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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

IP REDUX; Silsila Pyar Ka !! (Page 2)

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 12:07pm | IP Logged
Hola everyone!! Hug

So how goes the morning today!? Did not think I would write after yesterday's episode - call me lazy or just too tired of making posts that defend someone - but I had made up my mind that I would not write today! But then again Sathu came in told me how much I am missed on REDUX - and she convinced me yet again to write!! Love you so much and today is a complete dedication to you!! Heart

Coming to the episode :
I know many people who were left disgusted with it and the reason was - Anjali Shyam Manohar Jha! For me however the episode worked and it worked really well! It was quite a brilliant one if I may add - since everything was very subtly done but made an impact - just right enough to make someone like it - or hate it! Wink

Let me start with the scene of yesterday - I am gonna keep it short - since that scene was so short but so beautiful that it does not need any explanation!

Heart Acceptance - the complete acceptance of love, of a relationship - of feelings and of emotions. Yesterday I had written in my post that Arnav Singh Raizada has accepted Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada as his wife and he knows that somewhere down the line - she has to. But he also is aware that he has hurt her by leaps and bounds and that scares her time and again to accept her feelings for him explicitly. The past few days he was quite mellowed down as he fought to woo his wife - however yesterday he played his trump card - the challenge card to make his wife accept him and boy did it work!!

Khushi is scared - she is horrified that she is alone in the house when the weather is not so good and the presence of a man in the shadows fears her more.She can fight for her safety and she tries but the moment she sees her man in the strike of the lightening - she forgets everything and rushes into his arms to find comfort and peace! Nothing matters except the fact that he is there for her - right there!! Arnav Singh Raizada is Khushi's anchor! Whatever transpires between the both of them - he has and will always remain her savior. He is the "rajkumar" hidden behind the mask of the "shaitaan" and Khushi is very well aware of it and that is why her heart can see through them as same people. She rushes to him and hugs him when she sees him because she finds comfort - a sense of security there. She knows whatever happens - at the end of the day - he is always going to be there - standing tall for her and protecting her from any tough situation that she faces! I was immediately taken to the numerous times when Arnav saved Khushi from any harm reaching her - be it the first episode or be it the last one where he stood up for Khushi in front of the whole family! He has always been there for her and he will always be there for her - keep her in his ambit and take care of her - protect her - love her  and act as her guardian!

Khushi's realization strikes in when she sees a single rose petal on Arnav and suddenly the hall way lights up and she realizes that she has been played by Arnav! She is taken aback and she expresses her discomfort and him playing her this way and not caring what went through her in the last few minutes! She pushes him - as he holds her and they fight physically as she tries resisting him and finally gives in when he hugs her!!

"U can keep fighting everything but you cannot fight the love that resides in your heart"

A very beautiful scene
- the way she fights him back - and completely apt with the given situation that we have been seeing for the past few days! Arnav has been trying to woo her back and she has been resisting it time and again! She has been fighting and herself to not give in - however this time when she does fight back - he pulls her to himself - pinning her to himself and taking her within his grasp and making her feel belonged! Khushi cannot fight her feelings anymore and she has to give in - she has to surrender for the sake of both of their love and both of their emotions!! They belong together and they both know that and while he seals the love from his side by hugging her - she seals it by first resisting and then hugging him back and with her tears! The complete acceptance of True love and of each other!

He reminds her that he has won the challenge and smiles and smirks at her acceptance of him as her husband - and while she shies and blushes away as she realizes the true understanding that they have reached in their relationship - she does not resist him. He does not want to let the moment go and he tries to seal their love with a kiss and she does not resist but gives in for she somewhere has been waiting for him and to belong completely to him. At this moment where they are alone - where they are together - nothing but LOVE engulfs them. Heart

Embarrassed Anjali Shyam Manohar Jha and Arnav Singh Raizada Embarrassed
(The most controversial pair of the show apparently)

Let me tell you a story of a brother and sister - Anjali and chotte! Two people who have been together through all the tough times in their life together. They both faced a tragedy i.e the loss of their parents at a very young age and if they had been dependant on anyone - it was each other. While she was his mother - he was her chotte who would do anything for his di!

CUT to some years later
- Shyam Manohar Jha and Anjali fall in love! Everything is beautiful and everything is perfect! There is nothing wrong in their relationship - there is Love - there is Understanding - there is a connection that is trustworthy! However the brother - still holds the same importance and he holds the same place in his sister's heart as before. Two most important people in her life - her brother - her chotte - her Arnav and other her husband - her love - her Shyam! Self confessed by Anjali Shyam Manohar Jha - she lives and breathes only for these two!

Cut to a year later :
Arnav Singh Raizada falls in love with Khushi Kumari Gupta! However nothing is easy! They fight - they howl - they make things difficult but love happens and they get together (ignoring the situations in which it happened). However, just like Anjali - for Arnav her sister is still as much as important as his wife and he lives and breathes for these two.

As of today - Anjali's life is a mess!! Her husband has been humiliated and thrown out of the house without proper explanations and proofs - she is pregnant and completely dependent on her brother - she is emotionally and physically shattered and cannot put two and two together and most importantly she has this fear of losing the  other most important person in her life - her chotte!

Now what happened yesterday was a NORMAL REACTION of a sister who trusted her brother and let him go.

I request you all to Look at the situation before judging her
: Arnav was ready to go with Anjali but due to work issues he could not. But it was only after Anjali herself gave him the permission to leave for when she realized that the work was important - she did not want to hold on to her brother.

However when she returns home - she finds her brother in a compromising situation with his wife in the hall way! Was that wrong!? No. Arnav and Khushi are married - they can do whatever they feel like. However - see the ambiance of the situation. The ambiance of the situation was what put off Anjali and triggered the reaction of a lied to sister. Arnav was to go on a trip and he came back - that could have been accepted - but the arrangements done for this purpose - the flowers, the lighting - weren't they special!? Weren't they speaking of a planned effort!? They were screaming of IT!!! And that is why her reaction! She was not concerned about the fact that he was there with Khushi - she was upset about the fact that (as she thought) - that he lied to her to be with Khushi!!

While Anjali leaves sad and upset about her chotte's betrayal to her - Khushi also leaves upset that again things have gone haywire. Who does Arnav follow!? Anjali! He does not follow Khushi - because he knows she understands him and she is as concerned for Anjali as she is. They have accepted each other and their love has been sealed with the hug.

 He has mended one relationship - and now he wants to mend the other. The two relationships that are important to him - one his wife - his Khushi and the other his sister - his di!

He goes to her - to convince her to give him a chance to listen to him - to understand him but Anjali is convinced that she wants to stay alone. She tells him ;

"Chotte tumne humse jhooth bola kyunki tum Khushiji ke saath kuch waqt guzzarna chahte the..."

The most important point here is not that she minded that Arnav wanted to spend time with Khushi (except maybe a little) - but the main point here is that she felt he LIED to her to spend time with Khushi. The chotte who would share everything with her - the chotte who would never lie to her - the chotte who would share his innermost feelings with her - she was under the impression that he cheated her for his wife. That was what hurt her.

Look at all the situations - Anjali has never blamed and pointed out at Khushi! She has never interfered in Arnav Khushi situation - even if it did not make her happy! She has never expressed her disappointment with Arnav over it - but yesterday she felt she was lied to!

Connect the dots and you will understand ;

1) She saw Arnav Khushi cutting the cake - did she go and address the issue to Arnav!? Did she complain to him!? NO! She kept it within herself and hated it - but she never came in between both of them.

2) She heard Arnav order a gift for Khushi - she did not like it - yet she did not voice it to Arnav
- she did not once make him feel that he should let Khushi go and make her the center of his prime importance. She swallowed it and accepted that she was not the only one who was the important person in Arnav's life!

3) Not once has she pin pointed at Khushi - she can easily emotionally target Khushi - but she has not! She has maintained her confusion - she has maintained the fact that she does not know what is the truth and that is why she does not chose to react against Shyam.

So at this moment her problem is not with Khushi - it is with Arnav! She is scared that she is losing him - she is scared that she is no longer his universe - she is scared that tthey as brother and sister have lost their connection. With her husband gone - she fears losing her brother too!

"waqt badal gaya hai...rishte badal gaye hain...chotte tum badal gaye ho...Tumhe pyaar hogaya hai chotte...jabse tumhari shaadi hui hai tum badal gaye ho...Jabse tumne humare sawalon ka jawab dena band kardiya...tabse tum badal gaye ho..."

Lets get one thing clear - Anjali does not her chotte's situation! All she can see is that he has changed - because he has stopped answering her questions - he has started giving importance to someone else. She however understands that love changes a person but she also makes him realize that she needs answers and if she does not get them - she will not seek him out. There have been many incidences when Arnav has not given her any answer - that is because he does not chose to - it is in his character - be it the reason behind him breaking his engagement with lavanya - or be it him getting married to Khushi. But at this moment - the wife in Anjali seeks answers - for her husband and for her sanity. And she wants to know them!

I would request all to give Anjali TIME!! That is all she needs!! She needs facts and situations to clear things for her! She is a broken woman - a woman who is shattered - not at peace and is battling with harsh realities of her life. All she seeks is love and happiness and she is not getting that! TIME and SPACE both play a major role and she will bounce back once she dissects each situation as it comes!


Missed call : Shyaam is soon gonna come back on the scene Silly

Medicine : I have been banging my head thinking that what could this mean! I think - it goes with the harsh truth that Anjali has to face! First Arnav tries to feed her the medicine - she does not accept it and shuns the door on his face. Then comes Mami and Akash - and Arnav warns Akash to give the right medicine - but Anjali again does not accept. Finally it is Arnav who is able to convince her to take the medicine and that too after he scares her with his death talk. Does it mean that Anjali is going to know the final truth only from Arnav and only when his life is in danger!? Only time will tell!


A feeling that Anjali is going to distance herself from Arnav and get closer to Akash! While Arnav and Anjali part ways - Arnav and Khushi come closer (even if it means a separation Tongue ) . On the other hand while Akash and Anjali bond - Payal and Akash have a long stretched rift!

Character Talk! Wink

Payal :
All right its good that you stood up against your husband - but why cannot you once own up to the fact that you did a mistake by hiding the truth when it had to come out!? What is with the stupid justification that at least the truth came out! Get real woman! Dont justify yourself - accept your mistake!

Akash :
I understand you because trust is what relationships are based on and Payal did break that! But why cannot you be sensible and try talking it out when she is willing!? Give her a chance at the least! True her speaking is not much of a help - but be the matured one and sort it out

Khushi : You better not throw attitude at Arnav for what happened in the hall way! I don't want another round of Di is not happy so I am not happy! This way you are neither making Di happy - nor your husband happy and nor yourself happy! He needs you now and not another woman trying to mess him up.

Arnav : And you MR. Better not take out the frustration of your conversation with Anjali on Khushi! Go take your SUV and drive away and vent out! You both have accepted each other and I dont want another round of blame game! More than that I would not be able to stand you being bashed! LOL

Barun Sobti
and Daljeet Bhanot - yesterday was your day! Oh how much I love to see the brother sister duo and no one portrays them as perfectly as both of you! Clap Clap Clap Sanaya Irani, Utkarsha T, Deepali and Akshay - great job guys! Clap Clap

Phew - Finally done! Hope all of you dont get bored after reading this! LOL

Sathu again today is for you! :)

Love and Light
Anna Smile

Pics Credit : Illyria aka Juleka Smile

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First the lovely couple..     

                                  "I've chosen my life ' now I want to start living it."
                                                                                           Stephenie MeyerThe Twilight Saga

As I could not write yesterday.. I will be combining both...

Do we have any doubts about whats happening.. I think not.. 
Arnav Singh Raizada has accepted that he LOVES this woman.. and he will do ANYTHING to make her his.. He will go to any distance to keep her in his life..He had told himself and promised..

" sorry mujhe yeh sab kehna pada khushi, par tumhe main kaise jaane de sakta hoon.. and now sirf tumhe jaane se hi nahi rokoonga, but iss contract ke poora hone se pehle main tumhe waapis pa loonga.. I will win you back aur apni zindagi ka hissa banaoonga hamesha hamesha ke liye!"

In short he has come to the realisation that Khushi is his life and now he does not want to waste a single moment of their glorious time together.. He is eager to embark on this mysterious journey of life with her...
And in his quest to make her his.. He has declared a war.. A war against her indifference.. A war against her sadness.. A war against her resolve to ignore his efforts.. 

He had his eureka moment while remembering the past...and he decided to recreate old memories for her.. Trying to make her realise what they felt in those moments.. 

The 2 moments he chose.. the 2 memories that were 
1. when she hid in his closet: this happened right after he believed that she had gone forever to Lucknow, leaving him in peace.. But the thought that she had left and he would never be able to see her again.. had troubled him to no end... 
When he saw her there sitting in the closet.. he was angry.. but there was a sense of relief that she was there in front of him.. She had not left him.. 
It was this feeling of relief that stood out to him in that moment and wanted her to feel.. The pleasure of finding the other person.. 
GOD! the look Sanaya gives once he jumps out of the closet.. Priceless..

2. When she threw tea at him: He was amused and angry at her antics that day.. A paagal pan in his Khushi which he has come to adore.. An impulsive quick to react Khushi..
He threw coffee (which suspiciously looked like water Wink) at her face... Startling her.. 
The rage on her face... She looked sooo mad...
And well she was able to reignite the famous ASR anger and the passion that goes with it.. Once again making him stamp his authority.. 
When ASR says "theek hai to ab manwa lete hain"  AMAZING!! The smirk.. Just too good... Its the smirk we can swoon over whole day and night...

Trying to recreate the old moments he stumbled on to something which would ultimately lead to his victory.. 
He realised that to win her back.. he will need to force his authority, challenge her, goad her.. Because Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada can do anything.. but she cannot and will not back down from an open challenge...
They made a deal.. That she will come running into his arms.. and if she does so, then she will accept him as her husband.. The minute he challenged, we knew who was going to win.. Cos as Arnav said earlier to Khushi " Mere bina to jaise tumhaari koi baat hi nahi banti" How can Khushi not be with Arnav.. They are 2 bodies 1 soul after all..

Arnav Singh Raizada always does what he says.. Today was no different.. He played dirty and scared Khushi to her bones.. and the poor soul was left with no option but to run directly into his arms when she sees him standing in the middle of the hall calling her name...  hugging him tightly.. holding on to her dear life.. And this time he did not waste a nano second to hug her back.. Complete Acceptance from both of them.. He held her close, rubbing her hair, trying to silence her fears.. 
When she realises that he has done this on purpose.. Her anger towering, she lets it out.. hitting him in the chest.. he bears her anger with a grin on his face.. 
Now that she has lost the deal.. He with all his right as a husband.. pulls her into his arms.. Breaking all her barriers down.. She desperately tries to hold on to the last shreds of her anger, but gives up and embraces him with her full heart...
He reminds her that she has lost.. and moves forward to seal the deal with the kiss...Embarrassed but reality intervenes.. in the form of RM Waasis... 
An embarrassed Khushi tries to clean the rose petals... but Arnav tells her to relax.. Of course.. now that they have accepted each other with their hearts.. what was the point of hiding from anyone?? What was the need to feel ashamed.. and after all she is his legally wedded wife..
What a turnaround.. First they had to act lovey dovey to convince people that they are a happy married couple.. and now they have to hide their feelings from others, lest they should offend anyone.. 

The whole scenario conveyed one thing to me as a viewer.. They have finally accepted each other as husband and wife not only to themselves but also to each other.. Today they have voiced their feelings.. Arnav being there when Khushi was running around scared put across beautifully that he will be her shelter in every storm that threatens to engulf her.. He will be by her side, comforting her, holding her hand, guiding her all the way to safety.. 

Arnav and Anjali
A brother-sister relation so sweet that it wanted the sisters to do so much for their brother.. I for one thought.. Its such a beautiful bond which they share.. And wanted to have something similar with my brother..

A brother who always did everything possible for his sister's happiness.. Who never wanted to give her any pain.. Never wanted to see tears in her eyes.. 

He is feeling the pain and agony of being distanced by the very sister.. Anjali on seeing Arnav and Khushi in throes of passion, with rose petals cushioning their path asks Chhote hadn't he told her he was going for a meeting to Agra?? He tries to answer and approach her but is shrugged off with Anjali walking off to her room..Leaving a confused Arnav behind who is unable to understand this behaviour of his di.. 

Arnav once again is left in the middle.. But as I always believed, Anjali's well being will always be his first priority.. He goes to her room.. trying to reason with her.. Trying to tell her the truth but she again sends him out of her room, asking him to leave her alone... Still not able to understand the reason of her displeasure... Wondering why was she so angry that he did not make it to the satsang... 

She tells him that he should not have lied to her about the meeting in Agra.. If he wanted to spend time with Khushi he should have said so.. At least he should have told her the truth.. Now she understands what the reality is... (God only can save Arnav now) 

Akash and mami tell Arnav that she has still not taken the medicine.. Leaving Arnav worried.. 
Arnav goes back to Anjali's room.. telling her to listen to him.. and giving her his swear.. when she still refuses asking her.. is she no longer worried about him.. Does she not wish for his life.. She stops him and takes the medicine.. She requests him not to say such things again.. He requests her that she also should not think that he will ever lie to her.. Anjali remains unconvinced and tells him..
  "Times have changed.. You have changed.. you have fallen in love..Since the day you got married, everything has changed.. Everything has changed since the day you stopped answering my questions.."
 I was very upset with her dialogues initially.. but on further thinking about them.. I realised what she said was correct only..

Times have changed...Where there was only love and trust in the family members on the surface.. The actual depths of the relations are becoming visible.. 
Where once Akash commented on his sangeet that di and jijaji are the best couple to a sombre payal who was aware of the truth of Shyam.. the same jija ji turned out to be a cheater..
Where once Akash could do anything for Payal.. He cannot stand the sight of her..
Where Arnav and Anjali were always close to each.. Distances are growing between them.. 
Where Arnav and Khushi could not stand each other.. Now they cannot stay away from each other.. 
The only thing that is constant is Mami and Nani.. Mami's hatred for Gupta sisters.. and Nani's faith in Gupta sisters.. 

You have changed..You have fallen in love.. A closure of a loop for me.. Once she said those words in context to lavanya.. Then also he was shocked how could she know that he has fallen in love with Khushi.. But today both of them are aware that Arnav has fallen in love with Khushi.. It is a fact that she knew but was never really accepted.. cos never in the past had she really seen him showing her love in an obvious way.. She assumed Arnav and Khushi were in love.. but his ASR persona never changed.. never left him.. 
Now she sees a different chhote who is not chhote at all.. He is somebody's husband.. A person whose wife is also important to him.. And because of his wife, he did something, she never would have thought he was capable of.. Broke her marriage.. destroyed her happiness.. Still failing to comprehend her own worth in bothe Arnav and Khushi's life...

Since the day you got married, everything has changed... When Arnav married Khushi.. he made it impossible for Shyam to hurt Khushi.. and stopped Shyam's efforts of trying to kill Anjali.. And he began on the most important journey of his life.. The journey to Khushi's truth, innocence and the journey of his love... In that journey he became aware of the horrid truth behind Shyam Manohar Jha and was left with no other option but to throw him out of the house..

Everything changed, once you stopped answering my questions.. After his marriage, Arnav failed to tell Anjali the true reason behind his hasty marriage.. The reason that it was only for her sake that he took such a step.. For the first time making her lose faith in khushi and him.. Till date he is silent about the truth.. He has told her the reason he did it for her sake.. But he has not explained the reason behind this action of throwing Shyam out of the house..What made him trust Khushi over Shyam?? After all Shyam was in their lives' longer than Khushi...
Had the truth come out earlier. would she have believed him.. No.. But at that time, she would also not have thought that he threw Shyam out for Khushi's sake..

Akash and Payal
Payal has been tolerating everything Akash is saying silently for she is aware that her inability to tell him the truth has hurt him a lot.. 
She scolds Khushi in front of him making him realise that she is not only Khushi's sister but she is trying hard to fulfill her role as DIL and his wife too.. 
She interrupted Khushi after she let out one important thing but before she could make another blunder.. when she uttered the word amma.. Had she completed her sentence that amma stopped them from telling the truth lest the marriage should break once again.. it would have reinforced the doubt which Shyam tried to creat in Akash's mind.. But her words that Payal did want to tell the truth but was stopped by other factors.. made him realise that she did not want to break their promise..

Further when Nani said..that if Khushi and Payal kept quiet it was only to keep the family together.. and everyone understands that..Akash listens to nani intently.. Some cobwebs clearing.. But once your trust is broken, it is not so easy to form it again.. 

Finally Payal found her 2 feet to stand on today.. She took a stand.. trying to clear the air between them.. asking him why was he behaving like this.. She is only trying to take care of him.. Even if she cannot do anything for di.. at least she can take care of him.. Support him.. be with him.. Saying everything a loving and caring wife would say...

But interrupted by mami once again..Angry


I would like to dedicate this part of my post entirely to Anjali Manohar Jha..

Lets forget for a moment that the woman I am writing about is Anjali.. Arnav's sister.. Khushi's sister in law.. 
Lets just assume.. She is just a WOMAN... Any woman... Now lets talk about that woman...

Her past..


1. Belongs to a good family
2. The family dotes on her
3. Brother who would do anything for her
4. Husband she believed loved her
5. A child in her womb.. a symbol of love


1. Childhood physical disability
2. Mother committed suicide.. Dad mostly dead.. Reasons unknown..
3. First Marriage broken on the day of marriage..
4. Thrown out of their home by chacha
5. A brother who loves her more than anything but fails to share anything with her.. she has to force or blackmail him to do almost everything

Result: abandonment issues.. That people leave.. Mother did not consider kids worthy enough and left them alone in the world to fend for themselves.. She was never able to share her misery with her brother who went through the same thing as her.. She internalised the pain.. and made herself believe that she had forgotten the past..

She found a husband who made her his Rani Sahiba..Gave her everything she wanted and dreamed of.. Looked after her every smallest desire.. Never gave her a reason to be angry.. Gave her plenty of reasons to be suspicious though overlooked because of the rose tinted glasses.. A husband who made her believe that he was only good.. Had no faults.. who listened to her every complaint patiently.. Who supported her.. who made her dependent on himself... 

Family, brother, husband never wanted her to face any adversity.. Kept telling her the world is as sweet and kind as they show her.. She was safe in her sanctuary.. She never had a moment of worry..

Her present..

1. A family where everyone dotes on her
2. A child in her womb.. something to look forward to...
3. A brother and sister in law always ready to support her.. Both have only one wish.. That she should be happy...

1. Husband is a cheater
2. Husband kidnapped and tried to kill her brother
3. Husband thrown out of the house
4. Husband cheated on her with brother's wife who is an inseparable part of brother's life..
5. Brother for whom she was the Sun of whose universe is no longer completely focused on her
6. a child in her womb.. a reminder of its father.. a child who will never let her forget about its father..

Result: Her whole universe crumbled overnight.. A person whom she trusted completely was accused of such horrendous acts.. A person who was her life.. reason of existence was thrown out of the house solely on the basis of accusations,, without a shred of proof...

The day Shyam was asked to leave the RM, her faith in everything broke.. She went into a state of shock.. She was unable to grasp the situation.. and she lost the grasp on reality.. 

She suffered in her misery alone.. She banished her brother from entering her sanctuary.. The family which doted on her.. left her alone thinking that its best to let her come to terms with the truth.. But the family did not reinforce the truth.. 

The brother never came clean about the facts of the situation.. Only told that he had to do this for her and her baby..  but not the real reason.. he thought he was once again protecting her from the ugly truth.. but did he??

 Can any woman who was in a devoted relationship for 4 years believe  the accusations against her husband just because somebody said so.. If a woman does, then doesn't it mean that she had no faith in the relation to begin with.. 

 All Anjali knows and understands is that HER CHHOTE kicked out HER SHYAM JI because of KHUSHI JI.. She is no SAINT.. Can you imagine what might be going through her mind?? Why did she ever bring Khushi into RM? Why did she not listen to chhote and kick her out?? She was happy till she saw the sparks fly between Arnav and Khushi but now that it has threatened her existence, not happy at all.. only thing she is blaming is why did chhote marry Khushi??? Why? She finds herself the culprit for keeping Khushi coming back to their lives.. and therefore she is now blaming chhote for it.. for it was he who fell in love with her and married her bringing her in their house and gave 24x7 close proximity to Shyam and Khushi' If he had not married her, the truth of Shyam's engagement to Khushi would probably have stayed buried FOREVER..

 She is mourning for the death of her relation.. A person in mourning can be depressed or can just have symptoms of depression.. I would say Anjali as of now is suffering from psychotic depression.. Her entire demeanor.. ready to fall at the drop of the hat look.. That is why she is having the irrational thoughts that Chhote no longer cares about her'What she needs is a little reassurance from his side that no matter what he will always be by her side.. Remember when Arnav said di aap mujhe kabhi ma ki tarah chod ke mat chale jaana' Do u think it's the fear only Arnav has.. The fear of abandonment is deep rooted in Anjali too' She never expressed it for she was sure that her brother and husband would never leave her side.. But now with one gone.. her very foundations have shaken and who is to say that her brother cannot leave her too?? That is why every time she sees Khushi and Arnav together sharing private moments she goes to her hell that Chhote might forget about her.. 

We might feel that Anjali is being selfish..self centered.. But does she have a control over her feelings?? She always wished happiness for her brother.. Do you think she wants to sabotage that happiness? She doesn't.. but right now her insecurities have heightened many folds.. for that reason we are seeing a clinging Anjali.. Please do remember she is the same sister who willingly and whole heartedly gave Khushi the charge of Arnav's medicine.. She was the one who wanted to cheer Khushi up when she was missing Arnav.. She was the one who arranged for Khushi's ticket to London, so that they could be together.. She was also the one who recorded the Holi fest and wanted to reasure the memory of her chhote being happy.. 
When faced with such mental shocks people can come across as mean and selfish.. but its not something they can help.. or have control over.. 

Points to ponder:
1. The medicine they kept asking Anji to take can be symolosed to the bitter truth.. which she is refusing to swallow at the moment.. When time comes Arnav will make sure that she sees the whole truth and swallow it.. and he will do whatever is necessary for her to be aware of the truth..

2. Arnav's shocked expression after listening to Anjali.. Poor boy.. He could not imagine that his di had a problem with his marrying.. after all she was the one who said that it was the best diwali present that he could give her when he agreed to marry Lavanya..
He has realised how deep the scars have been made because he chose to hide the truth..

3. How long will Payal tolerate this behaviour? Will she tell Akash enough? If you have so much problem in looking at my face and you keep rejecting everything that I am trying to do for no fault of mine.. Than you be happy with your mom.. Main chali.. Smile

4. Nani is trying really hard to keep peace at home.. but will mami's constant jibes at Gupta sisters result in her telling her the truth? 

well.. I think Have written too much already..

Have a great weekend guys..


PS: thanks a ton to the LIKE team.. Big smile
Warm hugs to all the reduxians for bringing flavour to each episode..

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vasiraju IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 12:08pm | IP Logged
Heya girls  ..

what should i say about the episode to some extent it was expected ,the Hug which we  are waiting is happened .

1.Cv's are successful  to make me feel awkwardness about Arhi love For the fisrt time,or i should say Love can make people Blind that they forgot about the consequences and the present situation at the home.

2. Today for the first time Arhi  caught publicly in the middle of Hall by everyone,which i never expected in my dreams too.LOL

3.RM member's preparing sath sang for about a week in the serial and they return home with in few mins.. road blocks while returning the home

4.ASR forgetting about the surroundings and he know  their family members can come any time..though he started Romance ..i feel that time is not going good for ASR

5.Mami got another chance to  show her angst on Guptha sisters.she is already fuming on them
and now she has handfull of pointers to start humiliating Guptha sisters.

6.payal opened her mouth and started questing Akash nad his behavior ,so i think now payal won't keep quite if any one point out kushi at this matter.this make ASR to notice what's going at payash realationship ..will he start  reunite process of paysh with help of kushi.This makes me to feel better option for TRP's.

7.Anajli  started Doubting ASR openly,till now she didn't opened her mouth against ASR and his marriage with kushi,but today she felt she was betrayed  by her brother.

8.Now the pressure will be high on ASR,while Insecurities of anjali to increases day by day.
how ASR will manage to balance the emotions between  Kushi and anjali,i want to see a Man emerging who wins the situation and play act to save his married life with kushi and his Brother relationship with anjali.
And i don't want ASR to loose his fight with the situation that has to face.

9.Nani is the only who is intelligent ,well balanced and her past  experiences making the situation not go worse. her spontaneous reaction when she saw Arhi at frist sight ,she was shocked but yet controlled herself tried to make  atmosphere look lighter and made everyone to move to their rooms.
Nani is the only person who can help ASR to out of this situation  easily,she is the only one can make Anjali to stay normal and react meaningfully.

10.Akash i am unable to study his nature,why he is behaving like this with payal..he has to answer payal questions.he is totally following her mother instructions .yes he is upset with present situation and he can't even manage everything he is helpless ,that does not mean he show his frustration on payal,why he married payal  to only listen her Mom's word,when she required her husband more.Ouch

11.Finally My last request  to CV's please Don't make us Fools always tempting as near to kiss and all that stupid meaningless interruptionsAngry..God its a matter of few mins..and these two won't have  a few min's of Privacy at all in the Total 24 hours of a day..they a common bedroom common bed  ,ASR 24 /7 will be at Home mostly  they won't get such privacy ..Joh unne sab kuch Hall may karna pada Angry..

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lalsunvid Goldie

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 12:28pm | IP Logged

What the episode!! Happy sad...happy sad ...Arnav Chotte ..Arnav Chotte ...NO NO NO!!!  

Get back  ASR ...Get back ASR!!! ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA Come back...Smile

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NothingLasts IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 12:31pm | IP Logged
The scene which truly stood out to me was the Anjali-Arnav scene in the end. Truly a change in the dynamics in the relationship between them.

Earlier, it was Arnav who would react badly at the mention of death from Anjali's mouth. Today it is she who reacts at the mention of his death.

Earlier, it was Arnav who misunderstood and refused to listen. Today it is she who refuses to listen. 

They are truly siblings. And master chess players. Never forget that. The time has finally come for Arnav Singh Raizada to be tested for his love for Khushi. He needs to think cautiously and choose wisely. He cannot win the war until and unless he is calm and rational. In this war, he cannot win if he is emotional, and yet he needs to follow his heart as well. He cannot keep shielding the truth from Anjali, fearing that she would break. 

"Understanding is the first step to acceptance, and only with acceptance can there be recovery."-J. K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Anjali hasn't grasped the situation because she hasn't been given all the facts. She has to dissect them, accept them and only then can she be able to move on.

Arnav has a tough choice and buddy this time if Khushi gets injured, you have your work cut out for ya! Cuz she ain't coming back to you as easily as she did. She has been hurt far too much for far too long. And some bruises may heal from the outside, but they are fresh under the skin.

Loved Payal! A big Hug  for you!!! Loved, loved, loved you! She has been gaining strength and she needs that strength for herself, her sister and her family.

A good episode overall.


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chitmanas Goldie

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 12:32pm | IP Logged

From a viewer's perspective

A while ago, Doodleberry wrote about how the internet janta forms a very very small percentage (1%) of the viewership of TV shows, including IPK.  Also, vast majority don't read redux and don't have others to clarify all the WHY's and HOW's for them.  So, today, I decided to sit in a lay viewers chair to see what my feelings are about the show.  Even I, a regular viewer, can give you pointers on what would work for me, right?

Dear IPK Team,Please bear with me while I take you through my journey of IPK.  The way IPK episodes are shown, (the pattern is pretty evident now)  once or twice a week I get a dhamakedaar episode and rest of the week, it's confusion and frustration, confusion because I don't know which way the story is headed and frustration because I don't understand what the characters are doing from one day to another.

I'm not going to do any bashing of CVs or PH or anyone else involved, but would like to TRY if they'll understand a regular (non-technical) viewer's POV. Shall we get started?


Sometimes I wonder if the show is meant for intellectuals and not common people like me.  This is a family show and I watch it for entertainment and drama, my attention span is very little (don't have the luxury of time) and to top it all I'm unable to relate to the characters on a daily basis.  If it's Arnav confusing me one day, next day it's Khushi followed by Mamiji or even Akash.  I'm not interested whatsoever in doing brain surgery to figure out what's going through their minds and why they are behaving the way they do.  Here are some things for your consideration.


1)      Relating to the characters


Let me take you through my journey of some characters and what I saw.


Arnav Singh Raizada – During the whole kidnap fiasco which was more than 2 weeks ago, I was totally puzzled by his behavior.  Wondering how I remember this aspect when I said my attention span is short?  Because ILU from ASR is a huge change in his behavior and this is what I was waiting eagerly to see.  Firstly ILU was out of the blue and I didn't understand where it was coming from.  Is he the same guy who kept hounding and pounding Khushi about the terrace episode and made her miserable?  Just because of what she said at the airport, voila a tube light went off in his brain to bring about this change or did something else happen or did he do this to tell Khushi he was in trouble????  Still not clear why he changed and there was nothing to help me understand this major change.  Please don't ask me to assume things here.


Secondly, you've always shown ASR as a thinker.  He was in captivity for 15 days.  All I saw was him fighting the goondas, but NEVER EVER was there any thought on his mind about WHO KIDNAPPED HIM?  Isn't that the first question any one of us would ask?   I was left scratching my head again and decided to leave it as I didn't want to tax my brains.  . 


Next scene is after kidnap when Arnav and Khushi are about to enter RM and they had a small talk. Now, when his wife brought up the issue of whodunit and she told him its shyam, all ASR had was a shocked look on his face.  That really made me think ASR's brain went BYE BYE.  Also, when he asked Khushi if she had any evidence to expose Shyam and the way they made their entry gave us all the impression that wife and husband discussed something and that's why even though Khushi didn't have much of an evidence, she tried to unmask Shyam.  Imagine my surprise when the whole time I kept thinking ASR had some plan up his sleeve (once again it's the impression that I got based on what you showed) and the shock when I found out, ASR just believes Khushi and they had no plan in mind at all……….so, me thinks, this guy let his wife walk into lion's den and just stood there watching the show until the last moment??? How do you expect me to relate to him and is this the same person whom I saw before the kidnap?  Is he thinking at all? My brain got too heated up and I said, chalo let's leave it, the show is not worth wasting my time.  It's only creating more and more confusion. 


Khushi - The other day, you showed Khushi talking to DM and telling her what the problem is with accepting her husband.  Ok, but did the monologue come at the right time?  I was scratching my head for a couple of days about her behavior and gave up.  Then, comes the monologue, but wait please, it's still not clear if she's bothered about the contract or not.  Oh, of course, I had to wait another day when she finally tells him that theirs is a contract marriage. Ok, so it took 3 episodes to clear things from her side.  Now do you see the timing issue that viewers like me have?  It's always been like this with IPK, first confusion and then clarity at some point.  Question is, why do I have to wait for things to be clarified? If this happens once in a while, no problem, but it happens regularly in IPK world.


What'll work for me: Can you please have meaningful monologue's and put it in plain and simple language and make it crystal clear, so there's no confusion about inconsistent behavior or sudden change of behavior.   Please know that what I see today, I'm not going to remember tomorrow, so show things at the right time.  If you show a change in behavior, show us the reason for it by at least the next day and not 10 episodes later.


2)      Handling Sensitive Subjects – I don't have family members or friends who have experienced depression the way Anjali Jha's character does.  Now, if you show me something related to Cancer, a lot of us can totally relate to this dreadful disease that's been around for a long time and there has been a lot of exposure too.  Coming to depression, it's taboo and people don't want to talk about it and even if someone is undergoing it, there's denial.  Very few of us have knowledge about this condition or the issues that a depressed person faces. 


Anjali Manohar Jha - The last couple of weeks you've tried to show Anjali in a depressed state, but did you tell me, the viewer, what she's undergoing?  NOPE.  I'm left to draw my own conclusions about her condition.  So, what do I feel now about this character? I have no clue what she's going through and think that she's not willing to connect up the dots and is just getting paranoid and putting her brother in a fix and trying to make it sound like Khushi is to be blamed.  Yes, to come extent I'll sympathise with her, but if I see this for more than two weeks, my sympathy will not continue and I'll assume she actually wants to separate Arnav and Khushi and will not be happy about it. 


What'll work for me: Give me briefly some idea about the seriousness of depression and that too for a pregnant woman.  Show me something that'll create an impression about this condition.  If there were some dialogs between the doctor and Arnav about Anjali's condition, how to take care of her and what problems she'll face, there's every chance I'll relate to this, right


I have a lot more things to say, but want to give you time to digest just the few pointers that i mentioned above.  So, let me take leave for now and see you some time soon.




A lay viewer



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trintring IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 12:45pm | IP Logged

"Nope not getting my hopes up...not at all"...That was the second last line from my post yesterday. Hmmm...Can I tell myself "I told you so???" Stern Smile

GH: Dekhna Hai To Dekho
     Dekhna Hai To Dekho
     Dekhna Hai To Dekho
CVs in Chorus: Na Na Na Na Na...Na Na Na Na Na (You have to sing it out loud, its more fun that way)
Gul: Doing her best Nelson expression from The Simpsons "Ha Ha"

SP Nuns: Why should we use one person at a time interrupting the lovebirds? Lets get the whole family involved this time' drama hai'...8 pm slot remember?
I know I was going to take the mantle of Phoolan Devi from Soumita but she seemed to be in Vesuvius Volcano eruption mode yesterday so leaving it to the rightful owner.
Disclaimer: This post is only for people who are romance deprived from a self proclaimed romantic serial. For meaningful analysis please read Sathu, Doods and other intelligent writers. I am just a layman (well woman) viewer and I want to see some Romance DAMMITT!!!!Angry
 Episode started, Arnav won the bet, Kiss about to happen, 3rd attempt (I am officially banning the term 3rd time lucky) and in walks not just Anjali but the whole Raizada family'...*Satyanash*...*FacePalm*...*HeadDesk*D'oh...the collective reaction of Forum wasis? As I said the word "Privacy" does not exist in this family. Although to be fair, this time they were in the living area.Arnav, won't make that mistake again now would you? Mami accusing the married couple of doing what normal married couples do. Oh yes, I would rather go to the temple with you than romance my wife whom believe it or not I still haven't kissed (thanks to you guys this time), forget about the other marital pleasures that comes after wedding.
Payal, finally speaking up, you go girl.Hug Yesterday at Redux I suggested Payal should go back to her maika and ask for a divorce from Akash with Shyamu as the divorce lawyer.Evil Smile That way CVs can kill 2 birds with one stone. We will finally get a proper Payash track and Shyamu's much awaited entry can happen too. Mommamia (Sandy) suggested Khushi will be acting as Witness for Payal and the culprits will be Anjali and Mami. Arhimaniac (Bush Ji) suggested mami sentenced to "MounVrat" for life. Jhalak wants to banish Mami to Timbaktoo. Can I add no makeup for lifetime too? Although Mami said in the car "U Turn". Will she turn around and see the light?Ermm
Arnav also walked into Anjali's room without knocking, emotionally blackmailed her into taking medicine, all these years of being on the receiving end...finally giving something back. Thumbs Up But we at Redux have taken an executive decision and we are going to collect funds and send a good locksmith with brand new locks to your house.Approve
Anjali *sulk*...*sniff*...*whine*... saying to Arnav "you are in love now"Ouch. No Di Arnav has no right to fall in love. That right solely belongs to "Nag-Nagini" or "Hulk-She Hulk" or whatever you want to call yourselves and produce babies like Shyam Ji AKA Baby Snake. Well, as things are going we will never get Chottu sa Arnav so have to make do with Baby Snakes I guess.Confused
Doctors in the house "How many medicines should a pregnant woman take"? My hubby's a doctor but don't want to ask him as he might MU me.EmbarrassedLOL
Sree, how is the status of our "Bring Back Shyam Andolon"? I want Shyam back in the house ASAP so "Aap Bhi Na" can do more pooja of Snakewa and leave her brother alone to kiss his lawfully wedded wife.
Bright side of the episode today (offcourse there is one...I am a perennially happy person and nothing can keep me down Smile) none of us will be going around thinking OMG OMG OMG , what will happen on Monday? Rain romance? Kiss? Nope...expect Akash, Payal, Anjali, Mami, Nani, HP and for good measure I will even throw in Laxmi Ji. We can spend our weekend doing more meaningful things like reading a book.Geek
Ranting over...feeling much better.Big smile Looking forward to Monday's episode now. In all seriousness we should get a proper conversation between Arnav and Khushi. Hopefully they will join hands to bring this broken family together. Or is it wishful thinking again?

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sunshine99 IF-Rockerz

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Main Di aur Biwi..

I dreamt a dream
Not long ago Khushi had a dream of searching for Arnav... in darkness on a stormy the backdrop of dead foliage...she heard his voice and kept walking ...  and found few strewn pearls and a key...  A reminder of their connection through destiny...His inner voice led Khushi to Arnav... when he was in danger she was his saviour ... his deliverance from misconceptions that plagued the mind.

Khushi all alone on a stormy night is scared of the darkness and the eriee sounds she overhears...scared out of her wits,she holds on to a potted plant for the desired strength and chanting the name of her Divine Mother makes way to the living room..catches a glimpse of Arnav..a sigh of relief  and a thin smile flashes across her face and rushes towards him..both end up hugging each other,need I say more.Blushing  Khushi felt she was in danger and unconsciously clung on to Arnav's love- his plants... which ultimately led her to him...The safe harbour from  the storm gathering around her.

When will the twain meet?

Arnav again managed to win the wager that was placed, acceptance of him as a husband from the wife but the deal before it could be sealed with a kiss faced a roadblock- the family.
The daughter in law in Khushi is scared of how the scene of intimacy will be seen by her in laws. Arnav catches on to her anxiety and gently tells her to relax...but poor fellow could not get his hyper family to do the same Cry... Once he had remarked to Khushi "kuch bhi karlo ...mein tumhe nikal to nahi sakta you have made by life hell anyway..."  Today he just experienced the feeling...his family simply refused to believe in the explanations he offered..he had his own free ride to hell of seeing the anguish his sister was going through due to him... Will Arnav finally understand that good intentions also need to be justified beyond a shadow of doubt?

The lovers yet again at the crossroads on which path to travel... towards happiness or responsibility... Will they be wise enough to join forces to share the responsibility and usher in happiness for everyone? 

A physically sick and a mentally weak sister  misunderstood  her brother...his intentions... his priorities... she felt distanced from him for the first time in her life... When a person faces rejection they start seeing the glass half empty... Anjali's  faith in her husband's fidelity faced a  major rejection and since then she has seen everything happening in her life through the lens of dejection...Today Anjali was at her most vulnerable point... she had  tried to reason with herself that her brother had not forgotten his sister but Mami's sharp tongue with  the misconstrued truth broke the new  found   faith in her brother... For now Arnav  the brother has pacified the elder sister with his kasam... Hope his sister does not resort to the same kasam ploy to strain  further the  brother and sister bond.

Anjali receives a blank call  at her darkest hour of it a hint of Shyam trying to reach her?

The instance reminded  me  of Anakin Skywalker  from the Star Wars series who later became the dreaded Darth Vader... essentially a good soul who was played by the Dark lord for his vile agenda...Anakin was shown a twisted vision where for the  greater good he had to commit some harsh deeds...He did that and unknowingly became destroyer of things he had vowed to take care of. Anakin Skywalker was lost to the world to be overtaken by Darth Vader... He  ultimately understood his folly but the realization came too late and he paid the price with his life... 

Will Shyam's manipulation destroy the loving sister Anjali and replace it with the cold hearted Mrs. Shyam Manohar Jha?

Blooper Alert:
When Khushi runs to Arnav the floor is bereft of the flower carpet but it miraculously appears once the power is back..Yeh Kaise hui gawa?Wink

Catwalk of the Day:
Manorama Mami's antics never ceases to amaze me... her trademark flitting across RM keeps  reminding me of the famous Bangles number...Walk like an EgyptianLOL

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