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Crooner 1.5 : Nadaan Parindey - UPDATED (Page 28)

Divya1503 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 10:09am | IP Logged
Originally posted by GanBarunFan

Originally posted by Divya1503

Lovely crooner priya di!!Thumbs Up n congratulations Indi di n Khushi di!!!Clap Clap Clap

the first few minutes of the episode were just awesome!!! Day Dreaming Day Dreaming finally she ran into his arms n the deal is completed!! Day Dreaming he is really her prince n shaitan!! for a second when Khushi found the rose petals, i thought there will be a rain of roses from the topDay Dreaming, as per Khushi's dream during the days of her first dhak dhak n acidity!!!LOL par Arshad sir had other plans!!Tongue for me the scenes were perfect!!

The traffic jam n the family thinking of coming back home, i was like dont u dare think abt it!!Angry but Anji ko rest karna tha!!D'oh ek doubt hai!! aisa kya mila diya Payal ne juice mein ki anjali ek hi pal mein patient se impatient bangayi!!!Confused Confused i mean, when she was in the car, she had the expressions of a woman who was abt to faint n all, n after she had the juice n was back home, she was so full of energy that she started walking fast, shouting at her Chotey n shutting the doors so hard n all that!!!! GluconD or Boost, what was the secret of Anjali's energy??? Confused Confused
N Anjali's expressions in the car reminded me of my school days!!!LOL LOL i used to make such faces when i felt like skipping classes in the noon n going home!!! n my sirs used to believe everything i say aur mein ghar chalijaathi thi!!!!Tongue Tongue Tongue  OMG Divi you cracked me up there...LOL

Why on earth ASR can't complete his incomplete work!!!!!!Ouch Ouch kal tho it was a hattrick of the almost kiss sequence!!!!Stern Smile I know maybe 4th time will be a charm...or NOTCry

As expected Anjali said the same wat i thought the other day!! Chotey tum humse jhoot bhi bolne lage ho blah blah blah!!!Sleepy Sleepy N she said ki after his marriage everything changed, n he stopped giving the answers to her questions, but as far as i remember he never answered her questions when he dint want to, right??Confused 

The less i think/talk abt that Akash, the more good!!!D'oh seriously yaar!!! wat's wrong with him!!! He started working with Aman na, may be working with Aman is not good for the Raizada brothersConfused i mean before Akash, it was ASR who used to be angry n shouting at everything n during the kidnap ASR was away from Aman so uske gusse ke bahane kam hogaye aur since Akash is working with Aman when ASR was away, he is searching for the bahane to be gussa!!Stern Smile Stern Smile saab bechara Aman ko dose!LOLLOLLOL

Payal!!!! so proud of u!!! Like in the last night's episode, gather courage n lose patience to make that husband of urs understand he's so wrong!!!!Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
Other thoughts:

when Khushi was running down the stairs, there were no rose petals on the floor but light aathe hi, we see them!!! May be ASR performed an Accio spell to summon the path of roses!!!Stern Smile

The blank call implies the return of the snake???? Stern Smile

Absolutely no expectations for the next episode!!!!Approve Approve why what expectation did you have for this one? Red Saree/rain/Kiss?ROFL

funny take Divi...loved it!Clap

thanks di!! Big smile i was expecting everything in the last episodeLOL but mila tho sirf a thenga from the CVs!!! u ppl expect something from us n we show it in the show!! No ways!!!LOL LOL CVs r different!! they r beyond our expectations, aren't they?? LOL LOL

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-Gan- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 10:12am | IP Logged
Originally posted by beena14

res                         The End of the Road is but a Bend in the Road
                                                                                 By Helen Rice

                               When we feel we have nothing left to give
                               And we are sure that the "song has ended"--
                               When our day seems over and the shadows fall
                               And the darkness of night has descended,

                               Where can we go to find the strength
                               To valiantly keep on trying,
                               Where can we find the hand that will dry
                               The tears that the heart is crying--

                                There's but one place to go and that is to God
                                And, dropping all pretense and pride,
                               We can pour out our problem without restraint
                               And gain strength with Him at our side--

                               And together we stand at life's crossro
 You've just come to "a bend in the road."
                              And view what we think is the end,
                              But God has a much bigger vision
                              And he tells us it's only a bend--

                              For the road goes on and is smoother,
                             And the "pause in the song" is a "rest,"
                            And the part that's unsung and unfinished
                             Is the sweetest and richest and best--

                             So rest and relax and grow stronger,
                             Let go and let God share your load,
                             Your work is not finished or ended,

On first viewing I didn't like the episode had to re- watch it to understand where this track is heading. I was expecting this but the speed with which it came was shocking, well the CV's never fail to surprise us.  Khushi will need help from her devi maiya, Anjali will have to perform many poojas and keep vrat's to pass through this period of trial and tribulations.

Yesterday we saw the flirty Arnav today we saw him at cross road. He will not only have to deal with his Di who is very vulnerable but also with the women he loves. There is no Di to cover up for him or guide him like she has in the past. He has to walk the path all alone making decisions without being emotional. Mr Arnav Singh Raizada has always been the man of the house but from today he has the burden of the two most important women in his life. A new emotional journey has begun for Arnav where he has to keep his emotions in balance. He will have to choose one which he doesn't want to, he knows his Di is needy and a weak person and needs him. His wife is much stronger or at least puts on a brave front but he knows she needs him too.

The much anticipated continuation from yesterday's episode was like a flat soda. The intensity which was built up was not delivered today. CV's why did you not follow an intense scene between your leads right after the hug. I felt the scene was  incomplete , yes we realize we are watching this show from Arnav's POV but it would be nice to show Khushi's when you had built the intensity where both the actor's POV was important to the viewers.

Coming to Anjali , I know there are many post on the forum bashing her''''I watched Anjali and Arnav's scenes several times to understand Anjali's POV. Anjali is very insecure more so right now for her she doesn't know the circumstances of Chote's marriage she feels Khushi has come into Chote's life in the recent past. He loves Khushi, so believes her, and not Shyamji who has been in Chote's life longer. For Anjali it was traumatic to see her husband being thrown out of the house by her brother and the only explanation he gave was, I TRUST KHUSHI. Anjali wants an explanation from her Chote. When she said, everything has changed the day you got married, you have stopped answering questions. We as viewers can see both sides of the coin but from Anjali's  POV , she is right her chote has yet to tell her why the sudden marriage because of this for the first time have lost faith in him . Anjali puts her Shyamji on a pedestal she has devoted her past four years of her life to him. Suddenly someone comes and accuses him that means the past four yrs means nothing where is the faith? Anjali opened the door here bringing up Arnav's marriage , I am hoping Arnav tells his Di the circumstances and the contract marriage. Anjali is in depression and is mourning over her broken marriage. Cv's please don't leave this loop open. Why Cv's do you want to use the dialogue about death both sister and brother using it to emotionally black mailing each other

Yes, here again the CV's faltered''''' how come no one in the Raizada family have bothered to find out about Arnav's kidnapping from the horse's mouth. Under what circumstances did Khushi find Arnav what they she had to go through to get him home safely. No one showed any concern on his return.

I am so proud of Payal finally she took a stand . Sit your husband down girl and knock some sense in him. I can see Mami and Aakash standing by Di , Payal with Khushi , Nani being neutral, Arnav you have your hands full.   Director saab , I am totally confused with Aakash's expression not sure if he is angry or confused with Payal . Brush up the acting skills.  

Priya , loved the quote can't wait for you to update the crooner will add my comments later.

Beena loved your take. I loved that scene at the stairs a lot though Smile

I'm enjoying your poetry quotes in the beginning now a days. nice touch!

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VkjThomsun Goldie

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redwine1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 10:13am | IP Logged
Hey Priya ... 

have been a reader of ur FF& SS .. but never had stumbled upon Crooner .. call it sheltered upbringing in IF ... i got the link of this place from REdux .. grateful to the person who led me here ..

Let firstly congratulate u on a an excellent analysis ..Concur with most of your points .. 

Must say u have a stalker here now ..  & would love to finally probably meet some of u gals here & chat up .. promises to be informative & mature .. 

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-Gan- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 10:20am | IP Logged
Originally posted by shybabe

Lovely Title my PriyaEmbarrassed

Do I have to talk about the hug..I don't think was worth the wait..I loved the way she crashed into his arms. But to be honest i wished it had happened naturally and Arnav didn't really trick her into it...but i love this naughty side of ArnavLOL

Payal on the other hand was awesome today. Atleast she spoke up. seriously confused. He has no clue how to react to this whole situation and Mami..Confusedplease don't get me started with her...i am tired os her taunts.

Nani has prved herself that she is the eldest and the wisest in this house...Embarrassed

What happened Anjali Jha? What happened for wanting your Arnav (Chottey) (to be happy)

You are are the same sister who showed your brother the mirror every single time asking him to see inside his heart and understand his love for Khushi...

so what happened today. Was it because you were happy and then that was okay...and you wanted your brother to be happy...andnow you don't have your happiness and so he shouldn't be happy..

What happened to the trust you had in your brother...this is the same brother who got his heart broken and went ahead forcibly married the love of his save you...and your saying that he was right to do so...based on your reaction...

I get it ..when a woman loses her husband who has been a God figure to lose her mental stability...and get into depression..but today it was clearly portrayed that Anjlai has been in her right mind always...she knew that the her brother fell in love...and she knows that he would always do anything for the people he then why feel this way when that love is towards Khushi...

Anjali did the following..

1.You fought with your brother for khushi to have a place in RM..
2.You witnessed the smile in his face because of Khushi..not once...but many times..
3.When you found out that your brother is in love with Khushi, you did silly things to get them together..
4.You heard your brother open his heart about Khushi during holi..a brother who never opens his heart to anybody...
5.You were happy that he was happy...he is happy why not be happy for him...why not put yourself above all...and do what your brother did for you...?

I am disappointed . He as a brother has done so much for you...but now in return...its time for you to be the bigger person and prove it to the world that you r the bigger sister..a sister who sees her brother not only as a baby brother, but  a man who has feelings...who has a life beyond his relationships... a man who your mother described in that letter...or have you yourself have forgotten that letter...

Shy loved your post!Clap yes naughty Raizada always gets what he wants ...and how he does things in style.
We differ a bit about Anjali. Yes I'm worried about how it affects ArHI in near future, but I can feel her perspective. I wrote in details in my post , if you get some time please read and let me know what you feel about it.

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--Nishita-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 10:25am | IP Logged
Khushi leaves RM because Buaji is sick...looks like Arnav is accompanying herEmbarrassed

Edited by --Nishita-- - 21 July 2012 at 10:24am

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-Gan- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 10:29am | IP Logged
Originally posted by amisuv

Priya, thanks fr this Fabulous Crooner with hot pics, the most apt quotes & lots of thoughts to ponder upon fr the weekend Clap Clap 
Quite an interesting episode to end the week with, also the laying down of foundations fr future tracks being quite evident.
I am glad the CVs didnt unveil the much awaited rain sequence without any promo. Hopefully we get a sizzling promo in SMJ on Sunday morning & it translates into gud TRPs fr the coming week.
Coming to the episode... Khushi is very scared & hyper in the midst of the darkness, thunder & lighting ( Kya solid sound effcte the re & what was that opening the door with the help of a pot LOL )
She rushes down to the living room, where she sights a shadow. But it turns out to be her Protector, her Arnavji. She rushes to him, clings onto him, too scared of letting him go. He calms her down & hugs her protectively. Khushi realises this is a ploy by her Laad Governor, to make her run into his arms & win the challenge. She shoves him back, is angry but he doesnt let her get away. The guest house squabble reviisited. She tries getting out of his strong arms, but its a futile effort & so finally relents & gives in. This hug being more passionate, expressing their desires to be together. A mellow ASR retorts back " I wont mind agar tum mujhe apna pati man logi toh " And moves forward to kiss her, mark her as his own forever. Lovely description!
A question to CVs here. U gave us a highly passionate & intense epiosde on Thursday. So why was there no continuation of the same on Friday as well.   And that too within a matter of few hours in IPK timeline. I understand Arnav's initial restrained reation, he had to calm down the scared Khushi. But the hugs gave us only fleeting glimpses of the intensity shown on Thursday. What was Khushi's reaction to the kiss? Blank face, should I kiss or not... Or it has something to do with Sanaya's expressions. Not sure Confused Confused   Agree with you didn't reflect any passion/shyness/confusion just awkward blankness!
And what's with SP's fetish for rose petal scenes. Every show of their's has this signature scene, lagta hai koi contract hai phoolwaale ke saath. But showing ASR doing a similar thing doesnt go down well with me...
Then there was another interruption... The family was surprised to see this " secret meeting " Anjali being the most shocked & hurt party. Luved ASR's cool stance here, his call of " Relax " to Khushi. This guy is not at all apologetic abt what he has done & will never shy away from confronting the family for all the right reasons.Me too loved that 'tude!
Priya, I understand ur frustration with Maami. Another glitch on the part of the CVs, character inconsistency is what is harming the show right now.
Arnav, the husband & Chotey, the brother standing at the crossroads. His dearest Di acusing him of lying to her & his wife, again feeling guilty abt the whole situation.
Dont worry girlss, this is a buildup fr something we have been waiting fr a long time. Patience pays dearies Wink 
Anjali's insecurity is in now in front of Arnav. He finally knows what is plaguing his sister, that she subconsciously blames him fr whatever has gone wrong in her life. The most damaging statement which shocks Arnav " Tum badal gaye ho... jabse tumne humaare sawaalon ka jawab dena chod diya hai "
So we r slowly but steadily getting to a point where we will start getting the answers to a lot of unanswered questions, closing of loops that exist since day 1...
Liked the subtle hint by CVs of Shyam's re-entry, Payal's outburst & Arnav-Aakash scene. But dont understand the need to show a feeble & weak Anjali all the time. C'mon she is just pregnant, not suffering from any illness or something Angry I cribbed about the same thing! it was irritating!
Priya, agree with u on the wardrobe &  looks issue of the lead actress. Needs special attention in this phase of serious romance...
A small request to CVs, can we have a repeat of ASR's old dialogue in the current scenario  " Di, aur kitne din chalega yeh drama "  yes I would love that !Right now he 1st needs "ENOUGH Maamiji!"Angry
And finally a word on our Mr.Perfect... Brilliant show as always esp the bro-sis scenes Clap Clap 

Suvi loved it especially the red...comments in blue! Clap

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Divya1503 IF-Sizzlerz

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When will the ppl out there stop jumping to conclusions seeing the segments??? D'oh D'oh iss forum ko koyi nahi badal saktha!!! D'oh D'oh D'oh

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