am I?, she asked herself feeling tired and weak. Abhay had jerked away when he felt himself feeling what she was. It was not new to read a mind but feeling empathy was new to him. She wasn't waking up but her dreams were taking a new and sudden turn. He saw it all; her running through the forest after hearing a roar, her tripping over a sharp rock and landing into a cocoon of leaves, the flowers falling on top of her unconscious figure protecting and scaring away animals and the day turning into a cold, foggy night. 

Abhay felt that he could control the turn of her dreams and he turned everything into a white peaceful haze, giving him time to think of his attraction towards a 7 year old girl. He had decided to take her home until a man who claimed to be her father met him on the road. He demanded that she was human and meant no threat to him but Abhay felt it hard to simply hand her over.

Assuming it was the blood lust, he had placed an agreement with him of her providing her blood from now on. If she failed, her family would suffer the consequences and she would simply end up with him. Being too frightened, the man had immediately agreed and that was the last time he had finally touched and seen the girl from close. 

But if she was what Chand had said, then why was he not attracted to her in any other way? He was supposed to be in love with her and she was supposed to feel the bond. But she had not glanced his way once let alone feel anything. 


Hasina Raichand laughed in intelligence at the curious expression on her handsome son's face. He was so naive despite being nearly as old as her and Chand. It was exquisite how Abhay was certain that Piya Dobriyal was his soul mate but he felt no attraction to her and he almost behaved like a fish suffering without water. Oh, what things love could do to a vampire.

"Yellow peony," said Hasina, simply taking a sip of the rich Madeira Chand had brought for her from abroad. "Did you see a yellow peony on her?"

Abhay raced his memories back to the classroom event. And indeed, did he notice a shiny peony on her shoulder shielded by her silky, sleek hair but noticeable from his advanced vision. He nodded his head, his attention fully devoted to the woman who knew so much.

"That yellow peony protects humans from being a source of attraction to vampires. It's a disgusting method but yes... those humans are clever..." she stated, ignoring the anger brewing in his mad, black eyes. Ah, he was definitely a love's fool now.

"So is that why you and Chand haven't found your soul mates yet?" he asked with a hint of anger and sadness mixed together. She sighed and nodded taking another sip. "But vampires can easily eradicate these silly yellow peonies. We rule this world now, not them!"

"Yes, we could, dear child," Hasina glanced longingly at the picture of the horses she longed to ride. "But us vampires have made an agreement. We either choose the soul mate or their blood. Simple,"

"Whichever bas***d decided to play truce with them is an idiot!" Abhay slammed the table down sending the silent room bustling with the horrible sound of shattering antique vases and glass. To both vampires it was extremely unbearable to hear because of their advanced hearing but both knew the brewing anger in the young boy's heart. His soul mate was running away from him and perhaps hated him so she had secured herself from any emotions. What could be possibly more heart wrenching?

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Wow amazing chapter and welcome dear To pkyek forum
So abhay knows piya is his soulmate
But why is she running away from him
And why does he not feel attracted to her?
Continue soon

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