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Dekha Ek Khwaab

-Life and it's ways- FF - Chapter 28 (pg 49) (Page 24)

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Posted: 24 August 2012 at 12:13am | IP Logged
Superb update. Waiting for the next part.

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good update dearClap

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Posted: 24 August 2012 at 2:30am | IP Logged cute...last part...awesum update nxt soon...

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great the last part was so nice and cute loved it please update soon thanks for the pm i love the way u write

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great update! looking forward to more!

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aww.its really good.loved it to core.last part is interesting.wanna read more. eagerly waiting 4 next part

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Great update :) finaly manyata accepted her destiny:)

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Chapter 17

"Really!" Uday grinned. Manyatha nodded, "Yes I did, but-". Uday squinted at her, "But what?". "I got my lawyer to call yours, we made some adjustments, for example..after six months I can divorce you and still keep my Riyaasat" Manyatha shot him a cocky smile. Uday stiffened, "What? He never asked me before making the changes!". Manyatha shrugged, "Too bad". "Manyatha! Are you done yet?!", Uday looked down. There was a black Audi parked at the end of the stairs, Rajveer had his head sticking out of the window, Uday glared at him and turned to Manyatha, "Where are you two going?". Manyatha began walking away, "Shopping for my engagement dress". Uday caught up with her, "With who?". Manyatha rolled her eyes, "Jai and everyone else are arriving later, so Rajveer was the only one who was free". Uday stopped walking, a scenario played through his head, 'Manyatha trying out outfits, different outfits with
Different amount of bare skin showing, Rajveer getting to see every inch of her' Uday shook the thought out of his head, "Your my fiance, I think it'd be more sensible if I went with you" Uday Suggested. Manyatha snorted, "Don't you have work to do?". Uday texted Tej to postpone everything until after the engagement. He glanced up at Manyatha and grinned, "Not anymore". Manyatha turned away and continued walking down the stairs, "Ek Minute!" Uday stopped her. She turned around, "What now?!" she sounded irritated. "How about we go in my BMW?" he pointed to a sleek white convertible parked behind the Audi. "Sure! Let me get Rajveer" she smiled. Uday nodded, "Sure". Uday watched Manyatha walk towards the Audi, he trudged towards his BMW, He spectated Rajveer get out of the Audi and walk over with Manyatha. Uday turned around And looked down at his convertible, "Oh Sorry Rajveer, it's only a two person convertible, guess you'll have to come in your own car" Uday smirked. Rajveer looked irritated, "Oh no its fine" Uday watched with satisfaction as Rajveer stalked away. Uday pulled open the passenger door, "Chaliyeh?". Manyatha sat down, "Chalo!".

"So Princess, what store would you like to go to first?" asked Uday. Manyatha bit her lip and looked around, "Honestly...I don't know". Rajveer decided to butt in, "How about Macy's?". Uday snorted, "Psh, she's a Royal, not a commoner". Rajveer looked like he'd just eaten a sour apple, "Actually, I'll call up Jai, she has her own personal designer she used to visit in Canada, he recently moved here" Manyatha said bringing out her phone, she was oblivious to the cold war going on between Udayveer and Rajveer. "Hello? Jai! I was going to ask you who your personal designer was?" Manyatha was quiet for a bit, "Aap kahan hon?" she looked confused. "Aap Kay peechay!" Jai threw her arms around Manyathas neck. This seemed to startle everyone, Raj let out an almost girlish scream, and Uday shook his head, "Jai, you always have Zabardust entries don't you" he chuckled. Jai winked, "You know it Jiju". Manyatha stiffened, "You don't mind if I call you that?" asked Jai. Uday laughed, "Of course not!". "Let's go Jai" Manyathas voice was cold. Jai nodded, "Follow me!". Uday and Rajveer trailed behind. When they got to the shop called 'Mr. Roy Originals' Jai stopped them, "Ladies first, you wait out here, Mr. Roy only does women's clothing, but he does mens clothing only for specials! I'll see if he will help you" she explained. Uday frowned, "Only women's clothing?". Jai giggled, "You took it the wrong way, but don't worry he's not exactly into girls, more like-". Uday stopped her from saying anything else, "No need to explain! It's just I don't see any women here" Manyatha shot daggers at him while Uday smirked. "Hhaawww! Jiju! That wasn't nice" Jai giggled. Uday shrugged, "Hum! Aur immature?!" Manyatha stormed up to him. "Let's go Jiji!" Jai dragged her away before Manyatha could say anything else. After the girls had left Uday decided to deal with Rajveer, "It'd be best for you to leave before the engagement happens" Uday stalked over to him. Rajveer stood firmly in place, "Or what?". Uday smirked, "You don't want to know". Rajveers cell rang, he looked down at the caller ID and looked back up at Uday and grinned evilly, "Hello? Unnzie darling?". Uday froze, Unnati? He'd told her strictly to stay away from Rajveer. "Yea Babe, I'll see you in the afternoon" Rajveer shot him a smirk. "I'm sorry, but when my lady-love calls, I have to answer" Rajveer winked. Uday balled up his fists, "Stay away from Unnati". Rajveer shook his head, "If I don't?". Uday took hold of Rajveers collar, and showed him his hand, "Then you'll see this, but next time with a loaded rifle" Uday snarled. He let go of Rajveer and stepped back, Rajveer got ready to retaliate, but Jai interrupted, "Come in Guys!!! He said Yes!" Jai opened the door to the shop. The boys sent each other withering glares, then they entered the shop, it was huge, racks along the walls adorned with women suits and dresses, the prices reaching over 5.5 million dollars for one dress! You could compare the length of the store to an airport runway, it was that big! There was a catwalk in the middle of the store, on which Jai was talking with Mr. Roy. "Oh Jai Darling, you have brought some absolutley yummy specimens to my shop" Mr. Roy pranced off the catwalk. He had his hair spiked in Joker style with white streaks, at the moment he was wearing a zebra print shirt and tight jeans. "Nice to meet you Mr. Roy" Uday extended his hand. Mr. Roy took it and shook it, "Yuvraj Udayveer Singh? No longer a bachelor, how sad" he pouted. Uday shrugged and smiled, "It was bound to happen one day". Everyone laughed except for Rajveer, who had quietly slipped away. "So where's Manyatha?" asked Uday looking around the shop. Mr. Roy slapped his arm, "You naughty, naughty boy, I do things differently, you two won't be able to see each others outfits until the engagement, so she's in a separate room trying her clothes on". Uday looked dissapointed, Mr. Roy clapped his hands, "Shivani!! get my sketch pad!". A girl ran up to him holding a large book and pencil. Mr Roy circled him, "For your better half, I said red and blue is the new you, and for you! I'm you wear sherwanis?" Mr. Roy asked. Uday shrugged, "Hardly, they really aren't my type". Mr. Roy laughed to himself, "Silly Prince!" Mr. Roy went around him a few more times, then he stopped and sketched something, "Something to go with the bride-to-be, I think a dark blue sherwani, with golden embroidery, and a splash of red". Mr. Roy showed him the sketch. "Wow! That's great!" Uday was impressed. Mr. Roy brushed off the compliment, "Of course it is! I made it!" he burst into a girlish giggle and walked away with his assistant. "You can look around Jiju, he's going to take a while" Jai patted his arm and winked. Uday nodded, he knew exactly what Jai was gesturing at. Uday strolled around the store, looking around nonchalantly. Uday spotted Mr. Roy disappear into a room holding a large black bag, "Oh Mr. Roy it's beautiful!" he heard Manyatha gasp. Uday hid behind a fake tree, and waited for Mr. Roy to come out, which he never did. "Ahem? Mr. Udayveer?", Uday slowly turned around, Mr. Roy stood behind him, he didn't look impressed, but suddenly Mr. Roy's expression changed, "Oh so romantic! Going against me to meet her!" he said clapping his hands gleefully. Uday forced a laugh, Mr. Roy took his arm and led him across the store to a different change room, "I have all the outfits in there, just see which one fits you best! Then we'll see what jhooti goes with it" Mr. Roy pushed him inside. Uday tried on the outfits but they were either too tight or to ugly. Finally, out of frustration he threw down the outfits and stormed outside, "Mr. Roy! You showed me a brilliant sketch! Yet all the clothes in the change room are garbage!" he shouted. Everyone in the room (Jai, Mr. Roy, his three female assistants) stopped and stared. "Will anyone answer my question?" Uday crossed his arms over his bare chest. 'Bare Chest' Uday looked down and realized he wasn't wearing a shirt. All the girls (including Mr. Roy, excluding Jai) screamed in delight. "OMYGAWD SO HOT!" squealed the assistant called Shivani. Uday rolled his eyes and turned back to the change room, "Can you believe it girls it worked!" he heard Mr. Roy whispered. Uday spun around, "What?!". Mr. Roy chuckled, "Oh Uday Darling! It was just a prank". "If you've had your share of laughs, can I get my original outfit?" Uday growled. Mr. Roy giggled, "Yes! Yes!" he handed Uday a black bag. He shook his head, Uday unzipped the top part just to make sure it wasn't another prank. He smiled, it wasn't, "You checked it? Good! Now let me take you to the real change room" Mr. Roy snickered and pulled him along.

Rajveer stood outside the shops and answered his vibrating phone, "What I heard, is it right?!" Rajani shrieked into the phone. "Yes Rani, she agreed" Rajveer muttered. "I want this engagement to be delayed at all costs!" she ordered. "Why Rani?" he asked. "I have a plan, and I need a few days to execute it" she explained. Rajveer looked around to make sure no one was listening, "I'll see what I can do".

Manyatha had just finished putting the lehnga back in its bag when she heard squeals and screams outside her change room. Manyatha threw her bag over her shoulder and ran outside, she slammed into something rock hard. She stumbled backwards, a hand gripped her arm, "Are you okay Princess?" asked Uday. She blinked for a bit, and shook her head, "Yea, fine". Uday smirked, "Aacha? So you weren't thrown in shock by my Greek Godlike chiseled abs, or my amazing muscles?". Manyatha finally noticed he didn't have a shirt on, "Uh no, and Im pretty sure thats its all fake" she shook her head. Uday raised his eyebrows, "You really think so?". Manyatha nodded, "Yep". Uday chuckled, "I dare you to punch me" he challenged her. Manyatha smirked, "Okay". She raised her fist and punched it, Manyatha hissed in pain when her hand made contact with his rock-hard abs, "I told you Princess" Uday held her hand and rubbed it. Manyatha pulled back her hand, "What are you made of? Stone?" she muttered. Uday laughed, Mr. Roy (who had been standing off to the side watching the couples interaction) began pulling Uday away again, "You can talk about his Godlike figure afterwards, but right now we have some work to do!". Manyatha giggled, "Godlike? Yeah right! I'd say he's more Devilish!". Uday shot her his killer smirk and said, "Devilishly Handsome" he winked. Manyatha heard some screams from behind her, she turned around, the three assistants were standing and watching. Manyatha rolled her eyes, "Do you think I could sneak in the room?" she heard on of them whisper. "Excuse me?" Manyatha glared at her. "I'm sorry but is he your fiance? No so it'd be best if you kept your hands to yourself" Manyatha hissed at the girl. She brushed past them, sending each and everyone one them a withering look. "So Jiji how'd you like the lehnga?!" Jai pounce on her. Manyatha grinned, "It was fantabulous!". Manyatha looked around, "Wheres Rajveer?". Jai looked around And shrugged, "Work? I don't know". "What are you girls doing? Sit! We have to choose your matching shoes!" Mr. Roy appeared on that catwalk supporting at least twenty boxes of shoes, the girs ran up to him and helped him down. "Oh thank you darlings" he said gratefully. The sisters sat down, "So, can we pick what shoes?" asked Manyatha. "Not yet Darling, we have to wait for the Prince" Mr. Roy explained. "The Prince is here!" Uday walked in holding his own black bag. "And the Prince is impressed with Mr. Roy" Uday laughed. Mr. Roy giggled, "Oh your too kind!". Uday sat down beside Manyatha, "So where did we leave off?" he asked. Manyatha who was intently staring at the shoe boxes muttered, "Your devilishly handsome good looks" she said subconsciously.

I'll be revealing their outfits in the engagement update! I already have Manyathas Lehnga chosen, but I haven't found Udays yet. Next update will have Jealous Manyatha and Manveer, I'll be dedicating the next update to Manveer and ONLY Manveer!GOD PROMISE!

Important Announcement:
ALSO! I'D LOVE IT IF YOU GUYS WOULD FORWARD THE POLL PMS TO YOUR BUDDIES! I forgot to add it to my poll pm's, school starts in a week, and I still have mush for brains, *Sigh*.

She ran after him with the killer heel, "TAKE THAT BACK OR ELSE!". Uday ducked as a heel flew over his head, "Or else, what?!" he teased. The heel hit a mirror making it shatter into a million pieces. Mr. Roy freaked out, "OHMYGOD! HUMARA STORE!!" he screamed.

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