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Crooner 1.5 : Nadaan Parindey - UPDATED (Page 13)

Omoraboti IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 1:17am | IP Logged
Originally posted by beena14


On first viewing I didn't like the episode had to re- watch it to understand where this track is heading. I was expecting this but the speed with which it came was shocking, well the CV's never fail to surprise us.  Khushi will need help from her devi maiya, Anjali will have to perform many poojas and keep vrat's to pass through this period of trial and tribulations.


Beena Di, you just spoke my mind! I simply loved your post .. Smile ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. CTRL+F5 reloads the whole page.
The hug & almost kiss seemed flat to me, I would prefer the almost kiss that happened on the previous day .. it seemed more intense & passionate. I think they rushed a bit with this one.
Things are only going to get worse for Arnav. I have mentioned the same in my post about about what is to come for him. Anjali is justified in her position considering her character & the circumstances. Though Payal finally talked I think she needs to revise her ways too.
I have written it previously also - what the hell is wrong with the Raizadas? How come they did not show any interest on knowing what the son of the house has gone through in past 15 days? How was he saved and what caused Khushi to get hurt in the process? Anjali's agony is no good enough excuse to justify this indifferent behaviour. An illogical choice made in the plot by the CVs, I assume?

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archanan14 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 1:24am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Sunshine80

Originally posted by Sunshine80

Originally posted by arch_nat1112


kya hua Archu ...morning morning?? Episode se confusewaa hogayi kya??

Episode se nahi... Episode ka toh waise bhi hona hi tha jo hua... Lekin yeh forum? Oh my God...

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--Nishita-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 1:25am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Sunshine80

Loved your quote Priya...will be eagerly waiting for your update. I would really like to see your POV. But sorry putting up my post, I will update once yours post is up.

For me it was ok episode. I don't say I didn't loved the episode, loved the drama and twist, but in romance intensity was less compared to what was expected. I felt execution of that scene would have been better.

  • Haila'mein dar gayi'we saw one shadow lingering on the so called terrace and door shuts automatically'mein bahut dargayi yaar'sachi muchiEmbarrassed..mein bhi ek nanni si pyaari si choti si bacchi hoon khushi ki tarah..23yrs onlyLOL
  • Khushi bitiya.. did you just use a plant to open the door?Shocked

  • Kushi ran down dar ke maarein...haila phir se dikha ek shadow...lightning mein dhik gaya...Arnavji ka imageLOL...jaan mein jaan aagayi khushiji ko...upar se Arnavji ka "Khushi" husky voice...what else anybody need including usWink...she ran into his arms...
  • And title song starts and I was like...ok...kuch exciting...theek hain...not as I expected as I thought Khushi will wear saree as nobody was there at home...
  • But still I was like...ok happy BG song..after so long and I was like go arhi go!!...come on you can do it

  • Khushi thanks her best friend DM for sending Arnav back home for she was really scared. Arnav tries to calm her down...shh..shh..I so love when he says khushi's so adorableDay Dreaming

  • Khushi realizes she is hugging him and she is puzzled by something on the floor and she picks up a rose petal...haila...lights come back on to display a pathway covered with rose petals all the way to the staircase

  • OMG kya hogaya chotey aapko...sachi muchi...apne red rose petals ki paath baanadi...huh..kaun kehta hain aap romance mein ande kehthe hain andhe hainLOLLOL.
  • But ASR why to do it in hallShocked..why didn't u did something in bedroom so that we had some romantic moment not to be disturbed by entire family...upar se khushi ne saree bhi nahi pehiniOuch...Arshad to be honest whole romantic scene was so phika compared to what was expected after 2 dhamakedaar episodes back to back...but still as always I enjoy ASR sideWink
  • Chalo aagey badte hain...I loved this scene when she pushes  him. Reminded me of guest house scene...loved and was awed when he pulled her towards him to have a second hug

  • And phir I was expecting some exchange of words between Arhi as Khushi was hurt by ASR deeply...that's the reason she said she was not able to smile after ASR so many efforts...but why the hell she gave up so early. Isiliye scene phika would have been more dhamakedaar..but whole scene became just ok for me
  • Arnav says "What had you say? the day you come running into my arms, you will accept me as your husband? You have done exactly that right now...Kushi kumari Gupta Singh Raizaada!!(ASR ko bada mazaa aata hain poora name bolne mein..)...pulls apart ...cups her face in his hands and says "I won't mind if you accept me as your husband!" and leans to kiss confusion expression kya hain...kiss karoon ki nahi...I want ...I don't want itLOL. I felt Sanaya was little down in expressions here compared to romantic BSEmbarrassed
  • But haila ye kya hua

  • Oh my was so front of whole family..I can understand Khushi's tension and ASR saying "Relax" was  so damn...he is so clear that usko karna hi hain..koi confusion nahi hainEmbarrassed..He don't care a damn if it's private or in front of whole family...patni hain bhai to what's the galatiLOL
  • Maami totally back to her normal mode from super sweet maami...hai re nandakishoreAngry
  • Anji baby ke baarein mein saarein log bashing kar rahe hain...but see her POV

 Her husband's been thrown out by her brother, she hasn't been given solid proof, she's pregnant and going through hormonal imbalances, and upar se baby bump bhi nahi nikal rahi hainWink. Her heart wants to believe her chotte, but her love and trust in Shyam is making that difficult. She is CONFUSED. If we put ourselves in her shoes we can see why she is feeling insecure..It's natural. She's NOT a negative character nor hope she will be. She's never been strong. She's always been weak. Arnav has always been protecting her.

Just yesterday Arnav was willing to go to the Satsang/Mandir for her, and she was happy with just the thought of him going with him. So when she comes home and see's ASR romancing his wife full on, it's natural for her to think he lied to her. It's natural reaction. This is how Anjali would react..She's not the same Anjali anymore.

Once when she was happy and bubbly she always tried to make everyone around her happy. She is the first person who showered so much love on Khushi. And Khushi knows it and went through so much just for her sake. She always tried to bring Arhi closer. But now damn she doesn't know the truth what her chotey and khushiji had gone through for her sake and doesn't know how creep is snake. So she needs some time. I agree she needs time darling but at times she can also rise above her own miseries and be happy for her kiddo brother. I knew she would think he lied to her but the whole natak of not taking tablets was a bit too much I thought...all because she saw her bro with his wife? Lets see how she behaves once Shyaam is back. 
  • But Why doesn't anyone in RM house listen to anyone's side of the story completely?..duhDead
  • I loved Payal raising her voice and standing up for herself and Khushi today
  • And Aakash bituwaa...what was that mixed signals. Aap believe kartein ho Paayal is saying truth or not?? I can completely understand you are more upset than Chotey that Di is going thru so much pain...but your reaction was so put off. why are you behaving like a jerk..what's ur problem mere bhai??Dead
  • Aur woh khufiyaan blank call...kahi snake ki to nahi

  • And Anjali dialogues when she said "Aap ko pyaar hogaya hain chote"...though it is true I felt like she said as if "Chotey aap bimaar padgayeLOL"
  • But those words straight from her ... that everything has changed after marriage... Anjali need to go through RTR path when she comes to know what Khushi and her chotey has sacrificed for herCry...their love life damn itEmbarrassed
  • Poor ASR .. torn between his Di n is going to react. Khushi jaldi se puppy de that tumhare alwaa kuch socheWink

Funny snippets

  • Where has NK bhai gone???..Satsang nahi gaye..HP ke baarein mein bola chutti pe hain to NK kaha gayaWink
  • When Khushi was running down to hug lightning it was clear that there was no flower path...again Raizaadon ka magic. Come on CVs these are little details.. but why the damn you want to ignore it always.
  • Maama missing...ghar mein itna serious horaha hain kaha gaye...Maami ko divorce dekhe ke laxmiji ke saath Bali mein enjoy kar rahe hainLOL
  • ASR diwaali se try maar rahe ho kiss ke diwaali tak ek kissi to karloLOL
  • BTW raat ko to Arhi ek hi kamrein mein ek hi bistar pe sote hain when she is akeli in his bedroom...what is he doing and not trying to kiss her and why he damn choose to do in front of whole family
  • Raat ko ye dono sanyaasi aur sanyasin kyun ban jaate hain..or do they take sleeping tablets at night

Brilliant post Sunny...upar se yeh superb gifs...made my dayClapHug
Parts in blue...I agree. bak bak. I also agree that Anjali needs a RTR more than anybody else. She has to open her eyes and look at the sacrifices her brother and Khushi made for her.
Omoraboti IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 1:31am | IP Logged
Originally posted by riti4u

Originally posted by Omoraboti

Romance or no romance, the drama quotient is currently really high in the IPK land and I am loving it to the core.


Hey farha...that was very good...awesome take on yesterday's episode...Drama is on its peak...and I just love you for bold part dearHug... now who wants redemption...? Guy has already gone through so much and is also punching bag for everyone specially his di and his khushi...both women walking out and leaving him...while all he wanted was happiness for both of them...Cry
I really loved yesterday's episode spoke volume on the story ahead and gave good glimplse into the inside of the characters.
I really felt bad for Arnav today ..  when he was standing alone, I felt like giving him a tight hug and say everything will be fine. It is sad isnt it that event if Khushi wants to comfort him, she cant? Unhappy 
-Facetious- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 1:52am | IP Logged
Geez.. I'm frustrated now D'oh
Omoraboti IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 2:03am | IP Logged
@Shy: Dont worry dear, Anjali will play her role. Give her some time and I am sure once she knows the complete truth, she will make sure her brother gets all the happiness in the world. She is still in a very vulnerable state and completely unaware of the real euqation among Arnav-Khushi-Shyam.
@Sunshine: Thoroughly enjoyed reading your post. Big smile There is nothing to say after the way you have described romance between the two. LOL Other questions & points are valid too. About the rosy path .. it was meant for Khushi but Anjali walked over it. Interesting, isnt it? Tongue
Omoraboti IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 2:04am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -SH-

Geez.. I'm frustrated now D'oh
Why????  Shocked ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. CTRL+F5 reloads the whole page.
soaringskies Goldie

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 2:05am | IP Logged
Originally posted by palak32

Big smile

A big hello all crooning peeps. . .first of all a gigantic thank you to each n every one of you for letting me emote with you thru ur expressive and enriching write upsClap. . .

Every day each write up either make me laugh, cry or simply smile. . .wish had the time to reply to each one separatelyEmbarrassed. . .many a times have so much to say but regrettably time constraints stop me. . .SorryHugHug

Love the quote PriyaClapHug. . .Trials and Tribulations indeed makes a Hero complete

I'm totally saddened, today. . .never thought a forum would affect me like this. . .but alas it has. . .guess this forum mirrors the state n perspicacity of the real world public

Today saw a post  talking about a cancer stricken character vs. Ms Anjali's plight. . .last straw for meOuch. . . weighing two possibly life threatening diseases against each other, really??. . .so Cancer is more real than Major depression. . . is it?. . . one can be "hopeless" is both diseases. . . and that IS the worst of all. . .when a human looses the hope to live. . .it's really an unimaginable state to be in. . .

Psychiatric illness is as real as Medical illness. . .Depression is not a "fad", where one can snap his or her finger or even tell oneself that "get out of this rut". . . death can be the final outcome in both instances.

Many have said "Anjali should just die. . .she's a perv. . .the sis-bro bond is nauseating to watch. . .call her pathetic. . .disgustingly weak. . ."

The social stigma that comes with such ppl as being pathetically weak is really heartbreaking. . .yes some diseases are more severe than others. . .but emotionally LABILE individuals need support too. . .just like a cancer patient. . .it's disheartening to see such coldness towards the emotionally labile in the general public at large. . .

Many are asking. . .Is Anjali Pregnant? Depressed? Mentally instable? Jealous? Confused? Weak?. . .Which one is it? . . . Isn't she all of the above. . .with each one having an additive effect. . .collaborating into a cohesive muck in her mind. . . .that's playing havoc on her mental sanity.

Oh well. . . this perception has been very difficult to address/change. . .cuz out in the real world . . .many have struggled to fight for this cause. . . this is just a fictional character. .

Just a little astounded at this forum. . .was of the opinion that perhaps the forum was a representation of the creme de la creme of our society

Know my opinion is not of the general consensuses but had to say it. . . out there. . please be a little empathic guyz. . .I understand the frustration. . .I'm there many a times too with Anjali. . .

Apologies guyzEmbarrassed . . . know am being pen heavy. . .thought of not posting this at all. . .as it's not really an analysis of the epi but a dialogue of the tangibly real and deeply imbedded stereotypes fueling our minds. . .that are clearly reflected in the opines of our forum. . . but had to pour my heart outSmile. . .Wrote some of this in response to a thread but refrained from posting. . . thought of the futility of it, why beat a dead horse. . . felt passionately n where best to croon then the amazing Crooner itselfBig smile. . .

Making mistakes makes us Human. . .but tolerance for those weaker than us makes us Humane.

Now that's out, phew . . . the quintessential romanceDay Dreaming and  loveDay Dreaming shown between ArHi is the soul of IPK. . .making them a classic  dhak dhak coupleDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming. . .What to say about this power couple. . .Barun and Sanaya are a powerhouse of talent. . .

The epitome of arrogance is ASR. . .the epitome of humility is Barun Sobti. . . every time I think of these extremes. . .realize. . . BS is an actor par excellence. . .brilliance personified. . .

PS even my mom said today that IPK should come Mon-Sat as it becomes very hard to pass the weekend without it LOL. . .yeah have a rocking Mommy LOL

lovely post dear...Big smileBig smile

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