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-Life and it's ways- FF - Chapter 28 (pg 49) (Page 23)

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finally i read chappy 13,14 n15.i was scared about the twist.but m ok now.wht a twist!loved it. humn!wht will happen next?!?!can't writers r far better than our cvs.thank u 4 pm me.update soon.

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Great Update Gurr! I'm Sure That Uday Won't Spare Rajveer! Hope Manyata Won't Act Childish & Behave Like A Mature Girl Wid Her Decisions! Ty 4 d pm & Update Soon! 

P.S : Sorrie 4 Replying Late As I Was Super Busy!

P.P.S: I've Suggested Few Names 4ur New FF Hope You Like It! 

1. ~The Love Square~
2. ~Rythm Of Love~

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Chapter 16

Manyatha was leaning on the car, she looked down at the file, "Shall we go?" Rajveer asked. Manyatha shook her head, "I'm waiting for Seema". She'd told everyone that she was leaving, by everyone she meant Mr. Gill. Manyatha looked up and saw Seema heading their way. "Yuvrani Sa, what happened?" she asked. "Kuch bhi Nahin, Chalo!" Manyatha opened the car door and sat down. Rajveer sat down beside her, and Seema sat up front. "Driver, Devghar Palace in Mumbai" Rajveer ordered. The first few hours were quiet, and for Manyatha they were like hell. "Manyatha, I'm so glad you believed me and not Udayveer, it honestly makes me feel..."
Manyatha cut off Rajveer before he could finish. "No Rajveer, don't think that just because i sided with you that you and I will be good friends, I still haven't forgotten about everything you did when we were younger" she glared at him. Rajveer raised his eyebrow, "I'm sure it's that Uday that told you those lies" he grumbled. Manyatha glowered at him, "It would be best if you kept your mouth shut Raj" she hissed. Rajveer scowled and turned away. She turned and looked out the window, it was pitch-black outside, Manyatha leaned her forehead up against the cool window and closed her eyes, she had flashbacks of todays events. The tears she had tried so hard to keep back, slowly made their way down her face.

Uday had the gas pedal all the way down, he swerved in between cars, his grip on the steering wheel tightened with every minute. He had lost sight of Manyathas car, and right now he had only one destination, Devghar Palace. By the time he entered Mumbai, the sun was already making its way up. His cell was ringing off the hook, out of frustration he picked it up, "What?!" he snapped. Unnati sounded surprised on the other end, "Dada? Are you angry because you saw the news?". Uday lifted his foot off the gas pedal and slowed down, "What news?". Unnati gasped, "You don't know? Where are you?!" she asked. "Mumbai, now tell me the news!" Uday urged. Unnati sighed, "It'd be best if you come to the hotel Dada". Uday looked up, he was five minutes away from it, "Okay Choti I'll be there in a few minutes". Uday looked towards the direction where the palace was, he decided it was best to see what this news was first.

"Yuvrani Sa, the palace" Seema shook her awake. Manyathas eyes fluttered open. A small smile on her face, "Thanks for waking me up" she yawned. Seema bowed and moved out of her way, Manyatha looked up at the palace. Her mouth fell open, it was being decorated, outside was a sign that said 'Yuvrani Manyatha & Yuvraj Udayveers Engagement Party'. Manyatha turned and grabbed the file. She noticed Rajveer was still asleep, "Yuvrani Sa, Rajveer?" asked Seema. "Leave him" Manyatha shut the door. She stormed into the palace shouting, "Dadi Sahib! Maa! Data!". She found them at the table enjoying breakfast, DS stood up, "Beta? Aap toh-". Manyatha glared at her, "Hum early hain, Right?". Brijraj stood up, "Beta, kya hua? Itna gussa?". Komal walked over to her, "Yes! What happened?". Manyatha walked past Komal and Brijraj, she took DS's hand and shoved the file into it, "What's the meaning of this Dadi Sahib?". DS looked confused, she opened the file and her face went pale. "Come with me" DS led Manyatha away from the dining table into her office. "Uday said that you knew all about this yet ordered everyone not to tell me! Is he right?" Manyatha asked. DS sat down on her chair, she leaned back and closed her eyes. "Sit down, I'll tell you everything". Manyatha did as she was told.
"It was when you were too young to remember, back then I'd been going through one of the biggest battles of my life. I was fighting lung cancer" a grim expression appeared on Her face as she remembered. Manyatha gasped, "You never told me or Jai!". DS put her hand up, "Please don't interrupt". Manyatha nodded obediently. "Anyways, the doctors had said my chances of surviving were slim, everyone kept the hope I would survive, yet I didn't. I requested to be treated in the palace, so I could be close to my family, when my last moments came. I would see you playing with Uday, and I would get this strange fear inside of me. After I left, what would happen to you? Back in those days your mother had become an emotional mess, and your father, to unleash stress would drink and gamble. To secure your future I decided to get you and Uday engaged, Giriraj was the one who suggested the concept. We made a contract, and had you two get engaged before they left for America. I was overjoyed, I knew no matter what, your future was safe. Then came the twist, I began to get better. I had a miraculous recovery. You were eight when I was unhooked from the machines, and allowed to take back my Riyaasat. You had forgotten the engagement, and we didn't think of it important to tell you, your parents and I had decided that, if we told you that you'd probably distance yourself from everybody. Which we didn't want, so that's why I told everyone to keep quiet". Manyatha was shocked, "So when did you decide to tell me?". DS shook her head and sighed, "Udayveer was going to tell you yesterday, but thanks to bad luck you found out before time". Manyatha stiffened, "Dadi Sahib I've decided to not go through with this engagement". DS picked up the file and lazily flipped through the pages, "Beta, I want you to take this file, and think over it" she picked up a pen. "Here's a pen, while deciding remember the time when you were crowned Yuvrani, and you made all those promises, remember them and then choose your final decision, keep in mind your engagement is the day after tomorrow".

'The Royal Love Triangle' practically screamed at him, when Uday picked up the magazine. He looked up at Unnati, she looked worried. Uday surfed through the pages, it had pictures from everything that had happened, they made it look like Manyatha rejected him, and left with Rajveer. He threw the magazine at the wall, and pulled out his phone, "Mr. Gill? How did the media find the camp?!" he shouted. Mr. Gills voice was calm and collected on the other side, "Honestly, I have no clue, they said someone called Rani called them". "Rani?" he grumbled. "Yes, now if you excuse me I have to go reporter hunting" Mr. Gill muttered and then disconnected the call. "Dada, calm down and let me call a nurse to bandage your hand" Unnati forced him to sit down. The nurse came and bandaged his hand, "Remember to change your bandage after a few hours" the nurse said to him before leaving. Uday didn't listen, he was getting a call from DS. He took his phone and went into a different room.
When Uday came out he looked more relaxed, "Choti what time is it?". "Nine o'clock Dada, why?" she answered. Uday leant back on his chair, "Get me breakfast" he said and closed his eyes. "Dada are you okay?" Unnati sounded worried. "Absolutely Fine" he smirked.

Manyatha had taken a long shower, she slipped into her most comfortable pajamas, and lay down on her bed. She had Seema close the blinds and turn off the light before she left. Manyatha stared at the ceiling, she remember the day she was crowned Yuvrani,

Manyatha stepped up to the podium. Her eyes traveled over the huge crowds of people, they were here to celebrate her. Brijraj extended his hand, Manyatha took it gratefully and he helped her up the last few stairs. DS led her over to the Golden Chair, DS hugged her and cupped her face, "It was once mine, and now it is yours". Manyathas grinned and turned back to the huge crowd, she recited all her promises, but the last one was the most important, "I swear to put my Riyaasat before anything else! I shall sacrifice everything and anything for it". The crowd went crazy, "YUVRANI MANYATHA KI! JAI!" they all shouted in unison.

~Flash•Back End~

Manyathas eyes flew open, she pulled herself up and blinked, she must've fallen asleep. She stretched and rubbed her eyes, Manyatha jammed her feet into her slippers and stood up, her eyes landed on the file and pen, they were sitting on her bedside table. She picked them up and sat back on her bed. Manyatha flipped to the page she was supposed to sign, Manyatha studied the while contract for a while, and finally she gave up, Manyatha threw it over her shoulder, "Seema! Get me my lawyer!" she shouted.

"Dada!" Unnati ran into his room and jumped on his bed. "Choti! What are you? A five year old?" he groaned and sat up. Unnati giggled, "Nu-Uh! But Dada to be serious, dad called". Uday sat up, "What?!". "He didn't sound too happy" Unnati frowned. Uday smacked his forehead, "Argh! I completely forgot! I was supposed to do a background check on the Choudarys Inc., and then send it to him...did he go back?" Uday asked. Unnati nodded, "Apparently there was some loss of some sort". Uday shook his head, "Could you give me the phone?". Unnati held it out to him. He smiled "Thanks". After getting scolded by Giriraj early morning Udayveer was not in a good mood. He got dressed in his usual business attire, a pair of dark blue jeans, and a half sleeve black shirt (you know something like he wore in the show*). Unnati was lazing around on a sofa when he was leaving, "Where you going Dada?" she asked. Uday was too busy texting his secretary to give her a proper answer, "Work". He opened the door and walked towards the elevator. He stopped texting and pressed the last floor button. Uday planned to go to the Mahal afterwards to see what was going to happen next, like many people had said, 'There are some things that cannot be discussed over the phone' and these were one of them. Uday stepped out onto the first floor, and headed for his car, he got a text back from Tej, his secretary. Uday didn't notice where he was going, that's how he collided into someone. His shoulder hit hers, Udays phone flew out of his hand, he caught it with the same had and the other shot out and made its way around the waist of the person he'd bumped into. A purple dupatta flew into his face, he pulled it down and looked down at the person he had caught. It was Manyatha, she had one hand holding onto his collar and the other around his neck. "Princess?" he muttered confused. She coughed, "Yes, it's me". Uday straightened, but didn't let go of her, and he noticed with pleasure that she didn't let go of him either. "Here to apologize?" Uday smirked. Manyatha let go of him and pushed him away, "Actually...yes" she seemed deflated. "You were right, Dadi Sahib..." Manyatha began rambling off an apology. Uday smiled and nodded, even after yesterday he couldn't be mad at Manyatha, if he was Angry that was because of Rajveer, and no one else, Manyatha wasn't at fault. "Uday? Did you hear what I said?!" she shook his arm. "Yes I did" he replied. "Are you mad at me?" she pouted. Uday laughed, "Who could be mad at you Princess? You're the cutest when you apologize!" he pinched her cheek. Manyatha swatted away his hand, she glared at him, "I apologized to you, doesn't mean I've forgiven you Uday, I still don't like you". Uday smirked, "Whatever". Manyatha poked his arm, "How can you say 'Whatever'? I'm going to be your wife! How can you just say that?!" she shouted. Uday stepped back and looked shocked, "What did you say?!". Manyatha looked away and grumbled, "I signed the contract".

*His outfits in the show were A1 tip-top, first class! I seriously want to know who designed them!

This was more of a boring Schmur (sh-em-ur) update, OODLES AND OODLES of promises that I will have the next update stack to the top with Manveer, and of course the Sinister Siblings Aka Rajani et Rajveer (you guys thought I was talking about Sushant and Dilip didn't you hehe) don't worry all your confusions will be cleared in Chapter 17, so stay tuned!


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Great update!!! I cannot wait to read more!!

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superb update cont soon :) 

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 i love it,its amazing..and i love it even more because manyata and uday are not all the time lovey dovey..finally, can u please shoe more of jealous uday please :)Embarrassed

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i loved it wen inspte of being angry wit uday m shouted at rajveer!!!!!!! and last part was suprb!!!!!!! loved it!!!! cntinue soon!!!!!! and thanks for the pm

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