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-Life and it's ways- FF - Chapter 28 (pg 49) (Page 12)

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Chapter 9
Uday twitched, another snore rocked the car. He glared at Manyatha who was peacefully sleeping, she had started snoring as soon as Uday had gotten on to the main road. "Innocent cute angel, my foot!" Uday growled. "More like, sleeping devil" he said through gritted teeth, as Manyatha let out another snore. They finally reached the palace, the party was still going on. He almost walked away when he remembered Manyatha, how was he supposed to wake her up? "Manyatha?" he asked. No answer, "Manyatha!" he said louder shaking her. "Manyatha!" he shouted louder. More snores, "MANYATHA!" he roared in her ear. "WHAT?!" she shouted back. Her eyes wide, she sat up alert. "We're home!" he motioned behind himself. Manyatha gave him an irritated look, "You could've just shaken me! I would've woken up!". Manyatha looked at up at Uday, he had his eyes closed and he seemed to be muttering something to himself, "You okay Uday?" she asked. He gave her a forced smile, "Fine, just...fine".

Manyatha found it all strange, as soon as they got inside, people began to congratulate them. She looked up to Uday, "Why at they congratulating us?". "I don't know.." he replied. Manyatha was still unconvinced, she knew Uday knew something she didn't. They got to her family, Komal looked at them suspiciously, "Where were you two? Did you miss the announcement?" she asked. "What announcement?" Manyatha asked. DS quickly cut off Komal, "Nothing! Beta I need to talk to you". Manyatha let out a yawn, "Sorry Dadis sahib, but I'm might drop any second". Uday slipped her arm into his, "I'll drop you to your room", Manyatha nodded. Her room was right across from the stairs it was awkward, they could feel everyone's eyes in their backs as they climbed. Manyatha, even while walking, kept nodding off. Uday had one arm over her shoulder, and the other hand in hers. "Princess! It looks like your drunk" he laughed. Manyatha gave him a side-ways look, "My body has its own clock, as soon as it strikes ten, I always start to get sleepy". Uday glanced at his watch, 12:57pm. He pushed open the door to her room, it was like a forest, all green. He smirked, "Looks like a forest barfed all over your room". She punched him and walked to her closet. "Uday- the cameras" she whispered turning around. Uday remembered, he'd told the officers that he would disable them, he looked around the room. He spotted some of her lipstick, grabbing it he went to her closet where one of the cameras was, and blotted it out, it took a while to find them all, they were really well hidden. "Happy?" he asked. Manyatha came out in her white pjs, "No". Uday shrugged, "Whatever, I'm leaving". He walked to the door, but went really slow. Waiting for Manyatha to say something. "Uday". "Yes?" he turned around. "If your lying to me, and hiding something big, the day I find out what it is, if there is something, I will hate you for the rest of my life" she said her voice cold, she wasn't looking in his direction, she was looking out the window. This shocked Uday, that cam out of nowhere! Uday crossed his arms over his chest, "But Princess-" Manyatha turned to look at him, "But what?". He grabbed her arm and pulled her close to him, he looked straight into her eyes he said, "I can easily turn that hate into love" he whispered softly. Manyatha opened her moth to reply, but Uday put his hand over her mouth, "I'm not done yet", he pulled away his hand, "And anyways, how could anyone hate this face" he pointed to himself. Manyatha was shaken out of her trance, she struggled her way out of his grip and started to push him out the door, "Self-conceited, JERK!" she muttered. "Come on Princess, is that all you can do?" he chuckled. Manyatha stopped, "I could do worse, but being a Princess I won't!" she said with superiority. "What's the worst you could do?" he asked. "I'd make sure you won't sleep for the rest of the night". Uday smirked, "I wouldn't mind that" he winked. Manyatha scowled at him and continued to push him. As soon as he was out in the hall, Manyatha stopped pushing him, there were still a few guests lingering in the hall downstairs. Instead she looked at him calmly and said, "I request that you, go away! And I hope to never see your so-called "handsome" face AGAIN" she slammed the door on him.

After that Manyatha really didn't see much of Uday again, she was still trying to catch up on her Riyaasat. She was dealing with idiot bankers trying to upsurp their wealth, sleazy ministers doing their best to make them lose their royal status, and on top of that trying to keep their relations with other kingdoms intact, especially Jaighar. It had been two weeks now, and finally DS had given her a break, Dadi sahib was always trying to tell her something but they'd always get interrupted, Manyatha knew it was important, why else would DS yell at the workers for interrupting them. DS was nothing like that, she was calm, cool and collected just like Udayveer. Manyatha walked into her room and froze, why was she thinking of him? She hadn't seen him for the two weeks time, had he taken those words she said to heart? Manyatha collapsed on her bed, "Another thing to stress about..great" she muttered before turning off the bedside lamp.

He woke up from another of his nightmares. Uday had been having a lot of them lately. He rubbed his forehead and let out a groan. Unnati burst into his room. "Dada you alright!?" she asked. "Choti, you ask me every night! Yes I'm fine.." he drank some water from the bedside. "Did you have the usual nightmare?" she asked. Uday nodded. "When did they start? She asked. "After we visited that cra-" Uday paused, "Uh...two weeks ago". Unnati decided o ignore the first part, "What happens in your nightmare?" she asked. Uday shook his head, "I honestly can't remember everything, except for the fact..Manyatha is in it, and she's screaming! I can hear the physco laughing in the background! Gunshots and more screams!" Uday began to sweat just thinking about it. Unnati calmed him down, "Well try to sleep" she said walking out the door. Uday gave small smile, how could he sleep? He hadn slept properly for the last two weeks! Every night while working and at home he'd wait for Officer Patels call. He had promised himself, he wouldn't meet Manyatha until he taught that B******d a lesson. He lay down again, still thinking if the nightmare. Eventually he started to drift off when his cell rang, "Hullo?" he answered sleepily. "Yuvraj sa! We have him in our custody" Officer Patel was on the other end.

It was unusually windy, Uday was standing outside the Institute of Crazies, when it was first built it was just a joke museum, then the museum got shut down and the place for pagals took over. He was led to a white chamber. He opened the door to see Akash at the other end of the room, they glared at each other, "Take off his straight-jacket" he ordered. "But Yuvraj sa!" protested the doctors. He put up his hand, "Do what I said! I want it to be a fair fight". This made the doctors go crazy, "FIGHT?! BUT YUVRAJ SA HE'S AN MENTAL PATIENT?!". He turned on them, "Fine...If your all too scared I'll do it myself, and later have you sacked". "I'll do it" said the doctor at the front. The doctor ran to the patient, unhooked everything and ran back. "Close the door, but don't lock it, this won't take long" he looked at Akash and smirked. As soon as the door clicked shut, Akash lunged at him, Uday grabbed his collar and flung him to the side, not once moving from the spot he was in. "Manyatha has always been mine!" Akash shouted kicking out his leg. It hit Uday pretty hard, Akash jumped up, "Is that it Udayveer? The great Yuvraj Udayveer Singh doesn't know how to fight? Precious" he taunted. Uday cracked his knuckles, "You haven't seen anything yet". Uday ran and grabbed Akashs arm and twisted it behind his back, "No matter what Udayveer,Manyatha will never be yours" Akash Shouted. Uday kneed him in the back, it made Akash drop to his knees, Uday kept his knee digging into his back. "Manyatha-" The psycho began. Uday let go of Akash, Akash spun around and Uday wrapped his hand around Akashs neck, and pushed him against the wall, "For's 'Her highness', her name doesn't sound good coming out of your mouth" Uday hissed. Uday tightened his grip, "And the fact of love, it doesn't matter if she doesn't love me, we'll get married anyways, a few years after that children" Uday smirked. This seemed to make Akash psychotic. He screamed, and bit Udays hand, Uday pulled back, Akash leapt forwards shouting, "NEVER!" he had his fingers stretched towards Udays face as if he wanted to rip it off. Uday had a late reaction, soon both of then were rolling around on the ground, Uday kept throwing blow after blow, there was a different reason behind each punch, the first few were for stalking her, taking her pictures, and now for mentally disturbing her, he knew being the princess she was, she was going to hide her inner emotions, but he had sensed it, and now here he was takin out his, and her share of anger and frustration. The rest were for the 'party incident'. He hadn't finished with him yet that day, it was the psychos fault that he was weak enough to be knocked out with a plastic vase. Uday finished him off by delivering a last punch to his bleeding face. Uday began to walk towards the door, he was oblivious to the moans and groan behind him. Then he spoke up, "Mark my words! Yuvraj Udayveer Singh! The day you and Manyatha get close, it will be the WORST day of your life!" Akash shouted before falling unconscious. Uday looked back at him and smirked, "Your no witch, that'll put a curse on me".

Manyatha still couldn't sleep, the clock read 2:34, 'Strange..' she thought. Manyatha got up and decided to sit on one of the lounge chairs, she rested her head back and stared up at the ceiling, after a few minutes her eyes began to droop, she was so close to sleep but she was interrupted. "Princess!" Udays voice broke into her sleep. Her eyes flipped open, she found him leaning over her, his arms covered by scratches, and blood dripping down the side of his face, his gray Nike t-shirt was stained with blood, she saw some bite marks on his hands. "UDAY!" she screamed at seeing his plight. "Sssh...Princess, someone might come" he put his finger on her lips. She stood up and wiped some of the blood from his cheek. "What happened?" she asked looking up at him. Uday was smiling as though he'd just fought a war and won! "I taught him a lesson" he said smiling. Manyatha stiffened, "who?".
"The psycho" Usay answered.
"WHY?!" Manyatha shouted.
"Shh...for you, and you only!" Uday replied. Manyatha felt tears prick the back if her eyes. "But-" she began. Uday cut her off, "No matter what you say Manyatha, I know how hurt you were, inside and out". Manyatha sniffled a little bit before replying, "Freakin' Jerk, trying to be a hero, come here and let me get you a bandage..." she made him sit down and grabbed her first aid box. Uday enjoyed the pampering he got, she wiped off all the blood with a wet napkin then began to disinfect all the scratches, Uday had been surprised that the Psycho got any scratches on him, the worse was probably above his eye. It stung when Manyatha touched it. "Oh sorry, did I hurt you?" she asked worried. Uday laughed, "You hurting me? Princess please, you couldn't hurt a fly" Manyatha scowled at him and continued to dress his wounds. "You know it wasn't necessary" Manyatha complained. Uday shrugged, "Well, I also wanted to get revenge for the pictures he had of me". "Why?" asked Manyatha. "He got my bad side" he joked. Manyatha laughed, "What bad side?". Uday gave a her a flirty smile, "Did I just hear a compliment from the Great Manyatha?". Manyatha felt her cheeks grow warm, "Uh--erm...what I meant to say was, all your sides are bad sides". Uday laughed. "Jiji?" they heard a sleepy Jai outside the door. Manyathas eyes widened, "Oh Teri". Uday got up to open the door, "What are you doing?!" she hissed. "Opening the door" Uday answered. "No HIDE!" she then threw her covers over his head and pushed him onto her bed. Jai twisted the doorknob from outside and walked in, rubbing her eyes she looked around, "What are you doing up? It's 3 o'clock..." she yawned. "Uh...I couldn't sleep" Manyatha gave a nervous laugh. Jai smiled, " bout I sing you a lullaby". Manyatha shook her head, "Uh-no I'm okay, go to bed Jai". Jai guided her to her bed, "Lie down Jiji it'll only take a few second" Jai giggled. Manyatha looked at the covers, she could knew the big lump was Uday but Jai didn't, Manyatha lay down, "Jiji! Get you covers, it's cold tonight" jai fussed and reached for them. "NO! I'll get them" she gulped and pulled the covers over herself, she caught a glimpse of Uday, he was obviously enjoying himself. Manyathas cheeks went red, "Ok, so I don't know a good lullaby, so I'm jut going to sing a random song..ok?" Jai sighed. Manyatha replied, "Ok" her voice barley above a whisper. "Lalalalalala ei ei o, old McDonald had a farm ei ei ooo!" jai started to sing. "Jai! Please I'm ok!" Manyatha groaned. "You didn't like that? Well how about ba ba black sheep?" asked Jai. Manyatha tried to protest, but Jai kept on singing. Manyatha at the moment, was very uncomfortable, she could feel the heat radiating from the body next to her, and his breath on her arm, her cheeks grew even warmer. "Looks like Jiji is asleep" Jai said getting up and leaving. "Goodnight Jiji" Jai whispered before turning off the light. Manyatha had her eyes squeezed shut she opened them only after the footsteps had receded. She turned her head to the side, Uday was smiling back at her, in the darkness she could still make out his expression. His eyes were twinkling and his mouth in a wide grin, "That was priceless". Manyatha got up on her elbows and turned back to him, "You find that hilarious don't you?!" she hissed. Uday got up onto his elbows and faced her, "Why yes I do!" he said leaning close until their noses touched. Manyatha was taken aback, she couldn't move her eyes away from his. Both of them felt their heartbeats quicken, Manyatha felt butterflies in her stomach, and Uday for once felt mesmerized by a girl. Then 'it' happened, it happened so quickly Uday was left with his mouth open, and Manyatha wondering what everyone would say. Being so close, Manyatha decided to repay Uday for all his favors, she inched closer, and gave Udays cheek a sweet little kiss.

[:O] GURR!! Why do you always leave us at cliffhangers?!?! I do it on purpose my fellow forum wasieeyon, to make sure you guys comeback to see what happens next Tongue sneaky? Yes, yes I am, I might as well be related to Uday LOL haha well enjoy and don't forget to:

Comment*, Like <3, Criticize~

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Loved the update. Especially the part where Uday beats Akash the psycho black and blue. And the entire part where Manyata is bandaging Uday and how they end up lying next to each other on the bed due to Jay, with that kiss following later was amazing! Thumbs Up
Update the next part soon please!

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loved it continue soon as possible

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this was awesome update please update soon thanks for the pm please update soon i loved this update from the bottom of my heartBig smile

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wow wow wow wow!superb!loved that part where uday beats that psycho.update soon pls.

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last part was priceless totally!!!!!!! and manyata gving a kiss on his cheek,waooo!!!!!!!! heyy,plzzz updattee soon,cant w8 more!!!!!!!!!

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hell u r rel8ed to uday,..lyk a cliffhanger just ven i was getting maself cozy 4 a nyc lil hawt upd8 buh sum ppl just wldnt lemme do nw if u dont upd8 fast ill probably haunt u...LOL...getting 2  dpoint i didnot like it at all...i LOVED it...gr8 work man...u better upd8 fast plz plz plz plz

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