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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Sisters tie rakhis, wifes/partners make love

JWMRK IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 11:00am | IP Logged
4 Lions
I love my brothers. Big smile...As a child, every birthday, rakhi and bhaiyya dooj I would be eagerly waiting for the ceremonial tikaa and actually ...truth be toldTongue...for the gifts they gave meTongueLOLLOL...We are demonstrative in varying degrees, they are loving ...but sometimes they are very irritating also...LOLLOL
Now, they are much older. The little brothers who used to think Amitabh and Tom Hanks are fulltoo awesome now think Monica Belluci or Nandita Das are fulltoo awesome...TongueEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...But then I have grown too...and the word 'boys' which earlier was just has a whole new meaning in my lifeTongueBig smile
Some of them are marriedEmbarrassed...and sure their priorities have changed... .and much as we want we cannot create the atmosphere of our childhood...but there is no doubt...I repeat no doubt in my mind that they are still the brothers I grew up with...They love me too.Smile..tomorrow if someone were to harm me they will trash the culprit.
Point I am making is this
A Man's love for his woman and his love for his sister are two totally different things
Just as A Man's love for his woman and his love for his mother are two totally different things
I had and have great patience for Anjali's character...and those few who may have read what I wrote in the Shyam revelation episodes will recollect that...But since that Anjali's character is being twisted and turned beyond recognition
a) She thinks ASR has changed...well what about her!!...when was the last time she asked ASR if he is ok!! Did she conveniently forget that ASR was a hostageOuch...for an extended period of time...he could have been a dead body had it not been for Khushi!!
4 Lions, I am really at a loss as to how you guys and the on screen Raizadas have totally forgotten about the whole hostage dramaShockedShocked...Not one person has bothered to ask ASR or Khushi how they ASR coped as a hostageOuch...not even NK!!
Is Anjali the only one under trauma...not ASR or Khushi...who were a few seconds away from life being snuffed out of them!!Ouch
b) Anjali thinks ASR's priorities after marriage have changed...ErmmConfused was it not Anjali who arranged the Heer Ranjha drama and many other situations so that ASR could start loving now this the simple case of "if I am not happy, I will not let you be too?"
c) Anjali thinks ASR lied...what about the zillions of times Anjali has lied to get her way ...i.e. for the sangeet in Akash's marriage...Ouch
d) ASR does not take care of them...then who is taking care of the free loading Anjali Jha and Shyam Jha have unleashed on the Raizada clan since their marriageLOLLOL
e) I totally appreciate that Anjali is under duress...But surely there has to be some can she not even for a moment consider that forget Khushi...NK and ASR are saying exactly the same thing, that Shyam is a sleazeball!!...Should there be no thinking on her part!!
f) Anjali ended the scene with a nice line...every thing changed since you my brother stopped answering my questions...Well this is it isnt wanted  Khushi to marry him...but when he did that out of his own volition hurt...and logically so.
But the line you gave him today was a real low, you went back to that time of his marriage to show him his mistake in marrying Khushi...and Barun's expressions on the horror of the statement were outstandingClapClapClap
Am sorry 4 Lions...but Anjali's character is beginning to head south at a disastrous speed!!  There has to be a better way to show her insecurity vis-a-vis Shyam...Most of us viewers understand the shock she has been dealt with and sympathise with her...but there has to be a better way to show thisEmbarrassed...She was a loving, doting, mature sister, having an equally loving, doting, mature brother...You cant' discount that just because of one incident!!
What earlier was a unique, cherished brother-sister seems self-absorbed, crabby (I am not happy, so you also cannot), hurtful and very suffocating!!!...
As for Anjali demonstrating a most regressive attitude towards her unborn baby the less said the betterOuch...from wanting to kill it without a coherently and sensitively shown reason or monologue, to wanting a boy child like Shyam (There goes Sitara Plus's Satyameva Jayate!!), to not spending a single moment thinking of providing a good life to the child!!...4 Lions, this thinking of hers as per your storyline, is extremely disappointing and regressive!!!...Sure women who feel cheated go under depression but that is why psychiatric/ counselling help is available and there is no shame in itEmbarrassed...I am so glad a lot of mothers I know are not like her...Am so glad a lot of women in similar circumstances are not like her
Whoever is responsible for this is sloppily written, very myopically visualised and very insensitive...4 Lions , you are a producer of a televised try to appreciate that along with accolades...will come brickbacts or from those more discerning viewers...genuine constructive feedback...If you choose to ignore it...its your loss, not oursEmbarrassed
There is a reason why sisters tie rakhis and wives/ lovers/ partners give rings/ wedding bands...What is the message you are intending to give...that married men or men in love should not care about their partners!...He wanted to make Khushi happy...both he and Khushi also went through an emotionally and physically tough time...what is so horrible in that!...This is extremely regressive!!
Separately, thank you for an outstanding reaffirmed a few belief's of mine that were temporarily shaken:
a) This is at the end of the day, is an often sloppy product of disjointed fantasies...kept afloat by the tremendous talent of its leadsEmbarrassed
b) There is a reason why 879868576653653868965 people connect with Barun and Sanaya ...and not the others (perhaps Abhaas and Abha Parmar are the only serious second in line)
c) There is a reason why I love ASR...and it was on ample show today...a loving husband/ lover...a doting brother...a responsible heart went out to him when he said "do you want to see me dead"CryCry...Yes, I for one want him to head out of RM...because now, as always, he seems like a punching bag for all.Ouch
d) ASR has and will stand by Khushi...loved the way he told her to relax when their almost kiss (yet again!!) was interrupted by the Raizadas... There you go man!!ClapClap
d) And...Barun...outstanding expressions again...from soft to happy to raw passion to disbelief to upset to worried to hurt to horrified!!...I said this in my Gravitas post, I will say this are the reason for a 25 minute watchSmile...Wish you the best!!Smile...and if that means I don't see you anymore in this...SIGH!!. then so be itEmbarrassed...To quote Jack (Leonardo Di Caprio) from Titanic..."I am too involved now...You jump!...I jump"Embarrassed
PS: The ASR-Khushi temporary milan was amazing...more on that in another post...
Edit: My post on the ASR Khushi milan...that always seems like a mirage
Happy weekend allSmile

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incandescent IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 11:10am | IP Logged
Anjali does not need a husband. Anjali does not need a brother. She needs to visit a shrink asap. 

If they want to show a realistic portrayal, If they want the audience to connect with the character, they better show the Raizada's realizing Anjali's psychological state. 

The lady needs help. 

As a viewer I felt very offended when the actress portraying the character questioned the intellect of the audience because she feels we, the viewers don't understand. 

Sorry for ranting in your thread JW. 

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mommy2000 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 11:14am | IP Logged


Do u live in my brain???

I want to say something, but I am not sure what. 
I want the a devoted audience, I think I deserve the most sympathy for what i put up through for the love of the how and more specifically the leads.  There is nothing left in the show, or the story to love. 
They give us crumbs, and then sweep them away before we reach for more and expect us to lap it up.  Such flimsily introduced drama angles where we can find sympathy for none of the characters who deserve it.
It happened with Khushi.
And now it is happening with Glee.
She is a woman in most undesirable situation and I want to whack with her own thali.  Not because I don't feel sorry for her situation.  I feel sorry for my situation.  I feel cheated of the romance that was promised.  Had they introduced this angle once we would have seen their romance blossom as a part of natural story progression, glee would have had my sympathy and more.  Right now, it is bordering wrath because she took away my story.
I understand the need for drama...but it is all very very patchy.  Hate it.
And if gotti thinks that all we need is rabba ve's, then he is more delusional that glee.

I know i did not make sense, but i also know that you will get the unsaid!!Hug

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jules IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 11:19am | IP Logged
Agree with you completely... This brother sister bond is definitely going the pervert way... if she was possessive about her brother... she technically wouldnt have let anyone come into his life.. but she never really cared cause she had a sorry excuse for a husband to worship..

now that he is out... its like no one should be at peace.  And no matter how many attend to her round the clock she just wants to gain comfort in the knowledge that her brother is miserable. And lets not even go down the path that none has inquired about Arnav's kidnapping and his plight as a hostage who almost has his life bumped off.

This is definitely going the regression way where we are potraying woman as weeping willows and punching bags... who have no identity and opinions of their own... who take shit cause it is their fate and drink insult with their morning tea!!

I was quite addicted to the show at one point.. it was the addiction that got me throw the antognising wedding drama and what followed after... but now the disappointment scale seems to be weighing now... maybe its a good thing to kick the addiction!

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kushikumari Goldie

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 11:24am | IP Logged

Brilliantly put! 
You took the thoughts out of my mind... about Anjali and about the uncaring Raizadas. I have been so patient since the kidnapping track, but, the constant lack of logic and leaving important things unsaid/ undone, not to mention the lack of closure in every situation... is completely getting to me. 

I would really like to tell the CVs - Guess what? Healthy relationships are appreciated (contrary to what you believe), a strong story can be based around such relationships (yeah!) and still be as interesting! Anjali & Chotey have been shown to have such a beautiful relationship, don't ruin it to justify bringing Shyam back. Its lame. Get on with Kushi-ASR relationship, and get rid of 'others unhappy, so am unhappy' reasoning. Show your characters grow and evolve. Personally, i think the challenge is in that! If you can show ASR's gradual change, you can do it with Kushi/ Anjali/ Aakash/ Maami. There - you have a huge task, show us how beautifully you can achieve it!

Give us a different story (after all that's what IPKKND is supposed to be about), not the same old crappy Saas, Di-ki-saut, and God knows what else you have in mind...

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-DKS- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 11:24am | IP Logged
Even Ekta would never had thought of it, the title track is named after Anjali she doesnot know where her boundries are with ArnavCensoredDead

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WorkerB Senior Member

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 11:26am | IP Logged
Totally agree..Just wish the lovers had more privacy!! 

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 11:27am | IP Logged
tu sahi yaar,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.

i have a brother ,.,.,.,.,.,.,.n i wuld respect his true luv

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