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-Life and it's ways- FF - Chapter 28 (pg 49) (Page 16)

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hmmm,interestinggg,waitnngg for ur updateee!!!!!!!!!! and dek forum is superb bcoz of all the lovely os,ffs,written episodes!!!!!!!!!!!! luv them a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Chapter 11

"Im Yuvraj Rajveer, you might remember me as Raj" he smirked. Manyatha studied Rajveer closely, could this be the same Raj she'd met when she was fourteen?


"Manyatha Beta how about you take Jai and Unnati and go sit with the other children?" Komal suggested. Brijraj pushed Jai towards her, "And don't make too much noise, after all this is a funeral" he muttered. Manyatha nodded, "Papa, Im not five anymore" she laughed. Brijraj gave her strained smile and patted her cheek, "Go". Manyatha found Unnatis caretaker and asked if she could take Unnati, "Yayy! Let's go!" Unnati and Jai squealed. Jai was now eleven, and Unnati ten. It was the funeral of Maharani Tanvis father, Maharaja Ranvijay, all of the royals families had arrived to partake in their sorrow. Manyatha had over the years almost forgotten Uday, if it wasn't for Unnati she wouldn't even remember him! They got to the large fountain in the garden, Manyatha noticed a twelve year old girl sitting alone, she pushed Jai and Unnati to go play with her, and they did. The girl looked up, it was Rajkumari Rajani. They ran around the fountain then left before Manyatha could catch them. Tired she sat down on the fountain. "Hi, I'm Raj" she looked up, it was a fifteen year old boy, he was wearing a white kurta and jeans, his black hair stuck up at weird angles and his mouth was twisted into what looked like a permanent smirk. Manyatha stood up, "I'm Manyatha" she smiled and extended her hand. His expression seemed to change, he took her hand and instead of shaking it, he twisted it behind her back, it was the same arm she'd broken. Manyatha let out yelp of pain, that arm had never properly healed. "Teri itnee himut! Tum yaha agayi?!" he growled. "Let go, or else!" she struggled. "Or else what?" he chuckled. Raj laughed coldly, "There's no Udayveer to save you now" Raj hissed. Manyatha opened her mouth and let out a scream, "MAA!". Raj immediately let go, her parents ran in, "Kya hua Manyatha beta?" they asked. All the others filed in after them. "Maa! Raj...he twisted my arm! And now it hurts!" she sobbed. Brijraj looked around, "Kon?". "Voh!" Manyatha shouted and turned around. He was gone, Manyatha wiped her tears, where'd he go? "He was here! I swear!" Manyatha said to Komal. Komal soothed her, "Don't worry, whoever it was, we'll catch him...but for now let's take care of your swelling arm". The funeral was conducted and after they left, Brijraj had told the whole police force of India to look out for who Manyatha had seen, but they never found him.

{End of Flash*Back}

Uday walked up behind Rajveer, Manyatha looked over at him, then she looked at Rajveer. Rajveer looked dull compared to Uday...Wait! Did she just think that? Manyatha was utterly confused, "Uh well..". Sushant came to her rescue, "Hum Mannu ka sath hain!". Sushant glared at Rajveer, "I'm sitting with Mannu!". Manyatha smiled in relief, "Yes sorry, Sushant is going to sit with me". Rajveer scowled at Sushant, Uday smirked, "Clever little boy" he muttered. Rajveer turned around and glared at Uday who glared back. "So you two, will have to find a different seat" Manyatha pointed to the back.

At first Uday had thought Manyatha didn't remember the terrible things Rajveer had done to her, but the expressions that followed Rajveers question, hinted that she did remember. Sushant was also being sneaky, he only mentioned himself and not Uday, "Clever little boy" he chuckled. Uday was was all smiles until Manyatha told him to get another seat, he looked around there were only two free seats, all the others were full with people and suitcases. Uday and Rajveer looked at each other surprised, "I'm not sitting with you" they growled at each other. They looked around again, no other seats were available. Grudgingly they sat down, Uday took hold of the window seat and sat down. He could see Manyatha looking backwards at them and giggling. He'd get back at her for this.

Manyatha wasn't sure if she should be worried about Raj or laughing because of Uday. Sushant had dozed off half an hour ago, Jai and Unnati were on their mp3's and Seema was reading a book. The other two she didn't even want to mention. "All alone" she sighed and looked out the window. The media were swarming their bus, Manyatha waved to a few people and they waved back. The plan to get rid of the media was, they'd stop at a hotel and switch busses, it was a good plan, but it could fail. *Ding* Manyatha looked down, she'd just gotten a message, it was from Udayveer...their conversation went something like this-
Udayveer- Feeling bored Princess,
Manyatha- how'd you get my number?
Udayveer- I have my ways Wink
Manyatha- did you know I'm bored?
Udayveer- I can tell, hum bi bored hain! Tongue
Manyatha- why don't you talk to Rajveer?
Udayveer- Shocked
Manyatha- Kya?
Udayveer- Would you talk to you enemy if you were bored?
Manyatha- I'm texting you aren't I? LOL
Udayveer- Not fair Princess, I thought we were friends! Unhappy
Udayveer- Or are we more than that? Smile Wink
Manyatha- um... Embarrassed
Udayveer- Hiye! Blushing over the phone! Too good Big smile
Manyatha- Shut up Uday!
Udayveer- I'm not talking! LOL
-Manyatha has left the conversation-

Manyatha turned around, Uday looked up and winked. Manyatha noticed that Rajveer had seen that, she blushed bright pink and sat down. *Ding* another text from Udayveer.
Udayveer- Humse dar gayi? Tongue
Manyatha- Nahi!
Udayveer- You didn't answer my question!
Manyatha- I've told you that friend and only friends!
Udayveer- And what if I change that? Wink
Manyatha- LOL Hahhahah good luck!
Udayveer- why the good luck?
Manyatha- I have my eye on that Rajveer, he's looking quite handsome...isn't he Uday? Wink
-Udayveer has left the conversation-

Manyatha burst out laughing, Seema looked up from her book, Jai and Unnati stopped their music, Sushant woke up and even Dilip came to see what had happened. "What's so funny?" asked Unnati. Manyatha stood up, she was still laughing. She glanced over at Uday, he was glaring at her, his cheeks had gone red with anger, Manyatha noticed that he looked cute, and then there was Rajveer who was rolling his eyes. Manyatha moved through the bus and stood infront of Uday and Rajveer, she leant past Rajveer and grabbed both of Udays cheeks, "Unnati your brother is too cute when he's jealous!" she giggled. Everyone else burst out laughing just as Manyatha stopped, she let go of Uday cheeks and rushed back to her chair. Both of their cheeks were burning.

They arrived at the hotel around midnight, they got out of the bus, put on their disguises and headed out the backdoor of the hotel towards their other bus. Sushant and Dilip were both asleep, they were being carried by their nannies, who had been with them on the bus the whole time, but no one noticed them. Jai and Unnati were still together. Everyone else was on the bus except for Manyatha, she had to go to the washroom. She came out and was walking towards the bus when she felt a hand latch onto her arm and pull her backwards. Manyatha almost screamed, but a hand clamped down on her mouth. She struggled for a bit then stopped, she decided it was best to see who the kidnapper was. "Uday!" he removed his hand from her mouth. "Ji! Hum hain" he smirked. Manyatha turned to walk away, but he had an iron-like grip on both of her arms. "Let go Uday!" she tried to wriggle out of his grip. "Nu-uh, Princess, you're going to pay for what you did on the way or the other" he smirked. Manyatha gulped, "Im sorry?". Uday chuckled, "Sorry isn't going to cut it! But I have another thing in mind". He moved closer, their lips mere centimeters away from each other. Manyatha squeezed her eyes shut. "I want..." his voice husky. Manyathas heart was going a mile a minute, they were so close she could even hear Udays. "To sit with you on the bus" Uday backed away and smiled. Manyatha let out a sigh of relief, "Oh...okay". Uday smirked, "I know what you were thinking, Princess". Manyatha looked away, "Let's go, everyone must be worried". They got on board of the bus, this bus was more spacious, which meant more seats. They chose some at the way back, away from everyone else. As soon as everyone was settled the bus started, and they passed their old one, which was still being swarmed by the media. The three hour trip was quiet, Manyatha didn't bother Uday, and Uday didn't bother her. Even though she tried not to fall asleep she did, she wilted to the side and rested her head on Udays shoulder. "Don't mind me.." she muttered and fell asleep. Uday smiled and rested his head on hers, "Good night Princess". "Mmmf" was his reply.

No precap! Reason? Two updates at the same time!

*,<3, ~

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Chapter 12
- - - -
"Sshh...I think they're waking up" he heard someone whisper. Uday opened his eyes, Jai and Unnati, both were staring at him. He opened his eyes wider, and felt something shift underneath him. He sat up straight, and beside him Manyatha woke up. "Awww! That was so cute" Jai giggled. Uday rubbed the sleep out of his eyes, "What do you mean?" he asked. Manyatha yawned beside him, "Yea what do you mean?". Jai showed them her phone, it was a picture of both of them asleep, Manyatha was leaning on Uday, with her head on his shoulder, and Uday had his head on hers. "Delete that Jai!" Manyatha tried to take the phone from her. Jai laughed and ran out of the bus, Unnati was close on her heels. The only person left in the bus was Seema. "Yuvrani Sa I tried to wake you" she said. Manyatha shook her head, "It's okay". Seema nodded and moved towards the exit, she stopped and waited for Manyatha. Manyatha got up to get past Uday, and at the same time Uday was standing up too. They had a collision and ended up falling back onto the seats, Manyatha on Uday. The two looked at each other sleepily, "Sorry Uday" Manyatha muttered. "It's okay" he answered with a yawn. The two dragged themselves outside, "Morning Royals!" an middle aged man shouted popping up beside Uday. "Oh, hello Mr. Gill" Manyatha greeted him. "Hello! Shello after! I want you two refreshed and ready in ten minutes!" he clapped. "What why?! We just got here!" Uday argued. "Nuh-uh! You two woke up late, all of you arrived an hour ago! It's7:55am!Hurry! Everyone else is ready! We are going for a hike!" Mr. Gill explained. Manyatha sighed, "Okay Mr. Gill, but where are our cabins?" she asked. Mr. Gill pointed to two fancy wooden cabins, "The right one is for Princesses and the left for Princes". Manyatha stretched, "Okay see you in a few minutes" and began to walk away. Uday was still confused, "I thought his was a picnic, it feels more like a camp!". Manyatha laughed, "When we first came here that's what we thought, Mr. Gill did that on purpose, he named his camp Picnic, but trust me it's really fun here" she said smiling. Uday was still unconvinced. They split up and went to their cabins. Exactly ten minutes later they stepped out, Manyatha was wearing khaki capris with a white full sleeve shirt and runners. Uday was wearing shorts and black puma t-shirt with runners too. They met up with everyone else and the edge of the forest. Jai was wearing short-shorts and a tank-top with flip flops, and Unnati was wearing sweats with a hoodie and boots. The twins were wearing black shorts and runners, but Sushant had a shirt with Mario on it, and Dilip a shirt with Sonic printed onto it. Rajveer was wearing something that looked like what Uday was wearing, black shirt, shorts, but he was wearing sandals*. "We will be hiking to the top of that cliff" Mr.Gill pointed upwards. Manyatha looked up and to her it looked like a slanted pointy rock, and to Uday, it looked like a place where Rajveer could harm Manyatha, he glared at Rajveer, who casually looked at him and rolled his eyes.

The hike was peaceful, the air was nice and pollution free, everyone was enjoying themselves except for Manyatha. Her head felt heavy, and every step she took sapped her strength. Uday had drifted off from the group, and was now following Manyatha, incase Rajveer decided to do something. Finally at one point Manyatha collapsed, but Uday was there to catch her. He caught her just before she hit the ground, he crouched and shifted his position so that now he was crouching on one knee, and at the same time cradling Manyatha in his arms. "What happened?!" he asked. Manyatha moaned, "Haven't eaten anything". "Then why didn't you say so!" Uday shouted exasperated. "Mmmhf" she mumbled. Manyatha tried to stand up but failed, she ended up falling back on Uday. "We have to get you back to the cabins!" Uday said. Manyatha shook her head, "I want to get to the cliff!". "Why?" Uday was confused. She smiled and reached out her hand, she patted his cheek, "I want to show you something". "How will you get there?" he asked. She shrugged and pulled back her hand. Which left Uday again disappointed, for once it was Manyatha showing her affection. WAIT! Manyatha showing her affection, Uday squinted at her, did Manaytha have feelings for him? He'd get Unnati and Jai to find out. Manyatha again tried to stand up, and once again fell onto Uday. Uday smirked, "Your in no shape to walk, I'll carry you". Manyatha didn't struggled, she was happy to have some support. The rest of the hike only took fifteen minutes, both Uday and Manyatha enjoyed every second of it! Even though they didn't show it. By the time they reached the cliff, everyone else was already scattered along it, looking down at the ocean and clicking pictures. He set Manyatha down on a large rock, "I might have a granola bar in my pocket" Uday muttered pulling one out. He gave it to Manyatha who scarfed it down. "Now what did you want to show me?" he asked. Manyatha looked confused, "Huh? Oh I thought you were Rajveer" she laughed. Uday abruptly stood up, "What?!". "Just Kidding!" she giggled. Manyatha stretched out her legs, "Come on I'll show you" she grabbed his hand and pulled him along. They passed Dilip and Sushant who were arguing about what would happen if they pushed their nannies in the ocean, and their Nannies were standing off to a side, trying to call their parents. "EXCUSE ME!" Mr. Gill shouted. Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at him. "My camp is electronics free! So I'd like everyone's phones and other devices here!" he held up a big brown basket. They all let out groans and threw their expensive cells in the basket. "Good! Now, you have exactly five minutes to enjoy the splendors of The Cliff! Then we leave, with or without you!" Mr. Gill shouted over the voices that complained about their cells. Manyatha began to drag Uday, "Hurry!". "How can he be so blunt! We're royals we could shut down his business!" Uday muttered. "That's why everyone respects him so much! He's straight forward and not a suck-up!" Manyatha smiled. Uday still didn't like him. Manyatha brought him back to the forest, "We just came from here!" Uday sighed. "Stop complaining!" she pushed him thought the bushes. Uday stumbled for a bit and then stopped, he was awe-struck. This was another cliff, but not so high up like the other one. Around it was the ocean, nice and calm, it was a turquoise blue colour, the water shimmered in the sunlight. The waves lapped at the white sand and rocks, "Woww..." was all that came out of his mouth. "I call it 'Me, Myself and I'" Manyatha came and stood beside him. "Why?" he asked. "For the first few years I was the only one to come here, and I needed a name for it, so thats what I came up with it, your the only other person whose seen it before" she smiled. Uday walked to the edge of the cliff and sat down. Manyatha sat down beside him, "Speechless, am I right?" she laughed softly. He nodded, "Am I really the only other person that's seen this?" he asked. "No, there was Rajveer!" Manyatha poked his arm. He shot her a glare, "I'm joking!" she giggled uncontrollably. Uday relaxed, "Why do you always get angry when I mention him?" asked Manyatha. Uday let out a sigh, "Do you remember when you broke your arm?".
"Yea?" she answered.
"He's the one who pushed you down the stairs".
"What?!" Manyatha was shocked.
"And the time you got food poisoning...he's the one who had switched your sandwich with a moldy one" Uday explained. "But all I remember his him twisting my-" Manyatha began to speak but stopped. "He twisted your what?" Uday turned to face her. "Uh...Nothing" Manyatha grumbled.
"Tell me what happened?" urged Uday.
She slowly explained everything, Uday was furious. "How dare he!" he got up. "Look Uday! Just forgive and forget! We've grown up now! He must've changed!" Manyatha pulled him back down. "You haven't seen his true form Manyatha!" Uday exclaimed. "Uday! Your too paranoid!" Manyatha shook her head. It was quiet again, "Why'd you bring me here?" Uday questioned. " see..." Manyatha was having a hard time explaining. "You're in love with me! I knew it" Uday smirked. Manyatha slapped his arm, "No! I've had only a handful of friends over the years, maybe it because I'm a princess or maybe because I'm not stuck-up like the other princesses, they've always ridiculed me! So if I had friends they'd only be for a few days or months, but you, ever since we were little you've been my best friend, even when I didn't remember you! After we met at first you were really annoying and ignorant, selfish, stuck-up, full of it...", Uday laughed and interrupted her, "Okay, Okay I get it!". Manyatha smiled and continued talking, "But when we became friends, and I looked past that and realized, you're less annoying then I thought" she giggled. Uday laughed with her, then it became quiet again. Uday had a goofy smile plastered on to his face, and Manyatha a small shy one. They sat there for who knows how long and dipped their toes into the cool water. Uday was fully enjoying himself, the ocean breeze caressed his skin, and for the first time, in a long time, he was at peace. Manyatha cleared her throat, "Uday, what time is it?". Uday looked down at his watch. "9:45, why?". Manyatha freaked out, "FIVE MINUTES! WE'VE BEEN HERE FOR HALF AN HOUR!". They both looked at each other, Manyatha looked horrified and Uday looked confused at seeing her reaction. "So? We can just use the pass that we came through". "Uday there's hundreds of different paths here! He always uses a different one, you never know where one path is going to lead" Manyatha replied. Uday shrugged, "Okay, let's get going". They both got up and walked back through the bushes, the sun was beating down, they covered their eyes and looked around. They saw two figures sitting on some rocks. "WE'RE LOST!" sobbed the one in red. "I WANT MANNU!" cried the one in blue. Manyatha and Uday looked at each other, "The twins!" they shouted. Both of them ran to the crying twins, "I WANT YUVI!" wailed Sushant. "Sushant, Dilip why are you here?!" Manyatha and Uday bent down infront of them. The twins hugged them and cried, "We told the mean man to wait for you guys but he said 'NO', so we snuck away to look for you two!". "That was sweet of you guys, but it was dangerous" Manyatha smiled sweetly at them. Uday picked up a sniffling Sushant and Manyatha picked up a still crying Dilip, "Let's see of we can find our way back" Uday suggested, Manyatha nodded. Dilip and Sushant were still sobbing silently as they entered the forest. After a while they were both smiling and teasing each other, at one point they got so annoyed with each other that they wouldn't talk. "Uday! We've been walking for God knows how long" Manyatha moaned. Uday was getting frustrated, "I'm doing my best aren't I?". "Do better!!" she snapped. That's how their argument started, the twins were put down, sleeves (well...Manyathas sleeves) were rolled up, and the words started flying. The twins watched in awe, they learnt some new vocabulary. At the height of the argument, Uday turned and stormed away, and then Manyatha let out a frustrated scream and stomped the other way. "You go after Mannu, I'll go after Yuvi" Sushant got up and started walking. It was time for the Twin Cupids to do their work.

*some of you may have laughed at the fact Rajveer was wearing sandals, by that I meant guy sandals Tongue I actually hesitated adding that in there hehe


Precap- It growled at them, Sushant tried to wake Uday, "Uth jao Yuvi!! Please!" Sushant sobbed, there was no response from Uday.

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wow nce loved continue it

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Fabulous Updates! Today It Was A treat Cause Double Updates! Loved Jealous Uday! Precap Is Dammm Scary! Ty 4 d pm & Update as Soon As Possible! 

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uday and m's chating was soo romnticcc,hayeee!!!!!!!! and their sittng togethrrr,suprb!!!!!!!! uday her bst frnd,mre thand frnds evrythng!!!!!!!!Wink 2updates jst loveed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 1:07pm | IP Logged chweet luved those twins!!

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WOWW IT WAS SO CUTE N MANVEER ARGUMENT HAYEE...N  their conversation was too funny.i loved it plz upd8 soon

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