Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

FF~A Lifelong Friendship.Love!:IMP NTE/PG 43:3 Jan (Page 19)

Ash1991 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 August 2012 at 1:02pm | IP Logged
loved d sweet...
teddy n chocolate r so cute...

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dhwanimehta23 Senior Member

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Posted: 05 August 2012 at 7:43am | IP Logged
lovely update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SmileSmileSmileSmile

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singh24 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 05 August 2012 at 1:28pm | IP Logged


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abinash079 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 8:33pm | IP Logged
awesome update 
loved it 

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Shruthe IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 2:01am | IP Logged
That was an awesome update

Teddy and chocolate are so cute... uff at this age itself he is so possessive of her and so keen in getting her special gifts...

thanks and continue soon

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shalini_s IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 August 2012 at 10:03pm | IP Logged
waiting for Choclate and Teddy!!

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sdlife19 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 August 2012 at 9:20am | IP Logged


Part 3



XYZ School, New Delhi…




Vicky: Angel, did you do the History homework, otherwise Ms. Gomes tat fatso will..


Geet: hmmm


Vicky: Wat hmm. Don't act like tat army Bro, and why are you so scared. Angel hope you did the homework.


Geet: I said na I did.. than why are you eating my head and ya don't say anything ablaut Teddy ok.


Vicky: Ya.. your Teddy and my Army Bro worst.. you know tats why I like Prem Bhaiya more than you two.. Angel.



Geet: Haan.. tat donkey Prem bhaiya suits you better Vicky.



Disha: Geet, you know this History homework took all my day. Omg why does tat Ms. Fatso gives us so much homework tat we don't even get time to play. Gosh, my hands were so paining tat I asked my nanny to massage them for me.



Geet was once again quite hearing about history homework.


Mona: You know I wish tat this Ms. Fatso.. Ms. Gomes just go away from our life soon.


Raj: Mona.. hope tat you have done your homework or you will be locked in tat ghost room by Ms. Fatso.



Vicky: Ghost Room.. wats tat Raj.


Mona: OMG Vicky.. you are so innocent don't you know Ms. Fatso locks children in tat Ghost room of our school. The room, which is at the far end of our school.


Raj: Ya… I had heard tat last week Ms. Fatso had locked tat viren in the ghost room for not doing homework. You know he was so scared and did not come to school for two days.


Disha: Tat Viren.. Ufff.. he should be locked. The other day he frightened me with his new mask. If I would be there, I would keep him forever in tat ghost room. But Raj.. is there any ghost in real in tat room.


Raj: Yes…. I have heard stories from my brother tat there is a big ghost there in tat room. You know he eats al those lizards, cockroaches, ants tat are there is tat room and tats why tat fatso locks us in tat room.



Mona: OMG.. Raj… good we have done our homework. I really hate Ms. Fatso.. you know one day I will lock her in tat room.



Geet who was silently listening to them was shivering by now but puts a brave face in front of everyone while others were enjoying their cursing session for Fatso. The time was running fast and Ms. Gomes would enter the classroom at any time and Geet was getting more and more scared. She got up from her seat and ran out without listening to Vicky who was calling her. She needed to hide from Ms. Gomes and the only thought came to her mind was Maan. She ran to Maan's class and saw him engrossed in his books while she settled herself on the bench. Prem who roaming around the class saw Geet taking his place and soon was lost in staring Maan. He came near them and tapped her shoulder.



Prem: Angel.. wat are you doing here.


Geet shrugged his hands from her and planted a small peck on Maan's cheek bringing him out of his books who was equally surprised to see his Chocolate at this time in their class.



Maan: Chocolate, why are you here. You have Ms. Gomes class now na.


Prem: Tats wat I asked her Maan.


Geet: uff… why do you both keep asking me question. And anyways Ms. Gomes cancelled her class so m here to see my Teddy.


Prem: Ohh.. really than where is Vicky..


Geet: Bhaiya.. Vicky is chipkofying with his girlfriends. He said he would come afterwards.



Maan: But Chocolate we have our class now, so you cant sit here. Please go back to your classroom and come at the break time.



Geet seriously thought something and smiled wickedly while Maan knew tat her peer sized brain was upto some crazy idea.



Geet: Teddy.. Why don't I attend your class? See if I attend it, I will not have problem when I will be in this class. See fast learning.



Maan: No….. back to your classroom right now.



Geet: No.. I wont.. see if you are having problem than I will hide here below the desk and your Sir will not be able to see me.



Prem: and suppose if others tell about you.



Geet: They wont, they fear Teddy's Chocolate opppsss. Geet Handa.


Geet settled herself below the desk in such a manner tat no one could see her while their teacher had entered the classroom. All were quite listening to wat the Sir was saying. Maan though concentrated on the lesson but his mind was disturbed thinking about his Chocolate who was hiding below while Geet, just with a glimpse of her Teddy forgot about her history homework.  She made herself comfortable below while Prem was getting irritated with her pushing his legs from time to time. Prem kicked her every time she pushed his leg while Geet pinched him hard making him to scream aloud, the whole class stared at him even though they knew why he did it but poor boy had to get shouting from his teacher.


Teacher: Prem.. cant you pay attention in the class or you want to play around screaming.


Prem: Sir, m sorry.. tat.. Angel.. I mean..


And before he could say anything he once again flinched in pain as Geet pinched in legs hard enough to feel the pain making him realize tat if he says about her he will be punished. Poor Prem asked sorry for no mistake while the teacher warned him and made him to sit. It was not long when another mischievous idea struck Geet and she slowly started to tickle Maan's  leg by pulling his pants up. Maan got startled with the tickling sensation and could feel her soft hands. He tried to control himself by shaking his leg making her stop but Geet just kept doing it. Maan bent down a bit and saw her all smiling while he gave her an angry glare that made her to withdraw her hand while Prem softly chuckled seeing tat. After around 5 whole minutes Maan once again found her tickling his legs and slowly unlacing his shoes and tickling him hard making him to wriggle while Prem  all the way enjoyed his restlessness but soon his face was covered with tension feeling Geet's hands also tickling him. Geet was all enjoying making them to move in their seats forgetting the whole environment. She tickled them so much making it impossible for Maan and Prem to bear and the next moment Maan screamed standing.


Maan: Chocolate stop irritating me.


The whole class was dazed and looked up to him while the teacher was highly irritated now and was ready to shout when she saw someone coming out from beneath the desk and her eyes shot open see Geet who screamed for her Teddy as she banged her head on the desk while Maan instantly held her head and rubbed the place where she was hit.


Maan: Chocolate are you all right baby.


Maan blew air to soothe her while others were looking at them but the teacher was full of anger.



Prem: Angel… are u fine…sweetheart.



Geet: hmm.. but its paining here..



Maan: who told you to come out…


Tats it they heard their teacher screaming on top of their voice.


Teacher: Maan. Prem wats going on and Ms. Geet Handa how come you are here leaving your class.


All three stared at her with fear when they heard her once again.


Teacher: I asked how you are here. Whose class do you have now?


Geet: Ms. Gomes.





Principal: Mrs. Handa, its not the first time tat you daughter has been doing all this. Every time we leave her thinking tat she is the topper of the class but its high time tat she learns some ethics.



Rano: I do understand Mam (shooting angry looks to Geet).


Principal: Maan and Prem can you both explain me how did you both hide her in your class, and why the others did not tell your teacher anything.


Geet: Mam coz they fear me..


Principal: So they fear you Ms. Handa and why did you leave Ms. Gomes class.


Geet: Tat Ms. Fatso, she was supposed to lock me in the ghost room for not doing the history homework.


Maan was shocked to hear it as she had said tat the class was cancelled and kept looking at her.



Principal: Maan.. Prem do you have to say anything about this.



They both nodded for a no while the Principal continued.


Principal: Mr. Khuranna.. Mrs. Handa.. I don't know where this is going but I need to take a strict action against all three. This type of behavior will be giving a bad message to the other students.



Jai: Mam, I know tat wat they did is not acceptable but please for the last time you can leave them and I assure you tat it wont repeat.



Rano: Please Mam, we will take care of it and see tat they don't repeat.



Principal: I hope so. Its not tat I don't trust them. You see they are the toppers of our school but still Ms. Geet and her three supporters Maan, Prema and Vicky are crossing every limit with their mischief. So please do make them understand.







Rano: Don't.. don't show your crocodile tears Geet. just coz of you we had to bow down below your principal.



Geet: m sorry..



Rano: sorry for wwat. Why do you always put others in trouble? Just because of you, Maan and Prem were thrown out of the class. Why did not you do your homework, even if you did not do why did you leave the class and tell lies tat the class was cancelled.



Simran: Rano please calm down. See she is just a child.


Rano: Simran, I know but she is putting everyone in trouble coz of her. Do you know how embarrassing it was for me and Bhaisaab to stand in front of the principal and take all her words? Why can't she understand.



Simran: Please Rano calm down, see Jai is quite na and if Mohinder bhaisaab comes to know about it, you know wat he wil do.



Mohinder; I have heard everything Simran.


Everyone saw Mohinder standing and listening to them while he was sonly staring at Geet in anger.



Mohinder: geet…



Jai who was seating there came forward and tried to calm down him but he was not ready for it.


Jai: Mohinder, just leave it yaar. She is just a kid and was scared of Ms. Gomes.


Mohinder: tat does not mean tat she behaves like tat and its only coz of her Maan and Prem were punished. (he turns to geet) Geet tell me why did not you do your homework when you had a holiday.



Geet (crying): coz Teddy was not talking to me…. Tat .. day… he.. did… not.. meet me… nor.. talked… and … I was.. all.. angry… on.. him….



Maan remembered tat the day before her birthday he had not talked to her even once as Simran and Jai had told him, but still he was angry on her for neglecting her homework.



Mohinder; Tat does not mean tat you will not do you homework and you will get the punishment for it.



Everyone tried to calm him down but he was no where to listen. However, he was soft and loving but Mohinder was very strict with rules and regulations.



Mohinder: You will not come to KM for a week and foremost you will not talk to Maan nor meet him for the whole week.



Geet and Maan looked up at Mohinder and than at each other while Geet's tears made their way once again.



Mohinder: and if you even try to talk to him at school, I will increase the days of your punishment and Prem and Vicky will keep a watch on you.


Jai: but Mohinder.. Please yaar don't give such big punishment for Angel..


Mohinder: No Jai, she needs to learn tat every time her mischief will not be taken for granted.



Rano: but, she won't be able to stay without talking to Maan.


Mohinder: She should learn. When Maan will go for higher studies wat will she do?


Simran: Bhaisaab there's lots of time for it but please don't be so harsh on angel. You know na tat she cant stay without Maan for a second.


Mohinder: ya and tats why she always puts him in troule. It's always coz of her pranks tat the other three kids get shouting. But now she will get her due punishment.


In all this Geet was only looking at her Teddy with tears in her eyes while Maan's heart was piercing seeing her state. He could not go against the elders, as he knew she had done a mistake but this punishment. Geet looked at him and before anyone else could say anything more she ran out crying and jumped inside the car asking the driver to drive back home while everyone just saw the car moving from their sight.




Precap: Teddy saw his Chocolate with red swollen eyes while Chocolate just moved away.  Will Teddy and Chocolate Talk to each other.





do likle and comment for Teddy and chocolate

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update geet fear of teacher maan prem in trouble mohinder giving punishment of separation

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