Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Bye bye Anjali, was nice knowing you *edit*

momma1128 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 12:19pm | IP Logged
A bit of a rant - it's long, at times perhaps incoherent, but I was revelling in some awesome ASR moments and then bam!  what the Anjali...

All indications were given that this was a love story.  I didn't see Anjali lurking in between ASR and Kh in any of the show promos, I did not see Anjali in any promo touting her incredible bond with her brother.  I did see her as a side character from day 1 when she came onto the stage with ASR and it was evident that ASR loved his Di and she cared for him immensely, worried about him being HAPPY and letting go of the pain of the past.  That has been Anjali from June 6th 2011.

Anjali has always been the unstable Raizada ' not only an insecurity arising from her disability but also from her broken wedding,  but even in her bubble she recognized her brother's feelings.  She is the one who reached out to La even though the family didn't like her, she called him out on his rude behavior with Khushi, she recognized that he fell in love with her and she was the mature one in the family who put aside his shotgun wedding and welcomed Khushi into the house.  If she was shown to remain the one who understood her brother, then I would have oodles of sympathy for what is a plight that can break any woman.  Pregnant with your adultering, kidnapping and attempted murdering husband's child, who you pinned your entire self-worth and being on.  I am supposed to be crying for this woman.  But I ain't.

Anjali has gone off the deep end.  I tried for two weeks.  For two weeks I said, come on Anu, she is a pathetic creature right now in the midst of an emotional breakdown, she's pregnant, never worked a day in her life, mooches off her bro'wait focus, her husband got kicked out of the house.  She's delicate, she deserves the benefit of the doubt.  I am supposed to sympathize with her.  But no dice.  What I see is a woman who shuts everyone out, who goes off to abort her child and kill herself in the process because THE FATHER gets no respect, then comes back and wants to keep baby and have baby look like said father who deceived her and her family for 3 years (sach kya hain nani, somebody just tell her to call the Guptas and Happyji), who tells her brother who saved her life he is of no help to her, who cries at the sight of flowers for her sister in law, who cries at the sight of her brother having alone time with his wife, who cries at the sight of her brother having a moment with his wife, who cries that her brother forgot her after he lets her keep said flowers, hauls her butt to bed, that's in a room, in a house, that had the snake who got the allowance in the Shantivan that ASR built.  She is coming off as self absorbed and she is coming off as begrudging her brother's happiness which goes against the essence of this character. 


There is no other way to take it.  She stood in the living room today and called her brother ASR a liar.  How convenient  and how unimaginative CVs that you have Khushi maligned by Mami without a single shut up and extreme tepid retort from Nani and then you have Anjali the little delicate flower call her brother a liar, pout, cry at the display of affection for her sister in law and waltz off.  How sad was ASR today left alone in the living room with his wife and sister going off in different directions.  Why is this injustice visited upon this couple time and time again just when the audience feels that they are due for some time to just love.  So ASR goes off in the direction of Anjali (obviously because we have to have equal air time now, he hugged his wife, her screentime quota met, am I being cynical, yes because the story is ridiculous as is Anjali's characterization at the moment).  And this is where Anjali and any glimmer of sympathy left and I wanted ASR to pack her off to her Shyam heaven haveli that has been under construction for a year.

She says marriage changed Chotte the day he got married.  So why are you whining about it NOW?????  Why were you not whining about it when you made Bali in Delhi, why weren't you whining about during Holi, where was this boohoo Chotte why isn't Di numero uno when you made Khushi repair his button??  What has changed between then and now is that Anjali is devastated and lost her husband, which leads me to believe that she now begrudges the time with his wife because CHOTTE IS HAPPY and she is not and wants attention NOW  (insert pout and mote mote ansoo).   And now, what will she do, try to get back the man her entire household despises and alienate Kh (this is how soch nayi works on SP right).  How much more emotionally manipulative can someone get.  How much more self centered?  CVs this is the reason why the audience cannot relate to her.  While she was happy with Shyam, she was all for her brother being in love.  Now, she is not.  If her issue is that it is Khushi he is happy with, then find a better way to display it because right now, Anjali is no better than any other manipulative saas.

I signed up for a love story.  Today I got a couple finally acknowledging and succumbing to each other  (Barun and Sanaya thank you for the most awesome 7 mins) and then got lambasted with a saas/bahu drama with Akash showing absolutely no spine and Payal thinking just a spoonful of bhindi makes the ghussa go down.  Manorama becoming that "saas" again, insulting the bahu and trying to feed her son a bottle.    I use my remote to avoid those shows (yes I know exactly what to do with them thank you!) Add some phantom calls from the character no one wants to see return any time soon and we have a recipe for disaster.  The show needs the main lead couple to have some time ' uninterrupted time.  Make parallel tracks, but don't do it at the cost of the central story and don't do it while destroying the characters.  Today's episode was a stale regressive kitchen drama with a half baked love story stuck in.  For shame.

(note - I have not seen Dolly's interview with Rangmunch, so don't know what she said, and quite frankly don't have any interest now)


Take a look at the sister Anjali was a year ago - where exactly is there an inkling of DKS story here?  Now this is the sister calling her brother a liar for spending time with his WIFE (thanks WCW)

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mommy2000 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 12:21pm | IP Logged
Edit -
If I pout and cry mote mote aansoon, will i get what i want???(read a restraining order for glee and O saiyyan - agneepath for ArHi)
If I tell gotti, gul and the rest, that jabse yeh shaadi hui hai, kucchh badal gayaa hai, will they show me that "shocked expression like they need to do something about that" or show me the remote?
If I tell "sab humein bhool gaye hain", will it make a difference to the script???

I feel sympathy for the likes of glee, women in her situation. I expect them to act irrational.  But in this case, in this story, at this time, it is done all wrong.  The audience has been waiting for the "pyaar",which is what the title suggests, which is what the promos suggested, which is what the makers proclaimed, for over a year now.  And then if they ask the audience to give glee sympathy when they have pulled a "didi ki saut" on us just when we were starting to enjoy the love that was out in the open, then glee gets everything but sympathy.

I am sorry, but this angle, which should have been dealt with delicately, has been so flimsily introduced that even our walls are willing to take the abuse. 

It amazes me that in all the nonsense (read Payaash + mami + glee-cerine), nani has emerged as a strong, wise woman who can see through this haze.  They have given us an atypical in LA and nani...why isn't it possible for the rest of the cast. *sigh* I am tired. My walls are complaining but still willing.

You said the rest, Anu and I don't think i have the capacity or the skill to better it or add to it. Agree with every word.

*pouting with mote mote aansoon*

PS: the first 7 minutes brilliant.  Barun & Sanaya - excellentClap

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DCgirl Goldie

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 12:23pm | IP Logged
Anuuu... Our tamatar frequency reached heights today... A truck load of tamatars!!!!
I spent hours everyday for the last one year watching, rewatching and analyzing the characters because its a LOVE STORY with a beautiful plot and brilliant cast. Now, the makers of the show claim that the basic plot has always been "didi ki saut" and that makes me cringe.

Anjali and Arnav had always been a unique brother and sister relationship that was a treat to watch, maybe a few scenes per week. I never wanted to be the center of the show and If I had known before that I get to see their scenes for 10min in every episode, I would have used the remote as Gotti would say!!!! If was interested in sibling bond stories, I would watch some other show... This is a freaking love story.

We all noticed inconsistencies in Anjali's character but today was heights. Im not expecting her to be rational after probably the biggest shock of her life but it felt like she basically means this way:
When she was supposedly in her happy bubble with her pyaare Shyamji, all she wanted for her Chotey is to do is find love and be happy but now that her bubble burst and her dream world collapsed, she wants her chotey to herself... All of him. Where is the Anjali who was ecstatic and had happy tears when her chotey laughed after years???? Where is she now? I think she has left the building.

If the actress wanted screentime, they could have made Anjali think about Shyam. The wife who created a happy bubble for herself, who still wants her baby to be just like the father, shouldnt she be crying about why she is not the object of interest of her husband? Why is she crying that she is not the ony focus of her brother? Why didnt she stop and think for a second that Arnav was kidnapped and was kept hostage for 15days and could have died... I mean died!!!! Why is she saying "tumhe pyar hogaya hain" as if he caught a deadly terminal disease? Whyyy?
At this point I would rather see Shyam back with his bicchoo games than see Anjali's twisted psychotic drama. In today's episode, the flower trail was so unnecessary, a total manipulation on CVs part. In Arnav's defense, the guy just spent 15 days in captivity and thought he was gonna die every single day and then he saw his wife almost losing her life to save him. He never thought he could fall in love let alone receiving love. It happened and after a near death experience you tend to live each moment like its the last one and if he wants to show his wife his love... Whats so wrong about it? Also, eventhough the reveal of Shyam is a life altering thing for Anjali, for Arnav that happened a few months ago. He had time for that to sink in and now he knows this is the best for Anjali and threw him out. I am in love with ASR more than ever. 

Frankly, Im tired of counting missed kisses!!!! He is ready, she is ready to give in. What the heck are the CVs waiting for? I too loved the first 7mins today. Barun and Sanaya were brilliant. 
I ditto everything mommy said!!!! 

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nb2011 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 12:38pm | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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priyanka3677 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 12:42pm | IP Logged
I am with you friend. I used my remote to change the's horrible seing this story now

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momma1128 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 12:43pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by nb2011

I just want to say one thing if this track is to make daljeet happy just replace her I don't care because this track is a headache if i wanted to watch saas bahu drama there are many i am not interested in watching didi ki saut for me sanaya and barun make this show a hit not anjali.

Lastly a message for gul,daljeet,gh
 CUT IT Angry

It was horrible and I am sure that this was not Gul's writing.  This was GH kitchen politics.  I thought I was watching Saathiya for a second there.  And quite honestly, the story is being manipulated in a wrong direction.  It happened before and they didn't listen, then came to the FB and posted a mea culpa.  Why do they want to repeat history, why not learn from it.  Listen to the audience who cares enough to say something.  Those who don't, will change it to a better saas bahu on colors.

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bepatient IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 12:43pm | IP Logged
[QUOTE]While she was happy with Shyam, she was all for her brother being in love. Now, she is not. If her issue is that it is Khushi he is happy with, then find a better way to display it because right now, Anjali is no better than any other manipulative saas.[QUOTE]
I agree 100% on this point.  This way dear CVs, the audience is not getting the message that Anjali is sad seeing chote with khushi because she considers khushi to be main villian.  Though Anjali's plight is understandable to us audience because we are imagining the situation of this woman with a cheater, murderer as a husband.  The initial episodes of last week conveyed it too.  But by the dialogues in the current episodes it looks like that is not what she is sad about.
If they are merely showing anjali as a woman depressed because she is being deprived of marital happiness while chote is (trying) having his, then this track is a bad idea.  That is because anjali was never projected like that from beginning of IPKKND.  Though dependent she was shown to be having lot of unconditional love for chote and wanted him to have the marital happiness.

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DiamondLife IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 12:44pm | IP Logged
wherever we can rant today..its just not enoughAngryLOL

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