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Spice Girls Hangout: Sharthwa ve on pg103 (Page 3)

howcome IF-Dazzler

Joined: 23 February 2012
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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 5:53pm | IP Logged

My post is so jinxed just like the almost kiss of Arnie, so i will make it short... i wrote twice and IF decided to kick me out and my computer showed me the blue screen(read finger!). 

It was all the way Gul ka badla on my post too very much like what happened to the shart. 
Yes yes she came running and he almost kissed her. But what was the reaction of the family. Why did they have those shocked expressions which were to be given out when ASR would tell them about Rocky or Lallan. 

I think i completely misunderstood marital life. I thought in the confines of one's house and in the obvious absence of others, a husband- wife could kiss, at least almost kiss. But this show has shown me what i MU'ed. The only saving grace was ASR's "Relax" which was more to the family than to Khushi.
Well, monday holds endless possibilities. A no precap friday is the most dangerous weapon in Gul's hand. When she can throw a googly when we most expect one of two scenarios, i dare not imagine what she can do. 
Another thing mami said stuck to me - K has ASR twirled around her little finger...i think that was Gul talking to us!!!!Smile

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DiyaS IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 5:55pm | IP Logged

I blame Doc ... wholly and completely LOL ... if she hadn't jinxed me, Patni would have won today, and we would be still in the romance-filled Biwi Manao Andolan instead of being pitchforked into the World of Delusional Di and her pet Zoo ...

Starting with the Raizada Zoo first ... Pot calling Kettle blackwa ... you guys were supposed to be at a satsang, WT* are you doing back so early?! Ah, you got caught in a traffic jam ... no, you didn't, you're lying ... as soon as Anjali Di realised she wouldn't get her akela time with her Chotey, she engineered a traffic jam, and then acted like a dying duck, so you would all turn back and come home ... see how easy it is for her  to wind the whole family around her little finger? 

Although I will give some leeway to the zoo ... Arnav did make it look rather suspicious ... what with all the rose petals ... methinks Di is also pissed off that she doesn't know her Chotey at all ... once she called him the most unromantic man, and boy, is he proving her wrong! Di, little hint for you - the way guys behave with their sisters is not necessarily the way they behave with the love of their life!!!

I would have been more sympathetic with Anjali if she hadn't tried to make it seem that for Arnav to choose going home to Khushi over joining her at the satsang was a crime,  if she hadn't accused him of changing since he fell in love ... well, DUHHH!!! Did you really expect him to stay the same?
and if she hadn't accused him straight off of lying to her without listening to his explanation at all ...
wait, who am I kidding ... I lost whatever sympathy I had for Di a while back when she started her emotional blackmail about 'bring back my old world, bring back my Shyamji' ...

Loved Payal today ... she said all the right things, unfortunately her hubby is also brainwashed by Di and his mom ... the guy is under double pronged attack, and Payal has no chance.

Also noticed the irony ... when Khushi told Arnav he needed to take care of himself to look after his sister, he accepted quietly as he saw the good sense in what she said ... when Payal said the same thing, Akash got all emotional and 'you don't understand' hissy ... the difference in understanding between the two couples highlighted here again. 

The best for the last ... except it came first ... the heartfelt beautiful HUG ... the win-win for Khushi ... she lost her challenge, and won her husband ... and she didn't mind a bit Day Dreaming ... neither did hubby Day Dreaming
This was the first time Arnav was completely ready and waiting to fold her into his arms and hold her as tight as possible Day Dreaming ... the confusion as Khushi picks up the rose petal and sees what he's done ... the tiny little tantrum ... 'you did this on purpose ?' ... quickly overcome by his hug again ... as she fights just for names' sake, and then gives in happily ... and Arnav ready to now stake his claim as husband ... bitwa, move things to a spot more private now before you do that ... oops, too late!!! Satyanash!!!

@Sari ... lovely post again ... the first few minutes were the best ... designed to keep us hooked enough to sit through the rest of the Saas Bahu drama that followed ... because seriously this is becoming as SB-ish as you can get, with the difference that instead of a MIL, there is a SIL ... Not Didi Ki Saut, but Didi Bani Saut ...

@Lady J ... Bhelcomes backkk ... to you and your take 5 ... awww missed them!!!

@Sri ... you said it, Anjali is pregnant, not in throes of a deadly illness ... besides, CV's, it's VERY hard to drum up any sympathy for a supposedly pregnant woman, who doesn't look in the slightest bit pregnant ... so if you want more sympathy for Anjali as a pregnant abandoned woman, make her LOOK the part!!! Right now, with half the family firmly camped on her side, she looks neither lonely nor abandoned ... and definitely not pregnant.

@veeps ... LOL choice between satsang with depressed delusional sister, and romance at home with willing beautiful biwi ... for any nromal man, is that even a choice?!!

@joe, meens, ippy, Mandy ... great posts ... agree with ippy- no Khushi after the first five minutes made the episode even more of a drag! Instead of the repetitive Di and medicine scenes, it would have been nice to show a small Khushi-Nani scene, or a scene of Khushi urging Arnav to go to Di ... hope we get something better on Monday. Today was overdose of Di ... and DB does not have the screen presence to carry it off!!! 


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-monalisa- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 14 March 2008
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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 5:56pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Jamba-

2. ...and G&G don't disappoint. The clan (minus NK and Lakshmi) troops in to see Mr and Mrs. Arnav Singh Raizada committing grave and inhumane acts that go against all norms of civilized behavior. 

Wait, what?

He was just trying to kiss his wife??? Shocked

Then why did everyone look like there was a human sacrifice laid out at the Devil's altar, soon to be followed by cannibalism? Angry Angry Angry

Khushi-ji is desperately trying to make the roses disappear under the combined wrath of the Raizada moral police. Arnav-ji  is a little slower at reading the undercurrents (or just doesn't give a damn) and tells her to CHILL. 

Arnav bitwa - she's so chilled she's practically frozen (with fear of offending your dear Di and her enablers).  Ouch

4. Payash/Satyanash - Jiji is desperately trying to feed Jijaji so he stops being so cranky. But Jijaji is having none of it - he's throwing a temper tantrum and doesn't want it cut short by anything as pesky and reasonable as LOGIC.  D'oh

They say logic doesn't work with the really young and the mentally challenged - which is why most Mom's tend to fall back on "Because I said so!" 

Saasuma obviously believes Akash bitwa falls into one of these categories, as she swoops in and carts the bearded baby off for a late night bottle feeding and diaper change.


Ms J!!! How I have missed your Take 5 (wipes tears)  Apni krupa humpar aise hi banaaye rakhiye.  

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.Mandy. Channel Moderator

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 6:00pm | IP Logged
Sari, beautiful post!!! I was shocked to see ASR have rose petals awaiting his lady love, its kind of like in her dream only these weren't falling from the sky - it was better. This is what Khushi loves when he does something from the heart, the little things that make her smile. I would have liked had the CVs shown Khushi putting up more of a fight especially knowing he cheated but no it had to be rushed, I'll take what was shown as those five minutes were heavenly!! These two continue to prove that even in the little screentime they have together they can leave a great impact.
Onto the family's reaction. I get why Anjali thought he lied, this is not like the birthday scene in which they were in their room behind closed doors, this time around it was in the living room complete with rose petals. I don't fault her for MU him or for being upset that he is romancing his wife who she blames for kicking her husband out, that is what we should've seen but it turned it into something completely different. Anjali instead came off incredibly selfish and manipulative, what is with the sinc you've been married you've changed dialogue? This coming from a supporter of Khushi and Arnav, who up until Shyam's reveal loved Khushi as her own?? Very poorly written and executed scene and like you I cannot wait for Shyam's comeback. Until then though, Arnav has nothing to feel guilty about when it comes to Anjali if he wants to feel guilty then think of everything he put Khushi through and what she continues to go through. The poor girl was insulted again in front his eyes, she has to run to her room whenever Anjali is near as if she is a prisoner. He needs to fight for Khushi who has put her trust in him once again.

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sbk2 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 17 August 2011
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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 6:04pm | IP Logged
Awesome post Sari! 

Jamba!!! You're back with your Take 5...Yippee! 

Sri, Mandy...lovely posts...

I watched only the Arhi scenes...and skipped the Raizada Horror Show completely.

What a way to end the week!

All this while I was ignoring Anjali..but now she's becoming a serious pain in the neck...and I have no sympathy for is hard to believe this is the same sister who told her brother to live every moment of his life, never let people he loves go away, no matter what the circumstance..."jo dil mein hai, keh do"..etc etc...

This woman is no delusional woman...this one is a selfish, self absorbed manipulative woman who cares about her own rosy world...

I have read several posts defending Anjali that her world is shattered, no one told her the whole truth, yada yada yada...but my point is that how can a sister who day and night worried about her Chhotey finding happiness in life now take offense to him being happy?

This to me is not a shattered depressed woman...she is a selfish woman...who was sweet and caring as long as her world was intact..the moment her world crashed, she wanted everyone to wallow in grief and stop living their lives and pander to her needy and clingy self...

I was stunned when I read the written updates...I mean, this is Arnav's home and he was romancing his wife...if anything, the Raizadas should have felt embarrassed and walked away without uttering a word...but instead they stand there and pass judgement on the man of the house and his wife?!

The whole scene seems horribly inappropriate to was weird!

This is a grown up married man..and his gross is it that the other family members are judging them just because they were romancing?

I was hoping on Monday Arnav will clarify and tell that clingy self absorbed woman the whole truth...about KHushi's sacrifices, about how he went through hell and put her through hell so that this crazy woman could live happily in her make believe world of happiness...
If Anjali survived her husband getting kicked out of her life, surely she can survive the entire truth behind it all? Why on earth can't Arnav tell her and the remaining family the entire truth? What are they trying to protect? What ghar ki shanti?

But this is IPK...good deeds never come to light...good people keep suffering and getting berated...

My only hope...Arnav should defend Khushi from now on... I would love to see him firmly tell Anjali that he loves Khushi..and he is still the same brother to her...its her circumstances that have changed...not him.

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ipkbs IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 13 April 2012
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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 6:05pm | IP Logged
Beautiful Post as usual Sari. ASR is indeed selfish, he will not let himself lose anything. because from day one he has proved that he does not lose. I doubt her will start now.

Jamba, i never used to understand snark. I'm a simple brain. 
 but after reading yours today, i missed it soo much!! Welcome back. It helped calm me down since i saw the episode.

Savvy - It is indeed Arnies Agnipariksha. He's being torn into two over the women he loves.

Mandy - Arnav will not let Khushi be walked over now. He will explain to Di.  After all the pains he went through this week to make up to her. He will not lose her again.

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LadyLaLa IF-Rockerz

Joined: 16 August 2011
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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 6:09pm | IP Logged
Hi Sari,  an interesting post indeed... loved reading it and loved your sense of humour Clap

I am  amused to see how much we and Anjali want Shyam to return... LOL   Do you truly think  Anjali would behave differently if and when Shyam returns? I have my doubts... Anjali will still continue to mope and pout and this time,  Shyam would be at the receiving end too... this lady has lost her marbles... her behaviour baffles me..

Today I found Anjali vying for ASR's affection... she  was also resenting Khushi's presence in his life... why else would she cry and shun ASR away? when she found ASR had returned home to spend some private moments with his wife, she assumed he had lied... even if he had what's wrong in it... this action according to her  means, he has drifted away from her and is now a changed man ... that sounded a bit illogical to me... what was she expecting.? A man's relationship with his family is bound to change when he marries... he has to share his time with his wife too... Why can't Anjali understand this? Didn't she do the same when she got married? Did ASR or Shyam ever complain about her not spending enough time with them?

Who was the winner of the game? You are absolutely right... Khushi is indeed the winner .. the ASR who did not want to see the very sight of Khushi, the ASR who found her classless and cheep,  the same ASR is now desperate to make her his wife...  he  wants her to love him, like she would love her husband and accept him... tables have truly turned... and what a victory for Khushi... I bet Khushi fails to see it this way... in her mind she will be smarting that he had won her through deceit... she will be waiting to pounce back... knowing Khushi we can expect more arguments and resistance next week... So I am eagerly awaiting to see a feisty Khushi...

I too am glad that Payal finally found her was about time she gave a piece of her mind to Akash... I wish she had done the same to Maami... Maami who cannot cook to save her life goes preaching and bad mouthing her Daughters in law... high time one of them told her to get a reality check... that will shut her up well and good...

I am also wondering about the silent caller... could it be Shyam... ? is he trying to find his way back into the household?...

Finally, if Shyam had succeeded in planing the seed of hatred in the hearts of Raizada family, Anjali is not making it any better ... she is accentuating it... ... soon all the members will will be divided... ASR cannot bear to think of alienating his Di thus he wil;l be forced to stay away from Khushi ... this  will make it only easier for Khushi to part ways when the contract ends... This is why the PH house is treating us to these contrived romantic moments... they feel this will help the TRPs and once we are hooked, they will commence their second separation track... 

On the other hand Payal & Akash too are heading for a separation... we will then see Anjali controlling thee heart strings of the Raizada boys.. LOL  I find the situation very hilarious... is this for real.. ?  could an entire family dance to the tune of a daughter who is not only depressed but illogical too... ?

Well, if   SHyam is the only  cure for Anji's illusions and obsessions, then, so be it... it will be fun to see how ASR will take it thereafter... there will be a full blown war in the Raizada household... LOL Shyam & Anjali pitted against KHushi, Payal & Arnav with the rest acting as mere spectators and stoking the fire...  Lets have a free for all ...LOL

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ipkbs IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 6:10pm | IP Logged
Yes Veeps Long live Dhaiyya Ho! Bring it back asap!

Meens - Amen for the promo. Agree though, Why should Khushi leave. Its her house, the rest are passengers.

Israt/Sush -  he need to just stop with the kissywa's. its not going to get completed ever.

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