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Crooner 1.5 : Nadaan Parindey - UPDATED (Page 12)

palak32 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 12:32am | IP Logged

@ Beena

heheheLOL . . .looks like v have a cross connection going on. . .seems. . . both of us were reading each other's posts precisely at the same time. . .kind of spooky isn't it. . .

thank you for the kind  and warm words
Embarrassed.Hug . .actually got deeply disturbed at the ice cold reactions out there and that too by (obviously) medical professionals. . .

yeah slowly learning and understanding thru this forum that perhaps mental illness is still not acknowledged by some as a "real " disease in IndiaOuch. . .True, Mental illness is almost always a chronic disease with very low  cure rate. . .treatment is always life long. . .

thank you Beena for sharing ur knowledgeHugHug

Originally posted by beena14


Making mistakes makes us Human. . .but tolerance for those weaker than us makes us Humane.

Profound words Clap Mental illness is a disease which cannot most of the time be completely cured . It is a very slow process of healing. . I have had the experience to see someone close to me take his own life due to mental illness. Yes, In India it is a stigma people won't even acknowledge MI as a disease. Thxs for bringing this issue up in your post. Loved it.  Hug

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riti4u IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 12:42am | IP Logged
@sunshine80- I am just loving your GIFs...LOL
beena14 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 12:45am | IP Logged
@palak 32

Yes it was spooky . I loved your post and you are welcome. I have worked in the health industry so have some knowledge, we have a doctor one of our crooner buddies...Sri  we need her to shed some light in his area.

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Omoraboti IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 12:54am | IP Logged
Updated on Page 2 Smile
Good Afternoon/Morning/Evening Ladies!

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soni.b IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 12:54am | IP Logged
--Nishita-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 12:56am | IP Logged
Originally posted by beena14

res                         The End of the Road is but a Bend in the Road
                                                                                 By Helen Rice

                               When we feel we have nothing left to give
                               And we are sure that the "song has ended"--
                               When our day seems over and the shadows fall
                               And the darkness of night has descended,

                               Where can we go to find the strength
                               To valiantly keep on trying,
                               Where can we find the hand that will dry
                               The tears that the heart is crying--

                                There's but one place to go and that is to God
                                And, dropping all pretense and pride,
                               We can pour out our problem without restraint
                               And gain strength with Him at our side--

                               And together we stand at life's crossro
 You've just come to "a bend in the road."
                              And view what we think is the end,
                              But God has a much bigger vision
                              And he tells us it's only a bend--

                              For the road goes on and is smoother,
                             And the "pause in the song" is a "rest,"
                            And the part that's unsung and unfinished
                             Is the sweetest and richest and best--

                             So rest and relax and grow stronger,
                             Let go and let God share your load,
                             Your work is not finished or ended,

On first viewing I didn't like the episode had to re- watch it to understand where this track is heading. I was expecting this but the speed with which it came was shocking, well the CV's never fail to surprise us.  Khushi will need help from her devi maiya, Anjali will have to perform many poojas and keep vrat's to pass through this period of trial and tribulations.

Yesterday we saw the flirty Arnav today we saw him at cross road. He will not only have to deal with his Di who is very vulnerable but also with the women he loves. There is no Di to cover up for him or guide him like she has in the past. He has to walk the path all alone making decisions without being emotional. Mr Arnav Singh Raizada has always been the man of the house but from today he has the burden of the two most important women in his life. A new emotional journey has begun for Arnav where he has to keep his emotions in balance. He will have to choose one which he doesn't want to, he knows his Di is needy and a weak person and needs him. His wife is much stronger or at least puts on a brave front but he knows she needs him too. I agree with you Beena, Arnav has realized that he needs to balance his relationships. I dont want him to choose between the two women in his life. Yes, Anjali may be emotionally weak but if Arnav gets separated from Khushi, things are not going to get any better. Anjali will still be weak. What Anjali wants right now is her Shyaamji and may just blackmail Arnav to get her husband back. Moreover, Khushi has accepted Arnav as her husband so she will be by his side at this emotional phase and not leave him all alone. This is my POV.

The much anticipated continuation from yesterday's episode was like a flat soda. The intensity which was built up was not delivered today. CV's why did you not follow an intense scene between your leads right after the hug. I felt the scene was  incomplete , yes we realize we are watching this show from Arnav's POV but it would be nice to show Khushi's when you had built the intensity where both the actor's POV was important to the viewers.

Coming to Anjali , I know there are many post on the forum bashing her''''I watched Anjali and Arnav's scenes several times to understand Anjali's POV. Anjali is very insecure more so right now for her she doesn't know the circumstances of Chote's marriage she feels Khushi has come into Chote's life in the recent past. He loves Khushi, so believes her, and not Shyamji who has been in Chote's life longer. For Anjali it was traumatic to see her husband being thrown out of the house by her brother and the only explanation he gave was, I TRUST KHUSHI. Anjali wants an explanation from her Chote. When she said, everything has changed the day you got married, you have stopped answering questions. We as viewers can see both sides of the coin but from Anjali's  POV , she is right her chote has yet to tell her why the sudden marriage because of this for the first time have lost faith in him . Anjali puts her Shyamji on a pedestal she has devoted her past four years of her life to him. Suddenly someone comes and accuses him that means the past four yrs means nothing where is the faith? Anjali opened the door here bringing up Arnav's marriage , I am hoping Arnav tells his Di the circumstances and the contract marriage. Anjali is in depression and is mourning over her broken marriage. Cv's please don't leave this loop open. Why Cv's do you want to use the dialogue about death both sister and brother using it to emotionally black mailing each other. The contract marriage has to come up...for how long will the family hold Khushi responsible for the mess? They need to know what Khushi has done their family. I am hoping the contract marriage issue is brought up next week.

Yes, here again the CV's faltered''''' how come no one in the Raizada family have bothered to find out about Arnav's kidnapping from the horse's mouth. Under what circumstances did Khushi find Arnav what they she had to go through to get him home safely. No one showed any concern on his return. This has been my concern since Arnav came back. Nobody has bothered to ask him anything especially after seeing how physically hurt both Arnav and Khushi were.

I am so proud of Payal finally she took a stand . Sit your husband down girl and knock some sense in him. I can see Mami and Aakash standing by Di , Payal with Khushi , Nani being neutral, Arnav you have your hands full.   Director saab , I am totally confused with Aakash's expression not sure if he is angry or confused with Payal . Brush up the acting skills.  

Priya , loved the quote can't wait for you to update the crooner will add my comments later.

Great post BeenaThumbs Up
@Parts in liked 2 centsEmbarrassed

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indi52 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 1:10am | IP Logged
QUOTE Palak32

A big hello all crooning peeps. . .first of all a gigantic thank you to each n every one of you for letting me emote with you thru ur expressive and enriching write ups. . .

Every day each write up either make me laugh, cry or simply smile. . .wish had the time to reply to each one separately. . .many a times have so much to say but regrettably time constraints stop me. . .Sorry

Love the quote Priya. . .Trials and Tribulations indeed makes a Hero complete

I'm totally saddened, today. . .never thought a forum would affect me like this. . .but alas it has. . .guess this forum mirrors the state n perspicacity of the real world public

Today saw a post talking about a cancer stricken character vs. Ms Anjali's plight. . .last straw for me. . . weighing two possibly life threatening diseases against each other, really??. . .so Cancer is more real than Major depression. . . is it?. . . one can be "hopeless" is both diseases. . . and that IS the worst of all. . .when a human looses the hope to live. . .it's really an unimaginable state to be in. . .

Psychiatric illness is as real as Medical illness. . .Depression is not a "fad", where one can snap his or her finger or even tell oneself that "get out of this rut". . . death can be the final outcome in both instances.

Many have said "Anjali should just die. . .she's a perv. . .the sis-bro bond is nauseating to watch. . .call her pathetic. . .disgustingly weak. . ."

The social stigma that comes with such ppl as being pathetically weak is really heartbreaking. . .yes some diseases are more severe than others. . .but emotionally LABILE individuals need support too. . .just like a cancer patient. . .it's disheartening to see such coldness towards the emotionally labile in the general public at large. . .

Many are asking. . .Is Anjali Pregnant? Depressed? Mentally instable? Jealous? Confused? Weak?. . .Which one is it? . . . Isn't she all of the above. . .with each one having an additive effect. . .collaborating into a cohesive muck in her mind. . . .that's playing havoc on her mental sanity.

Oh well. . . this perception has been very difficult to address/change. . .cuz out in the real world . . .many have struggled to fight for this cause. . . this is just a fictional character. .

Just a little astounded at this forum. . .was of the opinion that perhaps the forum was a representation of the creme de la creme of our society

Know my opinion is not of the general consensuses but had to say it. . . out there. . please be a little empathic guyz. . .I understand the frustration. . .I'm there many a times too with Anjali. . .

Apologies guyz . . . know am being pen heavy. . .thought of not posting this at all. . .as it's not really an analysis of the epi but a dialogue of the tangibly real and deeply imbedded stereotypes fueling our minds. . .that are clearly reflected in the opines of our forum. . . but had to pour my heart out. . .Wrote some of this in response to a thread but refrained from posting. . . thought of the futility of it, why beat a dead horse. . . felt passionately n where best to croon then the amazing Crooner itself. . .

Making mistakes makes us Human. . .but tolerance for those weaker than us makes us Humane.

Now that's out, phew . . . the quintessential romance and love shown between ArHi is the soul of IPK. . .making them a classic dhak dhak couple. . .What to say about this power couple. . .Barun and Sanaya are a powerhouse of talent. . .

The epitome of arrogance is ASR. . .the epitome ofhumility is Barun Sobti. . . every time I think of these extremes. . .realize. . . BS is an actor parexcellence. . .brilliance personified. . .

PS even my mom said today that IPK should come Mon-Sat as it becomes very hard to pass the weekend without it . . .yeah have a rocking Mommy


hi palak, this is indi, we meet here sometimes. i am so sorry to hear you sounding and feeling this bad about the anjali situation. she is on my mind too. now should one spend one's time thinking of a character that doesn't exist? moot point. but nowadays i believe that every one of those people i meet at ipk does indeed live, they are there, sometimes as themselves as we see them, or huge parts of them are there in people we come across; and delving deep into their minds will ultimately enrich our experience and teach us to understand and empathise.

anjali is doing certain things most understandable and certain things quite weird. why is the question. to get a complete answer i have to be far more sensitive and smarter then i am. so the bits i don't get i keep looking at till some answer begins to come. yesterday she said: ever since you stopped answering my questions everything changed. the first time chote didn't give her an answer was the night he got married. is anjali feeling things that we've never even thought of?

the boy whom she loved since his birth and became very emotionally dependent on ever since her parents' death, has always said she is the only one he cares about. she has acted positively to help him find love and even helped him and khushi whenever she has sensed discord. then why this now?

complex. of course the sudden throwing out of shyam is a big part of it. no one asked her. no one consulted her. arnav took a decision on the whole family's behalf. i completely empathise with his situation, but also with hers.

ever since his wedding, arnav has stopped answering key questions. he is doing everything to protect her, di ke liye. but does di even know that? to her that wedding must have been the strangest thing, yet she does her best to make peace with it even bring happiness. she is not an inherently strong person. but she is loving and gentle. first the blow of a no explanation marriage, then the blow of her other only emotional anchor, her husband, his no explanation only accusation departure.

can all this leave anyone feeling good strong capable loving kind gentle? look how little it has taken us to wish her the worst kind if things possible. all because she is getting in the way of a hot kiss.

human, humane, i liked that thought.

your mom is a wise lady, saturday does go on. LOL

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riti4u IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 1:16am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Omoraboti

Romance or no romance, the drama quotient is currently really high in the IPK land and I am loving it to the core.

So why am I not at all disappointed that the kiss was again interrupted? Firstly because, I always watch the episodes with no expectations at all. Secondly, I almost knew nothing would happen. Tongue The moment Khushi said the previous day that "there is nothing to see since nothing would happen", I was like "lo, CVs have again passed their message loud & clear". LOL The positive side in this interruption was the whole family has managed to consumer their quota as the "kiss interrupter" at one go. So hopefully, there will be no interruptions in the future. Something tells me all this is leading towards a proper re-marriage and perhaps, only after that we will get something other than hug. I would not have mind a proper kiss before a proper SR though. Wink


So, now tell me what is redemption? In plain words, redemption is to compensate for one's negative/harmful actions. I have always wanted Arnav to redeem for his deeds 'for everything wrong he has done to Khushi since the beginning of the story. I do believe in paying for your deeds. Where I differ with many is how the redemption should be done. In my view, his redemption has started from the moment he has seen Khushi in Shyam's arms in the terrace. Whether Arnav has understood or not yet might be the question. Well, we all know he will soon ' the day he will finally give in to Khushi's Devi Maiya understanding the reasons & also the consequences of his actions.


Was not it enough that he had to see his ladylove in his brother-in-laws arms on the day he decided to open up his heart? Was not it enough to consciously punish his wife while his heart broke doing that? Was not it enough to have her in front of his eyes but not able to have her as his heart really wanted to? Was not it enough when his heart & mind were in constant battle on whether to believe her leaving him with no peace at all? Was not it enough to be in confinement for 15 days only to realize what wrongs he must have done to his wife? Was not it enough to almost lose her wife when finally he has submitted to his love? Is not it enough as everything is now against their union when he is completely ready to start his life with her? And trust me, there is more to come. Now balancing the continuum with his sister on one end & his wife on the other, is going to rip him apart.


My heart really goes to this young man. One scene clearly defined yesterday the misery of Arnav Singh Raizada. All he wanted to do was to have his wife accept him & complete their union. He ended up in the middle of a quandary where his wife leaves first followed by his sister leaving him alone with the burden of his deeds, decisions & fate. He could really use a hug now. What goes around, comes around.And he is getting to taste a lot of things that he has done to others, especially Khushi. I got sadistic pleasure when he said "Di, you are misunderstanding me". LOL The woman in me laughed at him ' here you go! And still I felt like giving him a hug.


Khushi finally gave in and it had to happen. I will not touch upon her today and would wait to see what she does going forward.


A very good progress point of the last episode was Anjali's speaking a bit of her heart out to Arnav. The root has been exposed today ' the seed of the insecurity was planted on the day of Arnav's marriage when he refused to share with his sister the real reason of the marriage. She has clearly pointed it out and now it is to see how it takes the story forward. Anjali deserves to know the full truth. Since we have seen her to not totally discard the possibility of Shyam's guilt, the revelation of Arnav's part of the story could help a lot. She has also made it clear that she considers Khushi as Arnav's first priority now and it does bother her. I will wait till this angle comes into the picture along with Khushi's reactions in the upcoming episodes.


So why it bothered Anjali or Mami that he had preferred a little time out with his wife? Simple, they just have no idea of the real nature of their relationship. That is another truth that needs to be told. If I was in Anjali's place, I would have also thought that he avoided going to Mandir to be with his wife. The way she reacted was because of the bonding they share & also because of her current circumstances. She could not accept the fact that he lied. I guess the current track is perhaps leading towards the unfolding of all the truths that Arnav chose to hide ' depends on in what pace the CVs decide to run the storyline.


Now about Mamiji, I have been thinking of writing this about her for a while. I differ with many when they say he is being the typical Saans. But I see a typical Bahu in her ' a Bahu who has spent her life in this joint family and now considers this family as her own. In the Indian sub-continent, this is how a woman's life mostly takes turns. Once a woman is married, she gradually becomes a part of her husband's family and she starts to consider the daughters of the house as her own. So when the new Bahu's come in the house, she forgets that she also came into this household as a Bahu once and still sides with the daughters of the house. This is very evident in any joint family and this is why Manorama Mami is only concerned about Anjali's misery, completely ignoring the Gupta Sisters. She is venting out her agony on the Bahu's she still considers outsiders being the reason of the misery of the daughter of the house. I will not say I like what she is doing but this is how it just happens. Many things are not logical in real life and there are things & people we get frustrated with. So it is time for Mamiji now to take our wrath and so be it.


Payal has finally started to express her frustration ' another progress point. But I really did not think it was very sensible of her to say that she has cooked his favorite food under that circumstance. Akash is being a jerk, may be. But Payal needs to play her role properly too. She needs to understand what her husband really needs right now; he needed comfort then, not an act of love. Every relationship goes through a trying period ' apparently, they are going through theirs. However, both of them, till now are not handling things very sensibly and this perhaps can cause a major turn in the story.


I understood Akash clearly todaywhen he said he has never seen Di like this ever before. It is not only about Di, it is about the change of colours in life that has caught him off guard. He was used to having a smooth & secured life, under the shadow of his brother with nothing much to be bothered of. He fell in love, got married & was looking forward to have a perfect married life. He never had to work on relationships or confront major dilemmas. Now the sudden turn of events of the last couple of months, have really flustered him. We have seen how he cannot handle any change in his perfect life during the Bubbly track. It was followed by the work pressure at office in absence of Arnav. And now, this whole Anjali-Shyam-Khushi fiasco is heights for him. He was in his own bubble too ' like Anajali ' and he is stress since his bubble has burst too. It is now a question of maturity for both Akash & Payal ' maturity in their relationship and also maturity in themselves.


The rosy pathway did not go down well with me because visually, it was cheesy to me and also I could not imagine Arnav doing that.But then again when I though about it the path has never been rosy for these two & this time also they could not take it - symbolism at its best.  What I am loving about IPK right now, is a lot of facets are open and each has huge potential to turn around the story. Bring it on CVs 'twist our heart & mind. I am all ready for it. Big smile


PS1: 3P Demand from me to the PH & the Channel ' "Proper Promotion Please!!!".

PS2: Arnav, please lock the door!!!!!

Hey farha...that was very good...awesome take on yesterday's episode...Drama is on its peak...and I just love you for bold part dearHug... now who wants redemption...? Guy has already gone through so much and is also punching bag for everyone specially his di and his khushi...both women walking out and leaving him...while all he wanted was happiness for both of them...Cry

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