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-Life and it's ways- FF - Chapter 28 (pg 49) (Page 42)

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Posted: 21 October 2012 at 1:07pm | IP Logged
wow  omg it was too gud...
its awesume yar...
do update soon...
thanks for pm...
and plz do pm me wen u update next...

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Originally posted by a.anu

gurr update this one plzz .this one is my fav
Will update soon Smile

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Chapter 25


 The smell of smoke wafted up his nose, Uday peeled open his eyes and looked down at himself. He had ropes around his legs, chest and hands. Udays head felt heavy and his muscles felt tired. Uday closed his eyes, "Just my luck, getting kidnapped on my wedding" he growled to himself. Uday squirmed for a bit and stood up, only to topple back down. "The great Yuvraj Udayveer at my feet" he heard a cackle. Uday found a loose thread on his legs and yanked it, the ropes on his legs unraveled right away and Uday stood up, he kicked the figure. "Yuvraj Udayveer doesn't bow down to anybody," he hissed. The man fell to his knees, "Argh, MEN HE'S FREE!" Uday recognize him as Akash. Uday looked up, a pair of burly looking men charged at him. Uday flexed his biceps, the rope around hi chest snapped in two. His lips curled into a smirk, "Come at me" he growled at the men.


 Manyatha took in a deep breath, "Vijay, bring Unnati in" she ordered. Jai put her hand on Manyathas shoulder, "Jiji...". Manyatha shrugged Jai off, "I'm very sorry but the wedding has been postponed, thank you for coming anyways, do not first your coats on the way out" she said to the others. Her family quickly tended to the guests while she turned back to her room. "M Bhai?  Are you okay?" Vijay entered her room with Unnati. Manytha nodded and forced a smile, "Fine, now could you leave, I need to talk to Unnati by myself, and tell the others not to worry, I'm perfectly fine" she reassured him. Vijay gave her an uncertain look and left. Manyatha held Unnati by the shoulders, "Tell me everything from the beginning," she said softly. Unnati wiped away a lone tear, "Well..." She had a small flashback.




 After the light went off Unnati had pulled out her phone for the light. She felt a hand on her arm, "Dada?". There was a crash, "Dada?!" She screamed louder. She felt someone push her onto the sofa, "Choti! Call the police!" Uday roared. Unnati fumbled with her phone, she somehow managed to dial the number, "Ji? This is Mumbai Police Department" the police officer answered. "Help!" She screamed into the phone. A hand wrapped itself around her throat; she dropped the phone and let out a strangled yell, "Choti run!" She was shoved into a table; Unnati hit her head on a lamp and stumbled towards the door. She yanked it open and ran down the hall, "Don't let her live!" She heard a shout behind her. Unnati sprites faster, it was a miracle, she was wearing a sari.


•Flash~back End•


 "...and I somehow caught a taxi, but it broke down and, and I had to run here!" She finished explaining. There was a pause as Manyatha digested the information. "Don't worry Unnati, we'll get your Dada back" Manyatha smiled reassuringly. There was a knock in her door, "Yuvrani Sa, it's the police" She heard Seema outside.


 Before the people charge at him, Uday had gotten a good look at the place they kept him. It was a run down straw hut; all he had to do was run through one of the poorly put together walls! "What are you waiting for? Get him!" Akash screeched. Uday was a pro in martial arts, even though his hands were tied, his feet weren't. Uday expertly karate kicked every single person that ran at him. The men didn't last long, after a few blows to the head they ran out, leaving only Uday and Akash, who was withering in pain from the time Uday kicked him. The drug they'd used on Uday was still in his body, he felt more tired then normal. Uday leant up against one of the walls, his head dropped down. Uday noticed how his pure white sherwani was splattered with others blood "55, 675 rupees wasted" he couldn't help but shake his head. He lifted his head up slowly and scanned the hut, no Akash, maybe they'd ran and left him. Uday was wrong, Akash walked in, an evil smile spread cross his face, "Hot Rod!" He snapped his fingers. A stout little man ran in yielding a red hot iron rod, "YYAARRGGHH!" The little man hollered. Uday was slow to react, but the midget wasn't, he raised the rod and brought down on Udays chest. 


 Manyatha followed the Officer into Udays penthouse, "Tranquilizer darts used on lions, if he did get hit by one, who knows if he survived, and on top of that, the blood on the walls isn't Udayveer's" the officer explained as they walked in. The penthouse was a mess, blood was smeared on the walls, and splatters decorated the floor, lamps shattered, and couches over turned. Manyatha bent down and picked up a small dart, "These?" She asked the officer. The officer nodded, "Yes, but dot worry Yuvrani Sa, we have started our investigation, we will get Yuvraj Sa back". Manyatha nodded absent mindedly, "Mhm...". Manyatha entered Udays room, it was untouched, she went up to a picture of him, "I'm not always going to be there to save you" she heard his voice. Manyatha picked it up and looked at him closely; she could see her reflection, still in her bridal lehenga. "It's my turn to save you" she hugged the picture.


 Uday was blown back; he crashed through the walls of the hut. His chest seared in pain, "Ngh..." He grunted and stood up, "Is that all you got," he barked. The little man came again, but this time Uday was ready, he ran towards the little man, dodged to the left, and kicked him in the head. The midget went flying, Uday used the hot rod to burn his ropes. With his hands free Uday was invincible. "Akash?! Crazy man where are you?" Uday shouted. Akash appeared in front of him, in his hands a device that looked like a sniper. Something pierced his leg, Udays eyes began to droop, and suddenly he felt all his pains vanish, he slowly faded into black. 


 Manyatha shuffled into the palace, she was exhausted. "Manyatha beta!" Her family attacked her with a wave of questions. DS stopped her, "Beta, are you okay?" She asked worried. Manyatha nodded, "I'm fine Dadi Sahib, and could you send Vijay Bhai to my room?" Asked Manyatha. Vijay was surprised, "Yea sure I'll be there" he stuttered. She entered her room and looked around, it was a mess. She waded through discarded jewelry and dresses that Jai had thrown aside when getting ready, it was funny how she hadn't noticed this before.  "M Bhai, you called me?" Vijay tapped her on the shoulder. She spun around a forced smile plastered onto her face, "how's Unnati?" She asked. Vijay sat down on her bed, "She's asleep, we've given her a room, and Uncle Giriraj is still at the hotel," Vijay reported. Manyatha went over to her closet and pulled out a simple black nightie, "Uh, could you find a laptop? I don't know where Seema is, I would've asked her," Manyatha said. Vijay seemed to get nervous, "M Bhai I need to tell you something about Seema..." Vijay trailed off. Manyatha became worried, "What happened Vijay Bhai?" She asked. Vijay took one look at her concerned expression and thought 'She's dealing with so much right now, this can wait'. Manyatha shook him, "What are you thinking?" She shouted in his ear. Vijay shook his head, "Nothing, you take a shower, I'll get the laptop" he forced a smile. Manyatha nodded, "Okay". Vijay left and Manyatha went to the washroom to take her shower. She stripped off her bridal dress and stepped into the steaming hot shower. As she stood in shower, the events of the day came crashing down on her. She fell down to her knees and began to sob, the salty tears rolled down her cheeks mixing in with the fresh water from the shower. There was a knock on the door, "M Bhai?" it was Vijay. Manyatha snapped out of her sorrow and got up, "Ill be out in a minute" she shouted. Manyatha stepped out of the shower and slipped into her nightie. "Got it?" she asked Vijay. Vijay was sprawled across her bed in his own night-suit, "Yeah, but I noticed Jai was looking bothered too" he informed her. Manyatha nodded, "I know, it might be about that woman," Manyatha told Vijay everything, "-and that's why I didn't ask her to join me," she explained. Vijay nodded, "Great now what do we do?" he inquired. Manyatha sat on her bed, she mentally scrolled through a list of Udays possible enemies, "Call up Rajveer" she ordered Vijay. "Okay" he dialed the number and handed it to Manyatha. "Hello?" he answered. "Hey Rajveer, how are you? Good I hope, bet you've heard the news hmm?" Manyatha spat. She heard him chuckle on the other side, "Actually I did, and you must know how much my heart soared in happiness after hearing that" he snarled. Manyatha stood up angrily, "Look cut to the chase Rajveer did you do it or not!" she barked. Vijay pulled on her hand and stopped her, "He's not going to tell you," Vijay hissed. "Listen to him Babe, even if I did I wouldn't have told you, but I didn't, though when I think of it, I should have" he answered flatly. Manyatha gripped the phone, "Don't call me Babe, and whatever!" she cut the call and sat back down. Vijay patted her shoulder, "You should slow down M Bhai" he suggested. Manyatha sighed, she lay down and stared up at the ceiling, "Vijay call the mental asylum where Akash, the guy that strangled me is," she told him the name and Vijay was dialing away. Manyatha closed her eyes once again and continued thinking of Uday. "They said he's not there," Vijay muttered. Manyatha gasped, "What?" she sat up.


I know it wasn't that long, you see…I now have three things to handle and back is literally cracking under pressure LOL Hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it :D Oh and don't worry about our prince, hat wound of his will come in handy in the future Wink


Precap: "And then you HI-YA!" screeched Jaki Chan. Manyatha and Vijay leapt away from the screen and kicked each other like the video said.






























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nice update bt precap is amazing omg! jackie chan kahan se aa gya?

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Awesome update GurrThumbs Up

Uday is a strong man and loved Manyata controlled reaction and her going in uday's room and remembering his wordsEmbarrassed

and woah Manyata just hit on the target...lolzzzWinkLOL

but what was the precap...I didn't get it...lollzzzLOL

I mean jackie chan...where does he come from????Ermm

thanx for the pm dear Hugand update soonDay Dreaming

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super duper awesome update.loved it.update soon.  

 devil seema n psycho akash -wanna kill themAngry 

issbar manyta  uday  ko save koregi?oh i loved thisBig smile

Edited by a.anu - 24 October 2012 at 8:38am

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awesome update!
loved it!

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Interesting  update Dear.
Very entertaining.
Akash ,psychoAngry escaped from the asylumLOL   & kidnapped our Prince.
 - bad, bad move  ...
If Uday doesn't kill him first - he'll have to deal with Manyata ; who is learning karate (along with Vijay ) from the master himself : Jackie Chan!!!Evil Smile
Please update soonSmile.

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