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Crooner 1.5 : Nadaan Parindey - UPDATED (Page 26)

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 9:38am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Omoraboti

Romance or no romance, the drama quotient is currently really high in the IPK land and I am loving it to the core.

So why am I not at all disappointed that the kiss was again interrupted? Firstly because, I always watch the episodes with no expectations at all. Secondly, I almost knew nothing would happen. Tongue The moment Khushi said the previous day that "there is nothing to see since nothing would happen", I was like "lo, CVs have again passed their message loud & clear". LOL The positive side in this interruption was the whole family has managed to consumer their quota as the "kiss interrupter" at one go. So hopefully, there will be no interruptions in the future. Something tells me all this is leading towards a proper re-marriage and perhaps, only after that we will get something other than hug. I would not have mind a proper kiss before a proper SR though. Wink @red ROFL I missed that completely and was SOO looking for that kiss! and I never watch with this elusive kiss...maybe because I started watching from the Diwali track and it's still fresh in my mind...the crackling chemistry...I want that replayed and completed


So, now tell me what is redemption? In plain words, redemption is to compensate for one's negative/harmful actions. I have always wanted Arnav to redeem for his deeds 'for everything wrong he has done to Khushi since the beginning of the story. I do believe in paying for your deeds. Where I differ with many is how the redemption should be done. In my view, his redemption has started from the moment he has seen Khushi in Shyam's arms in the terrace. Whether Arnav has understood or not yet might be the question. Well, we all know he will soon ' the day he will finally give in to Khushi's Devi Maiya understanding the reasons & also the consequences of his actions.


Was not it enough that he had to see his ladylove in his brother-in-laws arms on the day he decided to open up his heart? Was not it enough to consciously punish his wife while his heart broke doing that? Was not it enough to have her in front of his eyes but not able to have her as his heart really wanted to? Was not it enough when his heart & mind were in constant battle on whether to believe her leaving him with no peace at all? Was not it enough to be in confinement for 15 days only to realize what wrongs he must have done to his wife? Was not it enough to almost lose her wife when finally he has submitted to his love? Is not it enough as everything is now against their union when he is completely ready to start his life with her? And trust me, there is more to come. Now balancing the continuum with his sister on one end & his wife on the other, is going to rip him apart. So true! but in all fairness he chose to do what he did...all his suffering was his choice. It's what he put Khushi through for no fault of hers...I was okay with his hug at the poolside after his kidnapping...but then the(paraphrasing) "you're resposible for everything" broke my heart...his word needs to live upto what his heart feels..Impulsiveness too has a limit.


My heart really goes to this young man. One scene clearly defined yesterday the misery of Arnav Singh Raizada. All he wanted to do was to have his wife accept him & complete their union. He ended up in the middle of a quandary where his wife leaves first followed by his sister leaving him alone with the burden of his deeds, decisions & fate. He could really use a hug now. What goes around, comes around.And he is getting to taste a lot of things that he has done to others, especially Khushi. I got sadistic pleasure when he said "Di, you are misunderstanding me". LOL The woman in me laughed at him ' here you go! And still I felt like giving him a hug.


Khushi finally gave in and it had to happen. I will not touch upon her today and would wait to see what she does going forward.


A very good progress point of the last episode was Anjali's speaking a bit of her heart out to Arnav.The root has been exposed today ' the seed of the insecurity was planted on the day of Arnav's marriage when he refused to share with his sister the real reason of the marriage. She has clearly pointed it out and now it is to see how it takes the story forward. Anjali deserves to know the full truth. Since we have seen her to not totally discard the possibility of Shyam's guilt, the revelation of Arnav's part of the story could help a lot. She has also made it clear that she considers Khushi as Arnav's first priority now and it does bother her. I will wait till this angle comes into the picture along with Khushi's reactions in the upcoming episodes. wonderful pov!


So why it bothered Anjali or Mami that he had preferred a little time out with his wife? Simple, they just have no idea of the real nature of their relationship. That is another truth that needs to be told. If I was in Anjali's place, I would have also thought that he avoided going to Mandir to be with his wife. The way she reacted was because of the bonding they share & also because of her current circumstances. She could not accept the fact that he lied. I guess the current track is perhaps leading towards the unfolding of all the truths that Arnav chose to hide ' depends on in what pace the CVs decide to run the storyline.


Now about Mamiji, I have been thinking of writing this about her for a while. I differ with many when they say he is being the typical Saans. But I see a typical Bahu in her ' a Bahu who has spent her life in this joint family and now considers this family as her own. In the Indian sub-continent, this is how a woman's life mostly takes turns. Once a woman is married, she gradually becomes a part of her husband's family and she starts to consider the daughters of the house as her own. So when the new Bahu's come in the house, she forgets that she also came into this household as a Bahu once and still sides with the daughters of the house. This is very evident in any joint family and this is why Manorama Mami is only concerned about Anjali's misery, completely ignoring the Gupta Sisters. She is venting out her agony on the Bahu's she still considers outsiders being the reason of the misery of the daughter of the house. I will not say I like what she is doing but this is how it just happens. Many things are not logical in real life and there are things & people we get frustrated with. So it is time for Mamiji now to take our wrath and so be it. I understand what you mean as i grew up in a joint family. But then what about the kidnapping track? How can that bonding just vanish?


Payal has finally started to express her frustration ' another progress point. But I really did not think it was very sensible of her to say that she has cooked his favorite food under that circumstance. Akash is being a jerk, may be. But Payal needs to play her role properly too. She needs to understand what her husband really needs right now; he needed comfort then, not an act of love. Every relationship goes through a trying period ' apparently, they are going through theirs. However, both of them, till now are not handling things very sensibly and this perhaps can cause a major turn in the story.


I understood Akash clearly todaywhen he said he has never seen Di like this ever before. It is not only about Di, it is about the change of colours in life that has caught him off guard. He was used to having a smooth & secured life, under the shadow of his brother with nothing much to be bothered of. He fell in love, got married & was looking forward to have a perfect married life. He never had to work on relationships or confront major dilemmas. Now the sudden turn of events of the last couple of months, have really flustered him. We have seen how he cannot handle any change in his perfect life during the Bubbly track. It was followed by the work pressure at office in absence of Arnav. And now, this whole Anjali-Shyam-Khushi fiasco is heights for him. He was in his own bubble too ' like Anajali ' and he is stress since his bubble has burst too. It is now a question of maturity for both Akash & Payal ' maturity in their relationship and also maturity in themselves. Now I did not look at it this way..The current Akash is irritating the heck out of me along with his mom. Maybe Akshay is not portraying those confusion well...I just see an angry man wannabe with no spine


The rosy pathway did not go down well with me because visually, it was cheesy to me and also I could not imagine Arnav doing that.But then again when I though about it the path has never been rosy for these two & this time also they could not take it - symbolism at its best.  What I am loving about IPK right now, is a lot of facets are open and each has huge potential to turn around the story. Bring it on CVs 'twist our heart & mind. I am all ready for it. Big smile


PS1: 3P Demand from me to the PH & the Channel ' "Proper Promotion Please!!!".

PS2: Arnav, please lock the door!!!!! Yes lock door policy is a must in RM...if we want project kiss completed

Hi Omoraboti:
Loved your take especially the red bits! commented next to them in blue. Some disagreements in POV hope you dont mindHug

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honeypriya IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 9:39am | IP Logged
Originally posted by cutebarun

Yaar! With the way d forum ask for redemption (n the way Arnav should redeem), i feel, They want Ipk to be a devotional serial.

'kushi seated on a pedestal, with Arnav at her footstep... N Arnav asking,

"maathe, mein aapke charan dabaaoo"

"haan, bhakt... Agar aap chaahthe hai tho... Ek baar dabao, aur ek galti se mukti paao"!

N sometimes the Forum want Kushi to be ' Malikin'.. N Arnav saying...

"huzoor... Adhrakvali chai pijiye ji, aapka mann ko raahat milenge"Wink

and since Anjali loved a wrong person n trustd him to d core, n feel insecure abt her brother, she should get a redemption trick to Himalaya n be a 'sanyasi'...

And since, she is pregnant with d 'snake baby'...(yeah, dats wat forum calls an innocent baby) she n her baby should 'doobjaao' in Ganga, so dat their crimes r washed Away.
was just reading thru ur first write up and wanted to say so cute...and then I come to ur this - this is classic...wanna make it a sticky on the Forum pls
hahahhaha...brilliant swtzz...seriously when the Forum starts talking about domestic violence, redemption and wat not...its better they make IPK devotional serial - aise bhi lag raha hai...with so many interruptions - Bitwa is planning to take yog sanyaas LOL

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 9:39am | IP Logged
Priya ...I scared your jaan away...she was getting on my nerves..constant ranting and jalebi got to meWink...How did you know of it though??

Edited by Mepharm - 21 July 2012 at 9:37am
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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 9:40am | IP Logged
Originally posted by smashitupsobti

Kalpu thanks for this treat Muahhh Hug
--Nishita-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 9:40am | IP Logged
Originally posted by GanBarunFan

Oh the IPK CVs! Some days you feel like hugging them and on other days you want to strangle them! But you have to respect their tenacity to stick by their principle of unpredictability in the world of predictable daily soaps. But in their defense what they showed today is more attuned to reality. And reality bites.

Today Anjali walks in to a romantic rendezvous between her brother and his wife. The same brother whom she had forced to go for his out of town meeting though he had insisted on coming with her for Satsang. And that grand rose petal pathway in no way or shape looked like an impromptu plan (even I need those special minions who can invisibly lay a pathway between a run from the stairs to a hug :D). So Anjali jumped into the conclusion that her brother lied to her to be alone with his wife. Impulsive? Definitely!(but then probably it runs in the gene). Unfair? NO! Today's Anjali I understand.

"Waqt badal gay hai Chhotey'Tum badal gaye ho' "

"jabse hamare sawalon ka jawab dena chhora hai tbase saab badal gaya'"

Anjali and Arnav share a lot other than bloodline. They share a painful past which defines them albeit differently. But t has always been Chotey with Di every turn of the way; protecting her , sharing with her everything. Till his sudden wedding. He didn't share his reasons (Anjali doesn't know he's hiding the reason for her only). But Anjali put that aside and took the role of the big sister and welcomed Khushi to RM.

Again on the day Shyam was thrown out. Only one reason given :"I trust Khushi". Again Arnav was trying to protect his fragile, pregnant Di from the harrowing truths of Shyam Manohar Jha which he knew will shatter her coming from his mouth. But to Anjali it was Arnav siding with his spouse. And each incident: finding them together celebrating Khushi's birthday the very next day of her suicidal attempt, him ordering bouquet, saree especially for his wife and today finding them together almost kissing when he's told them he'd be out of town, all validated her fear. She's alone in this, Chotey has a life now apart from her. Anjali doesn't know the real relationship equation of Arnav and Khushi. She doesn't know these are the beginning moments of a couple's life together. To her the Chotey who used to move heaven and earth to make sure everything is perfect in his Di's life is not only the reason of her perfect world shattered but is indifferent to Di's suffering and is blissfully happy with the reason of "her pain". Her new reality.

It's a lot for anyone. And a person like Anjali who has been so royally sheltered by her brother and family, she has felt a sense of entitlement of being front and center in two people's life her husband and brother. Now both gone. It's a rude awakening. She's bound to feel abandoned, lonely and angry. Hence her words. Yes trials and tribulations of the man who goes beyond for his loved ones is now at a cross-hair of a see-saw. How he balances time will tell.

Payal is reaching her saturation point of taking insults for no wrongdoing. I loved how she stood up again for her sister '"sirf aur sirf Khushi ki wajah se'Shyamji ki sachchai sabke samne ayii" and explained how her efforts to helping the has been rejected leaving her with no option but taking care of the people who take care of Di. But that Akash's gene from his mother's side is showing up. And how further crass can  Mami get?

And now to the scene of the day till it was rudely interrupted. A husky "Khushi".Then a first. Arnav waiting in open arms to receive his wife's hug. Till now it has always been Khushi hugging first and then he followed. And the "shhh" to let her know he's there for her. The soft "Kya hua?  darr gaye the tum?" while lovingly moving that tendril of hair from her face. The indulgent smile when she was angrily shoving him for putting her through this. The tug and bear hug to placate her. And she tried to fight it 'but then gave in to his love, her own feelings and hugged him back. A picture perfect scene of two people's confession of their love for each other without the words. And then the husky "Won't mind agar tum mujhe apna pati mann lo'" .Then the gesture to seal the deal with a kiss. 'till his family interrupted them. Loved the 'Relax!" . ASR the guy who never believed in love is caught standing on a pathway of roses in the family hall about to kiss is wife, is not flustered at all. His nonchalance is adorable!

A typical IPK signature khatta meetha episode. A lot of movement in story wrt to all the characters. Yes it was a bit anticlimactic from romance perspective after the previous day's visual foreplay'.but then isn't that what we signed for(well maybe 4th time will be the charm. Please CVs)? A roller coaster journey that makes you feel sometimes you're dropping in a bottomless pit but  somehow you know the bend ahead will be better.

Performance wise Barun as usual stole the episode from the romantic husband, to unflustered Chotey in the hall getting a tad irritated with Mami's Gupta sisters snides, to a surprised Arnav on Di's not believing his truth and the concerned brother. Varied emotions, each pitch perfect. Sanaya's uneasiness in close romantic scenes are getting a bit distractive especially when you share the frame with Barun. Deepali has been a treat this week. She's nailed every scene she has been in. I'm loving her. Akshay is the weakest link in a team of brilliant actors. He and Daljeet need to step up more with more screen presence, while he's consistently 'constipated', Daljeet is inconsistent. Anjali's character now is more layered than just looking pretty, being sweet or crying buckets.

Cribbing point: what's with Raizadas and meds? The other day Nani gave Anjali medicinewhen she was upset'yesterday the same. And Anjali was fine during her 1st trimester. What's with this almost fainting look during her second trimester? Pregnancy is not a disease for heaven's sake!

Loved your take Gandhari! Agree with your take on Anjali...and you have written it so well.Clap

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nice post, have to say i really enjoy your style of writing. i can almost see you in your words. and there's just the right amount of clipping of the accent. lovely. i couldn't see the laying of future tracks but could sense this was an important episode, even beyond the beautiful love being explored. gah the rose thingie. didn't go well with our man at at at all. green borders to boot.

sorry to read the romance thing didn't work for you really. i went nuts over it, watching it over and over again. searched may for words to describe the emotions the scene explored in me. hm diff strokes i guess.

particularly liked your:
"And finally a word on our Mr.Perfect... Brilliant show as always esp the bro-sis scenes." abs agree, the bro-sis emotions were as moving and delicate as the rose petal infested one.

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 9:47am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -SH-

Originally posted by honeypriya

Originally posted by -SH-

Your jaan did make an appearance today LOL... Said she was in a mood to give some hint but looking at the bashing she decided otherwise..

hayee...hw did I miss please LOL
yeh to kal waala hi hai...she/he didnt make a fresh post Cry
and kis ki himmat hui thi Forum mein usey language ke liye bashing karne ki - will send Snakewa behind them...

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Originally posted by beena14

Originally posted by Divya1503

Divi dear a big Hug You made my day with your humorous post absolutely loved it. The red lighlighted parts were a delight to read Clap

thanks di!!!Hug 

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