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-Life and it's ways- FF - Chapter 28 (pg 49) (Page 19)

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@Everyone All of your comments made me smile Big smile big time the whole time I was reading ur comments my face > Big smile Big smile Thank you everyone! The next update might be late! So forums ghosts this is a little heads up, might post the day free the next
... Smile

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I just read last 3 updates in one go and they are sooo brilliant! Wow!! Love the cute nok-jhok, romance and the thrill in this story. Superb updates! Adore this FF!

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Great update!!!!

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 fantastic update !!!

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     How y'all doin? Good i hope! heres the pm list guys, like if you want to be added in!!

























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great post dear Big smile
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oh my goshh,dat was feaking awesome!!!!!!!! uday pickng m in his arms,their kiss,and he likes her,he tld dat in frnt of thse kids too!!!!!!!! how romntic!!!!!!! waitng to seee mreee manveerr sprks!!!!!!!!! do pm me agn

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Chapter 14
"JIJI!" Jai shouted running through the bushes. "Jai!!" Manyatha limped towards her and engulfed her in a hug. Unnati ran to Uday crying, "DADA!". Uday grinned, "Calm down Choti!". Mr. Gill walked in followed by Rajveer and the nannies. The nannies picked up the sleeping twins and waited. Rajveer on the other hand was watching the 'emotional' meetings. Mr. Gill looked annoyed, "This is what happens when you dont listen!". Manyatha looked down sheepishly, "I'm sorry Mr. Gill". Mr. Gill turned around, "You are partially forgiven, now follow me!". On their trek back they'd hear strange noises coming from around them, red and yellow eyes would peer at them from the trees, Manyatha held onto Uday the whole way through. When they entered the camp grounds everyone sighed in relief. "GO TO SLEEP! WE HAVE A BIG DAY AHEAD OF US TOMORROW!" Mr. Gill shouted. They all agreed and began to file back into their cabins. "So Mr. Gill, guess the fear of Royals finally compelled you to rescue us, eh?" Uday smirked. Mr. Gill chuckled, "No not really, I was forced to! Your sister and Jai wouldn't let me sleep! They literally stood outside my window and whined". Uday frowned and watched Mr. Gill retire to his cabin.

As soon as her head hit the pillow she fell asleep. Manyatha was absolutely exhausted. "Jji!" Jai whispered in ear. Manyatha groaned, her sleep bubble had been popped, "What Jai!". "Tell me what happened!" she whispered excitedly. Manyatha rolled her eyes, "Nothing!". "I can see the scars on your leg Jiji!" Jai muttered. Manyatha raised her head and looked at her leg, "I'll get them checked in the morning, now go to sleep!". Jai shook her head, "TELL ME!" she shook Manyatha. "Where's Unnati? I don't want to repeat this twice!" Manyatha sat up. "She's gone to talk with Uday!" Jai explained. "Okay. So we found the twins..." It took half an hour to tell Jai everything, "So he picked me up and Kissed me..." Manyatha covered her mouth. 'Oh no' she thought. At first Jais expression was plain, and then it changed, first she smiled, it grew wider and then Jai screamed. "JIJI HE KISSED YOU! JIJIJIJI" Jai almost fell of the top bunk. Manyatha slapped her forehead, "Oh God!". "JIJI HE LIKES YOU! HE REALLY DOES!!" Jai looked like she was in heaven. "Jai, it wouldn't matter! Because he's only a friend! And no more!" Manyatha forced a grin. Jai quieted down, and gave Manyatha a serious look. "Jiji, does your heart beats quicken when he's around?" Jai asked.
"Does something sting you, when he is with other girls?" she asked again.
"Actually yes...but what does that have to do with anything" Manyatha looked confused.
"Tell me, did you have little fireworks go off in your head when he kissed you?!" Jai inquired.
"Well yeah, doesn't that happen to everybody?" Manyatha was still clueless. Jai gave her a hug, "My dear sweet innocent Jiji, you are in love! Love!".

Unnati massaged Udays head, "So tell me Dada, how did you get such a terrible gash in your head?" she asked. Uday wasnt paying attention, he still had Manyatha in his head. He felt elated when ever she was around, to him anything she said was beautiful, like poetry itself...Uday frowned, why was he getting so sappy? "Dada!" Unnati shook him. "What?!" Uday asked. "Keep it down! Some of us are trying to sleep!" Rajveer growled from a few bunks away. Unnati giggled, "Sorry Raju!". Udays frown deepened, 'Raju'? What was going on with Unnati. He pushed that thought out of his head, and went back to thinking of Manyatha, Unnatis words were still rolling in his head, could it be? Could Yuvraj Udayveer actually be in love? Yes, yes he could. His thoughts were once again interrupted by Unnati, "Dada! Answer my question!" Unnati whispered. "Yes!" Uday looked up at her and grinned. Unnati looked confused, "Yes what Dada?". "Yes, I'm in love!" Uday stood up abruptly. "Dada!" Unnati looked overjoyed. Uday glanced over at her, "Go to bed! I have some planning to do!" Uday whispered excitedly. He pushed her out of the door and went to his bunk, pulled out a file with empty papers and began scribbling something in them.

"Jai...Are you sure?" Manyatha asked. "I'm 100% certain, that's exactly how I felt when I met Jaggat!" Jai giggled. "Jaggat? Whose that?" Manyatha raised her eyebrows. "Um- my love story after, let's focus on Yours first!" Jai laughed nervously. Manyatha bit down on her lip, "Jai...if its true then?..". "Then what!!?" Unnati walked in, a broad grin on her face. "What did he say!?" Jai inquired. "He said Yes!!" Unnati squealed. Manyatha glared at them, all nervousness gone, "Look, I won't believe till I hear it with my own ears". Unnati winked, "Don't worry Manyatha you will". Afterwards, Manyatha was left sleepless, and the other two girls were busy, already planning the wedding.

"MORNING! EVERYONE!" Mr. Gill burst into their cabins. "Morning Mr. Gill" they answered. "Get ready! Have breakfast! We're going to the archery range!" he shouted. Groaning everyone got ready, and went to the Cafeteria Cabin. The seven royals walked in thinking it'd be just them, but they we're wrong, the cafeteria was full of commoners. So full they couldn't get a table to themselves. When they walked in the whole room stopped what they were doing, and stared. Manyatha smiled and waved, and all the others followed her lead. Uday, who couldn't take his eyes off of her, was feeling jealous, all the commoners had their eyes on her, and she'd chosen today to wear a pale green tank top with knee-length black shorts. He stood beside her, close enough that everyone knew that she was off limits, and far enough so that she didn't notice. The royals were scattered all through the cafeteria, Jai, Dilip and Unnati were at one end, and Manyatha, Uday, Sushant and Rajveer at the other. "Manyatha I have a question!" Rajveer said. Manyatha took a bite out of her Paratha, "Shoot!". "You've been here before, so it's only a three day camp?" asked Rajveer. Manyatha chewed and swallowed, "Yep! At the end he holds a dance!" she smiled. Rajveer nodded. "A dance, Princess? Really? That grouchy potato and Dance?" Uday laughed. "I guess by grouchy potato you mean-" Manyatha Giggled. "Mr. Gill" all of them looked up. Sushant laughed, "Hello Mr. Grouchy Potato". Mr. Gill stood in front of their table, a cup of coffee in his hand. He smiled at Sushant, "Hello misguided Prince!". He looked at the other three, "I want you out of here in three minutes, were going to the archery range, and this 'grouchy potato' isn't going to save you no matter how much your family whines" Mr. Gill spoke. Manyatha and Uday nodded sheepishly, Rajveer tried not to laugh, and Sushant...well he was absolutely clueless.

"This is the archery rang, here you will shoot bows and arrows, without killing one another! If you do! Not my fault, I already warned you!" there were some nervous chuckles when Mr. Gill said that. Uday looked towards Rajveer, who was checking how sharp an arrow is and at the same time studying Manyatha. They were all given their own bow and arrow. Uday who was already a warrior prince, knew how to do everything perfectly. Identify your target, line it up, wait and shoot! He picked up his bow and arrow, and saw Manyatha eyeing hers hesitantly, "You know Princess, I have a headache, maybe you can give me more of your medicine? It'd be appreciated" he smirked. Manyatha flushed and picked up an arrow, and threw it. Udays eyes widened, the arrow hissed past his ear, "Aaah, Manyatha! Why'd you do that?!" Udays hand flew up to his ear. He made a pained expression and crippled over. Manyatha ran to him, "Sorry Uday I didn't mean to" she had her arms around him, "Let me see" she moved closer, "It hurts" he grumbled. Manyathas face showed guilt, "I'm really sorry, is it hurting that bad? Can I see it?" she asked. Uday shook his head, "No". Manyatha tried lifting his hand, "Let me see it!".
"No" he resisted.
"Move your hand!"
"No!" Uday accidentally let his hand loosen.
"Ah-ha! I knew it! You faker" Manyatha pulled it off with ease. She stood up, and walked away muttering something about 'payback'. Uday grinned, got up and brushed himself off. He got back to his place and was about to shoot his arrows when he heard giggling and laughter behind him. Uday turned around to see Rajveer and Unnati trying to shoot a bow and arrow together. Rajveer noticed him looking, he smirked at him and winked. Uday balled up his fists, "Unnati!" he barked. She looked up, her eyes widened and she stood away from Rajveer, "Y-yes Dada?" she asked. "I need to talk to you" he growled grabbing her arm and dragging her away.

Rajveer watched Udayveer drag Unnati away, he smirked. Everything was going according to plan.

She was concentrated on shooting the bow and arrow. Manyatha wasn't good at the bow and arrow, but she was absolutely amazing when it came to shooting. She was struggling with the bow and arrow when she felt two strong arms slip around her, the hands traveled to her own hands and began guiding them. Manyatha of course knew who it was, Uday. He rested his chin on her shoulder, and helped her, "First find your target" he guided her arms over towards a tree, "Second, Line it up" Uday shifted her arms, "And finally, shoot" the arrow sliced through the air and hit the tree with a *thwang*. He let go of her, she turned around, and aimed the arrow at his heart. "One minute, and you'll be lying in a pool of your own blood" she muttered. Uday chuckled, "I think you should lay off the horror movies for a while, and besides, your aiming at the wrong place" Uday turned the arrow around so it faced her, "That's where my heart is" he winked. Manyatha blushed, and at the same time, glared at him, she opened her mouh to say something but was interrupted. "Break time! Your lunches are ready!" Mr. Gill jumped up behind them. Manyatha stepped back surprised, Uday swore, "How the hell does he do that?" he asked Manyatha. She shrugged, "Magic? I dont know..". They began walking to the lunch tables that were kept beside the archery range. Jai caught up with them, she looked flustered, "Kya hua Jai?" Manyatha asked. "The twins have tried to kiss me at least five times" she looked shaken. Manyatha and Uday shared a look, and burst out laughing. Jai frowned, "What's so funny? Hum ko bitayi!". Manyatha wiped the tears that were running down her face, "You won't understand Jai, you won't understand" she giggled. "Speaking of the devils, where are they?" asked Uday. "Their nannies are bringing them" she replied. "Hey Uday where's Unnati? I saw you two going somewhere?" Jai asked Uday. Udays expression changed, "She said she wasn't feeling good, so she went back to her cabin". Manyatha noticed the change in Uday, there was something else going on...
They all sat down for lunch, Uday sat across from Manyatha, beside Manyatha was Rajveer and Jai. Uday immediately regretted sitting across from her. Beside Uday was the twins, and Unnati was still nowhere to be seen. They'd all been served fruit platters consisting of, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, melons, mangoes, bananas, you name it, the platter had it. Everything was going fine until... Something hit Manyathas cheek, "Hey!" Manyatha picked up a piece of pineapple. "Who threw this" she looked at the twins, who then pointed to Uday. Uday looked at the twins and then back and Manyatha, he shook his head, but too late the melon piece was already flying through the air. It hit him right between the eyes, it's got stuck and then slowly slid down his face. "Jiji!" Jai tried to stop Manyatha who was now sending a hand full of strawberries at him. "No Jai! Don't stop me now!". Uday recovered from the attacks and scooped up a handful of blueberries. He flung them at her, "MY EYE!" she screamed. Everyone stopped, Dilip stopped trying to put watermelon down Sushants pants, and Jai who was eating stopped chewing, Rajveer began to put his hand on her shoulder, but Uday intervened, he pushed his hand to the side and bent down in front of her. He shook her, "Kuch toh bholo!". Manyatha had her hands over eyes, "Your berries hit my eyes" she whimpered. "What?!" Uday shouted. "JUST KIDDING!" Manyatha gabbed her fruit bowl, and dumped it on his head. Uday stood up, pieces of mangoes in his hair, fruit syrup drenched his face and a pineapple ring was on his nose. Manyatha plucked a strawberry from his shoulder and ate it. Everyone at the table burst out laughing. Manyatha decided to face him, she stood up on the bench until they were eye to eye, "Payback!" she smirked. Uday raised his eyebrows, shrugged and left. Manyatha watched his retreating figure, confused, "Must say Manyatha that was a great plan" Rajveer praised her when she sat down. She gave him a small smile, "Hehe, thanks". Sushant glared at her, "That wasn't nice Mannu! Dilips the one who threw the fruit at you!". Manyathas mouth fell open, "Wha-what?!" Dilip who was rolling on the ground laughing, stood up and nodded, "Heheeheheheheh yep!". Manyatha glanced around, "Where are your nannies?!". "Break! Why?" asked Dilip. "I wanted to do this-" she reached over the table and pulled both of their ears, "*Shetan Ki tootiyan" she muttered while they squealed.

It's was mid-afternoon, everyone was just walking around, Mr. Gill had given them a lot of time after archery to do what they wanted. Manyatha hadn't seen Uday at all since the incident. At the moment she was all alone, Manyatha was lying on the soft grass, there was a cool breeze blowing, she had her eyes closed and was listening to the song birds. "Manyatha" she opened her eyes Mr. Gill was standing over her. She sat up, "Yes sir?". "We're going to the lake! Everyone's left aren't you coming?" he asked. Manyatha didn't feel like it, Uday hadn't shown up where they were supposed to meet up to leave, she had been worried and decided to leave it. "No, I'm fine, but thank you for asking" she sighed. Mr. Gill patted her head and left. She decided to grab a book, she'd brought a few, they were in her cabin. She slowly made her way to the cabin, she pulled open the door to her cabin and stepped inside. It was dark, she felt for the lights but didn't find them, instead there was a cool hard wall, 'Wait a second' she thought, the wall felt like cloth. She pulled at it, "Trying to take off my clothes already, hmm?" he laughed. Manyatha gasped, "Uday?!" the lights turned on. Uday pulled Manyatha inside and locked the door. Manyatha looked up at Uday, he smirked and pushed her up against the wall. Uday traced the side of her face with his finger, "You turned out to be much clever then I thought, Princess" he used his killer smirk. Manyatha noticed that behind Uday, the cabin was full with candles. She tried to move away from him but he had her locked down, behind her was the wall, in front of her was Uday, and his arms on either side. She had no means of escape. They were alone, in her cabin, the others wouldn't be back until 8 and at the moment it was 6. She gulped, "Not good" she muttered to herself. "Did you say something?" he asked. Manyatha shook her head vigorously, "No, nothing I just wanted to say sorry...again". "You know-" Uday started, but was cut off by Manyatha. She kissed his left cheek, "Im sorry" she whispered. She then kissed his right cheek, "I'm sorry" she said aloud. Uday was frozen on the spot. Manyatha then got on her tiptoes and kissed his forehead, "Im extremely very sorry!". She made a puppy-dog face. Uday was still on cloud nine, "Manyatha, it's okay!". "So you'll leave?" she looked at him hopefully. Uday laughed, "Not so easily". Manyatha scowled, "I kissed you and that too three times what else do you want?!" she grumbled. "I think you know what I want" he winked. Manyatha gasped, "Chi! Uday! You gutter-minded person!". Uday laughed, Manyatha gave him a shove and ran out of the cabin, she was still blushing. "Gustaafi maaf Rajkumariji" she bumped into someone, it was Seema. Uday walked out behind her, "See you at the lake Manyatha" he shot her a flirty smile and left. Manyathas cheeks flushed bright pink, "I need to get my coat!". Seema came after her, "What are with these candles?" she asked. "I don't know..." she tried to turn on the lights, "Guess the electricity is out" she muttered. Manyatha bent over her suitcase and began rummaging for a sweater, "YUVRANI SA!" she heard a scream, it was Seema. "Kya hua?!" she turned around and screamed. A few of candles had tipped over, the cabin had caught on fire, and Manyatha was stuck inside.

*My favorite saying Tongue

So how was that?! Early update! Yes I know that's a first for me LOL keep those comments coming! I'll Announce the result of the poll in my next update...until then Cheerio! And the precap? Where is it Gurr? Well you see...uh...I'll show it in chapter 15! That precap should've been for this update extremely sorry Embarrassed


Precap- Same as chapter 13 Embarrassed

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