Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

IP REDUX; Silsila Pyar Ka !!

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Hi Girls,

I simply don't know what to write !! Procrastination  just freezes ur brain, doesn't it..but still , lemme try  and try to connect the pattern  , see whether  I can form any coherent thoughts !Smile..Did I like the episode, Boy !! I liked it ..

Ever since the wooing phase started there were several  throwaway lines that  just stood out for being seemingly  inconsequential ...They have pricked and and swirled in my mind and still continues to prick n my mind..I just want to regurgitate  everything and see whether I can make any sense of it...

The scene continued from the previous episode with Khushi still holding on to the Pot and trying bravely to face the faceless  intruder head on on the darkest night  with Thunder and Lightning echoing , creating a pandemonium in her heart ..While she is trying to fight the  Shadow, the door closes on her, Khushi manages to wrestle the door open, reaches the insides of the  house still resolutely  holding on to the pot, her lips  murmuring  the name of Devi Mayya ..when she spies a silhouette ..There is a rush of fear only for it to dissipate as she recognizes the familiar and beloved form of her beloved !!..In an adrenaline induced rush, Khushi just drops the Pot  and flies into the arms of a waiting Arnav !!

I really have to thank Sumana for  focusing my attention to the pot  ...Pot holding the mud, holding the Plant with it roots deeply embedded  inside the soil ...  When I saw Khushi continuously holding on to the pot...and then dropping , obviously breaking and spilling the mud...I was reminded of an earlier sequence where Khushi says, "Mitti Daaldo, Khushi".. The implication being bury the issue  and do not brng it up but today , the self same khushi is  dropping the pot and spilling the contents , A Khushi who wanted to sweep the matters under the mat is  bringing it up and not just the recent..but issues which  delves to the past, which will shake the vry roots of RM ..In this she may find herself isolated and cut off from the members of RM as  can be seen by the closure of doors but she will be steadfast in her purpose  , the truth of her mission will earn her entry back into the RM, the lonely path will be laid with path of flowers  n she will be aided by Arnav who might be in the BG or  be the active participant who will be pulling the strings...

This again explains the context of Taj Mahal,Ilzaam..Taj Mahal  is a monument dedicated to love but what is it actually, a tomb, a repository  holding the skeletons ..The past lies buried there , The skeletons that the Raizada's have so assiduously covered will rear up its head again ..Khushi who is aware of the details, who knows the matter need not revisit it again as she has accepted the past and  her conscience is clear as a result but the Raizada's who have at every opportunity suppressed it will have to revisit it  ...cuz pretty soon Accusation will raise its ugly  finger and point  at one and all and truth can emerge only when the buried skeletons are dug up ... but will it take a toll on the love of Arnav and Khushi ...only upcoming episodes episode will reveal...

This assertion is also supported by the fact that  the traveling Raizada's  opt to make a U-turn instead of going left..which would have lead to a clearer way but  U-turn means going back , going back to the very place they had come from...going to the point where it all started ...

The reconciled couples are enjoying few moments of togetherness  when they are rudely interrupted by family , Anjali is shattered to see Arnav enjoying few mins of bliss ..Her insecurities , the fear of being abandoned gets added ammunition by the words of Mami ...Anjali moves away from the scene , gaining  sudden strength..Anger at her Brother's seeming lies, feeling a sense of betrayal ..while Khushi who was ensconced in her world is  brought crashing down... The two ladies who mean everything to Arnav  move away from him , in  opposite directions ...

The  righteous fury  has now begun to bubble, the  view that she had been cheated of her life has taken a strong hold , The  suspicion that her chotte in enchanted by Khushiji and now dances to her tune has been further confirmed ,,,This will  push a scared Anjali right into the waiting arms of Shyam,,, Arnav will have no other recourse but to bite the bullet as it will become a test for brother and brother  will always yield !! ..

It was also interesting to see that both Anjali  , His past  & Khushi , His future head in different directions  with Arnav opting to go after Anjali ... A sound decision cos without repairing the Past,, there will be no future ..

Anjali refuses to take the bitter pill , reminded me of the time when Nani said that she did not want awaken Anjali's sleep ...The family may not press  her for now but  bitter pill , she will have to take..Arnav will ensure that ...

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"Gumbo", is actually associated with a particular cuisine whose main ingredient is "Lady Finger" but was this reason it was mentioned in today's episode??? Nah, it's more than that. There is no such etymology which can prove how this word is created but at the same time its origin explains that it is a French patois spoken by blacks and Creoles in Louisiana and the French West Indies. Well, not only this, in Africa, "Gumbo" is also the common name used for "Okra" (Bhindi) which we Asians term as "Lady Finger". Now all that I have stated above are the different definitions of Gumbo but apart from that it is also named after the "Corruption" is Portuguese culture but the reason I stated Gumbo is because it sometimes used as a "Metaphor" when we need to explain in one word the "Mix" of various activities / cultures/ social occurrences etc. It is widely used in Louisiana to define the mix of various cultures or to describe its social aspect of being the most "Economical Dish" with a big enough pot it can easily be doubled or tripled and is always a good choice to feed a crowd. Yes, this is Gumbo and today I am using this to explain the "Mix" of various happenings in the generations of the Maliks / Raizadas / Guptas / Jhas because "Lady Finger" (Bhindi) and "Khushi's Little Finger" is the Most "Important" part of today's episode, well not only today's episode but in the entire story of "Iss Pyaar ko kya naam doon".

Let me start shall I??? A very "Layered" episode since last 2 days and fantastically written one. From now on whatever I will pen down read it carefully since I am covering last 2 episodes and I will talk about the "Foundation" of the story of both "Didi Ke Saut and Iss Pyaar ko kya Naam doon". I hope after today's analysis you all will understand why the story is based on "Didi ke Saut" and why the title is appropriate as "Iss Pyaar ko kya Naam Doon" with the signature line - "Nafrat paas aane naa de ... Mohabbat door jaane naa de".

Taj Mahal, symbol of Love; One of the wonders of the World; the jewel of Muslim Art in India; One of the most admired masterpieces of the World Heritage. That's it??? Let us see what exactly Taj Mahal is. What was in the mind of Emperor Shah Jahan when he decided to build this famous Tomb??? In the words by the Emperor, it means something else. Here goes:-

Should guilty seek asylum here,

Like one pardoned, he becomes free from sin.

Should a sinner make his way to this mansion,

All his past sins are to be washed away.

The sight of this mansion creates sorrowing sighs;

And the sun and the moon shed tears from their eyes.

In this world this edifice has been made;

To display thereby the creator's glory.

Taj Mahal, this is the second time it was mentioned on July 19th episode. The first time it was mentioned on May 24th episode. Anyone remember??? Well that time also I was on a break from writing but let me tell you it was the episode Khushi went to the detective agency and Taj Mahal was uttered by "Masala Mama". Recollected??? Naa that is not the reason I mentioned it about. it does have a significance but Taj Mahal is used in a very "Aesthetic" manner here and that is one needs to seek refuge there to be free from sin; one needs to visit the mansion to wash away all their sins like when they seek absolution. This is why Taj Mahal is also important in "Aesthetic" way.

We are currently revisiting history, aren't we??? As I mentioned in my last analysis we are visiting the past, so it is. Thursday's episode was all about the future and today's episode was all about the past. Yes, and just a glimpse of the future. Let me take you through. I will go sequentially and use the clues accordingly.  Allow me and please pay attention. This is the "Foundation" of Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon.

12 years back Arnav and Anjali's Mom along with her family left home to visit 2 temples but they couldn't reach their destination just because they were stuck in the traffic. Maami said - "hum itne ghante se on road hain abhi tak land kaahein nehin kiye"??? Road is land only right??? Then what she meant actually??? She meant were they on the right direction or the wrong direction??? Very aesthetic isn't it??? Anjali and Arnav's Mom and family were on their journey of life but were they really on the right track or they need to take a "U-turn" and return home and face the "Reality" of their lives; the "Crude truth" of their life??? The Cop informed the accident is very horrendous and it will be very time consuming to clear up the traffic, hence the family decided to return back home. So, Aakash did oblige the order of the elders even though Anjali wanted to visit the Temples. Temple, a spiritual home for the humans; Temple is also the home of "Khushi". The family discarded the idea of visiting the Temples and they headed back home.

The family entered Raizada Mansion only to discover Arnav in his own world with his "Not so Legally, Temple Wedded" wife, Khushi in the lounge. According to them Arnav was supposed to be at Agra but he was in a closed door meeting with his wife which shocked everyone. Yes, they were shocked because of the circumstances currently running in the house but was it the same 12 years back??? No, it was not. The exact same thing happened when Arnav and Anajli's Mom with her family entered their home just to discover that Arnav and Anjali's Dad with his second "not legally Temple wedded" Wife who anyway have accepted her husband running into his arms. What ASR said - "I don't mind agar tum mujhe apna pati maan lo toh". Why she needs to accept him as her husband if he is the one??? Well it's required because this wedding is a "Temple Wedding" and it is not yet legalized; because this is a "Zabardasti" wedding. For Arnav and Khushi it is legalized at heart and their family accepted by was it the case 12 years back??? No, then it was a second wedding and certainly not legalized. That love needed a "Name" but Arnav and Anjali's Dad didn't provide one. Remember what Naani said when Arnav and Khushi eloped and married at the Temple??? She said - "Aap aaj ne saabit kar diya ki aap apne baap ke khoon ho". Didn't I say that ASR's Dad also married Shyam's sister at the Temple, if not then why will ASR and Anjali's Mom be Shyam's - "Didi ke Saut"???  

The entire family was devastated that day with the fact that ASR's Dad lied of travelling to Agra for the meeting just to be with his love and this lie was going on since the day he fell in love with this woman. Where all this left Shyam's sister??? She too was devastated as she was also cheated in this entire scenario by ASR and Anjali's Dad. Yes, that was the moment both the women walked away from ASR's Dad, one went to her comfort zone and the other out of the door. Look at the rose petals in the above picture??? Wasn't it the same way Shyam treated Anjali once in their bedroom??? Why ASR chose the pathway and not their private area, by the pool or their room??? Think think. Yes, the lie that all of them be it the Maliks, be it the Raizadas, be it the Jhas were living because of one person had to come into the "Limelight" and that is the moment they all "Landed". Crashed. And ASR's Dad was left all alone.

Then what must have happened??? We have Anjali representing in the scene as her Mom whereas Aakash represented his Dad and Maami as Naaniji with Payal as Maami. Yes, the entire car scene where Payal was at the back just because Maami was treated like that when she wedded in this family.  Kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi, isn't it??? Aakash and Maami tried to feed the medicine to Anjali but she rejected. Of course as Anjali's Mom was not pregnant then and so she only agreed for the milk. The first scene between Arnav and Anjali was the current misunderstanding which was inevitable and needed to move the story forward.

The second Arnav and Anjali scene represented Shyam and his sister after the revelation of the truth. Notice in that scene Arnav with his "Kasam" (Swear) forced Anjali to take the "Pregnancy" medicine so that the baby is safe with - "aap mujhe zinda nehin dekhna chahtein"??? That was the love between a brother and sister which was between Shyam and his sister and also between Arnav and Anjali. Just before Arnav entered the room we have the blank call by Shyam the same way ASR and Anjali's Dad must have called Shyam's sister that fateful night but what happened we need to wait for that. Last analysis I mentioned how Shyam saved his sister in the hospital and then his "Oath" later on to seek justice for his "Nephew" seeking revenge from the Maliks and Raziadas - the basis of "Didi ke Saut" and provide a "Name" to this love child and that was the moment "War" started - "Iss War ko kya naam doon" by NK remember??? 

Go back to Mathura where Shyam will witness the love story of his sister and ASR and Anjali's Dad along with his grandparents. The love story of a rich boy and a poor girl, coffee and tea, 2 opposite status symbols, interesting, isn't it???

Let's look at the future now after 12 years what exactly happened. In the meantime Shyam managed to wed Anjali and at the same time was revealed to the both the Guptas and Raizadas but yet his purpose was not solved and he will back to fulfill his mission but how??? The Miscarriage and the Attack on the babies are scrapped looks like unless the creative team brings it back as Maami said on Thursday - "Chidiya chug gayi khet" which means they are aware of Shyam now at least, the precautions will be taken. But then how will the revenge be taken??? It will be taken and we still have the twins on the cards with Aloo Puri and other clues I provided in the last analysis. Anjali wanted to visit "Satsang" and on the return she wanted to visit another Temple. Why 2 and why on the return and not while going to Satsang??? Think think. I'll explain.

Arnav promises to accompany her but then he gets a phone call to meet the "Kumars" at Agra but he declined and then informed will do so after "3 Months". Now let me take you to May 24th episode where the "Taj Mahal" was uttered the first time. In that episode Khushi declined Maama's Taj Mahal visit and corrected him that she was going for grocery shopping and not Agra to visit the "Taj Mahal". She also mentioned about 10 kgs Potatoes, 10 kgs Tomatoes and 12 kgs Onions. What were the indications then??? Yes, Twins and they will be delivered on [Oct 10th 2012] during Dussehra period which is on Oct 24th. Now, Thursday Arnav said he can meet the "Kumars" after 3 months and not right now but Anjali requested not to postpone it and hence Arnav was ready to meet them now itself. Anjali instructed him to "Drive Safely" and that what was important in the dialogue because it was related to both past and future.

Arnav then informed Khushi to accompany him and can visit the "Taj Mahal" if she wants but she declined the visit to the "Taj Mahal" for the second time and confirmed that she visited it already. What does that mean??? It meant Khushi have already washed away all her sins and she doesn't need to do that again. Fantastic, isn't it??

Did ASR been able to meet the Kumars??? No. what is the meaning of Kumar?? Kumar means a "Boy". Why Kumars??? Because 2 Boys. Yes, you all guessed it correct. The kidnapping track is still valid but the baby split is not needed now as the purpose is Not the "WILL" but to provide a "Name for the Nephew". The "Deal" or "Sauda" between Arnav and Khushi which was witnessed by NK, remember??? Shyam will kidnap the baby boy and in exchange for that he will ask for "Acceptance for his Nephew" and that will be the "DEAL" between Shyam and ASR after 3 months. Why after 3 months??? Because soon Anjali will complete her 6 months pregnancy and she will need 3 months to deliver. Beautiful, isn't it??? Now the "Drive Safely" part is fitting???We also need to fit the Taj Mahal here. Why Agra??? They are not meeting at Taj Mahal, right??? Nah, but Taj Mahal is associated to washing away sins and that is why "Agra" was chosen aesthetically to convey the message that unless the "Love Child" is not provided justice the sins of ASR's Dad will never wash away and so also the sins that Shyam have committed while seeking revenge will also never wash away. The same way the sins of ASR also needs to wash away and he needs to visit pay for all that sins he and his Dad committed against Khushi because remember what I said earlier??? There is a saying in bengali - "Pitar punne pitri joy" which if I translate in English will mean - "Children are blessed with Father's good deeds" and vice versa. Because now what I am about to write is related to the SIN  committed by ASR's Dad in the first place and what Payal said today and Naani yesterday is truly and absolutely 100% correct. Anjali could not visit the Temples today and that day their Mom but why??? It is related to Khushi whereas why Anjali wanted to visit another Temple while returning after Satsang, I hope now you all understand as then her little baby boy will be rescued. Remember in this entire scenario Khushi was all alone in RM and that is the moment the "Storm" hit her.

Gumbo, this is what I explained in the beginning right??? Yes, the main ingredient in that cuisine is "Lady Finger" and Gumbo is generally known as "Mix" of events through generations. Let's look 12 years back. ASR's Dad lied to visit Agra but ASR didn't. Infact he was informed by his men that the meeting is cancelled and that is justifiable. But why Anjali wanted him to drive safely and there was an accident and ASR and Anjali's family couldn't reach the Temple??? That night ASR's Mom cautioned his Dad to drive safely to Agra but he lied of the meeting and he planned on a closed door rendezvous with his "Temple Wedded" wife. But in order to meet her, he got involved in an "Accident" and cowardly didn't even help the victims; this accident was horrendous and the reason ASR and Anjali's Mom and their family had to take a U-turn and witnessed the "Truth". Their life was changed forever but at the same time there was a girl of 8 yr old who was alone in her home waiting for her parents to arrive who never came that night. Her life was turned upside down and the storm had hit her for the lifetime that night just because of Naani's "Damadji". This is why Naaniji said in yesterday's episode - "ee sab Damadji ki galti hain". Yes, ASR and Anjali's Dad. He was the reason Khushi became an orphan that night. This is the reason they couldn't visit the "Temple" that night. How can they??? It became Khushi's home that night. 

Today when the family returned home Khushi stubbed the rose petals with her foot. Know why??? I'll tell you. When the truth will be out Naani will talk about the "Date and the accident" and that is when Khushi will learn that it was her Arnavji's Dad who was the reason her parents died in the car accident. All her life she was made an orphan by Arnav's Dad. That day if the accident wouldn't have happened then the truth of any "Damadji" wouldn't have come out. What Maamiji said??? She said - "Arnav bitwa ko apni little finger mein round round lapeting se". Yes, the entire story of "Didi ke Saut" and "Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon" was only and only because of Khushi. That night because of Khushi's parents' accident "Didi ke Saut" story started and  here comes Payal's conundrum - "lekin aap yeh bhool rahein hain Aakash ki sirf Khushi aur Khushi ke vajai se aaj Shyamji ke sacchai saamne aayi hain". Isn't it ???  Yes, It was only because of Khushi the truth of both the "Damadjis" have come in the front.  

Many of you including Shreeya (Ppanache) asked me after I posted July 18th analysis that in the basic story of "Didi ke Saut" what exactly is Khushi's part in it. Well I replied she will be there as being a lead she has to; here you all go as an ANSWER with my today's analysis.

The moment Khushi will learn the truth of the accident, the story of "Nafrat door jaane naa de ... Mohabbat paas aane naa de" will start [the 4th Promo got us here and here we are] which is why she stubbed the rose petals with her foot when the same event happened that occurred years ago. Will Khushi be able to "Relax" as Arnav wanted her to???

Khushi is the REASON for the death of Arnav's Mom and everything that is happening in the story; the only thing is she is not even directly involved but yet it is all because of her. Very appropriately Maami said - "little finger mein round round lapeting se". Yes, the main ingredient in this gumbo is the "Lady Finger" which is Khushi's "Little Finger".

Nafrat paas aane naa de ... Mohabbat door jaane naa de 

Iss "PYAAR" ko kya naam doon??? 

Iss "WAR" ko kya naam doon ???


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She was scared and alone, had no one to turn to and then she saw his face and the moment he uttered "Khushi" she forgot all that had happened on the way back from Nainital, how he had dropped her on the road...without thinking twice she ran up to him and hugged him for comfort and assurance, which he was unable to provide..though he wanted to but was unable to hug her back..he tried but he failed...yes I am talking about when Babuji was in hospital and she needed support from him..

She is scared and alone, there is no one at home and then suddenly is this fear lightening strikes illuminating the face of the person who has always been her anchor knowingly or unknowingly..she has always seeped courage from him..whether in anger or in love...The moment he says  "Khushi" all thoughts of their squabble fleeing her head she runs as fast she can to go and hug him and gather her courage back...this time he smiles and wraps her in his embrace providing her the much needed strength and to calm her fears down.

The moment she saw his face, she remembered that he was the one who had sent him to this perilous place, where she was stuck for hours and was scared to death literally...she in anger pushed him and him to which he retaliated by pinning her against the wall and holding her wrists tightly & breaking her bangles..which ended up in hurting her ...yes I am talking about the Guest house incident..

The moment she saw the rose petals. his triumphant face and realized that he had done all that she got into a frenzy of anger and started hitting, thumping him on the chest and pushing response to which he simple held her tightly and hugged her with all his strength to calm her racing heartbeat and drown her fears with his loving which he succeeds and she ends up hugging him in return...

After the beautiful re-enactment of 2 of the past RabbaVe scenes we have another re-enactment of the Diwali missed kiss to the T. At that time Aman had intruded at the last moment with his phone we heard nani's omnious "Chotte" and  down the drain went all thoughts of Romance of not only Arnav and Khushi but the fans worlds wide... And here we were expecting the sealing with the kiss and Rain romance with bated breath ROFL..

The moment Khushi saw the family she got embarrassed and tried to remove the rose petals with her feet...but Arnav stopped her, re-assured her and told her to relax...this little scene made me feel that when time comes Arnav will provide relentless support to Khushi in front of his family and will not let her go...

Anyways the return of the family at the unfortunate time increased the Misunderstanding between Arnav and Anjali..where the latter immediately thought that Chotte has lied to her in order to spend time with his which Arnav tried to justify as much as he could but so far he has been unsuccessful...

We witnessed a silent call to Anjali by someone but we can safely assume that it is none other than Shyma Manohar Jha...preparing a new strategy to enter Raizada Mansion.

The jhoot implication by Anjali coupled with the first try of re-entry by Shyam made me think that an opening for Anjali to feel...that Arnav has blindly believed his wife in his love or her and thrown her husband out of the house based on it the sprouting of the seed of doubt on her brother's words against her husband...just my inkling might be absolutely wrong.

Lets see how Anjali's last accusation to Arnav works out on Monday...her dialog that it all changed when you stopped answering my questions..struck like lightening to Arnav...when was the first time when he stopped answering his Di??(Though he has always done that but it really stood out when he broke his engagement to Lavanya and the second bigger incidence was the day of the marriage with Khushi) For her she has connected all the dots of the past to build Arnav and khushi's love story that has ended in the current craziness in love of Arnav for Khushi. Will this accusation propel Arnav to reveal the truth to his sister about his wedding or will today's happenings ultimately lead to the contract marriage coming out in the open by Khushi is yet to be seen...lets keep all options open.

Akash and Payal are still at logger heads where finally payal has voiced her valid points..but as usual before Akash can say something (as he looked slightly guilty when she said that you blame khushi and hate me because I am Khushi's sister) mamiji intervenes and end of story..

My only Gripe is why oh why there is no concept of Privacy in RM...everyone seems to be flitting around married couples rooms like it's a free theater show (remember my yesterday's "Bhoot hoon main" I was so right)..Anjali in Arnav & khushi..Mami in Akash and Payal's theory is solidly confirmed that Akash was conceived before wedding and nani had to accept Manorama zabardasti...because I am sure nani flitted about mama and mami's room in the same manner...hence only one child for mami ji and no more could be conceived after the wedding due to constant peeping Toms..LOL

Sorry Another gripe...Why did Arnav bitwa use the main hall of RM to surprise his wife with the pathway of roses...pool side per sailaab aaya tha kiya...?? Also did he not think that after the surprise was done...who would cleanup before family returned..since HP was on chutti?? Or Arnav has recently graduated from Hogwart's school of magic...because the flowers came like magic only after Khushi hugged Arnav (proof below)...there were none when khushi ran down the stairs...same way he would have made them disappear?? Second looks more possible..Arnav Singh Raizada, Harvard and Hogwart's Graduate...Thumbs Up


In the End I think both Arnav and Akash should change their names to 

Sandwich Singh Raizada's

as one is nicely sandwiched between wife and sister..where the sister's side of toast has melted cheese on it thus the toast is stuck to kebab Arnav...and wifey's side keeps running off..

& the other is nicely sandwiched between wife and mummy..where the mummy's side of toast has melted cheese in abundance on it thus the toast is stuck to kebab Akash...and wifey's side at the moment is extra toasted and crispy with no sauce and hence keeps falling off...

A song dedication to Arnav and especially Akash and Payal...

Now if you are in love with the new hugs, Akash ki favorite bhindi ki sabzi or the Sandwich Singh Raizada's do not forget to press "Like"

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A special Thank You to Spirit, Riti and Anu (anurao.66) for giving me that extra zing to write! This post is dedicated to the three of You!! Love you guys... Hug


Well, an episode that's left almost everyone in not-so-good-spirits. Well, one can't always have everything in life... might as well move on and dwell on the chweet moments instead of the dull ones, na? Smile

Weirdly, I liked the episode, maybe not at first go, but when I saw it from what has been happening since last Friday, it seemed pretty in line. Without wasting anymore of your time, will get into my post.

The orphan is all alone at home, much like she has been alone all these years. The lights in the house go off - much like the many times her life was cast in darkness. Thunder and lightning resound and strike through the empty house, much like the turbulences that she had to face repeatedly. Armed with a potted plant, Khushi tries to be brave during this utterly nerve-racking time, much like the times she valiantly and courageously went through pain and troubles all this while. Her innate survival instincts keep her company as she makes her way through the lonely, quiet house that is disturbed only by the ferocious wind, thunder and lightning - just like the innumerable times that her survivor attitude pulled her through the toughest and worst situations.

She takes the name of her dearest companion - Devi Maiyya - to help her through this time. Still with the plant in hand, Khushi makes her way from her room to the hall - a place, where the family gets together. The living room is the place where the spirit of 'home' can be felt most strongly by her.

She stands there, quivering like a lone leaf with fright, afraid to be blown away, scared with the battering sound, trembling with the fear of being all alone... how many more battles does she have to survive? How much more strength does she have to call upon? How much longer can her valour last? How many more times will she have to stand alone, facing the ruthlessness of life and destiny?

Her answers present themselves to her through the one voice that breaks and shuts out the incessant clamour.

The Voice of her Love

The voice of reassurance. The voice of a million dreams, a voice that travels straight to her heart, calming her down, consoling her. A voice that soothes and relieves her harangued nerves. A voice that carries her to a cushion of comfort, love, peace and care.

His face flashes in front of her. A haunting dream that she thought would never be. The face of her Prince, her Rajkumar, who has been by her side whenever she reached out for him. A face that held her peace, her love, her faith, her joy!

The loneliness in her dies immediately on seeing her lover's face. The glow of hope lights up her face. Her equal is right in front of her, waiting for her to join him. She drops the support of the pot, runs up to him, straight into his arms - closing the distance, ending the gap between them, rushing into the safe harbour of love, melting into his warm embrace, clinging onto her life support, holding him tightly - her Laad Governor close to her body, securing herself under his protection, merging themselves - the melodious song of love playing over, and diminishing the overhead lashings of commotion. The only sound they hear is the sound of their heartbeats, beating to the tune of a pure, intrinsic, infinite note of everlasting love that will always survive despite the odds.

They remain enveloped in their shrine of love, not budging, yet gently swaying to the music of their souls that are in communion. They hold each other closely, not letting go even a fraction, giving in to one another, pleasantly lost in one another, the warmth of their love spreading light and smiles through them, the feeling of togetherness, the gladness, relief, and joy at having one another in their lives to no longer be alone in the world. Happy to belong to someone. Joyful to be someone else's joy, Loving to be someone Special!

The emptiness, the shadows, the darkness, and the terrifying sounds disappear as Khushi bends down and picks up a lovely red rose petal. A rose petal symbolizing love - her favourite flower, gifted along with the tender yet passionate love from Arnav.

The lights come on, brightening their love, lighting up their love story. A love story defined through a carpet of red rose petals set in a winding path leading up to the stairs to proceed to their love nest (room).

Amazed at the strikingly beautiful sight of the love carpet laid out, Khushi stands there in speechless wonderment. Arnav asks Khushi if she was truly scared, and Khushi's mind shakes off the fairy-tale sight a bit to ask if 'he', her Prince Charming was the one behind it all. His amused, victorious smile fuels the simmering fire in her as she deals him her infamous guest-house incident shoves on his chest berating him in slightly loving mock anger about scaring her out of her wits.

This is the Khushi that captivated Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada. The spirited girl, ready to leap and pounce when riled, the Khushi that is full of life, the woman who will give it back as good as she gets, not fearing him, not running from him, but facing him directly and attacking him!

Arnav grabs hold of her wrists, and pulls her toward him, making Khushi crash into him. The last time she had shoved him and yelled at him in the broken guest-house, he had pinned her to a wall, but this time, he pins her to himself. She is a part of him. She makes him whole. He holds her firmly, not letting her escape as she struggles against him trying to free herself. She gives in, she surrenders herself to him - to his love, his heart, his soul - right where she belongs.

Her love for him overpowers her, and she winds her arms around him. Finally content to be with him. No pretenses, no feigning, no dramatic actions - only an acceptance of her love for him, a confession of her need for him conveyed through her responses, an acknowledgement of recognizing, accepting and revering their love.

Proud to have emerged victorious, both from having Khushi snug in his arms and from winning their bet, he softly whispers against her ear that she has done exactly what he had said she would do: "Tum daudti hui mere baahon main aaogi." Taken aback with the truth of the matter, realizing that she has lost the challenge to Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada, Khushi looks a bit nervous, even as she doesn't cover the fact that she didn't mind losing this bet. This is one bet where both Arnav and Khushi are on an equal footing regarding the outcome.

Khushi had always regarded Arnav as her husband even though she knew it was a Contract Marriage. Even now, after losing to him, she doesn't mind it since she had already accepted him as her husband. But, the Contract is still in her mind somewhere.

Her heart however has always ruled her - and it does so now too.

She does not refute him when he teasingly says, "I won't mind agar tum mujhe apna pati maanti ho toh..." She is already his - his life, his love, his wife!

He steps closer, comes right up to her, places his hands gently on her face, cupping it lovingly, looks deep into her eyes - seeing the hesitation there, the nervousness, the acceptance, the anticipation, and the confused readiness - before leaning in, drawing close to her, aiming to mark their love, their relationship with a kiss. Khushi is on tenterhooks, unsure of how to react, nervous to be giving in to him, hesitating a bit, and yet ready to accept it, prepared to meet him, and to seal their love, their relationship with a kiss.

Arnav and Khushi are just about to imprint their love/relationship on each other, when the rest of the Raizada members return to RM, thereby interrupting the moment.

They are as shocked and surprised to see Arnav there as much as Arnav and Khushi are to see them return before time.

Anjali's eyes follow the path of the red roses, while Khushi out of guilt messes and clears the carpet of red roses with her feet. Khushi is back to her original frame of mind - she knows that partly because of her, Anjali is going through a rough time, the whole of RM is facing problems - at such a time, to be caught having a romantic time with her husband while the rest of them are coping is not what Khushi is comfortable with. She immediately feels guilty for making Anjali feel even more alone at this moment. Khushi messes the path of roses to clear her conscience. It is an act which seeks to clear away her own happiness for their sakes. Khushi would hate to make the RM members feel that they are having a hard time while she enjoys. This feeling doesn't sit well with Khushi and therefore her feet immediately kick away the rose petals.

Maamiji, still annoyed with all that has happened with Anjali, picks the opportunity to aim a few darts against the Gupta sisters. Naaniji reprimands her and they all leave from there, with just Anjali still standing there in disbelief and displeasure.

Now, let us just examine how things stand between RM members and Arnav-Khushi. All RM members are under the impression that Arnav-Khushi had a love marriage. They all think that Arnav-Khushi kind of eloped and married. They do not know what Arnav-Khushi have been through. They have no idea about the amount of dislike and misunderstanding that the two have faced in the past few months. The RM members are unaware of the long winding, rough paths Arnav-Khushi undertook to reach where they are now. For them, these two were always in sync, even though they fought a lot, and today was no different.

To Anjali, Arnav changed ever since he married Khushi. During Holi, Anjali saw Arnav do all the things that he had never done before. He drank bhang, danced and played Holi with them. Arnav has never wished leave aside celebrated anyone's birthday in all the years that she knew him. So, imagine her frame of mind once she realizes that the red roses were for Khushi not her, that Arnav let her think that the bouquet was for her to keep her happy, that Arnav, her little brother who always shut himself from the world was celebrating his wife's birthday. After all this, she felt relieved and comforted that her Chotte was cancelling his meeting to come to the Satsang with her. On her insistence he goes for the meeting in Agra, but when she returns she sees him having a close moment with his wife instead of being some miles away in a business meeting. All in all, this is a bit too much for Anjali to take.

She knows Arnav would never dream of lying to her - her line there, about him lying to her, just showed that she was unsure how to express her hurt at feeling that she is being overlooked by him these days. When you feel that someone close to you is not living up to your expectations and standards, you tend to blame that person. It is natural and human nature to accuse the person with the very first thought that comes to your mind.

Anjali herself had sent Arnav to Agra - he was prepared to postpone the meeting, but didn't on her request. Now, she knows that he didn't really do anything wrong, that it is just her mind and her emotions playing around with her, but Anjali is unwilling to admit that it is her insecurity that is making her react this way. Therefore begins the emotional drama from her side. Unable to express that she is weak and making Arnav the victim of her weakness.

Anjali has always liked being in control of people and things. She may not be overt about it, but the element of control is always in her. When Arnav threw Shyam out of RM, she was not given a chance to say or do anything. Her brother took away her control over her married life and decided for her. Till now, she hasn't been given much of an explanation about the allegations cast on her dear husband. No proofs were presented, no clarifications offered and no clarity provided regarding her husband's truth. She watched in shock as her brother whom she has always believed and trusted took her husband, who was her world, by his collar and cast him out.

Just like that, her control, her say, her opinion, her trust, her relationship was not given a chance to speak out - and she abided with her brother. She was upset with what had happened but she trusted her brother enough to know what he was doing. Her protector, her support - that's what he had always been. He was doing the same now, but now seeing him devote his time to the woman who caused her to be separated from her husband, and who was now taking her brother away from her too, Anjali's unconscious mind is driving her to exhibit her insecurities in the way of emotional blackmail, and subtle expressions, actions and words.

Anjali has witnessed the little transformations in Arnav after he fell in love. She really has no problem with him changing, because she understands what he is going through. But recent events are pushing her to twist her views about Khushi. She hasn't said it as much in words but the implications are there.

She has been dropping hints about who she feels is threatening her world ' Khushi. She had first indirectly hinted at this when Arnav came to her after her frightening incident at the hospital with the surgical instrument. She had said that time, 'pata nahin kiski buri nazar hum pe lag gayi'". The next was to Naaniji, where Anjali said, "kiski galti hai'sach kya hai?", and now once again she remarks, "Tum badal gayye ho, tumhe pyaar ho gaya hai' Jab tumhaari shaadi hui na, tabhi se sab badal gaya'"

Khushi - an innocent, naiive, cheerful, loving girl who destroyed Anjali's fantasy life and who had/has a significant presence in the lives of the two most important men in Anjali's life. 
Please remember, Anjali is not doing any of this purposely. She is an emotional wreck right now, and her insecurities tune her to behave this way.

We'll have to wait and see if the ever selfless Khushi decides to ease Anjali's emotional burden by keeping away, or walking out (using the Contract too as an reason should Arnav ask). Not to forget, Payal who is standing up stoutly for Khushi and herself trying to make her husband come to terms with all that has happened between them.


Enjoyed the Payal-Aakash scene. Aakash was listening to all she was saying but is still hurt that Payal didn't confide the truth to him earlier. He'll come around!

Loved the brother-sister scene - the last few minutes. Anjali speaking about the changes she has noticed, and how those changes have affected her. This will help give a slightly clearer picture to Arnav about what his sister is going through. Also, even though Anjali does hint about Khushi, it doesn't seem like she hates or is angry with her too much, it's just that uneasiness of Khushi having left Anjali with nothing to clutch and hold on to. Khushi makes Anjali feel vulnerable, and Anjali is certainly not enjoying the feeling.

Anjali on an attention seeking mode since Chotte is paying attention to dear wifey? How else can one explain leaving the door unlocked for Arnav to enter easily to manofy her? Perfectly normal to do so though!

Khushi leaving Arnav: This girl understands priorities. She knew Anjali would need Arnav and gets out of his way as soon as Anjali leaves. This only serves as a good hint for the future. When it comes between brother-sister ties, Khushi, on her own, will willingly step away to protect their relationship.


I loved everyone! Barun Sobti (loved the balancing act between wife and sister), Sanaya Irani (The whole nervousness, hesitation of a first kiss well done - plus messing the rose petals guiltily!!), Daljeet Bhanot (A slight bit of over-acting, but you were good otherwise), Deepali Pansare (Glad to hear you speak up more, hope you continue like this!), Akshay Dogra (Nice - I like angry Aakash, but please shave that stubble), Utkarsha Naik (Always good), and Jayashree T (Nice!).

CV's: You know best... I would only like it if there were more clear monologues for Khushi that connect with her actions. There's a slight discord that confuses me sometimes. Thanks!


I apologize for the delay in updating. Had a super busy weekend!! Thanks for reading through. Sincere thanks for your 'Likes' and Comments (I'm not online much these days, so please do PM me the link to your comment if you leave any)! Have a fabulous week ahead!! Smile



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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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This post is a dedication to a certain person, who started my journey with REDUX, A subtle motivator, A guide in testing times and a Angel Frnd, For You Tants, Without you I wouldnt hv dared to write on Redux


I have everything I'll ever need, I'm carrying your love with me Mackinzie Cooper

A thoroughly balanced in terms of emotions but agn a let down with the basic USP they hv been selling it across to us none the less I njoied it and once agn it left me with " yeh dil manage more "

The episode to night opened with a scared Khushi, who is alone who is scared of dark and who has lost a lot in life but has always stood on her ground once agn scared n shivering with fear and the door closes, automatically she lift a plant pot, I was left wondered does she even realize how much Arnav has been imbibed in her pshyche,, how she lives breathes walks Arnav now a days though she mite be fighting a lost battle of being Khushi kumari gupta ,,,,, long back she herself has gvn to birth to this new KKGSR ... The plants a part of Arnav life has been a source of comfort for her,

She remembers her confidante DM and yet her soothing presence fails to calm her in his turmoil, in her struggke with fear, which is fast enveloping, engrosssing her,,,,,,,,, ,,,,She runs towards the house,Out of this fear and sicking despair, she hears him, his voice called her, the one who resides in her souland finds Arnav standing in the dark, she forgets her fear, herself and with all her might runs towards Arnav, a willing Arnav who is standing who is standing with his arms wide open for her, just for her

The force of lose and fear, loosing all reason she surrenders herself to him, We see a Arnav who is smiling, who is worried as he would be in this type of situation, the glint & joy in his eyes reflecting the Victory he is njoing, the Arnav who wins at all cost is there

"Love means to commit oneself without guarantee,
to give oneself completely in the hope that our love will
produce love in the loved person. Love is an act of faith,
and whoever is of little faith is also of little love." American Qoute

I was surprised once agn to see this Arnav, The Arnav who hasnot ever believed In Relationships, a mere convenience by his thoughts, who has bothered to stick by norms, Infact has rebelled every set rule and norm of the society is tonight rejoicing the victory, where he is very willingly and sanely acknowledging the most primal institution of society Marriage, he wants Khushi to accept him, cherish him ,,,,the way he has done her, he is celebrating the Challenge he had laid for his wife, How the tides hv changed and the mighty have fallen
The moment Khushi realises a relaxed Arnav and bends down as something touches her feet, she picks and the light returning show its a rose petal, turning arnd she sees her path had been laden with Rose Petals A mental kick and she realises All planned by Arnav, One look at Arnav the one who is all smiling, basking in the joy of sweet victory and teasing her with It, she unburdens her anger on to him, shoving him in his chest with anger punches when the reason of her survival is questioned, he catches her wrists and envelopes her in hug crashing all her defenses. Like his name ARNAV(Ocean), He has soaked her completely in himself like the ocean which soaks the turbulent river.the last time something Like that had happened in GH, Arnav had caught hold her and pushed to the wall with a equal fury, passion and strength and she had fainted, tonight to the same fury and tonite he pushes her to himself with a equal passion and strength and when she wriggles and tries to free her of himself, he holds her with more vigor until she surrenders herself to him , for tonite she knows all facade hv broken & all masks hv been removed. Her Hug was with equal mite and vigor, like the two halves of the mystery they hv joined now...
"Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see."
Hebrews 11:1
I loved the next scene too, he isnt just njoing the sweet surrender, he moves towards next move,,, He has faith In his love and in the US between them that he moves in and utters to her, Kya kaha tha tumne " jis din meri bahoon mein daudti hui chali aaoogi, us muje apna pati man logi, aur abhi tumne bilkul wo hi kiya hai KHUSHI KUMARI GUPTA SINGH RAIZADA,,," " Wont mind agar tum mujhe apna pati man lo to" , I loved the abslte confidence he had in himself here, the faith & conviction oozing out of him that he knows sooner or later he is and will be her husband, he has accepted her as his wife and no one or nothing can change the fact from him, He very confidently leaves the ball with her in her court, confident that it will be back to him and no one else, How well he can read Khushi inside and outside,,,
He then moves and his hands move to cup her face, bring her face in direct line to him, he looks into her eyes and reading the unsurity, the need, the doubt, the hesitation and the anticipation to be joined by him, the journey of togetherness at begining, A slight fearful situation, A exciting spot,
Her lips quevering, BL lil unsure but the face reflects ancipation and the door Opens,,,, Nani and the family coming in and surprised, A loved the whole scene her, Nani and family doubting him, surprised to see him, at one side of the house and he and khushi on the other side, Like he and Khushi with the truth and the whole family with unclear situation, notice here is isnt perturbed/ shaken, where in khushi is highly agitated and the moment Anjali enters she shoves the flowers aside, as if wanting them to disappear or she has been caught while stealing a candy, But Notice Arnav He tells her Relax, infact a slightly irritated her, bcz he isnt ashamed or guilty or sorry abt being with Khushi, his better half he is almost excuding a brilliance which is achieved when u hv been basked in bliss on unconditional love... This to me showstolear of the day, this stole my heart today,,, The abslte faith in himself and his choice of partner Khushi...

The art of love is largely the art of persistence.
Albert Ellis
& then comes the confrontation between the brother sister, this time agn he speaks truth and mami jumps in with her version of acidic words and for the first time the ASR who will do anything for mami, for her sacrifices she has gvn, slowly defends Khushi, but nani doesnt let him finish, This Arnav will go beyond limits to protect n safegaurd his khushi, but then Di doesnt listen him, infact blames him for lying and he is shocked but notice khushi, her eyes a brimming with pain, she cannot bear the burden of jhis hurt andwhen di he moves to her room and Khushi moves to kitchen, he stands and watch, A painful sight, the two women who mk his world are apart but both of them pained at the loss of A Very Arnav/chotte and this chotte is also pained as they both make him complete, Anjalis Fb's reflect her inner conflict, where she has seen her chotte ernest in his effort to with her and her visuals where she saw him with Khushi...

"You block your dream when you allow
your fear to grow bigger than your faith."- Mary Mannin
& to touch the last scene, I loved Anjali's words here, waqt badl gaya hai, tum badl gaye ho chote, tumhe pyaar ho gaya hai , jab se tumhari shaadi hui hai,tabbhi se sab badl gaya tum badal gaya ho jab se tumne hamre sawaaloen ke jawab dena chod diya hai tab se sab badl gaya hai,,, chote for me this was a realistic potrayal of pain anjali is facing, her dilemma of knowing who is correct, the day Arnav had witnessed shyam khushi at terrace, he had married Khushi to protect di and since than he had been protecting his di, making her live in a make believe world but till today there hasnt been a logical or reasonable explanation for Anjali and since that night Arnav knowingly or unknowingly took a journey of protecting his Di which ended in a blast for Anjali but did anjali need a protection, wasnt she capable of handling truth???, if the truth is bitter, we need to swallow it may be with tears and pain echoing our existence but once swallowed it eases the life and it should be the decison if the person who will be effected by the truth to swallow it or spit it but truth should be present in all its naked ugly truth to heal one self and both Arnav and khushi hv failed to do that for Anjali and now the payment starts
but I loved the pain in Arnav eyes when he sees a innocent Khushi being blamed when Anjali says, Jab se tumhari shaadi hui hai chotte, but the very next moment something else crosses his face, the faith that he carries Khushi in his heart
Dedication for Arnav Singh Raizada
At Last Somebody Loves me!!! As a Result. I love Everyone! Especially YOU.

Loved The Hug Scene, no words abt ot but Placing Sanaya on stool for the hug sceneEmbarrassed

A passionate hug kiss, A 28 year old man and nani say Chotte, ice cold waterLOLLOL

BSClapClap to u , u excel in subteliries, eyes are asset cherish them
SI hard work galStar
A heartfelt Thank you to all who contribute here ,,
making it a him a Home for learning, sharing and frnd ship.
PartyPartyA Very HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Mr. BARUN SOBTI,,,, PartyParty
Without you IPK would hv not been the epic it has become

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Today's episode ticked me right off. There was something in it that made it a very layered episode. The execution was good and so was the script. 

Lets just touch the main points for today, My brain is in a total haywire mode to explain. I'll probably combine the missing facts with Monday's episode!

The Arnav-Khushi Equation

The irony of the scene was that unlike last time when Khushi was stuck in the guest house, she ran towards Arnav knowing that only he could soothe her and provide her with the protection she requires. 

With Arnav winning the bet, realization dawn upon her and she understands, that the storm in her life was brought by Arnav however unlike last time, this time with a bit of struggling, she gives in, surrendering herself to him. Final Acceptance of his heart by Khushi. She gives in to his love.

The Arnav-Anjali Equation

They both have been together like peanut butter and jelly since tragedy strike. There relationship is one of the sweetest elements. Almost different, yet the same. Anjali in a state of denial, depression and pregnant midst it can be described as a fragile doll. Her emotions can be over whelming at times and that is what had led to think she's been abandoned by her brother. 

It is then not only Anjali's fragile state but her selfish personality traits. She is the same girl who had blackmailed Khushi to come and tutor Lavanya. She has been her brother's center of attention and with that attention being shared now, she's fearful of loosing that place as she did in her husband's life. Plus, it's Khushi from both the ends,  who had become the person to attract the two men in her life. 

Her insecurities have finally been voiced out with first, thinking that her brother has lied and then blurting it out on whole. She's regain herself just in nick of time, but she'll be regretting her judgements. 

The Akash-Payal Equation

We all know that this couple started with full of trust and love for each other, developing deep understanding. Now, the fate has put them on a test, and Akash is failing miserably. The feeling of betrayal to his trust from Payal is justified but over exaggeration with ignorant attitude is not. Being as responsible, he should be able to understand and comprehend the reason why his wife has hid the secret. First, the secret not being hers and Second, it could have cost almost the same result as this before too. Instead, Payal had given Shyam and Anjali's relationship a chance. 

I loved that Payal is actually not guilty for hiding the truth. It had been Khushi linked with the truth and the truth should be coming from her instead of someone else. Also, it provokes Akash to ask her of her reasons.

Have a lovely weekend!

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Life always teaches one lessons which never can be and should  never be forgotten...

What are these lessons ?. And who is learning it? Who else but our leads here...whos  is teaching them these lessons.? obviously DM.. To her favourite child khushi about the importance of  the man  in her life and to Arnav about how irreverent he has been till date in regards to the sunshine who was sent to brighten his lives..

There were three Important scenes today.. One where khushi finally accepts arnav as her husband , another when the family misunderstands the two.. Third where anjali ticks off her brother for falling in love and changing in to somebody who lies to her..

Let's connect these three and try to learn what lessons have been learnt today with the help of a mythological this piece first by DR.Devdutt Patnaik

The idea of Lakshmi(goddess of wealth ,prosperity and peaceful family life) and having a twin sister is an ancient one. Some say while Lakshmi was born of Brahma's face, Alakshmi was born from his back. Some say Lakshmi emerged along with Amrita, the nectar of immortality, when gods were churning the ocean of milk; Alakshmi emerged with Halahal, dreaded poison with the power to destroy world.

Alakshmi is called many names including Daridra, poverty personified; Kalaha, strife personified; Kalikanni, quarrel personified; Nritti, goddess of decay. In the mythology of Shiva, Alakshmi is Kali, the fearsome aspect of Shakti, while Lakshmi is Gauri, lovable aspect of Shakti.

In Vishnu mythology, Lakshmi adores dharma (acts born of empathy) while Alakshmi adores adharma (acts born of exploitation). Thus Lakshmi and Alakshmi are two halves of a complete whole; Lakshmi is the fruit that is savoured while Alakshmi is the waste that is discarded. The two exist as a whole; without either there is neither.

In mythology, Lakshmi does not make any value judgment. A bowl of rice feeds a saint and a sinner; a rupee coin has the same value in the hands of a judge and the same value in the hands of a murderer. But Lakshmi always comes with her sister in tow. Failure to acknowledge Alakshmi is dangerous for she represents all the negative energies that accompany any wealth.

Everyone knows that money breeds strife and jealousy. Alakshmi embodies that dark aspect of wealth. She is the one who makes rich brothers quarrel. She is the one who divides the household. She is the one who does not allow peace to enter the house of gold. The only way to make Alakshmi weak is to constantly be aware of her; acknowledge her as much as her sister. Typically in rituals, sweets kept inside the house are offered to Lakshmi while lemons and chillies, kept outside the house, are meant for Alakshmi.

Lakshmi, say the scriptures, never goes anywhere without her sister. In other words, wealth never goes anywhere without the seed of strife. It is also said that lakshmi and the her sister alakskmi. got husbands according to their natures. see lakshmi got  Vishnu as her husband but alakshmi got Mrityu(death) as her husband.. 

Now let us connect this to our episode..what has happened in the IPK land is that marriage between arnav and khushi has started in earnest zeal after the kidnapping incident.. Arnav has openly accepted Khushi as his wife..he has been waiting for her oral approval of his status.. but khushi does not want to accept this as she is worried about the members of family who are angry with the truth she had exposed in front of everybody..but today with her acceptance of her status as the wife of arnav which arnav brought out by cheating.He cheated his wife and wrought an admission from by stealth.. he was happy doing he found his lakshmi in his arms after that... the lakshmi though angry never doubted  his she was concentrating on her duties as a DIL  and a sister combining with his scathing words ..couldn't  find in herself the heart to accept him..but today the fear  in her overpowered her duties.. who did she call when she was upset. HER DM who reminded that she has found solutions to her problems and fear. the lakshmi seeks to find the answers to her fear in arnav (her vishnu).. angry first at his cheating but submitting to the seduction when he reminds her as to how she has found her sanctuary in his to how he is her husband and she needs to accept him.. as to how he  will protect her with his soothing tongue and  protective embrace.. Now the acceptance of the marriage has happened.. the entry of lakshmi and Vishnu  in the householder"s province does lakshmi enter this phase of life?as she should ,with flowers  decorated pathway to denote  the direction she takes..but with lakshmi who enters the threshold..IT is the Alakshmi..the twin sister of lakshmi.. but the noteworthy point here is that arnav asks khushi to relax when she feels embarrassed by their the lakshmi leaves..

who is the embodiment of alakshmi here.. The strife and depression  which resides in anjali, the discord between akash and payal, the angry mami.. the strife and depression inside has driven anjali  to brink .. in her delusions,she is seeing  Khushi as the root cause of her problems..though not accusing her directly.. she tells her chotte that love has changed him, driven him to lying to her.The alakshmi in her drives her to subtle manipulations..Initially,she refuses to take medicines and takes after an oath given to her by her brother on his life..she is testing his allegiance to her.. she is testing whether she has been fully abandoned or else should i say she is testing waters to gauge the importance of her in her brother's Life.. so now arnav is at crossroads.. he follows the alakshmi in anjali..trying to pacify her..It is said that in a man's life equal importance needs to be given to both lakshmi and alakshmi.. that is to peace and prosperity which is accompanied by strife and discord..and to the resolution of both..with the Grihapravesh  of alakshmi in to RM the husband of alakshmi far away from his entry.? not at all.. with the rift that  has happened between anji and arnav.. shyam(mrityu) who was out of RM has jumped in to its fringes ..AM i reading too much in to the phone call.. do not hope so..

The entry of the second Alakshmi in the house is aided and abetted by the third one..though akash has softened after Nani's explanation.. he is still angry at payal, angry at khushi who dropped this truth on them,lied to him..though payal started defending khushi and herself here..Mami who keeps insulting her on the journey to satsang ,adds fuel to fire by blaming khushi for arnav's discrepancy .. and paints payal's action in a negative light in front of her son..the war between the right and the wrong continues.. though akash is justified in his anger.. payal is also justified in her request that akash listens to her explanations.. Alas all in vain..

so what are the lessons that our beloved characters  have to learn here-The only way to make Alakshmi weak is to constantly be aware of her; acknowledge her as much as her sister lakshmi.. so to acknowledge there is problem, that all problems cannot be solved immediately, Time is a healer..situation  needs deft handling..most of it is important to balance between both the women in one's life.. will arnav be able to balance between anji-khushi, will khushi and payal be able to balance the different roles they play in their lives.. will akash understand payal stance balancing both the wife and the mother in his life.. how will matriach nani find a balance between keeping the peace of the family and the priorities of the individual members of the family?lastly how will ppl at RM find a balance between the pasts, presents and future.. to find the answers ,tune in to IPK everyday..


spl mention to be to the lighting today as  it served to heighten the tensions onscreen and served as symbolisms .. arnav standing with khushi during tough times(darkness) and emerging in to light.. like the truth of their relationship  AND THEIR LOVE COMING TO LIGHT AFTER A PERIOD OF TESTING..AND KHUSHI CARRYING A POT IN THE DARK AS A WEAPON (THAT IS ARNAV'S PLANTS) SYMBOLISED SHE FIGHTING HER DARK PERIOD WITH THE HELP OF ARNAV'S LOVE..

Is it really happening?.. that is the peeling of  layers surrounding Anjali Jha..seems she turning into a black character?looks like she has turned grey..with dialogues like you are in love and from the time of marriage  you have started lying..or is it her despression which making her utter these hurtful words?watch this space to find out if the change in anjali is temporary or permanent?

payal has finally raised her voice..for herself and her sister..wil akash be interrupted again BY mami.. will she drive him away from payal?? we will get answers for it soon

Past references galore on the IPK land.. is it time for the full truth of how all of them are linked by their pasts to be inaugurated?it seems Would nani be able to contain the ruin caused by this truth spillage?will keep an eye on that to discuss this further..

Before going will leave with this second vow of marriage which is going to be important in the times to come.. Satya, I am quoting these  already quoted lines to give the reader an idea of the mood in the  days to come in this imaginary world of IPK

om oorje jara dastayaha"

My beloved, now you have walked the second step with me. Fill me up with strength and courage so that together we can protect the household and the children.?
The Bride says
"kutumburn rakshayishyammi sa aravindharam"

My lord, in your sorrows, I shall fill your heart with courage and strength. In your joys , I shall rejoice. I promise you that I will please you at all times with sweet words and take care of the family and the children. and you in turn shall love none other but me as your wife.?

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