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-Life and it's ways- FF - Chapter 28 (pg 49) (Page 31)

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Originally posted by afreshbegin

Nyc update dear,

Is mein jai +ve hai ya -ve abt tak mein use achi smajhthi thi par ab mein confused hoon..esp after these 2 scenes...

"Jai kahan hai?" Manyatha
piped up. Komals expression hardened, "Upstairs" her voice cold.
Manyatha was confused by the sudden change of her mothers attitude. Brijraj
looked a little irritated, he grumbled something and left.

n this one too...

She appeared at the top of the stairs, Manyatha had changed into
a nightie even though it was only four, she gave him a small wave, he waved
back. Uday notice Jai appear behind Manyatha and drag her off.

Luks lyk she does nt lyk UV-M closeness

Mera favourite scene tha:

before leaving Sushant and Dilip ran to Manyatha and Uday, "We gonna miss
you two Mannu and Yuvi" the boys sobbed and hugged them. Manyatha had
tears in her eyes, "I'm going to miss you too, Dilly and Sushi" she
sniffled. Dilip and Sushant pulled away, "Who are they?" they were
confused. Manyatha pinched their cheeks, "You call Uday 'Yuvi', and me
'Mannu', like that I call Dilip 'Dilly' and Sushant 'Sushi'" she explained.
The twins burst out laughing, Uday joined in with them. The twins stopped
laughing abruptly and turned to Uday, they scrunched up their cute faces,
"And you, we heard your marrying Mannu", they moved closer to him,
"You better keep her happy, or else" Dilip warned Uday and showed him
his fist. Uday feigned fear, "Ji Rajkumar Dilip". Dilip smirked in
satisfaction and turned to Sushant, "Chalo Sushi, everyone must be waiting
for us". Sushant made a sour face, "Don't call me that, only Mannu
can! Dilly!" he retorted. The twins began quarreling and wouldn't stop no
matter how much Manyatha and Uday tried to stop them

Mannu, Yuvi, Dilly n Sushi ki bonding bahuth achi n luvd Dilly for threatening Yuvi he's so cute...Isse pehle jab ye Twins M ko impress karne ki koshish karthe hey na wo bhi pasand hai

UV n Unnati ki fb achi thi bt hate that Ranjana n Rajveer

They r urgh...

Aur us Rajveer ne jo Unnati ke saath kiya hope UV use iski sazaa de de
Next part ka intezaar kar rahi hoon...

Eeruones confused about Jai! But don't worry I'll clear it in the next update

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m is really supressing her feelins,hope uday can gt it out of her!!!!!!! uday test wass suprbb!!!!!! and m failing dat test was cherry on the top!!!!!!! m is hvaing feelings for uday!!!!!!! uday is the saviourr,who prtect her,mke her safe!!!!!!!! oh my god unnatii,rajveerr iss tooo mucch!!!!!!!! hope uday gves him a ood lesson!!!!!!!!!!
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Awesun update ..
plzz pm me  
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Rajveer is so evil! I hope UV teaches him a good lesson!

Thanks for the pm. Nice update!

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wat the hell us rajveer ki to mein...huhu anyways nice update

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Chapter 20
)()( )()( )()( )()( )()( )()( )()( )()( )()( )()( )()(

 Jai pulled Manyatha back into her room, "Jiji!  I was saying something! Why did you leave!" Jai whined. "No Jai, it's that I wanted to see what was going on downstairs" Manyatha explained. Jai rolled her eyes, "Lovers intellect, I understand". Manyatha went red, "No! Not at all!!" she protested. "We can argue about your undying love for Uday after, but I want to continue my story!" Jai giggled. Manyatha threw a pillow at her, "Just tell me what happened! Why are Ma and Papa angry at you?!". Jai shrugged, "I didn't have a ride from the store, and there was this sweet lady there, I don't know why but she looked familiar, she dropped me off and I insisted her to come and meet Ma and Papa, even though she didn't want to, Papa saw her he got angry and left, and Ma...she told me to go to my room, and I don't what happened afterwards" Jai was confused. Manyatha found this suspicious as well, "So what are you going to do?" asked Manyatha. Jai thought for a few minutes, "I'm going to get one of my guards to do a check up on her, get all the info on her" Jai explained. Manyatha grinned, "Accha Hai!". "Kya?" asked Jai. "Studying abroad actually helped you!" Manyatha giggled. Jai stuck out her bottom lip, "JIJI!" she threw a pillow at Manyatha. Manyatha ducked down and stayed like that, she began to shake, the gunfire memories still floating in her brain. "Jiji?" Jai shook her. Manyatha hugged Jai, she closed her eyes, and calmed herself down. "What happened?" Jai asked her. "N-nothing" Manyatha shook her head. "Jai before you leave, could you leave the light on?" she said quietly. Jai nodded, "Okay...Goodnight Jiji". "Night Jai" came the reply. 

  Uday looked down at the keys, then back up at Rajveer. Uday grabbed his collar, "What the hell did you do?" he said through gritted teeth. Rajveer smirked, instead I giving a straight answer he said, "You know a real Prince keeps his weaknesses under lock and key, so the enemies don't find out, but you've got your weaknesses walking around in the open" he said thoughtfully. Uday was getting angrier, "Mutlab?". "Mutlab, Manyatha and Unnati, I almost got one, but decided to settle for the second, I did to your sister what you did to mine" Rajveer hissed. Uday couldn't control his anger, HE was the reason for Manyathas pain and fear, and now HE was behind Unnati too! Uday raised his fist, and planted a good solid punch on his nose. He sent Rajveer reeling backwards, Uday raised his leg and kicked him in the stomach. Uday grabbed the almost unconscious Rajveer, he was going for the last blow when he remembered he had to get Unnati. Uday shoved Rajveer to the side and ran back the way he'd come from. He ran to the room Rajveer ha said, he shoved the key into the lock and threw open the door. "Choti!" he shouted. No answer. Uday ran around the penthouse suite, he dared to check in the only bedroom. He pushed open the door, she lay on the crumpled sheets. Uday sighed with relief, she was fully clothed, 'Thank God' he thought. When he got closer, Uday noticed she was barley breathing. "Choti?" Uday sat beside her, she was lying on her stomach. She seemed unconscious, Uday inches closer, he spotted a white paper in her fist. He took it out and read it, it was a letter from Rajveer, it was probably the most heart wrenching thing he'd ever read. It pointed out everything he hated about her, he was making fun of her, he said everything, all of
the truth. The last sentence  was probably the worst, 'You were just a pawn, I used you, you got out, I decided I don't need you anymore. -No regrets, Rajveer'. Uday ripped up the note, his anger knew no bounds. He was about to storm after Rajveer, "Dada" he heard the quietest squeak from Unnati. The anger vanished, replaced by worry, "Choti" he moved back to her. He brushed some hair out of her face, her cheeks were stained with tears. Uday shook her, she didn't respond. Uday picked her up, it would be best if he took her back to their penthouse suite. He got there an laid her down, Girirajs phone came, "Udayveer? Where we're you?" he asked. Uday looked down at Unnati, if Giriraj found out, who know what punishment he would give her. "Sorry I didn't hear" Uday muttered. Giriraj went on about some work, Uday got annoyed, "Goodnight Dad, we'll talk about this later" he disconnected. Uday had a maid come and clean up Unnati and change her. Afterwards, Uday came and sat down beside her, "Please, Choti, wake up" he murmured. The next morning Uday woke up to Unnati sobbing, "What happens Choti?" Uday asked. "Dada, he cheated me!" she cried. "Cho-", "No Dada! Don't try to console me! I should've listened to you! Please forgive me!" she hugged him. Uday stroked her hair, "Na Choti it's okay, but what happened last night?". Pain flashed in Unnatis eyes, she pulled back from Uday.  "He left me Dada!" Unnati sobbed. Uday felt terrible, "No Choti don't cry!" he soothed her. Unnati covered her face, "Please Dada leave, just go" she whispered. Uday stood up and moved towards the door, Rajveer would pay for this, he glared at the door. As soon as he got out, he calls his secretary, "I want you to find the whereabouts of that scoundrel Rajveer!" he barked the orders into the phone. Tej replied a few minutes later, "Yuvraj Sa he's at the airport, he's boarding his flight!". Uday grabbed his car keys, "How long will It take?" asked Uday. "Depends where are you?" Tej muttered. "Hotel! Hurry!" Uday twisted the doorknob. "Too late Yuvraj Sa, you're not going to make it, he boarded" Tej sounded sad on the other line. Uday slammed the open door shut, "Thanks anyways Tej" he disconnected and threw his phone at the floor. He sat down, and held his head in his hands, he couldn't help but feel that somewhere in all of this, it was his fault. Ever since his mom died, and his father began treating him like a stranger, Uday didn't know any other feeling except Superiority, superiority above others. When he met Manyatha she brought a whole flood of new emotions, Uday was still new to them. That's why feeling sad after 16 years was taking its toll on him.  He needed to share his inner turmoil about Unnati with someone, there was no one he could share it with, except...

 It was early morning, the tiny rays of sunlight shone down on Manyatha. She turned away from the sun, would she be able to sleep again? No. The loud shouting and crashing noises outside her door wouldnt let her. She rubbed the sleep out of her eyes and rolled off the bed. She went to her washroom and brushed and combed her long hair. She kept on her Red nightie, she didn't think it was necessary to change if the engagement was in the evening. Manyatha slipped on a pair of slippers and scooted outside, she looked over the stairs, DS was busy talking with Komal, and Brijraj was explaining something to the security team. She yawned, and continued down the stairs. No one had noticed her yet. She passed Jais room, she was on her laptop, skypeing someone, maybe Vijay? Manyatha continued down the hall, until she got to a small door. Manyatha pushed the door open and entered the tranquil Private Garden, away from the hustle and bustle. She found herself a nice swinging bench and sat down. She pulled her knees close to her and closed her eyes. To others it would look like she is soaking the sun or napping, well they were wrong. She was trying get her composure, the incident from yesterday was still fresh in her mind. Her swing seemed to dip more then normal, even without opening her eyes she knew who it was, "Subah, Subah aagaya Humey pareshan karna liya?" Manyatha murmured. "Ankhey toh kolo!" Udays voice didn't have the usual flirty tone, he sounded depressed. Manyatha opened her eyes, "Kya hua Uday?" she asked. Uday, who was wearing a half sleeve white shirt, and his usual jeans, replied "Nothing happened to me, it happened to Choti" Uday sighed. Manyatha looked concerned, "What happens to Unnati?". Uday recalled the events from last night. "Us Rajveer be toh Hud! Kartee! I'll have my guards after him! I won't let him live!" Manyatha stopped swinging and gripped the chains of the swing. Uday gave her a small smile, "I felt like that too, but, I don't even know what happened! And I think Unnati is more important right now, you should've seen her this morning, hollow eyes with dark circles, pale skin, she wouldn't eat! I almost had to force feed her! She's like a living, breathing zombie Manyatha! She won't be able to come to the engagement" Uday shook his head. Manyatha for the first time, saw Udays 'Little Helpless Boy' side. She put a reassuring hand on his shoulder, "Dekh Uday, Unnati was my bet friend after you left, then Jai, doesn't matter she was in with the huge lie everyone told me, even though we've grown distant over the last few years, I want her at my engagement, I want my best friend there, to stand beside me!" Manyathas voice was soft, "If she doesn't come after you tell her to, I'll talk to her". Uday smiled at her, he surprised her with a hug, "Thanks Princess, talking to you made me feel much better". Manyatha was surprised, but she didn't mind, she hesitantly but her arms around him. Uday was the first one to break the hug, "If we hadn't been talking, that would've been fine too" Uday winked. The old flirt was back, she rolled her eyes, "You'll never change will you?". Uday chuckled, "See you in the evening princess, and don't forget to check under your bed" he stood up. Manyatha stood up too, "Aacha hua! You're leaving" Manyatha grinned. Uday didn't leave right away, he moved closer to Manyatha. She got nervous, "Uh aren't you going to leave?". Uday put his hands on her waist and pulled her closer, "Not yet". He tucked a lock of her hair behind her ear, and leaned in, Manyatha closed her eyes as his rough lips touched down on her soft cheeks, he didn't move back all the way, he still had his lips brushing up against her cheek, sending chills down her back, "That's my thank you kiss to you" he smiled. And then suddenly he was gone, Manyatha opened her eyes, was that all her imagination?

 The evening came but no matter what Uday did, Unnati didn't get out of bed. She refused to go to the engagement. Uday was ready, he was leaving, he looked back at Unnati one last time, "Bye Choti!" he shouted. No answer. The venue was a large hall right across from his hotel, he decided to arrive in style, and by style he meant huge limousine. Manyatha had already arrived but they'd taken her away to a separate room to do a touch up. Giriraj was cranky, "Where's Unnati!?" he asked. Uday covered for her, "She wasn't feeling well". Giriraj grumbled something and went to the bar. Uday stood in the middle of the room in his awesome blue sherwani attending guests. A few minutes later Jai appeared at the top of the stairs in a pale blue net sari. "Ladies and Gentlemen! I present to you Yuvrani Manyatha!" the spot light travelled past Jai. She was loony absolutley terribly stunning. She was wearing a blue and red lehengha, golden earnings in her ears, a large gold set on her neck. She looked like an angel, she even walked like one. Manyatha seemed to glide down the stairs to where Uday stood at the bottom. He held out her hand, she took it and shone everyone a fake smile, "Unnati Kahan hai?" she whispered through her teeth. Uday helped her up to the podium, and replied, "She didn't listen!". Jai brought their rings, "Ek mint!" Manyatha stopped everyone, "I have a request Dadi Sahib" Manyatha turned to her grandmother, "If I could get Unnati, please?!" Manyatha asked. DS looked surprised, "Okay but quickly!". 

 Uday helped Manyatha practically run across the street, they entered the penthouse. Without saying a word Manyatha went towards Unnatis room. She closed the door and told him to wait outside. Uday leaned up against the door and listened, he heard Manyathas soft voice and Unnatis sobbing voice. He began to think that how different Manyatha was from
His past girlfriends, they'd always hated Unnati and thought of her as annoying and extra baggage, but Manyatha treated her like a sister. They were there for ten minutes, until Manyatha came out of the room with a smile, she was followed by Unnati who was wearing a pink anarkali style suit. Unnati gave him a tired smile and followed Manyatha. Back at the engagement everyone greeted Unnati, everyone settled down, Uday and Manyatha were back on the podium. She was genuinely smiling and Uday was grinning wide, he took the ring for her, a simple platinum ring with a peacock colored gem in the middle, Manyatha took Udays ring, a clear diamond one. He put out his hand, Manyathas was so close to put the ring on his hand when, "APKE BHAI KAY BEGAR SAGAI KAR RIYA HAI!" came a shout from the entrance. Everyone's Heads swiveled towards the door. "VIJAY BHAI!" Manytha squealed. He stood at the entrance with open arms. Manyatha stepped down from the podium and ran to him, "When did you come!?". "As you can see right now!" he laughed. Manyatha was extremely happy, "Bua Sa?". "Mum and Dad had work!" Vikay explained. Uday nodded to him, "Vijay Banna" he smiled. Vijay have a darling wave, "Hi hi Uday!". 
Then again all the guests greeted Vijay, when finally the ring exchange started up again. The diamond ring was touching the tip of his finger, "RUKH JAO!" a gravelly feminine voice called out.

 HI! So how was it? Don't worry Unnati will get better! Guess who'll help her? You guessed it right! Good job! Don't forget to comment and hit the like button! Believ it or not thats 7 pages on M Word.
Bisleri Bhai is out B)

Precap: She smirked at him, "Nothing you can do, there's too many guests". He volleyed with a killer smile, "Doesn't matter" he pulled her closer. "I'm Yuvraj UdayVeer Singh, I can do what I want" he said with confidence. "Udayveer!" A voice interrupted from behind.

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Offo yaar ab kaun aa gaya Manveer ke beech mein...Cliff hanger pe chodkar acha nahi kiya tumne Evil Smile

Ab mein tumhe tang karti rahoongi agle update ke liye...Wink

Waise update bahuth acha tha... Aur tumhare liye ClapClapClap spl claps 7 pg document type karne ke liye...

Unnati ke saath jo huva acha nahi tha bt ab uska khayal rakhne waala aa gaya hai rite?

Jai ke baare mein confusion clear karne ke liye thanxx

Lekin woh Mystery Lady ke baare main jaanne ke liye wait kar rahe hain...

UV-M scene near the swing was my favourite part...

Woh doonon ek dusre ko ache se support karthe hain

GR is so cold towards his children. ? Another past mystery ha? somthing to do with his Wife's death i suppose

Aur haan jaldi se Rajveer-RanjanaAngry ko sabak sikhaana kk

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great update dearThumbs Up

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