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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

FF~A Lifelong Friendship.Love!:IMP NTE/PG 43:3 Jan (Page 7)

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its sound good...soon!!!!!1

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Part 1




"Of all the things which wisdom provides to make us entirely happy, much the greatest is the possession of friendship."



Khuranna Mansion


Simran was watching her 12 years son, Maan Singh Khuranna pacing up and down the hall while shouting at the poor servants. She tried her best to cool down his anger but he was nowhere and poor servants had to bear his anger.


Simran: Maan, why are you shouting at the poor servants since morning?


Maan: tats coz they are of no use. They can't even do a work which I tell them.


Simran: Maan, have been observing you since morning beta, wats the matter?


Maan: Mom, don't say tat you don't remember. How could you forget it mom?


Simran: Maan stop talking in riddles and wat have I forgotten..


Maan: Mom.. how'



Simran: OMG.. how could I forget.. Maan wat have you planned.



Maan: Mom, Chocolate will kill me this time even if I fake forgetting her birthday. You remember na last year how I troubled her faking tat I forgot her birthday and she almost stopped talking to me for a month and if tat was not enough she did not even wish me on my birthday as a punishment.



Simran: my poor boy.. its so sad na tat you get scared of your Chocolate.



Maan: Mom I don't.. its just tat'she is my best best friend and I don't want to make her sad.



Simran: so wat have you decided for her birthday.


Maan: Mom, if I had than I would have not asked these servants to help me and you laughing at me mom. Mom please na help me planning something Big, I mean a big fat plan, so tat Chocolate does not get angry on me.



Simran: Maan, you are too small to think something big fat, so why don't you just give her some present like a Barbie doll that she likes.


Maan: Mom, are you kidding me. Don't you know tat Chocolate has stopped playing with dolls ever since she got to know tat she is a grown up girl.


Simran: Ooopss I forgot tat your chocolate is no more a kid. M sorry beta.


Maan: tats better, so now would you help me.


Simran: Maan but I don't know anything big to plan for her. She is your friend and I suppose its you who should plan and she smirk to Maan.


Maan was getting angry by now as the time was getting out of his hands and if he does not plan anything than defo his Chocolate would kill him with her bare hands and he shouted on top of his voice calling out for his father Jai Singh Khuranna.


Maan: Dad' Dad.. where are you. see your wife does not know wats the meaning of a big fat plan. Dad where are you come fast, I need your help dad.


Jai who was in his study as usual busy with his work heard his eldest son screaming and it means tat he is indeed in trouble. Jai Singh Khuranna, the biggest businessperson of India running KC with his skills and intelligence was the best in his field. KC was passed to him from generations but it was Jai who had brought it to this height and level of success. Married to Simran, a middle class family girl, made his lonely life full of happiness with her love and his two sons Maan Singh Khuranna and Vikram Singh Khuranna along with his mother Savitri Devi Singh Khuranna. His life was much happier than he needed with his best friend Mohinder Handa who had a business in textile and were wealthy in love and kindness like him. Though both of them belonged to different families and business and being the richest among all they did not have a thing called as ego and jealousy. The whole business world admired and adored the two best friends and their humble nature.


Jai walked down the stairs with an aura and was amazed to see his son in the worst mood shouting at the servants and his wife trying to calm him down. As soon as Maan's eye sees his father, he ran to him.


Maan: Dad, I need your help or else your son will be dead by tomorrow.


Jai: Maan, calm down my son. There's no need to worry for anything.


Maan: Dad, you don't know Chocolate, she is going to eat me raw dad. Please dad I need your help Dad.


Vicky ( 10 years): bro' how will angel eat you. You are too big for her mouth and stomach.


Simran and the servants burst out into laughter while Maan gave them a glare making them shut while he threatened Vicky.



Maan: Your angel does not need a big mouth to eat me Vicky. ( Maan saw his dad had already taken his sit beside Simran while Vicky continued playing with his game). Dad '


Jai looked up at Simran and Simran nodded as if telling him tat everything is planned and Jai gave a sweet smile which Simran could not resist while Maan was getting frustrated seeing their parents romancing.



Maan: Mom ' Dad, you both can romance later but right now your poor son needs your help or else think tat tomorrow is his last day as your Angel will defo kill me for sure.


Jai pulled Maan near him and made him to sit on his lap and caressed his hair lovingly.


Jai: Son, do you know tat your Chocolate would love  to visit Mumbai and its lovely beaches.



Maan: But Dad, I need to plan for her birthday..



Jai: Maan.. Mumbai.. birthday gift.. Mumbai trip.



As soon Maan realized wat his dad was trying to sya he jumped in his lap almost hugging him tight.



Maan: Dad, you are the best, just the best Dad in this world. You know chocolate will be super duper happy with this surprise. I will just tell her right now tat we are going to Mumbai for her birthday.



Simran: Wait a minute Maan. You will not tell Angel anything about the plan nor you Vicky. It's our little secret for angel ok. So now promise me tat none of you will tell her anything.



Maan: But Mom, she will get angry on me if I don't tell her. You know na how is chocolate.


Jai: Maan, if you tell her now how will it remain a surprise for her and you know even Mohinder and Rano knows about it.


Vicky: Dad, is it Choti Maa and Chote Papa is also going with us but than wat about Prem Bhai, he will be all alone na.



Simran: Vicky how can we leave Prem alone here. He too will be going.



Vicky jumped all over the house expressing his happiness of visiting Mumbai and playing in the seawater along with his favourite Prem Handa. It was always a group of four, Maan and Prem 12 years old while Geet and Vicky 10 years old. They did not need anyone else with them. They were like shadow to each other and life for each other, none could measure the love this four shared.



Handa Haveli.


Geet Handa the precious diamond of Handa's and Khuranna's and the best of best friend of none other than Maan Singh Khuranna was highly pissed and angry at Maan, her Teddy. Since morning, she was throwing tantrums on her family and poor servants were hell scared to even go near her and her room. Finally after getting warning from her father, Mohinder Handa she made her way down for lunch and sat quietly but not before giving a glare to all of them while Prem giggled seeing her fussing face.


Rano: Prem stop giggling and let her eat lunch first. My poor baby has not eaten anything since morning.


Prem: Maa, just see your poor girl, she looks a mess.


Geet who was already angry could not control herself and shot him one more glare and started to tease him.



Geet: ya, you wait bhai, and I will see how you go for summer trip this time.


Prem: oh.. my poor angel'. See your Teddy will again forget your birthday like last time.



Mohinder: Prem. Stop irritating her right now and angel Maan won't forget your birthday sweetheart.



Geet had tears in her eyes thinking tat her Teddy will forget her birthday like last time and the mere realization of him forgetting the most important day in her life made her sobs to increase.



Geet (crying): No Papa, I know'.. Teddy' will.. like.. always'forget.. my.. birthday' I don't.. like,'. Teddy.. Papa.. I ' hate ' him..


Rano hugged her while wiping her tears and said.


Rano: No sweetheart Teddy will not forget your birthday. He loves you na' than how can he forget.



Prem like to irritate his sweet sister so he added.


Prem: Maa.. and if Maan forgets her birthday than poor angel.. wat she will do.. oh I feel so sorry sweetheart' how can your Teddy forget his Chocolate's birthday.


Geet was highly pissed of now and with a determination, she wiped her tears and said.


Geet: if Teddy forgets by birthday this time' than I will surely kill him.. and I will not talk to him' and I will not wish him for his birthday' Maa.. you tell Teddy tat he better not forget my birthday or else Geet Handa ll kill Maan Singh Khuranna' and will lock him up in the dark room of our house.


Mohinder: Angel.. Such big punishment for Teddy.. He will get scared beta. Do pity him na.



Geet: No ' I will.. not he should know.. tat his Chocolate is special for him and forgetting my birthday is not good for Teddy.



Geet now sits quietly satisfied with her warnings for Teddy and eats her food while simultaneously teasing Prem with her eyes as if telling him tat she won.




It as almost evening and Maan was on the verge of crying as Simran had warned him and Vicky from talking to Geet. They pleaded to her tat once they will talk but she was adamant tat Maan neither Vicky would call up so tat they don't spill the beans out and the surprise for Geet would ruin. In order tat the children's don't meet each other Jai and Mohinder flew separately to Mumbai with their respective families in their own chartered plane which they owned. Though Maan and Vicky were aware of the plan but their continuously cribbed to Simran and Jai while Prem who was also aware made faces to Mohinder and Rano for missing each other while poor Geet who was hell angry now stopped talking to everyone thinking tat they purposely taking her away so tat they could save Maan.  By the time they reached Mumbai it was late around 10 at night and the kids were fast asleep. All met up at the cottage near the sea which was booked all for them and the ladies made the kids comfortable in the one big room while the gents starting to arrange the things for wishing their angel sharp at twelve. However, they had les time but nothing was impossible for them and all was ready by 11.30 pm while Simran and Rano slowly went and woke up Maan, Prem and Vicky asking them to tip toe out of the room without disturbing Geet.



Precap: Birthday at Mumbai' oops Chocolate angry on Teddy'



So how was the first part' and the cute names for Maan and Geet.. I hope tat you all like it and give me your support.






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woww superb shoba

chocolate and teddy ..hehehehe cutee

 maan is teddy...funny


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Awesome start!

Loved their nicknames... Maan as Teddy and Geet as Chocolate/Angel
Big smile

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wowww sooo sweet starting...very nyc concept so far...looking forward...Clap

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lovely ...cutie names

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awsome nd cute update loved it..starting ws awsome tedy nd choclate sooo cute names man planning some surprise for choclate nd maan hahahaha how he is calling her dad see ur wife lolzzz..dey r going to mumbai awsne surprise nd prem hell in making angel tease..awsome loved it

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fabulous  cute update

liked the  bond between our chocolate and  teddy
how come they got this  names

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