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-Life and it's ways- FF - Chapter 28 (pg 49) (Page 6)

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Here it is!
They kept Manyatha over night at the hospital, Manyatga had been having breathing problems all night. Jai had decided to stay with her through the whole thing. That morning they let her go, she stepped out of the hospital wearing a plain pale yellow salwar suit, it seemed to match her mood. "JIJI!" Jai squealed,throwing her arms around Manyatha. "Jai If I wasn't your sister I'd probably think that you were born on a pig farm" Manyatha smiled. "Why?!" Jai pouted. "Because you squeal ALL the time" Manyatha burst out laughing, and immediately regretted it, her throat started to cramp, she made a face and rubbed her throat. "Jiji the RCMP officers need to ask you some questions" Jai explained in the car. Manyatha sighed, how could she answer anything if she didn't know what happened."Jai what exactly happened yesterday?" asked Manyatha. Jai started the ignition and slowly began to drive, the time it took to reach the house Jai had explained everything in perfect detail. Manyatha was surprised that it was Uday that had saved her, she had always been so rude to him, but then again he was probably just trying to be the "hero" in front of everybody. They reached home, there were two police cars on the driveway. As soon as she stepped out of the car, the officers started firing questions at her. Manyatha didn't get worked up, she had plenty of experience from the media. "So do you know who it is?" they asked. "No" she replied. The officer scribbled something onto his clipboard. "Are you a Canadian citizen?" he asked again. She shook her head, "I'm from India, I just came to visit my cousin". " when will you be going back?" asked the officer. "Three days from now", Manyatha scowled, Uday strode up and stood beside her. He easily answered all the questions. "Well, we will be sending the report to the Indian Police Force, after that it's not our problem" explained the officer before leaving. All three nodded, "Yes sir". "Jai, I knew princesses were stuck up, but ungrateful too?" Uday spoke up after the police left. Manyatha rolled her eyes and started to walk away, "Uday you know Manyatha Jiji, once she doesn't like somebody everything they do is bad" Jai sighed. Manyatha turned around, "Jai! You're MY sister and your taking HIS side!" Manyatha shouted pointing at Uday. Jai shook her head, "No Jiji, he saved your life and I agree with him, a simple 'thanks' isn't going to cut it". Manyatha let out a frustrated sigh, "What do you want Udayveer?". Uday feigned shock, "Is the Great Manyatha asking me what I want?! Oh I am soo fortunate!". Manyatha sent him a glare which he volleyed with a smirk. Jai tugged on Manyathas arm, "Come on Jiji, they're going to start breakfast soon". Manyatha broke away from the staring/glaring contest and walked with Jai. Uday caught up with them, Manyatha looked over and noticed him going through his messages on his phone, she notice a contact that said "GF". "Girlfriend" she muttered. A little light bulb went off in her head. Uday looked over at her, "What?" he asked. "Oh nothing" Manyatha replied grinning.
"Yep" she replied still grinning.
"You sure?"
"100%" she shouted grabbing his phone and running for her life. "MANYATHA!" shouted Uday. "JIJI!" Jai groaned.
"DON'T SLIP I JUST GOT THE FLOOR CLEAN" screamed Vijay who had popped out of nowhere. Manyatha turned around and saw Uday gaining. She sped up and ran up the stairs which was risky as it would slow her down. "Really Manyatha! I didn't know you were so childish" Uday laughed behind her. She reached the top of the stairs and looked down Uday was nowhere to be seen. "Strange.." she thought. "Boo!" he shouted in her ear. Manyatha screamed and started to run, Uday grabbed her hand and pulled her back. She slammed into him and made them fall. Both of them were still panting from the run, "Devious little princess aren't you" he chuckled wrapping his arms around her. Manyatha pulled away and stood up, offering Uday a hand. He reached up and Manyatha pulled it back, "PHYSIKE!" she giggled pivoting and running away. She glanced over her shoulder, Uday was dangerously close. In front of her she saw a washroom, "Perfect" she ran in and locked the door. Uday stopped outside her door, "Come out Manyatha! We're Rajwade, we don't hide we stand and fight" he shouted. Manyatha was scrolling through his messages, she found the "GF" and sent her a message that said, "I hate you, I never loved you, it's over", then she deleted her.

Uday watched the washroom door open slowly and Manyatha walk out with a sly grin. She handed him the phone, "I deleted your girlfriend and told her its over". Uday stiffened, even though he was one of the most eligible bachelors in the world he didn't have any girlfriends. "First off Manyatha, don't ever become evil, you're terrible at keeping your plans to yourself" he sighed. "Second, someone's jealous" he winked, Manyatha laughed, "Me? PUH-LEEZ". "And finally Third...THAT WAS MY DAD! GIRIRAJ FATHER!" for the first time Manyatha had seen him angry. He walked away typing furiously on the blackberry keyboard. "Wow Manyatha Bhai, it takes forever to get Uday Banna angry, but you did it in a few minutes" Vijay muttered walking up to her. "Yea Jiji, I think you should apologize" Jai said standing beside Vijay. Manyatha shook her head, "He's a prince! He'll get over it".

Giriraj had been furious, "You're letting the girl get out of your hands, Udayveer! Get your act together! If you play your cards right we'll have two riyasats under our reign!" Giriraj had explained. Uday lay on his bed, he had a major headache, and the screaming and shouting from the room over wasn't helping. He rolled off of the bed and walked over to Jais room. He knocked on the door angrily, no answer. The screaming and shouting continued. He knocked harder, nothing. He finally threw open the door and shouted, "ENOUGH!".

Manyatha froze, she was wearing her green lace pajamas. There were feathers stuck to her hair, the room was a mess and Jai was buried under a stack of ripped and unripped pillows, with Vijay sitting on her. Uday glared at them, "I have a headache! If I hear one more scream I'm going to loose it!". Manyatha smirked, "What happened to the 'calm and cool' Yuvraj Udayveer Singh?". Uday ignored her and walked away. Manyatha felt a pang in her heart, he ignored her?! Well two can play at this game, she thought.

The next morning Vijays parents had decided to take them to the beach. Vijay, Manyatha and Jai had detested, saying, "We can go alone! We are not kids anymore!" his parents had gave in and let them go saying, "Only because Udayveer is with you". Manyatha and Uday wouldn't even look at each other, let alone sit in the same car, so Manyatha and Jai ended up coming in a separate car then Vijay and Uday. Vancouver was unusually quiet, the streets weren't that packed, maybe because it was a Sunday, and everyone was home relaxing, that aside the beach was crawling with people, residents, visitors, tourist, all were here to see the marvels of Vancouver. Though they'd chose a bad day to come. It's was overcast, a few rays of sunlight would escape only to be covered up by the clouds. Manyatha didn't mind, she thought it was great weather. "M Bhai, you look quite happy" vijay commented. "Why wouldn't I be Vijay Bhai?! I finally got that rakhsash off my back" she smiled glancing over at Uday. She couldn't see his reaction, his lips were turned into his signature smirk, and his eyes covered by aviators. He had decided to wear a black v-neck, revealing some of his fine abs, with a pair of faded jeans. Manyatha rolled her eyes as she saw girls a few meters away from them, pushing each other to go and talk to him. "Waisey, M Bhai, I'm surprised to see you wearing jeans?" said Vijay breaking her thoughts. "hmm? Oh yeah, Jai convinced me" replied Manyatha. "Must say, good taste" he laughed. Manyatha had worn a pair of skinny jeans with a plain green blouse, Jai had decided that her hair looked much better open, she'd done a small princess braid on the side of her head. "Too bad Jai got called away" Manyatha sighed. "I told Jai not to pick modeling but did she listen? NO" grumbled Vijay. Manyatha nodded, "Whatever, let's go see the ocean close-up" she giggled pulling Vijay along.

"OMG! So me and my friends were thinking would you like to join us for lunch? Because we'd totally love that!" Uday looked at the desperate despos. Then he looked back up at Manyatha who had stopped and now was staring at him and the girls. Seeing this as a chance to make her jealous, he looked back at the girls, "Of course" he shot them his killer smirk. They giggled, "So we will see you soon?". "No you won't, right Uday?" Manyatha asked looking at him. He smiled, his plan had worked. "Why Manyatha?" he asked. The girls started to shoot death glares at Manyatha. "We only have one car since Jai took the other one, so you'll have to take me and Vijay bhai to lunch". Uday laughed, "Vijay knows how to drive and so do you". Manyatha scowled, "FINE!". Uday smirked his plan had worked perfectly. He turned back to the girls, "Where to ladies?".

Manyatha stomped back over to Vijay, "What happened M Bhai?". "Nothing" she answered. Vijay sensed her jealousy, " *gasp* is our M Bhai getting jealous?! And that too for Uday?! The same person that not too long ago you hated?". Manyatha turned on him, "I'm not jealous, I'm just angry". Vijay took a few steps back, he was now fearing for his life, "Why?" he asked nervously. "I'd promised myself I would ignore Uday" Manyatha sighed. Vijay sighed with relief,"Oh don't worry". Vijay grabbed her wrist and started to pull her along, he knew Uday had been trying to make Manyatha jealous, Uday would never go for despos like those girls, not even he! Manyatha trudged along behind Vijay, they got to the car and Manyatha decided to drive. It was all fine until she remembered that Uday didn't have a rid, she was thinking of turning around but decided not to. "So you take a left from here" Vijay pointed towards a sign. Manyatha slammed down on the brakes. "HIYE NI MA MARJEMA!" screamed Vijay. Manyatha giggled, "Woah Vijay bhai, you speak punjabi too?!". Vijay closed his eyes and muttered, "I'm never letting you drive AGAIN!". "VIJAY BHAI!" Manyatha shouted in his ear shaking him. "What Manytha Bhai? What?". "The restaurant is here" she smiled. "What about-" vijay started, "I want to go to a Indian restaurant!" she pointed to the one they were parked in front. Vijay groaned and followed Manyatha inside. They were half way done with their lunch, Manyatha for some reason couldn't get Uday and those girls out of her head. She stabbed her Daal Sabji with her spoon and ripped up her roti, "Woah M Bhai, apkeroti ka koon? Ye to humne kabi nahi socha na suna" he snickered. Manyatha gave him a look and continued eating. Vijays phone started up, "Hello that's fine...erm maybe in an hour? Yea ok" he shut the phone. Manyatha swallowed what was left of her food. "Uday Banna needed our car so he took it" Vijay answered. "How?" asked Manyatha. "He had extra keys, plus they followed us in a taxi" Vijay explained. "What do you mean they?" she asked suspiciously.
"Him and those girls".
"When?" she demanded.
"As soon as we started to eat".
"AND HE TELLS US NOW" Manyatha whispered furiously. "It's okay! It's my car anyways" Vijay reassured her. "No it's not" Manyatha stood up, "We are going to go and confront him" She started walking, Vijay sighed and began to follow her. "This just in, a car with the license plate Vij-86 has just met with an accident, no one survived" The two stopped. "Vijay...isn't that", "Yes M's my car".

I didn't actually really like this Update Unhappy oh well, some you like, some you don't. There will be Manveer scenes in my next few updates, there isn't much in my last few update because what I believe is "Love isn't always about the physical stuff" that quote is directly taken from 'She's the Man' Tongue... Well on the topics of quotes here's one to lift our spirits:
~•When life gives you lemons, throw them at SET•~
Hehe Just Kidding!

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I liked this chapter!! 

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Originally posted by Inkpen4877

I liked this chapter!!
heheh really! Yay Big smile
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aww i loved this update.GF n massage part was funny.ROFLbut last line wasn't clear.wht happened?so plz update soon.
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awesome eagerly waiting for the next part...loved it!!
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mind blowing update plz do cont soon and add me in ur pm list
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read bth the chapters,really good,m jealous,good to see!!!! thanks for the pm,do update soon

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