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Crooner 1.5 : Nadaan Parindey - UPDATED (Page 15)

Parsha Goldie

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 2:45am | IP Logged
Originally posted by srirao

Hi Shivani,,,thanks...Smile,,,,,Akash is trying to be angry young man like Bhai but it is just not working...Bhai ko kyun nahin pooch raha hai as to why he hid the truth..??why not question ur mom as to why she didnt tell him abt Bhai's kidnap..???

N for tht matter why not sit with bhai n have a man to man talk..aknha thae..kaise kidnap hua...kaun loog thae...tum kaise one in Rm seems to b bothered about MAN OF THE HOUSE...have some sympathy..
n mami ..kaa hoigawa hai...inna prem hai arnav bitwa sae..koi ussae baith kae baat toh ker "ALL ALONE IN THE MADDING CROWD"...!!!

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--Nishita-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Parsha Goldie

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 2:50am | IP Logged
Originally posted by srirao

Hi Shivani,,,thanks...,,,,,Akash is trying to be angry young man like Bhai but it is just not working...Bhai ko kyun nahin pooch raha hai as to why he hid the truth..??why not question ur mom as to why she didnt tell him abt Bhai's kidnap..???

Here's the difference between Khoon ke rishtey and Dil ke rishtey..[/QUOTE]
Clap...kitna najuk yeh dil humara hai...!!!How soon it cracked akash bitwa...l!!! 

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msin IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 3:07am | IP Logged
Originally posted by palak32

Big smile

A big hello all crooning peeps. . .first of all a gigantic thank you to each n every one of you for letting me emote with you thru ur expressive and enriching write upsClap. . .

Every day each write up either make me laugh, cry or simply smile. . .wish had the time to reply to each one separatelyEmbarrassed. . .many a times have so much to say but regrettably time constraints stop me. . .SorryHugHug

Love the quote PriyaClapHug. . .Trials and Tribulations indeed makes a Hero complete

I'm totally saddened, today. . .never thought a forum would affect me like this. . .but alas it has. . .guess this forum mirrors the state n perspicacity of the real world public

Today saw a post  talking about a cancer stricken character vs. Ms Anjali's plight. . .last straw for meOuch. . . weighing two possibly life threatening diseases against each other, really??. . .so Cancer is more real than Major depression. . . is it?. . . one can be "hopeless" is both diseases. . . and that IS the worst of all. . .when a human looses the hope to live. . .it's really an unimaginable state to be in. . .

Psychiatric illness is as real as Medical illness. . .Depression is not a "fad", where one can snap his or her finger or even tell oneself that "get out of this rut". . . death can be the final outcome in both instances.

Many have said "Anjali should just die. . .she's a perv. . .the sis-bro bond is nauseating to watch. . .call her pathetic. . .disgustingly weak. . ."

The social stigma that comes with such ppl as being pathetically weak is really heartbreaking. . .yes some diseases are more severe than others. . .but emotionally LABILE individuals need support too. . .just like a cancer patient. . .it's disheartening to see such coldness towards the emotionally labile in the general public at large. . .

Many are asking. . .Is Anjali Pregnant? Depressed? Mentally instable? Jealous? Confused? Weak?. . .Which one is it? . . . Isn't she all of the above. . .with each one having an additive effect. . .collaborating into a cohesive muck in her mind. . . .that's playing havoc on her mental sanity.

Oh well. . . this perception has been very difficult to address/change. . .cuz out in the real world . . .many have struggled to fight for this cause. . . this is just a fictional character. .

Just a little astounded at this forum. . .was of the opinion that perhaps the forum was a representation of the creme de la creme of our society

Know my opinion is not of the general consensuses but had to say it. . . out there. . please be a little empathic guyz. . .I understand the frustration. . .I'm there many a times too with Anjali. . .

Apologies guyzEmbarrassed . . . know am being pen heavy. . .thought of not posting this at all. . .as it's not really an analysis of the epi but a dialogue of the tangibly real and deeply imbedded stereotypes fueling our minds. . .that are clearly reflected in the opines of our forum. . . but had to pour my heart outSmile. . .Wrote some of this in response to a thread but refrained from posting. . . thought of the futility of it, why beat a dead horse. . . felt passionately n where best to croon then the amazing Crooner itselfBig smile. . .

Making mistakes makes us Human. . .but tolerance for those weaker than us makes us Humane.

Now that's out, phew . . . the quintessential romanceDay Dreaming and  loveDay Dreaming shown between ArHi is the soul of IPK. . .making them a classic  dhak dhak coupleDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming. . .What to say about this power couple. . .Barun and Sanaya are a powerhouse of talent. . .

The epitome of arrogance is ASR. . .the epitome of humility is Barun Sobti. . . every time I think of these extremes. . .realize. . . BS is an actor par excellence. . .brilliance personified. . .

PS even my mom said today that IPK should come Mon-Sat as it becomes very hard to pass the weekend without it LOL. . .yeah have a rocking Mommy LOL

I apologise for bringing in realities of life rather than instances of ipk... I can only say mental depression is very real and is curable ...or controlled by medicines, even better therapy interventions... unless it's something like autism , bipolar not sure about bipolar..
But depression and schizophrenia can be highly controlled.. It's only the acceptance of the family of regarding it as a disease.. And treating it accordingly..
Sympathising with the depressive member and penalising the opposing members as in the case of payal and khushi will only make new patients out of them...
Having but  lived with such members in families for years .. I can only say it sometimes works when u stop sympathising with them and ask them to start taking responsibilities..rather than mollycoddling and pampering their egos because it only gets worse and worse...this is just theoretitical discussion right now but it's equally painful for somebody who is facing the wrath of the depressive person.. Because there is no sympathy for them you are always supposed to understand and take a bitter pill.

indi52 IF-Sizzlerz

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if i look at the episode purely in terms of what was said, only two things stand out.

1. won't mind, agar tum mujhe apna pati man lo to.

2. jab se tumne mere sawalo ke jawab dena bandh kar diya tab se sab kuch badal gaya.

from memory, couple of words off i'm sure. but in those two sentences lay the emotions and the story.

he was not asking her for a night of wild s, he was asking her to be his life partner. his mate, his humsafar. a bit late one might say after the way he dragged her off for the caveman style nuptials. we know why that happened. and we've been with them through a lot. he had reached again that state of mind just before he saw the terrace scene. he is free of the painful thoughts and images and his love has claimed back innocence, radiance, joy. he wants to share it all with her. now he wants to really have her as his wife, part of his life. mein tumhe apni zindagi ka hissa banaaonga. of course, wild s is a part of that zindagi together, but not all of it. last night i saw a man asking a woman he loved madly but also deeply to be his and to make him hers. i can't get over the beauty of the sequence i saw and felt. mein sathiya gayi hoon, koi disappointment nahi hui, don't kill me.

diwali was when he felt this inexplicable animal attraction toward her. she felt the compelling vibe too. it was undeniable. hot, sexy, convulsive. he had begun to guess at the why of it and was in full resistence mode. she was utterly confused by it. i absolutely adore the diwali days, before and after almost kiss. attraction in its early hours, hypnotic, obsessive, thrilling, takes over your mind, you can almost taste it. the kiss had all of that.

the second almost kiss the day before had the red of khushi's irritability, the crimson of arnav's thwarted love and passion, the vermillion of a marriage that wants to be consummated. there was tug pull manhandle roothna manana kids in their twenties heat in it, ably aided by lashings of tea, coffee, interruptions, and grandma leg pulling, and the cutest ever love guru (as divya calls him)

but last night was deep as the ocean, blue, green, cerrulean, cobalt, lapis, deeper. even arnav singh raizada possibly hadn't calculated the feelings that would assail and fill him when khushi kumari gupta singh raizada came running down the stairs and hurled herself at him. his arms went around and gathered her to him and he felt himself pulling her tighter, holding her closer, his head buried in the crook of her neck, hands stroking her hair, a satisfaction spreading. he'd set it up to win the bet. he loved her he knew and she did love him he was sure, the deal was just the way of the nutty lovers, but he was not prepared for all that he felt.

khushi felt the depth of his feelings too it seemed to me and surrendered to it. allowing herself to draw him near and finally let her love reach out without rancour and that funny irritation. as he bent to kiss her, that incredible light in his eyes, (how does barun do this) i could see her getting ready to return that kiss. more a seal of their commitment. she did look a bit out of her depth but then again this is her first kiss. and she is the girl with the dupatta stuck out to catch the stars that would shower when love happens. bet asr would love to teach her a thing or two about that stuff, seeing stars and things hyuk. maybe she'll surprise him. oh the possibilities.

i adored the way asr lightened a heavy declaration with a "won't mind." had there been no interruption the red would have entered the scene. but then we wouldn't have had the forever cool "relax!" and what a loss that would have been.

(speaking of red, the rose path that mysteriously appeared was truly ugh. reminded me of same scene in baat hamari. have we so run out of romaaantic ideas? they need me. at least in bhph it was on the terrace and not in the middle of the drawing room, also no green border. and what is it with terraces and a certain barunji.)

on the second line. sawalon ka jawab dena band. i think somewhere i'm now beginning to feel anjali's story a bit better. the first time he didn't answer her questions was the night he got married. no explanations. anjali tried to make peace with it without any reservation. she wanted him to be happy with khushi. if i were her that wedding would have bothered me badly. strangely enough, my bro also got married with a day's notice, but we knew my sister in law for many years and they were dating. yet that wedding which was organised in a day left many feathers ruffled. not mine thankfully as i was far away. and look at the drama of the bro's wedding anjali had to accept. her only chote, her one real fam member, her key emotional anchor. but no answers. he knows it's for her, but does she?

then the no question no answer get out jeeja ji. tough on her. i get arnav and his compulsions. but from her pov a bit much, isn't it? of course, she can up and leave too. do i understand her every act every reason? no. but mind open, watching keenly. a very interesting bend in the river. perhaps time to get some secrets out. interstingly, no one still knows of shyam's love for casual murder whenever his wishes are threatened or dashed. guess anjali will discover that all by herself and then will she realise and take the side of the right. we've discussed that before.

just mulling, akash's gripe and gussa can be understood from the pov of his character and the promise of openness and trust he thought payal had made. i just wish akshay dogra would get into his character more. he doesn't hug akash too close does he. possibly still a bit scoffing of being too serious about a tv serial character, smart savvy tweets establishing his superior sensibilities more. i am being mean. but when an actor is true to the role she or he has chosen, the commitment never fails to reach the viewer or resonate. wish akash would love payal and love akash too.

every home should have a naniji, and want it or not, has a mamiji too. mine had both. when i watch these two i am with them as well.

he burst into the room uninvited, walked straight up to his sister with the tablet and told her she must have it. he had tried not to upset her, gone away at her bidding, sent akash to get the job done. finally, he just had to take charge. as he always does. cutie. asr as brother is as irresistible as asr as lover. so you don't care if i live or...? don't say such things!! she takes her pills. both were so so sweet there. you better not say such things. and you must not believe i'd lie to you. i love that honest uprightness there in this man, it is important that those you love know who you are, and if she believed he could lie to her it would harm their ties, he can't let that hapoen. such abs bro and sis. (their parents couldn't have been all that bad with two such lovely kids, would really like to know their story some day soon.)

you have changed, everything has changed, ever since the day you got married, ever since you stopped answering my questions.

there are always trials and tribulations. but thankfully there's also always love.

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archanan14 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 3:17am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Mahamluvsght

so khushi going back to gh bag packed arnav along with her excuse babu jee isnt well !

P7 news

Yipppeee! I LOVE Arnav in GH!!! That too in that deadly mood he is in, with everything that happened yesterday - woohoo! Big smile

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Omoraboti IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 3:24am | IP Logged
Originally posted by --Nishita--

Originally posted by Omoraboti

Originally posted by Mahamluvsght

so khushi going back to gh bag packed arnav along with her excuse babu jee isnt well !

P7 news


<font color="#990000">Arnav also going?? I love GH. Big smile</font>

<font face="'Comic Sans MS', Times, serif" size="2" color="#990099">I know I'm shameless but I hope Khushi packs her red sareeLOLLOLLOL</font>

Followed by a rain sequence??? ROFL

I guess they r saving the sari for teej! Ermm

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indi52 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 3:34am | IP Logged
Originally posted by srirao

Mere jaane ka time hain...I just hope Khushi doesnt go into the self-sacrificing SP bahu mode but rather decides to stand by her husband in this difficult time coz she is not one to shy away from difficult situations...!!!

Hi,,Indrani...lovely weather very happy with totally unrestrained no-holds barred hug from both of them,,,the first of its kind,,,with Arnav opening up his arms for her!!previously always he was taken by surprise

aw sri, me love hug too. gone ballistic over it on page 15.

but still not mad at anjali. she is being somewhat silly and unreasonable and irritating but she also has had strange stuff shoved at her. keeping open mind, watching.

but very weird how no one wants to know anything about the kidnapping. hmm.

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