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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

FF~A Lifelong Friendship.Love!:IMP NTE/PG 43:3 Jan (Page 13)


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oh that was such a cute part...i just loved it
names are sweet and Choclate ka gussa toh baba...humaara Maan bhi darta hai...
loved it completely

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Aww so cute names... Chocolate and teddy... Waiting for nxt part...

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congrats on your new ff

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nice update!!!!!!!!TongueTongueTongueTongue

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that was such a sweet start... i loved teddy and chocolate... the names are super sweet...

both seemed to be cutie pies and the update was just so so awesome...

thanks for updating and continue soon

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Geet heard everyone singing "Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Geet" and she opened her droopy eyes wide open looking at everyone. She was happy seeing the whole house decorated for her and scanned to see who all were present and seeing all Handa's and Khuranna's singing for her made her to smile. Rano slowly placed her on her feet while everyone came and hugged and wished her. They dragged her to the cake and asked to cut it. After cutting the cake she fed everyone one by one when her eyes fell on Maan who was looking at her. She raised her had to feed him but soon withdraw her hand and turned to Vicky who was waiting for a chance.


Vicky: see.. bro.. angel did not give you cake. She gave me.. she is my best best friend.



Maan who was bit hurt did not say anything but stood there waiting for his Chocolate to come near him and feed him her bday cake but still Geet did not go. She ran to Jai and said.



Geet: Bade papa, I .. thought.. tat you… all forgot my birthday and where are we. This is not our house.



Jai: Angel.. this is Mumbai and we are here to celebrate your birthday darling.



Geet: Mumbai… Mumbai.. where there are sea… where shahrukh khan stays… wah….



Mohinder: Haan Angel.. we are in Mumbai.. you wanted to come here na.. so me and your bade papa decided to celebrate your birthday here.



Vicky who was equally excited came running to Geet and kissed her cheeks making it wet with his saliva while Maan was fuming in anger.


Vicky: Angel.. we na .. will play in water. And than build sand house.. it will be so fun na..



Geet: Haan.. it wil be fun.. Papa lets go to beach na..



Rano: Angel. See its so dark out and its night here so will in morning.



Geet: alle Haan… me so so so stupid.. I was sleeping so its night na.. Vicky will go in morning only me, you and Prem bhaiya and no one else.



Prem: Angel.. but your Teddy.. don't you want Teddy to come.



Geet: I don't want..



Simran and Rano saw Maan standing at one corner and having tears in his eyes. He ran from there to their room and sat at one corner crying while Simran and Rano ran behind him. they saw Maan looking out at the moon and crying. Rano slowly went near him and wiped his tears taking him in her hug.


Rano: Maan.. why are you crying.. today is Chocolate's birthday na than.


Maan: Choti.. Maa….. see…. Chocolate.. did …. Not… even…. Look…. At…. Me… she… did… not… even… feed.. me.. her… cake…. She… is… not… taking… with… me….


Simran: Maan, you know na Angel na she gets angry very soon…


Maan: Mom.. I.. told.. you.. let.. me….. tell… her… tat… we.. going.. to Mumbai…… see… now.. Chocolate… is… not.. taking.. to me…..


Maan kept crying and crying and soon fell asleep in Rano's lap. Simran and Rano looked at his tearful face and laid him on bed and went to see wat others were doing when Rano asked Geet.



Rano: Angel, why did not you feed cake to Maan. you know he was crying.


Geet felt bad on hearing tat he was crying but soon she remembered tat he did not talk to her for one full day.



Geet: I will not give him.. he is bad.. Teddy is bad.



And she ran from there and reached their room where she saw Maan sleeping. She wanted to go and snug close to him, hold him but her anger was far more. She pulled the blanket and slept at one corner of the bed while Vicky and Prem settled in between. Rano and Simran came to check upon the children when they saw how they were sleeping. Simran carried Geet and made her to sleep next to Maan  and Geet instantly hugs Maan by his waist wrapping her legs on him while Maan pulls her more closer into him. Simran and Rano laughed seeing their  children sleeping like tat.


Simran: Rano just see the they cant even leave each other in sleep but uff their anger.. its so difficult to handle.



Rano: Simran, tats why I made Geet to sleep next to Maan as you know na tat when they are together at night they sleep like this and Vicky needs Prem. See how Prem is hugging Vicky as if he leaves him he will go away. God knows wat will happen when they grow big.


Simarn: nothing, god will keep my all four angels away from all evil eyes.


Simran and Rano turned to leave when their saw their husbands looking at them with all love and all four turned to see their angels sleeping and lost in each other. They once again kissed them an left for their room as they had a big plan for their Princess.





Maan got up bit early only to see tat he was locked in his Chocolates embrace, he slowly smiled and kissed her forehead while Vicky and  Prem who were all awoke saw Maan kissing Geet.


Vicky: Bro.. me wil tell angel tat you kissed her.. kissy…


Maan who just looked at his devil and knew tat he was jealous soon kissed Geet on her cheeks and said.



Maan: See Vicky, your bro… loves Chocolate more. He does not love you so no kissy.



Prem saw Vicky about to cry but soon he hugged him and placed a soft kiss on his forehead.



Prem: Vicky.. see your bhaiya loves you na.. so no crying..



Vicky: eyeyeye.. (teasing Maan).. hmmm my Prem Bhaiya best..



And with their noise Geet slightly opens her eyes and sees Maan looking at her. she did not wait and pulls him back and goes to sleep.



Geet: Teddy wanna sleep… please hold me…


Maan: Chocolate… wake up dear.. see its your bday and we have lots to do..


Geet opens her eyes wide open hearing it and sees herself hugging Maan and next moment Maan was pushed down from bed while Vicky and Prem laughs at him.


Vicky: Angel, You know. Bro kissed you.. here ( and pints to her cheeks and forehead) two times.. when you were sleeping..



Geet: Teddy kissed me.. no he is not allowed.. me angry…


And Geet wipes the places as If wiping his kiss with the blanket while she rushes out and here Maan became once again upset but he could not let her do tat.




All gathered at the table for the breakfast which was all Geet's favorite while they all were waiting for Maan when Vicky saw him coming.


Vicky: bro come fast me very very hungry.. and she mom made all Angel's favorite.. you like na..



Maan: Dad, I want to go back to Delhi now.



All were shocked to hear while Geet's eyes became teary seeing him so much angry.



Jai: Maan, you were the one who wanted to do something big for your Chocolate than wats now.



Maan: When Chocolate does not want to talk to me than why should I stay.


Geet saw Maan having tears in his eyes which pricked her heart and before anyone else could say anything she came and hugged him tight and rubbing her nose on his chest while Maan just stood there.



Geet: teddy.. me sorry. Me sorry Teddy.. I was angry coz you did not talk to me for whole day.. me sorry.



Maan: No Chocolate don't say sorry..


Geet: Teddy me sorry … please don't go.. its my birthday.


Maan: No Chocolate, I know its your birthday but how can I stay when you are angry on me. You know I told Dad and Mom tat I will tell Chocolate tat we are going to Mumbai but no Mom said its surprise for Chocolate and see I listened to them and made my Chocolate angry. I have to get punishment na.



Geet: no…. you are not going.. Chocolate wont let you go.. or else I will kill you..


Maan: No I will go.. My Chocolate is angry.. how can I stay.


Geet: Teddy.. if you don't stop no.. than I will .. I willl


Maan: wat you will


Geet : I will kiss you..


And she kisses Maan on his cheeks again and again until and unless Maan hugs her back. Maan holds her tight wishing his Chocolate Happy Birthday and slowly distance himself and places a soft kiss on her forehead while everyone sees their unconditional love for each other.




Everyone decides to go to the beach when Maan sees Geet wearing a swimming suit and was looking quite adorable but when he sees some other boys looking at him he gets angry and pulls her backwards.


Maan: Chocolate, wat are you wearing.


Geet: Teddy.. its wat Maa gave me.. she says it swimming suit and its comfortable.


Maan: Oh oh Chote Maa…
Maan drags Geet near to their parents and shouts at them.


Maan: Mom, Choti Maa.. wat have you given Chocolate to wear. See all those Mumbai boys are looking at my Chocolate.



The elders were shocked seeing the possessive Maan and chuckled seeing him in anger.


Simran: Maan.. she is small and she will feel comfortable in the dress.


Maan: Mom, how can you say.. see how those stupid boys are staring at her. If my Chocolate falls sick with their evil eyes than.


Rano: Maan beta, she wont. She you all want to play in water and if she wears something else than how will she play with you three and she is too small.


Maan: but those monkey's are not small. I swear Chote Maa, if they look at my Chocolate like tat than I will remove their eyes.



Simran and Rano opened their mouth wide open and just stared at the little Devil Maan Singh Khuranna and the way he threatened them while Geet just enjoyed their discussion all the time looking at Maan.



Maan: Mom are you changing her or not.



Rano: Maan. but she needs it.



Maan: Ok..



And before anyone could understand, Maan pulled Simran's Scarf which was long enough and wrapped it around her waist hiding her from those boys while Simran, Rano, Jai and Mohinder just sat there looking at Maan dragging Geet to water. They could not believe tat this little 12 year MSK was so possessive about his Chocolate. They saw them playing in water and enjoying themselves. Soon they were tired, came, and rested on the sand hugging each other closely.




Geet: Teddy, lets go and make sandcastles na..


Maan: Chocolate me tired.. lets rest for sometime.


Geet: No now.. see even Vicky is doing while Bhaiya is helping him.


Maan: Chocolate.. me really tired you go and play na..


Geet got angry and sat on his stomach trying to make him open hid eyes but still Maan did not. she fully slept on him and placed soft kisses all over his face, while Maan smiled seeing her antics and how could he resists his Chocolates sweet kisses.



Maan: Chocolate, I know why are you giving me your sweet kisses. Chalo lets go and make your sand house.



They ran near Vicky and Prem and were shocked to see their big sand castle.



Vicky: Bro.. Angel see me and Prem bhai made such big house. Prem bhai is best.


Prem: Yes Vicky we are best and they are not.


Geet: Bhaiya.. we are best and see me and Teddy will make big big big big house than yours.



Geet pulls Maan down while she gets ready to make her sand castle while Maan sees her struggling. She fails each time she tries and Vicky and Prem did not leave a chance to tease her.



Vicky: eyeyeee.. see angel cannot make ,, angel cannot make.. very bad angel..



Prem: Angel... you are such big and you don't know to make sand house.. eyeyeee.



Geet cries loudly when Maan hugs her ans says.



Maan: Chocolate… lets make a big big big big big big house than theirs.



And they start making a big one which is much bigger than them and Vicky and Prem also joins with them making it much more bigger. Geet was happy to see her sand house and she kissed each of them and runs to bring her parents who were equally surprised to see it.




Vicky: Mom… see bro helped angel in making this.. its so big na….


Jai: Oh my God Maan.. how did you manage.



Maan: Dad… its for my Chocolate…



Mohinder: Now we have two houses in Delhi than who is going to stay here.



Geet: Papa.. me and Teddy will stay here after getting married. Maa and Mom says tat after marriage girl should go away na so me and Teddy will stay here.


Simran: But angel… yu hate Maan na.. than how you will marry him.


Geet: ouff Mom.. I hate Maan not my Teddy and how will I stay without Teddy when I grow big. Teddy says tat he will always be with me so Maa said tat teddy and me will get married.
Rano: Angel, if your Teddy does not..


Geet eyes filled and she looked at Maan and said: Teddy you will stay with me na … she Maa says you will not marry me.



Maan: No Chocolate.. how can Teddy leave his Chocolate we are best friends na so we will always stay together.



Geet kisses him and hugs him saying tat he is the best while others just enjoys their love. it was almost night now and they had enjoyed the whole day and were packing their stuff so tat they could leave back when Geet realized tat all had given her gift but Maan did not. she ran near Maan who was sitting with others.



Geet: teddy.. where is my birthday gift.


Maan: birthday gift.. ohh sorry Chocolate.. I forgot.. you know na Mom did not let me talk to you whole one so I was upset and forgot it.


Vicky: Bro.. very bad…


Prem: Haan Maan very bad.. see we all gave her gift but her Teddy forgot.. so sad angel.


Geet pushed Prem away and hits Maan with her small fists making him to know tat she is very angry.



Geet: I hate you I hate you.. you are no my friend. You are bad.. m not going to talk to you.



Geet gets angry and leaves to her room while she sees Simran and Rano pasking when she pushes everything from bed and hides under the blanket when they see Maan and others coming running to the room. Maan comes close to her and pulls the blanket and kissed her cheeks.



Maan: hmm.. Teddy you know you are bad. How could you forget Chocolates gift. .. but did Teddy forget.. no na.. than why Chocolate is angry.


Geet sees him with the corner of her eyes and sees he is having a nicely wrapped gift. She instantly gets up and looks at the gift.


Geet: for me..


Maan: no its for my chocolate.. but my Chocolate is angry.


Geet: No Chocolate is not angry.. see me smiling and giving you kissy…


Maan once again kisses her and gives the gift. Geet opens it and was shocked to see a diamond stunned bracelet. Geet touched it so lovingly showing tat she was very happy. She was about to wear it when Maan stopped and he himself wore it to her.


Maan: See.. its looks so beautiful in my Chocolate.


Geet: Teddy.. its so beautiful..


Maan: Chocolate you know there is something else in it also.



Geet and other raised their eyebrows while Jai was just looking at Maan who knew wat he was saying. Maan slowly opened the opening which was there and as soon as it opened there was a soft sweet music followed by the most beautiful words… " I LOVE YOU CHOCOLATE… HAPPY BIRTHDAY".


All were shocked but Geet was only looking at the opening where she could see their photo engraved with Teddy and Chocolate written on it. She was so excited and showed everyone wat it had and all were really shocked when Maan told them tat he had asked Jai fro something special for his Teddy and they both order it.


Jai: Mohinder .. don't look at me with those big eyes. You and your daughter always scared us with those big hazel.



Mohinder: But Jai.. she is so small and its too costly.


Jai: Mohinder nothing is costly for my 4 diamonds and after all Teddy wanted to gift it to his Chocolate.. so its priceless ok.



Rano: But…


Simran: Rano.. there is nothing more costly than the unconditional love are 4 children share with each other and how could Jai  refuse to Maan and tat to for his teddy. But Maan how did you get this idea.



Maan: Mom.. I was searching something on the internet so tat I cold gift Chocolate when I read about this amazing bracelet and asked Dad to order it as soon as possible.



All were so amazed tat being only 12 years Maan could think so far and would gift such a thing. They enjoyed tat night even more celebrating her birthday and the following morning they returned back to Delhi and this time all together.





Precap: oops Chocolate sneaking into Teddy's class.. how will Teddy save her..


Hope you are liking my Teddy and Chocolate…


So now likes and comments for me…






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