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IP REDUX; Silsila Pyar Ka !! (Page 151)

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 3:00pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by mommamia

Originally posted by S003

What were your opinions on Anjali refused to take her meds...
Its like when I watched Kahani, I kept thinking how can a mother endanger herself when she is pregnant and the life of her child is at stake... the whole time that was what was bugging me.
So with Anjali, I don't get that she was so mad that she decided to punish her unborn child...
I know in reality those must have been vitamin pills, but expectant mothers are usually more carefull.
So am I to believe that Anjali cares more about her husband than her child???? that doesn't sit right with her character now does it?
Sheila we had a long discussion about this with Kopal and Appu our resident docs of Redux.. they were of opinion that she is going through depression.. not able to think straight.. Pregnancy hormones can play havoc on your on given any day.. but her condition is more severe.. 
thank you  thank you thankyou.
Now that makes perfect Sense!!!! It was driving me mad. I guess this highlights the depth of the situation that Anjali is in. Off it was literally driving me mad...

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Posted: 22 July 2012 at 5:26am | IP Logged
Awesome post Sweety!
Loved reading the analysis  Embarrassed
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Posted: 22 July 2012 at 5:35am | IP Logged
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Originally posted by Lizzy2012

Life always teaches one lessons which never can be and should  never be forgotten...

What are these lessons ?. And who is learning it? Who else but our leads here...whos  is teaching them these lessons.? obviously DM.. To her favourite child khushi about the importance of  the man  in her life and to Arnav about how irreverent he has been till date in regards to the sunshine who was sent to brighten his lives..

There were three Important scenes today.. One where khushi finally accepts arnav as her husband , another when the family misunderstands the two.. Third where anjali ticks off her brother for falling in love and changing in to somebody who lies to her..

Let's connect these three and try to learn what lessons have been learnt today with the help of a mythological this piece first by DR.Devdutt Patnaik

The idea of Lakshmi(goddess of wealth ,prosperity and peaceful family life) and having a twin sister is an ancient one. Some say while Lakshmi was born of Brahma's face, Alakshmi was born from his back. Some say Lakshmi emerged along with Amrita, the nectar of immortality, when gods were churning the ocean of milk; Alakshmi emerged with Halahal, dreaded poison with the power to destroy world.

Alakshmi is called many names including Daridra, poverty personified; Kalaha, strife personified; Kalikanni, quarrel personified; Nritti, goddess of decay. In the mythology of Shiva, Alakshmi is Kali, the fearsome aspect of Shakti, while Lakshmi is Gauri, lovable aspect of Shakti.

In Vishnu mythology, Lakshmi adores dharma (acts born of empathy) while Alakshmi adores adharma (acts born of exploitation). Thus Lakshmi and Alakshmi are two halves of a complete whole; Lakshmi is the fruit that is savoured while Alakshmi is the waste that is discarded. The two exist as a whole; without either there is neither.

In mythology, Lakshmi does not make any value judgment. A bowl of rice feeds a saint and a sinner; a rupee coin has the same value in the hands of a judge and the same value in the hands of a murderer. But Lakshmi always comes with her sister in tow. Failure to acknowledge Alakshmi is dangerous for she represents all the negative energies that accompany any wealth.

Everyone knows that money breeds strife and jealousy. Alakshmi embodies that dark aspect of wealth. She is the one who makes rich brothers quarrel. She is the one who divides the household. She is the one who does not allow peace to enter the house of gold. The only way to make Alakshmi weak is to constantly be aware of her; acknowledge her as much as her sister. Typically in rituals, sweets kept inside the house are offered to Lakshmi while lemons and chillies, kept outside the house, are meant for Alakshmi.

Lakshmi, say the scriptures, never goes anywhere without her sister. In other words, wealth never goes anywhere without the seed of strife. It is also said that lakshmi and the her sister alakskmi. got husbands according to their natures. see lakshmi got  Vishnu as her husband but alakshmi got Mrityu(death) as her husband.. 

Now let us connect this to our episode..what has happened in the IPK land is that marriage between arnav and khushi has started in earnest zeal after the kidnapping incident.. Arnav has openly accepted Khushi as his wife..he has been waiting for her oral approval of his status.. but khushi does not want to accept this as she is worried about the members of family who are angry with the truth she had exposed in front of everybody..but today with her acceptance of her status as the wife of arnav which arnav brought out by cheating.He cheated his wife and wrought an admission from by stealth.. he was happy doing he found his lakshmi in his arms after that... the lakshmi though angry never doubted  his she was concentrating on her duties as a DIL  and a sister combining with his scathing words ..couldn't  find in herself the heart to accept him..but today the fear  in her overpowered her duties.. who did she call when she was upset. HER DM who reminded that she has found solutions to her problems and fear. the lakshmi seeks to find the answers to her fear in arnav (her vishnu).. angry first at his cheating but submitting to the seduction when he reminds her as to how she has found her sanctuary in his to how he is her husband and she needs to accept him.. as to how he  will protect her with his soothing tongue and  protective embrace.. Now the acceptance of the marriage has happened.. the entry of lakshmi and Vishnu  in the householder"s province does lakshmi enter this phase of life?as she should ,with flowers  decorated pathway to denote  the direction she takes..but with lakshmi who enters the threshold..IT is the Alakshmi..the twin sister of lakshmi.. but the noteworthy point here is that arnav asks khushi to relax when she feels embarrassed by their the lakshmi leaves..

who is the embodiment of alakshmi here.. The strife and depression  which resides in anjali, the discord between akash and payal, the angry mami.. the strife and depression inside has driven anjali  to brink .. in her delusions,she is seeing  Khushi as the root cause of her problems..though not accusing her directly.. she tells her chotte that love has changed him, driven him to lying to her.The alakshmi in her drives her to subtle manipulations..Initially,she refuses to take medicines and takes after an oath given to her by her brother on his life..she is testing his allegiance to her.. she is testing whether she has been fully abandoned or else should i say she is testing waters to gauge the importance of her in her brother's Life.. so now arnav is at crossroads.. he follows the alakshmi in anjali..trying to pacify her..It is said that in a man's life equal importance needs to be given to both lakshmi and alakshmi.. that is to peace and prosperity which is accompanied by strife and discord..and to the resolution of both..with the Grihapravesh  of alakshmi in to RM the husband of alakshmi far away from his entry.? not at all.. with the rift that  has happened between anji and arnav.. shyam(mrityu) who was out of RM has jumped in to its fringes ..AM i reading too much in to the phone call.. do not hope so..

The entry of the second Alakshmi in the house is aided and abetted by the third one..though akash has softened after Nani's explanation.. he is still angry at payal, angry at khushi who dropped this truth on them,lied to him..though payal started defending khushi and herself here..Mami who keeps insulting her on the journey to satsang ,adds fuel to fire by blaming khushi for arnav's discrepancy .. and paints payal's action in a negative light in front of her son..the war between the right and the wrong continues.. though akash is justified in his anger.. payal is also justified in her request that akash listens to her explanations.. Alas all in vain..

so what are the lessons that our beloved characters  have to learn here-The only way to make Alakshmi weak is to constantly be aware of her; acknowledge her as much as her sister lakshmi.. so to acknowledge there is problem, that all problems cannot be solved immediately, Time is a healer..situation  needs deft handling..most of it is important to balance between both the women in one's life.. will arnav be able to balance between anji-khushi, will khushi and payal be able to balance the different roles they play in their lives.. will akash understand payal stance balancing both the wife and the mother in his life.. how will matriach nani find a balance between keeping the peace of the family and the priorities of the individual members of the family?lastly how will ppl at RM find a balance between the pasts, presents and future.. to find the answers ,tune in to IPK everyday..


spl mention to be to the lighting today as  it served to heighten the tensions onscreen and served as symbolisms .. arnav standing with khushi during tough times(darkness) and emerging in to light.. like the truth of their relationship  AND THEIR LOVE COMING TO LIGHT AFTER A PERIOD OF TESTING..AND KHUSHI CARRYING A POT IN THE DARK AS A WEAPON (THAT IS ARNAV'S PLANTS) SYMBOLISED SHE FIGHTING HER DARK PERIOD WITH THE HELP OF ARNAV'S LOVE..

Is it really happening?.. that is the peeling of  layers surrounding Anjali Jha..seems she turning into a black character?looks like she has turned grey..with dialogues like you are in love and from the time of marriage  you have started lying..or is it her despression which making her utter these hurtful words?watch this space to find out if the change in anjali is temporary or permanent?

payal has finally raised her voice..for herself and her sister..wil akash be interrupted again BY mami.. will she drive him away from payal?? we will get answers for it soon

Past references galore on the IPK land.. is it time for the full truth of how all of them are linked by their pasts to be inaugurated?it seems Would nani be able to contain the ruin caused by this truth spillage?will keep an eye on that to discuss this further..

Before going will leave with this second vow of marriage which is going to be important in the times to come.. Satya, I am quoting these  already quoted lines to give the reader an idea of the mood in the  days to come in this imaginary world of IPK

om oorje jara dastayaha"

My beloved, now you have walked the second step with me. Fill me up with strength and courage so that together we can protect the household and the children.?
The Bride says
"kutumburn rakshayishyammi sa aravindharam"

My lord, in your sorrows, I shall fill your heart with courage and strength. In your joys , I shall rejoice. I promise you that I will please you at all times with sweet words and take care of the family and the children. and you in turn shall love none other but me as your wife.?

thanks for the pm
lovely explanation geet,

actually i am not watching the show any more...i could guess where the story was heading after really pissed me off...  the change in story was so sudden that it looked like they are getting the story from out of the blue moon...just to show wooing of khusi...but an attempt in vain as khushi's  character along with anjali's  took the route of further decline..

so cant speak much about the episodes...

for any show to succeed, it needs to relate with the audience, the character should be consistent n make the viewers feel the characters.looks like  ipk has lost that touch...

 beautiful way of analysis geet..

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tants - not updated yet, waitingConfused
doods- u r just amazing. how u predict the future tracks is simply amazing. I like how the current track is going and anyways I didn;t like the twins, attack on them, baby split. This current prediction looks more interesting. Why DM has destined Khushi as the one pnly for Arnav will be answered with this track.
Nia - u have described the hug mindblowingly, amazingly, the emotions, feelings marvellous. U r an amzing writer.
Arhimaniac - sandwich sing raizada LOL 
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Originally posted by doodleberry

Originally posted by Jhalak29

Originally posted by doodleberry

Updated babes ... Big smile I hope aaj ke baad meri zaroorat nehin hain ... LOL
@ Doodles, Redux without DB is like Arnabv without KhushiBig smile

Awww ... you will understand why I wrote that after reading me LOL

Anyway chalo lemme go ... My eyes are aching today donno why ... Baad mein aaungi ... Enjoy 

Hugzzz all Hug

Doods once again you have done an AMAZing analysis. In million years I would not have been able to decipher all these from what was shown in the episode. Never ever say that we won 't need you. Without your guide ness we are like fish out of water. Please keep coming and spread your pearls of wiisdom on us.

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Hi Guys...GM...


HugZZZ allHugHugHugHugHugHug

How are u guys doing?

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Loved your thoughts about kushi with the plant...a very new perspective to look at towards what is coming in the future...

I  felt that she held to the plant as if in absence of Arnie his close aid, the plant will be her guardian!...which she dropped as soon as she saw him!Wink


Your post just leaves me reeling ...kushi being involved in Arnav's all of the past is pretty soon hitting RM...looks very interesting if only executed well!

Hello all Reduxians!Hug

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