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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Spice Girls Hangout: Sharthwa ve on pg103

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 5:18pm | IP Logged

"Jis din mere baahon mein daudti huye chali aaugi, mujhe apna pati maanlogi..abhi tumne wohi kiya hai KKGSR...I won't mind agar tum mujhe apna pati maanlo tho..."

Like I expected the romance was indeed short lived; we got what we wanted but way too soon... Oh well, today I have issues with Khushi but in a good way, why did she give in so soon? I should be happy my losing streak in the sharth finally ended but I am not! I wanted KKG to put up a good fight so we could see how wicked the mighty ASR would get in love and to have his way...Would have been a treat to watch... But it wasn't meant to be, CV's know how to ruin a good thing.

However I am happy the story moved significantly; I need my man Shyamu back! Sorry Shyamu haters but this is really about me, not Arnav or Anjali.  For a pleasant viewing experience, I need this girl Anji off my back & if it means I need to see Shyamu's evil face, so be it! Sometimes you need to make tough choices and I stick by mine. I can take plain evil, it is black and white. What I can't take is emotional blackmailing; like Arnav and Anji I will blame this one on my past. Yes, it is always mom's fault. Emotional blackmail is what Anjali excels in, a gullible Chote her favorite target! For Anjali it has always been me myself and I...

Onto the episode - Khushi was fighting a losing battle... She was deeply in love, a hubby who is too hot to handle and she can't handle the dark at all...With so many odds working against her, winning was wishful thinking...ASR proved once again, he was there in to win. Khushi who always stood up to him, now didn't have the heart to fight this one. She didn't cry foul...Embarrassed

But I think she proved she is the smarter of the 2...Maybe this was her way to get him to commit...Yes, I declare KKG as the winner here...The mighty ASR who had a commitment phobia tricked her to own up; he was more eager to be her husband...

Who here thought he would have laid a bed of rose petals for his lady love? Are you now convinced KKG didn't really lose this one?Wink

The hug was beautifully done...He knew she was going to glide into his open arms...He waited expectantly...At that moment, it wasn't about the sharth, he was simply giving into the embrace, sheer joy of just of holding his wife in his arms. A few hours earlier she had accused him of hurting her
"aap se chot khane ki aadat hai hume..." but now she felt safe in his arms, he was her protector. 

When she realizes this was his plan, she feels cheated, she pushes him away but he forcefully embraces as if assuring her, it wasn't about winning. There was a bigger purpose; he wanted to be her husband, "I won't mind..."WinkShe quietly succumbs and hugs him back...It was like she always belonged there...This was her rightful place, in his arms...This time she didn't mind, she let him win...Deep down she knew she was a winner too, she finally found love and that is all that mattered...

Claiming the winning trophy? Not quite...Arghh...Angry

Finally the elder Gupta sister spoke up, in defense of her and her sisterClap If it were not for Khushi, the truth would never come out.

Me myself and I...

Should I even go there? Should I blame mamiji for stirring up the pot? But she is known to do that...Would you believe your bro over mamiji who always has been tattler? I really don't have an Anji defense...the list has grown, chote cannot celebrate his wife's b'day in the privacy of his room...chote's wife cannot move around in his home freely..., chote's wife cannot accompany the rest of the family for an outing... chote cannot buy his wife a gift...chote can't even spend time with his wife in his own home...Chote cannot come home if his meeting got postponed...chote needs to put his sister on a pedestal, all else is secondary...maybe next thing we know, chote needs to leave his own home so Di can be happy...Ouch

Waqt badal gaya he chote, tum badal gaye ho...tumhe pyaar ho gaya hai...jab tumhari shaadi hogayi tabi se sab badal gaya...jab se tumne humhare sawalon ka jawab dena choda hai tabi se sab badal gaya...

She had made up her mind, Chote had lied and Chote has changed... Enough said, I am on a "get Shyamu back" mission tonight... Anji can live her fantasy while Shyamu drools over other women... I liked the episode; very soon it is decision time for ASR. Will he choose Anjali's happiness over his own? My piece of  advice to ASR, pls don't do a KKG on us...Selfish is good...Wink

Side Note: Who am I kidding? Yipee, I won the sharth...Dancing

Pics:Komal, ipkbs,Sunshine80


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So SG's did you all crash land back to reality?  Romance time over and drama has started!! Wink

ASR decides to  get his wife running into his arms by hook or crook and he achieves that. Khushi on realizing, protests but ultimately her resolve crumbles and she hugs him back, finally back in the arms of her husband happy and peaceful. I for one thought some more tug of war will happen, more of the promo will play out, did not expect such a quick turnaround. Somehow I feel she will wiggle  her way out on Monday and refuse to accept him as her husband.

Loved the title track play out, we were all wondering when Delhi mein Bali happened if this song would ever be a BG song during their happy moments and today it was.So fourth kisswa ve  again interrupted ...but who is counting Angry, with entire clan walking in!! Khushi's nervous clearing of the petals around her feet and Arnav's confident "relax" was amazingly true to their characters and very well done.

Arnav's agni pariksha has started as Anjali thinks he lied to her. In her state of mind, she is unable to think coherently, grabs on to Arnav's lying to justify her  abandonment issues. She does not know the circumstances of their marriage and the fact that  it is only now Arnav and Khushi are taking their first steps together as husband and wife. The shot of  Khushi and Anjali walking in opposite directions with Arnav in the middle, explains perfectly Arnav's upcoming turmoil.


Brother and sister have the beginning of a heart to heart conversation where she expresses her fears of being left alone "Time has changed, you have changed, you have fallen in stopped replying to my  questions". This conversation is far from over and Arnav will now get an idea of Anjali's state of  mind. How is he going to help her embrace reality?

Payal redeemed herself by standing up to Aakash and asking him the right questions as to what she can do when she is on the outside. She can only make sure that people who take care of Anjali are  cared for!!Clap

A couple of observations which I am sure the CV's know by now:

* Anjali is pregnant, she is not suffering from a  debilitating disease that should make her faint or swoon once every 5 min she is on screen. You are not getting any character sympathy by portraying Anjali like this. If she is distant, forlorn, sad, angry yes.. but not if she faints every time.

* Khushi was not back in the screen after the first 8 minutes which is OK because pacifying Anjali is now Arnav's job. But Arnav and Khushi are your USP's, please do not compromise on Arnav-Khushi screen time particularly when the audience has really been looking forward to this track for a long time - after a dearth of 40 days. 8-10 min of Arhi interaction (be it fighting, talking, sadness and of course romance will be most welcome Wink) and the  remaining to others would probably satisfy quite a wide range of audience.

Latest and the greatest Sharthing details (Organizer - our chief bettor - Docgirl)
The most important business first 
Sharthwa Ve: Hum Aapke Hain Kaun (HAHK!) 

Congratulations and well done  Team Pati . The most swiftly resolved Sharth so far! Party Dancing

 Vee, Ratna, Ippy, Sci-Payal, Maggie, Mandy, Israt, Hriju, Radss, Astra,Shwetz, Ash, Sari, Moxie, Meens

Team Patni: Docgirl, veeps, Howcome, savvy, Joey, Mona Darrling, Bobop, Payal, Biraj, Cicilia, Sahana, chini_chokri, chip

Jurmana (ONLY IF YOU WANT TO!): Justify any one paagal action or quality of ASR's/ Arnav's  that seems near indefensible to you. 

Docgirl's Jurmana: Khushi's pati has done so many pagal indefensible things, I don't know where to start, but I'll defend (despite it goes against every grain in my body, but a sharth is a sharth! Wink) the pagal premi's bruising wala love(credit:Rag1ni), because as much as I hate it, today's mushy, gooey Arnavji ko kissy (pun intended!) bhi tarah bhagaya jaaye. Tongue Really dude --- a carpet of red rose petals in the living room, doe eyes and love face and ANOTHER almost kiss! blech!!! Disapprove

Savvy: My jurmana - I hated it when he called her characterless, but he did a tiny bit of redemption ( say 1%) when he said he trusted Khushi after ousting Shyam (knowing the entire truth only a few minutes before)

Monalisa's Jurmana: I hated that he bonked her on the head with the danda, but practically speaking, there was no other way to keep them both from being napped or killed.  

Hocome's Jurmana : Pagal Pati's violent streak even when he is complete romantics is scary. when he was full on romancing in the hut scene, with one log he knocked her out. But he is on the way of redemption of at least saying - lagi kya????


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Rabba Ve SG's!!! 

Feels so good to be dashing off a quick Take 5 again - the snark muscles were atrophying due to lack of use!!! For those of you wallowing in SKD yesterday - today was a timely reminder from G&G that they are the masters to our Pavlovian dogs. 

Heel, Buster!! If you want a cookie as a reward, you HAVE to walk 2 steps behind me and NEVER strain at the leash. Capisce? Angry Angry Angry

Today's Take 5 posted from the giant doghouse that the viewers have been banished to - waiting for their masters to forgive them and throw some Arhi breadcrumbs on Monday. Confused

1. Kobe Bryant? No - its just Khushi-ji, the newest NBA recruit. No wonder Khushi-ji doesn't  think of Arnav-ji as her pati - he's actually just a basketball net.  D'ohShe's even getting really good at the leap shot, except in this case, instead of smashing a ball into a hoop, she leaps up and throws her arms around Arnav-ji's neck. 

Turns out there was nothing to be afraid of - he's just been messing with her head. The lights come back on to reveal a carpet of petals that wasn't there 30 freaking seconds ago, and she realizes he was behind the scare that cost her a few hundred strands of hair from the Gangotri. Any normal pati would be in deep doodoo at this point, but who ever accused Arhi of being normal?

"You did say that the next time you landed on me like a homing pigeon coming in to roost, you'd accept me as your lord and master!" Arnav-ji loses no time reminding her of the bet. But then, Arnav-ji never loses time to do ANYTHING, except when its time to actually kiss his girl. For that - he waits for the Second Coming of Christ, or the inevitable interruption... Confused

2. ...and G&G don't disappoint. The clan (minus NK and Lakshmi) troops in to see Mr and Mrs. Arnav Singh Raizada committing grave and inhumane acts that go against all norms of civilized behavior. 

Wait, what?

He was just trying to kiss his wife??? Shocked

Then why did everyone look like there was a human sacrifice laid out at the Devil's altar, soon to be followed by cannibalism? Angry Angry Angry

Khushi-ji is desperately trying to make the roses disappear under the combined wrath of the Raizada moral police. Arnav-ji  is a little slower at reading the undercurrents (or just doesn't give a damn) and tells her to CHILL. 

Arnav bitwa - she's so chilled she's practically frozen (for fear of offending your dear Di and her enablers).  Ouch

3. Chotey - your wife's Pinocchio habits are rubbing off on you. Di is pissed off, and showing it. "He didn't want to spend time with  his ever lovin' Di - he just wanted to hang with Khushi-ji." Sniff. Wipe. Sniff.

Di, my dear - even Lakshmiji made that choice ages ago - do you really blame Chotey for it? How about NK, Nani, and even your woh - they ALL prefer to be with her!

"Chotey - leave me alone. I don't want to pop any pills." And here I completely sympathize with dear Di. She's constantly being medicated like a guinea pig at a pharmaceutical lab. Methinks they just want her to stay drugged and woozy so she doesn't interfere with their routines. 

4. Payash/Satyanash - Jiji is desperately trying to feed Jijaji so he stops being so cranky. But Jijaji is having none of it - he's throwing a temper tantrum and doesn't want it cut short by anything as pesky and reasonable as LOGIC.  D'oh

They say logic doesn't work with the really young and the mentally challenged - which is why most Mom's tend to fall back on "Because I said so!" 

Saasuma obviously believes Akash bitwa falls into one of these categories, as she swoops in and carts the bearded baby off for a late night bottle feeding and diaper change.

5. Hellooo? Anyone there? Mysterious caller cold calling Dear Di. Consensus is that it is the Hulk - but I'm hoping its a tall, dark, handome, absurdly rich and absurdly arrogant stranger who saw Di across a crowded hall and fell madly in love with her. 

Di, of course HATES him on sight, and we now have Nafrat pass and Mohabbat Door part Deux, and dear old DB doesn't even get hate mail for this track!

CV's - anyone listening? No? Didn't think so.  Confused After all, this sobfest is so much more appealing as a track, isn't it? Cherry on the cake - you get to stick it to those crazy fans who make your life hell on Twitter!

And so - another week passes in the nuthouse that is Raizada mansion. 

The SKD that all the SG's were on yesterday has sprung a gigantic leak and sent everyone crashing back to earth. There are promises and sworn oaths to keep expectations low, never look at spoilers and never ever click on any SBS/SBB/BBS/BBB links. 

This delusion of being in control lasts until the next post with the word "spoiler" crops up at the hangout, and all good intentions fly out the window like Mamiji's memories of the kidnap track.

And the next person who says Front Front See Bhat Bhat Happens is going to get their nose caved in with my compliments. Just sayin'.

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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Before anyone asks my DP is for Anjali!!! Out n about be back Talli n blackboard in hand in a while...and hopefully less pissed off! Tongue

Today we do this in reverse ok?

Song of the evening of the best love song's ever made...Day Dreaming Arnav and Khushi were fabulous today and the first 7.5 minutes is all I cared for today. Team Pati won this bet but Team Patni will win next week and all bet's are off after this because Gul's Googly is in Action. The hug, the emotions, the love, the care, the win and the loss was all forgotten between them tonight...tonight was about being together ...being one and being in was about forgiving and accepting...about forgetting and living and looking forward to the future...together as Mr. and Mrs. Raizada. Blushing

Lag Ja Gale Ki Phir
ye Hasin Raat Ho Na Ho
shayad Phir Is Janam Mein
mulakat Ho Na Ho
lag Jaa Gale Se ...

hum Ko Mili Hai Aaj
ye Ghadiya Naseeb Se
je Bhar Ke Dekh Leejiye
hamako Kareeb Se
phir Apke Naseeb Mein
ye Raat Ho Na Ho
phir Is Janaam Mein
mulakaat Ho Na Ho

lag Ja Gale Ki Phir
ye Hasin Raat Ho Na Ho??

pas Aiye Ki Ham Nahin
ayenge Baar Baar
bahen Gale Mein Daal Ke
ham Ro Le Zaar-Zaar
ankhoon Se Phir Ye
pyaar Ki Barsaat Ho Na Ho
shayad Phir Is Janam Mein
mulakat Ho Na Ho

lag Ja Gale Ki Phir
ye Hasin Raat Ho Na Ho
shayad Phir Is Janam Mein
mulakat Ho Na Ho
lag Jaa Gale ...

-Then the entire Mental clan walks in in shock and horror...
-Nani defends it...
-Di ki Nautanki begins...Betrayed Di...
-Akash Payal have their moments...
-Payal lashes out...
-Manorama acts like a POS in my opinion...
-Di get's blank call...
-Oh Shyam where are Thy?????Confused

Questions for the group and food for thought...

-Where did NK go?
-Why dont these people close their doors and lock it with like nails ???
-Why does Anjali need to be such a damn drama queen? She looks like someone dragged her by the hair...across the green carpet lan of Shantivan and then threw her into the front seat and was taking her to the Satsang at gunpoint!
-BTW GOD ALSO HELPS THOSE THAT HELP THEMSELVES!!! Anjali are you listening? No Mandiring and Satsanging is gonna do you any's still not late...wake up...TICK TOCK TICK TOCK!!!! 

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.Mandy. Channel Moderator

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What an episode to bring down the high we were on after the previous. We got the scene we eagerly waited for with Khushi accepting Arnav as her husband, was there any doubt?? We learn he did all this knowing she would run into his arms and I found this hug to be better than their first, you could just feel the love. Khushi really did find solace in his arms and was unable to distance herself anymore. I expected more of a fight from her side but sadly the CVs decided to rush a beautiful scene to pave way for drama and I have to ask why? Why couldn't the first half be romance between the lead couple? Why did it have to come to a crashing end when the predicted interruption happened? Here is where this episode lacked the balance it had in the previous.

So the lovebirds get caught but does Arnav shy away? Nope just the opposite. Arnav continues to play it cool not caring that his family has caught him romancing his wife but for Khushi its a different story and rightfully so. Arnav continues to see how his family treats Khushi with such disrespect, she continues to be the scapegoat and quietly goes off to her room not to be seen again for the rest of the episode.

Scenes then shifts to Anjali not listening to Arnav's explaination, in her POV it did look planned and given the fact she blames Khushi for Shyam being thrown out I can see the upset. Sadly, the scenes that followed did not give that justification and many were once again left feeling anything but sympathetic towards Anjali. Before Shyam's reveal, Anjali was a strong supporter of Khushi and Arnav and adored Khushi, so why now would it be written as if she had a problem from day one?? Why not show Anjali's real reasons for being angry instead of writing her so inconsistent??? Why are we getting another Bubbly in the making?? It seems the timing couldn't have been more perfect to bring back Shyam, as this track is backfiring big time and is doing more harm than good.

Payal found her voice today and I couldn't be happier to see her speak up for herself. It is about time she was shown having enough of Akash's treatment towards her, she's done everything possible in hopes he would give her a chance but no he continues to treat her like dirt and have his mother insult her. Payal was wrong to hide the truth but he has taken things too far in his treatment of her. If Payal walks out, she would be justfied in doing so

I'm interested in seeing what happens on Monday, I want Arnav to defend his love to Anjali and try to make her see who is the real culprit here. They need to stop shielding her, she is not that fragile infact right now she is anything but that as I see her manipulating things to get what she wants, she knows how to play on ones emotions. After that what I'm really interested in is how Arnav interacts with Khushi, I don't think he'll be making the same mistake he did before by lashing out at her instead he may hide the truth fearing she'll walk out on him for good. I just don't see Arnav letting Khushi go, no matter what. He just fought to win her back, vowed to make her his forever and admitted to being unable to live without her.

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Great post Sari, and I'm with you on the "Bring Shyamji back" aandolan.  Enough is enough, CVs, he's the only one who can untangle this mess now.  

- Whatay beautiful hug it was, Khushiji continues to impress with her running and leaping prowess.  Arnav bitwa, kya baat hai, yeh to major progress ho gaya.  The first time she hugged you, all you could do was imitate a freeze-frame robot with your arms in mid-air.  The second time,  it took you a couple of seconds to recover after she hurtled herself at you at Rocky's adda.   The next time, you thought she wanted a lullaby and you carried her off to bed, and rocked her to sleep D'oh
This time, you were actually prepared and managed to get those arms around her with perfect timing. We are so proud.  But wait, it gets better.  You even pulled her back into your arms to nip that ramanchi-tirade right in the bud.  Way to go, dude!  

- The satyanash of the day has to be the Raizada clan walking in on the scion of the family and his legally wedded wife and behaving as if they had just interrupted a freaking mujra.  For eff's sake, not one of the lot had the grace to even look embarrassed, let alone happy. Angry

-  Anjali, the "benefit of the doubt" you asked for and we sullenly provided actually came with an expiry date and lady, your time just ran out.  The valid questions she could have asked her brother turned into a W*F moment when it descended into Chhote changing since he fell in love and stopped answering questions.  

-Aakash, please pack your bags.  AR Timbuktu awaits you.  Get off my screen. 

 Khushi bending down to pick up the rose petal at patidev's feet :  symbolic acceptance?  
But wait, she hasn't said the words yet, Front front see bhat bhat happens.  Big smile

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Mona Darrrling - I might be traveling in the logic boatwa for tonight; will need you to punch a hole in it so I can swim ashore to reality marred with the idiosyncrasies of a daily soap.

First things first:
1. Raizadas were born to serve two purposes: cock-blockers and misunderstand-ers. They are finally getting a doze of their own medicine. As if misunderstanding other people wasn't enough, now they have to royally misunderstand each other. Forget IPKKND, Didi ki Saut (technically it is biwi ki saut), just call it Misunderstanding Ka Naam Zindagi!

2. Aakash - tone done on the concealer man! Vampire alert!

Following Rag1ni's advice, I am going to start with the Anji drama and then save the best for last.

I was not expecting romance at all so I was fine with that. But whatever came after the first 7min 10 sec was just downright confusing.

Anjali - An out and out vamp Anjali? Seriously CVs? You are willing to take that risk considering that you JUST got your show back on track?
An invisibly pregnant, constantly on the verge of passing out, woman somehow finds the guts and energy to face the 'betrayal' of her brother, give him a cold shoulder, tears and walk up to her room all by herself. It is as if her brother's incomplete attempt at morance gave her the necessary electrolytes that have been missing all her life. Like ASR, I was a deer-caught-in-headlight, W*F just happened? For the sake of the argument, I will give Anji a benefit of the doubt and look at the situation objectively. Your world is shattered, your husband was kicked out by your brother yet you have not asked him once, why? Your silence makes me think that somewhere you accepted your brother's decision regardless of its validity (right or wrong). Ok, what made you accept his decision? Is it your bro-sis bond which comes with the pledge of unconditional support for each other, no questions asked. Is it? Ok, fine. If it is, than you think you kept your end of the bargain by not questioning his decision but he is not keeping his by sticking with his wife. Does the pledge come with a fine print that in the event your brother gets kidnapped, you should relinquish all support and not even ask him what the hell happened? Ok fine, you were mentally unstable, it didn't even occur to you. How about this, weren't you the one trying to setup your brother with the same chick who is his wife now? So at some point you knew and were fine with the idea that the bro-sis bond will not be affected by the addition of other people in your lives. Heck! you must have thought that when you got married, no? Also,  weren't you ready to move in to your home with your husband? You must have thought that the bro-sis bond will be fine if you were to really start your life on your own? no?

That ladies is the crux of the issue. What you are seeing is a MIL disguised in a SIL, perhaps to please SP. GH had already said that IPK was a StarOne type show and not necessarily meant for SP. I can play the devil's advocate and make a case for depression but somethings just don't fit right. If her husband and her brother were her world, than why is she not trying to contact her husband? Why isn't she going completely mental on everyone? CVs have completely lost their thought on this. They might have started out with the depression, but it is no longer valid. I don't know what she thinks about her husband and she doesn't think her brother could do wrong either. Even today, she is seeing one thing but believing another. She feels betrayed but is she upset at the betrayal or the possible reason behind it? This is what she said to chote:

"tum badal gaye ho jub say tumhari shaadi hui hai". Notice she doesn't say "jub say tum nay shaadi ki hai" implying he didn't necessarily take the decision but it somehow happened, hence the blame lies with someone else.

ASR - He is ASR. He doesn't justify his actions to anyone. Should he have been more concerned and kept the romance inside his room? Perhaps but that is not his character. He might have thought that no one is going to be home so soon, but even with that his actions are justified because that's who ASR is. He doesn't see anything wrong with what he does UNLESS someone points it out to him. So after the blame game with Anjali, he should be careful about him and Khushi in front of everyone. If he still goes on with the Romeo act in public, than you can say he is being insensitive. He was completely in character.
Points to ponder:

1. CVs are taking a huge risk with two saas bahu tracks at the same time. Mami-PayAsh is typical kitchen politics. Add Anji-ArHi to the mix and the broth is becoming bitterly salty.
2. ASR telling the truth to Anji will bring out the 6 month contract. What good would it do? Especially from ArHi's perspective, their relationship has just started, to bring a stigma of the contract will hurt Khushi more than anything. Plus it will not give Anji the desired satisfaction because we still don't know if she believes her husband is guilty or not. If this happens? what happens to Khushi? What's her role in all of this?
3. Shyam needs to enter soon. A story can have only one main antagonist. Other characters can turn shades of grey but there can only be one main villain.
4. CVs pay attention to dialogues. Here is what Anji said:
Hum kuch sunna nahi chahtay
Hum kuch samajhna nahi chahtay

(2 seconds later)
Hum sub samajhnay lagay hain

huh? Contradiction much?

THE HUG + BONUS HUG - Love in the time of cholera anyone? Ramanchi hi sahi per hug to mili. What I would like to see next is for the two of them to have a talk. I have the perfect screenplay and dialogues in my head but will spare you all the details unless someone specifically asks me. After the episode, I kept thinking about Khushi's monologue - her realization:
"Kuch rishtay ajeeb hotay hain...nafrat kay saaye main panaptey hain" that line goes far beyond their own so-called nafrat. I would really like to see their relationship stand the test of time, turmoil and the family drama. They both can't live without each other and can't live without their families either, so sacrificing either one doesn't constitute living. Balancing both moves you ahead and hopefully in the right direction. Although being a little selfish always helps!

bohat koshish ki tum say dur jaanay ki
per dil ki tamanna thi tum say haar janay ki
bohat socha kay tum ko na dekhain
tumhe na sunain aur na hi sochain
laikin aankhon per umeed ka pehra hai
dil bus ussi pal main thehra hai
jab tum pukaro gai mujhe
kay daudi chali aao meray pass
mita do faslay, ranjishain
bana do lamhon ko kuch khaas
per aatay huay darti hoon
sambhalti hoon aur phir girti hoon
tum tak ka faasla bohat kat-hin hai
aik ajeeb uljhan hur din hai

kiyon darti ho, jub main hoon
jo tha, jo hoon, tum say hoon
main nay haath badhaya hai
socho nahi aur thaam lo
tum haar kay bhi jeet gai
yeh jaan lo aur maan lo
mujh tak ka fasla meelon ka nahi
palon ka hai
woh pal jo jald hi guzar jayen gai
aur phir hum aur tum thehar jayen gai
us pal main, jub tum meray pass hogi
aur kuch nahi, zindagi khaas hogi

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